Cornice for bathroom corner

Corner or semi-circular ledge to the bathroom? Overview of standard solutions

When you create an interior bathroom particular importance is attached to the selection of protective curtains. After all, only they are able to prevent a significant amount of water on the floor and walls. But the curtain has not only a practical function, it has become a kind of decoration. Cornice also plays an important role, because the well-chosen design permits to distinguish between space facilities for swimming, to give a special atmosphere and realize unusual and interesting design ideas. Corner cornice for the bathroom can be used in non-standard dimensions of the room or the bath itself.

Modern plumbing shops offer a huge variety of models that differ in shape, size, design, mounting type, material and color. This allows you to choose exactly the kind of product that will be in harmony with the basic style of the room and its functional features.

Materials for the production of rods

model quality largely depends on the material from which it is produced. aluminum, stainless steel and plastic are often used for manufacturing rods. The reason for such a small product range is that the bathroom is characterized by high humidity, but not every material is able to withstand prolonged exposure to water and temperature extremes.

  1. Curtain rod may be made of plastic. Currently, it is one of the most common options. The main advantages of plastic is light weight; low cost; easy care (easy peel cornice with water and the detergent); diverse color palette; resistance to corrosion and rot.

Information: Cornices bathroom of plastic and have a number of disadvantages. For example, after a while the products may appear yellowish color and patina, which is difficult to get rid of, even with regular cleaning. Also, over time, the weight of the bar under the curtains begin to sag.

Metal bars for bathroom

  1. Metal cornice is characterized by durability and long service life. In addition, it does not lose its properties even at permanent contact with water. The product is fairly easy to install, and its appearance fits into any interior. Steel structures can be painted or finished with a bronze, silver or gold. Bronze cornice for bathroom give the room a feeling of comfort and chrome ledge will be in harmony with other types of plumbing. However, the cornice for bathroom stainless steel is the most expensive option.

Reference: Models of aluminum is much cheaper analogues of steel. This material is resistant to regular moisture. However, a significant disadvantage is its low strength. Aluminum is a fairly soft metal, so it is easy to deform and flex when excessive loads.

Types of bars by type

Selection rod will largely depend on the kind of shape and dimensions of a tub. This should be considered in order to sufficiently protective curtains tightly against the sides and prevents the occurrence of splashes on the walls and floor covering. There are several basic types of these products:

  1. Direct cornice is the most common one. Its main advantages - it is simplicity, reliability, and a variety of mounting methods. This versatile contemporary cornice is suitable for standard rooms with bath rectangular shape. The product is attached to the opposite wall in a straight line.
  2. If the room is equipped with a corner bath type or has an unusual layout, you should pay attention to the cornice corner. As he comes and then, if the plumbing is angled. Corner moldings come in a variety of forms: L-shaped, U-shaped, semi-circular, oval, rectangular moldings and many others.
  3. Flexible cornice bathroom is most often used in semi-circular or circular areas. It is suitable in cases where the bowl for bathing has an unusual shape or other design features. Flexible cornice is made of aluminum profiles. This material is easily bent and can take any desired shape. In addition, flexible cornice does not require special tools for installation. Therefore, you can install it yourself by sticking to the ceiling or walls. The curved cornice adds a peculiar zest to any interior. But bent cornices own one important drawback: they begin to sag over time.
  4. Asymmetric ledges are applied in the presence of baths with a special design. Typically, this refers to the baths made of acrylic, so how exactly such products have unusual sizes and design. Therefore, in these cases, you can use custom moldings. They are made of plastic or special metal alloys. Cornices for asymmetric corner baths can change its shape by means of special couplings, which play a role of connecting parts. Some of the elements are set at different angles of inclination. Cornice attached to asymmetric baths on the walls of the room only by the contour of the bowl for bathing. The advantages of this product is considered to be the opportunity to decorate the rooms of irregular shape. A cornice for a corner bath asymmetrical chromium helps to realize interesting design ideas and create a unique interior.

EXAMPLE flexible cornice bath

  1. Cornice telescopic got its name due to the design, resembling a telescope. It is a sliding device of pipes of different diameters. At their ends attached special rubber seals that protect the surface finish from scratches. Extendable curtain rod bathroom has a circular cross-section. Its main advantage is that the bar can be set for any size of room. Telescopic rails are quite large. If they decompose, their length is nearly three meters. This versatile cornice can be used in virtually any room for swimming. Products are issued multiple shades to match the color, blending in with the other fixtures. Telescopic cornice bath may be made of plastic or stainless steel. Of course, a sliding ledge Thin metal will be more reliable and durable.
  2. String ceiling cornice is a thin, but sturdy metal string. This material makes the product easy, but it is functional. Furthermore, an additional advantage of the product is its low price.

Cornice can be chosen depending on personal preferences and forms of baths. A huge number of rods for protective curtain in the form of different geometric shapes.

  1. Oval cornice for bathroom often called the arcuate. It is set, if the bath has an oval shape. Cornice-arm mounted with special wear-resistant screws. But sometimes, to secure the arched cornice for bathroom, you may need additional fastening. For the manufacture of this type is most commonly used metal pipe of circular cross section. Cornice arc bathroom can have a sliding design.
  2. For corner baths with direct forms will L-shaped and U-shaped moldings. These types of coping well with their core functions. L-shaped cornices come in several sizes. Cornice for a corner bath with a small area has a length of not more than one meter. And for more spacious accommodations, you can choose a model with high resolution. L-shaped rod curtain rod is attached to the surface of the wall with screws. Before installation, it is recommended to determine in advance a place for future openings, so as not to damage the finish of the room. L-shaped curtain rod for bath is shown in the photo.
  3. Corner cornice in the bathroom may have a circular shape. Cornice ring produces for decorating a bathroom, placed in the middle of the room. The design is adjusted depending on the size and features of the room for washing. Round cornice for bathroom you can buy in the store. But in order to get a product that will decorate the room is better to acquire Radius cornice manufactured to order. When designing the individual should decide what materials will be formed a circular ledge. It is also important to consider the weight of the curtains and the additional attachment whether used.
  4. Semicircular rails for the bathroom are used to decorate the corner baths triangular or oval. The design can be simple or complex mounting system. Semicircular cornice for bathroom sometimes supplemented by yet another bar. Such a double cornice for bathroom serves the additional function, it can be used for drying towels.
  5. U-shaped cornice for bathroom designed for the font in the form of a square. It is attached to one wall of the room, additional fixing on the ceiling.

U-shaped ledge of the chrome tube

Properly chosen model with protective curtains reliably protect the space of the room, furniture and other items from water splash. To obtain a functional product, you need only take into account the shape, size and location of the space bath.

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Cornice for a bath-angled corner - particularly select and install

Bathroom - the place where it is very difficult to avoid contact with the water finishes, so only special, moisture-proof materials used in the repair process. However, this is not enough to avoid the dampness in the room, you must still use the device to protect against splashes.

So that the water from the shower did not extend beyond the bath need waterproof curtain, the installation of which is done with a special attachment. In this article we will discuss about the L-shaped ledge, optimally suited for corner baths.

Protective curtains for the bathroom - not just an element of the decor, and practical solution for the problem of water and spray escaping when bathing and showering. They are fixed with the help of simple design, which is called a cornice. On the appearance of a product is influenced by the shape and location of the space bath. Available in the following models:

  • Straight. It is a straight stick, which is attached between two opposite walls. This is the most common type of guide for curtains used for oval and rectangular containers.

Note! L-shaped curtain rod can be symmetrical or asymmetrical. Unbalanced model used, if the bath has a complex configuration.

Models holders for protective curtain in the bathroom are not only form, but also a way of fastening. Cornice must be securely fixed, bear the weight of heavy enough curtains and rings. There are the following mounting methods:

  1. Ceiling. This method of attachment means that the L-shaped ledge is fixed to the ceiling by means of special rods. Ceiling models feature high strength, but to perform the work on their installation more difficult, especially if the ceiling in the bathroom tension. In addition, they require greater length curtains, odd wall.

Note that the right-angled corner cornice has impressive dimensions and solid weight, so you should pay attention to models with a ceiling mount to withstand high loads during operation.

Modern building materials market offers buyers a wide range of guides for protective curtains in the bathroom. The choice depends on the tub form, material and desired color. These characteristics have an impact on the longevity and reliability of the product. The materials used for manufacturing the eaves presented only 2 requirements: a strength and moisture resistance. Mainly for this purpose are:

  • Plastic. Plastics - polymer material, which has a light weight, not afraid of moisture and action of the fungus, which is very good for the bathroom. Models made of plastic for the most affordable price, because are very popular. However, this material is very durable, they may eventually become deformed under the weight of heavy curtains. And in the process of exploitation plastic can turn yellow, even if you carefully look after him.

Important! L-shaped rods, which are suitable for the angular baths made from both materials. Plastic models easier and cheaper, but it is better to buy the metal as they are stronger and more durable.

Choosing a ledge for fastening the curtains in the bathroom, customers choose between an affordable price and good quality. However, experienced craftsmen claim that the reliability of the product is more dependent on the correct attachment.

The choice of a suitable model influences:

  1. Form bath. To fit the corner-angled ledge for a square - n-shaped, and rectangular or oval - line.
  2. Location bath. For fonts arranged in the center space used circular or U-shaped rods for mounting the protective curtains.
  3. fastening method. If the suspended ceiling in the bathroom, it is best to choose a model that is attached to the wall.
  4. Material. Metal model stronger and more durable, they retain the aesthetic appearance in service during the whole period, but harder to care for them. Plastic moldings are inexpensive, they are burdensome to maintain, but maintained a lower weight and yellowing over time.

If we consider the shape, the location of the container for washing in the bathroom, you can choose a convenient way to mount the cornice, the curtain will protect against splashes and water on the decoration.

How to choose and install a cornice for a corner bath or shower

Bathroom - the place in the house, which is subject to high humidity, and only protective curtains prevent the ingress of large amounts of water on the walls and floor. Corner cornice bath recommended for non-standard form of the bath or the disproportionate size of the room. Simple device not only protects from the constant dampness, but also will help to delineate the space of the room will create a special atmosphere in it.

Types angular eaves bathroom

Cornice for residential premises with such complex conditions must be selected taking into account all related factors. Design can be mounted on a wall or ceiling, have a variety of options for clamps. Most systems can be set independently. It is only necessary to understand the types of products and features of their operation.

If we talk about the materials used, then it is worth considering that the angular eaves bath is usually made from stainless steel. The strength of the material allows to give it the desired shape without the risk of breakage, and weight of the structure can withstand such wet curtains or clothes - to 10 kg.

Aluminum systems are used much less frequently. These options are cheaper and for a long time are not subject to corrosion. Plastic is practically not used for creating the angular ledges (only as supplementary material).

The shape of the corner moldings are following for the bathroom:

L-shaped cornice for curtains in the bathroom

  • L-shaped. This hollow steel pipe, angled 90 °, which is mounted to the wall and has a shape of the letter D. If necessary extra ceiling corner fixing system. The product is used for the space limitations of standard rectangular or corner bath. L-shaped ledge next bath contains the configurations of different size, the pipe diameter, the thickness of its walls. All kinds of products are designed with high accuracy, which protects the cornice from sagging and deformation. In addition to the parts for fixing the system to set the decorative elements may be included.

    U-shaped cornice for curtains in the bathroom

  • U-shaped. The design, which is designed for a square tub and is attached to only one side of the room. Products can be sold as a finished product, but more often they are made to order. Given the specificity of the product, the U-shaped ledge normally requires additional fixing to the ceiling. This step is optional only in the case of using very strong metal pipe of sufficient diameter and a minor weight curtains.

    Radius cornice for curtains in the bathroom

    When using a corner of the system to select the right product is quite easy, you just need to start from the shape and placement of the bath. And in order to obtain a practical design that will last for many years, it is necessary to take into account the recommendations of experts.

    Curtain in the bathroom with a print "Bamboo"

    Design features that affect the installation of products

    In addition the material of construction of the angled rod worth considering particularly the fastening mechanisms and type of blind.

    • The quality of the material - is the main factor. Corner ledge at the fold which are visible small folds, made of a low-metal, prone to cracking and corrosion. The use of such a subject for decorating a bathroom is not only impractical but also dangerous.
    • Non-metallic angular rod slack quickly, even if you use the additional attachment.
    • Practicality design depends on the type of fastening. Considered the most reliable self-tapping screws.
    • If the T- or U-shaped ceiling cornice fixed manner, it can affect the length of the curtain.
    • Given the fact that the bathroom are often nothing in the design should not be annoying. It is necessary to consider in the selection of additional decorative and functional elements. For example, metal rings or eyelets on the metal bar will always rattle. It is best to use a durable aluminum ring coated with a soft plastic.
    • Curtain is very important material. Polypropylene is a cheap and easy, easy to clean, but it is easy to damage or break. Fabric - strong, bright - is much longer, but it is very difficult to clean.
    • If you need non-standard complex structure, it is not necessary to take measurements to order products on their own. It is better to trust the professionals, they will take into account all the details and prevent technical flaws.

    Well-chosen and accurately fixed angular eaves provide protection from moisture premises, give it a finished look and comfort. Installation of the system is not as simple as fixing a telescopic rod, so it's best to leave the work to specialists.

    Very interesting article, and most importantly it has a lot of useful information. Thanks to the author.

    I'm more inclined to think that in the bathroom curtain rod should be made of stainless steel. Such cornices strong and durable, and do not hinder the movement of the curtains.

    Cornice in the bathroom should be selected with regard to the shape bath. And if it is angular, the ideal solution would be a semi-circular ledge, and if normal, the L-shaped.

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