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The combination of colors: brown

As is known, the name of the warm and pleasant color comes from the name of the famous spices. It is a unique shade of cinnamon helped to become the progenitor of a new color. But at the same time it is important to know that the main palette of brown is not included, but you can only get it by mixing two pigments. For example, green and red.

In general, this color is one of the most popular clothing and shoes for both men and women. This is especially true of autumn and winter images. To make such images properly and harmoniously, each person will be useful to know which colors are combined with brown.

The short answer is that the color of cinnamon combined with any natural natural shades. After all, he himself is one of them. In this case, the darker shade, the more elegant and more solid obtained blend.

For example, very comfortable and look attractive images that combine the brown and green shades. They are suitable for any time of year. So cloak of brown color with the help of bright green parts will be able to effectively highlight and diversify. Very interesting to look at the brown coats, raincoats and jackets, for example, green belts, scarves, shawls, brooches and other accessories. Come to them, including shoes foliage color and the same color of the bag. In this case, the brighter the green, the more fun to get the whole image as a whole.

What other colors are combined with the brown?

But do not be afraid to combine the brown color and with more vivid and provocative colors. For example, the coral. In general, the coral color is by far one of the most fashionable and popular. Girl clothed in bright dresses of the shade, as well as complement their daily images of such accessories.

Experiment in this case will turn and brown. The main thing is to see to it that the coral hue around the bow was not too much of it is not replete with eyes.

And one more winning combination - a brown and turquoise (blue, mint). The darker brown - the brighter can be turquoise. By the way, this neighborhood is very interesting shades will look not only for girls, but also to men. Turquoise shirt will refresh the whole image as a whole and will help a new tune bored brown suit or jacket.

In order to look bright, stylish and unusual, do not be afraid to dream, it is worth a try to try on a variety of images.

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What color goes with brown? What color brown combined?

How to combine brown color with other colors? What colors brown harmoniously combined?

Brown is almost universal, it is combined with a number of colors depending on the color. Krichnevy can be combined with beige, white, and yellow, with light gray, with a bottle-green, with grass green, the color of khaki, red, orange, with ocher and gold, and black.

Once I ordered a catalog nightgown. Included was a 2 pcs. one pure blue and the other is brown with blue spots. in real life it turned out very nice and now it's my favorite color combination. also like the combination of brown and pink

Brown well suited to the orange and sunny orange.

Good combination with the yellow and some of its hues (from lemon yellow to ocher).

Strictly will be combined with beige.

Want classics, so combine it with white.

It looks cool and red.

You can try to combine with blue.

If you have a good imagination, then drain the brown and green.

Try pink.

And do not forget that Brown will normally be combined with other shades of the same brown.

Brown goes well with the sky-blue, turquoise, yellow, with cream, beige, orange, pink, with green, the color of aquamarine.

Brown combined with almost all natural tones, and at the same time with the dark tones of brown looks solid and very elegant.

But black and brown should be avoided as it is too gloomy. For example, it is believed that the black pants and brown shoes - it's bad form.

Korichney color beautiful. In fact, it is a complex and deep. Brown has a lot of shades. What are the colors it is combined? We can say that the brown color is universal. It is perfectly combined with blue and its shades, from green (especially beautiful when the thick green color), with white, beige, deep pink, mustard and brick. With brown can create stunning ensembles, most importantly, do not be afraid to experiment.

Combinations with brown

Brown perfectly suited to the everyday and festive attire. And its main advantage that it is suitable for a lot of colors, such as bright yellow, lemon, all shades of green, darker or lighter shades of beige. And if you add the contrast, for example, pink or turquoise, it can be beneficial to stand out in any event.

Here are a couple examples of the combination of brown clothing:

It can be a variety of shades. Brown, depending on the tone very well with green, yellow, beige, light shades of pink, ivory, cream. This is a classic and very beautiful color combinations. I do not advise brown combined with black (too gloomy), white (school uniforms, not to everyone's taste). It is not necessary to bright red, not a good combination.

Brown well in harmony with the different colors of harmony that exists in the world - of nature. That is, with red, white, yellow, green (with different shades of green). Suitable as beige, sand color. Or close to it cream or ivory color.

Brown any shade goes with almost any color of the spectrum. Except that you should avoid the combination of brown and blue it hurts your eyes. Very pleasant, in my opinion, pink and beige, combined with brown tones.

Brown is my favorite color in clothes, I think most of all he combined with warm colors: yellow, gold, orange, beige, with many shades of green, as well as gray, black and white colors.

What color clothes combined brown

Brown clothing has its own value, as well as all the other colors. Brown is the unity with nature, as is the color of earth, wood color, the color of the crust. He came into the Russian language the word "bark", and therefore was a natural nazvanie.Eto natural color, which in its own way beautiful. As the soil color, it is associated with calmness and stability.

It is believed that the brown color preferred by women and men who have an active life position, a strong character, in addition, such people are usually very fundamental. From the point of view of psychology, this color creates a psychological comfort to its owner and emotional calm. In addition, psychologists say that the fair sex, usually preferring the brown color and its shades than other colors, are very economic and caring, they can be called homemakers.

Many believe that color boring and monotonous images of him, but it is believed that in every woman's closet should hang a couple of things brown. People who have no interest in shades of colors simply do not have time to get acquainted with their variety, and they usually just do not know with what color goes brown tone clothing. Most often, things brown choose a middle-aged lady, a young girl does not often prefer brown hues in clothes.

Meaning brown very ambiguous in stories. For example, the ancient Egyptians attributed this color to the color of clothing the nobles and priests of the temple. During the Renaissance, on the other hand, this color symbolizes poverty, and brown clothes usually worn by commoners. But in the seventeenth century, people have revised sunset attitude to this color: it was worn by representatives of all classes, you never know, and poor people. Brown dress in this era were used as for the publication of the fashionable ladies and gentlemen for everyday wear. In Soviet times, schoolchildren were the form of dark brown color, because it was thought that the school uniform colors such discipline children.

In our present attitude to brown more neutral than the harshly negative or positive, it refers to the classic shades of pastel colors. To create everyday style stylists recommend the use of light and low-key tone of this color, but for special occasions or parties better to choose clothes more interesting and even bright shades of brown color palette. Some shades of this color are included in the color gamut, which is called the shades of "safari", it often used to create images of the summer. But the most popular uses brown in autumn and winter seasons of the year.

Shades of brown are very diverse and all of them can be divided into two major groups: light and dark. To the dark brown tones, as a rule, include the following colors: cinnamon, gray-brown, reddish-brown, dusty brown, bistro, chocolate, classic deep brown color. Light browns are golden brown, camel, ocher, rusty-brown, caramel, sepia and some other shades.

Classic dark brown color associated with the color 'black' espresso or dark bitter chocolate. This tone refers to the classic color palette. It is believed that the color of the aristocracy, it symbolizes nobility. Clothing such hue visually makes the figure more elongated and slender silhouette.

Very popular among women red-brown color, it has a resemblance to the bark of mahogany. This deep color looks very luxurious materials such colors are used for the production of fur, silk or leather. The ensemble of the highest quality and this fabric colors help create an elegant image.

Yellow-brown hue - a mixture zhelotovatogo tone brown, it is somewhat reminiscent of the orange color, but this shade darker and calm. It can be attributed to a red color scheme. Usually yellow-brown color used for handbags and footwear, as well as the very popular decorations that color, that allow you to place the fashionable accents. To create a basic wardrobe things of this color used very rarely.

Gray-brown tint in a different color called Taupo, this color often resembles color of insects and animals, symbolized by the desire to protect themselves from the outside world. This shade of brown can be used as a base, the basic tone of clothing, but to create a fashionable image it would be better to dilute the more vivid and bright tones.

Dark brown shades create a feeling of comfort and a kind of human warmth, tranquility. This color can also be used for basic things and it is desirable to diversify its bright accents, most importantly, do not be afraid of unusual and interesting experiments, as this shade of brown perfectly combined with most other colors palettes. This color symbolizes the willingness to dialogue and complete openness.

Chocolate brown tint fill your image with heat and will go perfectly with all shades of red. Usually materials such color made shoes, bags or garments of classic styles.

Security - this shade has ancient roots, before people get the tone by mixing clay and iron oxide. The clothes a shade of brown is rarely used as the base of self-colored, because it is characterized by fading, and so he seems boring people. But this color can tune up with new colors combined with bright green, blue flowers, as well as the warm tones of yellow and gold colors. This shade of brown is perfect for autumn or spring women's facial features. Stylists do not recommend the use of a color girls cold winter tsvetotipa to create images.

Terrakotory tone brown. The name of this color is literally translated from the Greek ka "baked earth", and visually it is something similar to the color of the chimney masonry. This shade is classified as warm brown tones. As a rule, the same color materials are used for the production of warm autumn and winter clothing. This profound and interesting shade is perfect for girls autumn or spring type of appearance or burning brunette, and categorically not suitable for fair-haired girls summer tsvetotipa because it will absorb their appearance, and blondes can get lost in this color.

Sepia - a light shade of brown, which is often referred to even faded brown, it relates to the warm colors. This bright and muted color, but it can be used as a base to create a fashionable image. It is better not to combine it with other shade of pastel colors, in order to avoid draining. It is better to use it with colors such as burgundy, black or red shades. This tone brown will suit girls autumn and spring typecasting appearance.

Bistre. This shade of brown has been named as the paint, the color of which is obtained by singeing beech, it has the same black color. It should not be used to create a monochrome image, it would be better to dilute it more vivid colors. This tone brown goes well with a red, mint shades, the color of melted milk. To create an image of the evening is better to use in a duet with a wine burgundy color, dark blue, emerald green or dark yellow. A feature of this shade of brown is the versatility, he will emphasize the individuality of the exterior of any type.

In view of the variety of shades of brown, the color can go to almost any type of appearance. Absolutely all shades of brown suit and brown-eyed green-eyed girl with dark hair colors. But the blonde beauty with blue eyes over will-to-face light brown undertone.

Brown and white. All shades of brown look great with a white color, because it allows to lighten the image and give it freshness. This color combination is perfect for your dress code as strictly looks and restrained. For the publication of a dominant position is better to give the white color in this interesting combination.

  • Brown and beige. These colors are very related and therefore form a beautiful duo. In order to somehow diversify it, try to use a different structure of tissue. Beige-brown dress better not to burden with unnecessary details.

  • The combination of black and brown. Although black is the most classic, which accounts for its versatility, black and brown duo looks a bit dark and a bit dark. Therefore it is better to find a compromise to black necessary to select only bright colors brown or brightest shades. For this duo, you can add a white color, which perfectly refresh it.

  • Brown and red. Especially looks luxurious combination of red and dark brown. Harmonious combination of looks bright red and classic brown, which seemed to extinguish the fiery shades of red.

  • Brown and orange. Very bright and interesting ensemble of colors, which looks very positive. Juicy orange color helps brown tones shine with new colors and great shades them. This combination is better to prefer a bright orange and dark brown tones, as this duo will be very bright and saturated.

  • Brown and yellow. These colors can be called kindred, based on their locations, the color wheel, so very harmonious combination thereof. To create a beautiful image of clothes of such colors, yellow would be better used as a basic background and brown shades need to arrange the fashionable accents and then your image will look original and unusual.

  • Brown and green. This combination is most often found in nature (eg, brown twigs and green leaves on it), so it is a natural and truly beautiful. These tones are highly complementary, and in a special paint each other. Quiet and elegant combination - a duo of light green and brown, but the combination of dark shades of these colors is more flashy and perfect for a luxurious evening image.

  • Blue and brown. This is a very original and unusual colors duo. It looks best combination of dark blue with light brown and, on the contrary, light blue and dark brown. Great and interesting combination of cyan and form a brown color.

  • Gold and brown. In its own way it looks magical ensemble of various shades of brown with gold. Clothing such colors is perfect to create a fashionable image of the evening, will give him the luxury and wealth.

Brown color and its many shades are very versatile, so they are suitable for the creation of strict classical images, and for daily or evening fancy bows. Business image, consisting of a skirt length to about the knee or bryuchek classic style and a white blouse with strings-bow at the neck looks very refined and elegant, this stylish image lady. It is best not to choose a shirt snow white and ivory or cream. This ensemble is excellent court shoes will add color blouse.

If your goal - to diversify the business image, then it is better to add a blue color to your brown suit, for example, blue platishko moderate length classic style combined with a strict brown jacket looks bright and at the same time restrained.

Classics of the genre - a coat, raincoat or jacket brown color for cool weather. If you want to give rigor to your image, give preference to dark brown shades, and here for a romantic walk or a date the best fit outerwear light brown shades.

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