How to remove the smell in the refrigerator

How to remove odor from the refrigerator at home is easy and simple? Attorneys ways of getting rid of the smell of the refrigerator

Refrigerator - inner sanctum housewife.

His cool entrails keep secrets and can tell a lot about their owners.

For over a hundred years household refrigerator-hunky daily and continuously drives the refrigerant in the name of freshness of food.

But no matter how the hostess looked at his pet once he can start to smell ....

Malodor intensity varies from mild to very severe, and here it is necessary to act quickly.

How to remove odor from the refrigerator at home: a set of activities

In order to solve the problem, you need to understand the reason of the bad smell. If the refrigerator is new, then it can be a source of new plastic and chemical products used in the assembly on the production equipment. Get rid of the technical smell can be quite simple: it is enough just to thoroughly wash the internal surface including shelves on doors and freezers, and for a few hours to leave the door open.

With old or already in used refrigerators story is different. Most often it is a question of the missing products. This dish can be soured, forgotten piece of fresh meat or fish, open the package with a dairy product. The source of scent may be a dish with a pungent odor which is removed in the refrigerator without container, plastic film, etc.

Improper care of the cooling device also becomes the cause of the odor. Therefore, if any product is spilled, leaks have left a mark, and the like, dirt should be removed immediately. Particularly unpleasant odorous traces remain on dairy products, meat and fish juice.

What to do to rectify the situation? Simple wiping shelves are no longer enough. How to remove odor from the refrigerator at home?

• First disconnect the refrigerator from the power supply. Any manipulation with electrical appliances in the state connected to the power outlet is prohibited.

• Fully release the two chambers of the device from the products stored there. Decomposed into containers, placed away from heat sources. It is clear that when the refrigerator packed with food, there is a danger that would ruin everything. Therefore, the planned care is best planned for a time when the refrigerator is almost empty.

• Thoroughly rinse all of the internal surface of the chamber, rubber seals, plastic clips, pens, clean the containers. For washing, you can use commercially available tools specifically designed for washing refrigerators, or folk recipes. The second option is more secure in comparison with household cleaning industrial production.

• Wipe clean the surface, not forgetting the rubber parts.

• Leave the refrigerator with the door open on two-three-four hours to properly ventilate the unit.

additional funds can be used to get rid of the smell from the refrigerator at home. When the unit is already washed, dried and shining purity of the shelves should be expanded special industrial or natural odor absorbers or modern ionizers for refrigerators. They are well absorb odors, residual traces of weathering difficult flavors.

What you need to do in order to not have to, pinching the nose, extra clean up the smell from the refrigerator at home? To watch him, and to carry out simple, but regular treatments:

• timely get rid of the stale products;

• store odorous foods and ready meals in closed containers, airtight films, glass jars with tight lids. Especially strictly necessary to treat spices, meats, fish, cheeses. Even in a fresh state, they have a sharp specific smell. Accumulate, it remains a specific, but will cease to be pleasant;

• Wash the unit planned at least two times per year (or according to the manufacturer's recommendations);

• Perform scheduled defrosting device every three to six months (depending on the brand and status);

• immediately wipe the stain formed, traces of spilled liquids or solids.

With long-term absence of the fridge at home should ideally be completely free, disconnected from the network, cleaned and left with the door open. However, hardly anyone engaged in such a radical evacuation eating out. Therefore it is sufficient to leave in a clean refrigerator at least slowly perishable products.

If every five to seven days to inspect the refrigerator for suspicious products, you can easily keep the device clean and avoid the problems of the periodic "pahuchesti9raquo ;.

How to remove odor from the refrigerator at home: recipes

Use household chemicals to remove the smell from the refrigerator at home as possible. However, industrial spray bottles and good quality are quite expensive and can be dangerous. Therefore resort to radical methods of washing with them still stands in severe cases, when the "tried everything and nothing helps."

Let us turn to the tricks gained housewives and successfully used them. Recipes to combat the "cooling abmre" a lot.

The most common - baking soda

The most effective and safe agent which can be used for washing and the refrigerator freezer compartment, it is common baking soda. Weak solution will help scrub odorous spot, destroy the accumulation of bacteria on the walls, shelves, and rubber seals to eliminate the odor. To prepare it, just add a liter of warm water a tablespoon of funds and stir thoroughly. In addition to soda copes with the scent, she at the same time disinfects the surface.

It copes well with the smell, especially the persistent and long-standing, vinegar solution. In order not to burn the skin, you should use gloves. The solution is prepared at the rate of one to one. For example, in a glass of water, you can take the same amount of devyatiprotsentnogo vinegar (not acid!) And treat this liquid is already washed, clean refrigerator.

The most fragrant - ammonia

Helps get rid of bad odor from the refrigerator at home ammonia solution. Total spoon fragrant agent dissolved in a liter of water, will give good results, and will not hit on the wallet.

The most expensive and delicious - lemon juice

Modern high-priced household products are often incorporated into a natural citric acid. They are expensive and are positioned as biodegradable and completely safe. Why not use lemon juice to fight with dirt and smells of the refrigerator?

If the purchase of lemons on a pocket or a lot in the kitchen, you can cook a great cleanser and eliminates the nasty smell means. You need vodka or diluted alcohol (strong flavored and artificially colored drinks are not suitable). The proportions of the solution - one to ten. That is, on a spoon freshly squeezed lemon juice have ten tablespoons of vodka. No vodka - increase the amount of lemon juice five times and diluted with water.

Instead of a lemon, you can take citric acid powder. The proportions of breeding - one to two. That is, on a spoon of citric acid need two tablespoons of warm water.

What sways ionizers and adsorbents in industrial production, it is not necessary to use bought-in sinks and appliances. They may well be replaced by domestic means at hand. In order to permanently remove the smell from the refrigerator at home, you can use the same tools for cleaning the device, as well as some others.

All of this wonderful natural sorbents which will absorb the smell. How to use them correctly?

• Soda pour into a deep bowl and put on the central shelf unit. If you do not mind the product and there is a place, you can place a container of baking soda on each shelf.

• Vinegar is poured into a glass of soda and use a similar adsorbent. Another option - a piece of cotton soaked in vinegar and leave for a day.

• Lemon cut into several pieces and put in a saucer in the refrigerator compartment shelves. For the lemon you need to follow: in a few days the product will start to disappear, and then you need to get rid of him.

• You can make a wonderful means of adsorption of the activated carbon. Several packs of pills crushed into a powder, pour into plastic cups and place on the shelves. A month later, to prepare a new batch of coal.

• Weak odor eliminated several slices of black bread. Rye product is very well absorbs them.

• Salt, sugar, rice, too, have the ability to absorb flavors. Dish with the product must be left for a few days or in the refrigerator regularly to keep, for the prevention of the appearance of amber.

The smell from the refrigerator compartment can be masked by using ground coffee, citrus peels, apple, fragrant herbs and spices. But we must remember that disguise the smell - it's not the same thing as getting rid of him. In addition, the odorous agents "podelyatsya9raquo; its odor with food stored in the refrigerator.

How to remove odor from the refrigerator at home: the reasons for failure

If the freezer is washed, freezer defrosted and unpleasant smell is still here, it will have to find a reason not to products, and in the device itself. If the skill of working with technology not, try to look for the truth alone is not necessary. This is dangerous and fraught, as you may accidentally damage the device. Instead of one problem will mature two have in any case cause the master or even to buy a new refrigerator.

But to those who "ty9raquo; with appliances, eliminate the cause of odor resistant succeed quite simple. In fact, these three reasons may be:

• blockage in the automatic defrost system;

• a clogged drain to remove moisture;

• penetration decay products in the joints of parts, a rubber seals, etc.

Experienced master with the first two challenges will cope easily. To continue to not have to puzzle over how to remove the smell from the refrigerator at home, you should pay more attention to household appliances. For the sake of preventing drain water needed for washing be sure to wash with warm clean water and razmorzki system carefully examined for blockages.

If the smell is caused by damage to the skin and body parts attached to the unit to disassemble, change seals, thermal insulation materials. It is very difficult from a financial point of view impractical. Simply throw a damaged appliance and buy a new refrigerator.

That's why prevention is the best way to make friends with home appliances, especially those useful and reliable as refrigerators. Attention, soft cloth, warm water and a little drop of love to his house - and throw fridges do not have to.

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How to get rid of odors in the refrigerator

How to remove odor from the refrigerator? This question bothers many mistresses. Refrigerator for storage of products, so it must be kept spic and span. Causes unpleasant odors or mold in the unit may be several. Strong-smelling foods, loosely covered containers with food, surfaces or spoiled food contamination - these are the main ones.

Some products quickly absorb the odor and taste of a dish. For example, the cheese absorbs the flavor of the fish and becomes unpalatable. Trouble prevention is much easier than to fight it.

Store food should be in sealed packages or carefully wrapped in plastic foil. Following this simple rule, you will not be wondering how to get a bad smell from the refrigerator. But if all the same problem occurred, it is necessary to solve it.

Defrost and wash chamber need as often as possible, paying particular attention to the drain and gums on the doors. Before washing is required to disconnect equipment from the mains.

How to eliminate the smell in the fridge? Help in this folk remedies:

With vinegar diluted by half with water, can easily eliminate bad smell in refrigerator, wipe sufficiently wall cloth with the solution.

Eliminate the unpleasant smell will baking soda: an aqueous solution wipe the shelves and the door. Left open jar of soda will prevent unwanted flavors. This tool quickly removes the stench.

Use lemon juice to easily remove the smell of fish in the refrigerator. Wipe lemon juice inner surface of the device and enjoy the fresh flavor.

If all washed and unpleasant odor is still present, it will help to eliminate ammonia. Door and shelves rub tool and leave ventilated for several hours or overnight.

Activated carbon is also very effective in the fight against unpleasant odors. It is necessary to crush a few pills and leave for a day in a saucer on the shelf.

Now that you know what you can wash the inside of the refrigerator to eliminate the smell. But what if in the refrigerator in addition to everything else, and started up the mold? The first step is to find out the reasons for its occurrence. Most often it is a spoiled product or accumulation of condensate. Quickly cope with mold will solution of hydrogen peroxide and vinegar as well as disinfection unit with warm water and soap.

All content should be wiped with a weak solution of vinegar. After leave the door open for a few hours to dry all parts.

Refresh space of the refrigerating chamber by using products that exist in the kitchen each family:

Enough to put diced black bread on a saucer on every shelf of the refrigerator, as the unpleasant odor persists itself.

A very popular way to remove bad odor using rice grains: pour raw rice in a container and place in the refrigerator compartment. Sliced ​​apples, potatoes and onions are also helping to bring the extra smells. Such a composition should be changed frequently to prevent rotting.

So that the unit did not smell bad, use aromatic herbs and spices, such as turmeric, cloves, tarragon, celery, thyme. Is not likely to perform as vanilla extract.

Not to smell a fish, it is necessary to spread out on the shelves of a crust of orange or lemon. An open container with a salt or sugar on the shelf is also very effective against fish odor.

There are several ways to eliminate the stench through the coffee:

  1. Place the chamber in a cup of freshly brewed beverage prior to its complete cooling. This operation must be repeated several times.
  2. Put on the shelf with a plate grind grain.
  3. Fry coffee beans and leave them to cool in the refrigerator.

Other methods of odor removal

Remove the smell in the refrigerator, you can also use the tools factory. This is different fresheners, cleaners, ionizers capable of absorbing even strong flavors such as fish, garlic or onion. Adaptations laid out on the shelves, or mounted inside the machine washed.

Fresheners contain different extracts and chemical additives, which settle on the food, so you decide to use the funds for commerce or to give preference to natural.

You can also use detergents, for example, Odor Gone or Oro Fix 02012, can bring even the most lasting fragrance. Possible to use conventional means for washing dishes and specific wet wipes for treating the refrigerator.

How to prevent odor

So in the refrigerator for an unpleasant odor, you should observe a number of requirements:

  1. Periodically ventilate the refrigerating chamber, leaving the door open for 2 h. The device thus has to be turned off.
  2. Thoroughly dry the unit after cleaning, because moisture can cause the same musty smell.
  3. Immediately wipe dry shelf when spilled liquid.
  4. At least once every six months and thaw wash refrigerator, do not forget to pay attention to all removable parts, folds and drainer.
  5. Make regular audit by removing corrupt and rotten food, leftovers.

Eliminate the odor in the refrigerator is quite simple, and even easier to prevent its occurrence. Store products should be tightly packed. Do not let them rot, often wipe the shelves by selecting Tools, and then unpleasant odors will not appear at all in the refrigerator.

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How to cope with the unpleasant odor from the refrigerator?

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to remove the smell from the refrigerator, which suddenly appears and gives a lot of trouble. Odor problem is so widespread that it is practically encountered every woman. Today, there are many simple ways to get rid of unpleasant odors from the refrigerator.

Once opened the refrigerator, you can feel the unpleasant odor, the first thing that comes to mind - how to get rid of the odor. Big mistake is to rush, not necessary as a means to eliminate as soon as possible to select and identify the reasons because of which formed the problem.

The main reasons leading to the formation of unpleasant odors in the refrigerator:

  • forgotten on the shelves of products, which began to disappear;
  • substandard products;
  • weak freezing of the refrigerator;
  • improper storage of purchased products;
  • spilled products, because of which are formed spots;
  • newly acquired device, wherein the metal may be present smells, paint or plastic.

In order to determine the main reasons it is necessary to conduct an audit in the refrigerator and to sort products. It is important to know that the bad smell in the refrigerator is able to be absorbed into the food that is inside, so its use in food will be unpleasant.

If the cause of bad smell in refrigerator are substandard materials from which it is made, before use it is recommended to wash the inside and outside. In addition, such a device should be well ventilated. After a few days most of the plastic smell will disappear.

Even during normal operation of the refrigeration unit it is necessary to carry out periodic cleaning. At this point, it is important to carefully examine every corner, since that is where the various accumulated chips that activate the proliferation of microbes. General cleaning should be carried out in sequence, strictly following all the recommendations.

  1. 1 Thaw refrigerator. First, it will get rid of a frozen ice, and secondly - to eliminate the unpleasant odor. It is necessary to disconnect the appliance from the mains, pull out all the products and revise reserves, perhaps some of them began to sour.
  2. 2 and perform cleaning with a detergent. It will help to get rid of old dried stains that remain after the stored products, and to remove germs appeared.
  3. 3 Wipe clean the refrigerator means to eliminate odor. Its easy to make your own. Experienced housewives offer take note of a few options:
  • 1 embodiment - how to eliminate odor by using lemon. To do this, squeeze lemon juice on a cloth and wipe all the shelves well. Particular attention should be paid to the drain, it is a place where water is constantly going, and, hence, the bacteria multiply. Lemon removes fine odor and gives freshness.
  • Option 2 - how to remove odor through vinegar. In the same amount to take cool water and add the same amount of vinegar. This solution must be well clean the inside of the refrigeration appliance and give a little time airing caustic smell of vinegar. This tool is safe and poses no threat to the stored product as quickly disappears, removing the unpleasant smell.
  • 3 embodiment - to get rid of dirt by means of ammonia. It is necessary to 1 liter of water to dissolve 1 tbsp. l. ammonia solution and this process all of the refrigerator interior. It is important to remember that at the end of the procedure do not just put the products on the place, you need to wait until erode the acrid smell of ammonia.

Remember that regular cleaning will help to avoid the accumulation of dirt and to deal with the problem of bad smell will be much easier. Experts recommend to divide the refrigerator for food storage areas, this will help avoid early failure of food and the formation of unpleasant odors. Follow commercial neighborhood, do not put a number of raw and ready-to-eat foods.

How to prepare odor absorbers with their hands?

Remove the smell from the refrigerator in the home can help products that are always at hand. If you know which product to put on the shelf of the refrigeration unit, it is possible to eliminate the odor in the refrigerator. We recommend using the following products:

  • sliced ​​raw potatoes;
  • slices of fresh rye bread;
  • fresh lemon slices.

You can also use coffee beans, dried tangerine peel and lemon, but this tool will only mask the unpleasant odor, and get rid of it will not work.

How to remove odor from the refrigerator at home, if it is constantly there, and the ability to carry out cleaning constantly there? There is a variant cooking odor absorber, which is easy to do from the products that are in the kitchen every housewife.

To do this, take a small jar with a lid, baking soda and activated charcoal. The tank should be small, so easy to go mad on the refrigerator door, and not take up much space. Perfect jar out of mustard. Now you need to make small holes in the lid, so that the contents can get rid of odors in the refrigerator. The cover is absolutely necessary to fill the available capacity of the absorption means unpleasant aroma.

Pour half a jar of baking soda and add 3-4 to the crushed tablet of activated charcoal. All this is thoroughly mixed, cover tightly with a lid and send it into the refrigeration unit. This way you can easily eliminate the smell from the refrigerator, without taking virtually no action. The thing is that soda and coal are able to absorb even a strong odor, so you can not worry about the air quality inside the refrigeration unit.

If after a certain period of time you begin to notice the first manifestation of an old problem, you just need to replace the contents of the jar with the new. Generally, it is recommended to change the soda and charcoal every 3-4 months, depending on the saturation of the fridge a variety of products. Housewives who use this method of struggle, argue that they remain satisfied with the result, in this case do not clean frequently inside the refrigerator.

Of course, knowing how to get the smell out of the refrigeration unit, can cope with the problem, but it's easier to not start a situation, and to take preventive measures.

Experts recommend follow simple rules:

  • timely remove spoiled food;
  • to prevent the formation of mildew;
  • immediately wipe spilled liquid and allow it to dry out and form spots;
  • regularly defrost the refrigeration unit;
  • comply with commercial neighborhood food;
  • Tightly closed containers and plastic wrap.

If you are going for a long time on a business trip or holiday, then the best option would be to thaw completely and turn off the cooling unit from the mains. Such action will allow to get rid of odors in the refrigerator after returning home, and to protect themselves from unforeseen situations.

Remember that if you treat the technique with love and care, it will repay you with long-term service without failure. Furthermore, the purity - not only an indicator of the hostess skills, but also the guarantee of health. Of course, to bring the smell of the fridge, everyone can, but not all are able to prevent its re-occurrence.

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