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How to make a gate in the fence

The first thing guests see before you go to the private area - this gate. In its exterior design is often judged on the host site taste, it sets the tone for the first impression. A first impression, as we know, is stored on a subconscious level. How to make the gate a beautiful and functional?

EXAMPLE gates in the fence of concrete pillars with profnatila

Before thinking about how to make a gate in the fence, should determine the type of material and the method of decoration and sturdiness.

Scheme for mounting gates in the fence

  1. Financial component in many cases becomes a decisive factor when choosing a style and design of the material gate. If the owner of the site on a tight budget, in the course are the most affordable materials such as wood, corrugated metal sheets, plastic. If the money is not important in choosing, you can stay at the wrought-iron gate, wood, decorated with carvings on the options of combining several materials (forging and polycarbonate, steel sheet, wood).
  2. Taste preferences are also very important. Some like a simple country style, and someone delighted with the openwork pattern of forged metal.

EXAMPLE forged metal gate pattern

In addition, any material has its own pros and cons. You need to carefully weigh the pros and cons in choosing the material and style gate.

EXAMPLE gate of sheet metal

  • Do I need to be transparent gate (so you can see who came to her);
  • Is there a need in the sidebar of the castle inside the gates of the body;
  • Do you plan to use it in winter;
  • Necessary arrangement of one or more wickets.

The answers to these questions will help determine the type of gate.

As mentioned above, the gate for the garden - this is usually a very simple products that can be done even with their own hands.

Cottage gate should perform basic functions:

  • Freely open in the summer time, when the intensity of its exploitation is particularly high;
  • If possible, do not cover the sunlight plants growing near;
  • Do not be too hard to avoid distortions and frequent repairs.

Based on the foregoing, garden gates are maximally simple construction. The materials most commonly used wood or metal frame of the gate mesh netting.

The easiest option makeshift wicket - is the use of wooden slats and boards for its production. Gate made of wood have many advantages:

  • Ease of manufacture and assembly. To make their own hands a wooden gate you can even yourself;
  • Environmentally friendly material. Tree - absolutely natural material, it does not cause any harm to human health;
  • Long service life. When a responsible approach to the process of manufacturing the product and careful maintenance can last for years;
  • Variability. Wood can be built as a transparent gate and closed it a solid option.

But do not forget that wood has high fire hazard.

Several options for fence gates made of wood

Rabitz - available material is very popular for use in the cottages. For the manufacture of the gate of the netting must be welded frame made of metal corner and fasten the mesh along its perimeter.

This gate does not prevent the penetration of sunlight to the site and allows you to freely browse the territory.

The owner garden always see who came to the gate. The smaller mesh cells, the more likely that no one inside the territory will not penetrate.

If the gate portion host appreciates not simplicity and reliability, the choice arises between several options. Highly reliable can be considered a wooden gate with a solid filling of the product surface.

A simple example of corrugated gate

Another option - the gate of corrugated board. She, too, is made of a frame which is sheathed Bent. Such a gate may also have a profile edging or edge strips. Using edging improves product appearance and strengthens the structure.

Decking is often used as the material for the fence. Its popularity is due to the use of a number of advantages.

  1. The relatively low price. Availability of material for many has become a key factor in its choice.
  2. Durability. Profiled retains color and shape for decades and does not require special care.

Option gate of corrugated metal and parts

Despite all the advantages, there is at this material and negative sides. Not all are profiled attractive to look at, categorically refusing to use it. Many people also do not like that stuff is too widely used and fences made of corrugated board can be found everywhere.

Decorations wicket

For special connoisseurs have lots of options decoration inlet portion of the group.

The original version of the registration gate forged elements

One of the most common variants of decoration fence elements of forging. Wrought metal can be made all or a portion of the gate. Sometimes forging frame plays the role of the main material cladding. The main material, incidentally, can be any. Forging is combined with wood, trapezoidal sheet, metal, polycarbonate. Carved wooden gate looks very attractive. Perhaps entrance rustic or style of an Alpine chalet.

How to make a fence and gate with their hands

Make a fence and a gate with his hands is not so difficult. After selecting the type of construction you need only:

  • To determine the place of installation of the gate;
  • Install support;
  • To manufacture the frame and the core material to sheathe it;
  • Assemble the gate and set the locks and bolts on it.

We'll talk about everything in order in detail.

If the gate is set to not ready to replace the old fence, it is useful to consider the following recommendations:

  • Choose the installation location, taking into account the gate convenient approach to it from both sides of the street, and on the inside;
  • For ease of mounting, many hung wicket gate and on adjacent poles. It is important to take into account the weight of the structure: the support to withstand it without the risk of falling;
  • If the gate is too much weight, it is better to install additional support for it;
  • Opening the gate and the gate to the outside is not always convenient for your neighbors. This is especially true in the narrow streets with one lane.

If necessary, you can install two gates: for the main entrance and an auxiliary output.

Given the weight of the next gate and an increased load on the bearing support, it should dig in deeper than the rest of the posts for the fence.

The scheme for setting the gate and pillars

Before installing the pillars on the bottom of wells is filled with a layer of sand and gravel. Then immersed in a pit and the support are fixed using the same pair of broken or bricks. The supports are set vertically on level then concreted.

Production and sheathing frame

Manufacturing of the carcass must in most cases, except wrought embodiment wickets. It is important to choose the right size of the gate so that it fit neatly in the doorway between the pillars. It is primarily a question of the product width. The optimum width of the gate of one meter and a height - no more than two meters. Experts advise to do the gate width of 5-7 cm less than the width of the opening between the legs.

For the manufacture of wooden frame suitable timber 50 * 100 mm, metal - profiled tube 60 * 30 mm.

Scheme mounting wooden gate

Once the frame is ready, its surface is first treated with a primer and then painted. The paint is best applied in two or three layers for the best protection against external influences.

Assembling of the gate metal profile

The surface of the sheeting further process is not necessary, but the tree needs sanding, priming and painting.

For the wooden surface is best to choose paint for outdoor furniture. It is resistant to abrasion, long remain bright and not fade in the sun. It is also desirable to choose quick-drying paint to dry while the surface has got as little dust as possible.

Installation of gates and installation of locks

The hinges may be attached to the supports by means of screws, bolts or welding. Instead, you can use loops and polymer veils, which are welded to the metal support. After that, the gate is hung on hinges. To the opposite pole, it is desirable to attach the door opening limiter. It is also doing a hole for locking the castle. The rest of the mechanism with handles and lock mounted on the gate. On the inside of the gate often also secure the bolt.

The isolated gate for taking

Any fence to enclose an entrance area, and if the people living on this earth, they want to have a beautiful front door. Wicket to the fence is not only entry but also the protection of the criminal visitors, especially if the guard is such that other means impossible to penetrate into the yard. Registration wicket always emphasize - this is particularly evident in rural areas. Fence and gate can be simple without ornaments, and the gate will be sure to have at least a small piece of jewelry.

Materials for the manufacture of doors in the fences

Make gates and fences industrial way or the hands. Scaffolds for this construction made of wood or metal profile. In this case, always try to pick up the sheathing material so that it was combined with a fence, gates and facades of buildings. Wickets are made of wood, hardwood, this ensures a long life to create a design. At the same time the most widely used gate metal frame.

Iron, from which they are made, divides them into two types:

  • Forged or artistic cast-iron gate - a product with almost a century of life and more;
  • Wicket by mild steel have a long life, but are cheaper than cast iron, but they are not inferior in appearance.

Regardless of the metal door, installed in the enclosure must be strong to resist rust. Fence, gate and the gate should be integral to the design of the site.

In addition to wood and iron front doors are made of metal alloys, there are gates assembled from high-strength grades of plastics. In this case, the materials for the cladding frame kalitochnogo there are so many, most often used for these purposes, decking, wood, forging, Polycarbonate, Rabitz, etc.

At present, the gate and the gate is made of metal sheets and profile sheets. It requires little special care costs in this design serves for many years.

Work begins by checking the opening condition, if the fence is installed. First of all, make precise measurements. Measure the height and width, it is recommended to measure both support post and a width at top and bottom, they can be different. This should be aware of when the sketch drawing. Choose materials for and make a preliminary sketch.

In the next step examined the supporting pillars. One of which may be included in the gate structure, so its installation strength is of particular importance.

Brick fences are very massive, support will be of the same material. Under them will set the foundation, otherwise the constant opening and closing, and sometimes slamming doors will support clones and later they can easily fall. Courtyard passage width depends on the setting of the supporting pillars if they are only to be installed, it is considered optimal spacing of one meter.

Internally space formed inside the brick pillars fill valve or set of metal pipes which are to be concreted into the ground, then their obkladyvayut brick.

If the door in the fence, will be installed on the supports of the pipes, without for lining bricks, supporting elements of the profile or pipe must be concreted into the ground. Before cementing the pillars necessarily aligned using a spirit level, then control the vertical position of the installation before the concrete has hardened.

Sketch gate device of profiled sheet

Support of the pipe or profile set when the gate and a fence made of corrugated, Rabitz, or various types of plastic. For wooden fences, doors in the fence as a support using a thick bar.

Types of installation of wooden poles

Future columns impregnated with special compounds that prevent rot and deterioration of wood under various external influences. During the hardening of the solution should be controlled upright pillars.

Above the gate is set the bar, it gives additional rigidity to the frame of the opening. Once hardened, the foundation can be mounted in the door aperture. For fixing the hinge pins need a drill and screws are strong. During attachment loops should ensure that there are no gaps around the perimeter of the opening, so that the door does not sag while driving, and not showed other defects. The locking device is installed on the gate prior to attaching it in place.

Inside the middle of the frame fastened the latch, and outside establish the lock. Then set your capital a door in the fence into the yard will not allow unwanted visitors.

The door at the entrance to the courtyard of corrugated board

Wicket and gates made of corrugated board are popular because of the quality and functionality of designs. Steel sheet has a special powder coating, allows not occur corrosion. Gate panels and doors in the enclosure during the operation does not deform while they rationally connected price and quality. Well-known companies, producing gates and doors offer a guarantee of their excellent work on more than thirty years.

The advantage of the gates of the profiled sheet is the variety of colors of their skin, as well as color fastness, since it makes the polymer paints. This variety allows you to choose the perfect tone of the gate, harmonious fence, or select it from the crowd. Color corrugated board can be changed over time, the gate and the door to the courtyard can be repainted, it is desirable to do this by spraying in two layers. This technology does not form smudges, and then for many years wicket will serve you as new. Only sometimes it is washed with water from the accumulated dust.

in the fence doors make even plastic, often sheet polycarbonate. Gates of the material durable, they have greater toughness, do not burn, do not deteriorate by seasonal temperature changes, exposure to rain or snow. Polycarbonate is easily bent, cut. The sheets are transparent or opaque.

Gate made of polycarbonate have the following advantages:

  • Require no maintenance, only periodic washing of the water;
  • They do not rot, corrode, on the surface there is no mold or mildew;
  • Excellent combined with metal, wood, forged or welded elements.

A variety of gates and doors, you can buy ready-made individually or bundled, as well as with the installation. However, many owners of houses or villas are engaged in the installation of their own, with even get significant savings. The pleasure of a job well done for many years, will warm the soul.

Wicket mounted on stone pillars

We put a gate made of wood. We choose reliable material oak. The choice proved correct. Oak gate is not afraid of no rain, no snow. A gate of iron and alloy rust continuously settle. The main thing is to choose a good material, but not the most economical

Recently installed at the cottage fence and gate made of corrugated board, faced with the risk heaving soils. For reinsurance support installed to a depth greater than the depth of frost penetration, and makes extensive wells. Even the edges of trapezoidal sheet carefully primed and stained with rust. That there were no gaps between Bent and frame used "home" area, is fastened by rivets. Screws pinch is not worth doing "for centuries", the seal has to cope with its function, and does not fall down. To set the ring (outer part) will require special screws of galvanized steel, and all the drilled holes are not forget corrosion process solution. I hope my experience is useful to someone.

Simple secret of making a metal gate for taking

It is hard to imagine without the infield fence. Beautiful fence and gate are an essential compositional accent affecting the overall design of the estate. Each functional element - handles, hinges, mailbox, lamp, address pointer - subordinated to a certain style solution fence. Make a wicket with his own hands is not very difficult if you know how.

Wicket intake

Determine the material and place

The most common materials for the gate are wood or metal profile.

In favor of the first option suggests the following factors:

  • availability;
  • ease of manufacture and repair;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • versatility;
  • aesthetics.

The downside of this type of construction is the fragility and the need for constant care. If you decide to make the gate of wood, boards and bars are treated with special solutions.

The gate of the profiled sheet and have a long list of advantages:

  • strength;
  • reliability;
  • convenience and ease of installation;
  • versatility;
  • no special care;
  • availability.

Low visibility fences and gates of sheeting can be attributed to both positive and negative factors. Install a gate at the front of the fence, in places close to the entrance of the house.

Types of wickets intake differ in material and manufacturing method of opening:

The second option is more difficult to install.

The size of the gate in the fence is determined by the client. While taking into account the degree of its visibility. If the gate is blank, you can embed the eye. The wide gate is inconvenient to use. The standard width for the gate in the fence -. 90-100 cm wooden leaf blends with any columns. consider a number of factors when they are installed.

  1. You can make the pillars of wood. They need to handle antiseptic and waterproofing solutions. The tree is less exposed to the action of moisture in the ground, it is treated with mining. It is also advisable to apply a waterproofing film. It is placed in a pit.
  2. Poles made of asbestos should be installed in the ground below freezing. In any case, the depth may be less than 1m. pit width greater in diameter by 10 cm column. For brick pillars foundation depth and can not be less than 1m.
  3. Poles installed and covered them with gravel. It is important to respect the perpendicular installation. Then pour the solution and wait for drying. Poles have to stand in the flooded cement at least a week.
  4. If we have a wooden fence with a gate, and the gate and pillars made of bricks or concrete, it is necessary to attach the wooden blocks. They fasten the loop and will abut cheesy element.

Production and installation of wooden gate

  • profiled metal pipes;
  • wooden beams.

The process takes place in several stages.

  1. For the manufacture of wooden frames fit 40 inch timber. Shape can be rectangular or resembling the letter Z. make the recess 50 to 100 mm on horizontal bars. Next, a recess in the vertical bars. At applying the beam to the pillar loop attachment points must be the same. Further, knock pretreated antiseptic frame. For this purpose, the bars are laid on a flat clean surface in one plane. Wooden beams connected by means of metal plates. Fixing is done with screws. In order to strengthen the framework of future products complement its corners.
  2. On the prepared structure or longitudinally applied transversely Boards. Their height and shape depends on the size and shape of the wicket. Mounting is also produced by means of screws. Now several times painted or lacquered product. Each new layer is applied on the dried pre-previous.
  3. The next step in the work - fixing loop. Hinges for gates must be reliable in order to cope with the weight and additional load, such as a strong wind. Buy powerful decorated loop. They can also pick up a pen and, keeping one style.When attaching is impossible to forget about the technical gap from the bottom gate. It must be at least 10 cm. This will prevent the freezing of snow in winter.
  4. Wickets intake or overlaid equipped mortise lock lockable inside and outside. It is mounted on the vertical part of the frame. For this purpose are defined with the exact installation location, mark it on a bar. Make a groove, apply the lock and fix the seat anchorages. It is important to mark and drill a cavity point for the lock cylinder in the post or bar. There must install the locking plate. Mark and make the hole for the connecting rod in the gate. Finished with holes, set and fix the lock. Check his work.

As you can see, to make the gate in the fence of wood with his hands is a snap.

Production of a wooden gate

Manufacture and installation of corrugated gate

Metal gate for the fence is made as simple. Described column installation process is also suitable for this variant. The only difference is that for such a gate least fit wooden poles. The optimum width of the gate in the fence made of corrugated board also is 1 m. If the height of the proposed product than 2 m, it is necessary to strengthen the frame.

  • For manufacturing the carcass bases take profiled pipe with a cross section of 0.6 to 3 cm. But it is better to use a pipe diameter of at least 0.4 cm. This greatly simplifies the subsequent installation of the mortise lock. Carefully think through the dimensions and vymeryat necessary details. Cutting is performed at an angle of 45 degrees. In this case, seam welding will be less noticeable. The corners of the frame can be enhanced by triangular plates. For welding all sizes again carefully checked. In order to make the gate should consider himself that welding is carried out by a special circuit. It consists of a thick plywood sheet and clamps, which will nestle metal elements during welding. It will not allow the metal to deform. Remove the clamp after full cooling of the welds. Then there is their cleaning.
  • In order for the product has been removed from its hinges after installation for the purpose of illegal entry, loop installed by towards each other. They are welded seams of 1-2 cm. The distance from the top and bottom of the gate to the loops is 20-30 cm. If you want to make a gate in the fence properly, do not forget about it.
  • If the size of the pipe for a carcass 0.4 to 4 cm, optimally suitable narrow section mortise lock. Further, note space slot for the lock body cavity for the core and securing the handle. Grinder cut line along the long side of the castle. On the short sides make the holes. Adjusted to precise dimensions with a file. Cavity for the core make Bor. Make holes for the screws. Install a lock.
  • Frame vertically installed in the doorway, fixing a block of wood underneath. On the pole precisely and accurately determine the location of the second half of the loop. Distance from the bottom edge of the article to the floor is not less than 10 cm. Hinges "primotyvayut" temporary seam, hang the door and check the correct attachment. If the gate in the fence is operating normally, impose capital seams are carefully cleaned. After this design is painted at least 2 times. To establish on the pole locations for pins, smeared with his chalk and close the lock. The marked space is set in receiving unit.
  • The last stage - the installation of the profile sheet. Its roof is attached with screws to the horizontal through wave and vertically in the transverse beam. Desirably decorative cover edge slats. Set pen and pad on the lock.

Once the gate of the fence is installed, it should again verify the accuracy of the work done. There are a number of frequently recurring errors.

  1. Measurements and calculations are made correctly.
  2. Wicket bad opens and closes, which indicates the absence of strict vertical columns installed.
  3. Columns poorly cemented or cement solidification time is not soaked through. In this case, the design quickly shattered.
  4. Unable to withstand the technological gaps. The product is adjacent to the posts are too tight, or large gaps remain.
  5. Broken perpendicular mounting frame. Apparent bias design.
  6. Poorly cleaned the seams. The product looks sloppy.
  7. Not reinforced frame gate with non-standard dimensions. This will result in rapid failure of the system design.
  8. Improperly installed lock, which makes it difficult to work.

If you have done everything correctly and thoughtfully, the gate will last for many years without additional physical and material injections.

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