What crafts can be made of paper

Articles made of paper with his own hands

In our time, the paper is the most cheap and available material. What can be made of paper with your hands? The first thing that comes to mind is, of course, card.

Postcard with your own hands

Creative with love

Postcard long ago became a satellite of any gift to a celebration, and in some cases and a fine independent gift. A striking example - valentines. Construction paper or cardboard, different colors, scissors, glue - a minimum set of tools that it needs. The easiest option - to turn the sheet in half and decorate with applique. The course can go any decorative material: pieces of fabric, lace, elastics, buttons, and so on. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. If you have a child - connect it to this employment, he will be delighted. A little patience, and you can get a great author's work.

Two layers of paper, you can make three-dimensional postcard. For this purpose, the inner layer is patterned in a certain way and cut along the contour. Using a game of two colors, you can get here are wonderful postcards.

Examples of volumetric postcards

Cards made by you, leave the warmest memories of you

Engineering decoration cards are widely used in a different form of paper craft - in scrapbooking.

Scrapbooking - a manufacturer of personal or family photo albums, dedicated to any event: wedding, birthday, travel, any event, to talk about where you can use the photo collage. Scrapbooking has long gone beyond the photo albums, and today this technique decorated with a variety of things: boxes, packaging, pictures, calendars.

Children photo album

Despite the fact that the necessary materials for this exciting class can be purchased at specialty stores, the network has a lot of recipes, how to make the special paper for scrapbooking or decorating yourself. In particular, the paper is made from newspapers, wrapping paper, boxes of perfume, or even out of the egg, with the addition of herbs, threads, sequins or confetti.

As scrapbooking and cards for jewelery uses polubusinki, ribbons, braid and lace. In addition, the used decoration of paper made by the technique of pergamano and quilling

Pergamano - machinery stamping on parchment paper. Professional tools successfully replace the conventional pin with a round tip or crochet hook. Manicure Myotis same pin useful for making holes. And the old computer mat will perform the function of the substrate. Patience and imagination will help you to create a work of art.

Pergamano was invented by nuns in Europe during the Middle Ages. So they made out of the Holy Scriptures of the page.

It is believed that they are the first to use a different technique - quilling: it is the art of making applications of twisted thin strips of paper. Nuns was wound thin paper with gold stripes on the edges of the feather and the resulting spiral used to decorate books, medallions, framing of the icons. Today quilling wizard is widely used in its decoration and interior design.

Pergamano "With a newborn!"

The simplest elements of quilling the strength to master even a child of primary school age. This activity will help develop creativity and imagination of your children.

Various applications of paper

Bee interior

Origami in the form of application

Origami It called the art of an entire sheet, because the classic technique prohibits not only cut the sheet, but even his overstrain. They enjoy doing folding figures from paper, this exercise will help to raise your child hard work, perseverance and creativity. With origami, you can not only have fun, but also to create a wonderful thing for interior decoration, for example, a child's room.

Style in the details

Butterflies of the white paper

Large colorful butterfly fan

You can decorate paper products chandelier on the ceiling

Decorations of paper for any occasion

You can make a fan of jewelry gift or colored paper

Colors for the interior of the corrugated paper

Rascherchivaem, cut and round out.

Flower as a gift from corrugated paper

Crafts from newspapers

Paper can be made with your own hands not only cute trinkets, but also very useful in everyday life things. In every house there is a stack of old newspapers and magazines. We shift the growing stack from place to place, in a closet, balcony, garage, until finally dare to carry all that stuff in the trash. In the meantime, from here you can create such wonders of old newspapers and magazines.

Products made of newspaper tubes twisted in a special way and painted with acrylic paint, can not be distinguished from woven of wicker products.

Chests of newspaper

Shopping from the newspaper

Houses for animals

House for children

Children's furniture for the game

Motorcycle cardboard

Try something to do with the child, and his soul will remain forever fond memories of the event.

What crafts can be made of paper

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We do paper crafts easy. Simple crafts out of paper

Both boys and girls of any pre-school and primary school age like to do the construction. Cubes and designers, clay and paper - even the youngest children have a craving for creation of the same tower of blocks. Early lessons parents or caregivers directly influence the development of their abilities.

Construction aids the formation of creative thinking, it helps to improve hand motor memories. In 3-4 years, the child is already able to make an easy paper crafts. He is able to fold the paper, learn to cut with scissors to create a three-dimensional design, crafts out of paper with your hands. At the same time develop the accuracy, precision movements.

The easiest way to take a child's hand-made article from a paper, without giving it into the hands of dangerous scissors or glue - this origami.

The first class of origami is best to start with the creation of the easiest crafts out of paper, the child's hand must get used to working with this material. Start with an introduction to simple geometric shapes - square. Try to tell the person on the square that you can do with it. In a playful way, you can explain that it has sides and angles, and show your child how to find its center. Learn to put the triangles, the child can be shown how to make a song from them, folded, for example, the Christmas tree. From the folded rectangle can be a door that can be pasted on the prepared with the help of an adult basis in the form of painted houses.

Gradually, the task can be complicated. Squares of different sizes, converted into triangles, the child can be offered to lay down their Christmas tree, expanding downward. Of the triangle and a rectangle composed of a child, can be engineered fungus. Templates crafts out of paper origami type can be found in special books. Below is a diagram of origami "Crane".

Advanced origami masters

Origami art - creative activity suitable not only for children but also for adults. It soothes, creates a meditative mood, and allows you to eventually create a beautiful little thing with their own hands.

Modular origami is more complicated than the primitive child, but also allows you to create not only simple crafts out of paper, but also more complex, three-dimensional composition. Such work requires a spatial imagination, perseverance, and patience. The most popular destination is the creation of such an origami flower. You can make a paper tulip, rose and primrose - they will receive bright, bulky and ornate. This origami paper is not only holding its own, due to the friction force. Master can resort to the use of glue to hold together with some of the details, especially when it comes to the manufacture of complex large structures.

The art of weaving from newspaper tubes has spread recently, but the master hand made already know how to create true masterpieces in this technique.

Any hack newspaper begins with the rolling process them into tubes, which become the basis of future products. Connecting them in various ways, intertwined and decorating, can be made of lightweight paper crafts, such as a small basket and provides excellent and wall panels.

For twisting the tube will need paper, a long needle, PVA glue, office or kitchen a sharp knife. News spread along the length of folded in half and carefully cut with a knife. Then again, folded and cut, until they receive a four-lane to four tubes. After that, take a needle and applying it to the edge of the newspaper at a slight angle, begin to gently twist. Tighten up the end at corner drop PVA glue applied lightly pressed, removed needle and set aside the resulting tube until the adhesive dries. When weaving the tube must be held in order to give them a conceived form. Weave begin with small articles, with time considering and evaluating all the features of the material.

From newspaper tubes usually weave baskets and boxes, photo frames and coasters for mugs, vases and wall panels. But the development of the imagination allows the material and the kind of technology is almost unlimited.

Quilling - another increasingly popular kind of paper crafts. This twisting technique in the spiral narrow long strips of paper with their subsequent modification to produce flat or bulk compositions.

Quilling hails from the Mediterranean Europe. This hobby is quite common in the United States, England and Germany. It is also called "paper filigree." Despite its name, the technique allows to make simple crafts out of paper, even a child. Spirals of paper in the right hands turn into flowers and patterns used for decoration of gift packs, hand-made greeting cards, albums, photo frames. Products made in the technique of quilling, and used as wall decorations, and even make them jewelry. This low cost, beautiful and simple form of needlework.

The Quilling use special colored paper weights. It is important that both sides and cut himself were the same color, though occasionally for special effect used paper with two different colors on both sides of the sheet.

Kits ready for quilling paper strips are sold in specialty stores, but you can cut the strips themselves.

In this technique, made of paper can be three-dimensional figures and images. For the facing is applied thin and soft paper, such as corrugated. From it cut small squares, which are then rolled into cones or funnels. The top of the cone is smeared with glue and glued to the base. Colored cones glued to the base, creating extensive and beautiful mural. Thus it is possible to make a picture or a postcard, and you can create an interior Topiary.

This technique of paper art in Russia is not too common, but it has a rich history and unlimited opportunities for self-expression. In its essence, it is a technique of folding strips of paper so that they resembled a swirl pattern spiral. Figure spread of colored paper or paper with a picture, carefully choosing colors, it turned out to harmonious. On top of the resulting pattern is covered with a frame - cut paper motive or silhouette. As a result, even a child can make the paper easy crafts - beautiful mural or a postcard.

Papier-mache - simple and affordable technology with great potential for handmade art. In this technique, make caskets and boxes, vases, jewelry, theater props, dolls, figurines and animal figurines, toys, cover with a painting, embossing and varnishing. even elements of interior decoration made of papier-mâché, from decorative panels for walls and doors to architectural moldings for walls and ceilings. Beauty and originality differ in the technique of papier-mache mirror frames, candlesticks, lamps, and even furniture. However, even the lightest crafts out of paper can be made using this technique.

Papier-mâché (French papier mâch9eacute;) means "zhovanaya or torn paper." The basis of papier-mache - paper, which is easily converted into a mass amenable to molding. The composition mass is added adhesive, gypsum or starch.

Three products manufacturing technology of papier-mache

Prepared model of the product, which will need to paste paper. It can be made of wood, clay, clay or plaster. The model can be coated with adhesive and secured beneath layers of paper and can be removed from the paper layer, to which it was previously coated with Vaseline. At selected model with glue applied torn wet paper. Alternating layer of paper with the adhesive layer, paste layers, the number of which can be up to a hundred. Previously used for bonding paste, cooked starch-based, but now you can buy a special adhesive. Pasting paper layers called mashirovaniem.

The product formed from liquid pulp for paper which per day before planning to start, cut or torn to pieces and soaked with hot water. After that soaked the mass is boiled. Then water is drained, loosen pieces of paper and dried. The dry weight of chalk, and stirred with slowly poured into it from a mixture of a special glue wood glue and starch paste until until a dough is soft and ductile structure. Such paper batter is poured into a mold or applied to the product.

For this kind of papier-mache need hardboard and PVA glue. The method resembles plywood manufacturing technology. Model manufactured by gluing pieces of solid cardboard. Thereafter, paperboard is subjected to pressure, specialists use brackets and to fix the stapler glued or vise plates and clamps. The dried product shpatljujut, sanded, primed and then painted and varnished or do embossing.

Thus, the paper - it's one of the most versatile, inexpensive and easy to use materials for art and crafts. Can be made from lightweight paper crafts, decorate life, transform the interior, to make an original gift, reminiscent of the work of art.

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