Fireplace from cardboard boxes with their own hands

Cardboard boxes of the fireplace with his hands

Not everyone in the house and, moreover, the apartment has a fireplace. And sometimes you want to create a festive mood (that was where to put the presents), or simply want to make the room more comfortable and chamber. In this case, you can create an imitation. The easiest option - fireplace made of cardboard. Generally used packaging boxes out of a large art.

Raised fireplace made of cardboard, as well as real, sometimes near-wall and corner. In both cases, the portal can be straight or arched. How do you like the most. If we talk about the practical side of things, straight make easier, it is easier to finish. Even a novice can handle.

What can be made of cardboard fireplace

Trim fireplace is perfect if there is a decent free section of the wall. It looks great in the space between the windows. If the walls are all busy, but there are corners, you can build a model of a corner.

The best material - cardboard boxes. Make a cardboard fireplace is easiest if there is a box from under the large monitor or TV. All that is needed - to cut and paste the portal side walls.

It can be made from a large cardboard box or a number of small

A little more work is if there is only a small box-type shoe. But one can raise a more interesting model form.

They are still needed:

This is practically all you need to do falshkamin cardboard

These are all materials and tools required. From all list of questions can arise only with respect to the tape. Why paper? It is good for any decoration. Including when painting. So versatile option. If you paint the fireplace is not going to, you can use an ordinary adhesive tape.

Still need to be decoration material, but more on that later, as a lot depends on the method of finishing.

If there is a large box

Of large cardboard boxes get a fireplace with a rectangular portal. Size is determined by themselves, but the optimum height - 80-90 cm, width is approximately the same depth - 6-15 cm centimeters, but there are models and wider and longer, and above and below.. All on your taste. For example, - drawing falshkamina cardboard with dimensions.

Drawing fire from a cardboard box

Collect imitation fireplace of cardboard starting from the central portion. We form a first column. Cut rectangles of size - no problem. The problem of making smooth folds in the right places. We take a great ruler or a flat bar and solid object with a rounded end. Suitable, for example, a ballpoint pen, you can take a spoon or fork to use and handle. The idea is the following - the line where the fold is to be applied by the line / bar, carry out the reverse side of a ballpoint pen or handle cutlery along the rail, prodavlivaya cardboard. But look carefully, do not tear. According to the sheet by applying the line is easily bent.

The fireplace made of cardboard

The central part of paste or paint immediately. Then it will be too uncomfortable. Paint can be black, as in the photo. Another option - to simulate brickwork. Also looks good.

Bonding parts between a tape handy (kind of tape has already been discussed). Sizing each compound on two sides. Adhesive tape do not regret. This fireplace cardboard stained because column pasted thick white paper. It is possible to use a primer and apply the paint on it.

A shelf above the fireplace is turned off several pieces of cardboard on the same technology. If you are planning to put something, it is desirable to make the ribs - some partitions. If the whole structure gained a strong and stable, it is possible to make a shelf of plywood piece, for example.

If the board is thin, can be used polystyrene / styrofoam. It is sold in DIY stores. You can take the plates, which are for finishing the ceiling. They have treated the edge, on the front surface of the applied pattern. In general, it may turn out interesting.

Further, it is up to finish. cut "bricks" In this embodiment of color paper suitable. They drew up the opening of the portal. Here you need PVA glue. Do not forget between the "bricks" to leave the seams. In the presented model, they painted the base color, but you can make them, for example, black, white.

The remaining surface falshkamina painted and glued top foam (polystyrene) moldings.

Here's what happened

Moldings can be stuck to painting. They should cut a sharp knife stationery. Then cut will be smooth. Glued to the PVA or a special glue. Remains immediately wipe, otherwise the paint will fall unevenly.

The same design can be wallpapered "Brick" or wild stone. Also suitable adhesive tape. But it is necessary to work carefully - peel will not work.

If the small box

With a small cardboard box not work harder. They may be the same or different size, thickness and width. Based on the available set of collected construct.

Here are some of the available Fireplace cartons

  1. Seal the opening portion boxes with tape, then glue them together. Clay can be used PVA. Glued boxes are well pressed together and leave for 8-12 hours for the glue dries.
  2. Cut the opening portion, and glue them together with pieces of tape.

Glue the box with tape on the back side

The second option takes less time, but the design turns out unreliable. For large dimensions may sag, sag.

With lids cut design obtained shaky

To make the fireplace of cardboard boxes presentable, dye it, "under a brick." To this paste over the surface greyish-brown thick paper. This color will be the background.

For painting needs a reddish-brown color and a large foam rubber sponge. It can be cut to the size of a brick - 250 * 65 mm. The paint is poured into a flat bowl, poppy it sponge by applying it to the paper and lightly pressed, draws the bricks.

While working, you have to see to it that the "seams" between the "bricks" are the same width. This is not an easy task - a little distracted, and not the size. You can do simple - cut the masking tape into strips, paste it, draw a "bricks". After drying remove the tape.

Here is a fireplace made of cardboard

The upper part had to be reduced, as our fireplace will be too shaky. It is better to use a whole box.

Its assembly more time-consuming: we'll have a good set of glue. To this end, the fire took 4 large boxes (both on TV).

Drawing fire from cardboard with dimensions

Separately glued base. On the inner side of polystyrene glued stiffeners. Weight turned solid and base amplification without sag. Strips established after about 5 cm. They are pasted on the masking tape, and then taped on all sides base.

Then cut the front part of the rear wall and designed. It is better to decorate, not yet glued. On cardboard sheet transfer the arched recess. From cardboard cut out "bricks" and sticking them so that the edges do not go beyond the "arch". When the glue is dry, collect the bulk of the portal. The portal also set several ribs - at high altitude board can "play", and so it turns out all durable and tough.

The manufacturing process of the fireplace of cardboard

The next stage - the production of the lid. She multilayer - cardboard, foam board, cardboard. All greased with glue, the load is set. When the glue is dry (after 14 hours), a cap structure secured to tape. Next - finishing work.

To align the roughness of the tape, paste over all the surface of the thick white paper. You can take an A4 sheet, it is possible - larger.

Next, you need a roll of paper towels and PVA glue. It was diluted 1: 1 with water, pour into a spray bottle. Moistened wipes are stacked, squeezing a bit. Soaked tissue paper itself gives relief, its just a little bit to recover, achieving better effect. Similarly we treat all surfaces, except for "bricks". Wait until dry.

That such a surface is obtained

Take the paint reddish brown and ivory (in this case). Brown paint "bricks" of light - the rest of the surface. Fireplace cardboard almost ready. Were finishing touches.

Here's a turned a fireplace made of cardboard

After drying pass all just soaked in the golden paint brush. Brush dip, squeeze, once we remove the remnants of paint on a piece of paper. Semi-dry brush pass "seams" between the bricks, lightly touching themselves "bricks". Further, the same technique stress surface texture. It is important not to put too much paint. That's it. Fireplace carton ready.

Fireplace design ideas from cardboard photo format

Can do an imitation fireplace made of cardboard of any shape. Several ideas are collected in this section. assembly principles you already know, the decor can come by yourself or take advantage of the ideas with photos.

If you use good wallpaper "Brick" will very naturally

If you use good wallpaper "Brick" will very naturally

One big boxes get a medium-sized fireplace

More complex shapes and use polyurethane moldings can work wonders

To create an artificial fireplace made of cardboard will be required:

• several strong cartons (preferably of a three-layer paperboard);

• Building a tape on a paper basis;

• PVA or liquid nails;

• accessories for decoration;

• any finishing materials (acrylic or latex paint, color to her breeding, wallpaper, foam to simulate masonry, polystyrene ceiling moldings and so forth.)

When you create even the simplest designs better pre-calculate its dimensions and draw the assembly diagram.

Corners of the cardboard for the sizing of the interior angles

5. Fireplace simplest possible gathering of several strong cardboard boxes, interconnected with PVA glue.

Fireplace, fused from one or several boxes and a corner fireplace

Bonding liquid nails

8. To get perfectly aligned corners, they can be attached plastic or metal corners for slopes, which is in any hardware store. They are glued using putty. If false fireplace will continue to be covered with paint, align the puttied surface, you can use a slightly damp sandpaper.

Corners for the slopes of PVC

Finish the dummy fireplace made of cardboard

Decorate the product can be created using acrylics, polystyrene decoupage art (sticking applications, graphics, color matching wallpapers or fabrics followed by coating with a varnish), and adhesive film pr.

"Bricks" made of cardboard strips

Finish "stucco" of the molding

"Stucco" made of cardboard

Imitation stone finishes from foam

With foam can easily simulate stone inhomogeneous structure:

1. In the blank of foam plot the contours of the stones. Extra details cleans a knife.

Imitation bricks from foam

Fireplace made of cardboard, decorated with "brick"

1. In the hearth can be folded and dried birch chocks varnished, glued together.

3. To simulate the ash can be sprayed on the wood black paint with a spray can. Against the background of the brickwork our fire lit by the yellow and red lights garlands, looks perfect.

4 variants of the fireplace of the boxes on the Christmas and New Year with their own hands

decorator function in this case may take over as a man and a woman. With its light weight materials, lack of complexity in manufacturing and the need for special tools, any person with creativity and a desire to improve their homes, to do the task in a matter of hours. Properly built and beautifully decorated fireplace will adorn the interior, corresponding to its style. To achieve this, we suggest to familiarize with the detailed master class.

In the first phase of creating the fireplace of the boxes in the New Year with their own hands it is recommended to develop and sketch a rough drawing with real dimensions of the future construction. For the convenience of autographic manufacturing offer to bow to the creation of the fireplace made of cardboard rectangular shape. In order to reduce further the waste of material, it is necessary to represent the future of the individual parts of the structure in full size. At the preparatory stage, it is important to calculate the amount of the required equipment.

Using these instructions on making New Year's focus, we can see that a lot of material is not required. This implies a minimum and the costs of establishing a New Year decoration item.

Preparing for the creative work begins with the collection of these tools as well as basic supplies:

  • maximum line length, tape or tape measure;
  • simple slate pencil;
  • Stationery knife instead of scissors, which will be difficult to cut the rough cardboard;
  • two rolls of adhesive tape: bilateral and paint;
  • glue;
  • boxes made of cardboard left over after the purchase of large household appliances;
  • plasterboard sheet mantel;
  • plain white paper or wallpaper the appropriate color for the decoration;
  • any other things, which are suitable for decorating buildings.

With working objects were defined, we proceed to step by step instructions on making 3 fireplace embodiments.

Having defined the place of installation of a decorative element in the room, the shape and size you can pick up for future construction. The implementation presented in several stages:

  1. Measuring out the parameters of the previously drawn by drawing on the expansion carton, you need to draw the outlines of parts of artificial hearth and cut them out.
  2. Using a sharp knife stationery should make an opening corresponding to the size of the intended opening of the furnace. Its shape may be rectangular, square or in the form of an arch.
  3. To strengthen the folds necessary to use masking tape. The entire structure is expedient to harden, if the inside of the glue cardboard stiffeners.
  4. For the construction of the mantel is perfect for a small piece of gypsum board. Carefully cutting the element, giving it the desired shape. In the absence of such a building material, it is necessary to use several sheets of cardboard glued together.
  5. With double-sided adhesive tape and adhesive fastening perform the mantel to the carton structure.
  6. At the last stage, it is necessary to give the product an attractive appearance, using a variety of methods for finishing and decorating.

For an embodiment similar to the first embodiment of the idea of ​​the fireplace will need two rectangular boxes of small size and one of a wide flat modern TV. They need to be glued together, giving the structure similarity of the heating unit. At discrepancy height of the side walls is necessary with a knife trim one. stages:

  1. Of additional cardboard boxes need to do and stick the upper border.
  2. For its decoration, you can use patterned plinth.
  3. Countertop appropriate size should be cut from foam and attach to the cardboard body.
  4. Many cut a rectangle that will simulate bricks should stick around the perimeter of the blank in rows.
  5. Application of primer on the two layers made structure prevents the occurrence of differences in shade, which will be generated in the next step.
  6. When the primer is completely dry, it is necessary to cover the body with brown paint and glued baseboard - yellow or gold. Dipped the sponge material in one of these colors, a light touch, you need to go through all the bricks. This will give them a certain texture.
  7. To decorate the fire on New Year's is usually used bright Christmas decorations. Imitation of fire in the hearth is possible by decorating furnace space to curl up with lights.

If you wish to have the element of the decor in the room, which is not so much space, corner installation would be quite a good option. Thus, not only will renew and beautify the interior of your personal space, but also to get additional space for placement of statues and other similar decorations.

  1. First you have to decide what part of the corner you can take without interfering with the existing furniture in the room.
  2. At one side of the box is cut such that the remaining three form a triangle belongs to the perfect angle, to be placed decorative hearth. The resulting joint is necessary to paste over with tape.
  3. On the façade set in the corner of the box cut a semi-circular hole, without affecting its bottom to make the bend inside the body. In this part 2 are cut from two sides of the arc, whereby the angle is formed. His later it will be necessary to fix between the sidewalls of the structure.
  4. Products suitable for decoration cladding panels, simulating brick.
  5. The top coat is necessary to create several pieces of cardboard glued together. The workpiece to be glued to the body of the fireplace so that its edge extends slightly above it.
  6. Mantel can okleit film pattern which simulates wooden surface.
  7. The hearth is appropriate to establish a glowing objects or well-protected candles.

And finally we propose to study fotoinstruktsiyu on making fire for the New Year of the usual boxes unnecessary.

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