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Rating 2017: choose the best garment steamer

Steamers appeared on the household appliances market recently, but has already gained popularity and love of buyers. In addition to its primary function - ironing of clothes with steam and they perform a number of other equally useful: eliminate inveterate stains on clothes, disinfect cloth and dusty stuffed animals, output odors. It only remains to find out what a garment steamer choose to have it fully met all of our expectations? After studying a variety of models, we've compiled a list of the best for 2017.

Opens our top ten ranking steamer companies Endever, which can be called universal. This model is designed exclusively for vertical steaming clothes. The device is intended for light, delicate fabrics (silk, cotton, synthetics) as well as for manufacturing of a durable material such as fur or skin. Power is 1750 Watts, there is also a power regulator. Container Capacity water - 2L, on the basis of which, while continuing operation of the device is 80 min. The maximum steam temperature - 98 °.

You can select one of four modes steaming. The package also includes three universal nozzle (sprayer, brush with bristles to remove dirt and clip pointing arrows on trousers), telescopic stand, termorukavitsa providing security, hangers, locking pegs trouser special steamer for collars and pockets.

  1. Versatility: high-quality cleaning not only clothes, but also blankets, mattresses, bedding, toys.
  2. Stylish design.
  3. Quick heating device.
  4. The presence of several nozzles.
  5. Ability to work with hard to reach melkimii details: collars, pockets, cuffs.
  6. Reasonable price for the claimed feature set. The price range varies from 3557 p. 5514 to p.
  1. Too long hose that can bend and reduce the flow of steam.
  2. Fragile materials from which the device is assembled.
  3. If work does not quite live up to the declared capacity.

The ninth line is handmade garment steamer from Philips, equipped with an electric pump for automatic feeding of steam. It comes also nozzle-brush crinite, which can be used to clean bulky items of dense tissue, such as sweaters, jackets, coats. Power - 1000 W, it is possible not only vertical but horizontal steaming on a flat surface. The cost starts at 4390 p. 6490 to p.

  1. Very ergonomic design. The device is compact and conveniently fits in your hand, allowing you to process the smallest wardrobe items.
  2. The heating time - several seconds.
  3. Lightweight, weighs 0.7 kg.
  4. When using otparivatelyane required ironing board.
  1. A small container of water, which will often be filled manually.
  2. Not always cope with the products of wool, cashmere, leather.
  3. Long cool down after shutting down.

Eighth ranking position is vertical steamer one of the largest manufacturers of household appliances Polaris. The device is fully heated for 40 seconds.

Copes not only with apparel steam treatment and other things, but also perfectly disinfects the surface, destroying about 99% of germs.

There are three modes of power supply pair. The water tank is 1.3 liters, which makes it possible to use steamer without topping up to 40 min. For products made of suede, suede, wool has a special nozzle-brush «Twist Brush». Buy a steamer can be for 3448 - 5290 p.

  1. It equipped with automatic shut-off in case of lack of water or in case of overheating.
  2. Comfortable handle.
  3. Thanks to the Easy Lock fastening device can be used with any clothes hanger.
  4. The ability to adjust the power of steam.
  5. Compact, it does not occupy much space.
  1. In the water container there is a cavity from which it will be inconvenient to pour the water after completion of work.
  2. The quality of steam is lower than that with the same power level models (1700 W).
  3. Termovarezhka that comes bundled, too small.
  4. Sometimes creased hose.

Seventh place is occupied by this compact handheld steam cleaner. With it you can easily process the hot steam clothes, textiles, clothes, carpets, curtains and other products. The volume of the water tank - 100 ml, which is optimized for standard steam brush. There is a set of several interchangeable nozzles: for cleaning hard surfaces and furniture, as well as a separate nozzle for outerwear. Well heated: the maximum heating time of 30 seconds. Available vertical and horizontal modes steaming. steamer cost at different stores for home appliances - from 1635 p. 2739 to p.

  1. There is a light indicator, notifying about the availability of the device to work.
  2. Sleek design, nice colors body.
  3. The high efficiency of stripping.
  4. Budget and practicality.
  5. Quickly stripped collars, cuffs, pockets, zippers area.

Minuses. As with all steam brushes, not always quality to cope with the volume, dense stuff. Suitable for products from lung tissue.

6. Philips GC430 / 05 Compact Touch

On the sixth line of the rating goes with this model quite high performance. It can operate continuously for an hour in a total volume of 600 ml reservoir. High heating rate is due to good capacity for manual steamer - 1400 watts. suitable for all kinds of fabrics.

An unusual feature of this model is provided for a container with a lid for storing manufacturer handles most steamer and all the necessary details.

It is possible to select one of three modes of evaporation intensity.

  1. Large capacity for filling water. It eliminates frequent refilling.
  2. Not bad creases on clothes.
  3. The set of attached hanger - folding hanger.
  4. High-quality assembly, convenient place to store allow you to borrow steamer to travel or business trip.
  1. Few replaceable nozzles.
  2. Members noted that the device is easy to overheating and heat-resistant mitten poorly protects the hands from the hot handles. Hence, there is the risk of getting burned by steam.
  3. Heavy weighs about 1.6 kg.
  4. Relatively high value, which lies in the range of 6999 p. to 10,790 p.

This floor steamer ranked fifth in the ranking of the best. This is a technique used by professional and master in the studio, dry cleaners and clothes salons. Power unit reaches 1500 watts. The tank can be filled and distilled, and ordinary running water from a tap on the performance is not affected. The package includes two brushes (one pile, the other microfiber), clips for trousers and skirts, as well as a clothes hanger. All placed in a special bag, which is attached to the stripper. You can clean the upholstery furniture, toys, curtains, tablecloths. The unit is in the price range of 5190 r. 6190 to p.

  1. Qualitatively made plastic housing.
  2. A worthy combination of price and quality.
  3. Durable hose that does not bend and does not interfere with the movement of the pair.
  4. continuously feeding the pair with a filled water container - about an hour.
  1. Little uncomfortable termorukavitsa.
  2. Buyers notice weak pressure steam, not corresponding to said power characteristic.
  3. When applying steam may be emitted droplets of water and as a result remain wet marks on the clothes.
  4. Sometimes the unit is turned off spontaneously: the formation of drops of water protection system is activated the device.

The fourth position is occupied floor steamer of the brand Tefal. This model provides power 1700 W, and five levels of steam flow rate for different materials. In general, the unit copes with all kinds of fabrics, including the most dense, which make up the outerwear. Most of the metal nozzle is designed for large parts - the folds of trousers and skirts, skirts and tapered tip of the nozzle is adapted for stripping difficult to items of clothing. Steamer heating occurs in a short time - 40 seconds. Quality steam disinfection procedure that removes odors and refreshes the appearance of products.

  1. It works well with folds, forming an arrow trousers.
  2. The complex has a pad for cleaning clothes: purged hair, wool, dust, tiny lint, fuzz.
  3. Innovative System Instant Control, which provides high functionality.
  4. Great choice of modes of steam power.
  5. After completion of the procedure does not leave wet marks on the clothes.
  6. Water droplets are not sprayed.
  7. Convenient water tank. The water may be topped up to the limit of 1.7 liters.
  1. Sometimes the device is bent hose.
  2. When moving the steamer from place to place, the water may be ejected from the reservoir portion and the base attachment.
  3. For this floor model hose is not long enough.
  4. High cost - 13 190 r. to 17,499 p.

Three of the most high-quality Garment Steamer opens this multifunctional device. Has a very high capacity - 2000 W, the device weighs too much - about 5 kg. Moreover, in conjunction with high power is high and the pressure to 4 bar. The set can be found a few brushes, among them are the options for hard surfaces, clothing, glass scraper, a nozzle with a narrow spout to the steam in hard accessible places. You bought a steam cleaner, is likely to be universal means cleaning in the house, because it is also designed for cleaning windows, cleaning floors, walls, furniture, sanitary ware and even car accessories.

  1. It copes well with different kinds of contaminants, odors, stains on clothes.
  2. It does not require the use of additional cleaning agents.
  3. Great choice of interchangeable nozzles, a long cord. For the convenience of topping up water in the tank manufacturers added a set of measuring cup and funnel.
  4. Robust and reliable assembly, the body is made of high quality plastic.
  5. The complete set is attached to the base extension tube through which the cleaning can be carried out over a large area, moving the device to a minimum.
  6. Given the rich set of features, the price is quite reasonable: ot5 927 p. 8065 to p.
  1. It heats the handle.
  2. When cleaning items from the fat scum, lime scale and other difficult impurities have to use additional means of household chemicals.
  3. Steam hose requires careful handling, is easily damaged during operation.

The second line takes the floor steamer, with features that it is worth noting a large water tank (2.1 liters), and the pressure is 6.2 bar. Device power reaches 1800 watts. There are several removable nozzles, cushion for extra cleaning of carpets, pillows, fur and wool. To prevent scalding, there is a glove from a heat-resistant material. Regulate the steam flow can be built in three modes. Price of the device - 9999 p.

  1. Long cord up to 2 m, is a function of the automatic winding cord.
  2. There is a container for the storage of additional nozzles, and a special pen, which facilitates portability of the device.
  3. Quiet operation.
  4. When the tap water may be used.
  1. According to many buyers who have purchased this product, steamer bad copes with complex pollution. A steam supply is not strong enough even at maximum intensity mode.
  2. Water flows from the handle, as in the operation of formed condensate droplets.

A leader of our rating becomes a multifunctional appliance that combines both steamer, steam cleaner and steam. Power - 1950 Watts. Included with the main device is also a conventional iron for ironing. Capacious tank water (2.3 L) provide a period of continuous operation for 45-50 min. Is a function of automatic shut-off system and indicator lights when the unit is switched off.

The heating element of the steam ironing the design created which warms vapor in the release and thus prevents the formation of condensate droplets ( "antikaplya" system).

Included is a few tips as well as convenient folding hanger, which can also be rotated 360 °, which is convenient for stripping clothes from different sides. The price of this steam cleaner is 10 000. See also the review of the Grand Master GM Q7.

  1. Control the release rate of steam can be obtained by a smooth control.
  2. It copes well with the purification of all kinds of fabrics, regardless of the structure and density of the material.
  3. The package includes an iron, a steam iron is for clothes, steam mop for cleaning hard objects.
  4. There is a plastic plate for ease of stripping things in a horizontal position.

Minuses steamer. The configuration is quite long cable (185 cm), but this is not the device to automatically rewind the cord. In general, the work of the negative feedback device is not detected.

To date, manufacturers of various household appliances are all sorts of devices for purifying steam ironing and dry cleaning. This rating is made after studying the most important technical characteristics of the most high-end models, as well as customer reviews.

What steamer is the best, you can determine for yourself, considering, for what purpose are going to buy it, and how the budget have. In general, there are successful low cost options and devices higher price category. the above suggestions will help to orient among the rich assortment and choose the best steamer, which will be the perfect assistant in the economy.

Help me choose a garment steamer

I chose a very long time, stopped at the end on this. The only one not on the curtains stripped weight of the hose is not for this, is a bit short. But acquire a fine and no problems. I cuddle them all things absolutely.

Never pour water from the tap. I skip through the filter and forward. In short, proper care and steamer you will last a long time)

Marisha1709 you all properly advised, clean time, I, too, the book does not honor all on white spilled.

Voltage: 220-240V;

Power: 2200-2600 W;

Ironing Power: 500-600 Watts;

Water Tank Capacity: 2.5 liters;

Number of modes: 3;

Ready to go: 45 sec .;

The nominal flow of steam 85 g / min;

Continuous operation time: 80 min

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Garment steamer: ranking of the best models of 2015, tips on choosing

Your clothes - it's your investment in a pleasing appearance. And methods for its cleaning and otglazhivaniya should be safe and gentle

ironing clothes - one of the least automated domestic processes, so a garment steamer if not completely removes this problem, it is much easier to work. And the result, when compared to a garment steamer (reviews confirm this, you only need to properly use the device) with a conventional iron, much better.

How to choose a garment steamer: types and basic parameters

All steamers implemented the general principle - water heated in the boiler is converted to steam. That the hose is forced through the clothes iron is sent to - fiber cloth spreading, smoothing wrinkles, and eliminates the unpleasant smell. Despite the fact that the steamers differ in purpose, functionality and parameters as a whole they can be divided into two major types:

  • hand - the easiest, and therefore cheap, lightweight and compact appearance Garment Steamer. Their main drawback - low power, they will smooth quality only mild tissue types, as well as shirts and blouses, poorly coping with natural (cotton, linen) and coarse (woolen cloth, tweed, cashmere)

Hand steamer: for all other cons has indisputable advantage: unlimited mobility due to low weight and dimensions

  • vertical steamer - outdoor embodiment, may be stationary or mobile (with built-in casters). For convenience, the kit includes a stripper vertical hanger. Main advantages: high power (smooths all types of tissues), a large tank, additional nozzles.

Vertical steamer much more comfortable ironing board

If you are going to buy a garment steamer, should examine its basic parameters:

  • power - the larger it is, the faster the steamer to heat up, the more intense will be the steam, the better it will smooth out the fabric, including - more dense, for example, of thick cloth coat or jeans. When it comes to vertical steamer, it is less than 1500 watts, not worth taking.
  • the intensity of the steam - It depends on the capacity steamer, its value is designated in "grams per minute." The higher this value is, the better will be ironing
  • steam pressure - is indicated only for Garment Steamer equipped with steam valve. The boiler steam accumulates until it reaches a certain point, after which steam is opened and releases steam. With this powerful steam exits the flow, intensity and penetrates deeper into the tissue fibers, as a result - better stripping. However, in this mode steamer can operate only a few minutes, passing afterwards to gravity mode - the steam formed in the boiler is fed directly into the tube. If we talk about numbers, the 3.5 bar - it's good, and 5 bar - it's very cool

Dense fabric for curtains often surround a design or pattern of the cloth. The only way to give the perfect look so curtains - it's steaming. The powerful flow of steam will cause the pile to straighten and fan, while a separate drying or ironing iron will not give such an effect

  • tank volume - it depends on the duration of continuous operation steamer. The volume of the tank is more, the, respectively, and longer operating time
  • uptime - as stated above, depends on the tank, capable of good pattern stably generate steam for one hour

Behind the scenes of the podium, where the preparations for the fashion show mannequins without steamer is simply not enough

  • stripping modes - more precisely, the flow rate control of steam, because for different tissues, in theory, need, and different modes of stripping. In fact, this is not critical, even the most delicate fabrics can be to steam at maximum intensity - it's not iron
  • hose length - the larger it is, the easier it will work, especially if you have to iron the curtains
  • steam iron is - better if the metal

For clothes from expensive natural fabrics need especially gentle care: steaming is preferable ironing iron

Comparison of the impact on the fabric ironing and steaming.

A sample of the wool fabric after ironed iron for 1 minute with the appropriate tissue type settings. Photos from the electron microscope, the left - the 500-fold increase in the right - x1000

Exactly the same woolen cloth after stripping for 1 minute. Photos from the electron microscope, the left - a 500-fold increase in the right - x1000

For more information about how to choose a garment steamer - Watch the video:

Garment steamer: rating models

After analyzing the parameters, cost and operational features, offer our rating of a garment steamer.

"Very pleased, first of all - a great assembly, couples never breaks. Plus - the design is very stable. "

"It is very convenient that there is a foot control - when your hands are busy, you can add foot / decrease the intensity of the steam."

"I would like a little more Hose - 1.7 meters is still not enough."

Today's manufacturers offer many kinds of garment steamer home use

"Steam iron soleplate made of solid steel therein a plurality of small holes through which steam is supplied. You can remove even very small folds. "

"The hose is very convenient - 2 meters, so you can iron hanging curtains. Plus - an ergonomic pistol, on which there is protection against misuse, on the handle of a pair of flow regulator "

Clothes very complex cut sometimes impossible ironed traditional way on the ironing board. In this case, the stripping function in your ironing device - the only way out

"Stylish design. Very pleased with the stand - reliable, with a handy clip for trousers and skirts hang them very easy. "

"Do not burn your hands. Heavy enough - about 8 kg, although there is a positive side - steamer very firmly worth it. "

"When the flow rate of a couple of things on the wet spots are formed."

When choosing a steamer note the nominal duration of continuous operation and the length of the hose: it is an important point, if you will use it for cleaning and care of the curtains

"Beautiful, compact, bright, comfortable. I took with a business trip, instead of iron - satisfied, blouses suitcases well smoothed. "

"Plastic - a quality, build a good, water does not leak."

"I do not like that in the beginning of the" spits "water. Although in the description of the launch of promise after 10s after switching on, really - not earlier than 30s. "

Steamer perfectly copes with crumpled jersey without risking a thing of stretching and a loss of form, as it happens during ironing iron

Vertical steamer takes up very little space

"Compact, easy to fold into a small pouch, they took with them on vacation. However, compact, not least achieved by well very small tanks - 60 ml, barely enough for a blouse made of light material. "

"Ergonomic design, comfortable to hold and operate. However, the manufacturer claims that the 24-minute work, really get much less, even if you set the knob to the minimum steam. Frankly, the regulator almost do not use, I put up for a maximum of all. At a minimum the result is almost not noticeable. "

Quick steaming single garment without the need to lay the ironing board - it's easy and time-saving

In the sewing studio often use hand-held steamer after handling the finished thing. There are also large stationary steamers, but they are more for the textile industries

"Long time to choose, but first of all struck by design - a stylish little thing. I bought - not regret, it is very powerful and long burst of steam. "

"Bribes how the creators came to the little things - the cord is unwound automatically, storage space for attachments, Teflon glove."

"Caps on the side compartments are closed weakly, after a while even began to open themselves. Bit overpriced price. "

Difficult adorned with ruffles, sequins and other clothing is sometimes simply impossible to iron. In this case, help manual or vertical steamer

Pay attention to the additional nozzles and accessories for different modes included steamer

"For our one-bedroom apartment - definitely a profitable option. Does not take up much space, in addition, my wife uses it also for cleaning - it is light, the total length of the hose and the electric cable is enough "

"Do not expect miracles particular, the unit is fully consistent with its price. With a light fabric - good, but on longer he was worth it not enough. "

Crumpled jacket can not be ironed iron and wash it for the sake of leveling fabrics - unaffordable waste of time. Steamer is ideal for just such occasions.

Photo: kurtka- "jacket" before and after stripping

"Steady, it heats up quickly (about a minute), smoothes things well, very powerful. Good, powerful jet of steam "

"Very affordable, for this class, steamer."

"Two major disadvantages - a short wire, only 1.2 m, and the hose would like authenticity. Very inconvenient to iron curtains. And yet - the shoulders are not fixed on the rod, spinning, we have a thing to hold hands. "

Steamers perfectly leveled very long nap on clothing, carpets and upholstery

Steamers make it possible to smooth the curtains without removing them

"Very good vertical steamer, the bar can be fixed in 4 positions. Plus - a metal base and a steam iron. And long steam hose - 2m "

"We would like the unit was a little more at a low weight is not very stable, especially when the forestay in the top position."

"I would like to plastic better, after some time the connection broke, and the pipe-clamped rod is not so hard."

Note the presence of steamer accessory heads: they will improve the house cleaning and disinfection

"Easy to use, hermetically sealed - the trouble all the low-end models in water leakage, the steamer this is not seen. The jet of steam stable, powerful enough. "

"Big wheels, rides well, though rather short cord -. Only 1.8 m 4 power adjustment, but use only two -. The most powerful and slightly weaker"

"Uncomfortable is a switch - on the housing side, have to bend. Hangers too narrow - the jacket of her husband, even the son of the senior pupil "hangs". "

In otglazhivanii occasionally needs and upholstery, and decorative pillows. At home, it is possible to make only the steamer. Plus everything else, dust mites are afraid of hot steam

"Very powerful steam jet - intensity of 50 g / min, plus - volumetric boiler - 2,3 liters. It is good that the power button is located directly on the handle ironing. "

"A big plus - the presence of the steam valve, makes it possible to produce a" steam "in particularly difficult areas."

"Things are wet after ironing, and a large capacity, it can be said, even wet places."

Of additional accessories for vertical steaming can be purchased at the door substrate wardrobe or home laundry. It will not deteriorate the material the door and save you from scalding steam hands

"For the" Chinese "- a very nice, but I would like to build better. The jet of steam confident one filling enough water and pat stuff, and refresh the furniture. "

"Tank becomes leaky, water leaks, with a thick cloth to cope mediocre."

Hint, it does not burn the hands of steam: carry out the steam on the fabric, pull it out from the inside by hand, protected folded towel

Instead of the folded towel, you can use special pads that are prudently offered complete some Garment Steamer

We hope our review of the most popular Garment Steamer help you navigate the choices. We wish that your wardrobe has always been in good order without any extra effort on your part!

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