How to decorate the room balls

How to decorate a room for the birthday: economically and original!

To birthday really felt the holiday spirit is not enough delicious cake and gifts. A very important role is played by look of the room, which will host the celebration. Therefore, to make this day truly unforgettable, we offer you several ways to decorate the room for the birthday of his hands.

These economical versions decorations help to save money and make your birthday is not forgotten.

Decorating the walls of corrugating paper

It's pretty fast, simple and original way to decorate the walls of the birthday. The materials that you will need:

  • rolls of colored paper,
  • sheets of paper (preferably dense)
  • Stationery knife, scissors and tape.

Now let's look at the stages of manufacturing.

  • You must decide on the color scheme. Draw a design sketch, you want to do.
  • Of course, then you can do something to fix, change, but the presence of the sketch will give an idea of ​​how the end - all this will look and significantly speed up your work.

  1. Lay out drawing paper - this is the basis on which you are working. Depending on what size you are planning to do the embroidery, you can take one sheet of paper, or glue a few (the edges to increase the area). It is much easier to work with thick paper, as it will continue to be strong when you cut it and weave ribbons.
  2. Place the base of the sheet of paper so that you feel comfortable working with both sides of the paper. two chairs at a distance from each other can be set so that the ends of paper to put on the chairs, crushing them with books or something heavy to Whatman fell.
  3. You can also hang the drawing paper in the doorway. But do not unpack it on the floor or table, as in this case you can comfortably get to the front side only.

  1. Using stationery knife Make two cuts in the paper, thread in each tape so that there was the strip of tape, and both ends on the front side were on the wrong side of one end leaving small and attach it to the paper (with glue or double-sided adhesive tape), the other is longer, if you want to continue this weaving, or is also fastened when the drawing is finished.
  2. Repeat the previous steps until do not fill the entire drawing paper patterns, paper embroidery. In this case the cuts are not necessarily strictly opposite each other, and the line straight. Take the tape of different width and make your own design.
  3. Hang your creation on the wall and enjoy the work done and the festive mood!

We make a large room for little money

If you need to quickly decorate a large spacious room, while using a minimum of resources and effort - this method is for you. You will need only colored corrugated paper in rolls.

Then it all depends on the room that you decorate. Paper tape can be pulled from the eaves, pipes, lamps, cabinets, or racks, in general everything that there is. And you can pull the paper with different force to the sagging where it was - something big, where - anything less.

TIP: You can also twist the tape. Hangs colors in a chaotic manner.

You definitely will create a joyous and festive atmosphere!

Both children and adults - all crazy about balloons. So by this way of decorating a room, you definitely lift the mood of everyone present!

To do this, you will need these materials:

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Straight super ideas for decorating the room !! Such simple and original)) It will be necessary to organize a birthday present its))

Thank you! Implemented, I think your so bright birthday all remembered

I did not understand how to fix these candies to the wall? They are heavy, whether the double-sided tape stand?

How to decorate a room on their own balls: a few ideas for inspiration

Going to celebrate any event at home, whether it's a child's birthday or mother's meeting with the baby from the hospital, in addition to refreshments and holiday program is worth thinking about how to create a festive atmosphere, decorate the room. And here we come to the aid available and elegant balloons.

In this article you will find some interesting ideas on how to beautifully decorate the room balls and thereby create a festive mood as the guests, and the hero of the occasion, for both children and adults are not indifferent to the balloons!

Now consider specific examples of creating different shapes and arrangements of balls.

Light and bright balls resemble balls of ice cream, and then one can construct a decoration in the form of a cold dessert. One has only to consider that in order to "Morozhenko" flew, they should be inflated with helium, and the paper for "glasses" should be light and thin.

Such a composition is perfect for both the baby-Schauer, and for the children's theme parties or just to set the mood in any child (or may not be at the children's) triumph.

Such decoration is appropriate at the ceremony, the topics that are somehow associated with sweets or cold (for example, a party in "The Cold Heart" style).

Another vkusnuypirogek of balls. Unlike the previous version, here the balls can not inflate with helium and inflate their own. The main requirement - the balls must be red or burgundy color to the finished composition discernible cherries.

Also of props need a green material, paper is better - to create leaves, thread or wire, and of adhesive bonding elements.

Of these cherries is possible to build a garland, or simply mounted on the wall or furniture. Bright berries will not be ignored!

Another option sets for baby-Schauer, because in translation "Schauer" means "shower" or "rain", which means cloud droplet is it can be very useful.

Balls to choose a cloud of white or light-blue color, if you want to achieve a realistic, but nobody forbids to build and bright, a cloud fantasy. The main thing is that the color of "droplets" fit in color to "Tuchke".

Also, such a cloud is suitable for birthday in style Masha and the Bear or Winnie the Pooh - to recreate the atmosphere of the forest. And more clouds will be appropriate at the matinee in kindergarten after the autumn holiday.

Girls favorite attributes, so the balls decorated with them, will be pleased with the birthday girl of any age and fit almost any girl's celebration theme - whether it's birthday in the style of Barbie or fun in princess style.

Create such beauty under the force of even a very experienced decorator - is only to fix ornaments in bulb base.

To with balls decor looked more elegant, they should be inflated with helium or mounted on a stand.

The round shape of the balls allows them to turn into anything, whether it be fish, poultry or muzzle the animal. These small animals and fish of the balls perfectly complement the party in the style puppy patrol or nautical theme, and to create them enough balls themselves, paper, scissors and glue.

Like a garland of flags, colors or pictures, you can also build a garland of balloons. Cope with such a task even a child - you just have to, threading beads tails, strung them on a string or rope. For this purpose, suitable large needle like a gypsy.

Fasten these garlands can be on the wall, and on the window or door. Playing with different colors and sizes of balls, supplementing them with other elements, you can create your own unique masterpiece and embellish them day favorite pup) Birthday

All these figures are based on strings, discussed in the preceding paragraph. Here it all depends on the imagination of the decorator. In addition to the tracks and arches, garlands of pretty zmeyushki are obtained, the stems of plants, decorative wall houses, numbers and even letters, as well as many other things that come to mind talented ukrashatelyu.

For them, it is best to use white opaque beads, but for Halloween are appropriate and orange that mimic the pumpkin. Make a cute ghost is very easy - just most of the ball, and a black marker or felt-tip pen. Draw an attractive face ghost afford even the baby, and how much fun child will receive from the process of creating such a festive decor.

For more realism, is attached to the bottom of the ball long strips of paper - it will ghost clothes.

Decorations for the table and Candy Bar

When planning how to decorate the room with his hands balls, do not forget about the holiday table. The most profitable on the table will look balloons in the stands. So they will be more visible and will not take up much space.

Very elegant look balls, covered with tulle or chiffon, the same cute would look the composition of the balls, supplemented by small decorative elements such as ribbons, flowers, butterflies.

Such compositions will make elegant touch holiday table, and small guests will not be indifferent to such unconventionally decorated beads.

These figures easily create balls of small size. At the same time, to flower looked really smart, all his balls, petals should be the same size, so you have a little practice uniform inflated balloons)

The most original and elegant looks the composition of several of these figures. Under such decorations can highlight an entire wall in a room or decorate them background Candy-bar.

And in this video shows how you can manually create a whole bunch of daisies:

Happy holiday - fun muzzles of the balls! The smile on the balloon will certainly cause an answering smile in a child. Maximum positive with a minimum of effort, because such a fun a face can draw any.

But in the case of the minion is even easier - it is ready to foil ball. That's gradually move to the next point ....

They are quite self-sufficient and not necessarily in any way further decorating, but also in combination with latex balloons, garlands, they look pretty interesting. Your only concern when preparing for a party will inflate the balls in a specialized point of helium or rent a tank of gas and inflate their homes on their own.

If you fill balloons normal air, they just will not fly. Will either have to fix them on the wall or take care of any ground support.

Thinking, how to decorate the room balls on the day of childbirth, or to some other significant event, try to plan in advance the concept of decoration. There is not important number of elements and their skillful combination with each other.

If you are decorating a room where small children will have fun or where to bring the newborn, using a limited number of balloons and pre-ventilate the room, because these balls - source of unpleasant odors. better supplement balls somehow neutral smelling, for example, paper decorations or give preference to the balls of foil.

The balls retained their form till the end of the celebration, try to protect them from extreme temperatures. Also, do not inflate them to the maximum size - it will shorten their lifespan.

At the end of the holiday feast can distribute balls young guests - let rejoice, play with them or take home.

Many thanks. Really I liked the idea of ​​a cloud. My husband and I suffered for about 30 minutes to do it. But beautifully marked 3 years little daughter.

What cute cherries and ice cream balls at it! I think this room decoration like any child. Take note, soon beloved granddaughter 4 years old, very much want to please her something unusual ...

Oh, how I liked cherries of the balls! It fits his birthday this decor to make.

A pumpkin with ghosts - it's all mortality. Be sure Nadu Halloween something similar.

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Room decoration balls

Crafts from balls wonderful room decoration. Light bulbs on the ceiling, the chair and the floor will delight not only children but also adults. Decorate the room balls is very simple. Perhaps you still remember from early childhood, what remarkable figures twisted clowns in a circus. Dogs and other little animals seemed to us something unusual, but today you have an opportunity to make a hack of the balls himself.

Undoubtedly, balloons give a festive mood. Decorate the room balls can be absolutely any occasion:

Reasons galore. Balloons like not only children but also adults. They immediately cause vivid emotions festive mood. In this article we will learn how to decorate the room balls.

From which the balls can be made crafts:

In fact, both the gel and simple balls look great. The choice is yours!

Balloons, inflated is not ordinary air and helium, rises up, so if you want the balls as if hovering above the ceiling, just inflate them with helium, this in itself will be a great decoration of the interior. You can associate multiple balls in a bun and attach them to the backs of chairs or directly to the table, it will be the so-called fountain of balls. You can make a variety of crafts made of balloons, here is your imagination is not limited.

Another option - is to order balloons - numbers or balls - the letters and put them on the wall for a word or even a whole congratulation.

Themselves without helium balloons can simply scattered on the floor. This immediately cause a playful mood at all. By the way, the decoration of the room in summer is complete without balloons, they are associated with bright and carefree days.

Ball - surprise - a great choice for an unexpected interior decoration. This ball hangs from the ceiling, inside it are put small toys, small balls, confetti. At one point you need to burst the ball all around, and then enlighten real firework of pleasant things. Especially such a surprise is pleasant to children.

If we decorate boy's room, you can order the balls in the form of machines, tanks or cartoon characters, just hang them, and it will be an occasion for a child of joy and good humor.

Now there is such a service as photo printing on balloons. In special companies on balloons transferred any image. You can write a greeting, logo or even a real photograph. This is a very original gift and decoration.

Decoration balls room, this is not a complicated process, but on the contrary, it brings a lot of joy and positive emotions. Nothing is easier than to inflate the balloons and hang them beautiful, contrived, for example, a garland or just collect them in groups and hang on the wall. It has significantly decorate the room. If the show imagination and take a little time, you can achieve originality and make the room a real masterpiece. After all the balloons is quite malleable and they can do extraordinary things. Creative imagination, add the creative.

As we pointed out above, there are assists balls and balloons, inflated with air, and those and those will look good. It is better if the interior will be present and balloons with helium and without it. For example, conventional balls scattered on the floor, and in some places tied to the cargo balloons with helium, it will be very effective hack to decorate the house. If you decide to make a romantic atmosphere. You can buy the balls in the form of hearts, they will also be very good looking. At weddings are very popular arch of balloons, this arch is quite possible to make a house or buy a ready-made. When properly selected colors such arch will be the center of attention. For decorations of balls, you can add colorful streamers, bright ribbons, tinsel and other holiday attributes. All this together will create a unique fairy-tale atmosphere.

There are not only the usual round balls, but long and thin, such balloons can be masters of various figures, and even animals. And it is possible to make beautiful palm, this slightly inflate round balls, formed from these trunk firmly securing them together, and then attach the top "listya9raquo ;, consisting of long balls connected in a bundle. This palm will look great, especially if you buy green balls of leaves and brown for the trunk. Plants in the interior always look impressive, if you have a little of this plant, it is possible to use the balls to create them artificially.

Of balls of different colors, you can make a variety of flowers and other ornaments. If you have a completely blank wall, it is a space for creativity. You can make a man-made beach, or a flower bed with a variety of plants. Of oblong balls can make the whole flower arrangements. It looks very impressive. Learn the art of working with such balls are not quite difficult, all the video - there are lessons on the Internet. With their hands, you can make a beautiful decoration for absolutely any interior.

How to make crafts from balls "Solnyshko9raquo;

For this room decorating ideas you need the following materials:

  • double sided tape;
  • yellow balloons 10-12 balls;
  • hand pump;
  • colored paper for articles made of balloons.

To make the foundation for our sun, we inflate using a pump big yellow ball, which will face. Then 10 or 12 inflate small yellow balls. The number of balls in the rays depends on the size of your sulky little face of the sun.

At the center of the ball a little paste the double-sided tape and glue to a large bowl. So we Fasten all rays.

Getting clearance little face of the sun. To do this, cut out of colored paper eyes and mouth. Of packing tape can make the hair. Then take a thin fishing line and ties on the button of the sun. On the scaffold, you can easily attach the sun to the ceiling. Your kids will be happy to present the sun.

How to make crafts from balls "Tigrenok9raquo;

To surprise tiger we need two sausages ball. That idea was realized it must be remembered that all the twists made one hand and in the same direction. You also need to hold the first and penultimate balls throughout the creation, otherwise all unwind.

Inflate balloons for crafts, as indicated in the photo. Small ball will be about 2-4cm, the average - 4-5 cm, large - 5-7 cm.

We do head tiger. Twist the head, bending 2, 3.7 and 8 parts of the world. 8 ball - a jaw. 1 ball slips into the scalp and wrap between 8 and 9. So we will have your mouth and nose. Ears do we lay out 4 and 6 of the ball.

Legs and torso we do from the second ball. For this sausage-inflate balloon to the end, but releasing air (literally 2 seconds). Tie the ends of the ball a double knot and twist the opposite node has two nodes, thus stripped of the ball in half. The two parts are pressed together for one third twist length and forelegs.

Take the first ball and makes a great ball 9 - it will be neck. Connecting the first and second balls between 9 and 10 feet. Twisting hind legs and combine with the first. Tiger ready!

The variety of shapes and colors, you can create a variety of seasoned color schemes or just randomly decorate the room. The choice is yours! Express your personality and make the room very bright and original, the benefit that it balloons you allow it.

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