How to install interior doors to

How to install interior doors

The decision to replace the old interior doors can be delayed for a long time the master of the house to "tomorrow" as having the desire to carry out this operation himself, he has no knowledge of the nuances of the installation and the confidence that he will be pleased with the result. For quality and trouble-free installation of doors newfound master should be guided by the advice of professionals with extensive experience in this field. This article contains all the important subtleties of the selection and installation of interior doors, accompanied by detailed photos and video instructions.

How to install interior doors with their hands

Interior doors market is full of variety, quality and noble appearance of the door often corresponds to the price. Most cheap doors are different from in the first place, expensive material from which they are made. Door leaf exists in the following forms:

  • MDF. This fabric is a wooden frame, sheathed laminated fibreboard. The advantages of these doors could be considered light weight and the lowest cost in the market, but it affects the low suitability in everyday life: these doors have a high sound transmission, they can be deformed by humidity, and a careless push hard object may be left with an ugly hole.
  • MDF (finely-dispersed fraction). This is the door of medium density fibreboard. They are now the most popular on the market thanks to its average value, coupled with good quality: these doors do not swell from moisture, are wear-resistant to scratches and rubbing, have good sound insulation and will serve for a long time.
  • Wood. It is heavy and very expensive door, but which are the most environmentally friendly and beautiful, thanks to the rich decorative possibilities. Also possessing and durability, and excellent sound insulation. The choice of wood species from which the doors are made very wide, it may be oak and ash, and even exotic rosewood.

Door frames are made in a couple of paintings from the same materials and also have their own characteristics. For example, a box of chipboard, though has quite a view of trustworthiness, but very inconvenient and malleable to install, and from the frequent opening and closing doors color film with her in a field grazing blade peels. Boxes of wood are sold without any exterior finish, they will have to paint itself, but they can be decorated with carvings and lacquered.

The market of interior doors so wide that despite the strictly defined standards from the manufacturers, you probably will pick up without any problems currently existing under the door aperture. Russian swing doors are manufactured in widths from 600 mm in steps of 100 mm. At the same time the door, brought, for example, from France, will have a length in a width of 690 mm and a pitch of 100 mm.

As can be seen from the table above, the choice of the width of the door leaf must take into account the width of the box, which should be free to get up in the doorway, and the flatness of bare aperture if it is uneven, it is necessary to choose the width of the door leaf, based on the width of the width of the opening. If the minimum width is equal to, for example, 89 cm, is the most successful to set the door will have a width of 80 cm. A more extensive insert in a doorway will be impossible, and the more narrow will be unreliable.

If the standard height doors in the living room is clear and stable: 2 meters from the floor, the width is not all the doors in the house have to be the same size. According to widely used standards door width varies depending on the purpose of the room in which it leads:

  • the living room is to keep the door from 60 to 120 cm.
  • the door leading to the bathroom should be no more 60 cm.
  • The kitchen door should be no more 70 cm.

If the dwelling owner has a desire to increase or decrease the aperture door, then he can do so without obtaining additional permits, but without prejudice to the strength and stability of the wall.

In shops sellers offer a choice of several types of equipment doors. Maximum of them - is the door block, that is ready to install the door, there is a box with a hinged gathered loops with them. Master will only undercut the sidewall height, exactly expose and secure. Conversely, the minimum configuration is the only means by a door leaf, box and trim will have to buy separately and hang loops and zapilivaem corners and connect it together.

If you are installing interior doors with their hands for the first time or do not have in stock carpentry Miter cutting angle to the right, consider the first option set. Despite the highest bidder, you will save time and nerves.

Step by step installation of interior doors

The installation of interior doors, there are many subtleties of accounting which will depend how much will last the door to the delight of the master-master. Most important nuances and will be presented in turn-based scheme in the photo and video.

One of the most important aspects that affect the quality of the result - it is the assembly of the door frame. It consists of two long posts, arranged on the sides of the door opening and one of the short crossbar at the top, called the lintel.

Implement connection between uprights and the lintel is possible to choose from at least two ways:

  • At 45 °. This is the most aesthetic option, but also the most difficult. It is necessary to cut the beam so true at the required angle to when joining the beams did not have cracks. To achieve such a high precision, you can use the special tool: carpentry miter box. An important caveat is that the sawing laminate hacksaw blade leaves on it small but noticeable chipped. To avoid this, use only well a sharpened tool.
  • Butt at 90 °. This option is much easier, but it will not look into the delicate and classic interiors.

Before setting the aperture need to connect the door frame on the floor to check the correctness of the connection. If you can see where some shortcomings in the dock, you can remove them with sandpaper, is fixed on the bar.

Another important thing is that the staff can often be different sizes. This deserves to be due to the unevenness of the floor in the doorway. Determine whether there are differences between the right and left side of the opening, you can use the building level. If the floor is perfect even-tempered, and then stand will be the same. If the deviation is, it must be taken into account: Make one of the pillars shorter. Despite the fact that the deviation can reach only a few millimeters, this is enough to the future warped door.

Also, when calculating the height of racks, it is necessary to consider that the rack should be 1-2 cm above the door leaf (including spilite). The gap of 1 cm are doing, if not assumed under the door mat. Accordingly, if under the open door will be placed carpet, the clearance should be increased. Also clearances required for normal ventilation in the room. Once again, pay attention: the rack height is measured on the inner part of it - from the lower edge of the saw cut. Prepared rack must be applied in the doorway.

Further work is being done with the lintel. It is necessary to cut off a length and washed down with two sides (if the selected docking at 45 °). It is important that the length of lintel of sufficient length to provide the difference in the width of the box and the door leaf between them should be a certain gap. The minimum clearance is 7 mm, but it can be more. This minimum clearance is required for the installation of loops - 2 mm and 2.5-3 mm are considered expansion joints, as any interior door, regardless of its constituent material, can change its size. In wet areas is a risk of swelling of the door and the large size, in such cases, the gap must be increased in order to avoid trouble with the operation of the door in the future.

Conclusion on the minimum clearances when installing interior doors:

  • hinge - 2 mm;
  • The top, bottom and sides - 3 mm;
  • Bottom - 12 cm.

No matter what material is a box and how to connect, pre-drilled holes in the opening fixture. This is done in advance to ensure that there was no break of the material when mounting. Drill diameter must be 1 mm less than the diameter of the screw.

Box folds exhibited angles of 90 °. Drill holes are drilled in the uprights and the lintel. There will be very useful assistant. If the work is done by one person, properly exposed box to temporarily seal the two cross bars on top and bottom. This will protect the master from the error correction.

If the connection is made at an angle of 45 °, with each side made of three holes. Two are located on top of an inch from the edge, and one side - in the center. The compound produced screws, their installation direction - perpendicular to the connecting line.

If the connection is made at an angle of 90 °, drilled just two holes at the top, the drill is directed straight down.

Often, the door leaf is hung on two hinges, but you can use more of them, depending on the severity of the door and the reliability of loops themselves. They are installed at a height of 200-250 mm from the edge of the door leaf. If you use a wooden box and the door, you must choose a location so as not to get in the loop bitches.

The first thing hinges attached to the door leaf with the following instructions:

  • The hinges are attached to the selected site on the web, and outlines a thin pencil of ground or, as experts recommend, the knife blade. Knife allows the loop to outline more precisely, respectively, gaps between the door and the frame hanging will be less.
  • If the door is not fiberboard, the space inside the outlined portion of material removed is strictly hinge thickness.
  • Next, a loop in the prepared recess. The plane of the loop must not protrude from the door leaf plane.
  • Inserted loop is fixed with screws.
  • The assembled box keeps the door leaf with fixed loops, exhibited the necessary clearances: 5-6 mm on the hinge side, 3 mm from the opposite hinge side and between the door and the lintel. When the gaps are exposed, so they are not lost, the door leaf is fixed by means of wedges. At the same time the web is set exactly in the vertical and horizontal planes.
  • Next, mark the place on the racks, which will house mates loops. Perhaps for this procedure in certain circumstances, conveniently already installed on the loop fabric to remove and then install again. The racks also becomes a recess inside the marked area, deep enough that the loop was not present outside the rack plane.

For more information about how to hang the door with his own hands is described in the video.

Step 3: Install the door frame.

The door frame is installed in the opening in the assembled state. This task is very responsible. Before you put the box in front of the reveal, you must fight off the plaster falls off, skived projections. If the surface of wall crumbles easily when touched, it is processed primer deep penetration with astringent effect. Large holes in the opening sealed with plaster. With the installation of the door into the prepared aperture will not have complications.

The box is exposed without the door leaf. It must be oriented vertically. What is the installation process requires not only a builder's level, but also plummet, since it has no errors.

To avoid skewing the box on the floor installed temporary spacers are placed in the corners of mowing, giving a high degree of rigidity. In order for the door to swing open fully had the opportunity, it is set flush with the wall.

After exact positioning of the box, it is fixed. They do it with the help of mounting wedges. First, they are placed on either side of the lintel, then over the uprights. This allows the fixed position of the box relative to the doorway. Should be re-checked uprights in two planes, they should not be tilted either forward or backward.

Then wedges are installed at the bottom, followed by 50-60 cm, while still necessary to verify the accuracy of the location box. Middle wedged further crossbar. It is important to check to see whether the arched elements of boxes in some places, adjust if necessary. Behind the box is fixed.

Step 4: Mount the box to the doorway

There are two ways of fixing the box. It can be mounted directly through the wall can be fixed with the help of mounting plates. The first method may not look aesthetically pleasing, in view of hats on the rack screws plane, but this method is the most reliable.

For the interior door is quite enough swirling two screws into the slots for the hinges and the two screws on the other side - the insert mating lock. Nasverlivayutsya additional holes in the cut plates. They are made so as not to coincide with the holes for fastening loops or mate. Care should be taken so that the screws head was sunk deep into the surface, otherwise it will interfere with the installation of hinges and knobs.

The video shows the installation of interior doors on this scheme. In it also marked some subtleties associated with the installation of the door frame.

It happens that a number of fasteners may seem insufficient in terms of reliability, then holes are drilled through and the top closed decorative washers, matched in tone. For convenience, there is a special moldings made from MDF with removable straps. It is characterized by the installation of fasteners: one set in a prepared groove and closing strap.

You can install the fixture in any other way - a secret, so that the fixture to be seen. To this end, initially attached mounting plate from the rear side of the box. For the installation of interior doors on reliability will be enough plates used when installing drywall.

Gap formed between the frame and the wall is fixed, filled with foam. Wall wetted with water from a spray for better foam polymerization. The foam is extruded in an amount to 1/3 of the slit remained free space, it is filled with foam after solidification. If you overdo it with foam, it can distort the fragile door frame. To this just do not happen, you can set temporary spacer in the opening of the box.

Current foam polymerization time is indicated on the box, upon its expiry spacers are removed, the door leaf is hinged. Immediately check the operation of the door.

Should be done finishing work: fixed frames and slopes, as well as transoms, if they are needed.

The installation of interior doors there is nothing daunting, it is not difficult to make your own hands, following the algorithm described above. To assimilate the acquired knowledge, we are working as a video instruction from specialists in the installation of doors.

Instructions for installing interior doors with their hands

On their own to make the installation of interior doors - the work is not difficult. The following will describe a simple turn-based scheme, from the selection in the store liked the interior door and ending with self-installation of interior doors with step by step photos.

Interior doors can be divided into several types

In the market of door designs manufacturers offer a fairly wide range. Finished interior doors can be made of different materials. Most often there are the following types of materials: chipboard, MDF, natural wood.

1. Fiberboard - door: The frame is made of wood and coated sheets of fiberboard with lamination. The advantages of such doors are: low cost relative to other types of light weight, which makes it possible to deliver them from the place of sale to their home, ease of installation forces. Considering these points, they are popular among buyers, making them a wide range of the most frequently represented in the stores.

Of the disadvantages mentioned can be low strength of the fiberboard, due to which the door is broken and becomes unusable rather easily, poor resistance to humidity, the door can twist. Therefore we recommend not to install it in the bathroom with a weak stretch, the material likes dry rooms.

Below, we will consider steps below to install interior doors with their hands.

Photo - Models DVP-doors

2. MDF - doors, which are made of this kind of material is the most suitable option when choosing a relationship of quality and price. Obvious advantages compared with doors of fiberboard - high strength and resistance to moisture, a higher level of sound insulation. The cost of such a door is higher than the doors of MDF, several times.

Photo - Models MDF doors

3. natural wood - interior doors are made of a material - the most durable. Their price depends on what type of wood used to produce them. Doors made of valuable wood used for installation in rooms with the author's design, they fit perfectly in a classic interior. The width of the interior doors is adjusted for the size of your opening.

Photo - Models of wooden doors

List of interior doors can be supplemented by type glass doors, metal and steel, but these species do not have a lot of popularity among the general population, so they are not included in the article for a detailed description.

Types of door frames interior doors

Proper interior doors should be in a safe box for a door, because of its quality will depend on how long will the door, as well as the design of the doorway of your room. Door frames can be divided into three main types.

1. MDF box. It looks pretty decent, but when I select the box of the material in question bude strength of the whole structure. The middle of the strips flex duct from its weight, not to mention the possible deflections of the weight of the door leaf. As the major component of fiberboard, speaking in a simple way, are the glue and paper, you need to bear in mind that they are very fragile and not durable. They are not recommended to hang a door made of wood and MDF due to their heavy weight.

Photo - A box of hardboard

2. Box of raw wood. Value at the level of fiberboard boxes, but unlike the latter, the box made from dry profiled bar have a higher strength. Therefore, when choosing between the boxes and boxes of fiberboard from untreated wood is recommended to opt for the latter. Also, please note that you'll need additional materials for the final finishing of the box.

Photo - Rough wooden box

3. The box is made of laminated wood. It does not require final finishing, as already laminated using the paper. And there is one important point when selecting a box is very important is the quality of lamination. If this use thin paper, there is a great probability of scuffs, scratches, cracks, the coating loses its appearance. Perhaps the better quality version will box of raw wood with a self-finishing and painting.

Photos - Laminated wooden box

Also, the entire door interior door may require additional treatment after the installation of doors. All the whistle on your opening, its size, location in him the door interior.

For such processing can be used for final assembly of the bar and trim. Necessary kits can be purchased at the store. Recommended determined their necessity after the final door installation, to understand exactly what you need finishing. After the purchase of additional materials - these are additional costs, which ultimately may not be necessary.

How to put the interior doors, turn-based recommendations

It is considered the door for example with a box of fiberboard. If you need installation of wooden boxes, you need to work on the same steps. Installation is as simple as wood is stronger than fiberboard.

Step 1: Select instruments and the necessary additional supplies. For the installation will need:

  • saw;
  • electric drill (it is better to drill or a hammer?);
  • Drill 3 mm and 4 mm for wood;
  • borax 4 mm and 6 mm for concrete;
  • screwdriver;
  • roulette;
  • a pen;
  • construction level;
  • wood screws;
  • dowel quick installation;
  • foam assembly.

Step 2. Determine the scheme for securing the box in the doorway interior door.

Photo - Driving fasteners of the door frame in the doorway

The figure shows a diagram of a door fastener in the opening duct. As can be seen, door (2) is mounted in the box (1) which is secured in an aperture on the screws (3). Between the wall and blows the foam box (4). The process is as follows: set the box in the opening, are fixed to the wall, zapenivaem.

Photos - Disassemble the door frame and the door to assembly

If after installing the door of her nut can not be hidden in the floor, for the convenience of pick box without nut U-shaped form. It does not interfere with the lower rungs so go you will be just nothing.

Photo - Door box for ease of installation must be compiled

Bought on the box should be attached loop. The door must be cut by the arm, and a door lock interior door. We start the assembly of the door box. You need to put all the pieces together to fit the boxes under the aperture size. The default length is typically with a margin of 5 cm.

The surest option is not to be mistaken - assembly of parts on the floor as they have to stand in the doorway. Particular attention should be paid to metal substrates loops, they have to hang up, what would they could hang a door at the top.

The opening direction is selected depending on the premises, between which are installed the door. From small areas such as a bathroom, closet, doors open to the outside is better, of a large room in the corridor - inside.

Photos - The correct position of the end strips

Attach the upper limit on the screws. The end slats (1) must lie on the line. If the line is not present, then the strap is wrong and it needs to expand.

Photos - tighten screws after pre-drilling

Given the structure and characteristics of fiberboard its strength in the box, before screwing the screws with a diameter of 3.5 mm a basis, it is necessary to drill drill holes in wood with a diameter of 3 mm. This action conduct that would be our case is not cracked during assembly. For the same reason the screws fixing points should be located closer to the center, away from the edges and corners.

Photos - Collected box

For fastening strips will be enough four screws, two on each side.

If the door is lying flat on the floor, beneath her soft tissue, so you reduce the chance of damage to the laminate layer.

Photos - Factory supply box

Factory supply box (exposed end) will be cut off. For fitting boxes, accurately measures the size of the doorway interior door. And transfer it to the door frame, taking into account the gap minus 12 cm on all sides to allow foaming. Worth several times myself to double-check the size of the structure.

Photo - Measuring the height of the opening

Photo - The line cut the excess part of the box

Protruding over the best cut with a hand saw. Automatic saw is desirable not to use, to avoid damage to the coating.

Photos - Trimming excess handsaw

As a result of manipulation we get U-shaped door frame, ready for installation in the door interior door.

Photo - Wooden box assembly

Step 4: Install the box in the opening.

We put a box in the door. Is aligned with the standards. Accuracy and flatness check box assembly, hanging on the door hinges and close it.

Photos - Check the position of the box level

Photos - Drill 4 mm diameter in wood

Box mounted in the opening, you must fasten screws. We remove the decorative strip end and drill through holes 7-8 on each side. Hole spacing - 25-30 cm.

Photos - Drilled box

Drills on a tree is not designed for drilling walls, they drill only from fiberboard box. After that, once again check the position of the box using a level, as in the process of drilling it can be displaced. If no changes are starting to drill the wall. Using thin concrete drill diameter of 4 mm, through holes in the box to put the marks on the wall. Completely drilled through the wall of the box can not be, because you can damage it. The hole diameter of 4 mm, if you make more, then screws the cap will drop. Next, remove the box from opening, and begin to make holes with a diameter of 6 mm drill. If the partition bricks, holes for mounting should be in solid brick, rather than masonry seam, which anchors very poorly kept.

Photos - drilled brick pier

Photos - Fixing in solid brick

Photos - tapping screws for quick installation - left, screws for wood - on the right.

The ready-hole mounted plugs. Fasten the box to the wall using screws. For convenience, you can use a screwdriver or a drill with paddle under the cap screw. Screws not fully screwed, it is possible deflection box. To avoid possible deflection lining wedges. To check the flatness and lack of bias in the process of tightening the screws, check the box for additional terms.

Photos - Lining wedges

At the end of the installation box is checked on the part of the room using a spirit level.

Photos - Check the level of the box

Step 5. Install the door on hinges.

How to put the interior doors? It is enough to put on the door hinges

If this door MDF, given its weight, it is possible to make one. After its installation try to open and close. In the closed position the gaps between the casing and the door must be about 3 mm.

Photos - Check for gaps between the frame and the door

Photos - Closing and opening doors - easy, without distortions

It is carried out in the inset of the castle interior doors. As well as installing the handle.

Step 6. Grouting with foam.

An important step is to fill the gap between the foam and the casing wall. It must be carried out at a fixed door. In the process of drying the foam increases its volume. If you go too far with its quantity, it can pull out screws, bend box and the door can not be closed. Will have to cut and start the installation again.

The gaps between the box and the door at the time of foaming must be something to build.

Photo - Cardboard in the gap between the door and the frame during foaming

Foaming seams - the most simple work. Vertical seam is filled from the bottom. You have to be attentive to the filling volume. The foam is able to increase its volume when dry. Therefore it is necessary to fill a third of the space between the door frame and the doorway interior door. When overruns can damage both the box and the structure as a whole, since the foam can get to the front of the box and the door and spoil their appearance. Full hardening foam occurs within 24 hours, the desired temperature of 20 degrees.

Photos - The foam is applied by a third volume

Picture - interior doors after installation

After the installation of interior doors doorways require finishing. Depending on the width of the opening, as well as the type of the installed door frame and the door you need to choose the type of finish of the opening.

If the partition is thin, for example in a bathroom door, and the partition width equal to the width of the door frame, the finish can be done using casings (1). This is the easiest option. Bought a set of attached on both sides of the box, closing zapenennuyu seam. Wooden frames without treatment fastened with screws, and only then paint. Laminated casings are fixed with nails without hats or screws with plugs.

Photos - Finish the opening thin architraves

Photos - Finish the opening wide architraves and final assembly strip

Finish wide doorways interior door trims available (1) and the final assembly of the strip (2). The latter can be cut to the required width. To fasten the wall using silicone construction. Trims and strap may differ from the color of the door. Quite a contrast relevant solutions. If you have any questions, we will take a closer look casings for the installation of interior doors.

Photo - Decorating a wide aperture plaster

If installed door frame made of wood, an embodiment may be plaster finish slope (1). Cement-sand plaster favorably underline your choice of doors made of wood. But it is not recommended to apply for boxes of fiberboard, as they are not compatible with the high humidity of materials, which are used for plastering.

Step by step installation of interior doors, not counting preparation time takes about three hours.

Video Installation of interior doors

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I saw the door frame was going to have in the reception door. Inserts have hinged door on one of the vertical parts of the box, is inserted into the aperture, respectively, is fixed, and then adjusted and the remaining parts. I was surprised, but then saw its advantages in this. Maybe someone knows this method? Remind. Thank you.

All right described there is reason to think, but something about sliding or sliding doors, you can see ...?

Thanks for the article, and even add video. I think many would be more useful, and videos about the installation of interior doors. In general, everything is clear.

Add your video in the article.

Thank you for the informative article! You really helped with the installation, I decided to save money, because the choice fell on statusdor luxury line, but they are not there the prices of the low, but the quality is very even! In general, decided to save, bought a door, and I can not install)), if not for your article, would certainly ruined 1-2 set, thank you!

Excellent article! I want to buy inexpensive doors covered with foil ekoshpon. And he set. Is there some nuances with which I can face? So like all is clear.

Thanks for the help informatsiyu.Ochen.

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  • suggests that half a tout, remaining fairly divided opinion about the banquet plates. something like that probably as much about the bad will not speak

    About ten years ago are no longer delivering hot water in a flat and just appeared first boilers with high prices and names. Come bought for expensive water heater.

    Every winter, the same problem - how to seal the windows? Usually I use paste, foam and fabric. Fun for the whole day 🙁 already pretty tired.

    When building your vacation home, house frame, then naturally the question arose about the floor insulation on the ground floor and the problem was solved very simply. I made a rough floor.

    We are in a private home use bacteria Russian Bogatyr. I read that it is even used in industrial wastewater treatment plants. Good preparation.

    Really love working with this material, I do not just cover the walls in his old apartment both liquid and cozy from them and breathe well.

  • Installation of interior doors with their hands: photo, video

    Sooner or later we have to change the interior doors. The procedure is not so complex, so be sure to hire a specialist. If there is some skill in handling a saw, level and plumb, tighten a few screws can - cope on their own. When replacing, before installing interior doors, the old need to be dismantled. And there is also a feature. All the subtleties - in photos and video with detailed instructions.

    Interior doors are different not only in design but also make them from different materials

    Interior doors are made of different materials. Moreover, different material and the door leaf and frame. The door leaf is:

    • MDF. These are the cheapest door. They represent a wooden frame which is fastened to the laminated fiberboard. They are low soundproofing, afraid of high humidity, easily damaged.
    • MDF. They are much more expensive, but also the qualitative characteristics are much higher. They are best for sound insulation, are not afraid of moisture, stronger and more durable.
    • Wood. The most expensive doors. Made from different types of wood - from pine or oak to more exotic breeds.

    Of the same materials and make door frames. A bad choice - MDF box they even sag under its own weight, and the door leaf hang on them - real flour. So try to take or MDF or wood. There is another material: laminated wood. Good because it does not need to process and dye, but the service life depends on the quality of the film.

    Interior doors are manufactured in standard sizes, it is a pity that standards differ across countries. For example, in our country, hinged doors make a width of 600 - 900 mm in increments of 100 mm. In some countries, the EU rules are the same - in T Yermanov, Italy and Spain. In France, the standard others. Here the most narrow door 690 mm and continue in increments of 100 mm.

    And it is important is the difference? If you want to change only the door leaf without a box, it is important - have to choose from the segment, or completely change with the box. Interior doors of this standard, in our country, the choice is much greater than in France - at times less.

    Recommended width of the door leaf to the door frame in different sizes

    What is the width of the door need depends on where they are going to bet. If we talk about standards, then the following values ​​are recommended:

    • the living room width from 60 to 120 cm, height 2 m;
    • WC - the width of 60 cm, height of 1.9-2 m;
    • the kitchen width of the door leaf at least 70 cm, height 2 m.

    If replacing the door opening decided to do more / less of this permit is not necessary, but you must stay within specified limits for each room.

    How do we determine what is the width of the doors to buy? Measure the door leaf, which has and will know what you need. If the door is not, find the bottleneck in the doorway, measure it, you can find out what width you need a unit: it should be less than the measured value. For example, you turned 780 mm, look to the parameters of 700 mm. Broader in this aperture is not inserted.

    Is the full set of interior doors - with box, transoms and architraves

    When choosing door, pay attention to packaging. There are three types of assembly:

    • Door leaf. Box buy separately.
    • Door with a box. All included, but the box in the form of individual boards. Zapilivaem will have corners and connect, hang loops independently.
    • Door unit. This ready-to-install door - assembled box, hinged loops. Only prune the sidewall height, exactly expose and secure.

    For the same price as the door leaf is a big difference. But the time difference, which will spend on the installation of decent.

    Step by step installation of interior doors

    In general, a lot of subtleties. The most common moments try to describe and illustrate in photo or video material.

    If you did not buy a door unit in the assembly, first you have to collect the door frame. It consists of two long uprights disposed at the sides and one shorter crossbar at the top - the lintel.

    There are at least two options on how to connect the strips to each other:

    • At 45 °. The most correct option in terms of aesthetics, but also the most difficult. Requires high precision, to avoid gaps. If you can cut off a skill and using a carpenter's miter box, but do need to carefully. The second point - if a hacksaw to cut the laminate, it remains chipped. Exit - use well a sharpened tool.

    One way to compound doorframe

    No matter which way you are going to connect the frame members, first of all make a gash pillars and lintel on one side. Then on the floor they are folded into a box, check the connection.

    When folded along the inside of the rack, measure the desired length. Racks do not always do the same: the floor is uneven and often it is necessary to take into account. To do this, take the level and check how flat floor. If it is perfectly smooth, stand will be the same. If there is a deviation, it is necessary to consider: Make one of the posts longer. Usually it is a few millimeters, but this is enough to door misalignment.

    In calculating the height, note that the rack should be 1-2 cm longer than the door leaf (considering spilite). The gap of 1 cm are doing, if not assumed under the door mat. If the rug / carpet / carpet will be better to do more. Do not be afraid to leave gaps. They are necessary for normal ventilation in the room. Once again I draw your attention: the height is measured on the inside of the - from the lower edge of the saw cut. Cut off, try on the counter in the doorway.

    Clearances when installing interior doors

    Now it is necessary to saw off lintel length and, if necessary, washed down with the other hand (at 45 if junction °). lintel length should be such that in the folded condition the distance between the posts was greater than the width of the door leaf. The minimum clearance is 7 mm, but often do more. 7-8 mm are distributed as follows: 2 mm - on hinges, and 2.5-3 mm expansion joints. Any interior doors - MDF, hardboard, wood - depending on humidity change their dimensions. To account for these changes and required clearances. But 5-6 mm - this is not always enough, especially in wet areas. Bathroom definitely leave a little more, or they may be difficult to open at high humidity.

    So, to determine the minimum clearances when installing interior doors:

    Once you cut all the pieces and make gashes, fold a box on the floor. If you notice somewhere shortcomings in the dock - remove using sandpaper attached to the bar. The more accurate the match, the smaller the gap.

    Regardless of the material box and method of the compound under fasteners pre-drilled holes - that the material not severed. Drill diameter 1 mm smaller than the diameter of the screw.

    A box is folded, exhibit angles 90 °. Holding rack and lintel in such a position with a drill hole is drilled. If you have a helper, he can keep. If you are running one, properly exposed box temporarily fasten the two cross bars - closer to the top, and bottom. It will not make a mistake and make the right connection.

    How to connect the door frame in the corners

    If you have joined under the angle 45 °, with each side make three holes. Two top - stepping centimeter from the edge, and one side - in the middle. Total for each connection requires three self-tapping screws. Fitting screws direction - perpendicular to the connecting line.

    How to connect the door frame

    If joined by 90 °, the all easier. Drill the top two holes, guiding the drill straight down.

    Mostly on interior doors installed 2 loops, but you can give it a 3. They retreated 200-250 mm from the edge of the door leaf. If the box and the door leaf wood, choose a location so that there are no knots. First, attach the hinges to the door leaf. The procedure works like this:

    • By putting a selected loop locations delineating contours. The easiest way to do this finely sharpened pencil, but experts advise - a knife blade. As it turns out more accurate and smaller gaps remain.
    • If there is a router, run them, if not - take a chisel and choose material thickness hinge. A large sample do not need only the metal thickness.
    • In the prepared recess set loop. It should plane is flush with the blade surface.
    • Exposed loop is fixed with screws.

    Securing the two loops, put the door leaf in the assembled box, put the correct clearances: the hinge side - 5-6 mm, 3 mm from the opposite side and from above. Exposing the gaps of their fixed with wedges. Expose as web exactly in the horizontal and vertical planes.

    After setting the mark a location mates loops. Sometimes it is more convenient to set the loop already removed and then reinstalled. According markup also make a recess. Depth is also such that the surface of the loop is flush with the surface of the door frame.

    Detail door hinge with your hands is described in the video.

    Step 3: Install the door frame

    Assembled box must be properly inserted into the opening. This is a very important task. Before installing interior doors, knock down in all the opening that can fall off. If there is a need - too friable wall - the surface is treated with primer deep penetration astringent effect. If there is too large of a hole, they are sealed with plaster, is very large projections abate. The thus prepared insert opening interior doors easier.

    Put up a box without a door leaf. It is oriented vertically. Verticality is checked not only level, but also plummet. Level often gives error because reliably check a plumb.

    Check the inserted interior doors with a plumb

    That during the installation box does not jam, even on the floor, set the temporary struts in the corners - mowing, which provide a high degree of rigidity. To open the door, they are inserted in the same plane with the wall. Only in this way it will fully open. If the wall is uneven, put the box is not on the wall, and vertically. Otherwise there will be problems with opening or closing of the door.

    How to insert the interior doors with their hands - in the same plane with the wall

    After a selected position, can be fixed. Do it with the help of mounting wedges. First, put the wedges on both sides of the door frame - cross, then on racks. Thus selected and fixed position relative to the box door opening. Next rechecked uprights. They checked in two planes - they are not to be tilted forward or backward.

    How to put the interior doors with their hands: riving box

    Then set the wedges at the bottom, then after about 50-60 cm, checking to stand seemed to stand straight. Riving and additional cross bar - in the middle. Check, whether arched somewhere elements box, adjust if necessary. You can begin to mount.

    Step 4: Mount the box to the doorway

    Ways of fastening are also two: through directly to the wall and mounting plates. If you allow the wall, and you are not afraid of cap fasteners in the box, and can be attached through. It's safe.

    For installation of interior doors is sufficient to tighten the screw in the two recesses for hinges and on the other hand - the insert mating lock. The cut notches zasverlivayutsya additional holes. They are made so as not to fall into the hole fastening loops or mate. Keep an eye to self-tapping head is recessed and does not interfere with installation of hinges and knobs.

    Installation of interior doors of this scheme is shown in the video. There is also a few interesting nuances about the nomination of the door frame.

    If this number seems unreliable fasteners, drill through, and the hole is closed decorative washers, matched in tone. Or is there a special moldings made from MDF with removable straps. Fasteners installed in the prepared groove, and then closing strip.

    Special boxes for interior doors from MDF

    The second method - a secret, fixing is not visible. First attached to the rear side of the box mounting plate. In principle you can use plasterboard, but there are special - thicker, although the installation of interior doors and drywall will be enough.

    After all exposed gaps and mounted wedges, the gap between the frame and the wall are filled with foam. To the best of polymerization the wall wetted with water from the sprinkler. After the extruded foam, filling no more than 2/3. Too much foam can lead to the fact that the box will blow inside. So do not overdo it.

    Foam filled gap is not more than 2/3

    To ensure that the door jarred foam, put spacers. But if you do not overdo it with the foam, nothing should happen.

    Spacers for fixing the box - this installation Interior Door box must be level

    Once the foam is polymerized (the exact time specified on the container) strut is removed, hang door leaf and check the door operation. Next come the finishing works: soffits and trim, if necessary - transoms.

    How to install interior doors with their hands, you know. Nothing daunting, and the basic nuances we have tried to describe. Many useful is in the video - it is recommended by experts.

    Write about the sliding doors, they are now at the top of popularity, though difficult for conventional single bivalve

    This article is. Right here.

    I am surprised at the guys that here and so koryachatsya on installing double doors and glory in it!

    Last century! How old is this video?

    There is a normal fixture SMS 1.2 K or K-22 - take two sets of two-step and put in 30 minutes!

    Single-wing 1 mounting kit - for 15 minutes, and nothing outside of the box does not vylaziet!

    We are already half a year or put them!

    Yes 500 rubles, but the customer does not even have to persuade. He showed and explained it all - your pocket.

    In the video, the frames are not specifically shown, because they are from the wall ottopyrivatsya!

    On the sliding is not set, just do not put the principle of sliding ... but I think, and to adapt them as possible!

    Thank you for the informative article! You really helped with the installation, I decided to save money, because the choice fell on statusdor luxury line, but they are not there the prices of the low, but the quality is very even! In general, decided to save, bought a door, and I can not install)), if not for your article, would certainly ruined 1-2 set, thank you!

    Good article, it is clear that a knowledgeable person wrote. I like the installer with experience more than 5 years, I want to give advice to people who want to buy a door to the apartment, in any case do not buy laminated doors, except as a temporary one, it is best to save up and buy or veneered doors with ekoshponom. They cost more, but will last you many years.

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