What utensils needed for induction cookers

What cookware is suitable for induction stoves

induction hob acquisition will require owners to check all the dishes, which previously had to use the kitchen. Not every pot or pan will be suitable for use in a plate, and may have to radically upgrade the whole set. This is due to induction cookers, which are fundamentally different from analogues with another type of heating.

The principle on which works the range, based on the use of eddy currents. To use the current heating effect, need a closed loop. A necessary part of the system is the special dishes, which can be used in tandem with an induction plate.

Dishes for such plates should be chosen based on the presence of ferromagnetic properties. They start heating effect, pulling eddy current from the induction coil. But this is not the only condition that must be observed. Among other things should be considered:

  • bottom diameter, which should be between 12 cm and more;
  • its thickness, the recommended value of which can not be less than 2 cm;
  • the state of the bottom part, which should be as smooth, non-deformed.

When you select a kit or single instance induction utensils you need to pay attention to the presence of special labeling. This is the logo in the form of a spiral in a horizontal position, which may be adjacent to the inscription «Induktion».

Among the utensils for these plates, you can choose a container with integral thick don, but often come across models with the bottom made in the form of a sandwich. It is from 3 to 6 layers of different materials and applications. The three-layer floor consists of:

  • ferromagnetic bottom surface that provides heating, it redistributes over the walls and contents;
  • aluminum intermediate layer with high thermal conductivity properties and teplosberezheniya;
  • an inner layer of the primary container material.

In some cases, a separate layer may be a special disk reduces the likelihood of deformation of the bottom at high temperatures.

What makes a special dish

In the presence of the magnetic properties and the compliance requirements to the bottom portion of the base material is not of great importance. The solution, which is more suitable for utensils plates of this type are taken on the basis of their own preferences. This can be:

In addition to these options, you can apply an enamel saucepan. But most of the utensils for such plates made of cast iron, and stainless steel.

This option is different:

  • durability;
  • high levels of heat preservation;
  • uniform heating.

Objects made of this material is better suited for the preparation of certain dishes. But his choice will have to put up with more weight, fragility, tendency to corrosion.

One of the best options:

  • it can be used for the preparation of the majority of products;
  • it is not oxidized;
  • take care of the beneficial properties of the products;
  • allows storage of cooked food.

Most frequently mentioned drawback is the presence of nickel in the composition of additives, which increases the possibility of an allergic reaction.

It has a good thermal conductivity, accelerating the cooking process, and characterized by low weight. But:

  • prevents storing acidic foods;
  • loses its visual appeal with repeated use;
  • in violation of the non-stick coating loses workability.

This material is resistant to high temperatures, without losing form at intensive operation. It does not require a lot of fat in the cooking process. It is easy to maintain.

Not a very good material for the induction hob. Poorly heated and conduct heat. But in the presence of a ferromagnetic bottom is quite applicable in tandem with the panel.

To improve the efficiency of the panel is not superfluous to follow some guidelines when using it:

  • not even use a special dish with a deformed bottom, which may lead to deterioration of the heating, the appearance of extraneous sounds, deterioration panel;
  • do not leave empty pans on the panel, as this may cause damage to the non-stick coating;
  • Given the high rate of heating and leave no cooking process unattended;
  • when bottom diameter less than the recommended size or the absence of ferromagnetic properties can apply special magnetic disk, which makes possible the preparation process.

Extend the life of kitchen utensils for the service of these boards will help the timely and proper care. For her service, you must:

  • wash the pots and pans after use;
  • apply for these purposes neabrozivnye better special funds;
  • dry it thoroughly washed to avoid streaks and spots;
  • use a soft sponge to wash unable to scratch the surface.

Following these simple rules will avoid additional costs will make cooking a comfortable and enjoyable.

With an abundance of choice question, what utensils is better suited for these panels to solve difficult. Make it easier possible, given the cost of such a purchase. The price of high-quality pots, pans or other objects usually at least several thousand. Among the manufacturers of the most frequently mentioned:

  • German Fissler and Woll;
  • French Cristel and Tefal;
  • Italian Risoli;
  • Finnish Hackman;
  • Swedish Swiss Diamond.

Of domestic brands with a good reputation should be called Gourmet Vitross, LMZ. For the first time, you can get low-cost Chinese goods. Some of them are quite meet the quality and technology, but their choice should be treated with increased attention.

It is not recommended to purchase low-budget production of unknown manufacturers. It is no different quality, quickly loses its workability. Its use will negatively affect the working properties of the panel.

Cookware for induction cookers

One of the main attributes of modern cuisine can be called an induction cooker. It is operated by a special principle, so cooking need special utensils. To choose the right capacity for the induction cooking surface must be familiar with a few tips in the continuation of the article.

What cookware is suitable for induction cookers

Stove induction type different from the gas and electrical devices of heat generation procedure. The panel itself is not heated, but the bottom of the pot or pan is heated on the contrary very active. Given this feature of home appliances, utensils for induction cookers must be correctly matched. Kitchen vessel for cooking have a magnet (magnetic alloys) in the bottom part and should occupy no more than 70 percent of the total area of ​​the hotplate.

Induction utensils produces a multitude of different manufacturers, which use the following materials: steel, ceramic, cast iron, aluminum, stainless steel, copper and so on. True, they are only suitable when a part of the bottom of the utensils for induction cookers have ferromagnetic additives. How to determine which raw material is best? Below is a short description of the materials from which the specific kitchen utensils are often made.

Induction pans or pans made of cast iron retains heat for a long time, keeping food heated for a long time. Another such product is used as a pancake or baking oladushek, since the dough does not stick to the bottom. In addition, cast iron cookware can be used for many years, can not be rust, does not absorb odors of food. Negative qualities: you are very careful with these household items, or they may be damaged (split, for example).

Utensils for induction cookers with enamelled coating is made of iron or some alloy. The protective film protects the enamel products from penetration of harmful chemicals. Pots of this type resists corrosion and oxidation. Minus - the probability of the formation of small cracks and chips that occur due to improper use of utensils.

Pots, pans, made of aluminum, they are lightweight, have high heat conductivity and are sold at affordable price. The disadvantage of this type of goods is considered to be low strength, the risk of deformation. Modern magnetic cookware manufacturers get rid of the above problem by strengthening the bottom metal plate and replenishment composition other, more durable alloys.

It is the raw material for kitchen utensils induction began to use relatively recently. Companies producing copper pan, casserole pan and added to the core of ferromagnetic alloys. Due to this specific utensils for cooking surface is heated well and quickly cleaned of dirt, have an attractive appearance.

Pots made of stainless steel in the kitchen fits perfectly into any interior, will not be oxidized, always save all the useful components of the prepared dishes. There are several negative properties: the food can be a little burnt, because a part of the stainless steel has a nickel, which can sometimes cause an allergic reaction. Another minus: the dish of stainless steel is characterized by a low level of thermal conductivity, so the food is cooked a little longer.

Production of products to choose

A large number of well-known manufacturers of kitchen utensils that are in step with current trends already began to produce glassware intended for induction-type panel. Here are some examples for easier selection:

  1. High-quality, Tefal cookware company popular for a long time on the market. This manufacturer produces multiple sets of induction cookware with non-stick coated ferromagnetic bottom. The price of products marked with Tefal reasonable, quality is top notch.
  2. Cookware German trademark Woll - an aluminum magnetic dishes of different diameters with thicker walls. Lasting non-stick ceramic, sapphire or titanium layer allows the use of utensils long period of time. Set of dishes for the induction cooker of the brand special and the cost justifies the maximum quality.
  3. Inertial Fissler cookware is very ergonomic, comfortable, practical. Compared to other manufacturers, the cost of these products above, but each unit meets the required quality standards.
  4. Known worldwide trademark Zepter also not left out. The manufacturer generates a dish of an alloy of titanium and molybdenum, which has high strength values. Kitchenware that marking does not have to kill a non-stick surface, are resistant to corrosion and mechanical damage.
  5. Rondell company produces inertial utensils made of stainless steel and aluminum. A saucepan, pots, pans and classic grill, kettle for induction cooker - this is not the entire range of products. The manufacturer can offer a quality product of modern design at a good price.

Where to buy and how much Induction Cookware

The price for a special cooking utensils inertial surface depends on the product type, material and directly producer. The table below shows a few examples of the approximate cost in Moscow and St. Petersburg:

Unit price, rbl.

From 7 to 16 thousand rubles

Video: what is necessary utensils for induction hob

To understand the principle of the induction hob for cooking and to choose the right dish for it is better to listen to the advice of professionals. With two videos shown below, it is possible to know on what basis unusual operating range, which apply cooking utensils on a cooking surface, from which material shall be manufactured induction pots and pans.

Anna, 45 years old: Recently purchased an induction hob. I think about what kind of utensils used for cooking your favorite dishes. On the advice of friends decided to buy a set of pans Tefal, and it has paid off. All container quality, sturdy, ergonomic. The food does not stick, it turns out delicious and fragrant. All the products we recommend this proven company.

Boris, 27 years old: were presented with an induction furnace at a wedding. After studying the information on this modern kitchen appliances, acquired some special pots and pans Rondell, but still seemed to delicious pilaf. German stainless steel cookware different beautiful design, safe for health, helps prepare meals quickly and has a low cost price.

Margarita, 55 years old: For several years I use the hob induction type. Cooking I stashed special utensils (frying pan, saucepan, molokovarka, Turk coffee). It has a unique non-stick coating and thick solid walls. I advise every woman to try such dishes in fact, will be satisfied 100 percent.

Cookware for induction cookers - they do not make the wrong choice?

Practical housewives are increasingly choosing for her fashionable kitchens induction cookers. Their work is different from our usual gas and electric stoves. The use of which requires special utensils for induction cookers. Not every pot and pan will do, and it's not in the recommendations or bans. Just for a start plate work is necessary to observe certain conditions.

What utensils needed for induction stove?

The phenomenon of electromagnetic induction is generated that copper coil an alternating magnetic field is induced current source. this coil is under the surface of the plate, and to start to heat the food, you need to put it on the pan with a metal bottom. It would be a conductor, eddy current induction from the plate set in motion electrons ferromagnetic bottom, whereby to give off heat. Simply put on what is necessary utensils for induction cooker, how to choose the right option, you need cookware that magnet.

Suitable dishes for modern induction cookers:

  • cast iron;
  • steel;
  • and enamelled ceramic with a metal base;
  • copper with a ferromagnetic bottom;
  • Stainless.

The characteristics that should have utensils for induction cooktops and slabs:

  1. thick bottom. its thickness should be from 2 to 6 cm.
  2. Bottom diameter of not less than 12 cm. This size is the minimum for safe use of the stove.
  3. Ferromagnetic properties of the bottom. Without this condition, the dishes are not able to bring the furnace in working condition.

Icon induction cookware

Cast Iron Cookware for induction cookers

So, ask questions about what kind of cookware is suitable for induction cookers, you'll be glad to know that one of the best one - it's cast iron pans, pots and pans. If you have survived such, do not need to get rid of them. Cast iron has an excellent magnetic properties that is easy to verify, attaching to the bottom of the usual magnet with a refrigerator. As you know, this cookware is durable, perfectly distributes the heat for a long time to keep it. By all indications utensils made of cast iron is best for induction cookers.

Ceramic ware for induction cookers

Pure ceramic tableware for the induction cooker is not suitable - it will not be heated. In commercially available ceramics with the addition of special metals, which give them the desired properties. Other dishes, suitable for induction cookers - metal, ceramic coated on the outside and the inside. In such pans and saucepans food does not stick even without an oil coating does not absorb odors, prevents metal harmful substances enter the food does not crack and stores long appearance.

Enamelware for induction cookers

Familiar to all enamelware - a metal pokrtyty enamel layer. The fact that the pan is suitable, will speak on the dishes icon for induction cookers. It looks like a horizontal spiral and often signed by word Induktion. It can be seen at the bottom of the dish. If the sign is not present, perform a simple test with magnets. Enamelware, like ceramic, is long and flawlessly. Care for her need to carefully: without abrasive detergents and iron blades. It is undesirable to heat the food in a pan too long - this can lead to cracking of the enamel.

Stainless steel utensils for induction cookers

Stainless steel suitable for induction furnaces with no worse than cast iron. The lack of it, in the probable allocation of nickel, which is not very good for health. In addition to stainless steel surfaces often burns the food. However, such utensils used in the kitchen more often than others because of its affordable price. In a saucepan, stainless steel can be stored cooked foods without losing the taste and beneficial properties. So, thinking about the question, what dishes can be used for the induction cooker, just look in your kitchen cupboard in search of the usual pots and pans made of stainless steel.

Copper cookware for induction cookers

Previously, copper utensils was not suitable for induction cookers, but modern manufacturers have managed to adapt the copper for this purpose. At the bottom of a pot made of a ferromagnetic alloy, which makes it compatible with induction. If you are not sure what kind of utensils to use on an induction stove, look for the presence of an appropriate marking or try primagnitit to the bottom of the copper utensils ordinary magnet.

Glassware for induction cookers

If you enjoy a glass dish, and at the same time you need cookware for induction cookers, the output will be special products with glass walls, but with a ferromagnetic base. Another embodiment - using a steel disc at the bottom. With it you can cook absolutely any dishes, because heat will take place through the disc. By the way, this simple device will help to solve another problem related to the diameter of the bottom, which does not always reach the required 12 cm.

The diameter of the utensils for induction cookers

By studying the question, what utensils for induction hob is suitable, it is necessary udelat attention not only to the manufacture of the materials, but also the dimensions of the bottom. Thus, its diameter must not be less than half the diameter of the burner. On average, this index is at around 12 cm plates with rings of smaller diameter -. 15 cm. In this case, will be enough to the bottom of the cookware reaches a diameter of 8 cm Failure to comply with such a rule, there is a great likelihood that the utensils and food. simply will not be heated.

What dishes can not be used on an induction stove?

As already mentioned above, to accurately determine the validity of dishes there Labels for induction cookers. Even if such an icon there, some of the earlier examples of dishes suitable for use in these applications. Definitely do not get to use glass, ceramic, copper, aluminum cookware, if it includes no special metal alloys or if it does not have a ferromagnetic base. The yield of this situation - a steel disc with a pen.

Why induction cooker does not see the dishes?

In addition to improper manufacturing and material of small diameter, the reason that the utensils for induction cookers are not suitable may lie in the fact that the bottom is too thin (less than 1.5-2 cm in thickness) or uneven. Fluted bottom sometimes causes strange hum in the cooking stove or completely refuses to respond to such dishes. It is best to help avoid all these hassles special utensils for induction cookers. By purchasing this set, you will not encounter similar problems.

High-quality utensils for induction cookers

Today utensils for induction cookers is presented in a wide range, so that problems with the choice of a suitable, taking into account the taste and financial opportunities arise. However, once it is better to allocate a certain amount to buy a good set, where there is a designation of the induction plates on the dishes, to save yourself from further problems and quests. Preference is given to better proven producers.

Cookware for induction cookers Rondell

This German company has established itself as a reliable manufacturer, taking into account all the features of utensils for induction cooking. In addition to the adaptation to this type of cooking surfaces, utensils Rondell firms all endowed with a host of convenient and pleasant things such as pens, locking lid, spout for draining liquid silicone coating handles in order to avoid slipping and heating, and more.

Cookware for induction cooker Gipfel

Another German firm, deserves no less attention because of the high quality of products - Gipfel. If you can not decide which dish to choose for induction cooker, you can safely stay at the stylish, high-quality series, specifically designed for such purposes. In the ready sets have all the necessary items - pots of different diameters, casserole, buckets, pans. they all meet the basic requirements of the plates, working on the basis of induction.

Advice on use of utensils for induction cookers

To crockery and oven, and served you well as long as possible, you need to follow some simple recommendations for use:

  1. Always put the dishes in the center of the burner and make sure that its bottom at least half the diameter of a blind. If you do not fulfill this condition, the stove will give off radiation harmful for humans as well as for electrical standing nearby.
  2. Ensure that the bottom of the heated dishes fit snugly to the cooking surface. This will ensure uniform heating of food.
  3. Do not use pots and pans with soot. This will interfere with the normal operation of the plate and lead to contamination of its glass ceramic surface. Furthermore, the uniform heating prevents fouling tableware and food.
  4. Do not bring your hands to the surface during operation. Closeup unsafe radiation from the furnace.
  5. It is not necessary to use induction furnaces for people with pacemakers and other electronic mechanisms.

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