How to decorate a children’s table for his birthday

Table for children's birthday: table design ideas, detailed menus and recipes (photos)

Child's birthday - an occasion for organizing a fun-filled holiday. Adult task - to create an inspiring atmosphere, consider the scenario of the event and pick up a good children's menu. The mood of the guests and the overall success depends largely on what will be a table for my birthday. Many resources can be saved if a thorough plan, prepare and arrange festive meals with their own hands. In this post we tell about that, what would be the table for the children's birthday party to celebrate his original.

Ideas for the organization of children's birthday

Interesting topics of children's holidays

To celebrate a birthday in a fabulous setting, you need to choose a general theme of the event so that the program has been exciting and interesting for children. Here are the latest solutions:

  • birthday in the style of pirates;
  • Spider-Man;
  • Puppy Patrol;
  • Party in the style of Hello Kitty;
  • birthday Small Palace;
  • School birthday present for the first-grader farewell to childhood;
  • event in the style of a fairy tale about Pinocchio;
  • birthday with Carlson;
  • Children's Halloween;
  • adventures of the inhabitants of Oz;
  • Alice in Wonderland;
  • based on the cartoon Cars;
  • a holiday in the country Smeshariki;
  • birthday Dasha traveler;
  • Rapunzel's birthday or Princess Sophia;
  • the party of small models with fashion show;
  • event with the seasons;
  • journey to a time machine;
  • space birthday;
  • Luntik;
  • Cinderella;
  • Harry Potter;
  • children's adventure (based on your favorite computer games);
  • party Winx;
  • birthday in style safari or cowboys.

To understand how to arrange a children's birthday party at home, you need to start from the preferences, lifestyle and hobby hero for the day. For example, holiday ballet, boxing, artistic, martial arts theme with the appropriate attributes and prizes. This approach will allow for an unusual birthday party for an individual plan.

design in the style of Hello Kitty

cartoon design space

butterfly design

execution of Masha and the Bear

children's room decoration

room decoration balls

bright festive table

Tips for children's birthday organization

To further decorate the room goodies worth adding candy bar - a candy or sweet table, which you can decorate according to the general theme of the event.

It is worth to think in advance who and how to pronounce the greeting, handing gifts and birthday guests. It is necessary to practice and perfect rehearse songs with dancing, collect appropriate music, to prepare everything necessary for the carrying out of competitions.

It is better if the photos and video will produce a professional, so will be able to capture all the participants in the best possible way and store the best unique moments. Photo zone, you can build your own or with the help of the photographer.

To fill children's holiday special flavor, and save yourself from having to reinvent the entertainment, invite animators. This artistic experts on children's shows, which bring in any event fairy-tale world, magic and a lot of positives. Order today animators can be issued via the Internet or by telephone, guests are sure to enjoy this idea, and the hero of the day will feel in the spotlight.

To give special importance of the upcoming birthday and hint guests to also well prepared, you need to thoroughly think over the invitation message, and sent to all the beautiful invitation cards in advance.

As a present for guests may make photo frames, postcards, sweets, toys, key chains, stationery and various baby products.

Among other entertainment events, add a win-win - the game of forfeits, and setting it better to pick up in line with the overall theme of the holiday.

To cheer and to teach children simple skills you can arrange workshops on creativity, cooking, dancing, or other interesting areas.

First you need to decide on the theme, and decorate her room, to create inflatable paper decorations and backgrounds, to buy small prizes and big gifts. Also on the topic chosen costumes and leading guests to apply make-up of participants, music is selected, decorated treats.

the original design of the festive table

bananas for the pirate party

The components of the festive menu

The best option - is to make breakfast or buffet table. That is, participants eat at will, take your own refreshments from common containers can stand or sit while eating. In this case, serving is very simple and will not cause problems. If we manage to beautifully decorate the children's meals, then they will be nice to eat and guests will remain an unforgettable experience. What can be included in the holiday food:

  • first dishes (freshly prepared, light soups, cream soups, served in a separate dining room table with seating);
  • baby sandwiches (may also be tartlet, finger);
  • fish and meat (well suited for salads, sandwiches, prepared in small portions, so as not to overload the body of a child);
  • vegetable dishes (can be a success curly cutting of raw and cooked vegetables, they are created by using special molds and beautifully laid out on large plates, are designed composition - animal transport, multgeroya);
  • baby delicious salad (nutritious meals are prepared from fruit yoghurt or various light components);
  • delicious pastries and sweets (cakes with a decor or inscriptions in a holiday theme, ice cream, all kinds of sweets and confectionery);
  • children's drinks (non-carbonated soft drinks).

Decide for yourself - that set the table would be best in your case. At its discretion to add or remove the dishes, prepare different variations of them, the most important thing should be dishes from a large number of ingredients.

What should be the food for the child's birthday?

Many experts consider the sausages to harmful products, so this food is not for children.

In the children's menu, there should be plenty of garlic, mayonnaise and pepper. Dishes should be simple and familiar, it is not necessary to mix a large amount of ingredients. Exotic untested products are not suitable.

The festive menu should not be potentially allergenic foods. You can not experiment with adults desserts, not suitable for baby food. Not worth feeding the fish with bones, fruit with seeds and fruits with a rough skin.

It is desirable to eliminate fatty foods, too salty and spicy dishes, smoked.

canapes with bread and cheese

Recipes for children's birthday

If you do not know what to prepare children for a holiday, then use simple recipes with photos of our articles.

  • chicken first freshness - 50 grams;
  • water - 500 ml;
  • sweet peppers and potatoes - 1 piece;
  • pumpkin pulp - 150 gram;
  • or sour cream - 50 ml;
  • onion - half of the bulb;
  • salt and parsley.

Cook the broth from the meat, peel and cut the pumpkin and potatoes. Drawn from the middle of a pepper, coarsely chopped. Clear onion, cut in half. From the finished broth to remove the fillets, omit the onion, slices of pepper, pumpkin and potato. All it cook for another half hour. Chop the parsley. From soup to remove the pepper and onion, put the fillets over greens, and the whole process with the help of a blender. The finished dish becomes orange. Each plate cream or sour cream to draw any image, such as a smiley face sun. Serve the soup with toast.

  • banana, pear and apple - on one fruit;
  • sweet fruit yoghurt or yoghurt product - 150 g;
  • green grapes necessarily pitted - 1 cup;
  • chocolate.

Fruit salads harmoniously fit into the sweet table and contain vitamins. Pear, apple and banana peel, make medium cubes. Each grape cut into two halves, make chocolate chips grater. Place all ingredients in a dish, pour yogurt and sprinkle on top of the chocolate products.

  • basis for tartlets - cup of dough are purchased in the store or on their own baked;
  • milk;
  • oranges;
  • semolina and sugar.

Remove the peel from oranges, by any means to crush their flesh - it is possible to make a sieve or blender. Heat orange mass pour arbitrary amount of sugar and semolina, cooking for about 5 minutes, cool. Heat the milk to boiling. It put a little salt and sugar, then pour the semolina and continue cooking until thick porridge. Pour porridge on cups and cool. Make random pieces of semolina, put layers of creamy mass of orange, this will serve as a pudding-filled for each tartlet. Homemade cupcakes decorate slices of fruit and berries.

tartlets with orange

test components for 15 servings of cake:

  • flour, yogurt, milk and sugar - 200 milliliters;
  • eggs - 2 pieces;
  • baking powder - 3 small spoon;
  • vegetable oil - one and a half tablespoons;
  • Vanilla - 2.5 teaspoon;
  • butter - 75 grams.
  • Vanilla - 2 small spoons;
  • sugar powder - 350 grams;
  • butter - 110 gram;
  • milk - 4 large spoons.

Cake in the form of a bright rainbow uniquely decorate the children's table. cooking process takes about 2 hours. First magnificently whisk oil, butter and sugar. Then add eggs, again shake vigorously. Next, put the baking powder with the flour, pour the milk, add the yogurt and vanilla. Again shake up the dough and make 6-7 equal portions. Korzh everyone should be given a color, for example, the colors of the rainbow. To get the orange and red, use the juice of carrots and beets. Other colors can be achieved by means of special culinary colors.

Bake cakes about 10 minutes in an oven at 180 degrees. To make the cream, mix all these components. If you add colorful cakes on one another, lubricating intervals cream, you get a rainbow cake.

If desired, you can make a delicious cake with mastic on the Internet a lot of video-recipes, how to create masterpieces. If there is no time for the cooking process treats, it is best to buy the original nominal cake and other pastries with a festive decor. Perhaps, baking and decorating sweets will take time and will have to order the product in advance, it should take care of it.

Sandwiches for the children's birthday

An excellent version of snacks - a little sandwiches. They have to be spectacular and very tasty. What you need to create quality sandwiches:

  • whole wheat bread (bread with whole grains, bran, of coarse flour);
  • cooked meat;
  • greenery;
  • butter;
  • fruit;
  • curd;
  • curd;
  • vegetables.

Sandwiches should be issued so that their guests have been convenient to take and eat quickly. It is necessary to eliminate the loss and leaking fillings. For example, use cottage cheese for bonding vegetables to bread. Hard cheese is replaced by cheese or Mozzarella Health.

Festive sandwiches should be small. Welcome round or curly shape. Adorable hearts. On a holiday in demand sweet sandwiches, in the form of a mini-pizza, fish, meat, vegetables and herbs - most importantly, that the contents are suitable for children.

All components sandwiches thoroughly washed, removed seeds, peels. For a better look of products cut directly before serving. So that the oil is easier to apply to the surface, it is necessary to grind. Instead of harmful sausages advisable to choose a turkey fillet, slices of beef, chicken breast.

sandwiches with insects

a night owl in the sandwich

sandwich ideas for table decorations

Canapés for children's holiday table

No matter who the culprit celebration - a boy or a girl. the child, it should engage in the preparation of sandwiches or canapés for the formation of aesthetic taste. Weight of one portion only 60-80 grams.

Each mini-buterbrodik, sealed with a stick, it should be convenient to eat whole, not to stain your hands.

To prepare suitable ham, beef, duck, pork, chicken. The composition will help to complement the salad and other greens, pieces of vegetables, olives. If you try, the guests in the form of beautiful canapés will be able to use a lot of useful products, they do not eat, such as peppers, carrots, onions.

No less interesting fruit canapes. Best ingredients - it's bananas, peaches, kiwi, apples, pears, seedless grapes and nectarines. Fruit does not darken, if the canapes to make right before serving and sprinkle with lemon juice. Washed fruit, from which removed the seeds and rind, slightly dried on a towel, cut into different forms. You can make not only the blocks or circles, but also to use the molds in the form of silhouettes of animals, plants.

To make a useful mushrooms, take half a cherry tomato and connect with quail egg, from which cut off the top part. It turns charming fungus, which left only to put sour cream point with a toothpick. It is also necessary to add the greens.

the idea of ​​hearty and delicious canapés

kits for making canapés

Before we cover the table at home, all you need to plan, it will have to ask the tastes of the guests and take into account their age. Menu for a year will be significantly different from the menu for 3-4 years. For small, it is desirable to select the respective most delicate products, while older children diet is much broader and more diverse. Children in the 5, 6, 7 years old are able to make their own sandwiches and canapés, they like to cook and decorate food - this activity can serve as a festive entertainment. Meals for guests aged 9-10 years as close as possible to the adult table, but still at a party can not offer them alcohol, soda, sausage, spicy dishes and allergenic.

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Such an informative collection of recipes and ideas for the decoration of children's table for my birthday, I have not met. Be sure to keep the article itself in bookmarks.

We try to come up every year something new and interesting for my daughter and her friends. We already had a party in the style of Hello Kitty and Little Pony, an exciting quest party and even pajama birthday. But in an article I found for myself are many useful ideas.

  • We no longer celebrate the children's days at home birth. Children are not interested in all these adult salads, they would have something sweet to eat and have fun. Therefore, we hold birthday parties in the cafe with the participation of animators. Table for children's birthday party consists mainly of fruits and sweets. Always order a beautiful themed cake from the mastic. This year it was dedicated to the cartoon Cold Heart, the children were dressed and on a cake adorned with figures of Elsa and snowman. The children were delighted.

  • Parents always want that for their child's birthday party will long be remembered and have only good impressions. First of all on the table should be different and delicious fruit juices, all children are so fond of. It is advisable to make a costume show itself or to invite animators.

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    How to decorate a festive table for a children's birthday party

    children's birthday party always means fun, colorful design and an atmosphere of joy. This is a special day in your child's life should be memorable not only himself, but also invited guests.

    Decoration of the festive table - an integral part of the preparation for the children's birthday. Let's understand the basic details and nuances of the topic to the guests at the door enthusiastically gasped, seeing the elegant table with treats.

    Thinking decoration, better comply with a uniform style on all elements.

    On what will draw a beautiful picture of the table?

    Luxurious tablecloth with elegant ruffles aside to adult holiday. At the children's birthday party is not relevant. It is possible to accidentally break or throw. It would be preferable:

    1. Beautiful fabric tablecloth.

    Variegated or pastel, with or without ruffles. Originally appears such a combination of the two cloths in peas.

    2. Bright oilcloth.

    One can be both monochrome and with various patterns. It looks cool tablecloth featuring favorite cartoon characters and little animals.

    Two plain oilcloth can be successfully combined, decorated with bows, and has got a beautiful and unusual.

    3. Paper tablecloth.

    Bold and unusual variant - Cover the table cloth. Next to put pencils or paint. Kids love to draw! You can ask them to draw something specific or just write birthday wishes right next to his plate.

    4. Subject tablecloth.

    The image on it must meet the theme of the holiday. Very popular children's birthday party in the style of a pirate. In the photo example of successfully picked up the tablecloth.

    Napkins will be a bright decoration and complement

    Napkin can be put as a plate or in a bowl, turning neatly. Beautiful table cloth will help to give elegant look.

    Paper towels should harmoniously complement the tablecloth and dishes in style.

    Fabric less practical. But are also able to emphasize the importance of the event and surprise pleasantly. Presented at the photos do not remain unnoticed napkins for sure!

    How to choose the dishes for the children's table for his birthday

    Excellent help out plastic ware. It is desirable that all the plates, cups and forks were from the same set, and match the theme of the holiday. The variety of colors is capable of impressing. In addition, such dishes kids probably will not smash.

    Unique dishes can even make their own hands. This will require multi-colored disposable plates, glue and colored cardboard. A little effort, the magic and the birds angry birds are ready!

    If you are decorating a room in the children's holiday, draw some ideas in our material about decoration balls prom in kindergarten.

    And the recipes delicious salads tartlet help to diversify the children's table, especially if you choose the option BANQUET treats.

    Plus the idea of ​​holiday decor elements

    Sprinkle between devices multicolored candy MMs. This will add bright colors!

    Vase of fresh flowers can leave children indifferent, but a bunch of lollipop is sure to be seen with small sweet tooth.

    In the center of the table or on the backs of the chairs can also be placed balloons with small gift. When they will be collected to go home, ask them to burst balloons and take a small souvenirs.

    Beside each plate or directly straight into it can accommodate a nursery cards with children's names. Options for their design very much.

    Even in a plate each guest can put a folded napkin or interesting toy.

    From the experience of many mothers it is clear that children are not very eager to try new dishes, unknown at the festival.

    Festive dishes such species can be given by means of original jewelry. With them, too, the main thing - do not overdo it.

    Any food to children should be comfortable there. Even the most beautiful decor, breaking into his hands, able to upset the kids.

    Children usually do not set out to sit at the banquet table and chew dull food. They are in a hurry as soon as possible to deliver presents and play.

    Perfectly suited cold snacks on skewers (for older kids) or tartlet (for smaller). The main thing is that they are made from the usual and "permitted" for the products of a certain age.

    kids table menu will be slightly different from the table menu for students.

    Children canapes on skewers are easy and quick to prepare. Products must be carefully cut into slices or cubes, and strung on a skewer.

    But an unusual and tasty canapés of pancakes, cottage cheese and salted salmon.

    Even kids like sandwiches. Eat them will be doubly pleased, if they are beautifully decorated.

    Cute ladybugs from half cherry tomatoes and slices of black olives on a bed of salmon and cottage cheese.

    Funny faces mice and elephants made of cheese and sausages.

    Also look for a holiday appetizer "peacock's tail". It is of baked eggplant mass of grated processed cheese and boiled eggs, cucumber, tomato, olives.

    Here are a few fun sandwiches. Zveryata made of sausage, carrots, olives, cherry tomatoes or cheese.

    They should be known from delicious ingredients. Original feed will add beauty celebratory table. The main thing that decorating idea was understandable to children.

    Joy and delight in the children's eyes is worth your time to decorate.

    These cute mice can simply dazzle of grated hard cheese, crab sticks, garlic and mayonnaise. From carrots to make the ears of allspice peas - eyes. Arrange slices of cheese and parsley.

    Another topic on mice Mimosa salad. For the salad will need to boil eggs, carrots and potatoes. Then it's all cut and mix with onions, sardines in oil, greens and mayonnaise. Mice to make it easier than ever: boiled eggs, a slice of cheese, peppercorns.

    Sunflower Salad is prepared quickly, is made simple, and looks great! For it will need: boiled chicken, onions, boiled eggs, fried mushrooms and mayonnaise. Sunflower seeds - from black olives and petals - from chips.

    You can even depict festive salute in honor of the birthday. Cut into thin strips of ham, eggs, colored bell peppers, tomatoes, onions. Beautifully laid out and served separately in a gravy boat homemade mayonnaise. So simple, and yet, in fact, a real firework on a platter!

    How about burgers, hedgehogs?

    Cooking these funny little animals cooking easy. Crispy needle is spaghetti, which is necessary to stick to the prepared meatballs or zrazy of minced meat and then bake them in the oven.

    Practice shows that success with the children enjoyed a colorful mashed potatoes. His happy to eat even small gourmets who do not welcome the vegetables!

    Mashed potatoes need to cook as usual. As dyes used the juice of boiled beets, carrots, broccoli, spinach. Can be mixed into a smoothie not only juice, but the vegetables themselves, crushed blender. So even more useful. It laid out a miracle on the plate pastry syringe.

    Wondering where to take the little birthday boy and his guests? Prompt where to celebrate the child's birthday.

    And here look funny ideas competition for 10-11 year olds.

    We advise how to throw a theme party on his birthday.

    Sweet children are waiting for since the beginning of the holiday. In general, they would not mind if, instead of appetizers and salads they served lots of different desserts.

    Speaking of salads. Post they can not ease, but directly in some more fruit! Here, for example, aromatic salad in a plate-melon.

    Fruit canapés can be submitted at the beginning of the holiday, along with vegetables, and in the end - with desserts.

    They need to prepare immediately before serving. Older children can be offered independently prick pieces of fruit on skewers. So have fun, try it!

    Here is a wonderful alternative design. Canapes from the fruit just plug in carved decorative piece of watermelon.

    Take the time to prepare a multi-colored jelly. All the children adore him! You can apply it as standard - in cups, but you can try feeding options, as in the photo below.

    drinks decoration, bottles and glasses

    Boring Tetra paks with juices on the table will not add festivity. But if you pour the contents into the jars and place them around the table - it will very elegant!

    If you have chosen instead of disposable cups, glass cups or glasses, then decorate them with the edge of frost or powder. This ingeniously simple and yet elegant looks.

    Also, you can safely use the decorative umbrellas to decorate the glasses.

    As you can see, the festively arrange children's table is not difficult, if you spend a little time and a little effort. Finally in order to avoid unpleasant surprises is a list of what not to do when decorating a table on the day of birth of the child:

    • lighted candles - is not only beautiful, but also dangerous;
    • if you still want to have on the table were fresh flowers, choose the ones that do not have a sharp strong flavor;
    • easily breakable dishes and expensive service reserved for another event;
    • no sharp objects - all meals should be easy to eat, using a knife;
    • small objects jewelry Guests under 4 years old may inadvertently swallow;
    • in Preparation treats desirable to dispense with synthetic dyes;
    • in a small apartment instead of a feast is better to organize BANQUET light buffet, leaving more room for games.

    For the happy smile of her child can not sleep for several nights, but to make a beautiful and unique holiday. With a little imagination, and succeed!

    And in our family are relevant the following ideas: 1) disposable tableware featuring favorite cartoon geroev.2) Table decoration in the form of a bouquet of konfet.3) and of course Minicoy mini-pizzas, mini tartlets, various canapés, sandwiches elephants ... The Simple and fun, and the kids will remember! and do not forget about the balls ...

    My son is growing and it will soon be five years. I would like to arrange a memorable birthday. And I'll start, of course, also with a festive table, on which all should be very interesting and decorated (for a child).

    Hello Svetlana, I recommend you order the long tables and cover them with a sheet of red, put a yellow and red plastic plates.

    What to cook and how to decorate the children's table for his birthday

    Children's birthday, as well as any other event has the features table service and the organization of the holiday as a whole. Also on the design of the celebration have their impact and trends, reflected in the decor and its rules.

    But all parents have the opportunity to arrange for your child and his guests an unforgettable and bright holiday, which not only remain in the shared memory, but also fit into the budget.

    Basic rules for the organization of children's table

    To arrange for your child a magical birthday, first and foremost, you must:

    1. Select the general theme of the holiday. It can be a favorite cartoon that immediately identify colors, Party Supplies, and even dress the baby. Today, especially popular "Cold Heart", "Mignon", "Smeshariki" and remain relevant classic Disney princess or comics. The theme of the festival can become a hobby or pursuit of the child to some work;
    2. Choose a room in which the children's table will be organized. This can be directly children's room, and living room and kitchen, if its size allows.
    3. Create a menu with appropriate recipes. On the table must be in the range of sweets and all sorts of useful goodies that will not be difficult for the children - are desirable mini-formats, tartlets, skewers, canapés;
    4. Prepare small gifts for the younger guests. It can be toys in the general category of the holiday, we launched the sweet, etc. Not bad, if the children will be able to use them right away during the celebration, and then take home with them - wands, whistles, dressing or decoration, etc. You can put them on a plate.

    The main thing - to begin preparations for a children's holiday if possible in advance, to allow time for review of selected recipes, use or manufacture of decor with your own hands and find everything you need. It should be remembered that the children's table is not the place for spicy, fatty, too salty and smoked foods, plus it is important to know in advance the parents younger guests, whether they are allergic to some foods, and exclude them from the menu.

    No need to invent sophisticated dishes too, because children may reject them - they are happy to eat only familiar, traditional food. And in any case it is impossible to try to get someone from the children to eat, because it is the behavior of adults can lead to hysteria, which would ruin the entire holiday.

    Flowers made of paper with his own hands - how to make them read the article on our website.

    About the best positions for sex can be read in this article.

    From here you will learn how to speculate on the relationship with a man.

    table decoration for child's birthday

    In decorating the children's table for festive gatherings has its own requirements:

    1. Exposure common colors. Regardless of whether a particular subject is selected for a holiday (cartoons, occupation, hobbies, etc.) or a selected neutral clearance in the form of stars, hearts, peas et al., It is important that the entire table setting corresponded primary colors 2-3 or shades of choice;
    2. Making space around and above the table. It can be a garland "Happy Birthday!", Paper decorations, background paper or fabric, figures, flowers, etc .;
    3. Selection of the correct utensils. Necessarily require plates, cutlery, glasses, shelves for sweets and fruit, cake stand, a vase for sweets, and can also come in handy trays and more dishes. But for reasons of convenience and security, a paper or plastic dishes, which can be made in the colors of the holiday. No - universal white suit;
    4. Production festive tablecloths. It should also fit in with the color scheme, so it is not necessary to purchase a separate cloth for a holiday. It may even be disposable mat if it is suitable for the subject, but also the most simple white tablecloth easily decorate ruffles or garland (by means of staples), or paint it with watercolors, adding text and images;
    5. Production of decor for the holiday table. We are talking about the theme napkins, bowls, podtarelnikah decorated for tubes, cutlery, cakes and desserts, candlesticks, etc. - all this can be done from scrap materials;
    6. Decoration chairs. Chairs are an important attribute of the holiday table, for which they need to drape, tie ribbons, decorate beads, or hang on to them name tags and other attributes, relevant topics.

    Children's festive table for his birthday: the composition of menus and recipes

    Children's birthday - a holiday belly (including parents), it is necessary to draw up a menu of simple but very tasty dishes.

    Children's table may even consist entirely of snacks -. Little sandwiches, mini burgers, cakes, spring rolls, etc. As an option - the sweet table of donuts, muffins, cookies, cakes, macaroon, lollipops, marshmallows, jellies, sweets and of course, a cake with candles.

    Can complement the sweetness of fruits, berries, nuts and yogurts (including frozen). Of course, we need more juice or soda.

    • 0.5 kg of chicken;
    • 0.25 l of fatty cream (above 20%);
    • 70 g. breadcrumbs and sesame seeds;
    • salt and pepper to taste;
    • vegetable oil for frying.

    Cooking time courses: 30 minutes plus 4 hours for marinating.

    Caloric content: about 70 kcal / 100g.

    First it is necessary to marinate chicken, cut into small pieces in a cream with salt and pepper for 4 hours in a refrigerator. Then roll each piece of meat in breadcrumbs with sesame seeds and fry in vegetable oil on both sides. Serve with any sauce - cheese, sour-sweet, homemade mayonnaise, vegetable sauce, etc.

    Macaroni and cheese in the American

    • 300 gr. macaroni horns;
    • 100 gr. smoked bacon;
    • 100 gr. hard cheese (preferably Cheddar);
    • 100 gr. mozzarella (in the extreme case can be replaced by suluguni);
    • 200 gr. frozen green peas;
    • 400 ml of 20% cream;
    • 50 oz. butter;
    • 2 tbsp. spoons of wheat flour;
    • a pinch of grated nutmeg;
    • salt to taste.

    Cooking time: 50 minutes.

    Calories: about 330 kcal / 100 g.

    To begin with cooking pasta and parallel prepare the sauce, which is required to melt the butter, add flour in it, quickly mix until smooth and pour cream. Boil until thickened, nutmeg spice and salt.

    Bacon cut into small pieces and fry in a dry frying pan (which he heated with a lot of fat), cheese grate. Mix together cooked pasta, bacon, peas, cheese mass and put in a baking dish. Cook in the oven at 200 degrees until brown.

    Children's buffet table for his birthday: the composition of menus and recipes

    If it is clear that the birthday boy and his guests - children are active, and sit still for a festively set table it will be difficult, it is appropriate to dwell on the buffet table version, in which a separate table will be set a lot of serving tapas-type appetizers. Typically such table setting leads to the delight of children, and they all eat with relish.

    Canapés with sausage and tomatoes

    • 1 baguette (preferably corn);
    • 200 gr. sausage;
    • bunch of cherry tomatoes;
    • 150 c. processed cheese paste;
    • lettuce.

    Cooking time: 20 minutes.

    Calories: about 210 kcal / 100 g.

    For extruding small circles suitable glass with thick walls, molds for baking, or even half of the container from Kinder Surprise. And they must be squeezed out of the cut into thin slices of baguette and sausage at the sausage can be cut into very thin slices and just roll them four times.

    Each of the slices of bread, smear cream cheese, cover with a small piece of lettuce and put on skewers. On the same skewer to put on another slice of sausage and cherry tomatoes (can mate). Done!

    • 0.5 kg of minced meat of mixed;
    • 1 pack of puff pastry;
    • Salt to taste;
    • vegetable oil for lubrication.

    Cooking time: 40 minutes.

    Calories: 250 Kcal / 100 gr.

    Minced meat with salt and need to roll from his small meatballs and defrost the puff pastry and cut into thin strips on the number of resulting meatballs - they need to wrap them. Share resulting beads on a greased baking tray in the oven and bake for about 20 minutes at a temperature of 200 degrees - to brown.

    This is the easiest and most versatile recipe - in tartlets can be expanded any salad of those that like a child, including traditional Russian salad and crab. Sami tartlets can you buy in any store, and cook puff or shortcrust pastry in the molds for cupcakes. As a result, the children's buffet table will be very supported.

    Sweet table for children's birthday: the composition of menus and recipes

    It's no secret that the desserts are the most anticipated meal for the little birthday and guests, and (even secretly) for their parents. Sweet table can support the main meal, or be an independent holiday menu, but the scope for its serving truly limitless. And to make a mistake will not work with him.

    • 0.4 kg of curd;
    • 0.2 kg of sour cream;
    • 1 jar of canned pineapple;
    • 0.5 l pineapple juice;
    • 0.5 banks condensed milk;
    • 25 gr. gelatin;
    • bag of vanillin.

    Cooking time: 15 minutes plus freezing time and maceration.

    Calories: 150 Kcal / 100 gr.

    Initially Soak gelatin in pineapple juice one hour, and then dissolve it in a small fire without bringing the liquid to boil. Further preparation of elementary - all ingredients except pineapple blender to whip and connect with slices of pineapple and cooled gelatin mixture. Pour the mass into a mold or molds and allow to cool.

    • 200 gr. buckwheat flour (you can do it yourself in a coffee grinder);
    • 200 ml natural yogurt;
    • 2 tbsp. cocoa powder spoon;
    • 1 tbsp. spoonful of sugar;
    • 5 Art. spoons mashed prunes;
    • 5 pieces. whole prunes;
    • 5 Art. spoons liquid honey;
    • 0.5 parts of soda spoons.;
    • 1 tbsp. spoon vegetable oil;
    • sesame seeds for sprinkling.

    Cooking time: half an hour.

    Calories: 300 Kcal / 100 gr.

    First you need to mix all the dry ingredients, then mix them with mashed prunes and yogurt, as well as sunflower oil. Prunes cut finely.

    From the dough to make a small patty, put them in little pieces of prunes, close and form balls that you need to put on a baking sheet and bake at 180 degrees for 10 minutes. When cooled, they should be dipped in honey and sprinkled with sesame seeds.

    • 0.5 kg "Jubilee" biscuits;
    • 200 gr. butter;
    • 2 tbsp. cocoa powder spoon;
    • 1 cup of milk;
    • 100 gr. Sahara.

    Cooking time: 20 minutes plus 6 hours freezing.

    Calories: about 420 kcal / 100g.

    Cookies need to be divided into two parts and one grind in a blender, and the second to break into pieces by hand. Melt butter with the milk, add the cocoa powder and sugar, then bring the mixture to a simmer.

    Pour the grinded cookies, remove from heat and knead well the resulting mass, adding to it as a result of the remaining pieces of pastry and lay on plastic wrap or parchment paper, forming the shape of sausage. Remains send the dessert in the refrigerator for several hours and cut into slices before serving.

    How to decorate a children's table at a birthday party: ideas, photos

    One of the most important topics today in the children's holiday decor is "Princess" and "Cold Heart" Girls, "Pirates" and "Mignon" for boys.

    Create a fabulous atmosphere Disney holiday for the little princess, you can use the colorful and lush decorations - bunches of balloons, pink bows and ribbons, banners with inscriptions, draperies chairs, tables and lampshades, paper garlands. In this case, more desirable color in the design - and the natural and artificial, and even in pots and cardboard models of castles and towers or posters with pictures of them.

    Cartoon "The Cold Heart" won the hearts of all the girls, so a holiday in this style for sure will make them happiest in the world. Here at the forefront blue and white, as well as any imitation snow and ice.

    Drifts of padding polyester, or other material, cardboard figures, painted with paint or covered with shiny sequins adhesive paper snowflakes from Christmas decorations, cookies of the same shape, with blue cupcakes with cream and sprinkled with silver candy sprinkles ... and balls.

    Arrange a pirate party for the little birthday boy, you can use the bandanas, vests and pirate hats, which are sold in many children's stores. There you can find toy daggers and treasure chests. In serving, mandatory bananas, chocolate coins, appetizers with seafood and caviar (it can be simulated).

    "Minions" adored by all the children, so the child birth registration is not only suitable for boys in this style, but also for holidays mixed. It is desirable to find for all guests minions hats or masks, but you can just print out their images from the internet and hang on the walls.

    You can write wishes on cards-warped minions language and give them to the children to practice with them a funny dance. The feasts also required bananas, as well as all sorts of images of these creatures.

    And some more ideas of dishes for children's birthday - in the next video.

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