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What a good laminate for an apartment? Laminate which company is better? customer Reviews

Living in a civilized society requires compliance with many social protocols. One of these - the enjoyment of the premises. House - this is what makes the people by the people, in fact. But the times of simple mud huts and shacks, even in the past, at least for the majority. Now, the house passed to create a cosiness. That is correct, and you can achieve the result of the whole string of different ways. But it all begins with the basics - floor, walls, ceiling.

Now we will focus on the first, because the floor - a very important aspect of home comfort. You can use a variety of materials, but the time of traditional wooden and stone floors in the past. Just because it's too expensive. They were replaced more convenient to use the coating, for example, laminate.

Even at the end of last century on this coverage was viewed as a cheap substitute for wood. This is not surprising, because the natural floor rather expensive, to show both the consistency and the taste of the owners. Now people are speculating what a good laminate reviews advise to take, as the natural materials not everyone can afford. Use it practically everywhere.

The latter is due to the fact that the quality of such coverage has grown strongly since its invention, so that now you can not be afraid of the wiped places after years of service. But now everything is measured in very different criteria. So the question is how best to choose a laminate, all gaining momentum.

This material can be sufficiently diverse as wood, the image of which it was created. Criteria for the selection here as follows:

  • Manufacturer.
  • The presence or absence of a pattern on the surface.
  • Price.
  • Wear resistance.
  • Resistance to mechanical damage.
  • Resistance to moisture.
  • Shock resistance.

It is with these factors in mind and you have to decide what a good laminate and which not. Next will be described in more detail, it is worth paying attention in a particular case.

This criterion was not included in the list, but it is also a determining factor. If you plan to cover the floors in the living room, then you have to decide what is best to choose a laminate for an apartment, that's when environmentally friendly material, and will play a role.

The point here is that in order to reduce the cost of production of some brands use a phenol-formaldehyde resin. This material is quite detrimental since formaldehyde is released therefrom on a continuous basis. This gas may cause severe poisoning, which have serious consequences - until death.

European marks in this regard are safe enough, because the content of harmful substances in the laminate is strictly controlled. So differences between flooring in this regard is not at all.

To decide what a good laminate flooring to choose, you need to find out whether it is safe to use. To do this, you can listen to this advice:

  • First of all, pay attention to the smell. If during the opening of the package appears sharp and unpleasant odor, it definitely does not speak in favor of quality. Slight smell of sawdust, but no more. If your nose uchuet chemistry, it is not recommended to use such a laminate in the apartment.
  • You can immerse one plate into the water, which is enough for twenty minutes. Again, if there was a bad smell, the use of such coverage will not be safe.
  • Pay attention to the price - cheaper than laminate, the less it meets the requirements. Such products can be found even in large supermarkets of building products, especially if responsibility for your condition borne by the supplier, and not the seller.
  • If you think about the European coverage - a good laminate flooring to buy, then also look at the price. If some form of much cheaper, it may mean its poor quality. All tied to the requirements of the material - they are lower in Russia than in Europe, so there can be realized and such a product. Despite the fact that the sale of the homeland of the manufacturer can write a huge fine.

The issue, which is better to choose a laminate for an apartment requires some knowledge. This also applies to different classes of laminate. In total, four of them at least, associated with this factor.

Apartments for commonly used 32-grade - that's enough. However, you can buy and 31 minutes, especially if you do not repair, and plan to change the design after some time. 33th and 34th classes of apartments - it's overkill. Indeed, they are extremely resistant to wear, but to use them in a residential rather than commercial premises, not worth it.

How to determine the durability of the class?

According to what has been said above, you can choose a suitable model for themselves. But this choice is a little more complicated than you might think. The bottom line here is the method of determining the wear resistance.

Influenced by two factors: the time of occurrence of the first noticeable scratches, and the time for complete destruction of the protective layer applied to the laminate. The difference lies in the fact that different methods are used to improve these two indicators. The first involves the addition of corundum structure, and the second - just increase the protective layer.

This still waters lies the devil - corundum use technology quite expensive. But the appearance of the first crack is more important for the consumer. Thinking what is best for laminate apartments, pay attention not only in class but also on the price. More expensive models even class 32 may be more resistant than grade 33.

On the protective layer thickness can not pay special attention - it is always large enough. And in general, to achieve full abrasion in an apartment is difficult. It will take twenty years, if not more. Of course, this does not apply to most "populyarnyh9raquo; floor seats.

The strength and moisture resistance

Before you decide what a good laminate for an apartment is better to buy, you need to learn a little bit about the technology. This coating is layered.

The basic material here - HDF-boards. From above they are covered by a pattern simulating a wooden surface, and a transparent protective layer which ensures resistance to wear. From below there is only one layer - stabilization. There are more specific ways to build, but they are not very common.

For moisture resistance corresponds precisely to HDF-cooker - or rather its quality. It all depends on the density of the material - the higher it is, the longer you serve laminate. But we must not forget about the quality of the direct impact of such plates in the price. So we'll have to choose between the economy and moisture resistance.

Uneducated people may tell you that the whole thing is to impregnate the wax locks. In fact, everything is different. This impregnation is carried out to facilitate the placement and lack of scratches during subsequent use. This practice is widespread, but it will not protect the laminate from moisture, at least, the determining factor, such a procedure does not.

The main thing that you should pay attention - the accuracy of placement and geometry of the plates. Fit them together should be maximized, since the presence of the slots and often leads to trouble from moisture.

Another look at the quality of the locks - this factor also depends on the density of the HDF-boards. The stronger the connection provided by a lock, the longer you serve laminate.

The last of the moment - is the presence of moisture repellent composition in the material itself. Manufacturers usually specify the amount in the technical specifications of their products.

It is worth remembering that all this is to a large extent affect the price. So, the more expensive will be the laminate, the higher the water resistance and impact resistance.

Of course, the issue of what a good laminate flooring to choose a significant place is given to the design. This is not surprising, because the laminate purchased it for imitation of real wood, then he is required to comply with this criterion.

drawings common species commonly used.

Of course, to ensure that each plate had an individual picture, it is difficult. Because manufacturers generally include a plate production with several different patterns.

Especially prized design model, so if you think what is best to choose a laminate, just authoring options are perfect. Embossing repeats the selected tree structure up to absolute accuracy, but the price for such a purchase can be unpleasant to impress you.

How to determine the quality of appearance?

The quality of the coating depends strongly on the pattern of recurrence - lower than the proportion, the better the laminate. For a European manufacturer of exemplary quality are six types of drawings for one set of floor covering. If you use more, it also means a better quality product.

Russian and Chinese manufacturers prefer a different proportion - three kinds of patterns for one type of board. In addition, in such a laminate is not knots, flaws and all that makes the tree special. So count for much in the case of such a purchase is not necessary.

About the author's models are not talking - they are always performed only on a qualitative basis. So if you're willing to pay when you see how good you are offering laminate flooring, do not worry about the quality.

You can still take advantage of vividness - the good models it is always there. Embossing also assumes and does roughness. However, if a glossy laminate, so nothing will be impossible to find, because the smoothness - this is one of its main indicators.

customer feedback on a laminate - it is certainly an important factor when choosing a coating. Indeed, who can know the material better than a person who already use it?

So, European brands have earned very positive recommendations.

However, the negative side is still present - is the price. Although there is enough budget, and even cheap models, but it affects their quality.

Chinese manufacturers, in turn, proved to be the same as them and are usually. That is, the quality is pretty low, however, as the price of the product itself.

To solve here is quite difficult because of the number of manufacturers brands. Also plays a role and that the consumer audience for different brands is different. For example, Kaindl and HDM - it's premium brands, which have a corresponding price.

More expensive models - is, first of all, Quick-Step, Wineo and Parador. If the price for you - a painful question, choose Alsafloor, Egger, Haro, Faus and Kronotex. There are economical options - a Tarkett and LaminatPark.

Determine which laminate better feedback will help best. Despite the recommendations of the above, check out other brands, consult with advisors. The main thing here is not to rush, and then the floor will be your reliable and beautiful for many years.

So, we figured out how to choose a good laminate for an apartment from manufacturers and not only.

What is better to choose a laminate for an apartment? Ranking 2017

It's time to figure out what the best laminate. A few days ago EtotDom team went to the DIY-store for more advice on the types of laminate. Think were satisfied? No, but, an independent research and reviewed.

How to choose a good laminate for an apartment?

The basic material from which is made a good laminate, fiberboard used, providing flexibility and strength, allowing the glue to easily and deeply penetrate into the fabric structure.

It consists of four layers:

  1. upper protective;
  2. decorative;
  3. HDF- plate;
  4. kraft paper.

The main parameters to help you choose a good home laminate flooring:

Types of the laminate and its characteristics

  • Question №1: how to distinguish safe from toxic material?

Answer: A good laminate by 90% is a natural material, wood components as part of it. 10% formaldehyde is toxic because the laminate is determined by the emission classes. There are four classes: E1, E2, E3, E0.

The most dangerous are the E2 and E3.

E0 - an environmentally friendly and harmless class laminate.

  • Question №2: how to distinguish the laminate for durability and stress?

A: The classes are distinguished by:

  1. Class 21 - laminate is suitable for places where there is no go, for example, for the bedroom (under the bed) or for storage;
  2. Class 22 - laminate more durable;
  3. Class 23 - laminate durable service life - from 4 to 6 years.

Laminate flooring company Pergo (Russia). On the left - a laminate of series natural oak Living Expression 832 L1301-01731 (class 33); Right - dark walnut in a series of Living Expression 832 L1301-03441 (33 class)

  • Question №3: What is laminate class office?

The easiest - 31 class laminate: board thickness - from 6 to 10 mm; thickness of the protective layer to 0.2 mm. Used for laying laminate flooring in areas with low load: for an apartment - children's rooms, bedrooms, closets. Service life - no more than 5 years.

Laminate Balterio company (Belgium). Left - 307 Oak Tennessee (Class 32); Right - 619 Oak white oiled (Class 32)

  • 32;

The most popular among consumers - 32 class laminate: thickness boards have slats - from 8 to 12 mm; thickness of the protective layer is from 0.2 mm to 0.4 mm. Apply laminate in apartments and offices. Service life - up to 10 years.

At 33 higher class characteristics: board thickness - from 10 to 12 mm; thickness of the protective layer - not less than 0.4 mm.

Manufacturers offer a laminate class 33 (8 mm board thickness). Virtually all material of this class is held water-repellent binding processing, causing a class 33 specifications better. The service life of up to 20 years.

It can be installed in humid rooms - in the kitchen or in the bathroom.

If the select on strength criterion, the best - of the laminate 34 class, which is characterized by a thickness of the sipe 12 mm (high), a protective layer thickness of 0.6 mm. Production involves binding impregnating antiseptic and water repellent compositions.

Are placed in locations with high operation rate - at airports, railway stations, public reception and stores a large terrain. Service life - at least a quarter century.

  • Question №4: if a laminate bedroom, which class is more preferable?

Laminate company Quick-step (Belgium). Left - UF1157 Postenny natural oiled oak (Class 32); Right - UF915 White varnished oak (Class 32)

  • Question №5: a laminate class to choose for the house (private)?

Answer: The optimum would be 31 or 32 class laminate.

  • Question №6: what thickness should be laminated in an apartment?

A: The standard thickness - 6, 7, 8, 10, 12 mm.

IMPORTANT! It depends on the thickness of the laminate toughness, and sound absorption.

  • Question №7: as a laminate thickness is best to choose for an apartment?

Answer: The best - 6-7 mm. And can be thicker, but the purchase and further stacking the laminate thickness should be correlated with the area space.

IMPORTANT! The thicker laminated board, the slower it will be heated.

  • Question №8: how to choose a high-quality laminate for a private house?

Answer: The laminate is chosen for all rooms in a house with different properties. For example, for bathroom and kitchen - with improved moisture resistance (class 33), for children, for the living room and bedrooms - higher strength class 31 or 32, it is desirable to add a layer of soundproofing.

Laminate company Witex (Germany). Left - EI265P Oak salty (class 33); Right - EI315P Oak seaside (33 class)

The corridor and hallway - 33 and 34 Class laminate that are characterized by the high levels of wear resistance.

  • Question №9: how to choose laminate flooring for home (waterproof)?

Answer: water-resistant laminate - it is HDV-stove with a special moisture repellent composition and increased density. When buying, check whether the manufacturer is included in the EPLF association. Its participants are:

  • Question №10: a laminate of castles there connections?

2017 Rating: The best laminate for apartments

Rating can help, how to choose a laminate for an apartment in quality and determine which laminate the highest quality for an apartment 🙂

Types and versions - which one is better to choose a laminate?

Stylistic variations (classification by design):

  1. classical tree (in the form of parquet / fir);
  2. imitations of leather;
  3. with a metallic luster (tiling);
  4. imitation of natural stone (+ glossy surface;
  5. with designer prints.
  • Question №11: a standard size laminate?

Answer: from 126 cm to 138 cm.

According to the type of surface:

  1. texture;
  2. standard;
  3. relief;
  4. natural;
  5. Aged;
  6. waxed;
  7. country;
  8. wood for oil;
  9. glossy.
  • Question №12: a high-quality laminate flooring? How to identify?

Answer: each batch of the laminate is determined by the parameters:

  1. water resistance;
  2. durability;
  3. resistance to indentation;
  4. immunity to dirt;
  5. resistance of the coating to a smoldering cigarette;
  6. immunity to move furniture (on rollers, as well).

IMPORTANT! The best laminate is not one that is in fashion, and that is water-resistant, sturdy and durable. This approach is best for underfloor heating.

Laminate - what is better to choose the color?

Answer: The choice of laminate colors depends on the following factors:

  1. the degree of brightness of the room: a bright room dark colors do not fit on the surface will always be visible, and the dirt and dust;
  2. laminate can not choose the color to match the wallpaper and baseboards;
  3. kinds of light wallpaper involve a few shades darker than the laminate;
  4. in small apartments can not be used a laminate of different colors;
  5. the color of interior doors must be combined with the color of the floor, but if you do not want them to do the same, try darker colors.

Laminate with light wood in the interior of the bedroom from the Best Buy Flooring and Granite

Suitable for floor oak. Types of patterns:

  1. antique oak;
  2. Oak Castell;
  3. an old oak;
  4. Smoked oak;
  5. smoky oak;
  6. Oak Select;
  7. Oak cognac;
  8. Oak topaz;
  9. Oak Kokua;
  10. milk oak;
  11. Oak Champagne;
  12. Oak chateau;
  13. oak diamond.

Bright board in the interior of the kitchen from Danny Broe Architect

Laminate: how to choose a functional coverage?

  • Question №14: a laminate for the room how to choose?

Answer: evaluate when choosing:

  1. the parameters of the room;
  2. style;
  3. the color palette of the room;
  4. Illumination.

Classical laminate board in the interior

  • Question №15: how best to choose a laminate for interior?

Answer: The main ones are two criteria:

  1. qualitative characteristics;
  2. decorative properties.
  • Question №16: a laminate to choose for the bedroom and how thick?
  1. best to choose 31 or laminate 32 class that lasts a long time and has insulating properties;
  2. choose thicker panel;
  3. Embossed decorative trim not only plays a role in the interior, but also has the effect of slip;
  4. of drawings and prints is better to choose a laminate with imitation wood slices.
  • Question №17: a laminate to choose for the kitchen and hallway?

The answer is: a hallway suitable high-end laminate flooring, but not lower than 33. You can review and combination with tiles.

Glossy laminate board in the interior of the hall

  • Question №18: a better laminate for the kitchen?

Answer: The best in the class, which involves assembly without tool joint, that is joint to joint. He should possess high resistance to rubbing, intense stress, mechanical damage and moisture.

When choosing a laminate for the kitchen look for patterns in the form of tiles. The service life of tile - at least 10 years. Laying instructions: from the window, away from the wall, a diagonal manner. A combination of style and styling.

  • Question №19: a better class of laminate for the kitchen?
  • Question №20: how to choose a water-resistant laminate for the kitchen?

Answer: choose 33 and 34 class.

  • Question №21: laminate for corridor - which is better?

A: 32, 33 and 34 class.

  • Question №22: some choose to laminate floor?

Answer: 32 and 33 Class with not less than 8 mm.

Bright laminate board in the interior of the living room of Chris Snook

  • Question №23: a laminate opt for a living?

Answer: The best choice for the living room - 31 and 32 classes. During assembly consider soundproofing layer. The floor covering should be combined with other design elements of the interior: the color of the window frames and trims for interior doors.

  • Question №24: how to choose laminate flooring for living in small sizes?

A: The three-band laminate.

  • Question №25: how to choose laminate flooring in the nursery?

Answer: The laminate should be safe. Fit 32 and 33 class that will survive even cycling. The coating should be washed well and do not slip. Recommended laminate company Tarkett, Egger, Classen.

Classic wood in the interior of child

  • Question №26: laminate to give - what to choose?

Answer: Choose easy to care for, be sure to wear resistant.

  • Question №27: how to choose laminate flooring for the office?

Answer: The most important quality of a laminate floor for office - resistance:

  1. abrasion resistance;
  2. crease;
  3. mechanical stress;
  4. UV;
  5. aggressive chemical substances;
  6. scratches, cracks, stains;
  7. pressure.

tarkett Riviera

Laminate 33 class, bought at the price of 800 rubles / sq.m. Nice board, the color is good, but when you spend a hand, felt that the height of the boards are different. So that's got one box. Because check in the store that was not marriage. For the rest, I am happy with the purchase.

Disadvantages: the different size boards.

The store is best to check the locks, because Tarkett frequently during assembly appear bumps and cracks. One box is normal, and the second - marriage. While that makes the second repair and still take the Riviera, beautiful color, the material feels very much.

Disadvantages: the case of marriage.

Universal Quick Step Classic QST028

Board textured drawing with knots, color natural light wood. Laminate for six months, from the date of laying, nothing has changed. Clean simply by wet cleaning is not blown up.

Minuses: not noticed.

Consultant at the store advised, because I needed a laminate floor for warm water. For underfloor heating it took 32 class. The market price of 900 rubles, I got on the Internet at a discount of 630 rubles. Not sorry to clean well, cracks and irregularities during the year no use.

Durable Pergo Living Expression

A few months ago broke through the battery, I was on a business trip. Three day puddle was on the laminate, thought will have to change. After cleaning any stains or blistering. Very durable.

Laminate 33 class, took the price 1300 rub / sq.m (it's not the most expensive in this company). It goes to the substrate. All joints are firmly seated, there are no gaps.

Disadvantages: I would like cheaper.

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    a laminate better

    a laminate is better to buy in terms of price quality?

    Hello Denis, when choosing a laminate advise you to pay special attention to his castle, he should be firm, smooth (no burrs) and clean (no trash in it), if it is in addition also treated with wax, then generally wonderful. Also, when choosing to connect two panels together and note the connections strip, it must not be different from the color of the panels (especially noticeable on dark colors). Of manufacturing firms can recommend Tarkett and Praktik. Good luck in choosing.

    Hello Denis, when choosing a laminate advise you to pay special attention to his castle, he should be firm, smooth (no burrs) and clean (no trash in it), if it is in addition also treated with wax, then generally wonderful. Also, when choosing to connect two panels together and note the connections strip, it must not be different from the color of the panels (especially noticeable on dark colors). Of manufacturing firms can recommend Tarkett and Praktik. Good luck in choosing.

    Class 32, any firm, the thicker the better, and on the edges or laminate would be better to chamfer were laminated (seams are underlined, and if the laminate begins to move, the seams will not be visible).

    Help me choose a laminate GRT I in this area ochen.ya here looked after a couple http://www.ramhouse.ru/laminat.html tell which one is better for a child to the nursery. To lay and did not go well

    Yes, the chamfer in the trend. And relations. answer difficult, not knowing how much you are willing to purchase. You are going to choose between a Mercedes and Audi ,, or between Renault and Citroen, or completely between Lada and Daewoo? In the first league play ALLOC (1400rub) and PERGO (1700rub per sq.m.). In the second are now more likely to recommend ECOFLOORING (700rub) and EGGER, a series of, for example, E-MOTION by 750rub per sq.m. laminate 33 excellent grade with a thickness of 12mm !. But in the third league full raznovsyacheskogo "laminata9quot ;, including the simulation of 180rub per square meter, which is fit except for the walls in some office. .. I believe that the price is more or less standing laminate should not be less than 500 rubles per sq.m. Do not forget to put on the assembly locks waterproofing composition CLICK GUARD, or CLIC PROTECT

    ZY I do not recommend KRONOTEX budget series due to the presence in it of a plastic castle blue color, which is very weak fixation, laminate and places spreading after laying. There was a precedent.

    the cheapest and cover superprochnogo lacquer and is well

    I have one very smart customer, too varnished floorboard as many as three times, the board vygnulas.Eto he also advised!

    in leruamerlen cheap. dear not take it makes no sense

    the average price of from 400 to 1100 for premises with an average load that is 32-33 class. we have options ..

    100% agree with a complete response Dmitry Ogarkova.Ot themselves add just not that! Good luck in choosing.

    I'm not a fan of the laminate, but Quick Step kind of the same is not bad at packing and quality, even though half of the Prospect Island already Rossii.Nu ALLOC certainly stronger.

    GRUNWALD 12 MM Glueless laminate flooring Versale, Bode Canada, Imperial Exclusive - stunned by the beauty and quality of the laminate. A Tarket not advise it, not that he was in Germany for 5 years as the last plant was sold and is now produced in Russia in Russia.

    of 8 mm and thicker

    When choosing a laminate, advise you to pay attention to the average for the price, especially if the funds are not a lot, you can buy the cheapest - is too long and the quality does not fail, as long as the locks were all whole and strong.

    ALLOC most luchshiy.U my brother is engaged in the laminate, so here is the good, though expensive.

    Average. And choose a laminate in appearance and quality, regardless of price. And so it is small.

    Well, despite what the price of laminate flooring in your area, they usually do not differ much, but still, look, choose one that is a bit more expensive than the cheap and with good locks.

    Hello, Denis! You'd better choose all the same 33 class. As for the fact that the most expensive - the best, you can bet. For our customers, we always advise Tarkett or Sinteros. They have quite a varied range of colors, you can always pick up.

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