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Unusual crafts with new embroidery patterns cross

Cross Stitch - an occupation that can captivate even the novice in this type of needlework is often involved not only experienced skilled workers, but people who do not have experience in the embroidery. Modern needlewoman prefer to use for various types of embroidery fabrics. Thanks to a special bill canvas unable to work with satin, jersey or wool fabric.

Beautiful cross-stitch: particular choice of materials

To embroider beautiful pattern cross is necessary not only to choose the most suitable scheme, but also take care of the correct configuration of the basic materials.

  1. Threads for embroidery sold special set, so will not be difficult to find the right color.
  2. As for the tissue for future products, preference should be given a cotton or linseed material. Experienced handy advised to determine the tissue before selection scheme.

Embroider the cross is quite simple, the main arm with the necessary materials and learn the technique

Cross stitching is counting technique, so you need to be attentive to work with the stitches. It is recommended to use a magnifying glass.

Denser fabric is perfect for creating paintings or towels, but with the help of a thin material manages to beautifully embroidered shirts, and handkerchiefs.

The main types of stitches to cross stitch

There are several varieties of stitch (stitch) embroidery cross. The choice of technique depends on the selected scheme. The most common stitches are shown below.

There are many different stitches, so everyone chooses what he is closer to the soul

In outline it is applied by means of two stitches crossed diagonally. Stitch on the canvas fills only one cell. When you need to make a horizontal or vertical plain stitches at first all you need to embroider in one direction, and after that - to the contrary.

It is worth to begin to study the simplest technique

It is used when you want to enrich the texture of embroidery. This technique is indispensable when you need to quickly fill large areas of canvas, because the cross fills several cells of the tissue.

Needlewoman using elongated cross, when you need to embroider large areas of the canvas

These seams are made to combine with simple stitch. Due to such reconciliation is possible to achieve the simulation of watercolor unusual ease in the product.

Half-cross in needlework is perfectly combined with other types of stitches

In this seam combines 2 cross. In order to properly make it necessary that the bottom seam was a simple cross, and went from the height - vertical.

Bulgarian embroidery technique cross is not difficult, the main thing - practice

Experienced handy advised to perform it on the canvas. Often such complex repeated crosses and follow each other.

Double Cross - machinery rather complicated, but looks great on the canvas and in the finished product

There is a large cross by 3 or more cells, after which the ends are applied polukrestiki. To enrich the background thread should use 2 shades.

In addition to these cross seams embroidery stitches there are many other ( "star" and "Algeria eye").

When you want to enrich the background, you can safely use a rice stitch

How fast and beautiful cross stitching: tips

Due to the fact that cross stitching is considered to be a painstaking process should take into account some of the nuances in advance.

This will ensure productive work and will allow to achieve the desired result:

  1. Prior to use, the basis for the recommended embroidery extend the fabric, and then a well-ironed. In addition, it is important to check whether the selected do not shed the skin. To take care of the strength of paints, they should be rinsed in acetic solution (200 g water -. 3 tbsp vinegar.).
  2. You can choose to create a scheme for embroidery. Assistant in this will be a special program Stitch Art.
  3. If the selected circuit is large, it can be applied to the canvas tag. This will prevent the drawing offset.
  4. When we learn to perform complex pattern where there is a lot of flowers, it is better not to make promiscuous crosses, instead they should be applied on coarse canvas.
  5. To achieve accurate and high quality of a product must be performed by upper stitches in one direction.

To finished work looked organically should perform stitching in one direction

Interesting! Embroidery cross is better to use a special tapestry needle. It will not pierce the fiber, instead, gently pushing them.

New cross stitch scheme: how to make an unusual product

Today, learn to embroider a cross will not be difficult even inexperienced newcomer. Because there are a variety of schemes to satisfy every needlewoman.

New versions of the schemes for embroidery can update outdated tablecloths or napkins using unusual patterns.

A huge plus cross stitch is that this process is relaxing and gives you a chance to rest

Due to such a cross-stitch can be independently transferred to the fabric favorite movie characters or create the perfect novel. Modern embroideries are interesting models of various subjects. It may be New Year's products or lyrical, children, as well as abstract schemes.

Cross Stitch: tips (video)

Thanks to the hard work and careful cross stitching will be a real delight for creative people. Moreover, from the inexperienced novice dared to do such crafts can become a true professional whose products will decorate the house for many years and to surprise guests.

New schemes Embroidery Cross (photos)

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The original cross stitch scheme: beautiful and unusual

Embroidery cross, there are many schemes of various themes: the natural, historical and other Cross stitch - a very exciting process that requires concentration and perseverance. Many needlewoman embroidering work for months for a new image, but simply getting pleasure from it.

New beautiful cross stitch scheme: learning techniques

Already in the days of cavemen woman trying to connect two pieces of skins to get the thing to warm them in the cold. Now needlework - a kind of enjoyable hobby. Many of this activity gives peace, joy of work done and exclusive things.

But this hobby requires a huge impact and perseverance. But the picture will please forewoman than one year.

To facilitate the process of embroidery in the schemes indicated on the size information, the colors of thread and recommendations on the choice of the canvas

Also, this work is highly regarded and is payable if engaged in custom embroidery. Great demand embroidered cross pattern of great artists, incredibly rich in natural beauty and, of course, embroidered pictures of animals. Create original scheme will help the program Stitch Art Easy. Recently, a trend to give a cross embroidered metrics, such as the birth of a child, or as little surprise to the "annual". This gift is very please the mother and will bring the memories and warm, for years to come. It's like a novel about a child with a height of past years.

Beautiful cross stitch scheme: where to start

If the decision is made to do embroidery - should take a responsible approach to the choice of materials used.

A well-chosen canvas and thread - the key to a beautiful work:

  1. For the first works best to use the canvas, which has already suffered a drawing. Also, in many handicraft stores presets, which will save from the original error.
  2. More quality needles which are considered to be more durable, are French company DMC needle.
  3. The hoop is best to choose the wood, they are not as brittle as compared with plastic.
  4. When choosing a floss thread should pay attention to their properties. A favorite on the market are considered to be the thread DMC, which do not lose their color when washed and have a rich palette of colors.

Useful tips shown in the diagram, facilitate the process of embroidery for both professionals and beginners

By following the simple rules for choosing the material, you can achieve a beautiful cross stitch, which will delight their forewoman than one year!

Beautiful embroidery circuit is not only used for the interior of the apartment, but also to create exclusivity other things. For example, a bag, decorated with a beautiful pattern, catch the eye and certainly not remain without attention. But in order to embroidery was done carefully, it is necessary to know a few secrets.

How beautiful cross stitching 3 important rules

Before you begin, prepare your workspace. Although many people like to embroider in your favorite chair, it's recommended to choose a well-lit area with a table, which can remove all the hanks of thread, and a chair with a high back. Before you begin, you should treat the canvas edge. This is done with glue or thread obmotkoy.

As soon as the preparation for the work is completed, you are ready to needlework. It is believed that the ideal embroidery is beautiful not only on the outside but on the inside.

For interior decoration can be embroidered flower arrangements, insert it in a frame and hang on the wall

But do not pay attention to it if this work will adorn the walls, because no one can see inside out. But on the front side of this race can affect. Beautiful cross to embroider simple. In addition to the rule that all the stitches are to be sewn in the same direction (in the lower left side, and the top to the right and vice versa) should be explored and embroidery options "cross" the data - then it will be possible to embroider a picture quickly.

Basics of cross stitch: the most interesting secrets of embroidery

There are three basic techniques: columns (vertical application of the stitch), the lines (horizontal application of the stitch) and fragments (segments in color). Most of all, on the basis of experience, the latter option is useful for beginners needle women, and for those who on account of more than a dozen embroidery.

Many novice masters mainly interested in the same questions:

A great gift for a child is an embroidered puppy or cat

The length of the thread, for easy performance should not exceed 40-50 cm. This will prevent tangling yarn. If you are using woolen yarn, not sewing should reduce the length of 20-30 cm. The density of the embroidery on the line depends on the canvas. Conventional sewing thread 6 consist of filaments. For Aida 11 need 3-4 threads, but for Hades 18 will be sufficient 2. Important to consider that for a beautiful work, through the thread must not be visible canvas.

The thread is best to fix "loop." To do this, fold the string in half, make a stitch, and formed "eye" vdet rest of the thread. If desired embroidery in one thread should consider options for fixing the thread under the stitching. The main thing to take into account the rule that the work should not have knots.

Detailed cross stitch scheme nice and stylish (video)

When finished, it should be remembered about the absence of knots in the embroidery. It is best to wrap the same stitch several times, and then cut the thread. Or skip a thread after a few stitches and then cut. And he and the other option is useful when working, the main thing to choose your own. Next you need to wash the finished work. Proper first wash cross stitch - the key to long life products.

Cross-stitch is beautiful and easily with diagrams and tips

Do not be surprised, but the cross-stitch is beautiful and can easily turn each needlewoman. To you get a beautiful product, it is necessary to strictly follow the pattern, so as not to stray from the path, also due to the fact that the chart indicates the number of threads, it will simplify the task in the selection and combination of colors. Of course the process of counted cross - very difficult task, because it requires attention, accuracy, perseverance and skills. For the production of required skills is important to get the hand to perform simple circuits with the gradual complication of the drawing. When the high level of skill is achieved, needlewoman able to easily cope with a pattern of any complexity and any subject.

On the eve of winter and the holidays will look appropriate Christmas decorations, embroidered pictures of the snowman, which will serve as a great part of the festive decor. After the New Year - is, above all mood and atmosphere that can support made things with their hands.

Cross Stitch can easily happen if you follow a clear pattern. To work will be needed material: as a base will be necessary canvas and white and color, as well as the thread to match the canvas and thread of bright colors, metallic thread also need, in addition, will need the hoop, needle, marker, and of course the circuit.

If a simple scheme, that its implementation will not take very much time consuming, especially if done the preliminary work. It is better to pre-cut out an outline and a marker to make the layout to make it convenient to regard the crosses of each element, after the work is completed, marking the remains are removed after washing in cold water, but after washing the product it is necessary to stroke.

Beautiful cross-stitch can be a great gift for friends and relatives, or friends can be a souvenir, in addition, sophisticated pattern, ideal for the design of the house or apartment.

How do you like this collection of flowers in the vases?

Here is a cute baby leopard.

Bunch of beautiful spring field flowers.

Butterfly flies over a flower meadow.

Once a flock of butterflies.

The picture with the image of several cabbage butterflies.

Brood Swans: Mother Swan and little cute lebedyata.

Large parrots native to the Amazon jungle.

A couple of tits sitting on a branch.

Beautiful pink roses.

Cross Stitch beautiful turn out at the needlewoman in the event that was selected well-designed scheme, the complexity of which correspond to the level of skill of the needlewoman, in addition, the quality of the picture depends on the chosen canvas and thread. Really nice product - a work of art.

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