How to decorate a nursery for the new year

How to decorate the room for the New Year 2018 with his own hands: ideas, photos

But it not infrequently happens that a long-awaited sense of fairy tales still can not come. A holiday to still feel it is important to prepare yourself and cheer yourself up. How? Create a New Year fairy tale in the interior!

2018 - will be the year of the Yellow Dog. Therefore, in order for the whole year in the family reigned prosperity and order, it is important to cater to the little dog. Yellow dog loves bright colors, so thinking about how to decorate the room with his hands on the new 2018, do not forget to take into account this preference.

Symbol dogs, lord of the coming year, must be present in your interior. You can buy a small statue, but it is important to put it in a prominent place. Otherwise dog harbored a grudge, and will present you a couple is not the most pleasant surprises in the coming 2018.

Decorating the house for the holiday, do not forget to adhere to the theme of the New Year. The most successful in the design of the room and considered the golden yellow color. To combine your favorite shades of yellow dog is better to think in advance how you will decorate the room with his hands on the new 2018.

Christmas tree ornaments, artificial or live - is a favorite ritual of each family. With the onset of the twentieth of December gets dusty box with a mezzanine, stuffed toys, tinsel and flashlights.

There are several types of artificial fir trees, which do not require decorating. They either already have a built-in flashlight, or the colors of the "tree" does not imply additional decor. Popular silver fir, white, gold, and even red. Wounds are so varied that everyone will be able to choose for themselves is an option that will please and create a truly Christmas mood.

To learn how to decorate the room with his hands on the new 2018 using the tree is known to everyone. Here's how to make a festive tree inscribed harmoniously into the interior, and the toys are not just ridiculous hung from the legs - talk on.

In any decor has its own tricks - Christmas is no exception. Tree decoration balls can be done in several ways:

  • Chess - the color of Christmas balls is better to pick contrasting and hang them by the rule of the chessboard. Such a method is not only very advantageous to look at the tree, but also contributes to the financial well-being in the new year (according to experts in feng shui);
  • Spiral - a number of balls are hung diagonally. In color, you can not stick to any framework, but just the opposite - to experiment. You can take and different sized balls, but it is important to take into account the symmetry. Can hang toys from the darkest and a smooth transition to a brighter shade of the ball.
  • vertical - balls hang from the top down in a straight line. To supplement this number of balls can be flashlights or tinsel.

Instead of a Christmas tree garlands can use LED candles, which are mounted on a twig using clothespins. Such a method is safe decor, as a variant of the circuit of electricity is excluded, as well as the open flame of the original candle. But looks LED decoration or slightly better than real candles.

Of course, no one cancels Christmas tree ornament and other toys. Not necessarily only use balls. decor market is full of a variety of shapes: everyone can choose for themselves is something symbolic and they decorate the Christmas tree.

If the New Year celebration is planned to carry out at home, but without a table with dishes not do. As a rule, New Year's table is decorated with a festive tablecloth. Its color may be the classic white or bright red with gold pattern. In fact, shade cloths is not important - the main thing correctly combine it the rest of the table decor and rooms.

In addition to beautifully folded napkins and festive the service in the middle of the table you can put the candle. Candles can make your own or buy, do not forget about the candlestick. It is better to buy on the leg - that it does not take up much space on the table, which, as a rule, because of the abundance of food is always small.

Candlesticks can be made of orange or tangerine, carefully removing the core of fruit. The hole put a candle and enjoy not only the romantic view, but also the flavor. These candles will look great not only on the holiday table, but also on the window sill or on a mantelpiece.

In addition to candles in the middle of the table you can put a homemade composition of fir branches. Collect something like a bouquet, decorated with sprigs of confetti or small beads. The smell of a live tree fills the room in this exciting sense of celebration.

If your chairs are back - it is a sin not to decorate. Chairs can be nice to tie the ribbons attached to the back of a celebratory bow, beads, tinsel. The main thing - do not overdo it, to the decor did not look ridiculous. It is important to know the measure, combined colors.

New Year's table - the center of attention of all those present at the festival. So do not skimp on the decoration of dishes. Even a sprig of dill is able to change the look of a conventional cheese slicing and rosette peel tomatoes, ideal to sausages, giving the dish a festive appearance.

Who as a child did not cut white snowflakes and pasted them on the window? In kindergartens and schools it was mandatory step of the room before the New Year decorations. This is not necessarily cut out snowflakes - in stores quite beautiful stickers for a New Year's theme, which after the holidays are not lagging behind the horrific divorces and smudges on the glass.

Silicone sleigh with reindeer, Santa Claus, Christmas trees and gifts has long been loved by people for ease of use and their bright colors. Moreover, they are also reusable. Carefully unstick the sticker from the glass - it can be removed before the next holiday.

If you or your family members own painting skills, it is unlikely that you are tormented by the question, how to decorate the room with his hands in the new year 2018. Watercolor and gouache can create a story Christmas story on the glass. This version of the decor will give you pleasure in the process of making art, will serve all of the New Year holidays, and after - wash off without a trace.

Decorate the glass as possible and using the ordinary toothpaste. To do this, you need to pre-prepare paper stencils that figure that you would like to see on the screen. Figure leaning against the glass, the free space is filled with a paste, remove the stencil and - voila. Figures from toothpaste look realistic, so how do they look like snow.

If you do not want to paint the glass, then you can decorate the window garlands toys. Desired item tied to a string or fishing line and attached to the eaves track. Thus, it is possible to attach and christmas rain, which under gentle breeze will nicely sway from side to side.

Create a Christmas decoration in the room

Create a festive mood in the room - not an easy task. But if you follow some of the rules and resort to a little trick, the difficulty is how to decorate the room with his hands on the new 2018 does not arise.

  • of spruce branches and how they decorate the room for the new year, we have already said, so you need to type in the market uniquely feet. Decorating tinsel ribbons and twigs can be placed in vases and singly supplementing composition cones or tinsel;
  • on the windowsill can be expanded Christmas figures, Christmas decorations, candle holders or garland. Turn on the flashlight in the dark, a surge of endorphins in the blood provided by even the most callous man;
  • Christmas wreaths, purchased or hand made from improvised means you can not just hang on the door, but also on the walls and tables;
  • if you buy a real live spruce is not possible for various reasons, and in the air I want to feel the scent of resin and pine needles - come to the aid essential oil of fir, spruce or cedar. Apply a few drops of aroma lamp in the New Year and enjoy the aroma.

Walls can be decorated with homemade snowflakes, garland, tinsel. If the room has a fireplace - the garland with socks will delight not only children but also adults. Each sock can be expanded candies and cookies, so that they can be treated with your guests.

If you own your own home - then the new year, you will have even more worries. But at the same time - even more opportunities to cheer yourself up and decorate your home for the New Year. And if how to decorate the room with his hands on the new 2018 you have already learned something about the decoration of the yard will tell on.

If in the yard growing tree or pine, the question of the acquisition of the New Year's tree is no longer relevant. It remains the case for small - to decorate the plant.

At home, you can attach the LED strip, which is made from your estate fairy house from the very best Christmas movie. But do not choose electric garlands, as it is not only safe, but also very expensive.

On the snow-covered lawn of the house can settle the figure of Santa Claus, the artificial mountain of boxes with gifts or even sleds. Who on that much, to be exact - who, what allow to roam financial opportunities.

Fabulous interior, or what to decorate the baby's room for the New Year

In the New Year the children are waiting for the magic and fun incarnation cherished desires. And who does not like parents to turn the power of all these children's dreams into reality?

Start New Year's transformation of the house (link to home decoration) is definitely worth a child, it is this room should be filled with the atmosphere of fairy tales and holiday.

Register it is not only possible, but necessary all the family, and the role of Home Decorators - take the child. But as this process must take place under the guidance of adults, it is useful we will provide advice on decorating a nursery.

What you need to consider first of all?

When making a child's room should take into account the many nuances, but should first ensure the safety of decor elements for baby:

  • If your child is not 3 years, it is best to hang all the decorations are highly so that he could not reach them, and small toys is better not to apply.
  • Garlands should be chosen carefully: they must have a high-quality connection and power cords to the likelihood of circuit was minimal.
  • Do not use fragile glass toys.
  • Burning candles in decorations kid's room is clearly not the case.

And of course, if you decide to put a single tree in the nursery, then make sure that that it is firmly attached. Although, again, for young children with this pleasure is better to wait, replacing the tree on the other decorations (eg, small homemade Christmas tree made of paper).

And to decorate a Christmas tree in the children's best soft tissue, paper or wool balls, and choose the larger toys.

Christmas tree in the nursery is better to decorate the large toys, stars and soft balls.

decorating a nursery in what style?

Stylistic and color festive decorations for rooms for boys and girls are different. I offer the idea of ​​children's Christmas decorations for both, as well as for kids.

As is known, the interior of the boy's room should be kept even if not in strict, but calm colors. They are also characterized by a certain harmonious brevity. You can choose, for example, such design options:

winter blue. For the boys decided to pick up the blue color. Paying tribute to this tradition, you can arrange the room in this color scheme. In addition, it will allow you to create a truly winter mood.

Bedding, carpet, jewelry and even a Christmas tree itself can be selected in various shades of blue (blue, cobalt, sea, purple, cornflower, ultramarine, etc.) and white.

To emphasize and enrich the color, you need to add a contrasting green or red.

Classic New Year. The style is the best fit is for the boy's room. "Winning" will look the three primary colors: brown, green and red. In principle, if in a children's wooden furniture, the question will be solved with the brown color itself.

A Christmas tree and a variety of Christmas songs will go perfectly with a bright red and white ornaments made of cloth, plastic or paper.

You can always supplement this decoration different elements to your taste and preferences in accordance with the child.

  • For example, if your child is interested in pirates or sea adventures, you can bring a piece of avant-garde decor: give the room a pirate spirit of the New Year, Christmas tree to decorate the helm of the boat and on the walls hang blue and white flags.
  • If your boy on space travel soul, ask him to decorate the nursery, as a compartment on the intergalactic ship. And to do it in the tradition of the earthlings - a tree, toys and gifts.

Because girls like to feel like a little princess, the atmosphere of the children's New Year's Eve must be transformed accordingly and remind celebration in a smart hall of the royal castle. It all has to be charming and attract attention.

On New Year's in the room the girls can choose pink or purple tree

or lilac.

You can buy (or make your own) tree of unusual colors, such as white, pink or purple along its shiny toys, tinsel and silk ribbons.

The walls and windows in the nursery for a girl you can decorate not only the usual pictures of Santa Claus, but also original ikebanami, garlands and compositions of colored feathers.

This is where there is a place to roam imagination, so it is in the nursery for the youngest family members.

Kids up to three years of love bright colors, so you can create a truly fabulous New Year's decor.

You can select any theme: interior can be styled under the Christmas fairy glade, along the characters so beloved children "Smeshariki" cartoon in the New Year costumes or decorate a room in the style of the beloved fairy tales of your baby.

By the way, should not be used for the decor of the room a huge number of fluorescent lamps. But small garlands will fall just in time.

The room was newly born baby, too, can be decorated with a garland and small compositions made of fir branches.

If you decide to install the nursery tree, better make sure that it is firmly fixed and fenced as possible. You can use not only special partitions made of wood, but also make your own cardboard screen, portraying them a fabulous New Year's wood or the kid favorite characters.

Create a magic atmosphere of the New Year

If in the hallway, living room or bedroom for adults can make an ordinary Christmas decorations, the children's need to work on the creation of a fairy-tale world, which must be fully immersed in the atmosphere of New Year's fun and celebration.

Choosing decorative accessories

The market offers a lot of stickers on the wall with fabulous motifs and cartoon characters. You will be easy to choose the right.

Beyond the usual branded stickers and pictures, which you can buy at many stores before the New Year, you can decorate the room very different decorative elements:

  • Children's drawings. Give your child feel like a decorator. You can do Christmas together posters with him. Moreover, it can be either traditional drawings with images of Santa Claus, Maiden and Snowman, and more creative options, for example, a pattern can be made with a brush, while applying paint directly on the arms (as pictured below).
  • The paintings on the windows You can be represented by special paints or crayons. In particular, special crayons for drawing on the windows produces Crayola. For printing, you can use a can of artificial snow, gouache and even toothpaste. And if you do not like the paint on the glasses, you can help your child cut out the stencils from the white paper and stick them with adhesive tape.

It is easy to find and transparent "stained glass" paint Ray, Leeho or Amos, produced for children's creativity.

The sets of stained glass paints include paints, stencils-ready drawings and special film. Figure created as follows:

  1. First, prepare the necessary drawings shablonchik cover film from the kit and cut around the paint-circuit;
  2. ready circuit, do not touch a couple of hours to dry. You can make a few outline drawings at once;
  3. Further each portion of the figure bounded by the contour is colored a different color. The paint is applied thickly to the finished drawing is not broke in the transfer to the window;
  4. risunochki dry day, and the next day they can be removed from the film and move on any flat surface (glass, mirror);
  5. glue for anything, ready glued pictures themselves, they just need to press the glass.

  • snowflakes. Kids just love to make snowflakes from paper. You can make them not only the walls, but also a window. You can also make imitation snow, hanging a lot of snowflakes on a thin fishing line in the form of a screen.

  • Stars and hearts. These figures can either buy in a store or manufacture of felt or paper, paint them bright gouache or acrylic paints. Another option: to include them in the original New Year's composition. You can hang them on the beautiful colored thread or fishing line on a twig tree or attach them to the shelves.

  • flags. They can be pasted on the rope or twine, fix its ends to opposite walls of the room in the form of garlands. At the same time it can be used as universal colored flags that you post to the holidays and the New Year to make their option with thematic paintings, inscriptions or figures.

  • Christmas trees. On the wall or door will look great children's Christmas tree. By the way, if you choose not to install a Christmas tree in the room, wall paintings or home-made composition is worthy of its alternative.

    It can be made of paper or Christmas garland glass (plastic) beads Christmas tree. For sill fit crafts and composition (possibly topiary) in the form of Christmas trees.

  • Figurines made of cloth. A great option - make figures of animals, fairy tale characters, or plant from felt. This material is easy to cutting, sewing, and also has a very bright color, so will be an excellent decoration for the nursery.

    Felt can be produced as a beautiful symbol of the year figures and garlands of colored circles.

    Surprise of the child can be and unusual wreath, for example, dried orange slices, colored threads, ribbons, Christmas balls, paper cones or candy (the last option just have to taste it).

  • Socks for gifts. Be sure to hang on a wall, tree, door or bed child a sock. It can sew your own, or buy ready-made. Believe me, children will not only appreciate the look of a hand-made articles, but would be glad of visiting her gifts.

    If you make a sock on their own, you can be embroidered on it the name of the child (as the saying goes: ". A trifle, but nice")

  • Snowmen. snowmen Figures may be small, made of paper, white socks, threads, plastic and sheet metal lids (as shown in picture) or tissue. They can decorate the walls or windows. Also, you can work hard and make a big snowman, about children's growth.

    This can be done, great sewing soft toy, Snowman construct of balloons (this embodiment certainly can not be considered suitable and durable rather as surprise gifts) or from plastic cups.

    "From plastic cups?" - you will be surprised. Yes! Moreover, to create this masterpiece of creativity quite simply - how? Watch the video below.

  • artificial snow. It can be made from conventional cotton to form small lumps and slightly dipped them in PVA glue in order to keep their shape. Without waiting until they are dry, they should be put on the line or white thread with a needle. If your home has a foam balls, they can be replaced by cotton wool. Several dozen of homemade garlands will allow you to create a semblance of snow present in the room.

  • Boxes and bags for gifts. They can be placed either at the Christmas tree, or a child's bed. Boxes should be nice and neatly wrapped gift paper and to make bows and bags - sew from the red, green or blue cloth, decorated with their inscriptions, New Year's attributes and fur.

  • flashlights. Produce can be made of colored paper or plastic. Usually they hang in the form of garlands on the walls, windows or furniture. But you can place them separately. They can decorate with drawings, stickers or tinsel.
  • These are just some of the options for decorating children's interior. They are ideal for the decoration of walls, ceilings, doors and furniture, passing all the magic and fairy festive atmosphere of the New Year.

    Always in fashion: New composition of children's hands

    Special attention should be given several options Christmas songs that can be used to decorate windows and furniture in the nursery:

    • Kids crafts. Allow your child to make a small exhibition on the theme of the New Year, which he performed with his own hands. Add crafts can be on shelves, tables or boxes. Your baby will be nice to have a mini-museum of his own works.

  • Compositions of fir branches and cones. They can arrange the window sill, the window all along the perimeter, or do a little song for a desk or shelf. Usually needles attach small Christmas toys, balls, tinsel, pine cones, garlands or homemade figurines fairy-tale characters.

    Cones, the "gift of the forest" - an indispensable material for creativity. Of the cones can be made figurines of animals, fairy tale characters, Christmas trees, wreaths, and a host of other interesting compositions.

  • These are just some songs that are considered popular options to decorate the nursery. By combining different materials, techniques, and giving free rein to imagination, you and your child can create their own, original compositions, which will adorn the nursery.

    Not only the rooms, but the gala dinner can be beautifully decorated. On the table decorations for the New Year, see here.

    Give Christmas mood, not only yourself, but also your child. Let this year's Children's your baby will not be equal, and his happiness - limit. And do not forget to create a fantastic atmosphere in the nursery under the power of everyone, without exception, most importantly, give free rein to imagination and not too lazy to show his designer flair.

    Decorating a child's room for the New Year

    New Year's Eve for a child is a magical holiday is the time in which the fairy tale becomes a reality. Today the site is "Mom can do everything!" Offers ideas on how to decorate the baby's room for the New Year and to fill it with magic.

    Christmas tree in the children's room

    Should I install a Christmas tree in a children's debatable, but if you do decide on this, you should consider the child's safety. Discard the electric garlands and glass ornaments. Replace them with safer materials: paper, plastic, fabric and other unbreakable material.

    Original decoration will be candy, cookies, tangerines and apples.

    Parents can do with their children to make Christmas tree ornaments made of paper or felt. If tree is installed in the room the girls, it is appropriate to decorate it different bows, beads, butterflies. Instead of Christmas decorations in the boy's room, you can hang little models of cars, airplanes.

    How interesting to decorate the baby's room for the New Year with your child

    Before you begin decorating a room, think up a story with your child, even if his room for a while turn into a fabulous place, such as an ice castle. Dress up any soft toys in Christmas outfits. Using caps, tinsel and the rain and let it be a good fairy tale characters, or the inhabitants of the fantastic country, and can be sent to their own Santa Claus, what would help you with the decoration of the house?

    To decorate the Christmas children's use twigs. Simple threads from birch and maple lower for several hours in a salt solution, and they shine magical crystal. Or obmazhte their adhesive and sprinkle Glitter, paste pieces of cotton or paper napkins as frost.

    Christmas decorations for the windows in the nursery

    The windows in the nursery can be decorated with hand-made paper snowflakes, various figurines gifts, bells. They are easy to stick to the glass ordinary soapy water. If you or the baby like to paint, you can paint the window by hand using watercolors or special paints, which after drying are converted to a thin film and can be easily removed from the window. You can paint the window does not just paint and toothpaste. Now in stores you can find a variety of different stickers on windows, mirrors, walls and furniture. These stickers look beautiful and can be easily removed from the window after the holidays.

    Decorating a child's room for the New Year - it's a great family tradition, which will give the child a happy moment and will be transported into a winter wonderland.

    3 simple application for kids Winter

    Happy New Year. Beautiful New Year's poems

    We are always a garland of snowflakes cut out. Even as a child of the strips of paper making. Immediately it becomes festive. The main thing - with the children

    We now have a new passion - stained glass paints pictures to make the window. Nice work.

    All examples of the children's room decoration - wonderful. But, alas, not all people in the house, and not all children, a children's room.

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