Frame garage made of wood with their hands

Frame garage with his hands - from foundation to finish

Currently on frame technology to build not only houses, but also garages. It has a number of advantages which have allowed it to gain popularity. One of them is the ability to build a brick garage with his hands.

Advantages and disadvantages of the frame of the garage

Among the advantages of wooden frame garage emit:

  1. Simplicity and speed of erection. The whole structure is attached to the bolts and screws. Only two people can in a few weeks to assemble the finished garage from scratch. Thus there is no need for any special equipment.
  2. Economy. Thanks to its light weight construction for lightweight garage can lay a foundation. Cost of construction and will be lower than with bricks.
  3. Low thermal conductivity of wood, which will allow the winter to maintain a comfortable temperature in the garage.
  4. Structural strength.

Frame garage is being built very quickly

However, we must take into account the disadvantages of this technology:

  1. Combustibility of materials. So you need to take care of fire safety. For this will sheathing frame outside and inside the non-combustible material, properly carry wiring, used for insulation of rock wool. You can also soak the wood flame retardants - substances that increase fire resistance.
  2. The possibility of fracture propagation mold or mildew, rot, attack of rodents. To prevent this, it is necessary to impregnate the wood with special antiseptics.
  3. hacking risk. Wooden frame walls are less strong than brick. Therefore, this garage is better to build on its own houses adjoining the site, to protect against intruders.

Preparations for the construction of the garage

The final result can also depend on the quality of preparatory works.

The frame for the garage can be collected not only from the tree, but also of profile pipes. The second embodiment generally involves the construction of corrugated garage.

The metal frame has the following advantages:

  • higher strength than wood;
  • fire resistance;
  • Not being influenced by biological factors.

Estimated build time of the garage of the week.

The metal frame is quite durable

Wooden frames can be divided into two categories:

In the first case, the assembly is made of prefabricated blocks. In the second frame is completely assembled manually - first "skeleton" of the timber, and then the outer and inner lining tree, insulation, etc...

Preparation of a pent roof circuit

This is the simplest and most common design.

The first and important part of the preparation phase - the creation of the project and carrying out calculations. To this should be approached intelligently, so you know exactly how much and what material need. Prepare project in three ways:

  • with the help of special software on your computer;
  • order it from a construction company;
  • use a ready-made projects.

The dimensions of the garage must correspond to the dimensions of your machine. But better to focus on larger cars.

Step by step instructions of building a garage

Build brick garage with his hands is very easy if you follow the detailed instructions.

Building technology columnar and pile foundation

Fundam garage for frame can be made of concrete blocks or piles screw. The process of creating a foundation of concrete blocks consists of the following steps:

  1. You can buy ready-made concrete blocks or cast their own. To do this, you need forms and fittings. To prepare the solution using cement, river sand, crushed stone, water. Molds can be made from boards or plywood. They represent the boxes without a bottom with an aspect ratio of 2: 1. Forms installed on a table covered with polyethylene.
  2. Die casting is done in two stages. First they were poured halfway, then placed cut reinforcing mesh, and poured to form the end. After removal from the forms of blocks need to be dried for several weeks.
  3. Now you need to prepare the site for the garage. It is cleaned of debris, roots, slightly deepened and leveled. After that, the site is recommended to fill with sand, and make markings on the perimeter of the future garage.
  4. Concrete blocks are placed in two rows, ligated them together with cement mortar and masonry net. First row deepened into the ground, the second lay on top of him. Then you need to give a solution to dry for several days.
  5. The outside of the foundation you need to seal the asphalt mastic, which is applied in 2-3 layers (each of them should be given the necessary time to dry).
  6. You can then make the sand filling up to the surface level of the soil.

The foundation on screw piles with their own hands and build simple:

  1. In places where the installation of piles need to dig a shallow pit.
  2. Piles must be inserted in them and screwed into the ground by means of levers. Thus it is necessary to align them on the vertical level.
  3. After setting all the poles need to trim the top of the horizontal level.
  4. The cavities inside the pour concrete piles.
  5. Install the headband, which is attached grillage.

Detailed instructions wooden frame collection

To do this:

  1. seal the roofing material foundation surface in 1-2 layers. This is done to prevent rotting wood.
  2. In roofing laid on beams sill structure perimeter. In the corners of his combine notching and keys.

Since the garage is a shed roof, one of the walls should be higher. This is taken into account when installing the uprights, which are necessary to do different heights.

Installation of the roof on the building of the tree

Mounting frame for a pent roof of the garage in the following sequence:

  1. Floor beams are attached to the beam top of binding using pegs or nails.
  2. On the beam fits vapor barrier film. It does not need much to stretch, it should slightly sag - no more than 0.5 cm.
  3. Atop sheathing film is attached out of the board by steps of 0.5 m.
  4. Stela roof, which you have chosen for the garage - slate, metal profile, etc...

Most often selected pent roof garage

Trim the garage can be made of:

For wooden frame often use the second option.

Outside sheets are fastened with screws. Between them it is necessary to leave a small clearance (2-3mm). Over time, the sheets can resize due to changes in temperature and humidity, and the gap will not allow them to push each other.

From inside the garage can also sheathe OSB sheets on the same principle. Only clearances shall not coincide with the gaps of the outer casing.

As a heater can be used stone wool. It must be laid between the posts, do not forget to fix the inner lining. Before laying the wool can be mounted on walls windproof film.

Exterior and interior walls of the frame may be any garage:

This is done to protect the wall from weathering. Before applying the plaster, OSB sheets to be treated with a special primer.

Video: how to build a brick garage with his hands

Follow the step by step instructions, you can build a brick garage with his hands. If you come to work responsibly, it will serve you for a long time. Car storage in a garage will extend the life of the body elements through a comfortable climate and temperature.

How to make a frame garage with his hands?

Using frame technology will significantly reduce costs for the construction of the garage. After low weight structure reduces the requirements to the foundation, and use as a building material core boards, oriented strand boards (OSB) reduces delivery costs. Indeed, to bring the board and SIR can be on a small car with low carrying capacity, and to deliver a brick, cement and sand in the desired quantities and require serious truck crane lifting capacity is not less than 2 tons. In this article, we will tell you how to build a brick garage with his hands from site selection and design to the roof deck and connecting communications.

The perfect place for the garage will be a platform on the hill near the house. Hill protects garage inspection pit and the machine from rising at the time of heavy rain water. If such a plot next to the house there, you have to choose the place, focusing on the proximity to the road and the elevation relative to ground level. Never build a garage in the hollows and depressions, or even light rain will lead to a rise in the water level in it. It is desirable that next to the garage held the line 220 or 380 volts, it will facilitate the construction and equip the garage electric heating.

Creating a project of building a garage the objectives are:

  • determining the sequence of stages of construction;
  • determination of the order of actions at each stage;
  • determining the amount of materials needed for the construction of the garage.

If you are part of the project on their own, then you have to think carefully about the whole process of the construction of the garage, from the transport of and storage of the material to the length and order of the frame boards. It really helps in this drawing, with strict observance of the scale. With it, you can determine the size of the garage, the best ways of stiffening structures, the length of the carrier board and the number of fasteners. There are many different programs (for example, AutoCAD), which facilitates the design of any construction, but they all require a certain amount of experience. So it's easier to manage paper drawings and explanatory note to it. Or use the services of professional engineers, designers or builders. In this case, the project will take into account a variety of things, which an untrained person is not even aware. For example, the choice of wood humidity, choice of the width of boards, especially the construction of crude board order carcass building walls and so on.

In most garages constructed from planks nestroganyh humidity 12-14%, but is often used and the timber natural moisture. Last will cost a little bit cheaper, but the garage of these boards can not bind to the finish in the first year, which leads to a waste of material. Therefore, experienced builders use only well-dried boards.

As carrier elements used bar section of 100x100 mm or board section 50h250 mm. As the walls of the inner frame section of the board uses 25h100 mm. Used for thermal insulation foam or mineral wool to a thickness of 5 cm, and in cold regions to 10 cm. The cladding applied waterproof OSB 15-20 mm, carriage board or profiled metal. For inner cladding is used fiberboard, plywood 5-10 mm or the same OSB thickness. This combination of materials makes it possible to create a durable and inexpensive garage.

Part of the project or drawing, and tying it to the ground, brought all the necessary materials to build the foundation. When you create the foundation, keep in mind that the observation hole greatly increases the functionality of the garage, allowing you not only to store, but also to maintain and repair the car. If the inspection pit you do not need, you can select and build a foundation, using the information from the article What foundation is best suited for the home from a bar - especially calculation and mount the beam to different types of foundations.

If you decide to build a pit, the foundation of the creation of the technology will have to change, digging a pit for her. The depth of the pit is determined based on their growth and needs. You can make a recumbent pit obrudovav her cart, you can make sitting or standing pit. The only difference in height and the fact that in the standing pit you can perform any kind of work in a sitting can not normally remove the motor and box, and recumbent pit is suitable only for a small car service. Here are approximate depth of the pit, and the pit for her:

Concreting of the pit using the same technology as for pouring concrete pile cap. In the pit can provide niches for the tool. The width of the finished hole should be 5-10 cm less than the distance between the inner side of the wheels of one axis. On the surface of the well attach the corners or steel pipe, which will not allow the vehicle to fall into it.

If you are going to put the iron gate, then contemplate the fixings for them. Depending on the target model, this may be a vertical column 2 with fastening elements (canopies) and 4-6 columns. If you are going to install rolling doors, you can use the wooden walls and ceiling for attaching them.

Preparing the foundation and giving it to stand, the importation of the board. The frame structure permits the use of the natural humidity boards, but you must understand that saving them, you seriously lose out on the timing of construction. After all, it will be impossible to sheathe garage for the finishing of the very large shrinkage of the board of natural humidity. Therefore, it is desirable to acquire the dried board with a moisture content of 12-14%. To store this board you will need to shed, protected from the rain. It can be made of wood or aluminum tubes and polyethylene. Necessarily contemplate roofed ventilation boards.

First, you need to collect on the ground side of the wall. To this end, in accordance with the project, cut vertical, horizontal and diagonal elements, then proceed to the assembly. The operation you can perform on their own. For fastening planks to each other using metal corners and powerful self-tapping screws. These accessories are sold in most hardware stores. Be sure to check the extreme corners of the boards, because they determine the shape of the garage. The optimal distance between the vertical boards is 70-100 cm, and between the horizontal 120-150 cm. Pay special attention to the mounting holes, because even a small mistake will lead to the fact that you will not be the first time to install the wall in place.

Mounting the wall should be carried out by two or three people, and if the wall is longer than 6 meters, or the height of more than 3 meters, it will either have to call more people to use, or tap.

If you are not able to collect more than two people or use a crane, you must first collect a box of each wall, consisting of two vertical and two horizontal boards. Get this box can be by two persons. Install both side box and then connect them with vertical planks to form the rear box. Then assemble the front box. Now you can install portable small-sized timber, and fill in all the boxes vertical and horizontal boards. Remember, vertical boards can be cut only in the event that you plan to install window. In all other cases they must be whole. But horizontal board Slice based on the distance between the vertical boards. The entire structure are connected by corners and screws. Do not forget every fifth cell installed diagonal boards.

If possible, invite the roof to create an experienced carpenter or roofer, because in one article can give only general principles of this work. First set the board (lag) of the ceiling at a distance of 80-140 cm from each other. If you plan to use the loft as a storage area, the distance should be reduced, otherwise the increase. To set the lag in them and upper horizontal frame boards cut holes whose width is equal to the thickness of the board, and a depth equal to half the board width. Due to this lag will be flush with the top edge of the frame. Laghi must act side by 50-60 centimeters. After the installation of the roof rafters you with a circular or chainsaw to trim the their desired length.

If you work together and you can not call anyone to the rescue, instead of lag you have to install a complex structure (triangle), which includes joists, rafters and the vertical supports. In this case, you can do without cuts in boards and to put these triangles directly on the frame, which seriously facilitate installation. Then set the vertical board, which connects the upper part of the triangle, and the lower board interconnecting the lower parts. Be sure to install at least 2 (preferably 4) of the diagonal struts, which will protect the roof from strong winds.

For skin, use corrugated board. Begin to sheathe the bottom, stacking the sheets with overlap, thanks to this in the rain water will drain without getting inside. Sheathing garage wagon board or its analogues, put the board horizontally or she will look beautiful. If you have decided to sheathe OSB garage, the sheets need to be customized so tightly and precisely to the gap between them at any place does not exceed 0.5 mm, and after lining the joints need to cover up with a mixture of PVA and fine wood dust.

At least sheathes the roof, do not forget to install the gutters. It is desirable that metal profile roof advocated the wall at 30-40 cm, it will increase the protection of the walls of water. When finished with the outer skin, start warming, to this stack in the cell wall cut to size pieces of foam or mineral wool, then sews them plywood or OSB. You can also use MDF, but his strength is insufficient, so the material is quickly covered with scratches. For insulating the attic is insulated enough to put the material in the cells formed by the beams, it is many times easier than to insulate the roof rafters.

If you install a metal gate, then loop them must fully comply with the hinges on the support elements. To install the roller shutter gate is necessary to invite specialists. Therefore, the best choice for a frame of the garage - doors of the carriages of the board. From car theft will not help even the most modern steel gates, so their function is more decorative. The most beautiful garage obtained if sheathe his wagon-board and out of the same make gates, reinforcing each leaf inside two horizontal and one diagonal board. Will give a special flavor garage decorative loop (canopies), which are sold in DIY stores.

If it is possible to connect the garage to the power line, make sure you get the technical specifications and set the meter accordingly. This will save you from the problems with the electricity supplier. Heating insulated wall garages most effective electric infrared heaters. For heaters sure to install a separate circuit breaker and a temperature regulator.

Using framing technology will significantly reduce the cost of construction garage. After all, small

independently. This not only saves as at least one third of the amount, but also make shed the most suitable for themselves. AT

how make window his hands? If there is a desire, knowing some of the nuances, you can easily cope with this

Garage - is not only a home for the car, but also a place where you can serve its machine. Given the cost of

preparation of the cement is not very complicated, make cement and can be his hands. how make cement for the preparation of cement

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Frame garage with his hands step by step guide

House for the car - it is an important thing in the life of any motorist. The vehicle must be in a warm dry place, which would prolong its service life. Every car owner wants to garage. Previously only option was the construction of the capital garages and iron boxes, today everything is much easier.

Pros and cons of the frame of the garage

There is one obvious Among the disadvantages: through the wood gets wet and cold. To this disadvantage has disappeared, need material for waterproofing and insulation.

Undoubtedly, the most simple design is by far the skeleton structure. It is lightweight, durable, does not require huge investments and is built in a matter of days. Building capital garage will cost more. If you chose to frame structures, start with a choice of a place under the garage. The place should be open.

How to build a brick garage with his hands

Nothing complicated in the construction of the garage is not alone. It's a simple design that requires a minimum of effort. You do not need special equipment, there is no need to hire a special brigade to draw drawings. If the place is under construction is found, then determine the size of the garage, clears a place on the plant and create a gravel pad. The ground should be compacted. Then you can start building immediately. It will consist of the following stages:

  1. laying the foundation
  2. frame assembly
  3. The construction of the roof
  4. paneling
  5. installation of gates

Tools and construction materials

We need a variety of materials. It will depend on what kind of framework for the garage we choose.

Of the tools you will need:

It's minimum. As a building material needed wood. This may be aspen, linden, larch. Need bar section 100x100, 100x50. To fill the need to prepare a good foundation concrete mix.

What is the framework for the garage to choose

Selecting the frame for the garage is not large. Only two names have to choose one that is suitable for you.

  • wood frame
  • Frame made of metal

The frame of the profile pipe garage

Step by step instructions of building a frame garage

Let's start with the fact that a place in the structure is ready, created by gravel and sand cushion that compacted thoroughly. Now it will be necessary to use this manual and step-by-step prodelyvat simple work. Well, you should start with a drawing.

Drawing frame future garage

In principle, the drawing is not mandatory, but fairly simple drawing will need to draw in order to have an idea of ​​the future construction. Determine the exact size of the garage, make a preliminary calculation of materials. Knowing the size of the design, you can easily determine the material consumption and the cost of the finished project. It is very convenient, so do not ignore this kind of work.

For its creation, we need:

Along the perimeter of the future building dig a trench. It should not be deep. Install formwork on three sides of the garage. Do not stand on all four sides! Reinforced concrete foundation is necessary to be sure. You can use a special net for stiffening and reinforcement. Solid floor will distribute the load evenly. Pour need high-quality concrete mix based on sand or on the basis of sand and gravel.

Installation of partition walls of the garage with his hands

So, our foundation is completely dried up, and you are ready to further work. Now we need a tree or a profiled tube. When using a profile pipe.

can be used when working with a profile tube as the compound:

Corner posts and gates must be collected from the timber section 100x100. Between uprights sill must withstand a distance of 120 centimeters. In the corners mounted struts. This will give structural strength. If you need a door or gate, provide a place for them. The frame should be durable.

Construction of the roof frame of the garage

Work on the frame device takes several days. Once the frame is ready to begin the roof device. You need to build it according to the rules, because the roof will have to withstand windy loads and loads of snow.

We need to proceed to the construction of roof system. To do this you need 100h25 and 100x50 board. The entire structure, tend to collect on the ground and then mounted on the garage and fastened to the base of the walls. Use of the various couplings.

Roof gable better to do with the same slopes. To fix it is to skate. Next, you will make of the smaller boards lathing. It secured any convenient material for you:

Finish the garage is his lining. It is produced by a variety of materials. Most often used wooden battens. Sheathe it easy, it is low cost. So, consider all of the materials for cladding:

Warming frame garage with his hands

Insulated from inside the garage. To do this, you can use mineral wool or any other material that is presented on the market. If necessary, it is also possible to use a polyethylene film, and further sheathe the inside garage. Paneling inside made with different materials, which are presented today in the assortment. Thus, the garage will be warm and protected from the inside and outside. And what else is needed for the car?

So all the work done, the garage is ready!

Prefab garages have become so popular that there are practically at each site. Today you can find not only ordinary garages, but also large, for example, a two-car, or with fine finished attic. Construction of the garage - it is a simple matter, so they are popular among the summer residents and owners of cottages.

Frame garage for two cars with their hands

This type of frame garage is as simple as a garage for one car. All the construction steps are saved. Featuring a garage will be only its width. In this case, proceed as follows: equip the garage wall or do without it. In this case, when the roof device need to install a further arching of the beam. Truss system with a single exhibit the same pitch. Then the pressure will not be distributed to certain areas and evenly.

Frame garage with an attic with his own hands

Frame garage with attic is insulated much more serious. During its construction will need to be warmed and the roof and the floor. Also need to install heaters. In that garage a good partial repairs at home. As a rule, such structures are found with two-car garage. By the internal cladding of the walls of the garage should be approached constructively. Use as a waterproofing material. Often, the creation of such structures based on metal frame.

Metal frame garage with his hands

In our paper, we paid attention to the construction of metal garages, which are also easy to manufacture. In their construction sometimes manage without solid foundation. It is possible to use pipes made of metal and construct the pile foundation. In this case, for the floor constructions have to make sand dosypki. This garage made of wooden soon.

Several video instructions for a complete understanding of the overall picture of the construction of the frame of the garage:

In order to build such a seemingly complex structure, we need only a couple of weeks plus three weeks of waiting until the foundation is dry. Today, the construction of garages was transferred to a new level. All thanks to a perfect affordable low-cost materials. In addition, a garage on the site looks harmonious, caring for the minimum, and the service life is quite large.

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