How to sew covers on chairs

How to sew covers on chairs with their hands - a photo and patterns

Universal way to update old and already rather bored with chairs will be tailoring of textile covers. They are able to change not only the appearance of the chair, but also to make the home interior new paint.

Add cosiness the kitchen or the dining room, chic - a living room and a mischievous spontaneity of a child's room with these tasks perfectly cope covers on the chairs.

Actual use of chairs and banquets in a cafe and restaurants. The chairs in the covers look especially solemnly and stylish.

In addition to the decorative function, cases solve the problem protection chair from pollution. In everyday life, often happen incidents, leaving characteristic marks on the upholstery. And if a family has children or pets, the protection cloth chair easy needed. Covers easy to remove and wash. And you can always make a new one if necessary instead spoiled.

Chair covers differ in their appointment of, form and invoice. Strict and cute, formal and unusual - you can pick up covers any case and chair.

Highchair decorate fabric cover with a bright print or embroidery, a chair made of wood - a beautiful cape back and Seats, sewn into her tone. Unusual case can make even a chair for fishing, though it will look better on a high-backed models.

Depending on the, chair covers needs and tasks can be divided into:

    • everyday.Routine cases are called to serve daily, They will often wear off, so they should be sewn tightly and thoroughly. Routine cases should be maximally functional, easy to remove and put on. Fabric for their sewing needs to be durable, wear-resistant, crush proof;

  • holiday. Holiday covers got on special case. They can be used by more decorative elements: ruff, ruffles, bows and beads. Holiday covers task - to decorate the interior for a special occasion, not tight hide chair. Therefore, the design of the cover may be fit creatively.

in form Cases can be divided into three group:

they are most universal. Suitable for any occasion and interior. Allow to close the entire chair entirely, hide all the flaws, if necessary. Such covers look holistically and thoroughly. Of the disadvantages of whole covers include the relative complexity sewing and more (compared with other types) consumption cloth;

    1. Covers the back and sitting. For domestic purposes can be a good solution separate covers for seat and back. The seat of the chair, as a rule, get dirty more, than the rest. Therefore, wash seat cover is required more often. Particularly well suited for separate covers informal light conditions. For example, for a summer kitchen, garden gazebo, or a child's room;

  1. Cushions for the back. Covers for backrest can be attributed only to a formal case. Their purpose - festive decorations. These capes just sew (if not to take into account the crochet cape) shall not take a lot of fabric. With capes can decorate chairs for the New Year, children's parties and for other purposes.

sew cloth covers must be selected on the basis of destination chair. Also consistent with the overall design decision room.

For sewing slipcovers fit almost festive any kinds of fabrics, even the lightest and decorative.

often used curtain types of fabrics due to their attractive appearance and relatively low cost.

To a question choice Fabrics for casual slipcovers need to approach more thoroughly.

For sewing slipcovers for kitchen Chairs should choose cheap durable tissue. ideal cotton or a mixture of cotton and viscose. The fabric should be easy to smooth out without shedding during washing and do not form clues at the slightest touch. The colors can be very different. handsomely look covers, suitable for table cloth, curtains or potholders.

The mood of the living room, as a rule, more seasoned and strict. Covers for this room is better to pick the fabric of the furniture category. It is strong and presentable It looks. You can support the coloring of the sofa or curtains, pick up for chair covers similar fabric.

Children's room It supports the most original ideas. For the covers can be used as a plain cotton fabric, and fleece or even fur. You can also use old jeans, Staple of them funny chair covers with pockets.

Pattern for chair covers depends on the back form and seat, matter made legs chair perpendicular to the floor or at an angle.

It is impossible to pick up the pattern for the universal covers that would be suitable for any chair. Therefore, for each specific chair will have to build an individual pattern.

stages of construction pattern:

  1. Removing measurements the chair. Measurements are taken accurately, without allowances. It will be appreciated especially forms chair affecting cover configuration;
  2. A schematic drawing of details cover. Before moving to a full-scale measurements of the pattern, it is necessary to build a schematic drawing of details on a piece of paper. In the figure, indicated measurements are not taken chair, and the values ​​for sewing a cover;
  3. Construction of the test pattern. Test Pattern is based on the paper or tracing paper is already in full size by following schematic drawings. It is necessary to make the pattern cover all details, even paired;
  4. fitting the pattern in the chair. To verify the pattern, it is necessary to try on a chair. This is done using tape. During the fitting can see the possible flaws in the construction of the pattern;
  5. Clarification and correction pattern. Pattern is adjusted when necessary. It is convenient to do the schematic drawing;
  6. Construction of the final variant patterns. In view of all identified gaps constructed ultimate paper pattern with which the cutting at tissue will occur.

Master class on sewing chair covers

Sewing chair covers only looks complicated. After studying the issue, and with a little patience and work, to cope with the task can even budding seamstress.

In many ways success defines events configuration chairs and model complexity cover. Better to start with easy chair and inexpensive fabric.

Consider phased tailoring the process to cover a chair rectangular backrest and seat with his hands.

For sewing the cover on a chair with rectangular backrest and seat necessary measure:

  • The distance from the top of the backrest to the floor;
  • backrest height;
  • The depth of the seat;
  • chair width (in this example, the width of the backrest and seat are the same);
  • The feet.

Before moving on to the full reveal, recommended do schematic drawing.

In our cover model will likely three Details: long rectangle, which will close a backrest, seat and the distance to the floor at the front and rear, as well as two rectangular side panels from the floor to the seat.

Width main rectangle is equal to the width of the chair with the addition of 2 cm from each side.

The length of the rectangle composed of the backrest heights above the floor from the top of the chair to the seat, the depth and height adjustable legs. It is worth to make an increase by 1.5 cm with each of the parties.

As we considered the model of a chair is not intended to complex pattern, you can skip the step of constructing a drawing on paper and fitting paper pattern on the chair. Cut parts can cover at once on the fabric, using data from scheme.

Draw on fabrics is possible by means of chalk, a soap or a pencil. Convenient to use the line, as all parties patterns direct.

When the future of the cover parts are cut, you can start making. The sequence of operations:

  1. Get side seams back;
  2. turn up and stitch side and bottom sections of the rear part of the back cover;
  3. Sew side portions cover to the seat;
  4. turn up and stitch lateral and lower edges of the side parts and the front cover;
  5. Handle internal seams and sections on overlock (Overlock - special sewing machine buttonhole slices products).

Our case, crosslinked their own hands, ready!

The following guidelines may be helpful when sewing chair covers:

  • Sew a cover is required 1-2 meters cloth;
  • to do cutting more rational, it is necessary to cut several covers for dining throughout the Group;
  • Lousy in seat padding polyester or foam rubber, will soft cover;
  • more cover pieces in the pattern, the less need for sewing fabric;
  • To create the original coloring of the cover, cloth for his tailoring can be combined;
  • to cover no slipping from the chair, from the inside sewn laces, which are tied behind the chair legs;
  • Sew covers are not necessarily of new fabric, fit even old jeans, jackets or coats.

See video lesson how to sew a bag on a chair with his hands:

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Chair covers with his own hands, universal covers, patterns, ideas for wedding decor.

chair covers chair covers

Today I would like to share with you the pattern for sewing slipcovers for chairs for home decor ideas for him and wedding decoration of chairs, which is increasingly gaining popularity in Russia.

And it should be noted that the design of the wedding banquet halls cloth, people earn not bad money.

And it's not necessary to sew each time it's new, you just have a few sets of different color combinations, and then offer them to the customer to choose from. It's all the same, what to hand over your decor for rent. True then have to tinker with washing, ironing is better to buy a steam generator.

By the way, I recently raised the subject of registration cloth holidays. I wrote an article about how a visitor of my site Olga Uvarova already earns in sewing wedding arches from which you can see HERE

Well, let's all of th order.

Chair covers is a practical and versatile part of the decor, which distinguishes the originality of your house.

I chair covers have their own roles:

1.Connect all the parts into a whole;

2. accents;

3. To save the furniture for a long time.

Let's look at ideas for décor slipcovers for chairs that will make your home special and unique.

Arrange the chairs, covered with covers, around the table. The kitchen is transformed immediately acquire a decent look, become solemn. This is one side, and at the same time, oil and dirt will not be afraid of your furniture, do not will often rub and wash the parts that are susceptible to contamination. Cover a chair can be washed, pat, and again your furniture like new.

Material for such covers necessary to select practical and not expensive, which is not afraid of repeated washing, and perhaps processing reagents. Stick to the same color and style as in the common room. For such covers is better to use a cotton or blended fabrics.

Here you can give free rein to their imagination, to use expensive fabrics combine different textures, to come up with different styles, styles. You can use the same tone as the interior in general, and can accents. Your home will be original and unique. And you will appreciate for its delicate taste and needlework skills.

When there are kids in the house, and added a lot of trouble:

  • take heed lest grabbed the furniture greasy hands,
  • it eats cookies and went for a walk in a circle,
  • that have not seen, and with a piece of chicken trying to climb on a chair.

Furniture expensive, bought more than a year, but the most nervous and traumatic for the child I do not want to be educated, but not in ways and gradually. In the meantime, let him study, learns. We will help him in this. Sew beautiful chair covers, from inexpensive fabrics, bright colors and calm down themselves and the child will feel our love and care.

That is so beautiful can be designed chair covers for your home.

And all this variety of covers can be made quite simple pattern.

It is only necessary to know the dimensions of the chair, and then produce a pattern on them:

chair covers with his hands pattern

chair covers with his hands pattern

However, there are universal chair covers for wedding decorations, which are made of durable, streych- tissue, which is called: spandex or supplex.

The peculiarity of these covers is that they are standard and are suitable for the chairs of all shapes and sizes. Wherein the inner side of the cover are sewn pockets for seats.

Cases of supplex:

Of course, such cases are very convenient to use, easy to wash and do not require ironing.

However, they are very expensive and not everyone will be able to purchase the decorator once a large number of covers. Therefore needlewoman each in their own way come up with their own recipes for universal covers to place their banquet halls.

Usually, for these purposes is not quite buying expensive crepe satin that drapes well and looks no different from the atlas. Wrong side of the fabric is slightly sherohovataya- matte, and for sewing of home textiles can be used as the front and the wrong side of the fabric.

Universal covers of crepe satin for wedding decoration:

Typically, a pattern for such covers are manufactured in several ways.

I know three of them.

Sewn fabric rectangle somewhere 1.5 m x 1.5 m., Such as pillowcases, which is worn on top of the chair.

Such width usually is crepe satin.

The ends are tied behind the back decorated with a bow.

Plans for the second option of tailoring the universal cover:

universal cover on the chair pattern

On the universal cover on the chair, you will need 2 m of fabric with a width of 1.5m.

Kroyatsya three parts:

Size fits all box:

  1. The backrest height 55cm. + 55cm, width 45-48 cm.
  2. The seat width as well as in the backrest, 45-48 cm, length 45 cm.
  3. Volan:. Height 44 sm.dlina from 210 to 250 cm (depending on how you take the ratio of draperies).

When sewing necessarily sutured to the two corners of the seat (on the inside) ribbon length of 25 cm, then to fasten them by the legs.

Then your case will not fidget and get off.

Since this is a universal carrying case, he should come to any standard chair (without figure back) That would not be "hung" the bottom of the back, along the back seam of the back and wings seat sew gum.

This fixes the cover on a chair and if all of a sudden back in the chair is shorter than that of the cover, it is necessary to fill the excess part of the gum.

In this photo shows that the gum is sewn almost round:

Therefore, the cover is flat against the chair and does not slip.

Even if pull the seat forward, then automatically tightens the gum cover back to the back of the chair.

Universal covers for chairs

Photo Ideas of curtains for the cottages you can see HERE.

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A beautiful way to hang curtains on the ledge.

Paketnitsy or pizhamnitsy rooster sew their own hands.


Thank you very much for your interesting article) especially for the cloak-pillowcase) is very simple and beautiful way)

But not for that! I'm glad that you liked the article

Galina, thank you very much for your detailed description of sewing slipcovers! Very handy!

Thank you very much for a long time been looking for and I have found your detailed description of all is not well written, everything is clear to me that the student went to the first class. Another huge thank you to the races.

Universal chair covers are sewn simple, but not always suitable for any chair, will still be the wrong version of the chair


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Cushions for the chairs with their hands. How to sew covers on chairs with their hands

Instead of purchasing new furniture these days many people prefer to upgrade the old one. Freshen the interior can be to obtain a cushion chairs with their hands (or on chairs, sofas, and so on. N.). With their help, you will permanently save the interior. In addition, it takes care of a lot easier for the removable covers. Sometimes the covers on chairs and armchairs are sewn to protect from the claws of pets.

You can buy ready-made covers, but more often it is difficult to find suitable accessories, ideally fit into the interior of the premises. It is therefore reasonable to take a decision of this matter into their own hands.

Patterns, downloaded from the Internet, or is copied from a log, as a rule, do not fit a particular model of a chair or armchair. The decision in each case must be individualized.

For sewing slipcovers for chairs in the living room can be used expensive fabrics combine a variety of textures, to come up with original style, in general, to give free rein to their own imagination. Beautiful cushion chairs, manufactured in-house - a great way to express creativity. You can copy the colors of the interior, it is possible, on the contrary, to place color accents. In any case, the room will get a unique view, and guests will admire your taste and skill.

Cushions for chairs and stools arranged around a table, give a decent room, even more solemn. In this case, you are not worried about the drops of grease and dirt getting on the chairs, because the covers can be easily removed and washed if necessary. Conceived their sewing, do not forget to take into account the colors of the entire premises.

Kitchen chairs better to draw practical cloth, undemanding in care. In this case the material must be sufficiently dense. It should be borne in mind that the kitchen chairs over other face the greatest burden.

Covers of kitchen furniture must be made of very expensive material, since they need to be washed more often than others, and they will require complete replacement, most likely before. There may even be a cape on the chair of the patches.

Special conversation - on covers in the nursery. Everyone knows that with the advent of in-house child support order becomes more difficult. Kids love to grab all the fat hands, crush the cookies, climb on a chair with sticky chocolate fingers. At current prices for the furniture you have to constantly nervous and scold the child, which is extremely undesirable.

The problem is easily solved by means of covers made of inexpensive fabrics. They can make in the form of funny little animals or fantasy characters. In this case, fantasy decorator is not limited. Moreover, the pattern covers can be very simple.

Fabrics for slipcovers in the nursery is desirable to take cotton, bright, cheerful colors. Cushions for the chairs with their hands from a fabric in a cage, strip, big polka dots give the interior enthusiasm and amuse baby. Corners can be decorated with appliqués.

You do not know how to sew covers on chairs with their hands? Are not afraid to handle? In vain!

This is a fairly easy task, accessible to everyone and does not require large financial costs, such as constriction or buying new furniture. Master cushion chairs with their hands - an ideal activity for those who are just trying to force in the sewing business. After making patterns covers, as well as pillows, much easier than the dress patterns. Most often, they are rectangular and minimum details.

If there is no money to buy new furniture, the more you wonder how to sew covers on chairs with their hands. They can be combined into a single set of newly acquired with the old chairs. In addition, the covers are made independently, help inexpensively create a new image of the living room, kitchen or nursery. Thus, it is a fascinating hobby and still save the family budget.

Novice master decorators recommend to start with the simplest - design stool. Cushion stools, with their hands linked, it is a great way to practice for the manufacture of expensive decorative covers for a living. If you do not absolutely no sewing experience, try first to make a coating of inexpensive fabric. You can even make the educational case of old sheets, in the process rasparyvaya it and re-stitching. Stuffed, so to speak, the hand is allowed to move to the "luxury" expensive materials.

Covers and capes can also drape a chair or sofa, but it is a task even for experienced masters. Making cushion chairs with their hands - the most simple version, making them accessible to everyone. There need not worry about the arms and sewing extra pillows.

How to make a cover for a chair with your hands?

For capes can take cotton material, pleasant to the touch and does not accumulate static electricity. Or polyester, which is durable, does not fade and is easy to care for. The choice depends on the order in which the room will be used by the fabric, how often it will wear off. Too expensive matter for the covers is not worth taking - because they get dirty quickly.

In addition, you need to decide with accessories. Decide how you will draw their cloaks. They can be decorated with decorative bows, pockets for papers and different things and even ruffles.

What will it take to work? Decorative fabric (not less than one and a half meters on each chair or stool), bias tape, a suitable color, scissors, measuring tape, pins, and, of course, a sewing machine.

Prior to joining define the cloth, its texture and color. Try to imagine the finished result on the background of the interior. When you select a fabric pattern, remember that vertical stripes bring a stylish touch of contemporary, monograms make furniture rich and solemn.

Usually each chair takes no more than two meters of matter. Consumption on her case is calculated after plotting cutting plan, and in the calculation must not forget to bring the right amount of fabric folds in the corners "skirt".

Before you sew covers on chairs with their hands, be sure to make a pattern. Measurement of each item individually chair recorded dimensions and draw a drawing on thick paper, depicting all the items in a natural size. Then the paper blank is laid onto the fabric with the seam allowances are excised. Details baste between a thread of contrasting color on the reverse side.

"Draft" products to try on a chair. If the workpiece sits neatly and do not require adjustment, the seams stitched by a sewing machine, remove the basting. Do not forget every seam carefully ironed iron.

The most important thing in the process of cutting - do not forget to leave a margin for allowances under the "skirt". It should take into account the fact that after washing the fabric may shrink. If the distance between the chair legs extended downward, then such "flared" home furnishings adorn the covers with additional wedges.

Classic Case for ordinary chair with a backrest is most often consists of 5 parts. This seat, his back, the back, the details of "skirt" and the actual "skirt". The back cover and the back of the seat - this is one part that is pushed onto the back of a chair.

To draw the cover diagram measure the height and width of the backrest, the seat height and its width and depth. Flow tissues determined by the length "skirts", wherein each fold is necessary to add 32 cm. Seam must be at least 1 cm. If the width of the fabric lacks the entire "skirt", it can be assembled from separate pieces. At the same time we should not forget about the additional allowances for seams.

Home decorator should be a good understanding of not only how to sew covers on chairs with their hands, but also as securely fasten them on the chairs. This can be done in different ways - with the help of buttons, zippers, Velcro, decorative laces. Covers must be firmly fixed on the legs. If your intention is to make separate blankets on the seat and backrest should be provided, as they are linked.

Most often, mounting doing as bows on the corners, which is tied to the legs of the chair. Too tight cover can simply not nalezt chair. It is better to sew it with a certain margin, which will disappear after shrinkage, and if not, can be decorate.

Decorative straps are sewn by hand. They can carve out their own. Sewn narrow tube of fabric are turned out on the front side, their ends are folded inside and sutured a hidden seam. If you do not want to mess around with the manufacture of laces, you can take the finished braid, for example, cotton. Attaching the cover depends on your imagination. It can be fixed with Velcro, hooks or using beautiful decorative bows.

Another way of fixing the cover - make the hem along the edge of the seat parts (not forgetting about the extra expense of the tissue at the same time), insert the rubber band or cord, which tightened and securely fastened. This option is perfect if you sew blankets separately in the seat and back of the chair. Typically, this method of securing better captures the seat cover, than the ties, it is very convenient for stools and chairs without backs.

Skill to master cushion chairs with their hands can bring tangible benefits.

decor ideas slipcovers for furniture, including a wedding, is increasingly gaining popularity in Russia. People who were able to find themselves in a decorator profession, earning good design fabrics banquet and wedding halls.

You do not need every time to sew new covers for the next event, enough to have a few smart sets in different colors and offer them the choice of the customer. Of course, cases thus require regular washing and ironing, for which it is desirable to have a steam generator.

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