What are the curtains fit to green wallpaper photo

What are the curtains fit to green wallpaper

Wallpaper green give a feeling of a natural atmosphere, they set up a person to relax and charge it with positive energy, give a sense of comfort. Therefore, designers are advised to glue them in those areas that are intended for recreation. But in order to complete the interior look and stylish little one only beautiful wallpaper with them by color and style should be in harmony curtains, furniture and other interior elements.

To properly determine which blinds to green wallpaper work best, we should define the purpose of the room and the desired stylistic directions. For example, in the living room green color can be used in two shades: reception area or play area is made bright shade, and the rest of the room - light tone. Highlight emphasis can also use the coating of the color having patterns or drawings. Saturated or dark colors can not be used in small spaces.

Curtains for green wallpaper in the living room should be bright or very bright colors, then they are not "poteryayutsya9raquo; indoors, and will focus on itself (see. photo). For greater effect, the shade should be repeated in other elements of the interior, for example, upholstered furniture, carpet, lampshade.

If the living room decoration should bear the vigor and energy, in the bedroom or nursery it should reassure and set to rest. This is facilitated by a muted or bright shades of green, such as pistachio, olive and others. But if you still want to add a bright spot in your bedroom, you can make a bright accent to the wall behind the bed - it will add brightness and originality, but did not spoil the overall impression of comfort and coziness. Curtains for a bedroom should choose the most delicate and light, and the material for them should be soft and easy (see. Photo).

The children's room is unacceptable to use any bright accents, as this may annoyingly act on a child's psyche. This room should be made in bright and light colors, perhaps a combination of green and beige, light blue or pale pink. As curtains suitable for such a child air material in light colors, monochromatic or patterned with small inconspicuous.

The kitchen, decorated green wallpaper, looks very fresh and aesthetically pleasing. It should be light, but it is quite possible, and bright accents to make it more dynamic and original. As the color combinations are selected natural bright and pastel colors.

For example, a combination of white and green colors give the room a natural freshness and lightness. Elements of pink, yellow or blue will add a spring style. Curtains for such dishes fit or light green hues that match the green coverage areas, or those shades, combined with some green. If the kitchen is decorated with wallpaper with a pattern or a pattern, you can try to pick up the blinds in the same style (see. Photo).

To the perception of the design of the room was right is very important to choose the appropriate shade. What are the options best suited to green wallpaper? In many respects it depends precisely on the shades of wall coverings. For example, to suit many variants of curtains light green wallpaper: bright fabrics allocate the lightness and delicacy of the interior (see photo.), And the dark and heavy materials will create a kind of contrast.

Curtains to dark shades of coatings should be selected bright and easy to avoid in the interior gloom and boredom.

If you do not need accents in the window area, and you do not seek to create a festive design, you can choose curtains universal colors: beige, white or gray. Besides fit the following colors:

  • sea ​​colors: blue, turquoise, blue, pale purple;
  • combination of various green tones (see pictures).

  • bright warm colors: red, brown, orange.
  • Upholstered furniture and accessories to it are selected in the last instance, after repairs have been made, and the remaining elements of the interior are already selected.

    Warm and bright colors give comfort room and add light and cool colors bring freshness and tranquility.

    If you prefer bright colors, do not hold to this, especially in the case where the wallpaper restful green. It is better to choose curtains for them calm light colors or shades similar wall coverings (see. Photo). Multi-colored motifs can be represented in the form of other elements of the room: sofa, pillows, rugs or pictures. To dilute the monotonous interior is also advisable to choose the two-color version of the curtains, one of the shades which will match the color of the wallpaper, and the other - closer to his tone.

    There are several classic combinations of green with the other, each of them makes its own nuances of perception:

    • white - bright and fresh combination that is rarely used in its pure form, it is better to dilute interspersed quiet tones;

  • brown - this solution will look very interesting, depending on the shade of brown curtain walls will seem lighter or darker (see pictures).

  • with blue - this combination brings a lot of positive and energy, but that she looked harmoniously, should make a smooth transition from one tone to another;

  • red - this combination looks very nice and rich, but it is necessary to be careful with the amount of red, it should not be too much, it will be appropriate to dilute it with another calm tone, such as beige or sand (see photo.).

  • Now you know what options curtains can be matched to a variety of designs with green wallpaper. With some shades can expand and refresh the room, and with the help of others - on the contrary it narrow and darken. Properly chosen blinds play a key role in the perception of interior room. After all, if you make the wrong choice, then the whole effect of the fresh repair and harmoniously decorated walls disappear: the window and the wall will be perceived separately from each other, it would violate the integrity of the interior, and it will not seem stylish and fashionable.

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    How to choose a wallpaper to the curtains: photo ideas interior solutions

    It was curtains give the room the beauty, warmth and comfort. For some, the choice of curtains is quite a difficult task, since sdes necessary that they fit into the style of interior room and choosing the curtains on what you see in the first place - the right color and style. And this is reasonable, because competently choose curtains, then create the desired visual effects in the same space. Sometimes at the expense of the room curtains can be made considerably lighter, or vice versa, to hide it from compulsive sun.

    But there is another important aspect, curtains + wallpaper as not to overshadow this union the wrong choice?

    What wallpaper to fit the green curtains

    In this case, the first example of that would be the best - it's all green gamma. You only need to play with colors and shades. If you choose the wallpaper absolutely the same color as the curtains will be one big space where the curtains simply mask off under the wallpaper.

    And in many shades of green, welcomed the following associations:

    • Malachite + mint;
    • + Trefoil nephritis;
    • Forest Green + apple Granny;

    Green curtains and light green wallpaper can fill your room with positive emotions, vitality and calmness

    • Olive + asparagus;
    • Olive + mustard;
    • Green + citrus;
    • Viridan + camouflage;
    • Ultrazeleny + mint.

    Good such combinations may be green in the interior as a light-green shades from brown-green shades, blue and green. It looks good with a green brown color and that are produced by mixing green, brown, yellow.

    Selecting wallpaper design for curtains (video)

    What curtains in beige suit wallpaper

    Well, if everything is clear with green, how to be with such a popular color beige? Beige color - it is, of course, not one shade. Specify its interpretation, if you are looking for curtains beige wallpaper, and seek the help of a consultant.

    For example, you need to pick a gray-beige wall suitable curtains, of course, they must be cold tones.

    We can choose to beige wallpaper:

    • Sand and wheat curtains if your beige yellowish;

    Beige curtains and properly fitted to them, the wallpaper will give your room calm and serenity

    • Coffee cream curtains to wallpaper;
    • Dairy curtains to light wheat;
    • Neutral white to any beige shade;
    • Peach and orange to pink-beige wallpaper;
    • Green to beige color became colder;
    • Gray-beige wallpaper will look good with blue, blue and especially the emerald curtains.

    And vice versa if you are, pick up wallpaper to the curtains, then a purple, lilac or purple curtains, you can choose a neutral beige wallpaper.

    How to choose curtains to wallpaper: natural combination

    A combination of palettes that are found in nature - the most accurate. There is a necessary association, and this combination is easy to remember.

    Examples of ideal natural combination:

    • Grass and sun - a yellow and green;
    • Coast, sand and sea - yellow and blue;
    • Day and night - black and white;
    • Stars in the night sky - a dark, blue-black, and yellow.

    Very nice, original and successful will look green curtains to the yellow wallpaper, thus reminding you of warm summer

    Three colors to combine more difficult, but it can be done successfully. For example, you want to make a room warm, and choose the element of fire. Traditionally, this is a red, yellow and orange.

    If you have orange wallpaper, curtains are yellow, and add "schepotochku" red in the other interior elements.

    Or another example - that choose to gray wallpaper? Gray pebbles on the seashore - transparent blue sky, white foam, wet, close to the dark-orange sand. These natural colors are perfectly combined in the interior.

    Wallpaper and curtains in your home: What to do with a pattern

    Combine drawings more complicated, but this wisdom can be learned.

    There are three basic rules:

    • If the wallpaper have a vertical pattern (Vertical lines), then the curtains should be in the same subject - direct, if space is pulled. This option is good for rooms with a low ceiling.
    • If the wallpaper with a large, patterned lyapistym, or very frequent pattern, the window is better to decorate monochromatic curtain. It is important that such a blind well transmits light, and created if extra space;

    The interior and style of the room will always depend on properly selected harmonious shades of all the details: furniture, curtains, wallpaper

    • If you have plain walls and even prudish, Focus on elegant swags of curtains. Let's say you have a beige-colored wallpaper with them will look great sinuous lines of curtains.

    Observe and a combination of textures. If, for example, vinyl wallpaper or textile that is heavy, then the curtains should be a match for them - dense and heavy.

    How to make curtains from a wallpaper with your own hands: panel

    For example, you want to make wallpaper curtains panel. First prepare wooden beams, their size - 3 A 3 cm length and width depends on that it is clear of the window size.. These wedges can be fastened together with screws or suitable corners.

    The correct combination of curtains made of wallpaper, you will please its originality and cost-effectively

    • Sheets of wallpaper you need to cut into flat ribbons, their length should be greater than the frame of not less than 4 cm;
    • These stripes needs to be fixed on the frames, maintaining a distance of 4 cm, fix them with adhesive;
    • The self-tapping screw top panel, not only to the end, about 10 mm in the screw leave a frame surface;
    • Eaves, attach to the ceiling, well, if it is a two-pole, make a hole in it, equal in size hats of screws.

    Screws in the holes secure, and the panel slightly move aside. Quickly and economically!

    Curtains and wallpaper - duo, who sometimes is mainly in the interior of the room. And good quality wallpaper, and neat curtains brighten sometimes quite modest conditions. Carefully study the spectra of color, shades of the palette, and you will find the most ideal combination of colors.


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    • What are the curtains fit to green wallpaper? Tips and tricks

    What are the curtains fit to green wallpaper? Tips and tricks

    Green in the room décor features color and its effect on the psyche

    If you have a liking for the color and prefer to issue in this scheme any of the rooms of their homes, then you have an unequivocal and undeniable vitality.

    Green has long been associated with a natural beginning, harmony and tranquility. It is based on two active opposite hue - blue and yellow, which can well harmonize with the core.

    The positive influence of the green on the human nervous system proven by psychologists around the world for a long time.

    Thus, the green in the interior:

    • It calms the nervous system and causes a feeling of freshness in the summer heat;
    • Has beneficial effects on vision;
    • Reduces the intensity of pain during the exacerbation of chronic diseases;
    • Surprisingly, green has antimicrobial properties;
    • Able to regulate blood pressure and stimulate brain activity;
    • It has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system;
    • Excellent help with insomnia.

    However, with all its positive properties of green can be aggressive, if used in the interior thoughtlessly and carelessly. So, too much accumulation of intense green hue in the room design will excite any nervous system or cause a feeling of stagnation in the state of spirituality. It's no wonder green attached to the definition of "green angst".

    Saturated green interior diluted brown

    Green has many shades of derivatives, which are capable of causing a completely different feeling from the owner and the guest rooms:

    • So, gentle, grassy shade activates natural atmosphere beginning, freshness and youth;
    • Bright green hue is associated with the depth of summer forest, if it is combined with natural shades of wood;
    • Greenish-blue shades resemble the watery element, and closer to the style of the interior "akvamarin9raquo ;.

    Having familiarized with the characteristics of your favorite color, you can own hands to create a unique interior rooms that will delight your guests. However, you definitely have a question, how to choose the curtains to the green wallpaper. The instructions below will teach you harmoniously combine colors to create an original design of the room.

    Any, the most refined and original interior, with absolutely illiterate treatment with flowers, would look clumsy and tasteless. And so, before the repair work is necessary to get acquainted with the possibilities of your chosen main color and pick him an ideal companion shades. In our case, the primary color is green.

    According to the science of design with this shade perfect harmony all the colors of natural origin. These include: yellow, brown, black and all their derivatives. Derivatives can be considered: beige, sand, light brown, walnut, gold, gray, graphite etc. In more detail to understand the principle of compatibility of colors will help you picture, which shows the color wheel.

    Compatibility palette of shades

    Here, the most suitable combination of hues will be those that are to the right or left of the selected basic color. Remember, the farther from the additional color primary color, the less it is compatible with the dominant color.

    The optimal variant of curtains in the green room

    Properly fitted curtains to green wallpaper will create the perfect mood of the room, and the host will give the room a special original look. Let's consider a few examples of the use of curtains in different shades in a room with green wallpaper.

    So, if your living room is spacious and at the same time facing to the south, then you can try to use the saturated juicy shades of green in contrast with the blue or blue. This combination of colors will give the vivacity everyone entering the room and relieve tiredness. However, if you are by nature a calm and balanced person, such colors can affect your mood, constantly irritating the eyes too juicy tones.

    Blue curtains with green wallpaper

    In this case, as indicated in picture 4, room is made in the high-tech. Therefore, the selected designer curtains monochrome. If the room was designed in a classical style, the curtains could be selected with a light floral print.

    A room with green wallpaper, made in the style of Provence, will appreciate stunning pale blue curtains with a small floral print.

    Another interesting and relaxing option for the room will be beige curtains under green wallpaper. This combination will be appropriate in any of the rooms.

    Beige or sand shade curtains to make the room more light and spacious. Especially if the perimeter of the room is relatively small.

    Tip: If you really want to paste over the wall in a small room with green wallpaper and give preference to lighter shades, or simply combine green canvas with pastel colors.

    Beige curtains in the green room

    Again, drawing on the curtains and blinds texture choose depending on the style of the room.

    If you are confused and do not know what color curtains to fit the green wallpaper, prefer the classic combination of green and white. This contrast is an indescribable feeling of tenderness, freshness and pristine. Light translucent, layered curtains in a bedroom with green wallpaper will make your sleep undisturbed as a child.

    A cute white curtains with delicate floral print in green bedroom ideal romantic girl.

    White curtains in the lush green living room will look great on the bright carpet on the floor and white throw pillows on the couch.

    The combination of white and green curtains wallpaper

    Is perfect and yellow curtains in green wallpaper. Just remember the basic rule of the combination of colors: the brighter and more saturated color of wallpaper, the calmer and more tender should be a shade curtain. Do not forget to complement the bright curtains in the green room decor elements identical shade curtains.

    Very harmonious room will look with green wallpaper in combination with curtains on the three or four shades lighter than the walls. And if such curtains combine with white sand or black-out curtains, you will achieve the unique look of the room.

    Nontrivial same combination of green and pink can be used either in the children's room (but very carefully playing with color tones), or in the spacious kitchen.

    A video in this article will help you thoroughly understand the principle of the combination of colors in the interior and create a truly unique realm of beauty and harmony in your home.

    Good luck and good health!

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