How to amplify the signal of cellular communication in the country

How to strengthen cellular signal?

  • External antenna (sent to the base station for the reception signal);

  • Repeater (a device that amplifies the signal and transmits it to an internal antenna);

  • Internal antenna (provides signal distribution in a room);

  • Cable 5D / FB (cable to connect the external antenna to the repeater);

  • N111 / 5D connector (connector for connecting cable).

    Regardless of the type of network equipment set has some components. This kit is suitable for apartments and small private houses, such as a summer residence. In such cases, one repeater is sufficient for distribution throughout the room signal. If you want to enhance the signal over several floors and a large area of ​​the room - need more repeaters.

    How to strengthen the cellular signal for the Internet in the country

    We determine the cause of the network failure

    Residents of cottage settlements, far from the city limits, the problem of poor cellular coverage is familiar. Like and the area is quite respectable, and infrastructure in general is not bad, and mobile phones are constantly fails. This is understandable: low population density makes the installation of new repeaters unprofitable, and except for pospeesh modern new building?

    The situation may be complicated relief folds, forest stands, high voltage power lines and other obstacles that shield or signal interference clog it. And conditions in the subscriber's home is not always favorable: the house is located in a valley, the modem / phone - below ground level. The walls may be thick and dense, the outer finish may be made of metal sheet materials - all it prevents the penetration of the radio signal.

    difficulties are also common with the reception of the low noise immunity devices. Microwave ovens and power equipment, operating in the microwave range, can create an incredible amount of interference and jamming not only cell phones, but also to the local wireless network.

    In rare cases, the problem lies in the settings of the base station. Here it is in line of sight, but the signal is still weak even in the street. In this case, the problem is solved only collectively (petition) contacting a cellular communications company, in response to which the operator carries out the migration station and modulates the signal in accordance with the new discovered "blind zone" in the coating.

    Recommended BSs removal for different types of signal

    In open terrain Station provides identification numbers within 40-50 km, but confident reception is possible only within a radius of about 30 km from the tower. There is another subtlety lies in the fact that the station - is not just a compiler radio signal for FM receivers. Mobile broadband connection, that is, the signal can be transmitted at different frequencies, depending on the type of transmission (SMS, calls, streaming internet), plus the exchange of signals occurs bilaterally.

    The more established connection speed, the higher the transmission frequency and the higher frequency - the shorter the distance at which radio waves can propagate in a solid medium. This explains tolerant quality GSM voice calls in the absence 3G coverage for which receiver-transmitter is forced to operate at a higher frequency.

    The first and most obvious way to establish a normal relationship - a call to a call center service provider with the requirement to optimize the parameters of the connection. So you can weed out a whole layer of issues related to misconfiguration of equipment. If you do not help - welcome to the world of amplifiers, repeaters, reception and transmission antennas.

    Are the "folk" methods of amplification

    Going through the above tehsredstva to amplify the signal, necessarily ask a question: whether to collect a certain device can not be improvised, which is capable of if you do not provide reliable reception and transmission, then at least a little to improve the situation?

    Unfortunately, if we are talking about the mobile phone, can not do anything. The signal from the base station you may have and will be able to strengthen, but the phone's built-in transmitter power to provide feedback is still not enough.

    With modem business it is a little easier. Their transmitter is less limited in capacity because the device is not a mobile and save battery life makes no sense. That is, in theory, the situation can be improved by the construction of a directional antenna, but it is only in theory: a lot of manufacturers of modems and their technical implementation details differ.

    For signal amplification required thin copper wire, for example, domestic power supply transformer or the idle charging for telephone. One end of it is soldered to the bottom of an aluminum can, which is the tip of the cut and the edges dissolved "Daisy". Bank installed outside buildings as high as possible, it is desirable to chop it to a long nail for rotatably toward the signal source.

    From a makeshift antenna wire stretches along the shortest path to the receiving and transmitting device - a modem and phone. The wire should be as smooth, without corners and sharp bends - they increase the resistance of the conductor and the coils form folds and distorting filters.

    If the modem you want to remove the body and wound around a standard antenna 4-5 turns of wire. The antenna itself may take the form of a copper strip or portion of a printed circuit board in a zigzag path, remember only pre-insulated wire modem from polyethylene strip cut from a disposable package.

    Some older generation phones, too, are subject to such modifications. We need to find a GSM-antenna, which has the form of shiny brass cylinder of about 2 mm in diameter with a small hole in the middle. Hidden antenna can be either under the battery cover, and deep in the bowels of the device. The hole in the center - a diagnostic connector for the temporary connection of an external antenna, it does not need anything to stick, otherwise a high risk to overload the transmitter. Instead, on a wire to tie self-locking loop and throw it on the surface of the metal cylinder.

    Of course, such methods conventionally related to passive enhancement, provide no guarantee of success. They are suitable except as a way to broadcast a signal from the street, if it is implicit reasons inside buildings can not penetrate. But there are methods that can provide you with incredible speed, even at a great distance from the base station.

    Installing the receiving antenna and repeater

    The standard package includes three active amplification devices:

    Reception (donor) antenna is very similar to a television, but the size of its elements are designed for the reception of waves with long, peculiar cellular frequency. Installing the receiving antenna need as high as possible and away from strong sources of radio frequency interference. Usually it is fixed to the ridge of the roof, but not necessarily lower than the lightning rod, for galvanic isolation of the active set of the gain is usually not.

    The repeater (repeater) receives a signal obtained from the antenna signal is weak, it removes from it all unnecessary and increases enough to provide coverage in a small area. A repeater can be installed anywhere in the chain, but it is usually as close as possible to the conclusion of the grounding circuit if the lightning grounding function is available in the structure.

    The internal antenna is for transmitting the amplified signal from the repeater and receiving the signal from the phone and transmit it back to the base station through the repeater and the donor antenna. As you can see, the scheme is quite simple and lucid, but an internal antenna should be placed at a sufficient distance from the donor, and it is desirable that between them there was no direct line of sight, otherwise the mechanism of suppression of the intrinsic radiation of the complex will not work correctly.

    Why do you forget to describe about the fact that there is a professional Internet amplifiers from major Russian manufacturers. Already 10 years this process is simplified for the most inexperienced user and any wires and problems. Just insert sim-cards and any and you will be online at a great speed in any private home across Russia.

    Good stuff, all it sets out available. From my own experience I can advise is not to reinvent the wheel, and to order special equipment for amplification. If you're in this absolutely do not understand, refer to specialists, such as the website We ordered at the company set to increase 4G, the result is excellent - the speed of the Internet has grown several times.

    Making the power of cellular communication with their own hands

    Do I need to buy an expensive gadget, when it is possible to manage the device, assembled from improvised?

    Those who have at least a basic level of knowledge in the field of cellular communication can handle themselves. This requires hardware and tools, as well as the layout of the device.

    And you can collect the simplest cellular amplifier in the home. The fact that this will require will be discussed below.

    Antenna to enhance mobile

    They are among the most simple devices that can achieve high-quality signal to any object.

    There are two main groups of antennas:

    The first are usually installed on the roof of the building and are able to provide coverage over a large area objects. Received from the base station antenna transmits a signal through the cable to the amplifier. This will ensure good call quality even in areas where it was previously impossible.

    What elements comprises signal amplification system

    Ensure a reliable connection to the radio in remote locations is possible, but special equipment is required for this. Collected into a single system the various devices allow to achieve high signal quality and forget about his sudden disappearance. it is often called cellular amplifier. However, in reality it is a complex consisting of the following elements:

    • Repeater or bilateral amplifier, is an intermediary;
    • Internal and external antennas, which pick up station signal and spread it in the room;
    • Power divider or splitter wires;
    • N-connectors;
    • Coaxial cable impedance of 50 ohms.

    All appliances included in the system are divided into two groups:

    The first category includes devices that require a power connection - it repeater terminals. Called passive antenna splitter and cable. Each system is calculated under a certain object, and can therefore have a different number of internal amplifiers and antennas. The best option is considered one in which the minimum length of cable is used, since it once each meter - a loss in signal quality. This should be considered by collecting cellular amplifier signal with his hands.

    Since all the elements are interconnected, the installation of the equipment is recommended to perform the finishing, so as not to spoil the interior.

    this class of equipment in some way is the repeater. It processes the received signals and sends them to the tower base station, if it is an outgoing call. When there is a dial-up user, the repeater performs the same function, only the user can communicate with the gadget.

    Watch the video, the easiest way to amplify the signal:

    Reception and transmission antenna signal is carried out. The easiest power network signal can be assembled by hand. An outside antenna receives or sends it to the station, and the interior is responsible for the expansion of the indoor coverage.

    How to make a cellular amplifier with your hands

    The use of such a device makes it possible to achieve high-quality communications in virtually any corner of the object. Especially needed repeater in areas with bad signal, or where it is absent. By using the system benefits include features such as:

    1. signal amplification in locations where frequent interruptions in mobile communication;
    2. Eliminating interference;
    3. Sharpen the message;
    4. Reducing the level of radiation;
    5. Longer lifetime phone batteries.

    But since there is such equipment is not cheap, many people decide to do it yourself.

    Watch the video, the steps of manufacturing their own hands:

    In order to collect the cellular amplifier in the home require components to be joined into a single system. How to do this will be discussed later.

    If you decide to make the most simple device, namely an antenna, you will need:

    • Wire, but not copper (length 30-40 cm);
    • The connector block;
    • Cable (10 m);
    • Fasteners (for mounting the connection blocks);
    • Pipe polymer (20 cm);
    • Plastic.

    Because in the process will have to carry out connection of the individual elements, it is necessary to have on hand duct tape. Once all the parts are found and prepared, you are ready to assemble the amplifier cellular signal with his hands.

    The length of the wire must be bent in the middle at 90 °, the way that in the end turned out a diamond. To do this, from the center back to 9 cm in both directions. Then place the mark on the wire is bent again the same magnitude angle. As a result of the manipulation made you get a diamond. The ends are folded inward and connected to it a block. Set it so that in the future through it could connect. For this cut along one side of the polymer tube and opposite the opening is performed.

    We are watching a video, doing power of cans:

    After the antenna assembly step performed proceed to connect a coaxial cable. At one of its ends is removed outer insulation and the inner and outer conductors connected to the contacts of the connector block. As a result, the cable becomes an extension of the antenna.

    After that, the device is set on the roof of the house or attached to a pole and point it in the direction of the base stations of the cellular operator. The final step in the manufacture of a simple amplifier own hands is connecting the other end of the cable to the plate of plastic. And you can start testing.

    If everything was done correctly, as soon as you hold the mobile phone to the amplifier, the signal indicator will increase by 2 or 3 points.

    Selecting the installation location of the repeater

    But only a little power to collect mobile, you must also perform its installation correctly. The efficiency of such equipment is directly dependent on its location, as well as in the system of antennas. Therefore, before proceeding with installation make sure that the signal strength is sufficient. The easiest way to learn is to make a call from a phone where you plan to install the antenna. It is possible to determine the signal level and the indicator on the display of the gadget.

    But other than that, there are other limitations. For example, the location for the amplifier should not be closer than a meter to the radiators.

    Once all the components are starting to plan the location of the laying of the coaxial cable. But before turning repeater must ensure the integrity and purity of all connectors. Never turn on the device, if it is not connected to an external antenna, as it may be damaged. If you need to disconnect RF cables, it is necessary to always switch off the power.

    There are limitations in the temperature regime. If it is the external antenna from -40 to + 50 ° C, only the positive temperatures for very limited repeater. In addition, the repeater can be installed only in a heated room.

    It must be remembered! Incorrectly assembled system is able to emit noise that affects the work of the nearest stations. Therefore, it is not necessary to install it without any examination of the object and determine the location for all the blocks.

    To obtain stable and having sufficient signal at a particular facility all start-up operations necessary to perform correctly. They consist in setting quality of voice messages and the exclusion of self-excitation of the device.

    Watch the video, what to do if the signal is poor, looking solutions:

    The first where to start - is to ensure the integrity of all connections. For high-frequency connectors connect the power adapter and antenna. If the network is often surges occur, it is necessary to use a surge protector.

    The next step - is the adjustment of the gain. It must be at least 15 dB. Setting the repeater can be manual or automatic control. In the first case, adjustment is carried out by means of the potentiometer knobs and changing the position of the external and internal antennas.

    Automatic adjustment involves setting the gain level such that the maximum output power was obtained. In this case, the device will self-adjust to the traffic operator's base station.

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