Frame house with his own hands step by step video instruction

Frame house with his own hands. Step by step instructions of building stages

With a variety of advantages, frame and modular homes are a strong lead in the ranking of prefabricated structures that are suitable not only for holiday usage but also for permanent residence. Light that does not require the massive base, a high thermal protection such constructions do not yield homes of bricks or blocks. In addition, there is always the opportunity to build a frame house with his own hands. Step by step guide will help you understand the basic stages of construction.

Competent project - the key to comfortable living conditions in the frame house

Frame house with his own hands. Step by step instructions of building

The most affordable and quick construction technology is the construction of a frame house for permanent residence. Therefore, frame houses around the world are so popular. Construction of a 6x6 frame house with his own hands, starting from the foundation and finishing the finishing work, the strength to perform team of three people for two months.

Construction begins with the development of competent project. Frame house with your own hands, you can build, but the project is best left to professionals design. It should reflect the structural, architectural, construction, engineering and circuit sections of a frame house. Own hands to realize engineering ideas will be easy, strictly complying with all regulations.

Prefab construction is becoming increasingly popular in the construction of houses

Photo frame houses, projects which are designed projecting organizations, demonstrate the level of professionalism of the designers. The network offers a lot of videos on how to build frame houses with their own hands.

Preparation and marking the construction site

Getting to the construction of a frame house with his own hands, start to prepare the site for construction. For quality marking station free of trees, shrubs, grass, rocks and debris. If in its relief portion comprises a slope or bumps, it is recommended to align it. All elevations are cut to the required level, in the recesses spiked soil.

Partitioning the foundation portion

Since the construction of a frame house with his own hands from the ground, marking the foundation. To transfer data to the project in a way necessary with the help of wooden pegs to mark the outer dimensions of the house, as well as outline the internal walls. All corners of the markup should be strictly sustained, as it affects the structure of the future.

How do you build a frame house with his own hands? To get acquainted with the construction technology is recommended for viewing video lesson.

Video: frame houses with their own hands, step by step guide

Laying the foundation frame house: instruction

The process of phased construction of a frame house with his own hands start with the foundation of the device. Given the ease of constructed structures, there is no need to lay a solid foundation for it. For a frame house foundation with his hands used columnar, strip (melkozaglublenny, precast, monolithic), pile and other types of lung bases.

In our case we take as a basis for pier foundation. It is a system of pillars installed in the corners of the future house, at the intersection of walls and other bearing points. The pillars are located on the perimeter at a distance of 2-2.5 m from one another. To do this, first arranged a shallow pit and sand cushion. When the pit is ready, check the correctness of layout diagonal method.

3D-scheme of arrangement of the columnar foundation

With rig (augers) or shovel digging pits for columnar foundations. Set shuttering, waterproofing is laid and arranged columns of bricks. For waterproofing can be used roofing material or film.

If the poles are erected from concrete or cement, reinforcement should be used. It can build using to strengthen the pillars on all sides by an iron reinforcement bars 12 mm in diameter. Reinforcement bars should protrude 15 cm above the column - it will provide a follow-up bunch of posts with the raft. Reinforcement is performed horizontally and vertically. Horizontal jumper wire (suitable wire 6 mm in diameter) are arranged at a distance of 20 cm.

Pier foundation with a concrete raft foundation

grillage frame made of twigs, encircled with a steel wire. Collect from boards formwork, the size of which must correspond to the parameters of the trench. Next proceed to pouring concrete mortar, which is kneaded alone or acquire the finished mixture. Concreting is performed in stages, each time tamping mixture. Upon completion of work in the foundation of the pins inserted hairpin 50 cm long, which will be mounted skeleton of wood-frame houses.

Get acquainted with the work on the construction of the foundation can be of the video "How to build a frame house with his own hands."

Tying the foundation frame house: step by step guide

After work on the device of the foundation will be completed, it takes at least a week for high-quality concrete curing. Further equip basement waterproofing or waterproofing of roofing material, putting it into two layers. Piping made of timber section 150x150 cm.

Helpful advice! When choosing a timber for sill take into account the distance between supports pier foundation. The higher the value, the thicker should be the bar. This will help prevent sagging.

Prepared bar is placed on the foundation around the perimeter, control the length of the walls, comparing the data with the project. If the beam is not long enough for laying on the perimeter of one of the parties, they must be to dock with each other. Timber cut and joints so that the docking place comes on the foundation pillars. Docking is effected by cutting a lock rod ends (corbelling is 30 cm). In the corners of the boards are connected on the same principle.

Frame house can be built in two months

Further attached to the base beam by means of pins or bolts. Drilled holes in the rod and in the end walls of the foundation. Speakers place the clips on the possibility of deepening. Places joints secured with nails. Tying foundation under internal partitions is performed in the same manner. To be safe, it is recommended to strengthen the joints with metal corners.

To get acquainted with the implementation of the foundation, you can trim the video of "frame house with his own hands."

The device floor frame house with his own hands: step by step guide

Installation of the floor begins with fixing the lag to the beam of the finished trim. As used lag bar with a section of 10x20 cm. In this role can perform and board, but then have to set the stiffness of the two boards together, bonded together. lag frequency location is calculated based on sizes insulation boards that must snugly fit between joists. For example, if to be used for insulation of mineral wool sheet with a width of 61 mm, the pitch lag is set to 60 cm.

For fixing the lag use nails and mounting brackets. Logs stack is not flush with the beam, and departing from the edge of the timber about 5 cm, which will then be mounted boards, closing the space between the joists. When all logs will be installed, to give structure rigidity between them beat one or two transverse boards.

The circuit arrangement of the floor frame house

The next step is laying on the floor lath membrane waterproofing material, which blanketed the entire surface of the floor frame. On top of the membrane stack of insulation plates. A heater positioned so that the butt plate line of the previous layer closes the middle plate of the next layer.

Helpful advice! For quality steam and waterproofing material corresponding recommended to lay overlapped to avoid ingress of moisture or vapor.

On top of a heater placed insulation film and only after that the floor veiled OSB-plates. In addition to the plates, you can use plywood or board.

Lathing wood frame house on pile foundation

Numerous photo frame house with his own hands with a phased lock works in detail will help sort out the installation.

Arrangement of walls of a frame house

Installation of walls of frame wooden houses with their own hands is accomplished by assembling the carcass structure. It can be wood or metal. For wooden frame most often used oak, but it is possible to use other types of wood. The frame is going according to the construction scheme of a frame house. With his hands on the first floor is going to span the walls, and then the finished wall element is mounted to the floor.

Construction of the floor and walls of a frame house

At this stage it is important to make all the measurements and calculations of the length and height of the walls of the future. The distance between the legs is driven by the width of the insulation plates so that they were clearly between the uprights. In the case of using as insulation made of mineral wool step 1-2 cm less than the width of the material. All vertical racks nailed to the top and bottom frame member. To be safe, you can also use the mounting brackets.

When calculating the length of each wall must be understood that each span should be smaller than the thickness of the subsequent passage of the rack. Sometimes a bar is not long enough to cover the entire wall. In this case, passage walls are formed from multiple pieces which are subsequently interconnected. The span of the wall, assembled from several parts, it is easier to mount if the work is done by one person.

Elements of wall construction of a frame house

To frame wall construction was tougher between uprights installed jumper. They are usually mounted in a staggered manner, in one interval above, in another - from the bottom. The jumpers can be mounted both on the set frame, and when the construction is still on the floor. Window and door frames in wall openings are settling under draft.

When all spans of the walls are ready, proceed to their assembly. The first flight is mounted to the floor, and outside set props. So alternately collect all the walls, connecting them with each other nails. When docking parts of the walls of one span to match watching the bottom and top structure. To fix the vertical level wall, use the jib (diagonally nailed planks).

Installation of walls of a frame house

Helpful advice! To control the uprights and the correct angles, use a long level or plumb and square building.

To get acquainted with the way made frame houses with their own hands, use of photo and video materials on this topic.

Installation of interior walls and ceilings

When the outer walls are mounted, ready to install interior partitions. The principle of the assembly of internal walls is not different from the main assembly of the walls except that their thickness may be somewhat smaller. As for the heat-insulating layer, then here it is used as soundproofing. In addition, the device of the walls does not provide steam and waterproofing.

Reliable fixation elements of the framework will provide the strength of the whole structure of house

Next, the entire structure is carried out rail on the upper edge. This will contribute to the rigidity of the entire assembled structure and high-quality recording of all the angles. Outer piping arranged out of boards that are nailed on top of the entire length of the outer and inner walls. Here the important point is that the connecting line parts of the walls were covered with a continuous board is not less than 30 cm.

Thereafter, the surface of the walls of the outer or inner side of the stitched OSB-boards. This will give the final rigidity of the frame structure of the walls.

The circuit arrangement of the attic in the frame house

Ceiling mounted on a bar top trim. To do this in a rod making grooves, into which the ceiling beams, further securing their nails. In the place, where the internal partitions, the supporting bars are mounted, which is connected to the lower and upper harness. Nail ceiling board made of grooved boards.

Vapor control layer is laid on top of the shield cover to them, with an overlap beams. Further flush with beams spread out insulation material (mineral wool, polystyrene, expanded clay). Layer insulation film coated with waterproofing and transversely to the direction of girders are placed panels of the planks. Next is going to the floor, as well as on the ground floor.

Arrangement ceiling using hydraulic and vapor barrier, and also using mineral wool as insulation and sound insulator

As an additional assistance, use the photo stages of the construction of a frame house with his own hands.

The roof is arranged at a stage where all the walls are built and supported. Determined desired slope and the amount of roof slopes. The most common is a gable roof. To increase the usable area of ​​some houses equip veranda. Project frame house with veranda may provide two types of roof construction: over the house - a gable over the veranda - pent. These types of roofs are also used for a frame house with an attic and a veranda. For the one-story frame house with a flat roof pent design applies only.

Gable design - a popular solution for decorating the roof of a frame house

Rafters are matched with the cross-section, that between them could put a heater. For a sample taken two boards 6 m long and connect them in the L-shaped structure, raise them to the roof rests on the binding bar so that the overhangs were 35-50 cm. The resulting structure is fixed bolt and used as layout for trusses. They are mounted at a distance of 70 cm from each other.

Compound rafters in the ridge is carried out according to the method in the "half-clutches". The first set rafters at the gables, and then stretched between the thread, the level of which the remaining intermediate rafters are mounted. Next, arrange crate: thinned or solid.

Helpful advice! Whatever the lathing, assembling it from the ridge should be carried out without a gap.

Frame houses sheathed with OSB-plates on the outside

For roof coating can be used or corrugated metal roofing plate. This material is easy to install, has a small weight and affordable price. Moreover, such a roof will always have an attractive appearance.

More information about the methodology of the roof unit may be, finding the net video "How to build a frame house."

The device insulation frame house with his own hands: step by step guide

To know how to properly insulate frame house, it is necessary to focus on a seasonal residence in the house. If it is planned residence, the heat insulating layer should have a thickness of not less than 5 cm. The arrangement of insulation frame home use their hands polystyrene, polystyrene or mineral wool.

The distance between the frame uprights should be slightly less than the width of a heater

On the outer side OSB-boards are covered by the waterproofing membrane. Thereafter stuffed grille slats for ventilation in the frame house. The hands on the inner side between the uprights laid a layer of insulation required. Each subsequent layer of heat insulation space should overlap the previous layer interface. To prevent moisture from inside the building, on top of the insulation and vapor barrier film packed sheathe wall sheets OSB-boards.

Insulation for walls of the house from the outside under the siding: choose the material and the method of installation. Select the type of insulation. Features of the materials, their advantages and disadvantages. Basic installation steps.

Next, make exterior trim of the house. This can be plaster, paneling or siding board wagon. The most acceptable for finishing is vinyl siding, as it is easily assembled and able for a long time to protect the wall from external atmospheric agents.

Facing the siding - a good solution for the finishing of a frame house

The main advantages of frame houses

The construction of frame houses (reviews confirm this) solve the problem of obtaining a comfortable and budget accommodation. The advantages of this technology:

  • most affordable construction technology;
  • the ability to use lighter foundation types;
  • fast erection speed;
  • fairly low thermal conductivity design reduces heating costs;
  • low heat capacity allows you to quickly warm up the house to a comfortable temperature in the case of a non-permanent use of property;
  • excellent sound insulation;
  • the possibility of placing communication inside the walls, which positively affects the aesthetic component of the premises;

EXAMPLE arrangement frame house - sectional view

  • no shrinkage makes it possible to start work immediately after finishing the construction of the house and move into it in the shortest possible time;
  • the use in the construction of environmentally friendly materials;
  • high earthquake resistance (9 points);
  • no need to heat your home in winter in the case of a seasonal residence;
  • no need to use special construction equipment;
  • lack of wet construction enables to carry out cycles of operation regardless of outside temperature and presence of water;
  • quick removal if needed.

Frame house with finishing modern building materials

All these benefits contribute to the increasing popularity of framework technologies including methods of construction of residential houses. In addition, these technologies allow the owners of small-sized houses to increase the living space to arrange a carcass extension to the house with his own hands. Such designs are economical and provide the right conditions for the construction of a comfortable stay. They are low in cost and can be joined up to the house of any type.

Otmostka own hands: step by step instructions and tips for building

Strip foundation with his own hands: step by step guide

Wall insulation foam with your hands: step by step guide

Pier foundation with his own hands: step by step guide

Plasterboard partitions with their own hands, step by step guide

How to build a pile foundation with his own hands: step by step instructions, video

Frame house with their hands

The construction of frame houses is becoming more popular in Russia. All new technologies are introduced in the construction of such facilities and for whatever technology - Finnish or Canadian - built house. In this article we will explain how to build a frame house with his own hands, will give step by step instructions, as well as drawings, photos and video phased construction.

Since frame houses is recommended to erect no more than two floors, the massive base for them is not required. Suitable belt, precast concrete blocks, pier foundation. Most importantly, they carried out their main mission - to provide rigidity of the frame in the space.

For this purpose, the strip foundation is used a reliable and durable fittings and columnar - wooden or concrete raft foundation.

Prefab homes are built with wooden or metal structures. With self-construction of the past is rarely used, they increase the cost of construction by 40-45%, but their use can save the financial costs of construction of the foundation, it is caused by metal structures easily.

The wooden frame is best built from oak, but it is possible and from other types of wood. Timber must be of high quality timber section is not less than 150x150 mm. Corner joints should not have gaps. Choose the connection method tongue and groove.

The framework must be raskreplen braces, they give the house stiffness. The technology of building a frame house provides three mounting struts. They are made from the same material as the rack.

Outside the house sheathe boards or paneling no more than 60 mm in width and angled at 45 °. Old masters do not recommend nailing them firmly, they can swell and crack from dryness for the first year of operation.

Production of the floor frame home begins with laying wooden beams cross section 150h50 mm on the perimeter walls.

To lay beams on the roofing material is necessary, and to fix every two meters anchor bolts. Special attention is paid of the angles, check these with the level. Possible deviation of 10 mm.

First mounted lags, then from cheap edged boards made rough flooring, between joists heater stacked, and then assembled floorboards.

After floor installation, you can start building the walls. Best of all their produce sections. They are going on a dry surface of the bar, equal in length to the height of the future building. Step width setting beams, you choose for yourself, this is usually 300.400, 600 mm.

According to the adopted building codes box should be 18% of the area of ​​the wall. Try to adhere to these sizes. The house is for living is better to install double-glazed windows with double glazing and a large area of ​​glass.

The framework of the roof - a major part of all home construction. On a skeleton account for most of the mechanical load. It must be made according to accepted rules of quality material. If you follow this, you will have a reliable and durable roof. Roofing, insulation and waterproofing material you choose for yourself, based on their financial capabilities.

Frame house build simple, you only need to comply with all the rules prescribed by this technology. Then you end up with a beautiful and warm, reliable and durable house.

Thermal insulation of a frame house depends on what role it will perform. If you build a house for permanent residence, the insulation must be appropriate. House is a structure of struts arranged vertically, held together by horizontal bars.

What is a heat-insulating and decorative material you use, it depends on the weather conditions where you live. There are tables indicating how the thermal conductivity have a variety of materials. For example, a 4 cm layer of styrofoam timber replaces 14 cm or 86 cm brick.

We offer watch a series of videos about the construction of a frame house:

We suggest you familiarize yourself with some circuitry associated with the construction of frame houses:

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Frame houses with their own hands - video, step by step guide

The construction of this type is reliable and long service life. It should be noted that the construction work does not involve significant costs for materials, large physical labor. So to build a mesh object on its own is quite real. The basis will be a framework of wood, leather finishing materials. But even in such a lightweight construction it has its own characteristics and requirements.

To build this type of house, it is necessary to choose a place with no moisture and to ensure reliable drainage. Design decision should be based on what you plan to use - to live year-round or only during certain seasons. If the space between the boards to lay the insulation material, the house is a comfortable climate all year round.

Before starting work, should prepare all the necessary:

  • mineralized wool or expanded polystyrene to be used as a heater;
  • ondulin, metal, slate roofing sheets for arrangement;
  • concrete;
  • waterproofing material;
  • Antiseptic compositions of the tree;
  • siding or linings for external finishing works;
  • board bobbin foundations, roof systems and gables;
  • Reinforcement rods, pipes, u-iron, Area, nails and screws;
  • edged boards;
  • electric disc saw and a jig saw, pliers, level building, a hammer, a screwdriver, roulette construction, a saw, a claw hammer, ax and mixer.

Carcass basis, in most cases arranged in a tree. For this purpose, in most cases applied oak or foliate material. The connections of the angular type mounted principle of "thorn-groove", customize the materials carefully, do not leave gaps. Since the wood material is subject to decay process, iron hardware is not applicable. It is best to use nageli wood.

Thus, frame houses with their own hands - video, step by step instructions, especially the construction work.

These works are carried out in the first place. It is best to erect columnar, assembly or belt type, not too buried. Decide on the type, the dimensions should be set, depending on certain conditions:

  1. the soil type, the depth of freezing;
  2. the level of groundwater;
  3. total weight of the future building.

It is also necessary to decide which method will be reinforced foundation base, the composition of the concrete mass.

After finishing work with concrete, should wait at least a week. After removal of the formwork is necessary to inspect the base of the absence of the defective portions, to arrange a layer of waterproofing material ruberoid.

This is the first stage of work on the construction of frame-panel house. On

foundation foundation is laid first row of beams around the perimeter of the facility and in places where the planned wall bearing type. All the wood is covered with a pre-antiseptic.

After finishing piping, laid logs, exposed uprights framing base plank subfloor. On board stacked bar, creating squares that are filled with insulating materials. All served floorboard, which is well-sealed straps and wedges. To avoid distortions, it is necessary to deduce the floor exactly.

To do this, is preparing waistrail consisting of beams with grooves, left half-meter distance, which will be filled with a heat insulating layer. Bars should be prepared in two sets - the same piping is required at the top.

Cooking boards on the basis of the height of the ceiling. They fix in grooves, fasten temporarily, to give the base of the carcass stiffness. When you have finished collecting frame boards, go to the installation of boards on the walls between the rooms.

Setting up the upper rail, securing beams on the uprights. Now you can fix the whole frame of the permanent struts to add strength.

Fasten ceiling beams. For this fixed beam of vertically disposed racks steel brackets, corner and nails. Do not forget to prepare openings for windows and doors.

The completion of construction works - roofing

For safe operation, we recommend a ceiling on temporary lay flooring plywood.

First exposed truss system of beams, the edges of which are joined end connections at an angle of fifty degrees. Thereafter obreshetochny sewn material which will form the roof covering and selected in advance.

For details on the construction of a frame house can be seen on the video:

On-frame houses different prices, depending on the provided assembly services. The device of the foundation until the completion of all construction works cost of one square meter of the house together with the materials will cost you two hundred and fifty dollars. If you want to build a frame house with his own hands, the recommended size - 6 of 6 meters. For work do not need a lot of time and money, the object will turn out tough and quality.

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