Pencil holders of the hubs of toilet paper

How to make pencil holders out of the sleeves of toilet paper with your hands step by step with photos

Head: Vladimova Elena Stanislavovna, MBDOU tutor kindergarten №2, Kineshma Ivanovo region

Description: Master class is designed for children older and preparatory groups, as well as for teachers and parents.

Purpose: from the toilet cardboard sleeves can be made beautiful and useful vesch- pencil holders. It will help us to keep in order pencils, pens, markers. Also decorate the Arts Area in the group, the children's room.

Goal: produced together with baby pencil holders "caterpillar helper".

Tasks:consolidate skills with scissors, introduce stseplerom and glue gun, to develop imagination, fine motor skills of hands, forming aesthetic taste, learning to bring it started to end.

Material: cardboard sleeve of toilet paper (8 pieces), colored cardboard, colored paper, self-adhesive color paper, gouache, stsepler, a brush, a pencil, glue gun, glue - PVA pencil, scissors, caterpillars template thread.

2. Sleeve paste colored rectangles which cut

3.Podbiraem color gouache paper and paint the inside of the sleeve

While Gouache dries turn to the production of most caterpillars

4. Glue on a white board on both sides colored paper

5. The contours of the workpiece tracks pattern

6. Cut at office

7. From the colored paper cut out for caterpillars horns, mouth, eyes, cheeks

We proceed to the assembly of pencil holders

9. Putting preform caterpillars and the sleeve together stseplerom

10. Take the white and green cardboard and glue together

It turned to the bottom pencil holders

11. Glue the bottom, and with the help of colored thread and glue gun, you can remove all the irregularities

Our hack is ready

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Pencil holders from waste material for kindergarten with their own hands. Master class with step by step photos

Author: Deryagina Marina A., educator, Mado d / c №1 «Carousel»

Description: Designed for pre-school children, teachers, preschool, elementary school teachers, and parents.

Purpose: Stationery in every corner.

Goal: creating pencil holders.

1. To improve the skills of working with scissors, tape.

2. Generate interest in the work.

3. Develop creativity and fine motor skills of hands.

For work you need the following materials:

• Plugs from toilet paper 4 pcs.

• Adhesive tape (red, green, yellow, transparent).

• The capacity of the water.

2. Give dry.

3. Next, paste remaining sleeve red, green, yellow.

4. It turns out something like this.

5. Now paste the blue sleeve transparent adhesive tape, so that it is less different from the others.

7. In order to make the bottom of the pencil holders, it is necessary to take the cardboard and cut around the edges with a pencil.

8. Take the scissors and cut out the resulting pattern.

9. paste it green tape.

10. Glue to the sleeves with adhesive points.

11. For a better bonding paste transparent tape.

12. Once the glue is dry, our pencil holders ready!

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Crafts from the bushings (rolls) of toilet paper with his own hands

Even the toilet paper manufacturers are thinking about where to put after the use of the roll sleeve on it. Someone suggests that "waste material" simply wash off. But we know what to do it is not necessary in any case because of sleeves get a great crafts for children. Why this idea is not to adopt the manufacturers of hygiene products and not to draw on the wrapping paper chart of any one of the crafts sleeve? And the world would immediately become smaller debris. Especially crafts that you can make the most different and it is very easy and simple, it can make even small children.

In this article, we collected ideas of crafts and step by step workshops favorite toys you see if you click on the link to the photos.

Ideas from the sleeves of rolls of toilet paper

Bushing - a dense cylinder of recycled paper, about 10 cm tall and 5 cm in diameter. Yet it is called a roll, cylinder or tube. Because of its shape and stability it is well suited for the manufacture of bulk 3d craft using colored paper, which this sleeve is glued and cut out where additional elements, or you can just paint it. Tubes from paper towel is also quite suitable.

wonderful lanterns obtained from this worthless material. This is the simplest hack.

Amazing Animals too will come to glory. Papered with brown, cut out the tail, paws and ears, and the squirrel is ready.

Complicate the attractive face, and make the lion.

By analogy, we do any other muzzle, ears, paws and tail and leaves any other animal, though the mouse, elephant, monkey, and although the hare.

And because of sleeves insects also look charming. Bee:

Change the wings and clearance calf, and in front of you wandering bright butterfly. Or ladybug:

And if you fancy boils and splashes, you can come up with wonderful monsters.

If they all seal the bedplate, get a cool stand-pencil holders.

Turn the sleeve horizontally, attach the head and feet, and ready cute dogs and other small animals.

Or Fasten the wheel and get a sports car:

Yet there is a very interesting technique, where one end of the sleeve is wrapped inside the connecting edges. Did they look like ears and a great variety of animals and are sovushkam. Do crafts such little harder, but the student has to handle himself.

Even snowman, children on the street, Santa Claus can make of the sleeves.

Well, Santa with deer and a gnome helper, too:

And we put on the table Christmas candles, also from waste material:

And if you cut the roll in a spiral, stick and his eyes sting, you will see a curious look in Kalachik coiled snake.

If you cut the cardboard rolls on the rings also come interesting crafts.

In short, in your hands conventional sleeve from toilet paper or tube from paper towels or foil can find a new life in an interesting way.

I liked the crafts, but there is a bush by hand? It can also be done by hand. Cut the cardboard rectangle with sides of 10 cm and 13.5 cm. We turned a tube so that the 10 cm side was the height of the tube. Glue lap 5 mm. You can immediately make such harvesting the desired color of colored cardboard for handicrafts.

We hope that the ideas of such articles made from the sleeves come in handy, and the parents to work with children at home, and educators in kindergarten and primary school teachers.

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