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The most popular models of coffee machines Jura (Jura)

The Swedish company Jura is considered a world leader in the manufacture of coffee machines and electric kettles glass. Its first fully automated model of the company issued another in 1986, and today this brand produces both simple coffee machines for the home, which prepare the classic espresso and premium models for restaurants which prepare milk-based beverages, and allow you to mix several varieties of coffee.

Also, buy a coffee machine Jura possible for the office, small cafe or a dedicated coffee bar (in this case need to purchase filters for coffee makers and teapots).

1 Lineup coffee machines - from classical to luxury class

1. The most popular model of the brand - coffee machine Jura Impressa F50 Classic. It is simultaneously preparing two cups of coffee and is intended not only for the classic espresso or American, but also for the fragrant macchiato, latte and cappuccino. Jura F50 coffee machine equipped with four separate buttons, each of which is programmed for the preparation of different types of coffee.

  • Completed model interchangeable nozzles - Auto Cappuccino, beater and heating milk, a nozzle for supplying hot water;
  • Coffee Machine Impressa F50 Jura can prepare a drink of varying Fortress - an interactive display allows you to select the required level;
  • Model is equipped with a backlit cups (yeah, it's because you are not old samovars).

Made model in strict black, and the price of coffee machines Jura with this set of features will be 1150-1250 USD What do reviews of Jura coffee machine in the classic version?

Liliya, 36 years, Moscow:

"Bought this model is currently a half years ago as a gift for the New Year (although initially wanted to take the coffee maker Delonghi). The operation is very simple - to fill the grain, press the button - the coffee is ready. Kapuchinator cool thing - milk whisk well.

Another plus - she informs the machine that need cleaning, the message appears on the display. Of the minuses - it is necessary to clean the tube spumatore, better to do it immediately after cooking. "

2. Impressa C5 Model - This coffee is different programming simplicity. All recipes have a single point of control. Enough to put a cup, find the right dose of coffee, press the button and a coffee machine Jura Impressa C5 starts cooking beverage.

  • Equipped model replaceable nozzles for hot water and kapuchinator;
  • We have the model and the coffee spout, which is adjustable in height, depending on the cup;

Buy this model can be for 960-970 USD.

3. Coffee Machine Impressa C50 - this model is also characterized by ease of operation at the touch of a button you can select the strength and type of drink. Designed machine for two cups and can prepare an espresso, latte macchiato and cappuccino.

  • Model is equipped with adjustable coffee spout, which changes depending on the height of cup sizes (such a mechanism is still there at the Philips coffee maker);
  • Different instrument innovative technology milk foam - it will turn out the light and airy;

Also, the unit will carry out automatic cleaning, and display all your actions on the screen. Buy coffee machine Jura Impressa C50 can be for 970-1050 USD This model is considered to be one of the most popular due to its combination of features and cost.

A look at the reviews of the coffee machine Jura Impressa C50.

Love, 29, of St. Petersburg:

"I Bought this happiness two months ago. My coffee brews delicious Jura! Operates almost silently, cappuccino cooks in just a minute, the display shows all the information. Need to clean after cooking 200 hundred cups, the store said just put into the machine cleaner and it will automatically self "will wash." I'm happy with a coffee machine! "

4. Model with automatic Cappuccino - coffee machine Jura Impressa F55 Classic. This model is characterized by a high-speed grinder and professional spumatore. Only need to choose the intensity and quantity of the drink, and the unit independently make coffee and vzobet soft foam.

  • Equipped with pre-flavoring machine system;
  • It has additional nozzles for cappuccino and hot water;
  • Equipped with a backlit cups;

Like the previous model is designed for two cups of coffee. The price of this model will be about $ 1,000. You can select more equipped model, which is suitable for an office or a small cafe - Impressa XF50.

This model will have all the features of a series of 55 plus a system of counting cups and the aroma preservation cover coffee. But the cost coffee machine Jura Impressa XF50 in 1320-1400 USD

5. Model, which is preparing a latte macchiato, and without having to move the cup - coffee machine Jura Impressa S9 Classic. Such a machine will prepare the foamy drinks at the touch of a button, while to rearrange the cup you do not need. It is also equipped with a high-speed grinder, which controls the number of grains. There the model has a few differences:

  • several levels of heating of water (as in electric grinders) may be set;
  • Model is equipped with a mini-display with graphic symbols;
  • Machine automatically washes and cleans kapuchinator;

This coffee is considered one of the most technologically advanced, and it costs around USD 1500-1580 More advanced model - a coffee machine Jura Impressa XS9 Classic. It has all the features of the device S9, but still equipped with heated plates and enables the use of pre-ground coffee. Such a model is chosen most often for restaurants and cafes, and its price will be about $ 1,900.

6. Compact model - coffee maker Jura Ena 3 and Ena Micro 9. Both models are small and easy to fit in tight spaces. Model Ena 3 intended for preparing two cups of classic espresso and americano, equipped with an indicator display and removable nozzles.

A coffee maker Jura Ena Micro 9 is designed for a single cup, but can prepare a latte, cappuccino and macchiato. Both models will cost no more than 770 USD (Which is cheaper than Nivona coffee machine).

2 Maintenance and cleaning of the coffee machine

Professional model requires constant care, so the coffee machine should purchase additional "consumables". These include filters and cleaning tablets.

Of course, cleaning the coffee machine Jura can be done manually, but this applies only to removable parts, such as spumatore, which can be removed after each use and cleaned with water. But in this case, manufacturers have come up with special tools.

  • Tablets for cleaning coffee machines Jura - purified hydraulic device. The tablet is placed inside the machine, and the device will automatically switch to clean as needed. Buy pills for Jura coffee machines can be for 12-13 USD, but they are clean from the remnants of oil and coffee;
  • Jura coffee machines for filter - some models are equipped with a built-in brand water purification filter which requires periodic replacement. This detail will protect the device from damage in case of use of poor-quality water. The company produces a nominal filter coffee machine Jura Impressa and separate models for Jura Ena;

Contact the service center Jura coffee machines worth in the event that:

  • The appliance does not heat the coffee or drink can not be prepared according to the recipe;
  • Not supplied or water flows;
  • It does not work one element of the instrument;
  • Control Display does not respond to commands.

In this case, you will not be able to independently determine the cause of failure and will likely need to repair the coffee machine Jura. Handle best in service centers, as Jura coffee machine parts can be found only in specialized representation.

At what cost to repair it? If, down came the difficult part (display, steam valve, a temperature sensor), the repair will cost 45-50 USD Plus, if the repair is carried Jura espresso machine at home, you need to add another USD 7-8 for departure. Simple preventive maintenance coffee machines Jura (cleaning and flushing of the entire system) will cost 35-40 USD

In general, the repair of coffee machines Jura is much less expensive than repair Saeco coffee machines or coffee machines repairs Siemens.

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Would I have to buy their own coffee machine Jura? Master revelation.

How often broken coffee machine Jura?

It is very paradoxical thing is happening in the area repair of coffee machines Jura. I saw a coffee machine Jura Impressa F50, which repaired only once in 8 years of service life. The owner of the coffee machine had not cleaned it from the scale and did not use the tablets from coffee oils. I repeat never! The repair, which he carried out, has been linked with a coffee grinder, something has got into it.

Why Jura coffee machine is most expensive?

I do not have an exact answer to this question. I guess you could just say that this popular brand. Secondly it is Switzerland. To say that the components of the coffee machines in the order of magnitude better than other brands I can not. In early models, Jura coffee grinders used are the same as Bosch. Until now, the pump (pump) is the same as in the Bosch coffee machines. The only thing that distinguishes this brand from all this cooking gear and electronics, but more on that later.

The weakest point of coffee machines Jura

Since this revelation it is necessary to tell the truth. So, drumroll, where is the weakest spot of coffee machines Jura? With the caveat that under certain circumstances this detail in other coffee machines on the order laid out. This grinder. Let me explain why.

For example, coffee machines Delonghi this problem simply does not exist. After contact with solid particles in a coffee grinder, you will hear a crack, it is bursting at the gearbox. But it is not broken, but merely carries out the function of protection against lock millstones.

Would I have to buy their own coffee machine Jura?

Definitely my favorite brand of coffee machines production. Coffee machines work like a Swiss watch. After repair customers long forgotten or lost my phone number and do not call for years, because after the repair of coffee machine is still the same. In my experience, some coffee machines on the number of coffee cups counter I saw numbers of 40, 60 and over thousands of cycles.

Repair of Jura coffee machines in Moscow

Perhaps you are the happy owner of the coffee machine Jura. And bought a coffee-technique long before read my article. If there was a breakdown or if you have ceased to be satisfied with the quality of the drink, which prepares your coffee machine Jura. You can contact our company for repair of coffee machines Jura. All masters have a huge experience in repairing this particular brand and not only.


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