How to Stroebe walls by wires

How to Stroebe walls by wires

A common wiring methods - hidden. This is when the wires and cables are laid grooves made in the wall, the floor. Process of breaching called shtroblenie grooves, and by these grooves - "Grooves" or "shraba". How to do the wiring shtroblenie walls under what rules, how to use the tool, and we will talk further.

laying wiring in Stroebe relates to a method for the closed assembly. Then the remaining opening is sealed flush with the wall, after which the applied finishing materials. That is then difficult to determine exactly where the wiring runs. In terms of aesthetics, it is good, but from a practical point of view has obvious disadvantages: it is necessary to consider that somewhere there is a wiring at work related to drilling holes in the walls. You can find it with the help of special wiring detectors, but also the gasket should be predictable. To this end, we developed a series of rules that must be followed and in the apartments and homes:

  • Grooves makes only vertically and horizontally. Oblique lines are only possible when laying in visits with sloping walls - to attics, residential attics, stairwells. In this case, Stroebe do parallel incline.

Grooves wall under the wiring can be only vertically or horizontally

Only at right angles and not the other way

These are general rules that relate shtrobleniya walls under wiring.

Tools and techniques for performing shtrobleniya

There antiquated method - a chisel and a hammer, which does not require electricity, but it takes a lot of time and effort. Blows on its edge chisel drive in wall otkovyrivaya some of the material. Then, the process is repeated. Speed ​​laying Stroebe this way is very low. It more or less successfully, you can use when shtroblenie plaster. With any other materials are in big trouble.

Faster work will be a power:

  • The best option - wall chaser. This is a special tool with two saw blades, exposing that define parameters Stroebe. That is, in a single pass get two parallel lines in the wall. Between them is a certain amount of material, but it is then quite easily knocked out punch with a special nozzle - a shovel. The advantage of working with wall chaser - smooth cutting grooves, no dusting, since the possibility of connecting an industrial vacuum cleaner. Disadvantage - the equipment is very expensive, so that the one-time work it is not necessary to acquire. Exit - to hire a specialized store.

Wall Chaser - expensive, but effective device which facilitates and speeds up the walls under shtroblenie wiring

First make parallel grooves, then the center is removed

These are all methods that are used for walls under shtrobleniya wiring in concrete or brick walls. If necessary, make a groove in the wood or aerated concrete, there are certain differences.

In principle, it is possible to work with all the tools described above, except for the gun. The main difference - instead of using a chisel bit, but the very essence of the work remains the same. First make two parallel propyl, and removed wood chisel therebetween. But in addition to these tools, there are some more specific:

  • A circular saw. two three passes propyl gradually expanding to the required size - with a sufficient level of proficiency in the tool Stroebe only circular saw can be done in a wooden wall.
  • Frazer. Hand router can also be done carefully Stroebe. To this end, the wall can be fixed as a flat track bar and taking her to make a recess, which is then extended to the required size. (The work of the hand router can be read here.) There is even a special cutter (pictured left), but it is possible to work and normal for the formation of the groove or side (right, but it is not very convenient in this case to work).

Mills for shtrobleniya wooden walls

So for shtrobleniya in wood more opportunities. In this case, if there is one of these tools, they work better - they are intended for wood and most convenient.

Than do grooves for guiding aerated concrete in

When masonry walls of aerated concrete or foamed concrete, they have to be reinforced. The valve stack in slotted grooves - Grooves. For this purpose there is a special shtrobroez for aerated concrete. This metal tube with a handle and a projection on the other end.

Wall chaser for gazoblokov

The process is very simple - it is necessary to pull the tool by pressing it against the surface. Foamed aerated concrete is easy to process because of difficulties do not arise. You can certainly use a circular saw or angle grinders, but dust will then be many times more, that is not happy in the room.

When it comes to laying the wiring in the house, where it is still not carried out finishing work, it's usually on a brick wall Stroebe do. On top of the wall fixed flat cable with conductors of the desired cross-section, which is then closed with plaster. Typically it has a thickness of not less than 3 cm, which is more than enough for laying cables 2,5 or 3 * 3 * 4. Large still rarely used.

Indent in brick making easier

If for some reason you are not satisfied with this option, or want to route cables in gofroshlange, shtroblenie walls under the wiring takes place just as well, and the same tools as for concrete. The only difference is that the cut brick easier and faster.

Can I Stroebe bearing walls

The idea is that the repair of electrical wiring in the apartment must be reserved in the project. Its design takes into account the presence and location of bearing walls, and the possibility of laying them indent. The result is given plan, which clearly stated where it is necessary to lay, a width and depth of each groove should be. We can only fulfill everything exactly.

With a ready project shtroblenie walls under the wiring done safely

If you are worried about the fact, not to damage the bearing walls during operation, post a request for authorization to the Criminal Code. They must raise the documents and see how big the margin of safety in your home. Likely to give permission.

But so few people do. Basically, draw a plan (if painted), then it is transferred to the wall, and start to work. If shtroblenie walls under the wiring is carried out in such a manner, in bearing walls do not make grooves more than 20 mm in depth and width and just hope that does not hurt.

Shtroblenie walls under wiring: order and safety

Since laying wiring should be carried out according to certain rules (described above), you should first draw a plan, consider the placement of sockets, switches. It is advisable to plan to draw on the scale, it can be done in special programs for drawing diagrams, and you can - on paper. Then the walls are transported point where installed sockets, switches, chandeliers, terminal boxes. They are then combined in a single system line system, which then paved Stroebe. After that, with the help of wiring detector check whether there is a paved trails already existing wiring (if you are doing repairs), make adjustments if necessary. Only then actually begins shtroblenie walls under wiring.

First, one can use the drills and special nozzle - crowns suitable diameter - hole nasverlit podrozektrikov installation and mounting boxes. Then you can begin to shtroblenie.

But it is worth remembering that prodelyvat groove for the wiring in the walls made of brick, concrete, wood - it is dusty and noisy. Because it is necessary to work in the allotted hours for noisy activities - in the afternoon, during the week, with a break for lunch - small children can relax.

Stroebe walls should be in a respirator and protective clothing

Before starting work on the particular installation, it is desirable to halt the input wet cloth - will be less fly dust. We have to work in a respirator and goggles, and better - to wear a protective shield, which will close the entire face (but do not give up on a respirator). It is also worth to wear tight clothes that cover the arms and legs - when the material particles fly off the walls, and the smallest is quite palpable whipped the skin and eyes may hurt seriously.

This basic safety rules when shtroblenie walls under the wiring, but do not forget also about the rules of working with power tools, particularly such as angle grinders and hand-held circular saw.

Another tip: after divorced wiring, carefully measure all distances and put them on the plan. He will come in handy during repairs or if something needs to be nailed / hang out in places where the wiring can take place.

How and what Stroebe walls for guiding dust?

Carrying out repairs in your home or apartment, the owners usually face a stage when there is a need for laying new wiring. It is necessary to install new outlets because in the alleged places of their accommodation simply do not always have the power.

One might think that the task will only buy a branched wire is necessary, but also take the help of experts. However, masters services are not free today, in fact, can be very expensive, while Stroebe walls you can quite independently. To do this, it will be necessary only to study the technology and apply it correctly in practice.

Features shtrobleniya concrete wall

If you raise the question of what Stroebe walls under the wiring, then the first step is to use a pencil and paper. Your task - to schematically indicate the passage of the line wires. It is important to determine the exact locations of outlets and switches. To do this, you must familiarize yourself with the rules that govern the distribution of electrical equipment.

Many people believe that they know shtrobleniya methodology, but in practice face problems. If before you there was a question about how to Stroebe walls for wiring, then you should know that the horizontal shtroblenie should not be placed on the overlapping plates farther than 150 mm. By vertical slots should be avoided, as regards the case in which they can pass some gas pipes. To withdraw from the last to be at least 400 mm.

Windows and corners must be removed at 150 mm or more. The conduit need only vertically or horizontally. Spare slopes should not be. As an exception to act only design lofts, here wiring must be positioned parallel to the wall - obliquely.

When domestic masters wonder about how to Stroebe walls for wiring, they learn that the length of the continuous groove shall not exceed 3 m, while the width and the depth is 25 mm. It is important to exclude the presence of turns. The transition to sockets and switches should be done at the same angle. Exceptions are the joints which have a horizontal surface. Prohibited prodelyvat Grooves in the supporting walls, disposed horizontally. This recommendation applies to buildings in all regions. When it comes to panel houses, this rule should be followed.

Before starting work, you have to wonder about what Stroebe wall under wiring. Today we know a great number of ways of manipulating data. Can be used:

Wall chaser is an almost ideal tool as it allows to get straight cuts. However, its cost is high. But if you plan to use a hammer, then the manipulation will be able to carry out very quickly, but the work will have a lower cost. With Angle grinders are obtained straight furrow, but will produce waste, which is difficult to get rid of. As main advantages of a chisel and hammer acts low cost. However, if you want to achieve high quality, the savings instruments are not worth it.

Here the question may arise about how to Stroebe walls for wiring puncher. This method is one of the most common. This is due to the fact that do not need a lot of money and time for the procedure. At the first stage it is necessary to prepare the wall. These works do not differ from those used when other instruments.

The wizard will check for old electrical wiring. When the walls are wires, occur unpleasant moments. You should not risk the health and life. You must use a special device to test. In the next step the master will mark the walls. However, to start the markup is only necessary after you have verified that the walls are no wires.

From the center of the box is necessary to line up power sources, among them:

It is necessary to ensure the availability of protection from dust and dirt. Doors and windows are usually halt, because the use of the gun will be accompanied by the formation of dust, it spreads throughout the room. If the question was raised in front of you on how to properly Stroebe wall under the hammer wiring, you should read the information below. After completion of the preparation can proceed to the main action.

To do this with a tool for incised lines necessary to drill holes which should be removed from each other by 1.5 cm. Further, it depends on the tool. It can be switched on shtrobleniya mode, for this you should use a special nozzle. Insert can simply drill. Holes made in advance, are interconnected via the perforator. Beginners should not neglect the training, because the hold is difficult without experience of such work, and to achieve the ideal result would be altogether unrealistic.

If you still have not decided what Stroebe walls under the wiring, it is possible to consider a technology that involves the use of grinders. To do this, use a diamond disc, because the wall material is strong enough. In the markup portion should penetrate the two bands. The slits should be parallel. Step between them is 2 cm.

Next, using hammer or other tool to remove unwanted residues between cuts. You can use the punch with a hammer. After wiring is placed in the opening and closing plaster. Recess material must be carried out to such a depth that the final stage which is has been laid plaster. When the wires are completely hidden and located deep left free space, which can easily be fill composition.

Recommendations for shtroblenie dust

If before you there was a question about how to Stroebe concrete wall under the wiring, you should think more about how to avoid the formation of excessive amounts of dust. Its layer after completion of the work can be thus imposing that the clean room is only capable of industrial vacuum cleaner.

If you are interested in the purity after the manipulation, it is necessary to choose wall chaser. He reminds grinders, however, has a built-diamond circles. The presence of the casing allows you to adjust the pitch between the disks and control the depth of the furrows. Wall Chasers advantage is the existence of the transfer tube for a vacuum cleaner. Dust at work does not go beyond the casing. However, for a one-time operation, this method is not suitable, because the tool can be purchased at a high price. But if you still want to get a clean room, you can take the unit to rent.

Using a hammer and chisel

Wondering about what Stroebe walls under the wiring, you may want to consider one of the easiest options - use a hammer and chisel. The length of the portion to be proshtrobit, be divided into separate segments. Use the chisel master will outline indentations mark should be placed along the edges of the future Stroebe. The indentations should be equal to the width of the tool tip. After setting it across the direction of the future of the cable, part of the wall is necessary to dislodge.

Continue to remove the top layer should continue. We need to move along the marked line, and in the end you will be able to deepen Stroebe to 25 mm over the entire length. After each removal of the upper layer can deepen Stroebe immediately. However, these tools can not be used, if the wall is concrete, since the material at its base is strong enough, so the work will be difficult.

So Stroebe walls for guiding dust-free with the help of special tools - Wall Chasers, which may be in your presence. Sometimes the tool can be found at their relatives or friends or rent it at the store. Once Stroebe were breached, they should be cleaned with a broom or vacuum cleaner. It is important to relieve the deepening of dust and primed.

The process of laying the wiring and fixing it has several nuances. After completion of the work carried out sealing Stroebe. This can be done, as mentioned above, by means of plaster. As alternative solutions used putty and plaster.

Why not choose a punch

Before starting work, you can ask a question about Stroebe wall for wiring at what depth. Using a hammer, it is necessary to go deeper by 25mm. With the blade in the next step you can take Stroebe device. The main condition in this case is not to establish a blade across the line. In this case, you will break away extra piece of plaster or wall. As a result, Stroebe not acquire the necessary parameters of width and depth, in addition, the appearance is not very appealing. Shtroblenie using punch allows to achieve a result, but the process itself is not very clean and fast.

Why not use angle grinders

If you, too, were among those who wondered about what is best Stroebe walls under the wiring, then you probably have considered options for using angle grinders. In addition, it must be purchased for the diamond blade. With it, you can not only proshtrobit brick and concrete, but the plaster. In the latter case, the work will be easy.

The whole process is almost identical to the previous one, except only the result of acts, it provides for the formation of smoother Stroebe. It is important to consider when you want to minimize the damage to the finish of the walls or plaster. However, experts do not recommend the use of angle grinders, as the work it is accompanied by the formation of a large amount of dust, which at the end of the room is filled completely. But to solve the problem of the vacuum cleaner can be used, it is better if it is industrial. When shtroblenie in this case, you should enlist the help of another person who will hold the suction pipe near the cutoff seat.

Now you know how to Stroebe walls for guiding dust-free - for that you should use wall chaser. It acts as an ideal modification of the embodiment with the grinder. The device provides the ability to install a pair of diamond cutting wheels. Between them you will be able to adjust the distance. The main advantage stands that circle closed cover which covers the place of contact with the wall.

In most cases the wall chaser has a housing which is equipped with a tap for a suction pipe of a vacuum cleaner. The result of the act straight Stroebe, who manages to form a dust-free. After cutting the edges Stroebe using punch will need to select the excess material.

How to do the wiring by Stroebe - instruction in pictures

Select the tool for the job

First of all let's talk about what can be done in Stroebe wall, considered the most appropriate tools and efficiency of their use. Overview will be given of the most time-consuming process shtrobleniya to a more convenient and rapid embodiment.

Antiquated way to make yourself Stroebe under installation - beat it with a chisel and hammer. The advantage of this option - a complete absence of costs, as in fact you can proshtrobit wall without power, using the means at hand, which is in every house. Disadvantages - big waste of time and effort that it was not reasonable in the 21st century.

In addition make a hole in the brick under the cable using a chisel you do not succeed. From this version, we advise you to give up, because will continue to be listed more simple and effective ways shtrobleniya walls under the wiring in the house and apartment.

More efficient, but still an uncomfortable way to create cutting grooves for wiring is drilled every 1-1.5 cm holes on the future deepening of the width. When the "point" track will be ready, as shown in the photo below, you can use a chisel to knock bridges between the holes, with the result that they were not entirely smooth, but still Stroebe. The disadvantage of this option, again, the cost in time and poor performance concrete shtrobleniya.

Coming closer to a convenient power tools that enable fast proshtrobit flat groove, the worst of the best options is the angle grinder (LBM) or as it is called in common - Bulgarian. If she put a diamond blade, shtrobleniya walls of the process under the wiring will be several times faster, besides the contours of the grooves will be perfectly smooth.

Deficiencies in this version is really a lot: very dusty room, the same groove can be done in two ways (slotted first one boundary, then the other), the inability to cut a line in the corner, increased noise during operation and are also very difficult to do deep Grooves same throughout its length. Bottom line - use a grinder to proshtrobit concrete wall is necessary only in the most extreme case.

In order to make Stroebe puncher enough to find a suitable nozzle - shovel or a special shtrober and pass on marked lines in the shock mode. The disadvantage of using a single punch - Stroebe be crooked, but still at home kind of data the tool most often used for shtrobleniya the walls with his own hands.

By the way, you can not just punch a wall held a shovel, but also to work as a shock drill - first nasverlit holes along the marking, then the shovel to clear partitions. Shtroblenie concrete obtained fast, convenient and wherein the grooves themselves more or less equal.

And the last, the most effective option - to use a special tool that allows you to smoothly and at the same time dust do Stroebe on concrete. Wall chaser is really very easy to use, works not so noisy and also by connecting to the building cleaner instantly absorbs all construction dust. To date shtroblenie walls of this tool is the most effective, fast and safe. The only, but significant drawback of this option - a very high cost of power, so a one-time repair of the apartment to buy it does not make sense. Out of the situation in two ways: to take the wall chaser for rent (it will cost inexpensive) wall chaser or make their own hands. We recommend to stop the manufacture of home-made instrument, especially in the presence of the Bulgarian process will not take more than an hour.

So, among all these tools shtrobleniya walls for guiding their own hands, we recommend to stay in one of two ways:

  1. Using wall chaser (even if homemade).
  2. The combination of Bulgarian + punch.

On the latest version of the bit stop. The fact is that if the border to cut Stroebe sander, then punch knock out the core from the inside, you get a fast and efficient creation of cutting grooves in the concrete and brick walls. At home, this option is used very often, so when there is no possibility to make wall chaser, stop it at this version!

I would like a little bit away from the subject and talk about how to properly say indent or Stroebe. The fact that the term is really in the construction properly called indent, but for unknown reasons in the conversation for a long time stuck slightly modified pronunciation. According to the technical part of both versions of the words mean the same thing, so do not be surprised if in the next article, we will use both the pronunciation!

Before moving on to shtroblenie walls, consider the following rules and requirements in accordance with SNIP 3.05.06-85 and recommendations of experienced electricians:

  • The course must be held vertically or horizontally, no oblique lines should not be.

Given all of these standards and requirements, you can make the correct wiring by Stroebe, the latter should be safe, durable and easy to maintain. Next, we will discuss how to implement shtroblenie walls of the most popular tools - Wall Chasers, providing step by step instructions in the pictures!

So that instruction was understandable even for beginners in electrical engineering, provide a phased technology, which allows you to quickly and correctly proshtrobit wall under the wiring in the house and apartment:

  1. Protect the rest of the room with dust. To do this at all doorways need to hang with the inner side of the work area a damp cloth, which will completely cover the entire opening. You should not rely on closed doors - through the gaps on all sides dust easily take place throughout the apartment.
  2. Clean the surface of the ceiling and walls of the pieces of wallpaper, as Even small pieces of paper can block the movement of discs and preventing normal operation wall chaser.
  3. Transfer the wiring diagram in a house on the wall, using a marker and building level. By the way, it is possible to make a laser level with your hands, which will enable faster and more accurately mark horizontal lines under shtroblenie.
  4. If you do replace the wiring in the house, in addition you need to make sure that a marking is no longer held the old wiring. If you when you Stroebe wall, stumble on a live wire, electric shock can not be avoided, not to mention the short-circuit. To find a wire in the wall, you can use a self-made metal detector or a special tester for the detection cable. In the event that you come across on the old wiring, it should either be dismantled or isolate and bypass, departing at least 10 cm to the side.
  5. After that, you must proshtrobit wall by wires according to the markup. This is done not difficult, which confirms the video above. With regard to cutting grooves for the installation switchgear boxes and sockets, to make them better drill with a special nozzle - crown of suitable diameter (typically 80 and 65 mm).
  6. When all the grooves network will proshtroblena, we are sure to capture a picture in the camera, so you could easily find a place of damage, focusing not only on the wiring diagram, but also in the photo.

At this shtroblenie walls for guiding their own hands and ends. All that remains - to clean and fix the indent in her anchor-collar cable, stucco or alabaster. This is what we were told in detail in the article: how to make the wiring in the house. Please note that you need to Stroebe walls of plaster, but not after that then in one fell swoop to plaster the whole route, and prepare the surface for wallpapering or tiling.

If the instructions provided to show you a sophisticated, you can always call the master, that he not only proshtrobil entire network of grooves, but he rasklyuchil wiring. However, once in mind that such pleasure is not very cheap. To date, the price shtrobleniya 1 meter runs can range from 100 to 500 rubles, depending on the material of the walls. In addition, the indent for each socket, switch and junction box will cost you at a cost of 300 rubles per point. As you can see, the prices are not very cheap and if you knock out the amount for the whole house, will be released pretty high price, so it is all the same to try to perform shtroblenie own hands.

Above statement is suitable if you want to make Stroebe in a monolithic or brick house with the corresponding walls. However, to date within the housing can be built aerated concrete, wood and plasterboard partitions. For information on how to proshtrobit one of the walls of non-standard options, we'll talk further.

When installing the wiring in the bath or a wooden house you will come across with walls made of logs or profiled bar. Stroebe do in the tree can not be security rules, and this is not appropriate, because Stroebe not have a log and cut it in special grooves. This activity will be very difficult and take a long time, so in the case of the wooden walls used mounting open wiring. If you need to run a cable in the wooden floor, shtroblenie here, again, it is impossible, therefore it is necessary to provide an option for laying the boards of chipboard, insulation and other layers of the cake. The main thing that the installation was safe and comply with the rules of the SAE.

Open wiring in a wooden garage (with "under the tree" of cable channels)

Within the walls of plasterboard Stroebe horizontal and vertical track also does not work, because hl sheet is very thin and fragile. The cable is simply laid over the plasterboard wall corrugation in between profiles. The only thing that you can do in the drywall - a crown proshtrobit holes for outlets and light switches, as shown in the photo:

If you need to do in Stroebe tiled floor (for example, in the bathroom or in the kitchen), here the difficulties should arise, it's best to use a grinder or a wall chaser. It should not be Stroebe tile puncher since You only damage the material - tile will crack, and then have to change the floor covering completely. Keep in mind that when working with stone and tiles need to install the diamond blade, which is designed to work with such material.

Well, the last of the most popular materials - aerated concrete. Independently make Stroebe in aerated concrete can be special hand wall chaser, the value of which does not exceed 1000 rubles (and that is a model from the manufacturer). Use this tool is pretty simple, as can be seen by viewing the video tutorial below.

That's all that I wanted to tell you what it is - shtroblenie walls under the wiring and how proshtrobit track under the cable by hand. We hope that this information is for you interesting and useful!

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