How to install water heater your videos hands

Installing the water heater with your hands: Walkthrough + teh.normy

Electrical appliances for heating water are extremely popular for the organization of independent water supply of private homes. Such devices can be used also in homes, to avoid problems with hot water. They cost a lot, and installing water heater with your hands will reduce costs.

Electric water heaters storage type are arranged quite easily. Usually such a device is a container within which is installed a heating element - a powerful heater. Since the instrument is intended for storage of hot water, it is mandatory insulated.

Inside the integrated two tubes: one of them is made of cold water intake from the water system, on the second to the DHW loop is fed preheated to a certain temperature flow. To control the operation of the device used by the automatic control unit.

This complex device controls the water intake, its water heating temperature enables and disables the heating element as needed. Also, the control unit is provided with automatic shut-off module power in case there is no water inside the vessel. Unacceptably include a heater when the water heater is not coated, such a situation will lead to device failure emergency.

The order of installation of such heaters

The simple construction provides extremely reliable storage water heaters. Install such a device is not too difficult, but it is necessary to take into account some important nuances. First you need to choose a place where the heater is installed. Thereafter, its installation and the connection to the water system and to the power supply.

mostly for domestic use, a relatively small wall model. They are hung on special brackets. To model the vertical type use two brackets, and the need for horizontal appliance four such elements. The procedure for mounting on the wall bracket is simple, it usually use suitable screws and screwdriver.

Between brackets, which are mounted on vertical heaters model should be a distance of 180 mm. For mounting horizontal models using brackets with the hinges. It is necessary to sustain the distance between the protective cover and the surfaces of other objects at least 300 mm for devices of up to 80 liters, and not less than 500 mm - for heaters with a capacity of 100-200 liters.

Should not be set vertical pattern in a horizontal position or vice versa, to put on vertical side heater. This is a flagrant violation of the conditions of operation and safety of the device, which can not only lead to damage to the equipment, but also a dangerous accident.

Use levels necessary to check the correct position of the individual arms relative to each other. As for water heater installation location, it is recommended to select as close as possible to the hot water analysis points. This allows faster deliver hot water to the consumer, i.e., reduce heat loss during transport.

Inexperienced masters sometimes make the mistake - attach the brackets to the plasterboard partitions. The bearing capacity of such structures are too small to withstand the weight of the device. Even if the water heater installed in this manner will not collapse at once, it can happen after it is filled with water.

A separate case - is setting the water heater on a plaster wall, behind which there is a bearing wall. In this case, the use of special fastening elements of sufficient length so that they passed through the false wall thickness and plunged into the supporting structure, which take the brunt of the load.

Of course, a place in which a storage heater must be accessible for maintenance, adjustment settings, repairs, etc. The design of such devices is typically quite attractive, so in combination with other home furnishings problems should arise. Of course, before the start of the installation of the manufacturer's instructions should be studied to take into account the existing recommendations in this document.

If the water heater is installed in multi-storey apartment house, at his failure there is a risk of flooding the premises, which are located on the floor below. It is therefore recommended before installing the appliance take care of waterproofing premises intended for him.

Alternative protection from such troubles can be a special tray fitted with drain hole and connected to the sewer system. If the house has an automated system of protection against leakage, it makes sense to install one of the sensors is directly under the water heater. Completely flood this measure will not save, but it can help minimize the damage.

Because it is recommended to put water heater as close as possible to the hot water extraction points, ensure that the device is sufficiently protected from moisture. If the heater is located next to the sink, wash basin or bath, splashes on the surface of the body is almost inevitable. Possible and more serious contact with water, which represents a danger to any appliance.

Before you install the water heater in the apartment, you should pay attention to the marking device. The ability of the device to carry an external influence is reflected special index IPXX, where XX - digits.

The values ​​of the first indicator of protection index IP:

  • 0 - no protection;
  • 1 - Protection against large objects (dimensions greater than 50 mm);
  • 2 - protection medium size objects (dimensions 12.5 mm);
  • 3 - protection against small objects (dimensions greater than 2.5 mm);
  • 4 - protection against small objects (dimensions greater than 1 mm);
  • 5 - protection against dust;
  • 6 - absolute tightness.

The first index figure reflects the stability of the appliance to contact with other objects. The second one indicates the degree of security of the device against moisture.

The values ​​of the first indicator of protection index IP:

  • 0 - no protection;
  • 1 - there is a protection from the vertical direction drops;
  • 2 - protection against drops falling at an angle not exceeding 15 degrees from the vertical;
  • 3 - protection from raindrops and spray at an angle not exceeding 60 degrees from the vertical;
  • 4 - protection against splashes in all directions;
  • 5 - Protection from water jets;
  • 6 - Protection against strong jets and sea waves;
  • 7 - the device is allowed brief immersion to a depth of no more than one meter;
  • 8 - The device can be immersed to a depth meter for up to half an hour.

This information will help to assess the conditions of functioning of the cylinder in terms of security. This information will be useful and to install other electrical appliances. Most storage water heaters do not require excessively high degree of protection, for example, to work underwater. Most often, such instruments will mark as IP25. This level is quite possible to provide at home.

Connecting to the water supply system

Drainer heaters of this type regardless of the model usually found at the bottom. You must first build and install the so-called security group. This is a set of valves and fittings designed to prevent various emergency situations that may arise during operation.

At the top of the adapter set, which is often called "American". Next screwed bronze tee. Its lower part is attached non-return valve which prevents water pour back into the water system. For lateral branch tee is attached another tee.

It is attached to the safety valve 6 bar to enable automatically reduce the pressure inside the container when it reached a critical level. By this tee is attached a special compression fitting for water pipe. On it at a pressure from the accumulator is discharged into the sewage system of the water.

After installing the unit, be sure to make sure that the opening of the pressure valve remains open, otherwise the device simply does not work. All screw connections must be sealed and the seal. Experts recommend to take on the drying sealant for at least four hours.

To connect the device with the riser cold water can be used, steel, copper, plastic or metal pipes. At independent performance of the installation most commonly used plastic pipes, as solder them relatively difficult. Some are used for these purposes, flexible hoses, but this decision is not justified. As shown, such elements wear out quickly.

It is understood that prior to the tie pipe hot and cold water entering the apartment, must overlap. Cold water between the riser and the heater should be set stopcock to allow shut off the water if necessary, coming to the device. All connections carefully sealed.

Now we need to take another pipe that connects the heater with tap water in the apartment. In this region need another stopcock: between the riser and the hot water heater. This valve must always be closed to heated water from the boiler does not reach the total hot riser at home. Again, you need to follow the seal and seal all joints.

Shut-off valve for cold water between the heating device and the risers must be set so that when closed it does not prevent flow of water to other users, cutting only the heater. A connection to the hot water system needs to be done so that, if necessary, you can restore the flow of hot water from the riser to the general system in the apartment.

In this connection to the water system can be considered complete. Some experts recommend at this stage to perform a preliminary test: fill the container with water, then drain it and make sure there will not leak. This check can be done only after the sealant is completely dry on all connections.

Water heater and independent water supply

In private households is usually applied not centralized, and independent water supply. In this situation, the use of water heater is justified and possible. But the connection scheme should be little changed. The source of the water in this case is usually a tank installed in the attic or top floor.

It is necessary to measure the vertical distance between the tank and the water heater. If it is less than two meters, the output from the tank tee set to divert part of the cold water to the heating device so that the pipe is above the level at which the heater is installed. Tee with check valve and outlet drain pipe mounted on the inlet of cold water into the device.

If the distance from the water tank to the heater vertically than two meters, the removal is performed is lower than the level of the heater unit. Thus at the cold water into the device is set tee with excess tap water to the sewer, and just below the check valve is attached.

Before installing the water heater, measure the pressure in the autonomous water supply system at home. If it exceeds the level of six bars, must be supplemented by the installation scheme special reduction gear. Excessively strong pressure of the water entering the heater may result in damage to equipment.

Connecting the water heater to the power supply problem seems very simple, as it needs to simply turn the device into a power outlet. Domestic heaters are usually designed for a standard voltage of 220 V. But anyone who is even slightly familiar with the operation of electricity networks, realizes that such powerful instruments conventional socket can be completely unusable.

To begin to assess the condition of the wiring in an apartment or a house and find out on what the maximum load is calculated. Connecting to the same line at the same time several high-power devices can be fatal to the system. For example, if at the same time enable the heater and domestic cooker / automatic washing machine, wiring can burn, cause fire, etc.

Safer and more reliable to draw a separate cable from the electrical heater. The most important component in this situation - the cross section of the electric cable. Minimum cable cross-section can be calculated using special tables. It should take into account the operating voltage, phase, the material of which the cable is made, whether or not concealed wiring, etc. For heaters typically use twisted pair copper or aluminum cable voltage 220 V, single phase.

If the heater is installed in the premises with high humidity (bathroom, kitchen, etc.), you should use special waterproof socket. In addition, for two-phase boilers are almost always necessary to install the RCD - residual current device. The cable must also be protected against moisture, as well as strong and elastic enough.

Do not skimp on the cable by purchasing products of dubious quality. In addition, take the power cable to connect the storage heater is necessary with sufficient margin. The wire must not be taut. Before connecting the cable should study the markings carefully. Inexperienced novices sometimes confused and connect phase to the earthing system.

If the experience in the implementation of electrical work there, it makes sense to seek the advice of an experienced electrician or entrust him with the execution of this phase of the installation of the heater. There must be care of the heater grounded. This can use a piece of metal wire, one end of which is fixed on the heater, and the second is connected to earthing.

Video Installation of storage heaters

Description of the installation of water heater is shown here:

This video contains a number of useful tips for installation of water heaters storage type:

Storage water heaters popular and reliable, they provide the home with hot water in the desired quantity. They perform the installation is not too difficult, but you need to strictly adhere to the manufacturer's recommendations and safety.

Still, horizontal cylinder, suspended from the ceiling, in my opinion, is much more practical than the vertical, because it saves space in the kitchen or in the bathroom. The installation should come with great responsibility - anchor and take a longer thicker to tighter fix on bearing wall. After all, if such a thing will fall on the person, not exactly seem a little!

Internet encyclopedia on arrangement of technical maintenance of networks

How to install the boiler with his hands

Installation of the boiler in a private home, in an apartment or cottage is a reasonable solution to provide the required hot water facilities. Installation of the device can be left to professionals, but also, if you have the necessary skills, the installation of the water heater with your hands will not cause difficulties.

There are several types of boilers, and the way will be the installation of a water heater depends on the design and type of unit.

  1. Indirect heating unit. The heating elements are absent, and the liquid in the tank can be heated by external sources (heating using a gas or solid fuel boilers, solar and using solar batteries). Devices can be either wall or floor (the capacity can be up to 1000 liters, and the installation is necessary to put them on the floor).

  • Gas storage heater. This type of apparatus should not be confused with gas pumps, is essentially a flow-type heaters. The water in the gaseous aggregate is heated due to combustion gas and stored in a special tank. Installation of the boiler with his own hands is not recommended due to the fact that the connection to the gas must be carried out by specialists. Furthermore, it is necessary to provide good exhaustion of the combusted gas products.

  • If the question with a choice of water heater has decided, and bought an electric wall mounted unit, you can proceed directly to its installation. But some nuances should be considered before it.

    1. The first thing you want to determine the location of device installation. Location of the unit should be such that it easily could carry out preventive and, if necessary, repairs.
    2. Before you install the water heater, it is necessary to assess the condition of the water pipes. If the old pipe, it is recommended to replace them completely, or at least tie the site.
    3. In most cases the device is attached to the wall (except maybe assembling indirect heating boiler, which may be a floor, and the wall), so that the wall must withstand a load of 2 times larger than the tank capacity. For example, when a volume of 100 liter tank, the wall must withstand a weight of 200 kg. Of course, the drywall is not suitable for this purpose.
    4. In the case of the heater assembly in the country on a wooden wall, check its strength.
    5. In addition, since the unit uses powerful heating elements, then before you hang the water heater, you need to bear in mind that the wiring must withstand a certain load. Therefore, it is recommended to separate line from the counter with the installation of the circuit breaker to the device. The wire must be 2.5 mm.

    Water heater on the wall fortified country house

    After all the preparatory work can begin to install (installation) water heater on the wall.

    1. Be aware before you install the storage heater that between the ceiling and the tank must be a gap at least 20 cm. Therefore, we put a label below the ceiling of 20 cm.
    2. Next, from the top of the device measures the distance to a mounting plate that is welded to the rear of the machine.
    3. On the wall mark the distance from the already drawn tags, and using the level spend a horizontal line. At this height, we will strengthen the unit.
    4. Now you need to decide on the line of the center, which will be deposited to the hinges distance. If you want to install the water heater in a niche, it is a central point between the walls. If the installation is in a wide room, then turn away from the wall the required distance, and then measure the distance between the centers of the fixing holes.
    5. From the center line on the wall, measure in both directions by half the distance between the loops. Thus you get a projection of the fastening holes.
    6. By means of the perforator drill the wall to the desired depth (the depth depends on the size of the anchor bolt or dowel). Fixing to the water heater wallof bricks is best carried out using a plastic dowel with a hook. In the drilled hole using a hammer, drive in the wall plugs and screw them into the hooks.

    Dowel with hook

    Concrete Anchor

    The next thing is the water-heating tank connect it to the water pipes. On the Internet there are plenty of video tutorials on the subject. But you can also use these instructions. The figure shows the installation of the heater circuit.

    Liner is made as follows:

    1. Red arrows shows the movement of the hot water, and green - cold installing electrical machine. In the layering of risers (2 and 3) is required to install shut-off valves (4 and 5).
    2. The valve (4) is used for the water supply to the boiler overlap, for example, if you need to repair the unit or prophylactic descaling.
    3. Crane number 5 shuts off the main hot water if uses heated water from the apparatus.
    4. Next, continuing the installation of the boiler tubes in walking on a flat, required to punch tees (6 and 7) from which go to the machine layout.
    5. Layering on the machine it is recommended to set the valves (8 and 9). They will be useful in preventive maintenance of the unit, in order not to disconnect the main wiring. Also these valves starts eyeliner pipes (10 and 11) to the manifolds of the device. It is possible to use pipes of plastic, flexible hoses or polypropylene tubes.
    6. On podvodke with cold water necessary to install safety valve (12). This protects the machine element from exposure to excessive pressure. If the machine tank an excess pressure via the safety valve opens, the water will be discharged into the sewer or special container through the drain tube (13).
    7. Above the relief valve is set one T-piece, and it is joined by a valve (14). With this tap water can be discharged from the apparatus if necessary. The same tee with a valve setting and is recommended to the hot water pipe to the boiler pipe. It serves as an air suction for quick draining of fluid from the device. In working condition must be closed.

    How to install water heater with your hands in the country, if there is no centralized water supply? To ensure the normal operation of the electric water heater, the need to install water tanks funded. Usually, it is placed on the roof, but it does not matter. The main thing is that the height of the storage tank above the machine was not less than 2 meters.

    To connect the unit to electricity, it is desirable for him to do separate switchboard with the circuit breaker and locate it not in a damp room. Then stretch the cable to the boiler and connect it to the device terminals. The cable must be three-core (cross section 2.5 mm), with a living for grounding. The circuit breaker will be protected against voltage surges that could derive TANS failure. The machine must be designed for the amperage of 16 A. It is also recommended RCD application (Protective devices), which will protect people from electrical shock.

    Below is the connection diagram of the machine to the network.

    If you are not well versed in the wiring, it is better not to tempt fate and see a specialist, who will make the correct connection of the appliance.

    How to install the boiler, it discussed above. But there is advice about what to do during the installation and use of the unit, you can not:

    • include mounted unit is not filled with water;
    • connecting the heater to the pipe line from the water if the pressure in it is more than 6 atmospheres;
    • to remove the protective cover assembly and merge it with liquid without disconnecting it from the power supply;
    • engaged in the installation, if you do not know how to install the boiler with his hands;
    • the use of the "Left" components other than those recommended by the manufacturer;
    • establishing a unit to ignore the installation of the safety valve;
    • not observe the installation and safety regulations.

    To select the boiler for the house, should be guided by your needs, but also take into account its size and matching interior. The setting can be left to professionals or do it yourself, the more that it is not such a difficult task, if you do everything right, following the above recommendations.

    Rating of the most optimal storage electric water heaters 2017 for a house or apartment. Top models and their technical features. The pros and cons, as well as the difference between the flow-through water heaters.

    Installing the water heater: a video installation with their own hands

    Hot water in a modern apartment or private house-building has long been considered the norm. But most of the houses of the private sector and the country are still not connected to the main thoroughfare of the hot water supply. It is for this reason, many homeowners seek to equip in his home a stand-alone water heating. In this case, the easiest solution is considered to be a boiler installation, which can be performed independently. To date, hard to find a structure in which there is no electricity, and therefore set the water heating device with your hands just enough.

    Experts identify two main types of boilers - flowing and memory type. The main difference of these models is the principle of operation of the device and consequently the energy consumed by the electric heater. So before you make a final choice, will not prevent read some of the nuances and peculiarities of assembly components water-heating devices. In flow water heating boilers takes place by passing the continuous flow through the heating elements. In turn, the device type incremental liquid is heated in a special tank in which heating elements are installed.

    In order to save in the process of acquiring a suitable model of the device for heating water should be borne in mind that a small 20 liter boiler is quite enough to supply hot water of a small country house, where there is no shower or bath. In a country cottage or a state apartment with shower is fine model water heater volume of 60-80 liters. In turn, if the tenants love to relax in a hot bath, it is better to give preference to boilers with a tank of 100 liters or more. But with the increase in the volume of the water heater should be understood that need more space for the installation, what also do not need to keep in mind when choosing a suitable model of the unit.

    Properties installing electrical heater

    Before connecting the electric accumulator or boiler to the water mains it is important to become familiar with the requirements of, that apply to the safe operation of water heating devices.

    1. For electric water heater and its control nodes It should be provided free access, in case of the need for repair or maintenance.
    2. Fixing heater storage type should only be performed on the bearing walls of the apartment. First of all - this is due to the rather large weight unit filled with water. For example, if the total mass of the cylinder with a full tank is 80 kg, the wall must withstand a load of 160 kg.
    3. It is important that the electrical wires in the apartment, which will connect the boiler, can withstand high loads. Therefore, in old buildings, where there is no confidence in the quality of wiring, it is advisable to carry out a new cable directly from the distribution panel to the water heating devices. In practice, it is as follows - if the boiler capacity is 1.5 kW, will need a copper cable section, which is 2 mm or aluminum analog thickness of 3 mm.

    The important role played by the state water supply in the apartment - if in doubt, it is advisable to install the water heater to replace the old rusty metal pipes with new metal-plastic counterparts.

    You might need to install the boiler with his hands?

    Before you begin immediate installation of water-heating device memory type with your hands you want to view the video installation process as well as to stock a minimum set of tools and supplies:

    • Hammer drill with professional corresponding to the diameter of the pipeline, construction tape, hacksaw or cutter;
    • a set of wrenches or gas analogue;
    • Phillips screwdriver and a flat nozzle, pliers and cutter;
    • Building a tow or a special mounting tape;
    • shut-off valves in an amount that depends on the type of boiler - flow or water heater;
    • tees according to the diameter of the boiler water pipe and nozzles;
    • Special hoses protected reinforcement;
    • Metal or other pipe length, which is calculated directly at the place of installation.

    In the case of the need to replace old wiring or laying new cables will need the following materials:

    • trohzhilnye copper or aluminum cables and corrugation;
    • powerful machine or a high-quality outlet.

    Only to prepare all that is necessary, you can proceed to close the sidebar storage heater in the pipeline and connection to the electricity network, with their own hands.

    Cold water connection and hot withdrawal conduit

    Thus, the water heating device is selected, components are prepared, the tool is at hand. Installing the storage water heater with your hands is not intended to receive any licensing documentation and drafting, and other nuances related gas equipment. In turn, the very water heater installation diagram is simple, especially if familiar with video tie-in boiler water and follow the recommendations of experts.

    1. Install water heating device needed Only after the water meter and only the corresponding diameter pipes.
    2. Box fittings and tee into the pipe for hot and cold water supply should take place only after when the house will be closed water supply.
    3. Hemp or sealing tape is wound strictly clockwise. In this case it is not necessary overzealous enough from 5 to 10 turns material, which squeeze excess during twisting.
    4. At the inlet of the boiler connector for connecting the cold water pipe is mounted a check valve, bundled with a water heater. The valve is wound on the sleeve and has on it a fitting for connecting the inlet pipe. By analogy adapter mounted on the heater outlet.
    5. When all the fittings and adapters are in place, you can set the water heating device to the wall and perform the connection pipes of the pipeline.
    6. Metal pipes must be inserted into the fitting until it stops, pre razvaltsevav cut ends. In the process of tightening the nuts it is not necessary to apply excessive force, so as not to damage them.

    It is better to perform the tightness of the nuts and then, in the process of checking water supply when the water supply in case of leak detection. It should also be remembered that at the outlet and the inlet pipe of the boiler is required to set shut-off valve.

    boiler electrical connection

    To connect the storage water heater with your hands first necessary to become familiar with the video of the electrical work. Then you have to go to the store for the purchase of copper cable, cross section 2.5 mm. Cable with a section able to withstand loads of up to 20 amperes. In this case, if the cardinality parameters of the boiler up to 2 kW, the current load does not exceed 10 amperes.

    1. Wiring laid in a protective sleeve. Also, the cable assembly can be performed in a pre-prepared Stroebe.
    2. Stroebe performed using punch or wall chaser. Copper wire of 2.5 mm in cross-section are laid on the placement of the heater to the circuit breaker and on to the counter.
    3. Before actually performing electrical work must be disconnected from the room, in which the boiler is installed.
    4. Connecting cable suitable to the water heater is performed in the terminal box with a respective screwdriver.
    5. Once all the wires are connected according to the scheme, go to the commissioning. But before that, the reservoir is filled with water by opening valves mounted to the boiler inlet.
    6. In the next step opens the tap on the pipe hot water to the air in the boiler was far away, freeing up space for the liquid. You also need to open the hot tap water anywhere in the fence - in a sink or sink in the kitchen.

    Once the reservoir is filled and the water will flow from the mixer, overlapping it. Water-filled boiler creates a certain pressure in the conduit so wait a few hours needed check out all the places of pipe joints the presence of a leak. Upon detection of the latter need to preload nut.

    Features of use of flow-type water heater

    Instantaneous water heaters due to its compact size can be installed not only fixed, but also to use as a portable device. To temporarily connect the device suitable standard shower hose. The pipe tee cold water pipe is mounted, which is screwed into the stop valve and behind the installed hose, connecting the cold water flow to the boiler.

    In the case of a fixed installation of the flow heater circuit used simultaneously feeding and water intake. Installation is performed in a parallel fashion to the water system of a private house or apartment. Such a method involves installing tees together with valves in each tube. Due to this, if necessary flow-type heater can be completely eliminated from the system inside apartment supply.

    The tube is connected to a cold water pipe boiler input and output connection to operate the appliance pipe using a hot-reinforced hose. In case of installation in an apartment building a cylinder block important hot water valve on a central standpipe to prevent fluid ingress of the heated water in a neighboring apartment.

    As you can see, how to install the boiler flow and storage type is quite simple, and quite possibly, with his own hands. And if someone still have questions, the article provides a detailed video on the sidebar of the heater in the water supply and connection to AC power.

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