How to decorate the house for a child’s birthday

How nice to decorate a room for a child's birthday?

Birthday baby - it's not just a holiday. It revived the magic and wonder. A miracle is needed for the scene surroundings. The room in which the child is celebrating a birthday, parents try to decorate the most festive.

And depending on their fantasies and allocated to the budget holiday it could be like to create a mood balloons and ribbons, as well as this thematic extravaganza!

How to decorate a room for my birthday beloved child? Try to give tips, and then you will help imagination and knowledge of their own child. What he likes - you, as parents, you know better!

safety requirements for children's room decor

Before coming up with a decoration for the room in which will be a birthday party, you should definitely take into account the safety rules.

Children - have children, they run a lot, play outdoor games, and just because of their age are not very attentive and careful, so the situation must be absolutely safe.

  1. All decorations must be safe for children. It is not necessary to hang on the wall breakable toys (like a Christmas tree) decorations with sharp corners or stabbing.
  2. Do not attach garlands and streamers on pins and needles. If children accidentally pluck a decoration, needles fall to the floor and you have to urgently break holiday to find absolutely all the pins. Otherwise, children can get hurt badly.
  3. All the holiday decorations should be strong and stable. You do not want to trim your entire entourage collapsed only on the fact that the kids just having fun playing?

  1. Balls - single moment. From a certain age, children love to devour them, even has a fun contest. However, younger kids may be afraid of loud noises. This point is important to consider. If you want to make all the balls were left intact, secure them higher. After the holiday, you can give one ball to each guest.
  2. More on how to attach. Everything should be safe. If you are spreading the cloth - it is better to bend the ends, do not forget that, losing his balance, the baby can grab hold of paradise and fall, pulling them all standing on the table. If a decoration is fixed on the curtains - keep in mind that someone may want to take it himself. You do not mind, of course, most importantly, that in the children fell shade of the eaves.

That can be used for decoration?

A timeless classic - balloons

Do you think that children do not have the balls to surprise? And here and there! Balloons filled with helium, will never cease to delight children of all ages.

Creating a festive atmosphere on the day of birth without them simply can not do. They can be tied to each chair at the holiday table, create stunning arches and garlands.

There are craftsmen who are made of balloons beautiful shapes to decorate the room. This can be a number, indicating the age of the birthday child, or even your favorite cartoon character. The mass of options. You just have to choose.

If you think that a paper banner "Happy Birthday" - that is all that can make a holiday out of paper, you are wrong again. Magnificent balls, lush flowers from crepe paper, stunning bright garlands create a festive mood, not only children but also adults.

By the way, it is absolutely safe room decoration, if carefully secure it. Such ornaments are sold in stores, but a lot you can do yourself. Something about this is - as a child, right?

Make a wall newspaper for the birthday - the big drawing paper put it before the birth of photography to today's date. You can process them in Photoshop to make it funny, but you can create a cheerful collage.

If the child already knows how to read, why not do it in the memory of a collage with pictures of family and friends and handwritten congratulations? Another birthday.

In fact, to decorate the children's room birthday can be a variety of means. While most of the decor can be done by hand. We will offer a few more options:

For older children a great idea for my birthday can become a so-called Candy Bar - a beautifully designed bar table with sweets. Put it apart from the festive table, decorate with colorful garlands, balloons and paper pom-poms.

As a treat you can offer bowls of candy, jelly beans, "buketiki9raquo; of lollipop, original small cakes. Very bright and festive.

Excellent festive atmosphere can create a multi-colored garlands. Your child is entering a new year of life, even burning lanterns and lights shimmer!

Garlands can be made from any material at hand. Paper spiral-garland can be hung from the ceiling, hanging garlands of paper flowers, pompons and even chocolates beautifully decorate a room for a birthday.

To make holiday decorations fantasy tree, hung with lollipop, candy or paper flowers. For young children, a wonderful decoration and playground will be placed in a room large inflatable toys.

Decorate the room in accordance with the selected topic

And you can arrange a themed children's party. And decorate the whole room in the same style. It is very simple - to be determined with the theme. What is interesting to your child now? Cartoons about Peppa pig? Stories about pirates? Fairy tales about princesses?

Found? It's just wonderful! Now you come up with a decoration for a room much easier. In any case, we give you a few popular examples.

Paper (and mom-needlewoman make and fabric) is a flag on the wall - Jolly Roger. At each place at the table can be attached to a black box. Birthday will need a paper or a toy parrot on his shoulder.

And you can hang a cage with a parrot. Chest piastres in the corner. Decorations in a marine style on the walls. And do not forget the bandage over one eye.

Birthday princesses or fairies style

The scenery in the style of Disney princesses or fairies Winx to make it even easier. More glitter, bows on the walls, flowers and paper garlands.

great traveler holiday can be beat, hang on the wall maps. On the table and other surfaces can be decomposed into small toys - trains, planes and cars.

Do not forget your bags and ask the children to some suitable games: in the city, searching for suitable places to travel on a map and folding luggage at a time.

As you can see, a lot of variants. The main thing - to find a little imagination and a desire to do something nice for his birthday!

How to decorate a room for a child's birthday: 10 DIY ideas

Birthday - bright and anticipated event in the life of each child: it is in this day come true all his dreams come true. The main thing - parents need to think in advance about how to make the holiday bright and unusual. If you are celebrating a children's birthday party at home, try these simple guidelines for decorating the room with his hands.

The easiest and win-win situation room decoration in a child's birthday - multi-colored balloons. You can randomly throw balls around the room or let them float to the ceiling, filled with helium. Balls can be supplemented with ribbons, streamers and colorful stickers. Look spectacular colors of balloons: it needs to connect balls of the same size and color with each other so as to obtain the petals and decorate the middle of the smaller ball and a different color.

It looks great on a variety of children's holiday paper garland - they are easy to make yourself out of colored or corrugated paper.

Bright and fluffy balls, pompoms, paper immediately give the room a festive gaiety. Unlike balloons, pom-poms are never burst over your head, and they look pretty stylish.

To create a pom-pom you will need:

  • 8-9 thin sheets of colored paper (corrugated paper is ideal);

The prepared paper sheet folded in a neat pile and then - like an accordion. The width of the fold should be about 1.5-2 cm. Treat edge sharp scissors (pictured below rounded edge), and then take a wire bend in half and put it in the resulting "accordion" of paper. Tighten the wire exactly in the middle of the craft. A kkuratno straighten paper accordion, separating each piece of paper and forming a fluffy pom-pom.

The decor birthday not do without the fancy numbers, age-appropriate birthday. For example, you can make a number of cardboard and decorate it with paper flowers. To do this, you need to take colored paper, cut a circle out of it and then cut the strip in a spiral. Then combine the resulting strip, spinning in the bud and ready to paste flowers on a cardboard figure. To colors looked brighter, experiment with size and color.

Multicolored pinwheel and outlet of colored paper called Fanta, also perfect for creating a festive mood. Make their own hands is very simple. And to create them can be connected and the very birthday.

To quickly learn how to create these colorful wall décor items, see a master class on video:

On the wall you can hang the prepared wall newspaper or collage where the best photos of the child will be collected. You can take pictures, starting from birth, it was clear that as the child grew and changed, but you can just take the most successful pictures (for example, over the past year) and escort them funny comments or poems. On the wall newspaper do not forget to leave a little room for the sincere wishes of guests.

Inscriptions, banners on the wall you can buy in the store, but you can make with your own hands. Arm yourself with colored paper and pens, write on separate pieces of letters, and then connect and hang on the wall with a thread or fishing line. Let it be the name of the hero for the day, pleasant for the holiday wishes or greetings to the guests.

Celebratory children's table can be decorated with a home-made cloth. Make a tablecloth very simple (not necessarily even sew!): Just stick to the table with adhesive tape or stepplera bright ribbons, flounces.

Decorating the walls and ceiling of the room, do not forget the furniture. For example, the chairs can be decorated by means of a cover fabric or bright tie back chairs ribbons and paper flowers. Another great idea - to do for the birthday gala throne, where he will open the gifts and take photos with friends and relatives.

Decor and serving of the holiday table should be paid no less attention than the room itself. For example, you can decorate the cocktail tubules, cutlery, napkins. You can also put on the table amusing plaques with the names of guests or put next to each instrument a small toy. Look how simple and interesting ideas we found in the photo below. We wish you a flight of fancy and memorable holiday!

How to decorate a room for the birthday: economically and original!

To birthday really felt the holiday spirit is not enough delicious cake and gifts. A very important role is played by look of the room, which will host the celebration. Therefore, to make this day truly unforgettable, we offer you several ways to decorate the room for the birthday of his hands.

These economical versions decorations help to save money and make your birthday is not forgotten.

Decorating the walls of corrugating paper

It's pretty fast, simple and original way to decorate the walls of the birthday. The materials that you will need:

  • rolls of colored paper,
  • sheets of paper (preferably dense)
  • Stationery knife, scissors and tape.

Now let's look at the stages of manufacturing.

  • You must decide on the color scheme. Draw a design sketch, you want to do.
  • Of course, then you can do something to fix, change, but the presence of the sketch will give an idea of ​​how the end - all this will look and significantly speed up your work.

  1. Lay out drawing paper - this is the basis on which you are working. Depending on what size you are planning to do the embroidery, you can take one sheet of paper, or glue a few (the edges to increase the area). It is much easier to work with thick paper, as it will continue to be strong when you cut it and weave ribbons.
  2. Place the base of the sheet of paper so that you feel comfortable working with both sides of the paper. two chairs at a distance from each other can be set so that the ends of paper to put on the chairs, crushing them with books or something heavy to Whatman fell.
  3. You can also hang the drawing paper in the doorway. But do not unpack it on the floor or table, as in this case you can comfortably get to the front side only.

  1. Using stationery knife Make two cuts in the paper, thread in each tape so that there was the strip of tape, and both ends on the front side were on the wrong side of one end leaving small and attach it to the paper (with glue or double-sided adhesive tape), the other is longer, if you want to continue this weaving, or is also fastened when the drawing is finished.
  2. Repeat the previous steps until do not fill the entire drawing paper patterns, paper embroidery. In this case the cuts are not necessarily strictly opposite each other, and the line straight. Take the tape of different width and make your own design.
  3. Hang your creation on the wall and enjoy the work done and the festive mood!

We make a large room for little money

If you need to quickly decorate a large spacious room, while using a minimum of resources and effort - this method is for you. You will need only colored corrugated paper in rolls.

Then it all depends on the room that you decorate. Paper tape can be pulled from the eaves, pipes, lamps, cabinets, or racks, in general everything that there is. And you can pull the paper with different force to the sagging where it was - something big, where - anything less.

TIP: You can also twist the tape. Hangs colors in a chaotic manner.

You definitely will create a joyous and festive atmosphere!

Both children and adults - all crazy about balloons. So by this way of decorating a room, you definitely lift the mood of everyone present!

To do this, you will need these materials:

Kitchen apron - low with their hands

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Straight super ideas for decorating the room !! Such simple and original)) It will be necessary to organize a birthday present its))

Thank you! Implemented, I think your so bright birthday all remembered

I did not understand how to fix these candies to the wall? They are heavy, whether the double-sided tape stand?

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