What is the best mixer for the kitchen

What is the kitchen faucet is best to choose: study the matter thoroughly

Make a choice a good mixer easy. Specialized shops offer a wide range of models. In the study of all the options and advantages, you can not select a suitable mixer for the kitchen immediately. A good device should be functional and will last for a long time.

How to choose a faucet in the kitchen

Before you go to the store to learn more about all the features of home mixers. This cooking device must meet certain requirements. The mixer must withstand 2 times more than a similar device in the bathroom. During the day it is used multiple times, so it reduces the time of wear.

The second criterion - the convenience of the device. For example, screwable valve will be uncomfortable to open the dirty hands - in the process of loosening can contaminate all the vicinity of the mixer.

Ease mixer is one of the main criteria

Third, - structural strength. Despite the fact that the internal components of the device for the bathroom and kitchen are the same, the latter must have additional options, it must be stable.

Water faucets incorporating the method are:

Valve mixers have a simple mechanism - movable spout 2 and tap for regulating water supply. Laying at head parts may be made of rubber or ceramic. Valve with rubber seal more practical, in the case of depreciation in its place you can easily install a new one. But it quickly wears out. If water is above 60 ° C, the rubber gasket expands from exposure to temperature, blocking the nozzle. Water supply is regulated at the same time difficult.

Crane axlebox with shut-off valve more durable and resistant to temperature changes. But without the strainer in its water system ceramic mechanism can be easily damaged by particles in the water. And replace supplies will be very expensive.

Single-lever mixers are more popular (80% of consumers) due to the ease of operation. To open and close the water used lever. The pressure and temperature regulated water supply mode using the joystick (pen) which moves due to the adjustment element cartridge. High quality cartridges designed for 1 million on and off. Standing single-lever mixer valve longer, but it is more practical, economical consumption of water. If it is damaged it will need replacing only one element. When connecting the boiler water temperature control is complicated. And if the poor quality of the cartridge, there is a characteristic noise after turning on the tap.

The sensor device delivers water by the sensor at hand presentation to the mixer. It has a spout and an electronic control system. The sensor is configured in such a way that it responds to the movement of the hands in the 1-25 cm from the mixer. The sensitivity of the sensor can be configured either manually or in auto mode.

How to choose a faucet in the kitchen

You can set the time interval and the switching on and off the water. Contactless faucets most expensive model. Apply them, usually in the "smart" homes. Therefore, their users until a small segment.

Pros and cons of different designs

The design of the mixer depends on its ease of use

Visual comparison of the kitchen mixer and analogue bath spout difference catches the eye. The direction of the water for the kitchen unit must fall directly into the center of the wash bowl. Therefore bend has a peculiar shape. The spout can be can be S-, T-, J-, or R-shaped.

Very high bending gives good pressure, but the water is sprayed from it greatly. Wash dishes at a low volume bending is also very inconvenient. Therefore, the mixer should be selected corresponding to the depth of the bowl simultaneously. Experienced producers sell directly set the mixer and bowl to him.

There are works in the kitchen, to which it is impossible to use standard mixers. To do this, you can buy a device with retractable spout. It is extendable hose 0.2 - 1.5m. Supply water through it is possible to wash out borders. It is made from a good rubber coated metal or protection of textiles. In the "luxury" models of mixers are used polymers hose - with a longer service life, hygienic, with a special braid inside.

Of great importance is the angle of rotation of the spout. What it is, the more practical device. Maximum cost models are rotated by 140 °. The expensive mixer spout can be wrapped around the axle 360 ​​about.

The nozzle can be very creative

  • with a simple aerator on the end;
  • a watering-shower, which operates in the "shower" mode and "aerated jet."

In modern models of mixers can be integrated filtration system for water. They have 2 spout - for purified water for drinking and water.

This kitchen appliance can be used not only for water supply. Its equipped with an integrated switch for a dishwasher or washing machine and other household appliances. This eliminates the need to install additional pipes in the kitchen.

Materials mixers, improve reliability

The service life of many devices depend on the materials from which they are made. Kitchen faucets are made of metal, plastics, ceramics. What is better to choose?

silumin - silicon-aluminum alloy which is mainly used for low cost mixers. They are short-lived, have an unappealing aesthetic appearance.

You should not just throw on a nice mixer

Brass and bronze resistant to water. Products are durable and long lasting. They are well suited for the kitchen.

Brass faucets is very stylish

Sometimes unscrupulous manufacturers instead of said brass is used in the description of iron. To check this, you need to stick the magnet to the mixer. For brass it will not stick.

Plastic - low-cost high-tech material that can be adapted for any needs. It is lightweight, with strong enough. It does not enter into chemical reaction with water. It has a low thermal conductivity. But in comparison with metal fixtures, plastic products have a shorter service life.

ceramics more brittle when compared to metal and plastic. Pottery can easily be damaged during use. But this mixer has a very attractive appearance.

It is not necessary to dismiss the mixer cover material:

  • enamel looks good on the surface but can fight with careless handling device;
  • Nickel-plated surface can cause allergies;
  • plated body requires special care, and not to each of the interior he comes;
  • it is best to stop at the chrome-plated;
  • This material is durable, stylish look in any interior. On its surface not harmful microorganisms multiply.

After the installation of the mixer in the kitchen, it is necessary for proper care.

  • white fur surface washable soaked in detergent with a soft cloth.
  • Wipe mixer can vinegar.
  • Do not rub the surface of abrasive products and coarse brushes.

If the kitchen is worth a device with a ceramic seal, no need to make a great effort when you turn off the water. Gated head under strong pressure may be damaged and need to be replaced.

To prolong the life of the kitchen faucet, it is better to install filters on the pipe cleaners. From time to time it is necessary to do check all the fasteners, to avoid having to reinstall the device.

Replacement and installation of the mixer:

The main rule - do not be tempted to cheaper options mixers suspicious points of sale. To purchase goods needed in specialized points, requiring a certificate of product quality. It is better to overpay for "brand" with a good reputation, but be sure that the device will serve you long and reliable.

How to choose the kitchen faucet

Kitchen faucet - a tireless worker, who had hundreds of times a day is exposed to opening and closing, because the kitchen (not the bathroom) - the main place of consumption of water in the apartment. So it should be easy to operate and maintenance, reliable, in harmony with the kitchen design and fit to the sink shape and dimensions.

When deciding how to choose a kitchen faucet, it seems that enough to pick up a convenient, reliable and beautiful, but the criterion of "like - not like" should not be the deciding factor.

It would seem easy - go to the store and buy the right crane for the kitchen, but until you begin to choose, do not understand that the choice of kitchen faucet - not an easy task. The variety in the store first, underwhelming, then baffled. Such a purchase is necessary to prepare in advance. To select the tap in the kitchen, you should know that besides the external differences, such plumbing can be fundamental differences in the internal structure.

Depending on how open the water faucet in the kitchen can be:

  1. BLDC - it's just all the familiar design with 2 head parts. When deciding which mixer is better, many stop on this variant. Previously, axle boxes were equipped with rubber gaskets, this option is now obsolete, almost all cranes of this type are equipped with pottery. Although gum replaced much more easily due to their fragility do it often have. Ceramics is long, but if the water supply is not filtered, the age ceramics will also be short - it will be damaged by solid particles occurring in the water.
  2. Lever - this option emerged relatively recently. Single handle can be adjusted as the ratio of cold and hot water and pressure. This model is gradually replacing the traditional cuisine of the modern dvuhventilnye kitchen faucets. The system resembles a joystick game consoles. There is such a valve plumbing expensive option, but it has a greater margin of safety. High-quality faucet with a joystick is designed around a million openings / closings.
  3. Touch - is the brainchild of electronics era. To open the water will not have to nothing to touch. Enough to bring the hands to the built-in sensor that reacts to infrared radiation. The sensor is adjusted to a distance falling within his field of visibility of the object (1-25 cm) and a time delay on and off. Proximity (touch) versions often equipped common areas, as this design does not come cheap and afford such innovation can not every family. But touch is much more economical option, as the water comes out of it only when the zone sensor reach get hands or utensils.

Spout called a pipe through which water flows into the washer. The height of the spout may be smaller, the deeper cleaning. If the spout is low, and the sink is small, inconvenient to use a crane. Many manufacturers to deliver customers the choice of difficulties produce components from the sink and mixer, deciding question for the buyer to choose the right crane.

Please be aware that the water jet must fall exactly in the center of washing, otherwise the spray will not be gathered.

The shape of the spout can be rounded, T- and S-shaped, and flattened or enlarged diameter. It is necessary to decide what the best kitchen faucet spout shape, focusing on what, in what place will be shell hit the water jet and the diameter of this jet will.

New versions of the spout - pull-out shower, which allows to change the direction and height of the jet. This form is convenient in washes large or multiple bowls.

Find out which mixers are, you need to take into account the type of attachment. Where and how it will set faucet affects its design features. 3 types of mounting are provided for kitchen faucets:

  1. The hole countertop. Suitable touchscreen, joystick or a valve types of mixers. Before installing the need to drill a hole in the countertop of the desired diameter. To connect to the water supply hoses are typically used.
  2. The opening on the kitchen sink. The easiest installation option, under certain skills you can carry out the installation yourself. To connect to the water supply hoses are typically used. Suitable non-contact, lever or valve options.
  3. To the wall. You will need to choose a special model. A distinctive feature of the kitchen faucet wall mount is a large body and the rigid connection to the pipes, hidden in the wall.

Some manufacturers offer kitchen faucets with built-in filter. They may be 2-izlivnymi (filtered and unfiltered water flows from the spout different) and 1-izlivnymi (currents filtered and unfiltered water are within the same tube, without mixing with each other due to the internal separator).

Mixer in the kitchen is becoming more functional models are available with integrated switches for dishwashers and washing machines. And for those with a sink located in front of the window, available options with bayonet lock. Crane pulled out of the base and set aside so as not to interfere with the window open. And there are variations not only rotate around a vertical but also the horizontal axis (stacked on the sink).

For convenience have to pay a lot of money, but the owners, equip kitchen, can not restrict the flight of his own imagination.

With that cheap Chinese cranes are short-lived and that for a penny buy the products of excellent quality will not work, no one would argue not. However, one should be aware of when choosing a faucet for the kitchen that best are not only obscenely expensive. Known manufacturers produce the most reliable, but not always the most expensive options. Under every self-respecting brand manufactures several lines of luxury to economy class, and in the latter quality is still on top. Brands hold the brand in all price categories, ensuring not only a stylish design and comfort, but also the quality.

Among domestic manufacturers of the best mixers manufactured by the company "santehpriborov", "Akvaton" and "Sanmiks" and of foreign manufacturers of faucets for the kitchen the best are:

  • German firms Blanco, Axor, Franke, Dornbracht, Hansa, Grohe, Ideal Standard, Hansgrohe, Schock, Kludi;
  • Danish Damixa;
  • Spanish Roca;
  • Italian Zucchetti, Piados, Elleci, Webert;
  • Finnish Oras;
  • Dutch Reginox;
  • French Jacob Delafon

Find out what are the mixers for the kitchen can be a long and thoroughly. The main thing - to understand that the crane has to be approached by the method of fixing, match the size of wash, be comfortable. Only in this case it will be a good and faithful assistant.

What is the best kitchen faucet? Kitchen sink mixer Kaiser, Grohe

Modern faucets are sophisticated high-tech equipment. When you select it you need to pay attention both to the principle of the device, as well as the appearance. After the mixer has to be practical, durable and perfectly fit in the kitchen interior. Today there are many varieties of such products. They are made different global companies.

What is the kitchen faucet is best to choose in each case, will help to understand the advice of experts. Before buying you need to learn what types of structures exist today in the sanitary ware market as well as what materials are used to create the manufacturers of their products. Distinctive features of the most popular technologies, their advantages and disadvantages should be aware of each customer before going to the store.

Kitchen sink mixer of the type of construction, can fall into one of three basic varieties. Distinguish single lever, valve and sensor devices. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

In addition to the design features, plumbing fixtures and are classified in a number of other features.

According to a method of installing the mixer for kitchen sink can be of two types. The first embodiment is mounted directly on a countertop, and the second - on the wall. The first type of installation is more common. Spouts of such mixers are high, which makes it comfortable to wash the dishes. Installing the unit on the wall frees up some space on the countertop.

Also, there are mixers-cast or prefabricated. In the first case, the product is safe, but inconvenient to use. Prefabricated types of structures are purchased more frequently.

Classics are taps with valves. With their improved design over time. In the market of sanitary equipment presents fairly reliable and durable device. To adjust the water temperature by means of a mixer, it is necessary to turn the two gates. This principle applies today in cheap and expensive models of equipment.

Kitchen sink faucet type valve may be a worm mechanism or have the cassettes inside the ceramic. In the first case the closing device 3-4 turnover presses the rubber gasket by limiting the flow of water. Ceramic cartridge only one (or even less) turn to open the flow of water completely. It is more reliable and durable.

Worm mixers require frequent repairs, especially if they are installed on the hot water supply line.

Advantages and disadvantages of the valve means

To understand what the kitchen faucet is better, it is necessary to take into account all the advantages and disadvantages of each type of design. Valve species can be very cheap. Especially if they have established a mechanism with a rubber gasket.

But there are also very expensive valve faucets. They are characterized by a special design. Removable cartridge valve type mixers are well represented in the sale. However, there is no universal cartridges. Under his model of the device you need to look for a suitable cassette.

Kitchen sink mixer of this type differ maintainability, but go down pretty quickly, especially if present in the water rust particles. It is also one of the most inefficient type of plumbing. While the user adjusts the level of the heating water pours a certain amount of waste.

Newer type of construction is a lever mechanism. It costs a bit more expensive than the previous design. But such products are added comfort during use. Single-lever mixer allows simple movement to adjust the pressure and temperature of the water.

There are different principles of devices such cartridges. They may be spherical or ceramic type. The first embodiment is characterized by high complexity. Failures in this case occur frequently. Ceramic cartridges by the principle similar to the valve cartridge from this material.

Single-lever mixer of any type need to install a coarse filter. Without it, the internal components are destroyed by exposure to particulate contamination and rust. This type of device is chosen, if the interior of the kitchen is made in a modern style. It is a reliable and durable enough mechanism.

representatives of the new generation are touch faucets. The world's largest manufacturers supplying such devices on the market of equipment for plumbers. The most popular in this area is the kitchen mixer Grohe, Kaiser and some products of other brands.

The man puts his hands under the tap, the sensor produces a recognition. Water turns on automatically. Wherein the user specifies an exact heating temperature (up to degrees). Regardless of the pressure of hot and cold water in the system device mixes them in the correct proportions.

This is the most convenient device. Its disadvantage is the relatively high cost. There are models with a fully electronic control or combined control. The second embodiment is preferable. In the absence of a power mixer can be operated in manual mode.

There are two types of the spout, which vary in height. Each host selects a particular type in accordance with the depth of its washing. Kitchen faucet high can strongly sprayed water. This can be avoided if the kitchen sink deep.

A short spout is designed for shallow shells. It is more convenient to wash the dishes when the mixer is high. This is especially noticeable when the owner needed to clean a deep pan, or other dishes with borders. Therefore, high spout for the kitchen often choose.

Exceptions are mixers, which are mounted on the wall. They spout low. But the level of the installation in this case is selected according to depth cleaning.

Today, many manufacturers produce a universal design of the spout. They can, if desired, to increase or decrease. Most often used telescopic or flexible kitchen faucet.

The first type has a plurality of movable spout construction elements. This sliding tube fastened with special connections. A large number of seals of mobile elements make such Spouts unreliable.

The most popular faucets with retractable flexible hose. It is hidden in the housing decorative faucet with a short spout. If necessary, a hose is stretched to a length of 1-1.5 m. The design looks like a normal shower. When you select should pay attention to the quality of the decorative spout and hose strength. Such a device is longer lasting than a mixer on hinges.

Today, different materials are used for the manufacture of the mixer housing. Recognized as the most popular metal and brass. They have affordable price and high quality.

The most expensive copper and bronze. Of these, create elite series. This is a very strong and durable kitchen faucet. Bronze and copper looks rich, especially in a classical setting.

Cheap series are made of silumin material or aluminum alloy, zinc and copper. Their strength is inferior to the previous metal types.

On sale is a product of various plastics in combination with metal-ceramic. They are quite durable, but their mechanical effects quickly destroy.

Chrome species stronger. But traces of water droplets quickly make unpresentable a kitchen faucet. Chrome limits decorative quality equipment. Such mixers do not fit into every type of interior.

Choosing a kitchen faucet better pay attention to the various additional elements.

First of all pay attention to the presence and type of aerator. This arrangement reduces the water consumption of up to 7 l / min. Aerator mixes it with the air, increasing the output volume. This device may be adjustable (more often found in expensive models). This aerator can also control the direction of the jet. This adds comfort during operation. If the buyer wants to save water, it is better to pay attention to the design of the aerator.

Another useful optional feature can be LED lights. This faucet looks original and stylish. At the same time much easier to wash the dishes quality as tap creates additional illumination.

Today mixers in various price categories released on the market a lot of foreign companies. Chinese products are much cheaper than the products of European brands. But their quality leaves much to be desired.

Most quality and popular today is the German products, such as kitchen faucet "Kayzer9raquo ;," Groe9raquo ;, "Hansgroe9raquo ;. This is proven durable products. These mixers are shown in the middle and high price category.

Worldwide recognized quality products of the Danish company Damixa. Lineup of products is very diverse.

How strong durable products have proven themselves Italian mixers - products firms Piados, Webert, Zucchetti, as well as French - Jacob Delafon. Quality and good selection of famous Finnish company Oras and Czech brand Esko.

Relatively inexpensive, but high-quality mixers offers the consumer a Bulgarian manufacturer Vidima.

Good, strong mixer outputs a high weight. Easy product is made of cheap materials. It quickly becomes unusable.

Want to buy a kitchen mixer Grohe? Great choice! German manufacturer produces high-quality equipment, their products are time-tested. 3 major series have been designed for ease of design choice. They include models, suitable popular styles of kitchen decor. Therefore, choose the best option will be much easier.

The cost of the mixers of the German manufacturer is in the middle and high price segment. Price depends on the presence of additional features, design and housing material.

Everyone can choose the best kitchen faucet. Bronze, brass, and other high-strength materials are used in making these products. Cartridges inside made of ceramics. According to the feedback of users and experts, this is one of the best options for the mixers.

Another popular in our country, the manufacturer of sanitary ware is a German brand "Kayzer9raquo ;. His mixers are of high quality. However, their cost is less than the competition.

Almost any kitchen faucet "Kayzer9raquo; produced in Asia. But do not let that bother: this applies the high-tech German equipment. Quality control standards compliance allows for long-lasting, durable product.

Cost mixers due to the location of production capacity is slightly less than that of other European brands. According to customer feedback, this high-quality, durable products. Their popularity is increasing.

We hope that after reading this article the question of what kind of kitchen faucet is better to buy, do not put you in a dead end. The range is quite wide, so that everyone can choose for themselves the best option. Expert Reviews and consumers to help acquire high-quality, durable and beautiful products.

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