Which color suits to blue

Tips for color selection: what color is combined with the blue?

Perhaps the most difficult in the selection of clothes - the color choice. We often have to choose between things of the same style, and almost all the stops on your favorite color. Then a new difficulty arises - what to combine a new thing?

If your favorite color is blue, you need to know what color is combined with blue.

The blue color symbolizes purity and tranquility. This is not surprising, because it is the color blue. He certainly calm, adjusts to a harmonious way. However, do not abuse the data tone is a danger of complete apathy and indifference. In addition, the surrounding people, it can cause a feeling of coldness.

Colors, combined with blue, will give the image of a different sound, and a man who wears such kits inspiration.

Room with blue elements appear bright and clear, to help people in their creative work. It is no coincidence, many designers recommend this color.

Know what blue is combined, is only half the solution to the problem, it is also necessary to know who he is. There are many shades of blue. All of them definitely are brunettes. They are nicely set off the hair, give brightness. Light blue and blue with a turquoise tint will look great on blondes. But the color is not quite right a fiery red-haired girls.

Combinations of blue clothing

So, what color is combined with the blue? A lot of them, each good in its own way, it all depends on my mood and purpose set.

This combination of warm, tender, it will give the image of softness. Beige trousers complete with a blue blouse will look very advantageous. In such an outfit, you can go to work, a business meeting, a job interview. Dress in light-blue colors can easily be combined with beige accessories and footwear. On the one hand, the image will be chilly, the other - soft and gentle. In addition, the beige and blue outfit can be enriched with a deep brown. This three-color scale in clothes always looks spectacular.

If you have not decided what color goes with blue, then feel free to choose any shade of gray. The whole range of colors - from almost white to graphite - are ideally suited to the light-blue tones. Sets can be all kinds. Blue accessories can be diluted with any gray outfit, it will give it some flavor and brightness. But a blue blouse with a gray skirt or trousers - classic style office. Blue shirt decorate the gray cravat, it is not only stylish, but also help to avoid excessive pallor, which gives a blue color.

Classic combinations. In all cases, these colors together look luxurious. The main thing - it is impossible to make a mistake, combining them.

Oddly enough, but pink is combined with blue, especially when it comes to pastel, ie "diluted" colors. It is also easy to combine with pink pale blue. However, pink is better to choose not acidic, but calm and gentle. Stylish look is a set in three colors: beige, pink and blue.

What color is combined with blue in the interior?

Blue is relevant not only for clothes, but also for indoor use. The classic version - a combination of blue and white. It looks very clean and innocent, space is created, similar to the vast sky, the visual space increases. Good looks combined walls. As a basis we can take the color white, and on one wall to place a blue pattern. Fully blue walls is not recommended, so will be too cold space. Blue sofa cushions decorate white or vice versa.

Blue and white interior suited for bedrooms and for the living room. With such a color scheme can be designed as a room in the style of Provence, and modern style studio apartment.

Also, win-win - a combination of blue and beige and black. Beige wallpaper, sofa, rug, black furniture. It remains only to arrange the blue accents - curtains, pillows and panels.

It looks great in a room blue, brown and beige. We can choose the wallpaper, put a brown sofa, the bed soft beige carpet. This gamma always looks very stylish.

Very extravagant and bold, but it is unusual and looks stylish combination of yellow and blue. To the interior was not "parrot", you need to choose the pale tones. Paint can be combined in different ways. Dilute all can be white or light beige.

In fact, both in clothes, and in the interior are the same color combination rules.

So, what color is combined with the blue? It's beige, brown, white, black, gray, blue, light pink, light yellow.

However, in its order or interior can experiment, while avoiding overly bold decisions.

So, does not look bright blue with red, no blue hues is not necessary to combine with red. Options when a blue, blending with the green, very rare - such kits to create their own highly dangerous. But with purple you can try to create a good outfit.

The blue color in your wardrobe: the rules combinations

Blue things with ease can be implemented in strict sets of meeting the requirements of the dress code, and feminine image with a touch of innocence.

Especially popular is not the first season enjoyed pastel light blue color, which can easily replace a versatile gray or blue. Adding to your wardrobe at least one thing a blue tint, you get the indispensable part that is perfectly combined with other clothes.

Clothing blue suits equally well for blondes and brunettes. The only exception: the owners of red hair is better to avoid such a palette or to mix it well with other colors. Is beneficial blue wardrobe for brunettes images. It significantly softens the harshness of winter tsvetotipa and brings to the fore the femininity of its owner.

Blue eye color It plays well in tandem with similar color clothing. However, blue-eyed at his choice is important to consider, what colors it will be combined. Excellent release eye color and do not let them merge together with blue background colors like brown and white. Picking colors suitable blue eyes, you can play on contrasts or add depth of shade.

skin color, whether it is an olive, porcelain or ivory, do not play a decisive role in choosing in favor of the blue hue. By age blue color is also no restrictions. A young girl, he will emphasize youth and innocence. A lady aged points to its calm nature.

The blue color and the features of the figure

Blue - the color of cold. All shades ranging from white and blue and ending with the blue, visually slim figure. Even the lightest shade of blue acts as a diet pill to a greater extent than other pastel colors. The more saturated the color, the more it blurs the boundaries of shape, so corpulent ladies recommended neutral color.

The question of the appropriateness of blue does not get an edge, since all its shades are suitable for any situation. In this case it is necessary to look at the topic from a different perspective and to talk about the effects it achieves.

If you are going on a date or an important meeting with business partners, the sky-blue color - a real magician, because it allows you to locate the person to your person and you gives a sense of comfort and relaxation. No wonder it is often exploit celebrity and people of social professions as to be communicating with people.

Selecting for an evening out dress blue and supplementing it with gold or silver jewelry, you get an impressive image of the feminine. However, this color is not suitable for making a fatal, because it is too gentle and cool.

What color goes blue?

Compatibility of blue color is comparable with the possibilities miksovaniya neutral palette. By the blue color It fits gray, brown, black. Of grays we recommend choosing steel, asphalt, graphite. These color combinations look both stylish and not trivial. Brown palette for combination with blue may include shades of chocolate, cocoa, coffee with milk, as well as beige, terracotta and camel.

If you are wondering what color suits to blue best, then you know what to look for should pastel-color design. Today, this color is pink. Paired with a touch of "Rose Quartz" color blue creates current duet, which refers to the zephyr-candy theme.

The combination of colors of blue - blue looks harmonious and trendy. It is best if a blue component image protrudes classic denim, or shade soft cobalt deep dark blue.

Dilute with heavenly themes will allow yellow. The combination of blue with bright yellow will provide a contrasting set of resort that is perfect for summer walks along the promenade. Another option for the summer period - set in blue and white color scheme. This outfit will emphasize tanned skin and create an easy way.

You should not get round and red. Despite his aggressiveness, he is able to make a great company blue color, especially when it comes to colors such as burgundy, marsala, cherry. By the way, the combination of data fit to owners dark hair the most.

Objects blue wardrobe

Trending coat-cocoon made in pastel colors of blue, combined with not less popular jackboots of gray suede. Coat cut coat may be supplemented with coffee high boots and shawl one of light shades. An elongated jacket will fit well into the image with skinny jeans and white sneakers.

The leather in black leather jackets, you can choose the flying dress of any color suitable to blue. Bomber will look good with dark blue or light-colored jeans, a park - with bright trousers and light-colored Timberland.

Kit depends on style of dress:

  • for a light sundress - bodily ballet flats, sandals with cork wedges or espadrilles White textile;
  • for classics - boats powdery shades and a white jacket;
  • for a dress-shirt - white sneakers, or slipony gladiators;
  • for an evening option - open shoes and clutch in metallic oval.

Shoes blue hue - a real must-have. They can be diluted with a boring black and white sets, emphasize the ankle, being in short trousers, and complement the cocktail dresses of delicate flowers.

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What color is combined with the blue: find your shade!

Beautiful blue color in clothes It attracts the attention of others with the same success as the other colors. This is an amazing, gentle color that is associated by many with the peace and tranquility. Perhaps this is why, blue shades clothes present in the wardrobe of almost every human being.

What color is combined with a blue

Indeed, the blue color is a symbol of constancy, serenity, mind, purity. However, if this color will be a lot or it may be too saturated feeling of apathy, laziness.

Blue color helps to relax, reasoning, creativity development. No wonder it is used in the interior of schools, lecture rooms, working offices. Nevertheless, we should remember that it should not be much, because in this case it will interfere with concentration of attention.

It helps to think, to reflect, remaining alone with himself. Perhaps that is why from time immemorial this color stained ceilings of temples and churches.

Keep in mind that how many shades of blue, such as its value and varied colors. Thus, otherwise its value represents indifference, detachment, coldness and isolation.

The blue color of dress: Who goes and what goes?

Blue clothing is like blondes and brunettes. It is perfect for people with the "winter" and "summer" type of skin, but rather representatives with porcelain, and olive skin color ivory. But the red-haired people should refrain from it, or try to successfully combine it with other colors.

Not only the right to determine who fits the blue color, it is important to skillfully combine it with other colors. In fact, it goes with almost all colors, but the most successful looks white, black, beige, dark blue, yellow and gray. In other words, the combination of blue clothing with other colors will not cause much trouble.

But do not forget that there are so many shades and that is not combined with a neutral blue color, the perfect accompaniment to his shade. In general, look for yourself and find your match!

What color is combined with a blue

What color is combined with a blue

What color is combined with a blue

What color is combined with a blue

What color is combined with a blue

What color is combined with a blue

What color is combined with a blue

What color is combined with a blue

For example, a blue hue: navy blue will look great with orange and pale blue is the ideal look with a pink color.

Who of the celebrities prefer the color blue?

Since the blue color selected creative individuals, it becomes quite clear why it is so often full of celebrities in dresses.

Preference is given to blue shades clothes celebrities such as Fergie, Demi Moore, Kylie Minogue, Julianne Moore, Zhanna Friske, Valeria and others.

Each celebrity likes to wear a certain color. For example, Fergie and Kylie Minogue prefer to wear neutral colors. Demi Moore loves rich dark blue color, which goes, rather, in blue. And Julianne Moore prefers to wear navy blue, which certainly suits her.

Clothing blue It helps both celebrities and people of other professions, to relax, to feel a sense of comfort and friendliness towards others. Not without reason, psychologists recommend to put on the clothes of the color gamut on meeting with people in conflict, as well as exciting and celebrations.

What color is combined with a blue

What color is combined with a blue

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