Which to choose the interior doors

Reviews of interior doors: doors which are good?

Interior doors - an important element of any repair. Various curtains and arches and could not be a substitute. By their choice should be taken seriously. Read the reviews on the Internet, if you have the opportunity to see live. Images on the screen do not convey all the color and texture. Most approaches to the issue of the choice of interior doors on a residual basis, after will be ready to ceiling, wall, and if they stay on their money.

The main thing that guided when buying - appearance. This approach to the selection of quality doors radically incorrect and facing great challenges in the future. quality of materials not only determines the appearance, but also durability. After all, who wants to buy interior doors after 2 years, when they lose a good look and start to crumble.

Before buying you need to know the size of the doorway, 80-95 cm - standard size. If the aperture of 110 cm or more, then fit revolving and sliding doors.

When laying the estimates for repairs immediately decide the amount to good interior doors. Save here will not work, quality stuff are expensive. If you want to buy gradually, as the accumulation of the necessary funds, the encounter with the situation that the desired model is no longer produced by the manufacturer. To remain in demand, firms updated lineups often. for construction materials prices are increasing, and if you find a good option, you need to take, cheaper tomorrow just will not.

  1. Environmentally friendly. Give preference to natural materials, if you allow the financial capabilities.
  2. Exterior trim. Chips, nicks on the outer surface, signs of poor performance. Spend fingernail varnish coating, there will be a good cover tracks.
  3. Color and Paint. Good surface is painted a single color, with no changes. If we see a tree structure - the outer coating is applied correctly. Dirty, muddy color, spots, a sign of poor performance, this product should not be buying.
  4. Neat gaps between the door and the frame, to provide long, trouble-free operation.
  5. A good manufacturer's seal is standard.
  6. If the belt is different from the box - a sign of poor performance.
  1. After measuring the height and width of the check diagonally from one corner to the other. The discrepancy is greater than 1 mm indicates an error.
  2. Properly seasoned wood, smooth end face.
  1. If the glass in the door with a light shaking rattles, then it is recorded properly. And it means low quality.
  2. Good frosted glass is clean without streaks and stains. Detergents, and other ways they are not removed. The defect is eliminated by replacing the glass on the new.
  3. The higher the cost of the glass, the better its performance and quality.
  4. The seal, an important part of the door, which is fixed glass. Ask the seller, that is used as a sealant.

The price of the doors affect the material from which they are made. There are 3 main types:

Basics for doors (other than an array) are composite materials - particle board, MDF, OSB. They are used for lining or foundations.

Interior doors made of solid wood - a sign of luxury. used to make - ash, alder, oak. Considered the strongest oak. These doors will decorate your interior. Doors made of softwood, the cheapest, from 5000 rubles. Exclusive version will cost 50,000 rubles. Common models are 15,000-30,000 rubles.

The door of the array - a composite structure made of rails, panels, cross bridges. This design allows designers to dramatically change the look and feel into any shape. Exterior finish is very diverse - mother of pearl, gold-plated, tinted varnish. Standard glass is replaced with stained glass windows with crystals and stones, which gives the door extra luxury and exclusivity.

The quality and the durability of doors array processing technology and affects the drying timber. If the wood has been dried and are not fully covered by a layer of varnish, seasonal changes in humidity in the environment lead to paint damage. This deficiency exposed door box and a door with knots.

The cheap niche from 5000 rubles, Belarusian producers market held, and even the Chinese factories can not issue such a relationship quality - price. Belarusian forests rich in various species of trees, and the cost of production and labor is cheaper than in Russia. Before purchasing interior doors of the Belarusian manufacturers look at reviews, there are artisanal forgery.

When buying from 35000 rubles, you can look in the direction of the Italian manufacturers. You will receive the highest quality and no problems with swollen varnish and the failed accessories. Many years of experience and advanced technology guarantee. The only negative - long waiting time and the inability to buy the finished product, only under the order.

Veneered interior doors is a good option at a lower price, compared to the array. They are very durable and are not affected by humidity. Exterior trim options are many. Price depends on the veneer, more expensive than wood, the higher the price. The quality remains the same. The cheapest option gets off the artificial veneer.

Covering fabric veneer is divided into complete and fragmentary. When the first case, the liner is applied to the entire surface. After that, the processing goes to a milling machine, to a fully finished look. When fragmentary veneering, the individual elements are treated separately and then assembled.

The average price of a good veneer doors 10000-15000 rubles, depending on the manufacturer. In this niche, Russian producers are quite a few, but for the customers reviews are allocated 3 leader - "Volhovets", "Alexander the door," "Framir".

"Volhovets" produces interior doors in cost from 12,000 rubles. According to customer reviews, the manufacturer's price is fully justified. Veneer of good quality, cute appearance. In the production of "Volhovodets" uses the veneer of ash, Canadian oak, mahogany.

"Alexander the door" - a well-known brand manufacturers, the price starts at 15,000 rubles. But justified the increased cost? In this case - completely. The company does not issue hollow doors, only jointing array. This adds longevity and you do not have to fear accidentally pierce veneer. Lineup is very extensive, then there are design trends - classic, Rococo, Empire, Art Nouveau. On the Internet there are no bad reviews of "Alexander the door."

St. Petersburg's company "Framir" compete in the low price category, from 7300 rubles. As it is written in one review: "For the price, I'm willing to take the risk." Serve as the basis of pine cell. Quality exterior finish on a high level, high-quality veneer, water-resistant varnish. When making a custom stipulate everything in great detail. This is the case with all manufacturers in the lower price category, save on everything.

Laminated interior doors, the cheapest option. Have a good appearance, service life up to 10 years, but can not tolerate moisture. Before installing the need to open several layers of lacquer and let stand for a week. From the outside covered acrylic, melamine, polyvinyl chloride film, with the texture of wood. well done coated laminated doors, in appearance indistinguishable from veneer. Lamination is used as the finishing of the web to the frame of the array, and in cell vehicle. Surface irregularities are smoothed MDF layer. As a cheaper version replace MDF with melamine paper impregnated with resins.

The steps of manufacturing the laminated interior doors

  • frame assembly of wood conifers.
  • frame filled with emptiness MDF, OSB.
  • Pasting MDF blanks.
  • Application of decorative laminated foil.

In the area of ​​the future of the lock is inserted into an additional bar for mounting. The lightweight, cardboard frame is configured in the form of honeycombs. The resulting cake is glued to a press. And after shrinkage door becomes a strong and solid.

Doors made of this technology, are small and have a good appearance. Medium variant laminated doors together with a box will cost 5000 rubles. The service life is significantly inferior to the door of the array, but the low price and appearance have made them popular. The production technology is constantly improving.

Chelyabinsk company "Cabinetmaker" produces doors from 5500 rubles. Manufacture is carried out on the European equipment, as well as accessories. Design of interior doors concise. New this season - bezbagetnoe glazing. The range is divided into groups, which reduces the time for selection. If you have a doorway custom size, do not worry, telescopic trims included.

"Sophia" - a well-known manufacturer, is actively advertised on TV. The price starts at 11,500 rubles. Cost corresponds to the quality of the goods. Only positive feedback buyers. The basis - pine frame covered MDF. Decorative coating - polypropylene film. That provides protection from moisture, mechanical damage and meets environmental standards. Shatterproof glass is used with which the destruction of dumb pieces are obtained.

Remember that the door - it's not the fabric but also the box, trim, threshold accessories. On the construction exhibitions, the firm attracts buyers low prices. But then it turns out that the price includes only the door leaf, without the rest. The cost of the complete set will cost 2 times more expensive. And if we add more and installation, the final amount is more than an exhibition. Not to be confused with the purchase, multiply the cost of the door leaf by 2. Door and its components (box, side skirts, casing) should be made of the same material.

A good interior door have datasheet, which is described in detail how the door was made in compliance with any rules and regulations. Reputable companies offer such securities on all the doors. You do not know what these state standards and rules. A passport for the products, reduces the risk of getting poor-quality door. Artisanal producers do not do that, attracting the customer low price and hoping that greed zastelet their eyes.

Tell your case. After overhaul at the doors of money is almost gone. In the construction market I picked the door "by Verdi." When compared with the more expensive one, visual difference I saw. I decided to order directly from the manufacturer, as it turned out, he was close to. When ordering a door I was told about the 2 types of casing. To my question: "What is the difference between them." I answered: "And nothing, just the size." In fact, it turned out that cheap frames need to cut their own, and have done everything expensive. Immediately after the settlement of foreign film on clypeus ragged. And after 2 years of operation, diamond glass come off. Do not pursue cheap or get ready for revision.

In his new apartment door I chose a long time, looked through a lot of options on the profile stopped Dors. When ordering, it turned out that the price on the site in 5000 rubles, only for fabric. A box, handles, hinges, thresholds, sold separately. Together at a cost of 11,000 rubles. And I found a cheaper option. In the first place I got 16,000 rubles. As a result, I ordered the doors to the online store.

After the delivery of the door, I attended her installation. And here I was waiting for a shock, the price of the installation of a door in 2 times higher than its cost. But nowhere to go had to order. Do not repeat my mistake and order the installation of the door once from the seller. About the door is nothing wrong I can not say, it took a little time yet.

Their ordering on the Internet, 5 pieces. I chose veneer, bleached oak, without glass. canvases cost - 5000 rubles. With work and everything else, at a cost of 12,000 rubles for one. Installation is made is not very professional people, reinstall 2 times. Even during the installation managed to chip area of ​​veneer on one side. After my remarks offered a discount of 1,000 rubles. The door is delivered in a big box with a passport. After opening it turned out that the manufacturer saved on the casing materials. Overall I was happy with purchase. But at the moment with frames will pay attention next time.

I share your experiences, can my review will help someone. I attend to this before the start of repair. Many looked on the internet, read the reviews. At first, I wanted to take the company "Sofia". But after reading reviews and doubt crept in, and they should not be at this price. In one of the stores I have advised the local manufacturer "Rumaks". I looked at the site, and addressed a model shop. There I was told: "But this model does not, we order only the most popular."

I had to find the right model for the city. In one of the stores agreed to bring order. Reviews for this model on the Internet does not have, it was scary to order a pig in a poke. But all ended well, safely delivered and installed. Deficiencies in the assembly, I had not noticed. Appearance - white oak with two stripes on the sides. Without glass inserts, looks very stylish. The only thing that did not like, thick, slightly tonkovat. But nothing can be done, buying over the Internet has its drawbacks.

What is better to choose the interior doors for apartments

Modern consumers are asking about the selection for your apartment Interior doors. Not having certain skills, it is difficult to do on your own, so in the course are different advice on the price to the reviews. It is useful to know how to choose the best product according to material, size, what are the secrets of the selection by type, manufacturer and design.

What determines the choice of interior doors

Make repairs important for people to understand what is better to choose the interior doors for apartments. On the selection of the following factors:

  • price - should determine your budget (the product of an array of expensive, MDF or chipboard cheaper);
  • manufacturing material - wood, metal, glass, composite products;
  • Design - common harmony with the interior of the product;
  • kind of design - to get to your room;
  • Colour;
  • manufacturer.

What material used to make

Buy carpentry is not so simple: you need to consider in the selection of materials. How to choose the interior doors in an apartment on the manufacture of the material, because it affects the appearance, quality products, the ability to resist deformation? The basic materials are:

  • wooden array;
  • inlaid wood;
  • MDF - plates of fibers are a kind of masonite;
  • Extruded lightweight cardboard frame in the form of a honeycomb;
  • Particleboard, fiberboard;
  • glass coating, painting or not.

There are doors combined with inclusion of plastic, metal, glass, but is more valuable than all the models made of solid wood. The material is strong, durable, but at the same time the most expensive price. In embodiments, the budget is better to give preference glulam, which comprises several layers of well dried wood sheets glued together with a different direction of the fibers to prevent deformation.

Typesetter canvas is made from sticks of poplar, pine, covered with natural or artificial veneer: it gives excellent appearance design and high performance usage. MDF also no different in strength, because due to the special processing wood chips clings perfectly to each other, which prevents the deformation of the web.

Which to choose the interior doors - laminated or veneered? The laminate is made from paper and impregnation with synthetic resins, which gives the product its coating strength, a mechanical damage resistance. Veneer - a layer of wood to 1 mm thick may be artificial or natural, is inexpensive, it maintains the brightness, durable.

In the shops there are other types of coverage:

  • Varnish - they cover one-piece door array to impart durability;
  • Enamel - is applied over the MDF or particle board;
  • PVC film - is resistant to scratches, dents, extremes of heat and moisture, cheap in price but varied in quality and design.

How to choose the interior doors in the size of the apartment

Picking up the material and the coating, it is necessary to carry out measurements of the box and define the future size of the door. In addition to the size necessary to know the weight, which is an important factor in ease of use. If the size of the standard, the product can be purchased at the online store, and with non - ordered from the catalog factory. Standard interior door has the following characteristics: the height of 2000 mm, width 600-900 for single-leaf and two-leaf 1000-1800 mm.

To understand the dimensions of the door should know its parameters with a box whose thickness is 15-45 mm. This means that to the opening for the installation of fabric must be added value zadvoennogo parameter. When measuring the height it is necessary to take into account the existence of a threshold. The complexity may be the designation of height and width of the boxes on the European producers in modules: for example, the M21 - is the height of 2100 mm.

Price of interior doors for apartments

If the question arises, what luxury interior doors is better to choose for the apartments, it is necessary to examine the price. Below is an exemplary value of products depending on the material web:

Listelnoe (dialer) web

How to choose the interior doors for apartments

After determining the size of the door, its material of manufacture and coating, it is necessary to go to the question of how to choose the interior doors in quality and style. Here we must bear in mind that the door must be suitable to the interior of the apartment in color, harmoniously fit into it and do not interfere with surrounding objects decoration and furnishings. It should be remembered and doors: in a small space is better to put a convenient sliding model, and in more appropriate and swing.

The question of how to choose the interior doors in an apartment, it is important to consider where they are installed. Door function is obvious - they isolate the room, supported by sound and heat insulation, decorate the interior of the apartment, give it style. Bathroom and toilet should choose a narrower construction of the dead and the living room is perfect fit clamshell with glazing. If the apartment is a child or a pet, use Open structure or inserted into it tempered safety glass.

By design, the interior doors are:

  • Swing - are attached to the box on the loop, turn to one side, because of its affordable price are in demand;
  • tsargovye - with the stacked structure;
  • Sliding-radius - apart parallel to the wall or tucked into a special cavity on sliding rollers;
  • Folding - books when you open or folded like an accordion in half, do not provide optimal sound insulation.

The apartment is supported by your style, so it is important that the interior doors are made in a specific design, in harmony with the rest of the interior. Classification by design:

  • Classic - for their peculiar blind fabric panels separated into 2 parts.
  • Modern - here panels can have the original shape, different proportions. Jewelery made of glass, veneer.
  • Techno - they are characterized by austerity and minimalism, this cutting-edge model. Their difference - strict straight lines, blind or glazed design, no decorations on the glass (as pictured).
  • Hi-tech - minimal design, made of aluminum, glass, MDF and PVC film.
  • Baroque - artsy style palace luxury figure, it is characterized by the beautiful decor of precious metals, the use of precious wood colors in white, pink, red and dark shades. Decorate products semicircular arches, massive furniture, carving decoration in the form of plant motifs.

How to choose the color of interior doors

Style the entire room sets and color selection of interior doors. There are several options that will blend in with a hall, living room, hallway or corridor. Select shades possible with the selection in the color of the floor and skirting boards, the doors need to put a couple of shades lighter and to reinforce the color of the furniture. If you pick up the product in color of the furniture, it should be 4-5 shades lighter to avoid merging colors. If the selection is carried out in the color of the walls, it is necessary to choose a couple of shades darker.

  • White - suitable to all, give easy room;
  • wenge - noble dark color in the Baroque style, in harmony with the bright interiors;
  • natural wood - from dark to light, always looks flawless;
  • colored items - blue, red, purple - are suitable for children's rooms, and express the neo-classical style;
  • silver, powder-coated - these colors are characteristic of glass products.

In the shops there are Russian producers of metropolitan, regional and international. Some are famous for producing low-cost products, others - make quality fittings and linen, are characterized by high cost. Known recommendations are Vladimir, St. Petersburg, Tver and Belarusian door. Not far behind them Karelian, Ulyanovsk and Italian.

What better interior doors

In the Russian market there are not only domestic producers but also foreign. Ranking of the best and massive doors:

  • "Vladimir doors factory";
  • "Ulyanovsk-door";
  • "Belvuddors" - the representative of Belarus;
  • "Cabinetmaker";
  • "Verde";
  • "Alvero";
  • "Bravo".

If the array has no money, but to buy a quality product like, you can choose from the following manufacturers offering as material laminated wood, MDF, particle board:

Video: quality interior doors in the bathroom

Ask a question, which is better to choose the interior doors for apartments, I chose the model of the veneer material. Not a bit sorry for the 5 years of use - they are not deformed, not cracked and look like new. It is a merit trusted manufacturer and careful handling.

I prefer natural materials in their environment, so do not hesitate to buy them from a single array in the selection of interior doors. I like that they have excellent noise insulation, reliable and durable, will last a long time.

How to choose the interior doors - advice on the selection of material and the filler

A century ago, no one thought about a wide variety of interior doors. There was only one material - solid wood. Over the years, lack of natural resources has forced manufacturers to save money and to invent more practical and cheaper materials. Today, solid wood - is a luxury, but what the market offers to the average purchaser and both at a reasonable price to purchase quality door, and in this we have to understand.

The door made of solid wood - whether or not to overpay for the material?

If you prefer good old classics and want to buy doors made of solid worth pre understand the species, as well as their advantages and disadvantages over other materials. After all, the price of such doors a lot - up to $ 1000 or more. When choosing from an array of doors, pay attention to two things - Connection technology and the strength of the tree. Classic paneled doors are made without the use of glue. Fixing panels (the upper layer and the filler) is due to the self-locking grooves. It is this type of connection is considered to be the most durable, and the life of the door can be up to 100 years. Less durable natural doors, assembled on the glue. Such variations are cheaper and are in great demand among consumers.

Interior doors made of natural array

Choice of wood also plays an important role. Doors made of natural array made from hard and soft wood. Solid wood more resistant to wear, and the doors are expensive, the minimum price of $ 500 and above. For the production of doors of hardwood used beech, oak, mahogany, hornbeam, and maple. Doors made of soft wood often used in country cottages, rather than houses. They are made from softwood (pine, spruce). Typically, these doors are deprived finishes have roughness. In the off-season, they can be expanded by temperature changes, it is necessary to cause the master to correct dimensions. However, the price on the doors of the softwood is much lower: $ 100 and up, is a good option for those who like natural materials.

Approximately flush embodiments are combined with the quality soft array. Here natural materials only play a decorative role. Inner filler represented MDF door, chipboard, etc., and the top material is coated with a thin layer of an array of not more than 6.5 mm thick. This option is cheaper, and therefore more accessible to the consumer with a small budget.

When buying a door from the array is important to buy them from reliable suppliers, since the material itself is quite fastidious in storage and processing. If not well dried wood, then very soon it will begin to deform and warp, and using an array of low quality are guaranteed to lead to marriage even during assembly. Therefore, carefully read the reviews on the website of the manufacturer, but rather bring along an expert.

To summarize and highlight the main advantages installing interior doors made of solid wood:

  • reliability and durability;
  • High heat and sound insulation;
  • sawmills resistance to moisture, especially oak;
  • a variety of decorations and tree pattern.

The advantage №1 door panels - is to preserve the original appearance for a long time

However, there is in this honey and a few spoonfuls of tar, here are the main ones:

  • softwoods susceptible to moisture;
  • It requires regular maintenance to preserve the appearance;
  • susceptibility to mechanical damage;
  • significant weight in solid doors;
  • increased demands on the quality of accessories.

To scratch at the surface of the array are less noticeable, and the pattern was uniform, modern manufacturers are often coated with a layer of wood veneer door, which plays a decorative and protective role.

Natural veneer or fine-line - which cover better?

In the manufacture of an array of paintings there is a lot of waste, which is displayed on the final number of doors and price. To increase the output and improve the availability of door manufacturers use veneer sheets. This thin slices of 1 mm thickness, which are glued together to obtain a durable coating of the door. Natural Veneer has a singularity - the diversity of pattern and color. In mass production, this nuance is one of the major disadvantages. To achieve uniformity pattern using wood veneers, it is necessary to file down a significant portion of the sheet, and all this waste.

Samples veneering doors facilitate choice

Manufacturers have found a solution to this problem - fine-line technology. It allows you to make the correct veneer with a uniform color and pattern. For the production of fine-line veneer cultivated fast-growing trees, usually poplar. The particular technique does not allow wood to acquire heterogeneous pattern and formed on the surface roughness and knots. Next, get peeled veneer, he glued and painted. Cloth veneer fine-line one party is guaranteed to match the structure, color, pattern and other characteristics.

For comparison of 1 m 3 of the array 3 may be made up of doors, and the same volume of wood veneers - 10-15 doors. When using the fine-line technology waste reduced, release of 1 m 3 is 20-25 doors.

The use of fine-line veneer to simulate the road surface finishing of solid wood veneer and without spending a lot of money to buy fabric. For example, the door to the style of wenge and mahogany of the fine-line veneer worth 5 times cheaper than natural counterpart. However, for an attractive appearance and hiding low cost material strength due to the application of softwoods. So if you for the strength of the material, do not take the money and is better put a sheet of wood veneer. This coating is made of hardwood, ensuring protection from unexpected damages.

Other types of coverings - laminate, or laminate and varnish

In addition to natural and artificial veneer coating door leaf used three basic material - laminate, or laminate and lacquer. Consider everyone will know what the best materials in order to determine the final choice. Coatings made of laminate - is paper, which is coated with alkyd resins, which give it strength. To create a simulation of the road finishes at the surface of the laminate is applied full-color printing. However, even the use of expensive technologies makes no coating of vulnerability to ultraviolet rays, poor resistance to moisture and mechanical damage.

Laminated interior doors for every taste and color

Top quality indicators at or laminate. It is a special film with the addition of mineral (corundum), which increases the quality and characteristics of the material makes it more resistant to sunlight, moisture, and abrasion and scratching manifestation. This cover is also called synthetic veneer. And indeed, with the imitation of the pattern and quality of wood veneer, he does well.

Paint layer helps to protect material from abrasion, to give it additional gloss or matte. In addition, the application of paint automated machine in several layers to hide imperfections and give the door leaf perfect smoothness.

MDF and particleboard - both manifest themselves from the chip material?

Door panels of MDF and chipboard panels, probably the most popular option among buyers. Besides, it is economically advantageous material for manufacturers, since it is manufactured from wood waste and requires no special temperature conditions for exposure. Pleasant ratio product prices and quality can be obtained by purchase from the door leaf frame made of natural array and coated MDF or chipboard panels. So, here is what are the main advantages can be extracted during the installation of the door leaf made of MDF or particle board:

  • low cost and price;
  • the possibility of decorating lacquer and paint surfaces;
  • small weight 11 to 20 kg;
  • a high resistance to temperature and moisture as compared with analogues from the array.

Doors with coated MDF most demanded by buyers

However, without the drawbacks as in any way. Appearance doors from MDF looks cheap, often resembles plastic. Low resistance to shock and scratches - another drawback. Painting such door does not always match the required quality, and the ends of the frames eventually amenable to abrasion. MDF can not be called environmentally friendly material. Therefore, in an apartment with small children should choose interior doors made of natural veneer or solid.

Masonite door - what is in the budget equivalent?

If finances do not allow to get good door made of natural materials, the market offers low cost options - masonite door. Construction of such doors is as follows: on the wooden blocks are set sheets of MDF, and the internal space is filled honeycomb, which may be represented by one of three options:

  1. 1. Corrugated cardboard. This is the cheapest filler, assembled like an accordion with cell sizes from 5 to 15 cm. This fabric is resistant to moisture, low stress to the box, but called it resistant to hard shocks.
  2. 2. Wooden bars. In this case, the trimming softwoods, such as pine needles. The weight of the fabric increases, and increases and strength with him.
  3. 3. fiberboard. The material is cut into strips slightly less than the width of the surfacing sheet, after which the cells are formed. It is more expensive and at the same time the most practical option which combines both lightness and strength.

Primed masonite door - the best option for those who want to save on repairs

door of an inner filler can be concluded that the masonite door - this is a relatively cheap option. The web weighs a bit, so it is easy to transport and install. A wide variety of finishes allows choosing a door leaf to any room design.

Name masonite door comes from the original American company, which first took up their production - "Masonite". Deliver these samples to Russia first began in Canada, so they are also called Canadian or cellular.

Disadvantages - low resistance to moisture and impact models with the corrugated medium. To increase the stability of masonite web to a moist environment, the surface is coated with a protective coating.

Check the integrity of the three items manufacturer

Have chosen the model, do not judge it only by the material from which it is made, check further the quality of the door leaf in three points. The first point - coating and varnishing. Clear signs of poor coverage can be seen at first sight. On the surface visible spot stains, paint applied inhomogeneous layer. There obviously are some defects that an unscrupulous manufacturer wants to hide from you. The end portion of the web must also converge in color with the primary coating. If toning and color all right, go to the testing surface. Conduct on the canvas by hand. If palpated hillocks, protrusions, porous coating - this is one more symptoms of poor material. He must be completely smooth, as the lining and the end part. fingernail test will help you learn about the quality of varnishing. Gently slide fingernail across the surface. If on the canvas was a trace or paint flaked off completely, the painting material is of poor quality, so buy such a door is not necessary.

Checking the quality of interior doors is now possible to produce directly in the showroom Seller

The second point - the size of the deviation from the norm. To determine compliance with the door leaf size standards do not forget to bring a tape measure. First, we measure the diagonal blade and check for misalignment. Tape measure the distance from one corner to another, and similarly perform the second diagonal. Deviations must be a maximum of 1 mm. If you mark more low-quality doors. Some manufacturers of error can be up to 1 cm. The consequences of such an assembly necessarily show up during installation or operation, and not for the better.

Carefully inspect the ends. If you see the curvature, the door is "eight". Over time, these curvatures will only increase. Most often, this defect is observed at the door of the array, and means that the drying process and wood processing has been broken.

The third point - glass inspection. If you buy a model not deaf, and combined facade, carefully look at the glass. Gently shake the door to and fro. The glass must not tremble, firmly fixed to the frame. Also, it should not be seen grease stains and traces of outsiders. Wash them with frosted glass is almost impossible.

Hopefully these tips will help you choose a quality, durable, and affordable pocket interior doors.

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