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Independently make an online calculation of the stairs

Doing online ladder calculation, it is possible in a short time to create a complete project and calculate its value ladder - this is an important, practical element, allowing to move freely between the building levels. On the slope, height, length of the ladder and steps parameters depends walking comfort. Improperly constructed ladders can lead to serious injuries and bruises. Therefore, the modeling of stairs should include the initial stage of the precise calculations. How to calculate the stair parameters yourself - read the article.

What is necessary to make the calculation of the stairs

Whether it is a staircase at the entrance, or a private house - from its safety and comfort on the health of walking. For example, at too steep staircases and wide steps can be slippery, and when there is insufficient height riser easily catch footwear for step and lose balance.

To avoid trouble, the parameters of steps and staircases need to carefully calculate

For independent settlement, today, use formulas, computer programs, online calculators. should focus on state standards, "standards and construction norms", which shows the optimum values ​​for the construction of any type of convenient and reliable construction, the possibility of installing additional equipment, panels on the aisles at any sizing ladders.

How to calculate the ladder in a private house

In order to design a staircase in the house is necessary to accurately measure the ceiling aperture (the width and length), the ceiling height.

When planning the construction of a conventional ladder, should be considered:

  • The dimensions of the room and kinds of stairs (in small houses would be logical to use the curved stairs);
  • The interior and the overall style of the room (for example, complement classical interiors will be a wooden staircase, and for a loft-style design - spiral);
  • Material, technology, manufacturing and installation of stairs;
  • Operational load;
  • The direction of movement;
  • The necessity and possibility of installing the supports.

Calculation of the stairs in a private home starts with a measurement space

If the house is under repair, it should be taken into account as the size of the room changed after repairs. As an example, the ceiling and floor finish can affect the distance between floors. In addition, in the calculation, it is necessary to take into account the thickness of the ceiling. If this is not done, the last step is to create overlapping is too small or, conversely, too high risers that lead to knocking at step slippage leading leg and consequently injury. In addition, one should consider the suggested height clearance: low height will make going to bend down during the ascent and descent of stairs, creating discomfort.

Calculation Example ladder length, height and width of the steps

The initial step of calculating includes calculating the number of stages. To do this, take ladder height (distance between the layers of pure sex two floors) and divide it into the selected optimal values ​​of the height of the riser - from 12 to 20 cm and the resulting rounded value will equal the number of stages in the march.

In one ladder should not be less than three or more than eighteen steps.

Knowing the height of the steps can be determined and its width. To calculate the values ​​should be used the following example: x = 47 - y, where x - width of the stage, and at - height.

The height and width of the stairs must be exactly the same, otherwise different size elements will force down step, which can lead to injury

The width of the tread in the curved staircases, in the narrowest part must not be less than 140 mm

According to the number of steps built graphical projection of the horizontal length of the ladder.

In order to calculate the length of the march, you must:

  • The projection length of the ladder squared and added thereto value of the distance between the levels of floors;
  • From the resulting values ​​of the square root.

Performing calculations for the stairs to the platform, you should consider what the pad length should be greater than 14 cm and a width equal to the width of the march.

Formula ladder calculation: define a slope angle

Calculate optimum angle ladder curvature can according to the formula: 2c + d = 580/660, where a - is the height, and d - the width of the stage. When calculating the curvature of stairs with steps height less than 14 cm, suitable formula: with a + d.

The angle of inclination of the structure depends primarily on the step width and height of the riser

For typical stair exists "Table recommended parameters," which contains march tilt values ​​according to the width and height of the step, the destination of the stairs.

The angle of curvature for specific marches calculated based on the number and height of the steps.

How to calculate the stairs with his hands: advice on designing helical structure

A spiral staircase - this ergonomic and practical way to move from floor to floor. Furthermore, this design can act as a decorative element for the interior of high-tech, minimalist and loft.

In order to calculate the diameter of a spiral staircase, the width must be multiplied by two and march fold the value obtained with the diameter of the substrate. To calculate the lift radius should be divided into two march width and to the obtained value to add the support radius.

The main dimensional features of the spiral staircase are calculated based on the diameter of the support tubes and the width of the march

To the ladder was comfortable, its width should not be less than 800 mm: this will comfortably navigate the stairs two people.

The number and height of the steps for helical staircases is calculated according to one coil design provides comfortable movement of man sufficiently high (the number of steps in the loop is equal to the length of the path of movement divided by the width of the stage).

To calculate the height of the riser, must be added to increase the average adult human (1 m 80 cm) average tread depth (20 cm) and divide the resulting value by the number of stages in one turn. On the resulting value to be divided and the height of the ladder. This value will be equal to the number of steps in a spiral staircase.

What does it take to get the ladder to the second floor

On the second floor can lead as a curved (spiral, straight, etc.) staircase made of metal, and a straight line (march) of solid wood. Most often, for cottages and private homes use the stairs with turns. The main advantage of such structures is that it saves space.

Calculation of design, leading to the second floor of the room depends on the characteristics and style of its interior features

To calculate the interfloor ladder following values ​​need to know:

  • The height and length of the ceiling opening;
  • The width of the stairs;
  • The total number of stages;
  • Number of turning and lower levels;
  • The desired configuration steps;
  • Location front door.

Furthermore, it will be necessary to determine the position of the upper stage on the second floor (the floor below or flush it).

Calculate the ladder in a private home may be, both independently and with the help of online calculator.

Calculator - a program that allows you to calculate the most important values ​​for the design of comfortable and safe stairs.

The result of work with the online calculator is illustrative drawing, which you can then print

Today, many sites associated with the construction, offers his version of the online calculator, each of which has features which primarily relate to the interface and method demonstration results. For example, some calculators, after making calculations, provides ready-ladder diagram with all the necessary quantities. This drawing can be easily stored on a computer and print. There are online programs that allow to calculate the cost of stairs cleaning (washing stage, poles) for residential and commercial applications, depending on their settings. You can use the programs on devices with Android platform, ios, windows.

How does the ladder calculator online

To use the calculator online is quite simple: for a product of precise calculations, you must select the type of stairs (straight, U-shaped, L-shaped, etc.) and enter the original characteristics of the premises.

To calculate the need to specify the following required parameters:

  • The height and length of the opening;
  • The number of stages;
  • The desired configuration of steps (tread width, the size of the overhang, the riser height).

When introduced into the online calculator correct initial values, you will get the exact calculation of the desired ladder model

In addition, depending on the type of ladder, and may need to enter additional information. For example, for a spiral staircase will designate the rotation angle, the outer and inner diameter of the ladder, and for designs with a rotation of 180 degrees - the width of the stairs, and the total number of lower stages. Some calculators can calculate values ​​considering the characteristics of various materials (wood, stone, concrete, etc.). For example, a construction calculator Zhitova.

Most online calculators have visual cues-pictures with the designation of values ​​that must be entered.

Calculation of the stairs: the program for 3D modeling

Technical development does not stand still: today we have the opportunity to get 2 and a 3D model of any object.

Computer-based method makes it possible to get an accurate two- or three-dimensional model of the future staircase, stair ways to identify mount (SNIP system, welding, etc.), suitable for allocating budgets, will help you understand how it will look in the interior staircase. Methods of calculation of all the programs is based on compliance with state standards and norms.

Get 2 or 3D models of ladders can be with the help of specialized software for modeling

Programs differ in the interface language, the availability of tools for data entry and stair components (some programs may include a model of the type of riser, kosour, bow, railing, supporting pillars, etc.), the possibility of modeling of stairs made of different materials (wood, stone, concrete, etc.).

Some services provide online simulation capabilities: for example

Designing stairs is important for any building: both residential and commercial. The stairs of the material, the length of the flight of stairs, the size of the steps depends on the comfort and safety of its operation. The size of the stages, length and degree of stair dimensions affect premises, stairs construction. Properly settle their own hands, today, can absolutely everyone. You can use computer programs, Internet resources, building formulas. Either method will provide accurate data. You just have to choose the most convenient! A "table of recommended settings" will help you to compare the values ​​obtained with the optimal and, if necessary, correct the calculation.

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Copying is allowed only with a link back to the source

Calculation of the stairs to the second floor with the help of online calculator program

On the issue of creating their dream home should be approached very seriously, hoping their strength and capabilities.

The staircase is a particular element of the interior decoration in the house, giving it a unique style with practical and creative direction. Therefore, it must be reliable, functional and at the same time beautiful, so happy and no problems to climb to the second floor and go down with him. Before you start to make its installation, you need to choose the material, design, and, of course, to make the calculation.

There is quite a large variety of designs:

Much depends on the space that was originally selected by the stairs.

Spiral staircase design

Used for small spaces. It looks impressive, elegant, graceful, and even mysterious. Suitable for any interior. This design consists of a support rod and steps, rising in a spiral around it.

Combined stairs design

Most often it combines parts of screw propulsion and ladders, rising up and curving at different angles. The choice depends on design considerations home owners. Such stairs to the second floor are usually the most beautiful.


Is the most popular ergonomic and consisting of one or several straight parts with steps (odnomarshevaya and half-pace). Each part must be convenient to 15-16 degrees.

Odnomarshevaya (straight) ladder is suitable for small-sized houses such as cottages. Half-pace - hallway or square-shaped room. It is P- and L-shaped, depending on the structure of the plan.

What material do the stairs?

For the construction of in-ladders used materials such as:

Any material is good in its own way, has both advantages and disadvantages.

The most popular and sought-after material is wood: oak, pine, ash, beech. It looks gorgeous staircase to the second floor, made of several types of wood.

  1. light a treat;
  2. showy appearance;
  3. creating an atmosphere of comfort and warmth;
  4. suitable for any interior;
  5. high strength and durability;
  6. increased resistance to external shocks;
  7. best budget choices.
  • the need to update the coating and the creaking stairs.

The structure itself is made of concrete, and then later obkladyvaetsya artificial or natural stone.

  1. very high abrasion resistance;
  2. fire resistance;
  3. maintaining high loads.
  1. difficulty of the manufacturing process, assembly, installation;
  2. considerable weight;
  3. gripping a large space.

It is a modern solution. It is in second place on the demand and popularity after the wood. Metal is very well combined with other materials, such as glass, stone, wood.

  1. durability, strength, reliability;
  2. versatility;
  3. unique design;
  4. relatively low cost;
  5. short production time.
  • periodic painting requires a lot of effort and time.

When choosing the location of the stairs need to focus on its relevance, purpose and convenience.

How to calculate the stairs to the second floor?

In order to properly perform calculations stairs on the second floor need to determine:

  • height, width, protrusion stages;
  • fences sizes;
  • pad size (mezhdumarshevoy);
  • tilt angle.

By correctly calculated parameters depends on ease of ascent and descent from floor to floor. For this purpose there is the calculation formula of: two height level depth = + 63 (± 3) cm Steps must be equal in height, curvature and without kinks.. Their ideal height - 25 (± 5) cm, depth -.. 28-32 cm, ie should completely fit the leg of an adult. The width is around 100-140 cm. With the projections can remove depth disadvantages.

The optimum height of fences - 91 cm (for the helical structures - 110 cm). The distance between the rods should not exceed 12 cm to avoid any accidents. The width of the bars (balusters) plays an important role in maintaining the strength and rigidity of the entire ladder.

Calculation mezhdumarshevoy site

pad length should be equal to two steps of an adult, ie about 140 cm Width (no enclosures) -... from 80 to 140 cm, depending on the allotted space. It is important to know that mezhdumarshevoy pad width should equal the width of a flight of stairs.

A very important parameter for the convenience and safety. The optimal solution would be to make the tilt angle of 28-37 degrees. The more the angle of the design, the less space it takes up, and vice versa, but lost comfort.

It should be a reasonable approach to the calculation, take into account all doors location, arches, windows and space.

With this program online calculator you can calculate your own ladder. To do this, you need to enter all the parameters calculated previously, in the fields provided, and the program will calculate very quickly. You can adjust the input size and eventually find the most convenient option.

Calculation of the stairs on the string

Calculating the size of the wooden stairs with withs

Enter the required dimensions in millimeters

T - the thickness of the string or kosoura

H - show risers

LR - direction ladder lift

SP - position of the first stage relative to the floor level of the second floor

Determining the amount of materials.

The exact dimensions of all the details.

Detailed drawings and diagrams of ladder elements.

Recommendations for the convenience of the stairs.

Human pitch length ranges from 60 to 66 cm, on average - 63 cm.

Comfortable stairs corresponds to the formula: 2 step height + depth level = 63 ± 3 cm.

Depth staircase steps must meet the size 45 shoes - no less than 28-30 cm.

A disadvantage of depth can be compensated projection stage.

step height should be up to 20-25 cm.

Register or log that would be able to save their calculations and send them by mail.

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