Carnival masks with his own hands

The original carnival masks with his own hands

Carnival mask with his hands out of cardboard

Lace carnival mask their own hands

Carnival mask with his hands out of paper

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Carnival mask with his hands for adults and children: MK with step by step photos and videos

New Year's morning in kindergarten or any other celebration often involves the presence of carnival costume, or at least mask. It is not necessary to run to the store, because the unusual and original carnival mask their own hands can be made even novice handy people. Consider a few options masks for adults and children with the use of various techniques.

Classic carnival half-mask

This element of carnival costume looks very stylish, impressive and combines perfectly with almost any evening dress. Half-mask made of papier-mache - the ideal solution for an adult member of the carnival.

  • old newspapers;
  • toilet paper;
  • PVA glue;
  • deep basin or bowl;
  • half-mask pattern;
  • balloon;
  • fine sandpaper;
  • acrylic paints and brushes;
  • weight for modeling;
  • elastic;
  • decorative elements: feathers, rhinestones, sequins.

You can make a half-mask of the final weight for modeling, but much more interesting to cook this mixture by hand. Getting started with the manufacture of papier-mache, paper and newspapers for a simple recipe. Hands tear paper into small pieces. In deep basin or bowl breed PVA glue and water in a ratio of 2: 1. Clay can replace the paste of starch.

Draw and cut out of paper half-mask pattern. Inflate a balloon and lubricate it with fat cream or Vaseline, impose on him soaked in water with the glue pattern. Preform as clearly follows the contours of the face, you can replace the ball on the mold from plasticine. Getting spread pieces of paper on top of the template, wetting them in a mixture of water and adhesive. We tried not extend beyond the contours of the workpiece and gently straighten the paper, preventing the formation of creases and other defects. 5-6 thus spread the layers of paper and leave to air dry preform.

After drying the mask is removed from its mold, cut off the excess paper and process fine sandpaper. In the corners cut out holes for mounting gum. Gruntuem mask with white paint 2-3 layers with intermediate drying. With acrylic paint brushes of different diameters and inflict an arbitrary pattern. It is best to use bright colors with sequins or unusual texture.

After drying the layers of paint to begin decorating respirator. Of weight for sculpting or papier-mache do flagella and lay the patterns on the surface of the product, glue shines, crystals, stones and other jewelry. Very effectively looks feathers beam mounted on the reverse side of the top of the respirator.

At the end of the anchoring holes in the gum to a half-mask is comfortable to wear.

For a children's party is still relevant masks of animals, birds and cartoon characters. Unusual and original look mask, made of cloth.

  • dense fabric that does not require mandatory overcasting (fleece, felt);
  • cotton fabric for lining;
  • elastic;
  • pattern pattern
  • scissors, needles, thread;
  • sewing machine.

Draw or print out the pattern of a predetermined size, try on it to the child. Fleece or felt primary color mask cut out piece, duplicate its lining cloth and sew on the sewing machine. Fleece or felt different colors cut out additional elements: ears, cheeks, noses, etc. Pin them to the mask surface using pins and tack tailor thread of contrasting color. Make sure the correct position of all parts, sew them on a typewriter or by hand a hidden seam. To the corner of the mask sew elastic or drawstring.

Stripping the product, if necessary, further decorate. Children's animal mask from the tissue is ready!

Who has not dreamed of the boys to become a superhero? Batman mask will delight any child and is the ideal solution for the children's party or carnival for boys.

  • thick felt;
  • sewing thread in a contrasting color;
  • needle, scissors, tailor's pins;
  • elastic;
  • paper patterns.

Draw a pattern on paper or use a ready template. Cut paper preform and always try on it on the child, if necessary adjust the size and shape of the mask. We transfer the pattern on the surface of the felt and fix it in a few places dressmaker pins, cut the workpiece without allowances.

The holes for the eyes cut blade. Prepare two pieces and sew them with thread in a contrasting color on the contour using a sewing machine or by hand. Simultaneously sewn elastic in the side masks, examples of its advance.

For the seams around the eyes is best to use a thread to match. Cut off the excess felt, dressed with the skin. Carnival mask superhero ready!

Other versions of carnival masks of different materials you can make with your own hands, watching the following video tutorials.

Carnival mask with his hands: simple ideas

If you need a carnival mask for festive attire, and you have not found suitable in the store, do not worry, this accessory it is possible to make your own hands at home from improvised materials. The mask can be made from paper, cardboard, fabric, plaster, weight for modeling; as well as ornaments used crystals, sequins, sequins, beads and so on. d. We offer you 4 very simple idea of ​​a carnival mask with your hands.

This is the simplest and most economical option of creating a carnival mask. The main element to create a mask - a paper template.

Materials and tools:

  • pattern with the image of a carnival mask (available on the Internet and print or draw, cm. at the end of the article template examples)
  • A4 thick sheet
  • cardboard,
  • PVA glue,
  • hole puncher,
  • simple pencil,
  • scissors,
  • Scotch,
  • elastic,
  • Acrylic paint (you can take an ordinary gouache)
  • Ornaments: rain, glitter, stickers, rhinestones.

  1. Glue the cardboard template to the mask will no longer deformed.
  2. Paint the mask. Paints come in handy only if the image was printed in black and white paint. Buying paint them carefully not to watercolor - it harms the quality of paper no matter how tight she was not.
  3. After coloring and drying of the mask cut its contours.
  4. Punch holes for elastics on the edges of the mask, and that in these places the mask is not broken in the process of socks, reinforce the area around the holes with tape.
  5. Now thread the elastic through the holes and secure with a knot each end.
  6. Before that, try on a mask to adjust the length of gum.
  7. It remains only to decorate the mask with sequins and so on.

Carnival mask from the masses for molding

The process of making carnival masks from the masses is very long, but not difficult.

Materials and tools:

  • white mass for modeling,
  • paper,
  • scissors,
  • pattern,
  • penknife,
  • facial layout,
  • colored acrylic paint,
  • sequins, crystals, and beads.

  1. First, cut out the paper template.
  2. Mass for molding roll with a rolling pin into a thin cake (thickness should not exceed four millimeters).
  3. Place the paper template on top of the rolled mass and cut along the contour with a sharp knife to the same form was obtained from "test". Do not forget to cut holes on the sides of the gum.
  4. Now carefully lift the mask from the table and place on the layout of the human person (how to do it, read the mannequin head for the production of carnival masks). Leave it to harden for twelve hours, and it is better for a day.
  5. Dry mask should entirely on their own, without the help of hair dryers and other steam heating, otherwise it will deform.
  6. When the mask is completely dry and harden colorize it. You can, of course, on your own, but it is better to give preference to the color bird, which comes a year.
  7. Additionally, you can decorate the raised pattern of the same weight for modeling, well and ornaments from the list.

Production of carnival masks in papier-mâché

Papier-mâché is also called mashirovaniem. This is a very affordable method of manufacturing a carnival mask.

Materials and tools:

  • Air round ball,
  • wide bowl dilution liquid adhesive,
  • petrolatum,
  • PVA glue,
  • water,
  • toilet paper or napkins (paper towels)
  • any color of paint,
  • stationery knife.

  1. First of all inflate ball size face for the mask.
  2. Izorvite paper into small pieces.
  3. Clay dilute with water in a ratio of 2: 1.
  4. If there is no PVA glue on hand, it can become an alternative to starch or flour.
  5. Spread the inflated balloon with Vaseline to prevent paper stuck to most rubber ball.
  6. Each dip the paper into the adhesive mixture and put on the ball so that they intersect each other and covered.
  7. Okleyte ball so paper in four layers.
  8. Leave the bowl with paper to dry completely.
  9. Check the paper drying on the ball - pierce it with the needle.
  10. Thereafter perforate ball which is under the paper.
  11. What follows is a very important stage: done by carefully slitting the blank paper into two equal parts office knife. The same knife make holes for the eyes and for attaching rubber bands on the sides. If you wish, you can make holes for nostrils and mouth. For adults, these holes are not critical, but if you make a mask to the child, it definitely needs to be done, these additional holes, so that he feels comfortable and he was wearing a mask to breathe easier.
  12. If the mask has irregularities or defects, grind it with sandpaper. It remains only to decorate the mask, and you can dress up for the holiday.

How to sew a carnival mask made of cloth

This is the best option of manufacturing the mask in addition to the suit for the children's party. If you are even slightly familiar with the technique of cutting and sewing, you will not be difficult to sew for your children of the mask pattern, which is on the Internet very much. To make such a mask can be both manually and on the sewing machine.

Materials and tools:

  1. Cut from a base material two identical parts of the mask.
  2. Seam "zigzag" stitched finishing details to one of the parts of the mask.
  3. Sew and turn out two masks (just leave a hole for the laundry gum).
  4. Insert the gum in the hole and prostrochite mask on the outside edge again. It remains to decorate the mask various details.

Examples of templates for the production of carnival masks with his own hands:

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I did not know that there are so many options for the manufacture of masks, children always made of cardboard. We will try.

Great idea! You can always just fool around in these masks at a house party. The main thing is that it is easy to pick up materials.

I like children do different crafts, origami paper. Soon the New Year's morning's time, but because the article as never before in the subject.

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