How to lay laminate own hands video

How to lay laminate on the floor with their hands

Laminate flooring has become popular because of the beautiful appearance, low price and quick installation. In this article you will be able to get acquainted with the technology of laying laminate and advice to care for him. Additionally, you can watch the video instructions on how to properly lay laminate own hands.

Before laying the laminate must be to ensure the following conditions:

  • humidity in the room within 40-70%, temperature 15-30 ° C.
  • Laminate flooring is possible only after 48 hours, after its storage in the room where it will be produced stowage.
  • The spirit level, check the foundation for irregularities and changes.
  • The base must be level and sturdy. It is impossible to produce a laying on an old cracked screed, wooden floors creaked.
  • It is impossible to produce a laying as a finish coating on the electrical system of underfloor heating. You can read our article about laying laminate on the radiant floor heating.
  • In choosing the material, pay attention to the integrity of the packages. Cork underlay for laying laminate
  • Instructions for laying laminate with locks prevents its rigid attachment to the floor. No screws, nails or glue! The coating should be floating, so it is important to leave a gap of 10-15 mm perimeter of the room.
  • Laminate flooring is not suitable for wet areas. This material is afraid of water, so is not suitable for the bathroom. There are some water-resistant models that are optimal for the hall and the kitchen. To prevent moisture from entering through the joints, locks treated with a special sealant (ClickGuard, ClickProtect, Homax Click, Titan and others).
  • Installation only takes place on a special substrate. It increases the thermal and sound insulation of the floor (see. How to make sound insulation in the apartment). To protect against vapor and moisture recommended substrate stack under a thin layer of polyethylene film 200 microns thick (see. Article about the selection and laying substrate).

Laying laminate requires special conditions for quality base compared with other floor coverings. The basis are the following:

Consider the training base of each separately:

A new concrete floor, laminate flooring may be laid only after it dries, 30 days after it fills.

Smooth concrete screed - a reliable base for laminate

If you change the coating on the finished screed, ensure its integrity. Small bumps and cracks need to fill in self-leveling flooring screed. For large lesions is a new tie.

On the concrete floor of a wet or semi-dry screed it is necessary to lay a vapor barrier layer of polyethylene. Joints secured with tape and overlap with an overlap on the wall. For dry screed, this layer does not need to be put, as it is already provided.

If the base is made of boards, ensure their flatness and good anchorage logs. To do this, you need to further strengthen their screws, read about it in this article, how to get rid of the creaking wooden floor. If the problem is badly laid or rotten joists, you will need to perestilat floor again.

If you do have a rough board basis, this can be corrected by planing or sanding. On the floor, there should be no irregularities and protruding nails. Damaged board replaced.

There is also a popular way - align the timber floor via the veneers thickness exceeding 6 mm. Between the sheets leave the expansion gap of 5 mm. two thin plywood layer stack better offset than one thick one. After laying the first layer, irregularities remain in the field of joints of plywood, which are offset by the second layer. Read more about this in the article about laying laminate plywood. You can use other sheet materials for Alignment (OSB, particleboard, fiberboard), but plywood - the best option for price and quality.

Be sure to consider the plywood thickness of the substrate and the laminate, or after installation can occur by opening the doors of the problem. That is why in the repair of apartments installation of interior doors are made to last.

As a basis for laying laminate floors can be made of ceramic tile. Therefore, if the laying of tiles was made on the technology, you can leave it. In this case, a vapor barrier layer is not required, only sufficient to use a substrate.

Materials and tools

Before you begin the installation, prepare the necessary tools and toolkits.

  1. Tools for marking pencil, square, measuring tape.
  2. Hammer for heavy docking locks. Use it only needs through a pad to prevent damage to the locks. Bracket for tamping laminate
  3. To facilitate the task, you can buy a special set, which includes wedges to create a uniform gap around the perimeter bracket for easy placement of the last row and the template to prevent damage to the locks when tapped with a hammer.
  4. Jigsaw or hacksaw with small teeth, so as not to leave chips. For cutting at an angle in the diagonal method of stacking may need to miter box.
  5. Do not forget about the necessary set of materials: skirting, corners for baseboards, stroke pipe threshold.

There are several ways of connecting the laminate plates:

  • adhesive bonding;
  • lock connection «Click»;
  • «Lock» lock connection.

Adhesive bonding panels with tongue and groove system similar to a conventional installation of parquet. Glue is applied to the edges, and the two panels are drawn tightly to each other. This embodiment is selected for areas with high load, when it is necessary to obtain a firm connection and protection from moisture. Such a method is rarely used because of the complexity, the inability to disassemble the cover and fragility.

The most popular way to connect is by using locks Click. Their attachment also occurs tongue in groove, but at an angle of 30 °. After lowering the panel is securely locked. It is a modern type of fixing and good quality, the joints are almost invisible.

Fixing locks Click and Lock

Lock Locks more demanding of the quality of the surface, and inept installation can be damaged. This type of connection is more difficult to disassemble and to assemble the required docked panels with a hammer, so it is often called "shock lock".

Typically, laminate flooring is laid in the direction of the light, but you can position it perpendicular and even diagonally.

Various methods can be laid as a laminate independently

In addition, there are several schemes of installation:

  • Classic - the most economical. Laying laminate starts from the window towards the light. Trimming after the number is used to start a new, if they are larger than 30 cm. With such an arrangement waste is less than 5% of the material.

  • Brick (chess) - reminiscent of the brickwork. Each new series begins with an offset of half the panel. With this method of coating is achieved maximum strength, but the rate increases to 15%. Particularly striking brick laying on the laminate looks chamfered at the ends.
  • Diagonal - a kind of classic styling, but at an angle of 45 degrees. So it produces the most beautiful results, especially effectively looks, if the room corner door. The waste would be approximately 15%, and if the room is long and narrow, then even more.

    Regardless of the chosen scheme, be sure to install a new row with an offset end locks to the connection became stronger. At least to do offset by 20 centimeters compared to the previous series.

    Instructions for laying laminate

    Before operating, thoroughly clean and vacuum the floor. A first layer laid plastic film, is then padded. Rows are attached to each other with tape, to be given a tight and did not disperse. It is advisable not to dim the entire floor once the litter, so as not to scatter dirt on it, and do it in the process as needed.

    We recommend that you get acquainted with the work of some of the subtleties of how to lay laminate correctly with their hands in the video:

    To lay the first row should be inserted between the panel and the wall wedges to the entire length to ensure an even gap. Observe gap around the pipe. Owners of wooden doors familiar effect of expansion of wood due to the change of seasons, they often cease to be closed or, on the contrary, become smaller. Laminate also change the size, depending on the humidity.

    The panels are inserted into each other at an angle, tight joints and fall. If necessary, do not forget promazyvat hermetic locks. Initially, fasten the side locks, and then connect with a number.

    The next series of stacked laminate-shifted by 20 centimeters to half the panel length.

    It is best to start laying the corner, where the pipe and radiator. In order to accurately draw a cut tube, to drill large diameter holes and make an incision on the pipe level. Further panels are simply inserted in a conventional manner into the previous row, and around the tube is closed by plastic gap strokes.

    Gap in the pipes are made using strokes

    To complete the number of the last panel must fit under the size, less clearance.

    To secure the last row, need to longitudinally cut the panel from the wall. Typically, the walls in the apartments are not equal, so measure the distance at the beginning and the end, turned out not to have the slot floor. It is particularly important to monitor this using a narrow wooden baseboards. Standard plinth cover gap up to 2 cm. Fastening row occurs in the same manner, but for convenience docking can use a special Z-shaped bracket.

    Concludes step will be the installation of plastic moldings. Cheapest plinth mounted to the wall with dowels and more expensive have special mounts that are screwed to the wall, and they put on a plinth. Most practical to take skirting boards with cable channel, which you can hide those extra wires.

    Even if you stele floor in several rooms, between them is necessary to make a movement joint, which is hidden doorsteps.

    Instructions how to properly laid laminate on the video:

    You can then immediately use the brand new flooring. If you are using adhesive bonding, wait for it to dry completely. Be careful when using, the laminate can easily gain chips from falling heavy objects. Seams - the most vulnerable spot, they are easy to get chipped and panel vzduyutsya in contact with moisture.

    Making laying laminate flooring, you need to learn how to properly care for them, to provide a longer floor operation. Adhering to the simple tips to care for the laminate is given in this section, you will be able to maintain an excellent view of the sexes for a long time.

    • Remove dust and dirt from the laminate as often as possible. The more you love cleaning your house, the longer of laminate flooring will retain the original appearance. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean or slightly damp cloth soft fiber. Care for floors with special means
    • Be sure to use special products for laminate care, such as: Chistyla, Loba or Laminatclear. They come in the form of a gel or a spray. Regular use of special means on a laminate care, promotes the formation of a thin layer on the surface which protects the floor from the moisture and preventing the formation of stains due to spilled liquids.
    • The laminate is protected from water while it preserves the integrity of the upper layer. Once on the surface of floors will scratch and damage, they immediately begin to absorb moisture and decay, so avoid abuse wet cleaning with plenty of water. Also not recommended for cleaning laminate with the use of detergent cleaner. Removing scratches with wax
    • Do not drop on the laminate flooring heavy objects with sharp edges. Do not walk on the laminate in shoes with sharp heels. When the floors damage and scratches immediately try to remove them with a special wax or putty.
    • After contact with the laminate fat or shoe polish, in any case do not remove the dirt using a wire brush. It is better to go to the store and buy a tool for removing stains.

    Making the right flooring installation of laminate you get an inexpensive, beautiful and durable coating that with proper care, will please you for many years!

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    RemBoo »Installation and repair of the floor in the apartment" How to lay laminate on the floor with their hands

    Thank you for the article! We will be with her husband to lay themselves)

    such information is useful even spetsialistam.tem .kto has not reached a high level and is highly specialized in stroitelstve.statya ponravilas.dumayu I could write such articles as I have a lot of experience in decoration and construction

    How to lay laminate own hands Video

    In this article, we consider the example of laying laminate flooring with your own hands (video), allowing you to save on the installation of the floor. But for starters, let's take a look, and the positive and negative properties of the material.

    Setting thresholds for various types of video

    Pros and cons of laminate flooring

    But for starters, let's take a look, and the positive and negative properties of the material.

    • When properly selected class of strength, the material has good resistance to external influences;
    • It has high refractoriness, when lit, it does not emit toxic substances;
    • Undemanding service (in contrast to a parquet), is enough for the wiping cloth using wet;
    • Relatively inexpensive;
    • It is durable;
    • easy to install.

    • When properly selected class of strength, the material may collapse under the influence of excessive stress;
    • Laminate should not be laid almost perfectly flat, dry and sturdy surface. Laying laminate over the old linoleum or parquet not admissible;
    • This material does not tolerate high humidity or humidity fluctuations. Before packing should be carried out special treatment, if this is not done, it may cause destruction of the laminate, bloating or similar unpleasant situations;
    • The laminate should be installed according to its laying technology spruce put him anyhow, it can happen bloating;

    Laminate some species can cost as much as a luxury parquet.

    Simple laying laminate by hand. Step by step video instruction all stages

    Do you want to freshen up the floor in their home? You have chosen a laminate for this purpose? If so, then with his hands laying laminate (step by step video instruction at the end), which is described in this article is for you. After reading it, you can make sure that it is very simple. After covering can be laid on their own, without resorting to costly professional. Skills in construction work, of course, not prevent, but without them, with some effort, you are sure to do the task.

    Laminate flooring in the room interior

    It all depends on the location in which you want to lay this type of coverage. To choose the type of material affects:

    • Relative humidity in the room;
    • The load on the floor;
    • The frequency of the mechanical action of heavy objects on the surface of the deck;
    • The presence of water tanks located on the floor;
    • The impact of thermal radiation that may come from the heaters;
    • The color scheme of the interior.

    In selling a huge selection of laminate with varying degrees of protection. You remain determined by the above listed indicators of what material to buy, thin or thick, water-resistant or not resistant or home, light-colored or dark. Next, you will learn how to correctly and without difficulty to lay laminate own hands with good examples on video.

    types of laminate

    How to put a laminate floor with their hands with an explanation and a video demonstration

    The first is to make sure that the floor has been prepared for installation. It should be flat and smooth. Remove any unevenness can be by any means at hand, and to carry out major works need some tools. Here is a list of them:

    • Jigsaw or hacksaw on a tree;
    • A hammer, a chisel, a hatchet;
    • Level, monofilament, tape, pencil;
    • Stationery knife, tape.

    Set of tools

    Nuances when mounting the laminate on different surfaces

    Depending on the type of subfloor principle of stacking the laminate differs. So, if the floor is concrete, then it spreads first insulation made of polystyrene or foam because such a floor will be given to cold laminate. If the floor is wooden, it is necessary to process antiseptic and eliminate all moving area (if any), and then you can proceed to the installation of the laminate. When the material is spread over the old linoleum, you need to put it over a special substrate denser structure than the standard.

    A calculator for calculating the required number of laminate

    Simple laying laminate by hand. Step by step video instruction + a detailed description

    You can study the performance of the installation procedure from a video laminate flooring with your own hands and use the instructions below.

    First priority should be given to marking the floor along its entire length and width. Use of the laminate strip. And when you record the layout, leave a small space from the wall. Depending on the characteristics of the coating and the room in which it is positioned, the gap should not be less than 8 mm and not more than 12.

    Self-stacking feature is based on the fact that each individual laminate layer attached to another via grooves. Part of this is reminiscent of the assembly of mosaic or puzzle. If you attach the laminate items using assembly adhesive, then be prepared for the fact that after some time, it will perform a surplus on the floor. This may happen because the temperature drop which usually occurs in the room.

    Marking under the laminate floor

    If during installation, you notice any discrepancies or irregularities, do not be discouraged, but rather pay attention to the tips that will be described below.

    Tip! At the point where the layers of the laminate are joined with each other at two different ends of the hammer on one nail, and then pull the fishing line or a thin thread and strengthened by these most nails. In this way you can give yourself the confidence that the laminate lies so exactly as you would wish.

    laminate alignment method

    Immediately after you have prepared the floor, designated markup, and picked up the dates of your layers, they must be removed. In addition, the entire surface of a film to be distributed, the main purpose of which will waterproofing. Please note that the professionals are advised to lay flooring in stages, to the extent that, as you will be laid directly flooring itself.

    Coanda subfloors waterproofing

    At the end of the waterproofing laying flooring, it is necessary to take care of the cushion flooring. This layer will also serve as sound insulation and strength. If we talk about what material should consist of a cover, this may be the most common polyethylene or felt. Just like the previous one, it is desirable to stack the layer gradually rather than all at once. In this way you can put it smoothly and safely.

    Laying the substrate

    What a substrate under a laminate better. Choosing a material like laminate, do not forget about quality substrate from which the beneficial properties of the floor covering depends largely. In our review, we find out what the substrate under a laminate better and how to choose the right.

    At that moment, when you're ready to begin immediately to lay laminate own, make sure that the glue that you want to use, was the desired consistency. Then, enter it in a special, assembling the syringe and spread evenly over the end side of the plate. Try to calculate the dosage of glue so as to laminate the slot he filled completely, but at the same time did not come out of his face. In case if at the junction of the two plates, the adhesive still perform, use a spatula to remove it from the surface.

    Now you need to go back to the time slot you laminate panels filled with glue. Give it a little bit dry, and then type in the tongue groove, which is located on the edge of the other plate. Further, the adhesive filling the next floor covering plate and the groove in it, respectively, also enter the groove. Continue in this way, as long as it laid the first row of flooring.

    A simple way of laying laminate: photo example

    After all of the above processes will be completed and completed successfully, it is necessary to pay special attention to this step. Because on it, your main task will be accurate measurement interval between the wall-end final formation. This can be achieved in the following way: Full-layer overlaps the previous so that the extreme spike of the sheet was docked with the adjacent wall.

    If you have followed all of the above tips, then by the time you come to the eighth stage, you have laid the first row of flooring. After that, you should immediately take the alignment of all of the individual layers. At an earlier stage you've already pulled a strong thread or fishing line and now with its help will be able to carry out this procedure. On the part determine how the plates are rejected and if the slope is large enough, use wedges to return laminate plate in place along the taut fishing line. In addition, you can adjust the plate in relation to one party or another, you can also drive these very wedges layer below or on the contrary, to raise it.

    Note! It shows construction practice and experience in many apartments, especially the old-fashioned, often laying laminate necessarily carried out next to the pipes or batteries. To work around this difficult situation can be very simple without making any extra effort. It is necessary only to cut the laminate formation, which will adhere to the pipe piece commensurate with a protrusion on the battery cover. If you cut off a piece of considerably less than required, then this can be easily corrected on the spot. And if you cut a recess was over, then fill the space you have available mounting adhesive. If your light-colored laminate flooring, to fill the space, you can use a mixture of glue and sawdust. Thus, the extra space will be less noticeable.

    Laying laminate: a photo cutout tube

    This stage can be called a break or rest. Immediately after the flooring is smooth, all the flaws and errors have been rectified and corrected, you need to give the floor to "rest." At this time, the glue dries and solidifies, the plates securely thereto affixed to each other and with the walls of the room. It is enough to be a break of one hour long.

    Ready-made substrate

    Further, after the break, you need to go beyond the installation of the second, and most important layer of flooring. A side panel (side, top or bottom) should be moved a short distance (less than 50 cm and not less than 30) from the rail of the first row of panels. A more detailed features of the process of laying the second layer of a laminate is most often described in the attached instructions.

    But it is worth noting that in this case there is a secret. In order to laminate panels easier connected to each other, use a small block of wood and a hammer or other heavy object.

    Seal the joints with a hammer

    Be sure to follow all of these tips and instructions and you can be sure that your floor will look spectacular and will last for many years. Mainly pay attention to the fact that each successive layer of the laminate is superimposed on the previously stacked layers of two or more substrates. It is also important to note that one and the other kind of substrates are superimposed on each successive layer overlap at 7 cm. And the place where they are connected to each other need to carefully smear glue, for greater reliability. Features of the correct folding of the laminate made with his own hands, will be shown in the video, which is located at the end of the article.

    Photo example of the substrate overlaps

    Each type of laminate flooring has its own characteristics and it is natural that some aspects of laying coating instructions may vary. But it is worth noting that in general, the theory and process in the same self-laying laminate.

    Instructions above make it possible to perform all steps of the process. A study in detail the documentation attached to the flooring, you can get about it more advanced information and will know at what point you should pay special attention to the material. In addition, the guide will tell you about the features of care.

    Important! Never make cutting pieces without first Having measured the exact size. If eventually you will run out of the material, not the fact that the store where you bought it to be the remains of the desired model.

    Instructions for laminate

    An example of how to lay laminate own hands: video instruction

    Perhaps the video version of turn-based instruction laying laminate with their hands will be more informative for meticulous craftsmen

    Every person aspires to equip their housing for maximum comfort and style. And the head of the family is trying to do everything yourself. No exception and laying laminate own hands with the help of step by step video and text instructions. Do not be afraid to discover new experiences in this field, for developing, you grow in the eyes of others.

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    Me your article very helpful. Bed laminate flooring in two rooms of your technique. I wanted to clarify, and what would you advise the laminate lay in the kitchen?

    Of course thanks to the author for the article with a full explanation of how to lay laminate flooring, but unfortunately with no experience is not so easy postelesh.Ya personally when I first stele laminate flooring in your home, not a little messed up system materiala.Tak that friends who for the first time decided to take this case, take a laminate with a reserve))))).

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