Which fluid for electronic cigarettes better

Fluid for electronic cigarettes: what company is better overview, manufacturers and feedback. Rating liquids for electronic cigarettes

Relatively recently become popular electronic cigarettes. This is a great way to get rid of harmful habits - smoking. What is there more high-quality liquid for electronic cigarettes? Which company is better? How to make the right choice? We analyze not only how to choose a liquid, but also its species, the calculation of the fortress, varieties of flavors and a lot of interesting facts.

General information about the fluid for electronic cigarettes. Composition

Filler for electronic cigarettes sold in specialized vials ranging from ten to thirty milliliters. Different variety of flavors: nicotine (with the smell of tobacco known), tonic (flavor drinks and confectionery), fruit and berry. Recommended for liquid storage - coolness and lack of direct sunlight. Usually, after opening the bottle the contents become cloudy. This is due to air ingestion and is considered optimal.

Basically, all the liquid for electronic cigarettes have the same composition, regardless of the manufacturer and the pricing policy. Most often, the product consists of five components:

  • Water. About the quality of this element, do not substantially have to say, since it was he who fills our body more than half. The average liquid water cigarettes contains up to 12%.
  • Propylene glycol involves himself viscous mixture with the absence of color, with too strong aroma and sweet taste. Also liquid for electronic cigarette, propylene rapidly used in medicine (for the purpose of disinfecting, is present in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, ingested, as well as in the embodiment of the blood plasma substitute). It is considered permissible food additive (T1520), since absolutely no includes toxins. Propylene glycol has repeatedly been investigated in the laboratory. Scientists have tried to find out the effect of the substance on man. It was confirmed that the negative impact on the body of the item has absolutely no, not counting individual intolerance.
  • Glycerin is used more often as a food additive (E422). It does not allow the test, as part of which is, to stick together during cooking. Glycerin is harmless to the body in moderate amounts.
  • Flavor. With a view to the production of liquids for electronic cigarettes Joyetech compositions, Dekang, Hangsen and many others use only allowable food flavorings of natural origin or completely similar to them.
  • Nicotine. He is not always contained in the liquid for electronic cigarettes, as there are beznikotinovye options. Of course, we will not assure you that the item is completely safe, but the percentage of nicotine in a small gas station. Its content in the liquid for electronic cigarettes is five times less than conventional tobacco products.

Many people buy electronic cigarettes to quit smoking. Sometimes it is hard to decide on what taste to stop, but everyone knows how to choose a fluid fortress for electronic cigarettes? Sure that there is. Let's talk about this in more detail.

First and foremost when choosing to pay attention to the percentage of nicotine. In order to find out which level is right for you like, you need a fortress indicated on the packaging of your tobacco to increase twenty-fold. For example, if cigarettes given 0.7 mg of nicotine, the rate suitable for you will be 14 mg / ml. Feel free to choose refueling with nicotine content, or close to it. To calculate the necessary quantity of filler, remember: 1.5 ml - is about 20-25 cigarettes.

It's hard enough to choose liquid for electronic cigarettes. Tips described in this article will help you in this matter.

Sure, everyone wants to buy a high quality and suitable product. The best liquid for electronic cigarettes - is the one that came to mind for you. Regardless of the price, as we saw earlier, these products have nearly identical composition. Moreover, the impact on the human body all the fillers for electronic cigarettes also converge. There are enough well-known companies that produce them. The products from popular manufacturers present excellent value for money, but they will be discussed later.

Undoubtedly, to figure out how to select a liquid for electronic cigarettes, not enough to know only about their content. The aroma is also important. The first thing to take into account personal preference. If you present an allergic reaction to a certain smell, then, accordingly, choose a flavor is not necessary.

Most often filling electronic cigarette is divided into three taste categories - fruit, coffee and nicotine. Often manufacturers to promote your product, create their own "cocktails" that combine the two, and sometimes three flavors or produce entirely new. The variety of tastes is large enough. To avoid mistakes, it is better to focus on their preferences. Now you know exactly how to select a liquid for electronic cigarettes, which you will enjoy.

High-quality liquid for electronic cigarettes. Which company is better?

In spite of the same composition, there is one important difference - the quality of raw materials. If we compare the fluid for cigarettes, it is worth to remember that the more popular the firm, the greater her opportunities to inspect raw materials at all stages of production. In addition, companies often use eminent independent studies proving the high quality and safe formulation.

manufacturer's popularity and costs are not a guarantee of quality raw materials. Recently there have been a large number of counterfeit products. Some of them contain dangerous for the organism butanedione. The composition is not always carries a truthful information. Some manufacturers deliberately do not fit hazardous substances. Frequent top of liquids for electronic cigarette - a conditional rating. When choosing a better focus on the composition of, and reviews from other users, first of all, on their preferences.

As we said earlier, liquids rating for electronic cigarettes - this is only conditional information. If you just purchased this product and are not yet familiar with the variety of flavors, this information will be useful to you. We've put together the top 5 most popular products on which stood a large number of people. With this information, you can easily select a liquid for electronic cigarettes. Which company is best and what her quality of raw materials, you can easily determine using our rankings.

First place in this ranking is the firm Tobacco. Products of the company has earned the trust of many smokers, due to its good value and impeccable quality. This manufacturer has long acquired a great experience in the manufacture of electronic cigarettes and their components.

What do the reviews? On the liquid for electronic cigarettes from the Tobacco complains very few buyers. Many believe that the company's products are of impeccable taste and aromatic properties.

Pros and cons of the product from Joyetech

Second place in our top 5 hold a liquid for filling of cigarettes Joyetech firm. This is one of the largest manufacturers of electronic products and components. It is believed that this company has the most diverse selection of flavors and fragrances of liquids, namely more than 40.

We present you an overview of the company liquid for electronic cigarettes Joyetech. This product has both positive and negative sides. The consistency of a thick liquid enough. Consequently, some vaporizers can burn. The downside of liquids for electronic cigarettes from this manufacturer is the fact that the goods that foreign production. Its price depends on the dollar. Nevertheless, the quality of the liquid is at a height.

Third place goes to VARDEX. It is a Russian company that produces enough exclusive flavors such as lime honey, lemon sorbet and many other incredible tastes. This liquid is the same as the previous one, has a high viscosity, which is bad for most e-cigarette. On average, its price is 15 rubles per milliliter.

In fourth place in our ranking settled liquid from RED SMOKERS. A Russian company, which is known for its products and its impeccable quality. Buyers note that such fillers are different tasty additives. Pleased with the price in relation to the high quality. The only caveat in liquids for electronic cigarettes from the company RED SMOKERS - is that they quickly become dirty from the evaporator.

In fifth place settled liquid for electronic cigarettes from FLAVOURART firm. This is an Italian company that features a large selection of flavors. However buyers believe that cigarette taste is not like tobacco. The best option to purchase such a product is its tasting.

Familiarize yourself with our rating, you choose a liquid for electronic cigarettes easily. Which company is better, we can see in our top 5.

Incredible liquid flavors for electronic cigarettes

We have already discussed that all the flavors are divided into three categories. Each of them in their own interest. Do you know what an incredible flavors exist today?

In pursuit of popularity, many companies have started to create tastes that are at least surprising. Incredibly, there are liquids for electronic cigarette with taste of chips, coca-cola, espresso, cheese, ketchup, candy and even a birthday cake and pumpkin pie.

If you are bored of the summer and a refreshing drink, it can easily acquire liquid with flavors of mojito and Pinakolada. In addition to cocktails, you can also try filling with taste of wine and champagne. If you watch your diet and limit yourself to the sweet, the flavor of ice cream, cheesecake and other delicacies you'll be pleased. Even the most fastidious smoker can find liquid for electronic cigarette to your taste.

History of the creation of the electronic cigarette

Each of us knows what the electronic cigarette. Do all you know, who and in what year it was created? Incredibly, the electronic cigarette designed Chinese pharmacist 16 years ago. He was ill with lung cancer, but could not give up the addiction and so came up with an alternative.

First released Gadgets cost is quite expensive, however, they were instantly sold.

Positive aspects of electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes for the last 10 years, constantly modified. The manufacturers claim that their smoke does not affect the smoker and the environment. Undoubtedly, the positive point is the fact that things are not smoking completely impregnated with the smell of the electronic cigarette. By the way, in contrast to the usual, so smoking is allowed in public places.

Whatever good qualities not possessed electronic cigarettes, they also have contraindications. They are not recommended for pregnant and lactating women, minors, persons with cardiovascular diseases and allergic reactions.

hard enough to find a suitable liquid for electronic cigarettes. Which company is better - we found in our article. So to summarize. If you are just thinking about buying an electronic cigarette, then be sure to check out the individual strengths contraindications and future acquisitions. If you have already made a purchase and do not know how to choose a liquid for her, first of all choose a suitable strength and decide on the desired flavor.

Our rating of liquids for electronic cigarettes will help you opt for the best quality gas stations. Carefully study the composition of the liquid.

Electronic cigarettes - it's a great alternative for experienced smokers. If you want to get rid of the addiction, the electronic gadget with a variety of enjoyable and sometimes even incredible flavors and fragrances will definitely help you.

Review of liquids for electronic cigarettes: what will you choose?

Electronic cigarettes are very popular today. This is primarily due to health concerns and stringent anti-smoking law. The main difference from the electronic device tobacco product - no burning process. For this reason, together with the steam, the body does not come harmful resin carcinogens harmful organism.

A variety of models of electronic cigarettes, sometimes baffling smoker who has decided to abandon the usual tobacco products. But when the right device is found, there is the question of refueling. What kind of liquid for electronic cigarettes to choose among the variety of flavors and brands?

The main ingredients are the same for all liquids, regardless of manufacturer.

  • propylene glycol;
  • glycerol;
  • distilled water;
  • synthetic nicotine;
  • flavor.

Propylene glycol (PG) - a colorless, slightly viscous liquid with a sweet taste, soluble in water. It used to flavor saturation. PG base made all the cooking liquid flavors.

Glycerin (VG) - oily, colorless liquid which is used for density of steam. He becomes like cigarette smoke.

Distilled water Dilute the mixture with PG and the VG, it gives the necessary fluidity to stabilize evaporation.

synthetic nicotine It is used to make the fortress. In various kinds of liquid nicotine contained in various amounts (from 0 and above)

flavoring - This ester imparting liquid flavoring properties.

All ingredients are cleaned highly effectively used in various fields: pharmacy, cooking, cosmetology.

Any high-quality liquid for electronic cigarettes have a base composed of glycerin and propylene glycol.

Standard ratio of these components is:

Water, flavoring and liquid nicotine (not always used) occupy only 10% of the basic composition. The traditional base is the average: moderate evaporation, a mean punch to the throat and lungs taste.

In addition to the traditional foundations, there is a non-standard ratio of propylene glycol with glycerine. Increase the dose of a component to achieve a particular effect or allergy to one of the substances. Elevated levels of propylene glycol provides a moderate amount of smoke, but a severe blow to the throat. Glycerin, on the contrary, increases the amount of dense steam, but its strength is minimal.

electronic cigarette gives Fortress synthetic nicotine contained in the liquid for filling. Selecting individual filling depends on the strength and taste preferences.

Review of liquids for electronic cigarettes of the fortress:

  • Refilling without nicotine (0mg / ml) suitable for cessation and having a psychological dependence on the smoking process;
  • Super easy filling (6mg / ml) for cessation, as well as those who do not have the need for nicotine (smoking for fun "for the company");
  • Light (11-12mg / ml) for smokers super cigarette lighter;
  • Strong liquid (16-18mg / ml) suitable for fans or light cigarettes;
  • Super strong (24mg / ml) for fans strong cigarettes, dependent on nicotine.

Fortress desired can be determined in a simple manner: the number of nicotine content on the usual cigarettes multiplied by 30, the total value is required fort.

On the additional sense of strength and influence of the device. The more powerful the instrument, the more intense evaporation.

Manufacturers for refills mix a lot. But based on the choice of buyers, it is possible to determine the most popular liquid for electronic cigarettes.

  • Armango - certified by a Russian company for the production of liquids with a variety of flavors, reasonable price and excellent quality. The vials are easy to use, have a dispenser, color-coded nicotine and opening control.
  • SafeLiq - budget line from Russian manufacturers. Different variety of fruit flavors of different saturation, as well as a line with a pure taste of tobacco.
  • Red Smokers Corsar - budget option replete different flavors, but the liquid is very rich, have a high concentration of aromas.

  • Dekang - Chinese manufacturer manufactures products according to the recipes of his country. They have 50 flavors destinations that will satisfy any unusual tastes.
  • Joyetech - a world leader in the sale of premium liquid for electronic cigarettes. Each party has released the continued transfer of flavor, thanks to the multi-stage production of mixtures under strict quality control.
  • Vardex - quality blends is controlled by the company. The range is much narrower than that of the world's producers, but each part is original enough.

  • Flavour Art - Italian fluid presents more than 100 names. The same company produces a kit for self-production of the mixture.
  • Savourea - produces premium liquids for electronic cigarettes. Goods are manufactured in pharmaceutical laboratories and has a very high quality. Tobacco blends compositions glossed additives. Fluid without tobacco is very unusual and saturation.

To find out what the best fluid for electronic cigarettes for beginners veypera, you must first of all be guided by its taste and nicotine-containing needs.

According to the tastes of the mixture can be divided into 3 categories:

  • Tobacco widely consumed. It is possible to obtain the liquid smoke-like effect from a conventional cigarette;
  • Edible have flavors of berries, fruits, sweets, herbs;
  • Unusual liquid beverages are shades: rum, absinthe, cola, popular cocktails.

Each mixture is typically present bouquet of suitable fragrances. When inhaling a flavor can be felt when another exhalation and any pleasant aftertaste.

When switching from regular cigarettes to electronic person can be difficult to feel and distinguish the flavors, especially tobacco. Therefore, experts recommend starting with "edible" liquids, they will help to learn to "hear" the flavor and choose the best for yourself. After a couple of weeks, you can go to the tobacco mixture.

While everyone is different this term. To find "their" liquid must be something new you can try more often. This process will bring a lot of pleasure.

Beginner veyperu difficult to decide which of the more than 200 existing flavoring blends to choose from. Top liquids for electronic cigarettes taste is divided into categories.

  • Crunch Coil «Qellep» - herbs, rum and sweet notes attached liquid savor.
  • Five Pawns «Sixty-Four» - the taste of the beloved "Mojito". As part of the taste of a fresh cucumber, mint liqueur and lemon peel.
  • TMAX Juice «Snake Oil» - every experienced veyper know this flavor. British absinthe with a light citrus flavor creates an incredible feeling.

  • Crunch Coil «Mishmash» - a mixture of dried fruit and sour grenadine syrup like men and women.
  • Five Pawns «Grandmaster» - combines the flavors of banana and creamy caramel.
  • Cosmic Fog «The Shocker» - strawberry, citrus and tropical fruits succeed each other at a breath.

  • Crunch Coil «Cavendish» - liquid, aged in oak barrels with a sweet taste of tobacco Cavendish and nutty aftertaste.
  • Halo «Captain Jack» - strong tobacco flavor with mellow rum, wherein the nicotine concentration is not high.
  • Halo «Southern Classic» - tobacco leaves combined with flavors of honey, vanilla, citrus and clove.

  • Five Pawns «Bowden's Mate» - a mixture of sweet chocolate with fresh mint ending with vanilla aftertaste.
  • Cosmic Fog «Kryptonite» - a combination of fresh melon with a lollipop.
  • EVO Vapor «Coconut Mojito» - an exotic blend of coconut, lime and mint lend a tropical flavor notes of this difficult.

  • Five Pawns «Absolute Pin» - the most complex composition with the aroma of cinnamon and caramel sweet, the final taste of absinthe.
  • Halo «Malibu Menthol» - pineapple, milk, sweet menthol taste like Pina Colada cocktail.
  • Cosmic Fog «Milk & Honey »- a warm fragrance of milk and honey make it possible to relax and get a good feeling from smoking.

Recommend a specific flavor mixture is very difficult, because it's all individually. If it is difficult to make the first choice, you can focus on the most popular flavors. For information about the popular body fluids can be obtained from the sales counter or ask the "experts".

Premium fluid always made only from the finest quality raw materials, have strict control, in line with international quality standards. Packaging necessarily labeled with lot number, sealed bottle cap, which indicates the absence of impurities. A quality pair of almost 100% simulates smoking a real cigarette.

Watch video reviews of various liquids for electronic cigarettes.

How to choose a basis for self-liquid mixing for veypinga - review of the best description and prices

The harmful effects of conventional smoking is due to the intake of nicotine and carcinogenic substances generated in the burning process, so now very popular electronic cigarette. The main component is the basis for electronic cigarette - the liquid for steaming, you can do yourself at home, using glycerin, propylene glycol, fragrances, different flavors.

What is the basis for electronic cigarettes

This view differs from the traditional smoking that inhaled formulation contains not harmful to the organism. Electronic Cigarettes are made from a special base that while smoking is converted into steam. It is also called manure, base or juice. Base smoking are organic or artificial, yet they differ in the levels of nicotine and taste.

Absolutely all of the base of any manufacturer consist of three main components:

  • glycerol - referred to as the GV, is used to generate steam, which resembles cigarette smoke;
  • propylene glycol - the alcohol in the composition is referred to as the PG, creates the taste of cigarettes;
  • distilled water - as a part referred to as the AD, it is added to dilute the thick consistency.

The market offers a greater number of bases for electronic cigarettes any price category, but a separate segment occupied by the bases with rated, which are often not used on a regular basis. They differ in the way of preparation, the quality of ingredients, technique and production cost. Substances produced in accordance with the Association of Producers Liquids standards.

In the production of refueling tested for color, taste, smell, and other indicators. All ingredients must be mixed well in certain proportions to get the right combination. The entire manufacturing process in the production of fully automated - mixing the ingredients takes place in sterile containers and then delivered nicotine desired dosage.

In addition to the luxury bases there are cheaper options even. Okolopremiumnye slurry are different from the premium bases not only price, but also manufacturing technology. Method and quality of the ingredients of such a base for electronic cigarettes are considerably inferior to the premium liquids, but they are much better than low cost options. This base type cover a smaller percentage of consumers than the budget segment, but it is much more than a luxury.

In every town you can find a number of shops specializing in the sale zhizh for electronic cigarettes. There not only offer databases of known manufacturers, but also local. The advantage lies in the fact that the price of this product is much smaller due to the absence of costs for imports. The quality of such mixtures leaves much to be desired, but for beginners this option is quite good, because often such bases have the lowest nicotine content.

Experienced electronic cigarette smokers have resorted to base yourself cooking at home. Samozames - is a fast process of preparing manure for electronic cigarettes by hand. This is a great way to manufacture a specific database for a particular device, you need to knead the ingredients in such proportions that create a unique fluid.

Catching samozamesom, knowing all the subtleties of cooking, it is possible to save on the purchase of finished foundations a few times and get a quality product for a low price. Subject to proper proportions and the use of high quality raw materials is a liquid with a stable flavor, odor, strength and the desired level of properties unique for each type of electronic device.

Any base for electronic cigarette, regardless of the manufacturing process, consists of several ingredients, such as:

Glycerol, propylene glycol and water are used to prepare a neutral base - it will not have any smell or taste. Flavors are selected on the basis of personal feelings. Buy all the necessary ingredients for samozamesa can at any store that sells electronic devices for smoking. At first, better to take as many bottles as possible, because the first time a novice mixture can not be obtained. Flavors is better to choose natural, popular are citrus fruits, berries, with a taste of cola and other drinks.

Proportion basis for electronic cigarettes

The amount of each ingredient depends upon the desired strength and devices, under which the mixture is produced. There are three types of proportions:

  • standard: Take 55% propylene glycol, 35% of edible glycerine and 10% distilled water - suitable vacuum tanks and clearomizers (Nautilus mini, Kayfun, Taifun).
  • Ice Blade: Take 95% propylene glycol, 5% water. Concentrated base fits under vacuum tanks.
  • Velvet Cloud: Take 80% propylene glycol, 20% water. Used to surround evaporation, the mixture has almost no taste.

To prepare the classical base without flavors and flavor additives, used three essential ingredients - propylene glycol, glycerol and distilled water. This mixture prefer newcomers every day. Still, this liquid is called the basic foundation or "nulevkoy". Its feature is that it does not have a strong fortress or a special taste.

Propylene glycol is responsible for the transmission of flavors in the taste buds and nicotine into the lungs. Glycerol was added to create a concentrated mixture, and the distilled water serves as solvent a thick consistency. Some liquids finished composition does not contain water, the ratio of the first two ingredients - 70/30. The disadvantage of this mixture is that it is not suitable for some models of electronic cigarettes because of the density.

This framework for electronic cigarettes means "velvet cloud." Characterized by a large amount of steam is not very pronounced, bright taste. Not the most popular option, as it attracts only superficially spectacular smoke. base composition contains no propyleneglycol, only 80% glycerol and 20% distilled water. Initially in a pure form it has a slightly sweet taste. It is produced primarily for dripok (atomizers in which the base is instilled directly into evaporator).

The framework for electronic cigarette is very popular among veyperov. The name translates as "ice blade." Feature of this framework is that due to the high propylene glycol content while smoking a small quantity of smoke. The composition ratio of ingredients: 95% propylene glycol and 5% distilled water. Often Ice Blade Base is used to switch to a less strong bases or completely beznikotinovye.

Where to buy liquor for cigarettes

In any city there are several points of sale manure for electronic cigarettes. It is best to trust the shop with the largest number of positive reviews, where the originality of the products sold is confirmed. In these places you can find liquid domestic (local, regional) and foreign manufacturers. In addition to ready-made bases there still sold components for samozamesa. In addition to sales outlets in the city there is still a large number of online stores offering products at a cheaper price.

Price basis for electronic cigarettes

The table below contains the desynchronization prices liquid flavorings and Moscow Moscow region. Buy framework for electronic cigarettes can be not only in a physical store, but also to order online:

Basis Merck FruitOil 70/30

Basis Merck FruitOil 50/50

Basis Merck FruitOil 60/40

Basis Merck FruitOil 80/20

Basis Smoke Kitchen Traditional 100 ml

Basis Smoke Kitchen Cloud 30pg / 70vg

Flavors TPA / TFA in glass

Flavors Smoke Kitchen Drops

Basis Smoke Kitchen Optimal 100 ml

How to make a liquid for electronic cigarette with his own hands

The process of preparation of slurry in the home called samozamesom. Experienced veypery for which the cooking process - it is a hobby, prefer to do their own home bases. This fascination has many benefits - cost savings for the purchase of ready-mix, unique homemade fluid (fortress level, smell, taste). Before samozamesom need to purchase all the necessary ingredients: buy nicotine electronic cigarette, glycerol, propylene glycol, distilled water, if desired flavor.

If it is necessary to prepare traditional liquid which will not have any taste, it is necessary to have the first three components: propylene glycol, glycerin and water. Some prepared base without using water, then the mixture is a more concentrated, dense. The consistency of the finished fluid should fit the type of e-cigarettes (dripka, tank). The mixture should be left to infuse for no more than 48 hours.

This base is used for manufacturing veypinga fluids of any type. This is one of the essential ingredients of any electronic cigarettes, except nicotine. This base is absorbing the moisture, liquid, oily consistency, has a sharp taste. At repeated use causes psychological and physical dependence. Nicotinic fluid for electronic cigarettes sold in dosages of 48, 60, 72, 84 and 96 mg. The density level is calculated based on the number of milligrams of nicotine per milliliter (when 10 ml of liquid, 24 g of nicotine out of 240 mg).

The so-called slurry is the main component of the electronic cigarette. Some liquids are sold without nicotine and flavors, but in the shops or on the Internet can be found even any options. Framework for electronic cigarettes are selected not only according to personal preferences: they differ in the level of nicotine, the density of texture, taste and price range. An important point of choice for fluid vaypinga a model cigarette, because the density of the base must fit under the dispenser.

These materials can be purchased at any store that sells ingredients for samozamesa and ready fluid. There is a wide variety of natural and synthetic fragrances on the market. Very wide range of flavors can be selected fruit, berry, tastes of known beverage (Coca Cola, Sprite) simulating tobacco cigarettes of various brands (Winston, Marlboro). The most common are flavorings Smoke Kitchen Desserts.

Flavors are added in the least amount in comparison with the other ingredients, depending on the desired effect. The more glycerin - the more smoke, but less flavor. Often to achieve optimal results propylene with flavorant are used in approximately equal proportions, glycerol and water are added to the least.

To prepare a suitable basis on their own, you need to follow some rules. One of the most important points are preparing samozamesa proportions. To calculate the concentration of each ingredient of the composition using special calculators. Here are a few classic recipes to achieve a different effect:

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