Which to choose linoleum

What linoleum is better to choose for the house: the choice of guidelines, tips, rules

There is hardly a more democratic and more popular floor covering than linoleum. Inexpensive, easy installation and maintenance, and a variety of textures and colors just do not know borders: here and "cheerful" floral and abstract prints, and ethnic ornaments and patterns, and wood, and stone, and ceramic. List the advantages of continued wear resistance, good thermal insulation, sound insulation and efficiency, thanks to which we can see the linoleum on the floor of kindergartens, schools, hospitals, shops, cafes, hotels, and of course, its plank in their homes. The range of types and brands of floor covering is so varied that sometimes even experienced professionals find it difficult to understand how to choose the linoleum, but the average citizen and can not speak. Let's try to simplify the selection problem, solving it in stages from the point of view of certain criteria.

Choose the right size ↑

Fortunately on that we did not buy insufficient or excessive amounts of linoleum, it is taken care of manufacturers, our only required to comply with simple rules of choice. The fact that the width of all types of linoleum, offered for sale as a rule corresponds to the standard width of the spaces in today's homes. It is in most cases eliminates the need to weld or glue together the individual material web, linoleum sufficient to choose a suitable width.

In the recent past, linoleum laid on the floor like a carpet and then waited until it will shrink, now abolished this stage. Shrinkage modern linoleum any length or width does not occur and to buy material reserve is not required. That is, you have to buy linoleum 3-meter width for a 3 meter wide room. However, the length of the rooms in our homes is not all clear: the length of the two parallel walls may be slightly different. Moreover, such a defect is often invisible and is detected only when laying a floor covering, so that the supply of 10 cm in length with the purchase of linoleum will not interfere.

The modern market offers the following range of standard width linoleum: 1.5; 2; 2.5; 3; 3.5; 4; 4,5 and 5 meters. However, not all manufacturers adhere to this size range, limited only by the release of the most popular cover the width of 2 and 3 meters, which is suitable for laying without joints on the floor in most areas of modern apartments.

If you have to decide which to choose linoleum for a room with a complex geometry, in this case without the floor plan showing the exact size is unlikely to do. Well, if the maximum width of the non-standard rooms are the same as the width of linoleum: enough to buy a roll of material to length and cut out it in accordance with the configuration of the room. If this option is not possible, it is logical to choose the linoleum with an abstract pattern and put it in any convenient manner, not focusing on the one line size, length or width.

Simple guidelines in the selection of linoleum, which will relieve from troubles:

  • check whether pleasing material on the surface cracks, blisters, NOT, and other fragments marriage;
  • if you buy a few rolls, check the labeling of each and belong to the same party: different batches of the same type of material may have different colors;
  • check whether there is a health certificate to the desired material;
  • buy linoleum only in stores, guaranteeing the quality of the material.

Measuring the space and determining the required number of linoleum, you can proceed to the choice of his mind.

Material for the manufacture of the following types of linoleum:

Characteristic natural linoleum ↑

It can be called the founder of the vast family of this type of flooring - it produces more than a hundred years. Raw materials only natural materials are used for the production of linoleum. Linseed oil, wood flour, cork bark, limestone flour, wood tar is prepared and the mixture is applied evenly on her web of jute fibers, and then dried. The result is a very durable, environmentally friendly material with excellent properties:

  • good insulation;
  • a high degree of sound absorption;
  • anti-static;
  • good bactericidal properties.

Due to the use in production of only the natural raw material and a homogeneous material structure, choice of colors and patterns linoleum quite poor. Basically it is typical of natural shades seovato-beige and brown colors, plain, marble stains or spots. A major shortcoming of linoleum also consider him a high cost, which is comparable with the prices of natural wood, stone and ceramics.

Polyvinylchloride (PVC), linoleum ↑

This is a large group of modern polymeric flooring. According to the degree of wear resistance of the following types of PVC linoleum:

Commercial linoleum is intended primarily for industrial premises and has a very high degree of wear resistance. But wondering how to choose linoleum, safely choose it for corridors, halls and other facilities frequented his house. Commercial linoleum is homogenous, does not differ a great choice of colors, or multi-layer heterogeneous - wear-resistant material on a very solid foundation.

Semi-commercial linoleum flooring is durable, wear-resistant, characterized by a wide variety of colors and is designed for rooms with high traffic. If, for example, for a floor in the living room of your choice fell on the linoleum - which one is better? Choose Semi-commercial: this is a great flooring for rooms where there is heavy furniture, chairs and tables are moved on wheels and constantly "marking" a lot of people.

Household linoleum characterized by the widest range of colors and a variety of colors, but not wear resistant. This is the choice of people to decide how to choose linoleum for the house to repair looked presentable, but the cost is inexpensive. Choosing household linoleum is justified for the floor in the bedroom or in the preparation of low-cost apartments for sale or to rent out, but in the kitchen or in the hallway of his lay not worth it.

At a cost of all kinds of PVC linoleum can be attributed to the average price category. This material, despite the artificial nature is completely safe environmentally, but quite sensitive to very low and very high temperatures as well as aggressive chemicals.

It has a very affordable price, high sound absorption and good heat resistance, but is too sensitive to low temperatures and brittle, prone to deformation and fracture appearance Teschin.

Pros kolloksilinovogo linoleum ↑

produce on the basis of nitrocellulose. Its advantages - beautiful decorative sheen and a pleasant elasticity, but it is prone to shrinkage, fire-safe and very poorly tolerate sudden changes in temperature.

or Relin produce synthetic rubber-based and bitumen. He water resistance and elastic. In a residential area Relin because of the noxious fumes of bitumen is not used, but for the garage, workshop and other ancillary facilities it fits.

Selection Criteria - operating conditions ↑

Depending on the intended operating conditions, linoleum best for a particular room can be selected by marking in accordance with the European classification system, and supported by our country.

So, the European classification divides the space into three types:

  • Residential, which corresponds to the number 2;
  • Office - denoted by the numeral 3;
  • Production - their number 4.

The degree of load intensities for a floor covering is also referred to the figures:

The corresponding markings on the linoleum, as well as on the laminate has a form of pattern-icons with the image of the house, and the men of numbers next to the picture - a hint producer, a linoleum choose in a particular case.

Labeling can be determined that the linoleum Class 21 is suitable for the bedroom, to the kitchen for a small family better to put linoleum 23 class, and home of a large family is unlikely to fit the linoleum below 31 class.

Assume survive if linoleum onslaught of high heels or load heavy furniture legs can be looked at based on the material: the higher the density, the higher the wear resistance of the floor covering. In general, the heavier the linoleum, so it is more durable, but this figure is difficult to verify in the store and compare with peers. An alternative method of density estimation - to put pressure on the material finger. If the surface is elastic and under pressure does not change its thickness, density means the foundations responsible operating standards.

The principles of the adhesive of choice for linoleum ↑

Along with the choice of flooring must still decide what glue to glue the linoleum. As a general rule, for each type of linoleum pick a kind of glue, guided by the following principles.

Linoleum cloth is laid on the so-called cold mastic which comprises bitumen, turpentine and mineral spirits.

Warm linoleum on the felt basis teplozvukoizoliruyuschey paste on any base adhesives based Bustilat.

Dispersion adhesive composition is considered universal, through which can be firmly linoleum paste of any kind and to concrete, and wood-based and cement-sand screed and a particle board plate.

Rules of drawing and color choice ↑

In deciding what to choose linoleum for the apartment, try not to forget that this is not only a new quality of the floor, but also an important element of the interior, able to fill the room with completely new content and create in it a special atmosphere.

Linoleum light cool shades visually enhances the space and fill it with warm shades of comfort. Monotonous repeating floor pattern calms person, bright, contrasting parts of the pattern are filled with energy. Medium-sized abstract print linoleum profitable emphasize the decorative elements of the interior and set off the extraordinary dignity of furniture.

Choose linoleum with natural, clear, modern pattern, with marked relief, with no sleek shine and increments the print does not exceed 100-150 cm. And if this material does not emit noxious fumes, and on it put down logo of the manufacturer, then you have made a practical and high-quality purchase.

How to choose linoleum - tips and tricks

Linoleum - democratic public material that covers the floor for the second century. Despite the variety of existing flooring, linoleum flooring today is still quite popular in our country. This is natural, because it is interesting in design, easy to pack and is relatively cheap. This floor covering is different from other soft and springy, and at the same time it is durable - it does not crack, such as wood or ceramic coating. Today consumers to access a huge choice of different types of flooring, as is well known, the right choice of linoleum - the key to the longevity of the material. How to choose linoleum and what to look for when buying, so as not to worry then for the money spent in vain? In this we will try to find out in this article.

The colors and texture of the linoleum - an important criterion for selecting

By purchasing linoleum for the house, it is necessary to focus on the following selection criteria:

1. Does the cover corresponds to its purpose (for the nursery, hallway, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom).

2. Whether will sustain the load on the floor, given the amount of living space and the degree of obstruction.

3. Does the selected coating shown requirements (antistatic, thermal insulation, moisture resistance, sound insulation, antibacterial properties).

4. Fits whether it is in the design of the apartment (sometimes monotonous, with an abstract pattern, or simulate different textures - the fabric, wood, tile, stone, etc.).

To see some linoleum choose for your home, you must first know what kind of linoleum there. Today offers a wide variety of linoleum, made from natural and synthetic materials. Natural or polyvinyl chloride, Phenol, kolloksilinovy, rubber - this is an incomplete list of the types of flooring available to the modern consumer. After reviewing the advantages and disadvantages of each of them, you can answer yourself the question: how to choose linoleum for the apartment.

Linoleum consists of wood flour, linseed oil, cork flour, pine resin, natural dyes and limestone powder, and its base - of jute fabric. Since the coating is made from natural materials, it is perfect for rooms where people live, suffering from asthmatic and allergic diseases, as well as for children's rooms.

Linoleum does not change its color and texture over time

• abrasion resistant;

• environmentally friendly material;

• does not fade in the sun, it does not change its structure and color over time;

• has bactericidal properties;

• does not support combustion (fallen thereon burning cigarette does not leave marks on the cover);

• is of different colors (usually with a "marbled" pattern or solid color).

• a certain fragility (Do not bend it, may appear cracked, should not be thrown during transport and work with them);

• use of the coating in areas of high humidity (toilets, bathrooms) is undesirable;

• relatively high cost.

↑ Polyvinylchloride (PVC), linoleum

PVC linoleum is made of fabric or non-woven insulating base. This coating is a single layer or multilayer. Domestic manufacturers made it to the European technology and the price of their products available for almost everyone.

PVC linoleum made on the European technology

• expressed dielectric properties;

• does not rot;

• a wide palette of patterns, figures and colors;

• Easy stacking technology.

• sensitive to high temperatures;

• resistant to chemical solvents, fats and alkalis;

• by lowering its temperature elasticity decreases sharply, it may crack.

Synthetic linoleum is divided into:

Domestic (Housing) thinner, cheaper, less durable (lifetime - no more than 3-5 years).

Commercial linoleum (for office and work space) has the highest wear resistance, it is the most durable and thick, can last more than 20 years.

Semi-commercial linoleum occupies a middle position between the first and second species, it is used either in commercial premises with a small cross, or in areas of the house or apartment with the highest permeability. Its warranty period of 7-20 years.

There are many different subtypes of PVC linoleum - conductive, sound-absorbing, anti-static.

Linoleum produced active form by applying alkyd resin fabric base.

Benefits : Increased sound and heat insulation qualities.

disadvantages : Friability and, consequently, the difficulty of laying, propensity to cracking and fracture.

Before laying this type of linoleum necessarily should be kept in a warm place, otherwise it is possible strain: length decreases and the width increases.

The basis for this type of linoleum is nitrocellulose. Available usually baseless.

Benefits : Moisture-proof, elastic, fireproof, has a decorative glitter.

disadvantages : Prone to shrinkage, quite sensitive to changes in temperature.

This linoleum - a dual-layer. Its liner layer produced from old shredded rubber with asphalt. The upper layer (face) is made by mixing the rubber, filler and pigment.

Benefits : High elasticity and moisture resistance.

disadvantages : It includes present gradually-volatile substances harmful to humans, so it is not recommended to lay in the living room.

↑ Select linoleum for different rooms at home

Linoleum is classified and labeled in accordance with the destination premises. Marking the first digit varies from 1 to 4:

• 1 - premises with a minimum level of cross-country;

• 2 - living room;

• 3 - office space;

• 4 - production facilities.

The second digit indicates the expected loads, such as: 1 - 4 and the lowest - highest. For example, in a bedroom cabinet and suitable coating 21 class. In the hallway or in the kitchen for a family of four or five people will be just a floor covering 23 and 24 classes, and even better - 31-33 th. Now you know exactly how to choose linoleum for home.

In these areas with a sufficiently large cross lay linoleum recommended thickness of 3 millimeters.

The kitchen is better to lay a solid, semi-commercial linoleum

For these premises, you can use household linoleum on the basis of PVC, but it is still the best option is a robust semi-commercial linoleum.

Semi-commercial linoleum in the hallway

According to the coloring and texture of the traditional solution for these premises is under the linoleum tiles.

In the living room patency - moderate. Therefore optimal linoleum is 1.5 mm thick.

Household linoleum in the living room

In this room, the probability of mechanical damage is low, so you can lay linoleum on the basis of PVC and polyester, even inexpensive household linoleum.

For the bedroom as a room with a low permeability, it is possible to choose the linoleum thinner - thickness 1.2 to 1.5 mm.

Bedroom suitable household linoleum on the basis of polyester

The best option - household linoleum polyester or foam PVC linoleum basis.

Nursery considered placing an average degree of permeability, but very likely mechanical damage.

PVC linoleum foamed on in the children's room

Therefore, a room for children can lay household linoleum on the basis of PVC foam, and even better - Semi-commercial linoleum with a protective top layer is less than 0.25 mm.

On the balcony, in an unheated loggia and in the veranda and garden gazebo any linoleum deteriorate very quickly, because this material does not tolerate direct sunlight and temperature changes.

Linoleum endless palette of attractive designs and colors. Manufacturers attach linoleum bright, bright colors, do not fade over time. Decorative possibilities synthetic linoleum even better. It can simulate a very authentic natural materials such as stone, wood, ceramic tiles.

Tight semi-commercial linoleum, ceramic tiles imitating

In recent years become very popular types of decoration, imitating the expensive flooring or floorboard. Linoleum perfectly reproduces the oak, beech, cherry, and even such exotic woods, such as zebrawood, bamboo, rosewood. Floorings and plays at the same time and the pattern and texture of natural wood.

High demand linoleum imitating a mosaic of wood and solid boards.

Bold and imaginative people will choose fantasy décors and unusual colors.

Fantasy decor linoleum - for courageous and extraordinary people

Lovers to experiment with interior design manufacturers offer original geometric and abstract designs.

Very impressive looks linoleum imitating stone - granite or marble.

Looks spectacular linoleum imitating stone - granite or marble

Sometimes there are coverings that reproduce artificially "aged" materials - wood with traces of time, or worn stone.

↑ tips when choosing and buying linoleum

Consider how to choose linoleum for home.

1. First of all, trust your sense of smell: the presence of a pungent smell indicates the poor quality of the coating and that it contains harmful additives. High-quality natural and synthetic linoleum does not smell anything. In addition, a good linoleum should not have greasy shine, not drawing it should be clearly and look natural, the optimum number of layers - not less than five.

2. By coating the web width should coincide generally with the size of the room. But we need to take with a stock - to fit the pattern, cutting the cloth on the joints. In the calculations, it is necessary to take into account the existence of thresholds, niches under the battery, the other tabs in the room.

3. Coverage is not recommended to buy on the market, but rather in a heated room. The store also more convenient to check its quality.

4. It is necessary to check coverage for compliance with safety standards. The last special examination material is labeled accordingly, and the seller must be a health certificate.

5. Check the quality needed in sheeted form, to see if there are waves and bumps on the surface, or areas where the upper film is peeled. These indicators point to marriage, such coverage can not buy existing irregularities are not smoothed in any way.

6. When buying the same linoleum in several areas, it is better to buy it in one piece. But you need to pre-calculate, if I can bring a long roll in the room and whether it will be transported through the narrow openings and stairs.

7. Fold the cloth in half is strictly prohibited. You can not stick tape to the front surface, as will be sticky trail that is difficult to remove. Linoleum rolled inside out, and if it is rolled face out, the roll must be wrapped with a protective film.

8. When selecting coating preference should be given to the linoleum having a special protective layer. Such linoleum is easy to clean and permanently retain a beautiful appearance.

9. linoleum samples as possible should be viewed in the room where he will be laid. This is useful for more accurate selection of the appropriateness of colors in the interior (warm or cold linoleum), because to do this from memory is not so easy.

10. All purchased linoleum must be from the same batch as the different parties differ in color sometimes, even when their articles are the same.

All of the above advice, recommendations and explanations will help to make a successful purchase of linoleum from any price segment.

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You write that kolloksialny linoleum fireproof. I hasten to uzaverit is (and this is an indisputable fact, as it is said by the producers themselves), this kind of yato Linoli very fire hazard, flammable and well lit!

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Which to choose linoleum for apartments on the quality criteria

Modern linoleum - it's durable, versatile and durable products that are safe for health and approved for use on any objects: from residential to industrial buildings. The range is not just a - huge!

Classification roll coating

The history of linoleum has more than 270 years. Initially it was a completely natural product produced from jute, hemp or cotton fabric to which was applied to the hot mixture of oil, turpentine resin, wood flour and pigments. Actually the name of resilient floor coverings has received from its main component: linum - flax, oleum - oil.

In a natural alternative to synthetic fabric PVC appeared about 60 years ago. Reason to banality is simple - lack of initial components and a sharp rise in their prices.

Today, they produce many different types of linoleum products. All elastic coatings are classified according to several criteria:

According to this criterion for the domestic sphere produce two kinds of roll material:

Marmoleum or Linoleum

Tough, durable and safe floor covering made of natural components. Ingredients:

  • Basis - jute and linen woven fabric;
  • Linoleum granulate caused by termopressovaniya - a mixture of the resin of pine trees, a modified linseed oil, wood flour, fillers and pigments;
  • Wax or lacquer protects the surface of the abrasive and other loads (used to separate series).

The finished coating is produced in the form of rolls of width up to 4 m and a length of not more than 30 m, linoleum tiles or planks, as well as in combination with a core of HDF-board. All species are characterized by:

  1. Excellent wear resistance to abrasion, deformation, abrasive loads;
  2. Bacteriostatic, ie, the surface is able to prevent or stop the growth of bacteria;
  3. Moderate fire resistance and low toxicity at ignition (melting);
  4. Resistant to all household chemicals, and weak alkaline solutions;
  5. Possibility of grinding and renovation coating;
  6. Safety of adults and children's health;
  7. Slip resistance;
  8. Ease of cleaning and maintenance;
  9. Long service life.
  • High requirements during assembly;
  • The characteristic smell of oil;
  • High price.

Natural floor covering can be installed in any room, from the children's room to the sales area, but need to pick up marmoleum given load class.

In Europe, this kind of elastic material called PVC coating. It developed in our country in the late 50-ies. as an affordable alternative to natural products. Calender consists of a plastic or terpolymer is combined of:

  • Bases (foamed PVC, PE-felt, combined);
  • Facial layer (thin layer of dense PVC with a decorative pattern);
  • Glass fiber (a reinforcing member used for producing the known stability of the material to rupture and deformation loads);
  • Transparent (wear resistant surface coating of the polyurethane tread and other elastic materials).

PVC-sectional linoleum.

Benefits of synthetic linoleum:

  • Water and wear resistance;
  • Unlimited choice of designs and colors;
  • Easy installation and maintenance;
  • Partial repairability;
  • Reasonable cost;
  • Durability.

The disadvantages of the material include an unpleasant chemical smell (disappears within 1-3 weeks), toxicity in fire and slippery surface of the budget series.

What if some consultants insist on buying baseless coverage, while others recommend a buy on the basis of the product? The fact that natural and synthetic products are available in two varieties:

  • Heterogeneous - Multi-floor materials consisting of structural foundations, decoration and protection;
  • Homogeneous - homogeneous or single-layer coatings, characterized by an extremely high wear resistance and the presence of one pattern to the entire depth of the product.

The former can be used in any environment from a private home to the hotel lobby. But the latter by virtue of its characteristics and high costs apply only in trade and commercial, industrial and other similar objects.

Coatings are divided into:

  • Household - heterogeneous materials for homes and offices with small foot loads. Width of roll coating - from 1.5 to 6 m, the length is 35 m, thickness - up to 5 mm. On average, high-quality product can be 7-10 years or more.
  • Semi-commercial - layered, more durable, dense and durable analogue series of household. Recommended for use in residential, office and commercial buildings with an average stress level.
  • Commercial - finishing single- and multi-layer materials for areas with intensive cross-country (commercial, public, industrial and other facilities). The operation period of considerable - at least 15 years with proper selection and installation.
  • Special - floor coverings for rooms with special requirements:. Sports, dance halls, transportation, hospitals, etc. linoleum thickness up to 10 mm, and the service life - 40 years.

If you are not familiar with the basic characteristics of the material, enough to know to which class the load it carries a manufacturer. Each collection is usually assigned to a set of icons, including wear resistance. Refer to the table below to determine the most suitable option.

So, choosing a flexible coating for an apartment, please note: you need a natural or synthetic linoleum with a heterogeneous structure of the domestic semi-commercial or series relating to 21-23 or 31 classes. Next is guided by your taste and budget.

High-quality linoleum, selected the apartment must meet several criteria:

  1. Vary good abrasion, water and chemical resistant, bacteriostatic, no smell;
  2. Serve not less than 7 years without any signs of abrasion;
  3. Be easy to maintain;
  4. Comply with the security of the Russian Federation.

Large producers each new collection is required to send to the study and at the end get the whole package a variety of certificates: hygienic, fire safety, compliance, voluntary testing for product ecology, etc.

Best linoleum for an apartment can only provide well-known manufacturers. We present you an overview of the most common brands:

Concern is known as one of the world's largest producers of natural and synthetic floor coverings and walls. His story - it is more than 130 years of ups and downs, the phenomenal breakthroughs and projects with high risks. The company opened its factory practically worldwide, and its products is available in 140 countries worldwide.

Product line includes:

  • Natural linoleum and PVC wall and floor all series: domestic, semi-commercial, commercial and special;
  • Parquet;
  • Laminated parquet;
  • Cork covering;
  • A variety of related products and accessories.

In 1995, in the Samara region, Otradny, Plant for production of PVC-linoleum has been opened. Its products range complements Tarket, imported from Eastern European factories. Total company owns 4 brand:

  • Tarkett (EU, Russia) - more than 20 collections of roll and tile production premium series of PVC and natural raw materials. They are available in all classes of durability: from 21 to 43. The range includes all kinds, from everyday to special. The main plus of the brand - a wide range of designs on a smooth or textural canvas;
  • Sinteros (Russia) - Economy Series PVC coatings of all types in classes of 21 to 34. Customers are attracted accessibility and usability of products.
  • Vinisin (Ukraine) - an analog of the previous line of versatile and durable coatings for homes and public buildings;
  • Polystyl (Russia) - 6 collections of mid-price category. Quite modest compared with other brands variety of designs 23, 31, 32, 33, 34, and 41 classes.
  1. The high level of density and wear resistance of products through the use of Transparent with additional protective coatings (Extreme Protection, Titan et al.);
  2. The presence of the reinforcing glass composed of linoleum, providing the deformation resistance of the material;
  3. The most extensive selection of designs and colors in comparison with competitors.
  4. Three types of bases on the buyer's choice: foam PVC, polyester felt, dubbed;
  5. Permitted for use in children and medical institutions;
  6. Proven by numerous certificates of product safety health of the user. Including voluntary testing for environmental friendliness "Leaf of Life";
  7. Gorgeous information support, including media materials and a variety of recommendation brochures;
  8. Easy installation and maintenance;
  9. Prices for every budget;
  10. Long operational period - from 7 to 50 years.
  1. The high price of brand collections Tarket;
  2. Cheap series first few days may emit an unpleasant odor.

Forbo Group companies - a huge number of enterprises of different directions. One of the largest units is considered to be the union of 7 European factories, which produce floor and wall coverings - Forbo Flooring Systems.

For over 20 years concern has been manufacturing linoleum under the brand name Marmoleum in various formats and in all classes (21-43). In Russia, a similar plant was opened not so long ago - in 2012 (Kaluga region).

  1. Completely natural and safe product for health;
  2. The product range includes both the coating roller and cut slabs, bands and even combined on the basis of HDF-boards;
  3. Good choice of colors and designs under the board, stone, flocking, etc .;
  4. High resistance to abrasion and various other factors abiogenically (household chemicals, deformations), etc .;
  5. Bakteriostatichnost low thermal conductivity;
  6. In manufacture resistant mineral pigments;
  7. Approved for use in the sanatorium, medical and child care centers;
  8. A good information support to facilitate selection of linoleum for the apartment, house or commercial and commercial facility.
  9. It proved the high level of quality and sustainability (full certification package EN);
  10. Easy installation and maintenance without any cost;
  11. Long life - 10 to 30 years.
  1. Excessively high price for all collections;
  2. Most of the decorations must be ordered at the factory, and the waiting time - from one month or more.

Hungarian company Grabo has a century of history. It all started with a workshop for the production of canvas and the oilskin products. Today, the company consists of 4 plants, which produced a variety of floor and wall coverings made of wood, PVC.

Synthetic linoleum products are produced in all classes: 21-23, 31-34, 41-43. Home series is in a good range of decors and colors, but it is much more modest than those of competitors.

The special pride of the company - a special PVC linoleum, including transport, sports, bacteriostatic, sound insulation, anti-slip and others.

  1. Wear-resistant coatings with a good level of elastic deformation (due to the presence of glass);
  2. A wide range of designs. There are always available, even for children and avant-garde series.
  3. The conformity of products to European standards for CE certification vault security and health.
  4. Installation and Care effortlessly.
  5. Reasonable cost to all collections and classes.
  6. period - 10-25 years.
  1. Modest selection of designs in the local stores.
  2. Most of the series should not be used in conjunction with underfloor heating systems.
  3. Over time, dirt can literally eats into Transparent, so care needs special tools

Concern Yutex dates back to 1938. From a small factory producing packaging products, gradually formed one of Europe's largest industrial enterprises. Main specialization - production of floor and wall PVC linoleum 21-34 class durability. In 2009, the plant was opened on the territory of the Russian Federation, in the Vladimir region (Kameshkovo).

On the concern owned enterprises produced linoleum under several brands

  • Juteks - premium products with smooth and textured surface, manufactured in the factory facilities in Belgium, Slovenia and the Russian Federation;
  • Beauflor - business series in the most popular designs. Made in Slovenia and Russia;
  • Ideal - Economy category roll of linoleum for Russian buyers.
  1. A good level of water resistance and abrasion Transparent through the use of additional protective layers (Protective Coating, Wear Resistant et al.).
  2. The use of a part of the reinforcing glass fiber, which prevents the stretching and tearing of the web.
  3. More than 40 annually updated collection with a variety of decors on the PVC and polyester based.
  4. Mandatory certification of products on the Russian and European standards. Luxury collection have environmental expertise.
  5. Easy installation and maintenance.
  6. Reasonable price.
  7. period - 7-30 years.
  1. Low series differ low density of the base layer, a slippery surface, long exude unpleasant chemical smell.
  2. Textured coatings with embossed difficult to wash off dirt. Requires special care products.
  3. Cheap series is not recommended to lay at the base with built-in "warm floor" system.

In 2002, in Syktyvkar (Komi Republic) was launched Plant for the production of linoleum floor PVC foam and polyester-based. For the manufacture of the latter there is a plant for the production of synthetic felt.

Rolled floor coverings from OAO "Komitex" produced 5 durability classes (21-23 and 31-32) and 9 collections. There are domestic, semi-commercial and commercial one series. Number of designs is limited to traditional wood decors, as well as a tile or marble chips. The surface is calendered laminating film, which is acquired in the PRC. Finished products are certified in accordance with Russian standards of health quality and safety.

  1. The surface of the water-resistant, inert to household chemicals, can withstand frequent foot traffic.
  2. Availability of the necessary certificates package.
  3. Easy installation.
  4. Low cost.
  5. The operation period of an average of about 5-7 years.
  1. Canvas loose, there are dents quickly.
  2. It exudes unpleasant chemical smell for a long time.
  3. It is forbidden to lay on the heated floor.

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