What color to choose wallpaper for the bedroom

The color of the wallpaper in the bedroom: select the correct and tasteful

Bedroom - a place where residents relax after work, people, relax, dreaming. Spending in this room the most intimate moments of life, the owners are willing to arrange the room so that you feel comfortable in it, relaxed and comfortable. An important role is played by the wall. Most often, their trim wallpaper, but to pick up color is sometimes difficult. In this article we will try to give some advice on the selection of wallpapers for the sleeping area.

One-third of our lives we spend in a dream, and this will agree, a lot. We should pay special attention to the design of the bedroom. Indeed, in this room, we wake up, namely from the first morning waking up and steps on the success of the coming day! What nuances should be considered when you make a bedroom?

  • Before proceeding to the interior design, to estimate the parameters of the room and the location of the apartment. Think about how in the end it should be, from the choice of finishing materials and finishing decorations.
  • Bedroom - a special space that needs maximum autonomy, harmonious atmosphere and a certain intimacy. If the apartment has several rooms, it is to give preference to the most remote from the noisy and visited places.
  • Ideal - when bedroom windows face east. In this case, you will wake up every morning with the rising sun. If you are fond of a long morning sleep, then choose for the bedroom on the west side.
  • Comfort of the bedroom does not depend on its size. Small or large room can be transformed into organic room for rest and sleep. A big plus, if next to the bedroom is a bathroom or closet.
  • For the small bedrooms are relevant techniques to increase the visual space. To extend it, wall stands to make out in bright colors, and the room will need a minimum set of furniture. In large spaces the imagination can not particularly limited to: use the decorative elements in dark colors, the insertion of natural materials, original accessories.
  • In a room with low ceilings are not germane suspension structures: they only aggravate the defect. The best option - tension or painted ceilings.

  • In the design of most bedrooms preference is given to the classical style. Similarly interiors characterized by soft tones and natural colors. Appropriate wallpaper with discreet floral print or simple geometric patterns. On the walls are usually placed picture or reproduction. The main attribute of furniture - a comfortable bed with orthopedic mattress. Complement her wardrobe classic or modern version - wardrobe and bedside tables, chest of drawers, coffee table, soft puffs.
  • As for decorating the windows, selecting curtains before important texture of the fabric, and then should choose the color and pattern. The main task of this element - blocking entering the room too much light, interfere with sleep.
  • Designers are advised to select the color of curtains under the wallpaper, but not vice versa. After the curtains replaced easily.
  • Lighting in the bedroom - a field for imagination. You can hang the original chandelier with frosted shades. In this case, the light will be softer. You can instead purchase the chandelier lights and install them on the wall beside the bed. When choosing the most important thing - to create a calm, intimate and harmonious environment.

In general, designers are advised of the possibility to change the interior of the bedroom more often to family relationships are not bored.

Examples of interior with wallpaper in the bedroom: Video

Features selection of colors

Wallpapers play an important role not only for the creation of the original interior. They can also affect the mood of the residents. When choosing a cover to consider everything: the texture, quality and design, but especially - color.

You can choose for your bedroom the color scheme that matches your preferences, tastes, temperament. You have the power to recreate the air, light, positive space or, conversely, to wrap fascinating twilight bedroom dark tones.

But still it does not hurt to listen to the general guidelines, which adhere to the designers:

  • Warm color effect on calming the nervous system, if they are bright, and, on the contrary, stimulate, if - bright and saturated. Cool tones look unobtrusive and freshen the room.
  • Magenta bedroom selected passionate nature; greens prefer nature and harmonious whole. Blue range chosen strict people.
  • Bright and vibrant colors (orange, pink, yellow, green) will act excitingly, will give a great energy boost in the morning. However, they are best used for certain elements in the interior.
  • Neutral colors (beige, cream, sand, cream) - the most applicable in the bedrooms. They are pleasant and unobtrusive. They are easy to combine the furniture of any color. Especially the cozy room is wallpapered with warm beige hue.
  • White wallpaper with bright black ornaments give the room a special piquancy, look fresh and interesting.
  • Bright shades of lilac and purple colors perfect for relaxation, but bright purple wallpaper, by contrast, will create tension.
  • Brown wallpaper bedroom add warmth and solidity. elements wallpaper chocolate hue particularly interesting look.

Bedroom is best suited blue, blue-gray, peach and pale green wallpaper. The interior, designed in similar tones, allows relax, escape from everyday worries.

As for the pattern and ornament, there is detected such patterns:

  • The geometrical pattern on the wallpaper will make the interior strict.
  • Wallpaper with floral print suit more to women's dormitory.
  • Wallpaper stripes are relevant for the classic interior.
  • Ornate gold patterns on bright wallpaper look very elegant and rich.

The trend is now to combine wallpaper. Very often in the bedroom is highlighted one of the walls. Choose to accent wall typically bedside.

Try not to blindly follow the fashion in the organization of interior bedroom. This room should not be created in flashy colors only because it is the current fashion demands. Choose those shades, which will be as comfortable and cozy, but better to experiment in the kitchen or living room.

Today, a lack of choice of wallpaper is not. In order not to get lost in a variety of textures and to choose the wallpaper for the bedroom, it is necessary to consider the basic pros and cons of those samples, which are applicable in this area.

Of all the species on the market today wallpaper for the interior in the bedroom you can use all 5 varieties:

  1. Paper wallpaper - the most simple, affordable, environmentally friendly materials for the walls. But at the same time, they have a big disadvantage - a short service life. In addition, the color and pattern quickly fade under the influence of the bright rays of the sun.
  2. Vinyl wall coverings are made of a dense material, due to what can hide small defects walls. With proper glueing last a long time, do not fade. The choice of colors and patterns so huge that sometimes it is difficult to stop on something one.
  3. Non-woven wallpaper a bit more expensive, but the quality of them unique. These wallpapers can be painted up to 15 times, thereby refreshing the interior of the bedroom. By the way, for a long time it passes argument that it is better - vinyl or non-woven wallpaper.
  4. Textile wallpaper - the best option to create a cozy bedroom interior. Wallpaper cloth clean, safe. Look on the walls of luxurious and elegant. However, they are difficult to glue need professional support.
  5. Liquid wallpaper are gaining popularity with each passing year. So-called special decorative plaster, which has a number of advantages. The walls are easy to clean, they can be painted, to create original paintings on the walls. These wallpapers are harmless to health and are easily applied to the walls.
  6. Wallpapers for bedrooms. Particularly popular, they learn a little more during the Soviet era, but now the market is replete with a wide variety of this type of wall covering in a variety of forms and figures.
  7. Kombirirovannye wallpaper.

Quality products in the collections offered by many manufacturers:

  • ART (Russia). Domestic factory ART (Moscow region) - a leading manufacturer of materials for the walls in the domestic market. Brand ART «born» in 2004. Now the company gets to the top of the best wallpaper factory in the CIS. Manufactures vinyl wallpaper with paper and non-woven backing.
  • AFFRESCO (Russia) It offers a huge selection of photo wallpapers.
  • Graham&Brown (UK). Wallpaper Collection of this factory is easily combined with each other, so they are very easy to combine and create a unique interior space. The manufacturer offers more than 100 variants of the design and making, different colors, patterns and styles.

  • Komar (Germany). Wallpaper German company became recognizable and popular throughout the world. This is not only high quality products, but also the fact that you can buy them at affordable price.
  • Marburg (Germany). To date, the trading brand of Marburg presents four collections: Classic, Modern, Romantic, Design. Each series has a lot of samples of different textures and ottenkov.Nekotorye products contain quartz and pearl beads, metal sequins. Exclusive models are made by hot stamping, also applies aqua print.
  • P + S (Germany). P + S International deservedly takes its place among the five largest companies in Germany. The success of the company - the constant updating of assortment, cutting edge design and application of the latest achievements in the industry of finishing materials.
  • Portofino (Italy). The company produces Portofino wallpaper for the walls premium. Production has earned worldwide popularity thanks to the high quality and unique design.
  • Rasch (Germany). The family is the oldest company in Germany produces wallpaper in 5000 cases, products are sold in more than 70 countries.

  • Atlas (Belgium). The factory focuses on the production of washable wallpaper.
  • Rasch-Textil (Germany). Wallpapers Rasch Textil are characterized by their lightness and creativity.
  • A.S.CREATION (Germany). The company produces water-resistant coating.
  • Sirpi (Italy). Sirpa - Italian wallpaper, 100% corresponding to European standards of quality and design. Continuous operation with vinyl allows the company to create stylish and functional collection.
  • Zambaiti Parati (Italy). The company produces vinyl products on a paper basis. Pastel shades and classic design - based on the collection manufacturer.
  • York (USA). Old factory produces only high-quality samples of wallpaper.

Each manufacturer peculiar to him peculiar features. If you want to save, you should pay attention to the products of domestic factories. However, this does not mean that you will gain less than quality product.

If you need fabric, not afraid of moisture, it is necessary to choose one of those products that are covered by an additional polymer composition. Such samples are produced in England and Germany, as well as in other European countries.

How to paint the walls in the bathroom, read this article.

We have developed a number of principles to change the size of the room through the shades:

  • For tiny bedrooms Pick bright colors (cream, beige, light ocher, shade creme brulee or ripe olives, light peach). And here will be relevant as the plain wallpaper and decorative coatings with a small figure. This will increase the perimeter of the bedroom and give more light.
  • Large bedroom quietly take a major figure on the wallpaper.
  • Do not choose too bright and saturated colors: they will not promote relaxation. They can be used only as a contrast spots.
  • The bedroom is located on the sunny side will look favorably walls in cool shades. Better to choose wallpaper in blue, white, blue and turquoise tones. shades of silver and aquamarine are also well suited.

In a room with windows facing the north side, it is better to purchase wallpaper warm colors.

Select a wallpaper for the bedroom - a private matter of taste of its owner. Focus on your inner intuition, but do not forget about the advice recommended in this article. The richness and variety of colors, textures, wallpaper, offered today by different manufacturers, allows you to choose exactly the wallpaper that you like and at the same time do not contradict the basic principles of interior design in the bedroom.

Now I think over the design of our bedrooms. I can not decide with the walls - what to do. Paint, wallpaper or wallpapers. Now a huge choice on the market. Room 18 square meters. Inclined still to wallpaper. Like floral print. I think that these wallpapers make you feel comfortable in the room and it is not difficult to pick up the curtains and tulle. A good option is not bright, gentle tone.

In my opinion the bedroom should be the most comfortable room in the house. So I think the dark wallpaper in her somewhat relevant. So I only bright wallpaper. Now I do dream of liquid wallpaper in the bedroom. They are very easy to paint, they are environmentally friendly and wall them look neat. Now here's your dream to buy liquid wallpaper, mix two colors and make the bedroom fresher.

Select a wallpaper in the bedroom: the colors and texture for full relaxation

Bedroom - this is the most intimate place in your home, there are rarely let outsiders. In this room you relax, gain strength, and if you have a loved one, the bedroom becomes the most romantic place. So, to create comfort and harmony in any room, the important point is that the look of the walls in this part of the home. How can the right approach to the choice of wallpaper?

It is necessary to take into account the time that the main purpose of the bedroom - is primarily a recovery of your strength, healthy sleep. therefore colors should not be too exciting. It is necessary to take into account the time of ambient light, this will depend on a variety of warm and cold colors for the walls. Naturally, the when a bright light can be used cool tone, and vice versa.

Do not rely only on your taste, the colors should be in harmony with the surrounding environment. Try to avoid using very bright and saturated colors. In addition, when choosing colors for a wallpaper, you can resort to the help of feng shui. Each shade has its own specific value and the presence of some of them in a room where people are sleeping is undesirable. For example, blue color - a symbol of water, such color wallpaper in your bedroom will be an obstacle on the path to prosperity and wall coverings pink add passion in a relationship.

Here are some examples of the beneficial effects of color on the person:

  • in the bedroom Green colour you rest from mental stress;
  • to create a joyful mood can pokleit wallpaper yellow color ;
  • soothe the psyche of may blue shades .

Besides, There are colors that can instill discomfort and interfere with healthy sleep, acting irritant. To those include: red, orange, purple, but this does not apply to their softer shades.

Thus, the choice of color wallpaper bedroom depends entirely on the personal tastes and preferences, but do not neglect the advice passed the test of time. This will help make your bedchamber more welcoming and create a unique style that reflects the individuality of the owner. In addition to the pitch, note the type of wallpaper that you choose: because the textural quality also affect the perception of color.

Video: picture gallery of wallpaper for the bedroom

Video: general expert recommendations on the choice of wallpaper

I like the wallpaper for the bedroom tender salad green, but you liked the solution with autumn leaves in a classical style. The strip is too extravagant. It can quickly get bored.

Now, most wallpaper is sold in pairs, ie the basic wallpaper and wallpaper companion. As mentioned above, you can paste over the 2 different types of walls. You can select a zone-bed companions wallpaper, but you can do an imitation of bed panels or patterns of wallpaper companion. As a frame for this painting can be pasted ceiling moldings. Particularly impressive it looks in the bedrooms made in the Baroque style.

In the bedroom, I picked up the wallpaper companion in black and white combinations. The main color is white with small black patches, and one wall is white with large black flowers. Despite, the fact that the room is quite small, looks great, white color makes the space more. The ceiling is also made of white. And on the floor linoleum light brown in tone to the curtains.

And I have two long walls with two kinds of wallpaper, the center soft beige with orchids and bright green accents, edging type arch light pistachio and end ssteny door and color box of cocoa with milk and a little plum, the same as on the orchids in the dark version. Well, the door to match the walls. I was told that orchids are large and the eyes are tired, in fact, and not papered completely, as well as a room tiddly (3.5 to 4 m and a height of a huge 3.25) is slightly lowered ceiling, wall-to-3.15. "Arka" masks the beam on one wall, and slightly reduces the width. Orchids and a major figure masks very curved walls. On the flat wall of a dark-colored wallpaper slightly conceal the light from the huge windows and the room on the south side. Tulle curtains dark chocolate pistachio + gently. Furniture wenge + pine Loredo. All inventing itself, first drawn on paper, then in 3D he embodied clearly and then I realized that that's what I want! As well as the repair itself is completely done! And since this is a bedroom + kitchen + living room, these colors are not very "active" it is necessary to add energy components, such as laptop bright crimson or yellow photo frame

We long with my husband thought about what color to choose wallpaper bedroom and came to the conclusion that the best option is a simple plain white wallpaper. On one wall we hired an artist to draw a cherry branch, and in the background a Japanese temple and the blue sky, in general, it turned out very original and beautiful. I adhere to the bedroom I was light-colored, as it should be associated with purity and harmony.

For your bedroom we have chosen wallpaper Man saturated blue. When you purchase all the relatives and the surrounding voted against, saying that with them will be a dark room and will "push" on others. However, we did not listen and pokleit. And no wonder. Now we enjoy the result. Yes, the room became a little darker, but sleep in it is a pleasure.

I think all individually. We have chocolate-colored wallpaper. The room is so tasty colors are very comfortable, friendly and quiet. This color wallpaper allows you to create interiors with different colors to create different combinations. For example, with pistachio furniture.

I'd like to design a bedroom done in a minimalist style. Color Wallpaper let it be white, and the color of things like curtains, bedspread and so on, can be changed to follow the effect of color on mood.

I, too, for the pastel colors. I have a bedroom in white and beige and golden tones, I feel fine there. The bedroom should be quiet and comfort, and beige tones are ideally suited for the creation of such an atmosphere. Another popular wallpaper combined, when one wall is accent, for example, 3 wall wallpaper with stripes or plain, one - color or another pattern. If you do not like the effect of the coating space, you can make a dark floor and add color spots in the form of paintings, pillows, bedside rugs.

I am also an adherent of classic warm tones in the bedroom. After a hard working day, really want to relax not only the body but the soul. Calm beige pastel colors are best suited for this purpose. In addition, they create more heat effect and tranquility. I think it's something)

Recently made repairs in the bedroom, a very long time to choose wallpaper, wanted something original, but unobtrusive at the same time. Now many pick a few flowers and they paste over the room, too, at first wanted to do so, but after bypassed the huge amount of building shops, stopped at a beige tone, afraid that a variety of colors will be "cut eye". I am very pleased with the results turned out very cozy.

My bedroom light green wallpaper. Interior supplemented curtains and tulle, which looks very nice together quietly for the eyes and at the same time not at all boring. I would not advise aggressive colors such as red and bright purple, because the need to rest in the bedroom. Just as I could not be long in the yellow room.

parents recently made repairs in the bedroom. Wallpapers chosen month. As a result, they asked me to help them. They are simple people and would like a simple room, immediately they said they wanted all in one color.

I chose milky purple. He is gentle enough and sufficiently grubyy.Kogda in the room turn on the lights on the wallpaper scatter bright lightning. All the furniture in the room, chocolate-colored curtains and bedspreads: milky purple and beige.

The room looks expensive, quiet and comfortable! In my opinion, it's perfect.

Only recently have made repair in the room and the choice of wallpaper was sooooo long, the exact choice of color ... Wallpaper for painting ... Brave decision to come up with ... Short walls - the color fuchsia, long side walls - the lightest color fuchsia (almost white). It turned out great, did not expect it so nice to come out ... In addition to all say that once hung light green curtains and bedspread on the bed of the same color, the room was incredibly bright and cozy ... And when vlyuchaet night night light, then all like a fairy tale you get))

I have a bedroom in blue tones. Quiet, comfortable, not aggressively. Besides I chose cold tone, since we live in the south and the sun enough. There is no feeling of stuffiness. On the size of a small bedroom, so the cool shade also adds visual space.

Always held the view that the bedroom should be sustained in pastel shades. For me, the ideal light beige, cream. If you want something bright, it can be curtains or bedspread nasyshennye choose. A bright colors for the living room, kitchen, child.

We used to have in the bedroom were pokleit green wallpaper - it was quite cozy. A renovated decided to make room in black and white. I love. In addition, it has become a stylish bedroom, at the same time, it has not lost the atmosphere of coziness and comfort!

Always wanted wallpaper dark, closer to black, relaxes, becomes more comfortable in the bedroom

My wallpaper green. I think it would be superfluous to add here illustrations of flowers wallpapers and their values. Well, or a link to a site that allows you to read).

Originally glue 2 different walls with wallpaper. This fun and cozy.

Choose the color of the wallpaper for the bedroom

While working on the design of the bedroom is necessary to take into account some basic important things upon which the comfort, convenience and beauty of the room. One of them is the well-chosen color of the wallpaper for the bedroom.

On that note, on what a start, intending to make a choice?

  • If it is important for you to design a bedroom conform to fashion trends, if you follow the novelties, it is definitely the first thing proshtudiruyte Internet, the corresponding journals, to be aware of what colors and textures distinguish this season leading designers. Typically, the color is more direction, and one can choose the one that you more to taste;
  • Decide on your personal preferences, you live in this room, rest, sleep, make love, and, first of all, you have chosen the color should cause a feeling of comfort;
  • If you do not feel enough confidence in yourself and the power to make a choice - to invite a professional designer rooms, which can help you, give advice, tell me.

Before choosing the color of the wallpaper for the bedroom, we invite you to learn about some of the finer points that you should consider, choosing the color scheme for the walls.

  • Rooms small, you can visually enlarge, using light colored wallpaper: white, milk, coffee with milk color, light beige "expand" space. They will fill the room with light and air.
  • Desktop saturated colors should be handled in the work, fine and even walls, clear angles in the room.
  • If the bedroom windows facing north, the "warm" room, you can use the wallpaper in warm colors - yellow, peach, pale pink, beige, light green warm. These colors are well suited for rooms with windows to the east. To the west and south and has preferred cold colors: gray, steel, blue and green hues.
  • Large bedrooms provide plenty of room for creativity, they can experiment with color, but, nevertheless, it is still necessary to take into account the characteristics of each color scheme and its impact on the human nervous system.

White symbolizes purity and freshness by gluing white bedroom wallpaper, you can achieve a specified effect in a room. The white color helps to visually enlarge the space of the room, pick up the shelves and push the wall. Sometimes, we hear that the white color is associated with the hospital, to the operating room, the room is covered with many white wallpaper will create a sense of lifelessness, sterility.

Not worth the fear, the white color is always possible to dilute the bright accents - a picture on a wall, pictures of bright within, stylish panel. The white color is universal, it is combined with all colors and shades. Choosing in his favor, you will in any case not lose. Just do not forget that the white room can not stand clutter, a large number of unnecessary things and small things, it obliges to order.

All shades beige, coffee with milk, light milk white are capable of "increasing" room, but are warmer, comfortable, less formal. These colors make it easy to pick up the furniture in harmony, finish with dark brown elements will make your bedroom a trendy and modern.

A balance between black and white in the room creates a gray color. Shades of gray can be very different, with gray should be handled carefully.

Bedroom, completely pasted over gray wallpaper can direct boredom, sadness, depression. But, with the right supplement, for example, pearl, silver color, you get a stylish interior refined at low cost.

Intuitively, yellow, even though that is the color of cheerfulness, cheerful, active people, is a fear, and in the bedrooms is not used very often. Fears that the yellow walls will cause irritation of the nervous system, over her arousal, are not devoid of meaning, but it's not necessary to choose a flashy yellow dandelion fluff or chicken.

Yellow has a large number of shades, soft light yellows "will warm" north bedroom, though having painted its walls sunshine. They will create a good mood and will give the vivacity even overcast autumn morning, you will have your personal eternal summer as long as you do not want anything to change in the decor of the room. Yellow goes well with green, orange, brown, blue, gold.

Since orange is almost the same story as with the yellow. Bright orange color, shouting and calling, it is not appropriate for the bedroom, but with hints of apricot, you can experiment in large rooms with windows on the north side.

The main purpose of -aktsentirovanie orange, bright orange tones will add liveliness and cheer up. The main thing is not to overdo it, because the orange tends to crowd out other colors in the interior, and apricot brings objects and reduces the space.

Green has the ability to act on the human nervous system soothing, relaxing, remove the negative. Green is very diverse:

  • warm green,
  • strict malachite,
  • the color of young leaves,
  • light green.

It allows you to select the tone to your liking. Green color in the interior is perfectly combined with other natural colors: yellow, brown, blue. Wallpaper green are preferred for bedrooms with windows facing south and west sides.

Blue tone interior bedroom is strict. Deep and refined blue combined with silver and white, but in people with mobile psyche he can upset. Suitable for bedroom light blue, azure shades that can be combined with more vivid saturated elements.

Using red wallpaper in the bedroom - quite a bold decision. Red - powerful, dynamic, suitable for strong temperament. Shades of burgundy, crimson bedroom interior make rich and fashionable. But in choosing wallpaper red should remember that it will not tolerate the neighborhood with other colors, making an exception only for the black and gold.

Someone thinks the red color of passion, suggesting that the color of the wallpaper spur sexual energy, but it often turns out that the red in the interior suppressed.

Very gentle, calm, warm, relaxing colors, to create in the bedroom a gentle romantic mood. Monochrome execution bedroom in shades from pale lilac to deep purple will create an amazing ensemble, unusual and attractive. Purple with white, blue and beige.

The most demanding and binding to the presence of taste and sense of color steps. Entirely in black wishing to arrange bedroom unlikely to be found, but a harmonious combination with other colors makes the presence of black in the interior is very advantageous. Stylish and safe black and white style, by a margin of one or the second color, will create a stylish ensemble in the bedroom. Black-and-white style implies the existence of these two colors, but does not exclude the bright accents of red, orange and green colors.

When using multiple colors in the bedroom, look at how they fit together. The bedroom with light can be wallpapered accent color on one of the walls, for example by highlighting thus bedside zone.

Wallpaper should be combined with the ceiling and floor, with furniture and accessories in the room.

Plain wallpaper in the bedroom is not like all of this, the use of wallpaper with patterns and ornaments quite popular.

Band. Vertical band on the wallpaper visually "lifts" the ceiling, horizontal - "stretches" the space. Wide strips preferred smokers. Having a large size, a more appropriate would be a narrow strip for small bedrooms.

Ornament. In accordance with the size of the room, a small bedroom wallpaper with a small figure, and, on the contrary, it is possible to choose a major figure in the large bedrooms. In the lounge, which is the master bedroom, prefer a light, unobtrusive designs and patterns, floral motifs, ornaments. You can combine a combination of large and small paintings of one subject.

And finally, we wish you to listen to their own desires, tastes and preferences. Combining their desires and our tips, you can create the bedroom of your dreams.

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