How to clean the keyboard on a laptop

How to clean himself on the laptop keyboard

If you use your laptop acer aspire, asus, hp pavilion, lenovo, samsung, toshiba, sony vaio, dell, packard bell, msi or dns for a long time, you probably notice that the keyboard does not possess novelty and it must be clean.

Especially often it happens when you eat and write simultaneously. The keyboard is not only starting to look disgusting, but sometimes even stop buttons function properly.

Fortunately, the keyboard cleaning is too complicated and the work can be done independently at home.

Sometimes, to thoroughly clean the keys for the keyboard must be disassembled in order to clean the contacts and cable, especially flooded or operated in dusty environments.

I'll show you how to do the most to restore the original appearance, for a pleasant experience (dirty does not look aesthetically pleasing).

NOTE: on the notebook model is almost independent of anything, the thing in architecture - this applies to the time when you want the keyboard to remove and clean.

Is it possible to clean any keyboard at home

"Housing", the keys and the mechanism can be cleaned in each keypad. However, much depends on how much you'll dismantle it.

Deep dismantling (after flooding) require much more time and accuracy, but it's worth it if you do not want to buy a new one (with a computer a lot easier).

Will the drenched keyboard after cleaning

Most keyboards cleaned easily. Plastic knobs hang on the eraser and all the elements of a classic keyboard waterproof, so no problems should not be.

Just be careful! Not every keyboard after spills can lead to its original state - it all depends on the technical solutions applied by the manufacturer.

Some are fitted with electronic integrated transceiver, which can not withstand even a drop of water.

Therefore, it may happen that flooded the keyboard will not work, even after drying.

The keyboard can be cleaned at home

The number of cosmetic products used for cleaning computer equipment is almost as great as the number of models of keyboards available in the market.

The most expensive detergents often cost as much as a new keyboard, so it's not worth it to buy them.

When cleaning compressed air is most useful, a brush with stiff bristles, detergent and antimicrobial wipes. In addition, you should prepare two screwdrivers and a bowl of liquid dishwashing detergent.

Why clean a keyboard at home

Keep clean will not only work better, but you will also be healthier - on the buttons of the live bacteria and viruses, which can be dangerous for you.

Preparations for cleaning the keyboard

Because it has to be disassembled for a thorough cleaning, the first step you should do is take a picture of the system. This will help you correctly set button after cleaning.

To take a picture, you can use any digital camera or mobile phone with a shooting function. Now you can turn off the laptop and prepare a place on the table.

How to clean a standard keyboard at home

If you do not want to disassemble, then use compressed air and a brush with stiff bristles, which effectively removes debris accumulated under the keys.

Spruce will be dismantled, then you need a screwdriver, and so as not to scratch the plastic buttons will be coated with its belt slot.

Then press the tip of a screwdriver between the keys and slightly Undermine the key until the pop out of the guides. I'm using a screwdriver and enclose the finger as a lever.

In this manner, sequentially dismantle all keys.

Only now you can see how much dirt has accumulated under the keys. It is not only the buttons difficult to press, but they are also an ideal breeding ground for bacteria.

Dust from the keyboard is best removed using compressed air. You can also use a vacuum cleaner.

Use a damp cloth to thoroughly clean the keyboard and to remove any remaining dirt.

The available space is difficult, use a cotton swab.

Now we go to the most tedious part of the work - cleaning button. If they are very dirty, prepare a bowl of warm water with a little dishwashing liquid and soak them for at least 30 minutes.

After washing, wipe with a cloth and leave to dry completely. In older keyboards sunlight for a long time can lead to discoloration of keys housing.

Unfortunately, yellowed button, you will not be able to wash any detergents. After drying, use a photo, proceed with the installation.

Start with large keys. In their case, you have to correctly place hooks in the bracket. They are used to keep the keys.

In the next step, inserting a button fixes the direction and firmly pressed.

Once set all the power on the notebook. The unit is clean and ready to go.

Modern cleaning the keyboard at home

Dismantling is laborious and requires manual labor, which can create a lot of problems.

In the search for alternative methods of treatment should pay attention to chemical detergents, for example, CyberClean.

It is a thick gel that works well as a bacterial cleaning. The effect of the gel may not be as good as the removal of the buttons, but CyberClean can apply in the case of the less contaminated keyboards.

CyberClean is also suitable for cleaning mobile phone, printer or remote control.

After purchasing it is stored in a sealed package. Let's see how to use it and what results.

In the beginning, remove all coarse dirt and then remove it from the packaging. The substance is soft, but not sticky, so you can safely take it in hand.

We put the gel on the keyboard and presses it over the entire surface, including those between the keys.

Moving gently with your fingers, try to clean the top and side walls of the keys.

On the surface of the gel can be seen various impurities which stuck to the cleaning substance.

If cleaning does not give satisfactory results, try again until you succeed in the procedure. After cleaning to remove dirt from the gel and place it in a bag.

How to clean a laptop in a low-profile keyboard at home

The standard keyboard is much simpler in design. Low-profile, due to the lower course of the keys for a lot of people much easier.

This keyboard should be cleaned differently than described above for the standard.

Removing all of the buttons is difficult and risky - you can easily damage the delicate attachment mechanism.

At the beginning of the dismantling of the last carefully remove the right row of keys with a thin instrument. Here I want to share one observation.

I have a small child. More recently, I have advised him to take flies. The fly sat on the keyboard. He hit a fly swatter. Keys povyskakivali like cockroaches.

Due to the low stroke keys, even the smallest crumb can lead to a malfunction. That is why it is very important to carefully remove all the debris from under the keys.

To do this, you can use compressed air. By moving the drain tube of compressed gas on the keys, put the dirt in the direction of the removed keys and then delete it.

Then set everything in place and wipe down the keyboard with a damp cloth. In contrast to the standard keyboard, you can easily clean the side walls of the buttons. Good results are obtained bactericidal fabric Fellowes.

In the case of low-profile keyboard, you need to take extra care. Their mechanism of suspension is extremely delicate and easily damaged.

How to disassemble and clean the notebook keyboard Scissor

To prepare two flat scissor screwdriver and slightly raise the upper part of the button.

We do this until it is unlocked.

Then grab your fingers and gently raise a button up, unbuttoning the bottom installation.

For larger keys, you must also straighten the metal bracket.

Well, if the mechanism is not otstegnet. Unfortunately, very often filmed two more elements.

Scissor case requires precision and patience. Looking at the other buttons set them back. After this operation, the mechanism must act as a hinge.

The wider end put in the hooks and press firmly to the upper clamping mechanism to engage.

There is still one key action - place the button on the mount and tighten.

That's all. Still it is possible to clean the cable and contacts, will not only describe this process, and in the near future to make a video, so you do not accidentally have done wonders.

piece thin plume as the east, not to be trifled with him. To see it is not necessary to remove the keys and the keyboard completely.

Contacts can be cleaned with alcohol, but do not dilute or isopropyl, and the traditional - it will be correct.

If the keyboard flooded, and cleaning does not solve the problem (not fully closed), then when you can put a new one.

Possible to - the main thing to find the identity, and then it will not be able to trim or enhance the place of installation.

NOTE: have not yet led to a working state can use the on-screen - not too comfortable, but bearable. Good luck.

Cleaning the keyboard in the laptop

Most laptop owners quite negligent in cleaning the keyboard. Therefore, one is no longer surprised by the sticky keys, the space between which is clogged with dust and crumbs.

The result of such carelessness is always the same - Keyboard failure or even the entire device. At risk in the first place laptops, because the keyboard is part of them.

Breakdown laptop because of a dirty keyboard

Many mistakenly believe that to get rid of dirt need only for aesthetic reasons.

But clogging the body can cause a number of problems, among which the most common are the following:

  • "Ceasing" buttons;
  • failure of the keyboard;
  • breakage of internal components;
  • Laptop overheating.

At the same time, careless cleaning may also result in damage of the device. However, it is easily prevented if you follow tips below.

Photo: Laptop keyboard

In most cases the keys are used to clean specially adapted tools. These include cleaning fluids, special cloths and brushes. Napkins are needed for the keys themselves, brushes help to remove dust and dirt between the keys. Thanks to these adaptations to clean the keyboard on the laptop at home can not only quickly, but also quite a qualitatively.

But with the right approach, you can clean the surface of the materials at hand. The most optimal detergent is diluted with isopropyl alcohol (normal keys can damage the paint). With its help you can get rid of even stubborn dirt.

Tip! Do not overdo it with the cleaning liquid, it is in any case should not drip on the contacts between the keys.

Photo: lifting keys

Special brush to clean the computer can be replaced by a soft paint brush with long bristles. Some also use the knife, wrapped in a rag. As for the napkins, then instead recommended to use any of the nonwoven cloth.

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In addition, the keys should be regularly cleaned with soapy water. Thus it is impossible to keep them moist. They need as much as possible to wipe it dry faster. Also, the surface easy to clean with cotton sticks.

Videos: to clean a laptop keyboard

First you need to figure out what needs cleaning mechanism - superficial or deep. The first button clears and the space between them and the other helps to remove dust from the contacts, which may eventually settle on the internal devices. The more you carry out surface cleaning, the less it needs deep.

Photo: Deep Cleansing

Conduct surface cleansing everyone can. To get started is to turn the device and shake out its contents. A more effective purification procedure or make car vacuum cleaner apparatus for cleaning furniture. We must use them carefully, so you do not accidentally tear the keys.

Photo: Vacuum cleaner for keyboard

It is possible to use spray with compressed air or, in extreme cases, a conventional hairdryer. Note that the air from the spray comes under intense pressure, allowing the well to blow out any dust that accumulates on the contacts. With the first, try not to inhale the contents. After completion of the procedure, ventilate the room.

Photo: can of compressed air

Deep cleaning will require more effort. The device will have to unleash. Keys can be detached from the casing via table knife or screwdriver. At the same time we must act with extreme caution, otherwise you risk damaging the ribbon cable that connects the keyboard to the motherboard.

No less important to re-assemble the keyboard correctly. The most important thing to put all the keys into the correct position. It will be easier to do if even before the start of the procedure to prepare the photo. Some buttons may have metal base, so before installing them, make sure that all parts are installed in specially designed grooves.

But remember, if you decide to completely disassemble the mechanism, it is possible that then you will not be able to exchange it under warranty. On the whole, the computer button to replace the not so easy, especially the Enter key and space bar.

How to clean a laptop keyboard from spills

service centers Experts assure that every third notebook failure, one way or another connected with the spilled liquid.

Photo: spilled liquid

To avoid serious problems, it is necessary to act correctly in the first seconds after the incident:

  1. to avoid short circuit, switch the device from the socket;

Photo by unplugging

Photo: Flip the laptop

Photo: dry surface

If liquid is spilled a lot, is to understand the product fully or separate keys. Removing buttons, wipe the surface of the body first with isopropyl alcohol, and then with a dry sponge. Furthermore, it should be ready to replace the protective membranes. If the cabinet is affected by drink, it will need a special detergent.

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The described procedure does not require special knowledge and skills. But in order to avoid more serious damage should consult with the service center. They conduct a computer diagnostics and check the contact tracks. In the oxidation of the latter, it needs to replace individual parts.

Conduct laptop need cleaning regularly. This simple procedure, in fact, is a mandatory preventive operation, allowing to extend the life of the computer. In addition, immediately after the cleaning you make sure that the mechanism began to work better.

  • Oh yeah! It was the case, I spilled tea on my laptop. Fortunate to have quickly reacted and liquid fell not so much. She turned off, rubbed, dry the hair dryer ... worried, of course, but it had passed. Still it works well.

    Thank you for the above information! I, as a housewife and mother, to keep everything clean, and the eternal problem of the keyboard! Children and husband sloppy, and the keyboard is always subject to all sorts of "dangers." I take advice, very helpful. Thank you!

    My laptop I periodically wipe wipes. Spend surface cleaning at home: flip the laptop, spend on the keyboard, and is usually on the table poured a lot of debris and dust.

    Rules of cleaning a laptop keyboard at home

    The keyboard is constantly exposed to mechanical stress and therefore more likely to require replacement. However, many of its failure attributed pollution and, therefore, knowing - how to clean a laptop keyboard at home - can significantly extend its "life" and get rid of significant expenditure on buying and installing a new one.

    In the stationary PC penetration of dirt into the keyboard may cause a malfunction of the device only, without causing harm to your computer. The laptop keyboard is integrated into the housing, so all that penetrates the buttons can get inside to electronic "stuffing". In this case, the owner can expect serious trouble - for breach of ventilation, which leads to overheating and spontaneous turn off the PC to fail electronics output (motherboard, processor, etc.). Therefore it is necessary to know how to self-clean the keyboard on the laptop. This work is desirable to carry out on a regular basis, without waiting for signs of malfunction.

    The choice of method by which cleaning a laptop keyboard will take depends on the type and extent of contamination.

    1. Dirt, grease stains from the hands and on the outer surface of the dust of the keys do not interfere with operation of the device, but spoils the appearance and simply unhygienic. For cleaning cloth and requires cleaning liquid.
    2. Ingestion keyboard dust and dirt can lead to the fact that the individual buttons will sink or not operate (not prozhimatsya). This requires a major operation to remove dirt from the device.
    3. If the unit is spilled tea, coffee or other liquid, then to save the device and laptop need to take emergency measures.

    Used in the first case, to remove the dirt directly from the keys and the space between them. Clean the PC keyboard preferably once a month. Clean button should be soft lint-free cloth. Using wool for these purposes is not desirable. The space between the buttons scrub with a soft brush, in extreme cases - cotton buds, but it should be closely monitored to between the keys are not left villi.

    As the cleaning liquid, it is desirable to use special cleaning compositions, such as «Defender» firm gel. But you can do home remedies. Suitable diluted isopropyl alcohol, he cleans the plastic, but the substance is not at all. There is a universal tool that is available to everyone. The keys can be perfectly normal and safe to wash with soap and water.

    Before cleaning the computer keyboard it is necessary to switch off and remove the battery!

    The prepared tissue should be lightly moisten the cleaning fluid, so that it drops have not been able to get inside the keyboard and gently rub (not wash) her all the keys. Brush or cotton swab moisten soapy water, carefully wet cloth and then clean the space between the buttons. At the end you need a good wipe with a dry cloth and do not use the computer for 20-30 minutes.

    Can not be used for cleaning of acetone and other solvents as they are able to dissolve (fused) and the keyboard housing device. You should not wash vodka buttons and other compositions containing ethyl alcohol. This is a very aggressive substance easy to remove dirt, and along with the paint on the keys.

    The regular removal of dirt from the keys considerably prolongs the product life. In addition, much less will be necessary to deep cleaning.

    After contact with dust and dirt under the keys work fine on a laptop impossible. In this case do without thorough cleaning. You should first try to remove dirt without disassembling the keyboard:

    • A brush with long bristles to clean the spaces between the keys from time to time by turning the laptop and gently shaking it.
    • Put obliquely laptop keyboard and blow dryer (cold air)
    • Do the same with the help of the portable can of compressed air.
    • Use a special USB mini vacuum cleaner.

    If after using the previous manipulation buttons still sticky or prozhimayutsya, then you have to take apart and wash the keyboard. It is better to remove it from the laptop. Before attempting to disassemble the keyboard, you need to figure out how it fits in a laptop. The various models of it in different ways in the housing. Most keyboard is attached by means of latches. Pressing the latch must thin screwdriver, starting from the upper left corner. Releasing the upper and lateral sides, a keyboard gently pulled from the housing. This should be done very carefully so as not to damage the ribbon cable connecting it to the motherboard. Carefully detach the ribbon you can begin disassembly. But before that it is necessary to take a picture of the keyboard, otherwise then it will be difficult to return the keys to their seats. Buttons removed with a screwdriver, but this should be done very carefully, because their attachment rather "soft".

    After disassembly can be washed with soap and water button, and the base contacts and cleaned with a soft brush. When heavily soiled contact and condom must wipe cloth moistened with the cleaning solution or soapy water, and then wiped dry. Wash them in any case should not be.

    When finished cleaning, it is advisable to allow all parts to dry thoroughly, then it is possible to assemble the keyboard and set it in place.

    If, after some key treatments do not work, then once again take apart and wash the keyboard does not make sense, because, most likely, it's not dirt, but a fault, and it will have to be replaced.

    Preventive surface cleaning every owner of the laptop is able to perform itself. Complete disassembly and cleaning, too, can be done alone, but it is better to entrust this work to specialists.

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