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Generation of Italian cranes Bugatti - unlike forgery

Italian manufacturer Valvosanitaria Bugatti presents a wide range of brass faucets, without which today can not be any heating project, water supply and gas supply. Factory range such important elements as ball valves Bugatti has more than 20 kinds of items, depending on the destination:

In high-rise apartment complexes for the basic risers can use tap water bugatti diameter (thread) 1 inch, and for removing other sources of consumption ½ inch or ¾. For industrial facilities can be applied bugatti ball valves from 1 "1/4 to 4 inches.

They are certified products in the international agreement American Standard «WOG», which gives access to operating in a variety of systems: heating, water, gas networks. They are also advantageously used in industry, where pumped through a conduit:

  • - petroleum products;
  • - weakly acidic / weakly alkaline solutions;
  • - alcoholic beverages.

In the production of Italian Bugatti cranes used forged brass CW617N mark. During manufacture, each ball valve Bugatti passes comprehensive quality control and enlists the certificate that it corresponds to European standard ISO - 007. Ball valve with bugatti forged body is highly durable and resistant to changes in temperature from - 20C to + 150C Celsius, and pressure 10 - 65 bars (depending on the size of the crane and use) and resistant to mechanical stress occurring during assembly (tightening) of the product.

Another huge advantage of this crane is that the manufacturing plant uses a triple environmental technology alloy (TEA), which further protects the product against corrosion. This technology with the addition of a small amount of lead - makes the product completely environmentally friendly.

Increasingly stringent European safety standards, prompted the Italian manufacturers of ball valves Bugatti in 2001 to make major structural revision. To date, the original Bugatti ball valve differs from Chinese counterfeits as follows:

  • - reinforced body construction - made of stainless, brass and coated with additional protection (paint);
  • - maximum resistance to hydraulic shock;
  • - robust leather made of high-strength aluminum alloy, and is formed in the shape of a butterfly / arm;

Butterfly valves put on a small cross section - up to 1 inch in diameter (for the rotation must be small force, and its dimensions do not protrude beyond the faucet is very easy and convenient to use).

Leverage (long handle) is provided in the main product of a larger diameter, which should be used much more effort (long handle can be mounted on any diameter, but in this case it is important to bear in mind that it is near two of the crane does not deliver, you need to separate them at an appropriate distance ); if the handle is yellow - this means that the ball valve bugatti intended for gas;

- an adjusting nut (packing) - if necessary, in the operational process it is possible to pull up, and product pass away to its original operating state (owing to this construction cranes Bugatti resources increased to 20,000 opening / closing cycles);

- brass rod with an outer nickel coating, after finalization is inserted not outside, but inside the housing (prevents stem crash when the pressure increases, or when the adjusting nut is completely unscrewed);

- tightness Bugatti crane provides a unique packing is composed of three rings of PTFE and special rubber butadiene rubber;

- on the gas taps sealing rings are not made of nitrile rubber and of an inert gas to the rubber, providing optimum protection against leakage of gas;

- a gate ball made of polished brass (in Chinese fakes steel ball) and the outside is covered with chromium; to ensure stable pressure in the valve body, by the designers Bugatti concern supplied tap hole in the perforated bowl (useful information: the name comes from taps locking members products made in the form of sphere); a globular device very easily moving stream overlaps with one simple movement - turning the handle through 90 degrees;

- saddle seal ball shutter made of heat-resistant material (teflon).

A few words about the main features of a ball Bugatti crane - perforation (hole) in a bowl. Thanks to it (as opposed to Chinese cranes), the body does not stagnate in the liquid (water). Due to this structure, there is a constant flow-through washing waters in the open mode.

What is it for? When water stagnates in the warm environment immediately proliferate very dangerous and harmful microorganisms that cause human acute infectious disease (legionellosis - a form of pneumonia).

perforation advantage not only in prevention of infection, it equalizes the temperature and pressure in the shell and tubes, providing protection from freezing.

Italian cranes from Valvosanitaria Bugatti solemnly guaranteed operational life of "life" valves up to fifty years old, but with one important condition: the right professional installation and maintenance.

The observations and comments of the leading specialists of the installation, the merits of cranes Bugatti:

  • - shutoff;
  • - simple and easy rotation of the ball, with the fixation light in an extreme position;
  • - total absence of internal flow resistance;
  • - installed in any position;
  • - attractive design and compact dimensions of products;
  • - reliable and durable.

Bugatti Ball valves are not only in the housing diameter, but by the process of accession to the pipeline. The plant produces three options for the type of connection:

  • - threaded;
  • - flanged;
  • - Weld. For household use conditions valves with threaded connections in the following embodiments:
  • - inner - outer;
  • - inner - inner (The coupling);
  • - the outer - the outer (choke).

Bugatti crane and its installation and maintenance

During installation products, follow a few simple but important rules.

Rule one - ball valve Bugatti is not folding (brass soft material and disassembly / assembly, there is a possibility of deformation). Therefore, the product under any circumstances can not be disassembled and then try to re-collect (lost guarantee and the crane can turn into scrap).

Second Rule - nut stem seal not loosen (it serves to strengthen the gland density), otherwise the valve quickly fail.

Rule Three - working position bugatti crane can only be two: fully closed / opened. If you (turn the knob) set in an intermediate position, it is automatically reduced operational life.

Rule Four - the installation of ball valves Bugatti brand watch concentricity tubes (the tube is aligned), the slightest misalignment will damage the product. Tighten the valves open-end wrench, do not use the "gas", so as not to damage the body.

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Ball Bugatti taps. Cranes with electric drive

Ball valve - a locking mechanism, wherein the mobile part has the shape of a ball valve with an opening through which water is carried out and pass. Unlike conventional cranes with pipe valves, ball valves reliably and hermetically closes the pipe - the risk of occurrence of leakage due to gapping minimal spacers.Today, one of the most popular elements of the shut-off valves are Bugatti. Italian plumber famous worldwide for its quality, beautiful appearances and ergonomics. What is the advantage of Italian taps?

Structurally, the ball valve is manufactured in Italy is no different from conventional representatives of this category of valves. All the advantages of elements due to the properties of the materials from which they are made.

So, the body is made of brass with a little lead. This increases the strength of the fittings with the preservation of ecological purity - that the product is safe for health. In addition, the use of "ternary alloy" does Bugatti cranes resistant to corrosion.Saddles locking ball made of two triple fluoroplastic gaskets. Thanks to them, ensures reliability and high tightness, easy and smooth rotation of the ball plug. Due to the low coefficient of volumetric expansion valves the hot water is not wedged under heating.

The manufacturer also ensures reliable sealing in the shaft area of ​​the junction with the body through the use of three O-rings. In the event of a leak is sufficient draw in one of the sealing rings to resolve it.

Advantages of Italian taps

The main advantage of Bugatti ball valves is both simple and original design. The composition includes several reinforcement elements - housing, a ball valve, the stem and knob. Unlike products from other manufacturers, the valve is made by the type of "ball in the support."

The spherical plug has a special projection at the bottom - a pin, which is included in a special recess. Through this almost no resistance to the rotation, the crane can be quickly and securely locked in any position.Polymeric Bugatti crane seat under the action of the increasing pressure in the system (when locking flow) closely adjacent to the gate valve ball and allow fluid to leak more. All this provides high reliability and a reliable seal of the pipeline.

Methods and features of the crane fastening

For the introduction of valves into the pipe coupling connectors are used. At the inlet of the conical or cylindrical thread is cut on the inner face of the body - it increases the reliability of the connection. At the outlet of the thread is located outside, it simplifies the crane docking with other plumbing fixture.

In the market you can find a Bugatti taps only with internal connecting thread. Such products are suitable for use in high operating pressure zone.During installation of the shut-off device must be remembered that the body is made of brass - a very soft metal. Therefore, to avoid the appearance of strains during disassembly and assembly use a special open-end wrench or adjustable plumbing tool.

During installation, care must be taken to tap the pipe axis and the same - a small distortion can bring the product out of operation. To avoid leaks after installation, inspect the valve for dents and small cracks.

Compliance with health standards

Today Bugatti ball valves are supplied to the domestic market with the marking Kentucky and Eco-Green. It means that the product casing made from an alloy with a minimum amount of lead. During manufacture the TEM technique, which involves the rejection of nickel products in order to protect it from corrosion. It also has a beneficial effect on the safety of the crane.

Inside the ball valves are perforations that do not allow water to stagnate in the valve body. This design minimizes the risk of the spread of harmful bacteria outbreak. Moreover, perforations are aligned in Bugatti tap water pressure within the system due to continuous circulation of water.

For installation in home aqueduct Italian company produces rebar with a diameter of the inlet and outlet openings of 10 to 90 mm. This is enough to supply any apartment pipeline. Maximum working pressure at which the manufacturer guarantees the correct performance of the product is 64 bar or 6.4 MPa.

Bugatti cranes normally operated at a liquid temperature of from -20 C to +150 C. Moreover, the product is kept calmly sharp temperature drop in the same range. A special word should be said about cranes with Kentucky marking. They have a longer thread, because of which the size and weight of fittings is somewhat greater than that of conventional elements.

Bugatti faucet mount type "amerikanka9raquo;

Compound "amerikanka9raquo ;, which is a coupling flange and abutting it union nut, allows connection to the two valve segments pipe rotating only one nut. A threaded joint "amerikanka9raquo; Bugatti in the crane allows it to be removed and re-used in another part of the aqueduct.In this case, valves and other vested benefits:

  • provides high reliability of connection;
  • it is possible to dismantle the crane if it is clogged;
  • the conditions for quick and easy installation;
  • to install, you can use an ordinary wrench.

But for such a "usovershenstvovannuyu9raquo; fittings will have to pay more money. So, if the price of the ball valve 1 without Bugatti "amerikanki9raquo; It varies from 300 to 900 rubles, and for the strengthening of the compound, in some cases, will have to pay up to 1.5 thousand. However, it is worth it.

In the summer cottage, to constantly not descend into the well and the water is not shut off the flow of water can be set with Italian tap electrically driven mechanism. This combination of electric motors and valves are also used in cramped conditions, when it is necessary to install the locking device, and once and for all forget about it.

To operate such valves connected to the network 220 V. Therefore, due to high humidity in the work area with the pipes for mounting better engage a professional or even an electrician.The cost of a ball valve with electric drive on the Bugatti range from 5 to 11 thousand. Rubles. This fact stops many potential buyers. Make better purchase from a retailer - so you will reduce the risk of buying counterfeit goods or forgery to a minimum.

Bugatti company has established itself as a supplier of high-quality and reliable fittings worldwide. By purchasing its products, you can be sure of its quality and durability.

Overview of varieties of ball valves Bugatti

Bugatti (Bugatti) - Italian company, one of the leaders in the global market of pipe fittings for plumbing and heating communications. The company's products in Russia is represented by more than 10 years, during which the company has received universal recognition for the best value for money and quality of its products.

Ball valve Bugatti

This article presents the Bugatti ball valves. We will consider range of pipe fittings, study its design features and specifications, and look at how to avoid the fakes when buying.

Design features Bugatti taps

Ball valve is one of the varieties of valves through which the flow change is performed transported through conduit medium or complete overlap of its filing. Cranes are an alternative of larger valves and gate valves designed for domestic use.

The range of companies represented Bugatti cranes, designed for installation in pipelines of water supply systems, heating and gas supply. The housing is made of products brass brand CW617N, are highly resistant to corrosion.

Driving the ball valve construction Bugatti

The circuit arrangement of any of the ball valve consists of the following components:

  • a metallic housing;
  • Balloon - the locking mechanism, parallel to the walls of the passage opening which is taken (depending on the size of the hole taps are classified into polnopropusknye - diameter corresponds to the diameter of the pipeline, and reducing, in which the passage opening is less than the cross section of the pipe);
  • handle, made in the form of a one-sided lever or "butterfly";
  • rod - connects the handle with a locking ball;
  • Self-locking nut, locking the handle on the stem;
  • bushing inside which the rod moves;
  • sealing surfaces (made of Teflon, synthetic rubber or fluorine resin).

Cranes Bugatti, depending on the method of mounting on the pipeline, are available in two versions - the socket (fixed with a standard thread, which may be internal or external) and the flange (fastened with bolts and nuts through special steel plates). The coupling valves intended for installation on household piping diameter to 45 mm, flange - for tubes with a diameter of 45 mm and pressurized systems where maximum bond strength.

For water supply and heating systems Bugatti company offers over 10 lines of ball valves, each with distinct performance characteristics and functional purpose.

Consider the range of full bore valves.

  1. «Oregon Pro» series - valves for coupling type high-temperature heating in diameter from 15 to 50 mm. Withstand pressure of from 25 to 65 bar, the maximum operating temperature - 185 degrees. Thread standard ISO 228/1.

Series Crane Virginia with a mounting socket for electric

two reduction valves shown in firm line range (the size of the through hole is 70-80% of the diameter of the pipeline). Series «Arizona» includes taps threaded ISO 228/1, designed for pipes with a pressure of 20-40 Bar and a temperature of 0 to 120, in the line «Kentucky» represented fittings with the same technical characteristics threaded ISO 7: 2000.

The company Bugatti sells valves for gas supply systems: a series of «Georgia», which presents the valve with thread and standard ISO 7/1, «Texas» - parallel valves (ISO 7: 2000) and «Colorado» - Angle valves. All products are certified according to standard pressure MOP5 (working maximum - 5 Bar) And with explosion proof imeejut disposed within the housing stem.

Crane with a cap nut "American"

select fittings with union nut type "American" in a separate category. These constructions are easy installation since not require screwing American crane rotation around its axis. This way the products are delivered Oregon series, Arizona and Eco-Green with part numbers 320, 322, 626 and 920.

Production of cranes Bugatti (video)

How to distinguish the original from the fakes?

The domestic market has recently begun to flow a large amount of fake products, which the Chinese manufacturers are trying to pass off valves Bugatti. Such products are sold for a similar value have significantly poorer performance and reliability.

There are several distinguishing parameters, which can reveal the fraud:

  1. The presence of a company logo on the body - letters «V», framed by a raised diamond, in the copies it either missing or placed inside a square or a circle.
  2. The inscription «Made in Italy» and date of manufacture are applied to the body paint, not by stamping, as in the original.
  3. The company manufactures Bugatti valve body made of brass CW617N, falsification may also be performed from the secondary brass (in which structure contains a large amount of impurities adversely affects the quality of water and hazardous for health) or external alloys most commonly used cheap zinc. Brass is a fairly heavy metal, if the product weighs less - is cause for suspicion.
  4. Shut-off ball valves in the original is also made of brass and is processed by diamond polishing. The forgery, to compensate for weight reduction due to the use of low-quality alloys, it may be formed from electrical steel. This may lead to emergency situations due to corrosion and loss of the gate valve tightness. To distinguish a fake, you can view the external lubrication applied to the surface of the sphere, in the original it is transparent, made of silicone.

The appearance of the original Bugatti taps

Note that the armature has Bugatti standardized color notation - levers in cranes for conveying water and steam pipes are performed in a black color, armature for gas are yellow. All products larger than 1 inch is set lever handle, rather than butterfly, which may be present only at the armature 1/4 - 1 ".

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