What gift can make a mother with his hands


How to make a gift to my mother with his hands. craft ideas for mothers day.

Mother's Day is celebrated around the world. On this day I want to tell my mom kind words, create a feast and a good mood! But the most pleasant surprise for mom - is a gift made with their own hands. If you dream a little, the idea of ​​sprinkling themselves.

For example, you can make a candle with a picture of your family, for this you will need:

And then see step by step photos.

Another idea - take a picture of your favorite people previously you, but so that in their hands they held the frame with a photo, which you give to mum.

You can decorate a plate. On the edge through a stencil pattern applied with acrylic paints.

Dark linen napkins to become too can decorate. To do this, take pencils with erasers on the end, toothpicks and bleach or any liquid bleach. How to apply pattern seen in the photo.

Interestingly looks notebook painted through a stencil with paint and adorned with decorative ribbons.

An ordinary whiteboard, you can attach photos and wishes of my mother.

The easiest way to make a pendant to the chain. Suit and shells brought from the sea, and articles made of quilling, and various beads.

And if there are among kitchen appliances, wooden spoons and spatulas, and then we can give them "live" appearance, color them in pens.

Family photo album - the perfect gift. For this you will need a cardboard crafts. Fold it in two layers accordion and cut windows for photos.

Bulk postcard not hard to do. Most importantly, cut neatly knife paper drawing or a letter.

Not a fancy, but very touching gift in the photo 11, to make easy.

Heart of nails and thread - decorate the walls.

And kulonchik can put your favorite photo.

When a gift is already bought and decorate it yourself.

Lower palms in paint and grab the cup, and then pick the nail to fix the image.

Gather sticks for ice cream, they will serve you for the crafts.

Do not rush to wash her hands after the paint, make a bunch of them.

Gift mom with your own hands can make even a child

Choosing a gift for my mother - a painful question for each child. Even if a child has a treasured piggy bank, baby is difficult to choose a gift that will please my mother. In this case, children usually turn for help to the pope, who is well aware - for my mother in the first place it is important to note relatives. Buy joint gift is quite simple, but the love and care expressed better gift made with their own hands. As at the right moment a brilliant idea about the gifts do not always come to mind, you can use one of the options listed in the photo below.

Gifts for Mom from the smallest

If school-age children take the initiative and create their own, it is necessary to tinker with preschoolers or older children dad. And the younger the child, the greater the need of adult participation.

The easiest and most common gift - a card-drawing or application, but how to make mom a gift with their own hands, even if the baby does not know how to draw? For the manufacture of cards just buy finger paints - they are harmless to children and well washed with palms.

Take a sheet of paper no smaller than A4 (on a small card the baby will be difficult to leave the imprint of palms and do not stain all around), paint in the desired shade of palm and puts pen to paper.

It remains a finger kid (or yourself) to add a few accents, and the card is ready. Variants of drawings you can find in the photo below, and you can show your own imagination.

Dry drawing can be folded in half and write inside greeting from the entire family.

The congratulations can attach and grudnichka. For the manufacture of gifts need to buy a nice frame for the photo and for a lot of modeling, which allows to make a cast of hands and feet. You have to make an impression to the pope. He will draw up a cast, if the family is not older children.

Creative dads can do from here casts a collage of three frames for photos.

Since every mother is sentimental, this gift over the years will not lose its value.

The picture frame can be inserted and the work of the masses for children older simulation.

Gifts that can make children from 4 years

At the age of four, children are usually already know how to handle clay, scissors and glue, so beautifully decorated diverse applications and plasticine handicrafts - a good gift option for mom (these are the gifts most often do in kindergarten to 8 th March).

A child can do:

  • Applique paper;
  • Appliqué of threads;
  • Appliqué of fabric and buttons;
  • Vase, picture frame or a panel of krupnosharikovogo clay;
  • Flowers made of paper;
  • A bowl of ordinary banks.

With the work of a child handle himself well, Dad simply attend and help when needed - not always adhered parts in the right order, etc.

For manufacturing applications pick up the child medium-sized scissors with a blunt end and rubber grips - so much easier to work with scissors. Colored paper should be of good quality.

If the child has not yet learned to cut complex shapes, it is advisable to select the appliqué flower.

For this application cut a circle-center and is stuck in the middle. Then gradually cut and glued pitch (they need not be in the form of folded slips can be cut pitch of any shape). Similarly, cut and pasted the other colors, and then - the stems and leaves (they can be and to draw with a pencil or felt-tip pen).

If the baby is fine cuts can be made for the mom-applique picture on any subject.

Since all women love flowers, you can offer your child to make one of the options listed in the photo below.

Do applique of paper and can be with the baby, not knowing how to cut - color paper the child can just tear into pieces, but you will need to glue.

Quite an original gift - the application, which is made from woolen threads of different lengths. The easiest option - my mother's portrait. For such applications only need two pieces of fabric (for the person and for the dress), thread under the hair color, and eye glue that stick to soft toys.

Mouth can be felt-tip pen to draw and decorate a portrait of the two rings, earrings.

It looks great variety Shaggy zverushki formed in this art. For such applications on thick paper drawn contour (here it is necessary to try the pope), finely chopped thread the desired color, and then the pattern abundantly covered with glue. Now you just need to sprinkle chopped thread adhesive layer and a little pin down the thread in the middle of the finger loop. Work must dry thoroughly, and then the extra strings just to shake off the sheet.

Threads can not cut into "chips", and stick around.

For such applications need small pieces of fabric, glue, buttons and scissors. You can also use a variety of decorative elements. If the child has chosen a certain image, and not just a song, it is necessary to help make a pattern - to draw the contours on the fabric. If the baby is not on friendly terms with a needle and thread, dad, grandmother or older children need help to handle edge of the fabric over the edge seam. If this is not possible, the edges have to be well rounded with glue, not to showered. Details of the child can cut and paste himself, and place buttons layout and decor felt-tip pen should be noted that the baby placed the parts in the correct tissue.

Those children who already know how to sew on buttons, they can sew a fabric rather than stick.

Vases, frames for photos or panels of krupnosharikovogo plasticine

For these works must acquire coarse clay based on glycerol (curable and wherein pastel shades). He is safe and comfortable for babies.

For the manufacture of vases take regular paper cup, extract of clay jars and mash well - gel should be evenly distributed throughout. Gradually, we put the seeds in the clay cup and leave for a day - during this time should harden clay.

Similarly, decorate photo frames, which can be inserted in a family photo or a photo of the child.

From this clay can be made, and any figure. Such crafts perfectly enliven the interior.

It will be good to watch and panels, but for making it better to choose a fine-grained clay.

Tip: Do not use the clay on the glycerol backbone for processing glass and plastic surfaces - the balls will gradually lag behind the surface. The work must complete before dries glycerol - dried up bad parts are glued together.

All mothers are not indifferent to the colors and all the children know that a bunch - a traditional gift to mum for any occasion. The only drawback of such a gift - its fragility. But you can make a mom at the same time traditional and original gift - a bouquet of paper flowers. These crafts can be made:

Volume (look good crepe paper flowers);

  • Using quilling art;
  • In the origami technique.

Royal bouquet of roses can be made out of construction paper with scissors, glue, wire, beads and a green ribbon or yarn for the flower stalk.

A piece of red or white paper should be divided into equal squares. If you want to make a large flower, square should be fairly large. In each square draw a spiral and cut paper drafted on the lines.

Since the edge curl in the resulting roll of tape with protruding edges and fix the base of the flower adhesive. Stepping back a few centimeters from the edge, green wire wrapped thread or tape, and its ends are processing for adhesive fixation. Threading the free end of the wire through the center of the rose, and bends the bead put on it in the form of loops. Rose is ready!

Scheme manufacture of rosettes contains pictured below.

Effectively will look and bouquet of garden lilies.

Crafts origami techniques can make a child of 6 years, and especially diligent and at a younger age.

Because origami Consistency is important, look at the video, how to make the flowers in this technique.

A basket of flowers in the technique of quilling can make school-age children.

For stained-glass vases will need paint and ordinary glass jar with a narrowed neck. Pope will have to look after the youngest artist in the process, but the baby will be able to draw flowers himself.

On the bank can draw absolutely any image - such an original gift, combined with fresh flowers from the pope will please any mom.

A gift that can make a child of school age

Since school age and skills of children already, crafts can be very diverse. a child can do with their hands:

  • Jewelry (necklaces, earrings, bracelets, brooches);
  • vases;
  • bag;
  • A variety of decorative items.

Jewelry is never too much, so my mother as a gift, you can do:

  • Bracelet beads, threads or elastic bands;
  • Original bracelets of unusual materials;
  • Pendants, necklaces, earrings and rings made of polymer clay.

Generally inexpensive jewelry can be quickly and easily converted into a unique product - you just have to wrap the beads ordinary metal or plastic bracelet, using a colored yarn.

  • A simple bracelet made of threads and beads

    Woven into the braid of cords larger beads, it is possible and in the absence of beading skills to make wonderful bracelet.

    For this bracelet need thread floss, leather lace, a large interesting buttons and scissors. At the end of the lace loop is done under a button, lace braided threads, and at the opposite end of the loop is attached button.

    Bracelets made of unusual materials

    Articles made of wooden sticks are known to many, but the fact that this material is suitable for the production of the original bracelet, not everyone knows. need for the bracelet:

    • Wooden sticks;
    • The cup, the diameter of which coincides with the size of the hands;
    • Acrylic paints.

    Sticks should lie down for about a day in the water, to get the flexibility (or can be boiled for 15 minutes -. Then they become a darker shade).

    Then gently place them in a bowl.

    When the rods become completely dry, pull them out and paint.

    The bracelet can be made from a plastic bottle and cloth. These artifacts do not require special skills - from the bottle the ring is cut out of any thickness and wound yarn, is pasted over lace or cloth.

    For the manufacture of jewelry need:

    • Polymer clay;
    • Acute stationery knife;
    • Special rolling pin or a metal tube;
    • toothpicks;
    • stacks;
    • Accessories (bases for rings, buckles, etc.).

    Plastic is softened, trimmed and rolled out with the help of tools. Lepim product parts (beads, which make holes, etc.). Bake beads flat shape, it is desirable to ceramic tiles, and round beads should be strung on a toothpick and stick them in foil.

    Tip: Bake plastic first time, practice on a small piece. Cook can be plastic Polish production - other species better bake.

    From this you can create clay and other crafts as a gift:

    • Candlesticks;
    • charms;
    • Photo frame;
    • Statuettes and figurines funny.

    Vases made of plastic bottles to make it easy - cut enough top and warm the bottle over the fire, and then give it a shape. Making such artifacts requires the presence of adults, because the child can get burned by hot plastic.

    The plastic can be painted stained glass paints - get a bowl in the Chinese style.

    Girls can give mom painted their own bag.

    Boys, too, can please their mum artistic abilities, giving the painted board for cutting food.

    It will be good to watch and a board with a pattern formed by using the device for burning.

    Any crafts made by the child, not only to please his mother, but also help to develop creativity in children.

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    very interesting and fun

    Hello, my mother a week birthday. I wrote her a poem, but you still do something with their hands. Money is very little. Help me please.

    but you can not from the sticks?

    you can create one competitions of different

    thank you very much for the advice with chopsticks

    Yes class but it is very difficult to do and crafts for mom have to do crafts and have come up with and why do these crafts? And mom exactly like this hack as well as! baa baa baa what gadast Ole Ole. .

    Sposibo so funny happened

    Well I liked it

    A class is a difficult but not for mothers chgo not mind pravdo twist,

    mother birthday gift with his own hands - Skilful hands son and daughter

    The best gifts for mothers made their own hands. It does not matter how old the daughter or son, to come up and make a present original and useful at any age. Not necessarily spend a lot of money, it is important to show imagination.

    mom gift presented to the birthday, to be sincere and chosen with love. Of course, all you need to buy, but best, warmest and most sincere gifts made with their own hands.

    Please mom handmade Prezent can and kids, and quite grown-up children, because the talents and skills of needlework is practically at all.

    What and how you can make your own hands

    To make an interesting gift can independently even those who are not too good at needlework.

    • The smallest gladly do the composition of the paper, three-dimensional cards.
    • The usual pattern or simple embroidery can be issued in an elegant frame and turn it into a stylish gift, which will decorate the house.

    To a gift made kid look nice, it is better to do it under the supervision of an adult: educator, teacher, father, grandmother or older sister.

    Older children, who know how to sew or knit, can give mom

    Video: Beads made of cloth with his hands

    Knitters will make it easy to not only a hat or a scarf, but also elegant shawl, warm blanket or pillowcases on cushions.

    Daughter holding macrame technique, may please mom

    • elegant curtains on the balcony,
    • a set of pots or
    • shopping bags.

    A very useful skill - woodwork.

    Yourself can make products that are not sold in a store, to bear them in a certain style, color and size.

    For example, practical and elegant screen in eco-style can be built of several bamboo sticks, foam and cut an inexpensive fabric in just a couple hours.

    Moms of all ages: their delight

    When choosing a gift, you need to take into account the age, preferences, hobbies mothers.

    young women will enjoy a variety of jewelry, made with their own hands.

    • Mom-fashionistas can give necklaces and necklaces, woven from beads, knitted brooches, flowers, suspension made in macrame art.

    You can buy ready-made semi-precious stones and charms, strung them on a string, leather or silk cord, turning it into a trendy bracelet assembly.

  • No less spectacular gift - a beautiful handbag, scarf or tippet.

    Products can embroider with beads, decorate with embroidery or appliqué. Such things sew, knit or weave of cords. Choose expensive quality materials to gift received really valuable.

  • Very useful gift - cosmetics, made with their own hands.

    Focusing on the recommendations and advice in magazines, you can make your own scented soap, body oil or hissing bomb bath.

    Making several products with the same perfume, put them in a bag or jewelery box, you get a real festive set.

  • Moms older enjoy a variety of things for the house

    • They can give their hands tied a blanket and a few pillowcases on cushions made in the same style.

    Very nice gift - linens handmade, Custom Made of high quality natural linen and trimmed with lace or monogram embroidery.

    Possible to please mom new curtains or a blanket, cushion upholstered furniture, wicker shade. It is important that all the things combined with the overall style of the room.

  • Peace and a nice gift for mom at the age of - album, arranged in the art scrapbooking or decoupage.

    It is possible to insert photos of parents in youth and childhood, or issue a gift favorite photos grandchildren.

    It certainly will please crocheted shawl funny house slippers, knitted from thick wool, made of leather, felt or sheepskin.

    Sneakers can be embroidered and decorated with pompons, fur, appliqués of contrasting colors and even rhinestones.

  • A simple but elegant gift - products, woven from twigs, straw paper bundles.

    In this technique, produced vases and dishes for fruits, a variety of panels, lampshades, and even chests.

  • Desired gifts from her son and daughter of

    • Daughter of any age can please my mother sewing, embroidery, knitting bagatelles.

    Little girls can tie

    • purse or mittens,
    • sew towels for the bathroom or kitchen,
    • mittens or bath mats.

    The original product - curtains of beads made of paper strips.

  • Boys can present mom cards, in the technique of origami, embossing or articles cut from plywood and treated devices for burning images.

    In this technique, you can do

    • kitchen boards,
    • trays,
    • tables for breakfast in bed,
    • Stand for newspapers and other necessary things.

  • Sons can please moms original jewelry, made of metal.

    To manufacture such gizmos need wires, and a vise for heating lamp.

    You can collect a beautiful composition of crystals, synthetic and semi-precious stones.

    Thick wire or plywood is easy to make a simple, but the original decoration for the dressing table. On the figure of the cat, a house or a tree is convenient to hang necklaces, bracelets, and even rings.

  • Almost home: what to give mom a Man or Woman

    Most people close to your loved ones also need to present. It is possible that a woman with whom you are not yet too familiar in the future will be your mother-in-law, or.

    Do not miss the chance to show her my needlework talents.

    • Mom girl or a guy like nice floral arrangement, made up his hands. Plan the story, buy the necessary materials in the cabin. Bouquet of flowers in a vase or strengthened on a tray, the bottom of which is laid water-wet Floral Foam.

    The longest living gerberas and chrysanthemums, but the composition can be any favorite flowers.

    Effective compositions can be not only a girl, but a young man.

    In it you can include fruit, dried flowers, twigs, buds, feathers, plants or candles.

  • Very stylish gift - handmade chocolates, packaged in elegant basket, also executed with their hands.

    At home, you can make truffles from black, white or milk chocolate, toffee and fudge, nuts and dried fruits in glaze, candies filled with spirits, pralines, jelly.

    Use only high-quality products that can be bought in specialized stores or pastry.

    Today is a very popular product, designed with mastic. They look almost like a professional and probably your mom a young man.

    To decorate the cake, you can use home and live candied flowers or exotic fruit, filled with a thin layer of jelly fixing.

  • Mom girl can teach shelf for spices, made with their own hands. Easy and convenient design looks original and fits easily into the interior of any kitchen.

    If you do not know how to work with wood, it should not be upset. A parison made of plywood, which was acquired in the art interior, easy to decorate in the art and decoupage varnish. In this technique produced things in different styles, from vintage to avant-garde.

  • Necessary, interesting and original gifts

    His hands can be done not only amusing trinkets, but it is the right thing.

    Mom love our items needed on the farm.

    • cutting boards;
    • bread bins;
    • boxes for small items;
    • Stand for jewelry;
    • chests for jewelry or crafts;
    • sets of wicker baskets;
    • Albums for photos;
    • desk lamp.

    Useful little things for the house, you can make your own from start to finish.

    Another option - use a blank, which easy to decorate with their own hands.

    The shops and stalls selling artists simple chests, frames, mirrors, lamps, which can be issued by means of paints, varnishes, scraps of fabric, paper napkins, beads and other materials at hand.

    Does not necessarily give a utilitarian things. Creative fantasy. Mom can teach quilt patchwork, in which will be inserted fragments of your favorite pictures. Order printing on fabric can be in any specialized shop.

    Among the original gifts can be:

    • aromatic pillows and sachets filled with dried herbs and collected in gift baskets;
    • candles unusual shapes with natural fragrances;
    • memorable albums with wishes;
    • plates and other utensils, painted by hand;
    • artistically designed mirrors and picture frames;
    • unusual vases made of clay or polymer plastic.

    Try tie a warm blanket or plaid.

    Such a gift is especially important in the winter.

    Knitting need thornless soft wool. Ideal - "child" wool with the addition of polyacrylic. This material is cheap, pleasant to the touch and very beautiful.

    There may be more luxurious embodiments. Plaid can associate it with a soft alpaca, cashmere or merino wool.

    The colors can be any, but especially noble look plaids in natural tones: cream, beige, chocolate brown or warm gray.

    For making up into rugs need to purchase:

    Knit plaid convenient squares. So that the product looks elegant, use different patterns, executing them or crocheted. Very elegant look of various sizes braids, patterns of knobs, "cell", Shawl or hosiery knitting needles, simple openwork crochet. Is knitted squares of equal size.

    When ready the desired number of blanks, squares stripped and connected by hooks simple columns.

    Ready to skirt inlay cover can be connected to the spokes and a hidden sewn seam.

    Simple, but effective gift - a set of handmade candles.

    They manufacturing even a teenager can handle. Choose a fragrance that especially like my mother. On sale are a variety of flavors, you can use natural essential oils.

    Try to make trendy coffee candles.

    For their preparation you will need:

    • stearin candle, suitable for remelting;
    • flavor with the aroma of coffee;
    • natural coffee beans;
    • form for candles;
    • cotton cord to the wick;
    • brown or golden silk ribbon.

    Ready colorless wax candles from a knife cut and melted in a water bath. The wax is added to the coffee flavor. In the center of fixed mold cord for the wick, then spoon laid coffee beans. Carefully poured on top of the liquid paraffin. It should cover the beans. When the first layer of the wax hardens, the form necessary to fill up to the end. On the surface of the candle can be laid another layer of coffee beans.

    After solidification plug is removed from the mold and is wrapped silk ribbon. Handmade gift ready.

    Under this scheme, you can make a candle with the scent of fruit, flowers and confectionery. If a suitable shape is not found, the molten wax can be poured into a glass cup interesting shape.

    Be sure to leave warm wishes, verse desirable. Even clumsy lines, written by a favorite son or daughter, touched by my mother's heart and be remembered for a long time.

    Video: The original card to mum!

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