What better to glue the wallpaper in the bedroom

What better to glue the wallpaper in the bedroom? What better to glue the wallpaper in the bedroom according to Feng Shui?

In each house or apartment has a bedroom. Her space is a purely personal and private. It was in this room, a person begins and ends the day. Therefore it is necessary to give enough attention to its interior design. Getting to the repair, many wonder: What better to glue the wallpaper in the bedroom? After finishing the whole should be selected so as to not disturb the idyll of peace and tranquility.

The bedroom should be a lot of free space, so if its design does not use a lot of decorative elements and furniture. As a rule, the main emphasis is spread on the walls. The most common type of decoration is the wallpaper. A wide selection of this material allows us to give the room personality and originality. For decoration may be used paper, textiles, glass fiber, vinyl, natural or non-woven wallpaper. Colors and variety of patterns allow blends in harmoniously with any interior and create the desired atmosphere.

Depending on the preferences and the nature of the hosts, wallpaper for the bedroom can be quite varied. This choice may affect not only the taste, but also a way of life.

What better to glue the wallpaper in the bedroom? Interior photos for housewives, for example, is presented below.

For this type of women the best solution would be a bedroom in a classic style. Finishing walls - preferably in a light panel with a fine pattern or completely monochromatic. This selection will create an unobtrusive design that is a perfect backdrop for certain items. This category of women value stability, natural and quiet, thus finishing material should be as natural.

Interior for romantic persons

For people who prefer to spend the evening by candlelight in a romantic atmosphere, you can use when you make a bedroom darker tones. However, with them need to be extremely careful, because there is a possibility to transform the room into a very gloomy, which does not contribute to creating an atmosphere of mystery and mystery. The material is ideally suited textile wall, usually without drawing. It is very important to supplement furnished interior, it should be carefully selected by a bedroom design.

Bedroom Iron Lady

If the hostess is very much time at work and come home only late at night, she just need to have a bedroom that will have a good rest, restore lost energy and relieve stress. It is for these women approach the harmony and balance of pastel shades. So calm colors create the necessary atmosphere for the business woman, helping to relax and forget about work.

The style bedrooms for strong women

Strong, and sometimes even aggressive women prefer bright and saturated colors, unusual finishes and offbeat atmosphere. In their bedrooms can often meet flashy artificial colors, which have the same strong energy, as are the owner.

Before you decide on the dominant palette for the entire space, you need to answer an important question: what is better to glue the wallpaper in the bedroom? Colors and shades you need to pick up for the basic design is still at an early stage and, of course, to determine the texture of the fabric. The answer will help correct accents and give the interior a harmonious and complete form.

Bedroom enables not limited in choice. In it the main thing - to adhere to a sense of proportion and balance. The optimal solution would be a wall decoration in earthy tones, this course will give a room of natural and fill it with positive mood and emotions. The basic rule for such a room - the complete absence of irritating and exciting colors.

What better to glue the wallpaper in the bedroom? Select picture

Choosing a pattern on the wallpaper for the bedroom, you need to know exactly what the end result should turn out.

  • Floral patterns give space lightness and romance.
  • Abstraction creates the impression of infinity and diversity.
  • Geometric figures give regularity and stability.
  • Folk ornament filled with mysterious and enigmatic.
  • Strip, depending on the direction, can create several effects: vertical space extends, making it visually above, and extends horizontally.

In today's world, the practice of Feng Shui has become quite fashionable. Many people carried away by it. Basically, it teaches the correct arrangement of the living space, the choice of finishing materials and rastravleniyu certain items that will attract positive energy.

Specialists in this field may suggest what is better to glue the wallpaper in the bedroom of Feng Shui, in order to be possible to work on improvement of the human body and restore vitality.

  • Paper wallpaper. From the point of view of Fung Shui is a bad option. All the negative energy will settle on them and soaked through negative emotions.
  • Vinyl wallpapers. This material is considered to be not much better than the last, because, in principle, has similar characteristics as the first one.
  • Washable wallpaper. From the point of view of experts, this kind of wallpaper is good enough in the processing of the surface of the water will be neutralized by the negative energy, and the room filled with positive emotions again.
  • Natural fabric wallpaper. The best way to decorate the walls, this type of trim is able to fully protect the bedroom space from the negative.

As the location of the windows may affect the color of the wallpaper?

The main criterion for the choice of colors for the bedroom is a natural light. It will depend on the location of windows. cool colors can be used for the south side: pink, gray, blue, silver, purple. This design helps to balance the effect of the hot sun, filling the room cool.

But what is better to glue the wallpaper in the bedroom on the north side? Premises with the location of windows differ gloom and grayness. Usually, sunlight did not enter it, so when choosing a palette should be given preference for warm colors: yellow, peach, terracotta, beige, orange or red. They give bedroom atmosphere of warmth and coziness.

Children's room. Wallpaper for girls

When carrying out repairs in the children's room to the choice of finishing materials must be handled with special care. Children's bodies are still very weak, to resist the harmful factors. Therefore, what better to glue wallpaper in the bedroom for the girls? You can with 100% certainty that they have to be especially environmentally friendly, in order not to cause allergies or other medical conditions.

Making children's room depends on the age of the child. For example, girls 3-7 years old prefer to see their favorite characters from fairy tales and cartoons, category 8 to 12 years - the posts with the actors or singers, and adolescents - a classic interior.

The dominant color scheme should consist of a gentle and soothing shades, such as pink, beige, peach. For girls it is essential to feel inner peace, security, ease and warmth.

There will also be quite harmonious look in the nursery for girls wallpaper with floral motifs. Image of nature in the room will create a natural atmosphere of peace.

Children's room. Wallpaper for boys

The room for a boy, on the contrary, should teach him the courage to form in his character of the masculine, in any case can not be from an early age to surround him too much care and tenderness. So there is a chance that the boy will grow "mama's boy" and is constantly crying, demanding attention.

Be sure the room must be placed fitness equipment for the proper development of the organism: wall bars, rope, horizontal bar.

What better to glue the wallpaper in the bedroom for a boy? Here, as in the case of girls, the main criterion is age. Preschoolers prefer wallpapers with the image of cars, ships, pirates, steam locomotives. Students carried away by video games, choose a style reminiscent of Star Wars. And teenagers tend to have a neutral decor.

The harmonious combination of wallpaper with white furniture

Many people prefer to choose for your bedroom environment white furniture. It is associated with purity and lightness, it gives a feeling of comfort and spaciousness. Basically a design is chosen romantic and refined nature.

However, what is best to glue wallpaper in the bedroom with white furniture in order to avoid monotony and dullness?

Modern manufacturers provide many different options for harmonious combinations. It can be completely calm clearance or, alternatively, with bright accents.

  • Wallpaper dark tones. For large and spacious bedrooms this combination will be the most optimal. However, we must remember that the furniture will serve as the main focus, so its placement must be approached carefully think through all the finest details. Also, the highlight will be the perfect order, which must necessarily be maintained in such a room.
  • Background of bright color. This design will suit an energetic and dynamic people who can not imagine their life without movement. However, without specific skills, you can overdo it with the saturation, and then the interior will cause a constant feeling of irritation. To avoid this, as an alternative, you can use a bright accent on one wall near the head of the bed.
  • Wallpaper light colors. By choosing such a combination, it is necessary to be extremely careful in order not to get lost in the monotony. To do this, you can pick up the white wallpaper with a small but bright pattern. Pastel-colored interiors are also possible, however, you will need to place in the bedroom contrasting decorative elements.

Or non-woven vinyl wallpaper

The modern market of finishing materials is full of different types of wallpaper. However, the most popular of them are non-woven and vinyl. Its popularity they have gained thanks to the good performance properties, such as long life, practicality and ease of installation.

But what is better to glue the wallpaper in the bedroom - a non-woven or vinyl? To answer this question only after a detailed examination of each species.

Vinyl wallpapers

There are 3 main types of wallpaper:

  • silk-screen printing; manufactured by applying hot stamping. They have a large assortment of colors and patterns, harmonious look not only on the walls but also on the ceiling. They require special care and are not resistant to mechanical damage.
  • Paper-based; alternative option with an inexpensive cost. Made with the help of spraying a layer of vinyl on paper. When wet or damaged upper layer may be separated.
  • On the basis of non-woven; Background of the group considered the most practical, since the resistance to moisture and abrasion. When pasting they are able to cover the small defects on the surface of the wall.

This type is the most optimal for the bedroom decoration. They are environmentally friendly, resistant to direct sunlight, cover the irregularities and defects in walls and have a nice appearance.

There are two main types: coated with a decorative motif and painting. This opens great opportunities for decorating the room. Due to the interlining, which perfectly adheres to the surface of the wall, they can withstand up to 5 paint layers. Their texture may be different, as burlap, waves, twill or herringbone.

So what better to glue the wallpaper in the bedroom? The unequivocal answer is no. Their choice is individual and depends on personal preference. Creating a harmonious interior - it is a long and creative process. Tips that give designers, can only serve as a clue, so do not be afraid to dream and to take bold decisions.

Wallpaper in the interior of a bedroom

If you believe the claims of scientists, approximately one-third of your life man holds in his sleep. This means that the place for this dream to be appointed and the most comfortable and cozy. The place is meant, of course, a bedroom, whose design, as the design of any other premises, enormously depends on what material the walls are finished. The following discussion focuses on what wallpaper glue in the bedroom should not be, and which, on the contrary - a good fit in this room. criteria will also be considered for the choice of material, color and pattern. We must start with the basics - namely, with the material.

Under bedroom interior wallpaper is usually selected from the three main groups. This can be a paper based material, vinyl foam and textile fabrics. The first option is the cheapest, but also short-lived. This material is very poorly perceived exposure to moisture, sunlight and any mechanical load. Already in just a year or two, you may need to replace the wall covering, so that recourse to such a finish should be only in cases where the financial issue is too much serious. On the positive side of wallpaper can be attributed width range, environmental friendliness and ease of partial restoration. But these advantages are not enough to cover the face of a fatty minus low durability and wear resistance.

Vinyl fabric - it is more perfect and practical material, whose main advantage is the ability to endure even a direct exposure to moisture. With this wallpaper are called washable. Also, admire the depth of drawing patterns. With proper lighting, you can even create the effect of three-dimensional figures. Material cost slightly higher, but buying it is not a year or two, but on a much more solid term.

Well, the third popular option - textiles. This is perhaps the best wallpapers for human bedrooms, striving to create a delicacy all over, and in the design as well. Appearance of a truly excellent material. Outwardly, it seems that the walls are covered with the most that neither is on, natural fabric that is partly true. Effectively, aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly, but unfortunately not very economical. Afford textile wall can not everyone. In addition, the fabric requires regular maintenance and have a negative impact on perceived it to direct sunlight.

What better wallpaper for the bedroom of the three above options? Definitely this question can not be answered. If the main task is to save - the paper, if sophistication - the textile, if practicality - the vinyl.

Design and color of the wallpaper for the bedroom

First of all, it must be said that the color design of the bedroom - it is perhaps the most important point. Interior needs to relax and calm down, so you need to choose the color wisely. How to choose a wallpaper in the bedroom so that they can best contribute to a strong and healthy sleep? It's pretty simple. First of all you need to listen to their own taste preferences. Different people may have different perceptions of the same color, so first you need to decide for yourself which color has the most calming effect.

So, for romantic and calm natures ideal standard neutral and pastel colors. We are talking about the peach, beige, light green, light blue, pale brown and similar shades in a room they will create an atmosphere of peace, tranquility, to some extent, even security.

Take a look at what these wallpaper for the bedroom to create a design in the photo:

Over the same active people all of the above colors can perceive with a sense of boredom and dissatisfaction. Their abode of harmony will make a wall, decorated in bright, saturated colors, sometimes red or purple. But here, we should not forget that to be in this room do not have an hour or two a day, and a minimum of 6-8, so the color should be chosen with the expectation that he did not bother with the time and did not begin to put pressure on the psyche . To help smooth the dominant influence of bright colors will help different accents in neutral tones. For example, for the red bedroom necessarily need to buy white bed linen, lay some carpet, hang a picture, etc.

Another effective way to avoid overloading the color space - this is the combination of wallpaper in the bedroom, in the course of which uses several colors and patterns. It may be a combination of two colors, two patterns or colors and patterns at once. The most common combinations are tandems consisting of one bright and one soothing colors, or colors of a palette. In the latter case they differ only in nuances.

The best wallpapers for bedrooms: design pictured

Here it should be noted that the original color chosen for the decoration of the bedroom does not have to be dominant, since the effect of the two individual colors can be very different. So, any shade of beige far less noticeable effect on the psychological tone of the room, rather than red, so its fullest expression in the interior of a color is used in much larger quantities than all the same red. If red is enough to form the intermediate bands, the beige to be present in much overwhelming number. The same can be said of all the pastel shades on the one hand, and bright - on the other.

The interiors of the bedrooms the wallpaper color and are selected based on the individual characteristics of the premises. If the room is very small, no bright and saturated colors should not be used here. Only light and only neutral colors like white, beige, cream, etc. These shades will be the priority in cases when the room is not well lit. Light colors visually expand the space and make it more lighting. In addition, a light, relaxing atmosphere.

See how it looks bright wallpaper in the interior of a bedroom in the photo below, you can:

For overall bedrooms are quite different. Fantasy here can walk in any direction. No particular limitation is not here, so you can use a variety of colors and their combinations. However, before you choose the wallpaper in the bedroom, make sure that the room is well equipped with a lighting system, as if the latter is present in insufficient quantities, the dark tones appear too dark, and sometimes even depressing.

Decoration bedroom wallpaper: any suit

Immediately after the color is necessary to determine and paintings pattern. Drawing, though not playing such an important role, as the color of the wallpaper for the bedroom, but still very much a determinant for the interior. Thus, the design of the bedroom wallpaper with a pattern of the wrong size or the wrong thematic focus can thoroughly spoil. Therefore, we must not think that the choice of the figure - is the task of secondary importance.

So what are the wallpaper will be perfect for the bedroom? Speaking about the theme of drawing, we can safely say that all individually here. Drawing should be a reflection of the inner world of the owner of property, he must impersonate his hobbies, interests. For women, it is often a floral theme. Men are mostly preferred by some abstract shapes, geometric shapes, and other, more neutral than thematic, things.

The pattern size is selected based on the room area. If the bedroom is small, the pattern should be smaller. Only then it is desirable to do without fanaticism, because too small patterns will simply fade into the eyes, do not form anything coherent. Large pattern is valid only if the room is quite spacious. Otherwise, the wall will be narrowed visually and bedroom will resemble something like a stuffy closet.

It should be noted that the rapidly strip back in fashion. If, until recently, it was used mainly in the traditional and classical interior, the current design of the bedroom wallpaper stripes can support virtually any stylistic direction, whether it be classical or high-tech. In general, the strip - it is a very versatile tool, through which you can achieve a variety of visual effects. So, on the walls pokleit short space web in horizontal stripes, it is possible to visually lengthen. A vertical direction of the strip perfectly cope with the task of lifting ceilings. Particularly relevant this option will design for old apartments, as well as for rooms with suspended or stretch ceilings.

How are practical, versatile and fashionable wallpaper for the bedroom in the photo can be seen below:

And to achieve intermediate effect can use different combinations of strip with other patterns. Thus, in recent years it has become a very popular striped fabric glue only on the upper two-thirds of the walls and the bottom of them finish the other pattern, or do other stuff. However, the strip can be located and the bottom - there is a question of personal preference. But, in any case, it looks like the picture is quite original.

In this we shall conclude our article. Thank you for attention.

Finally Your attention will be represented by a small picture gallery bedroom design wallpaper:

What better to glue the wallpaper in the bedroom in a modern interior

What glue wallpaper in the bedroom, a room with a person begins working day and where he is resting after a hard work?

The main purpose of the material - to make the room cozy and comfortable. Choosing your favorite wallpaper and stick them on the wall with their hands, the owner of the home makes your room a unique and unique.

The article suggests to get acquainted with the types of wallpaper, their benefits, and some use cases.

What are the advantages of using wallpaper

A wide variety of wall decoration in the bedroom a lot of people prefer them to paste wallpaper.

The reasons for this may be:

  • Many do not want to pile up the room with unnecessary elements of decor: paintings (see: How to hang a picture in the bedroom feng shui), pictures, photos that will clutter the space.
  • The less any items in the room, the easier person to breathe in it, especially in the bedroom.
  • The use of a minimum set of decorative objects in the interior, the correct choice of the type and color of wallpaper helps to achieve perfection of the image.
  • Wallpapers give a room a kind of charm, help to maintain the selected style interior.

Tip: When choosing materials the basic rule should be a combination of wall decoration with the overall situation in the room. In this case, you must follow the combination of colors and textures. So, for example, mimic the rough texture of the wallpaper, are not compatible with silk curtains and bed linens.

What criteria are taken into account when choosing the material

Instructions on choosing wallpaper offers to pay attention to:

  • The combination of a range of colors of the interior.
  • Quality. The material shall be ecologically clean.
  • Wallpaper should emphasize the style and look very nice furniture.
  • Is a material which creates a comfortable atmosphere.
  • They should not put pressure on its human pattern, have the aggressiveness.

Tip: Choosing the wallpaper you need to consider the location of the room. When her position most of the day in the shade, wallpaper is better to choose lighter in the sun - all.

In its structure, the wallpaper can be:

They are made of various grades of paper.

Industry produces two types of wallpaper:

  • Simplex or single layer.
  • Two-layer or duplex. Have an additional layer, possess high resistance to light and moisture.

According to the structure of the wallpaper can be:

  • Smooth. In this case, the paper base on the front side is patterned by printing.
  • Structural. A material due to the special paint application technique has a bulk texture. Under painting, most often, these wallpapers are available white.
  • Embossed wallpaper. Have a raised pattern on the top layer, when adhered to the surface well camouflage small surface irregularities.

Low price - the only advantage of wallpaper.

The disadvantages of the material include:

  • Rapid loss of color.
  • Lack of resistance to abrasion.
  • On paper wallpaper bad influence humidity.

It is more expensive fabrics for wall papering.

  • Base - paper or interlining.
  • The upper layer of material coated with polyvinyl chloride.

The advantages of vinyl wallcovering include:

  • Increased strength.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • In appearance imitates stone, plaster.
  • Excellent smooth out minor irregularities and roughness.
  • Wallpapers made silk-screen printing, have a smooth texture, have an attractive sheen, but when working with them the surface on which they are applied, must be perfectly flat.
  • The material has increased abrasion resistance.
  • It does not fade when exposed to light.
  • They are easy to wash even detergent.
  • Have a long service life.

For the walls is the most popular option. The photo shows an example of wallpaper.

fabric wallpaper

They consist of two layers:

  • Paper or non-woven.
  • Tissue. To do this, you can take: linen, cotton, jute.

Wallpaper produced roll or with seamless embodiment, when the perimeter room glued dense material, and after the labels are cut tapestry openings for windows and doors.

The basis for fabric wallpaper can be:

The color of the material can be any, with lots of pictures options.

The main advantages of fabric wallpaper:

  • High heat and sound insulation.
  • Excellent aesthetic appearance.

The disadvantages are:

  • Relatively high cost.
  • There are difficulties in maintenance.
  • During operation, accumulate a lot of dust.

For their manufacturing:

Advantages of the fabric are:

  • The ability of good to pass air, steam, and moisture does not allow them to absorb the wall.
  • Well removed from the wall of small cracks.
  • They are easy to work with.
  • Not deformed.
  • No shrinkage.

It is used most often in conjunction with vinyl.

Choosing what to paste the wallpaper in the bedroom, you need to take into account the pattern that has some special features:

  • Vertical stripes lengthen the wall.
  • Often repeated small patterns, making the room more narrow.
  • Device pictures or other decoration items can be plain wallpaper to make a living.

It can be used for walls and form the basis for other types of materials.

They are distinguished by the beauty and ease.

The advantage of the material are as follows:

  • good sound insulation;
  • not fade in the sun;
  • no visible seams at the sticker on the wall;
  • damaged parts of the wall can be easily and discreetly adjust.

Manufacture of wallpaper from natural materials

Their main advantage - environmental friendliness. These wallpapers are often distinguished by unusual design solutions.

Generally, panels are used, made of balsa wood or bamboo, thin strips of wood. During operation the material must be protected from moisture and mechanical damage, otherwise it will lose its properties.

  • Material based on a dense, wax-treated, dust or flour of wood rosin, chalk.
  • On the surface of the wallpaper, you can execute any unique pattern.
  • Linkrust looks elegant and luxurious.
  • But after sticking to the walls, the material must be painted.
  • It is durable and safe coating, in resignation does not create special trouble.
  • The only negative feature wallpaper is that they do not tolerate sudden changes in temperature.

In recent years, it is becoming increasingly popular combination of wallpaper: the use of several kinds of them.

  • They come from a completely different color wallpaper and color glued each wall.
  • Made self-colored corners, and gradually move to the center in the drawing.
  • One wall is performed with a pattern, and the others are monophonic.
  • Wallpaper glued panels. Top can be made lighter and darker elements positioned below.
  • Two different colors help to connect a wide ribbon or curb. They can hide the joints between panels.

Tip: When choosing bedroom design should be guided by their tastes and preferences. In the bedroom one has to rest and gather strength, not a sigh, looking at the unfortunate new wallpapers.

Not all the houses and apartments have large bedrooms. Therefore, the question of what the wallpaper glue in a small room is set quite often.

In this case, you must determine what kind of wallpaper to take better, what color to give preference as to furnish the bedroom to win a little extra centimeters.

To visually increase the space, there are many ways:

  • Decorating the walls light wallpaper.
  • The use of soft paint for the ceiling, walls and floor.
  • Set up a small furniture.
  • Selection of original mirrors and accessories.

Tip: The bedroom - the room for sleep and rest, and picking the wrong color, you can get the opposite effect - purchase activity and aggression.

By selecting which wallpaper pokleit in a small bedroom, some guidelines for choosing the color to be observed:

  • Preference is given to calm tones wall decoration.
  • It is necessary to rely on the particular nature of the premises owners. For example: a person who has in the workplace or a strong emotional tension better choose the wallpaper in blue tones that will help to calm down and sleep all night.

Is taken into account and the "character" of the room.

Here it is necessary to consider its priorities:

  • To expand the narrow room can be pasted on a long wall wallpaper with a pattern larger than the rest of it on the walls.
  • To raise the ceiling should be used wallpaper bright colors.
  • It is not necessary to install a curb, it can make the room look even lower.
  • But the border is good to use in a room with high ceilings. In this case, the room can get the right proportions.
  • Very high bedroom will reduce adhesion of the wallpaper is not the ceiling.
  • Lighter make the room wallpaper with a warm yellowish tint.
  • The use of glossy materials that reflect light, visually increase the room.
  • Matt surfaces produce the opposite effect.
  • Irregularities are removed non-woven wallpaper.

What glue wallpaper in the nursery, you can see the video in this article. A well-chosen wallpaper in the bedroom will ensure their owners a good mood and a good night's sleep.

You see the flaws in the article? Incomplete or incorrect information? You know how to make a better article? Or you may want to offer your photos to publish?

Please help us to become better. Leave your comments and suggestions in the comments to this article. We will contact you and will modify this statyu!

I'm more like vinyl wallpaper, rather than paper. They look much better and very pleasant to the touch. Yet, the most important thing - is to choose the right color and ornament, then everything will look very good)

Catherine I argue with you, there are paper wallpaper that looks as good vinilovyh.Prosto must be chosen with taste and glue pravilno.Ya of advice articles plastered bedroom in blue, is the color of calm, quiet and at the same time very krasivyy.Poluchilos not which) looks expensive and stilno.Dumayu that many will agree with me that there is no difference what kind of glue importantly taste.

When the house there is a small child, all wallpaper are in the affected area.)) By the way, for comparison. Glued rooms of the thick vinyl wallpaper to wash, if that, and part of the road non-woven, very dense and subtle at the same time, So, our first kid became easily spoil vinyl. I think with acrylic and paper will be the same, and with natural materials, and liquid wallpaper. In general, I advise all girls who have not given birth, and is going to soon make the decoration of walls before painting. No wallpaper will not stand, and you will be sorry. Or remains do not let the child in the bedroom. But it's not really small children sleeping nearby.

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