Cornices of metal

Metal cornices - the best solution

Cornices are an integral part of any design. They can decorate your home and highlight the features of the interior style. Here you can express your individuality by choosing an unusual version of the decor elements. Sometimes it is a cornice can play a decisive role - it will make the repairs completed and harmonious.

Now gaining increasing popularity modern metal cornices. They have a variety of models, materials, colors, textures and ornaments, a variety of embodiments of the design ideas.

Cornices metallic strong and durable. Due to the metal they are very practical to use. Their value depends on the material in which it is made and how time-consuming. Some cornices really can be considered a work of art, as they impress with their originality and even jewelry. If you want to create a unique curtain rod on your sketch, it can also be ordered or collected from the proposed materials and accessories. In a large country houses organically look forged cornices, which are often made to order, taking into account all the wishes of the customer.

Cornices metallic nice because they are perfectly combined with other materials - wood, stone, glass or crystals. These inserts will make them unusual and exclusive. It is also a great decorative role forged elements and a variety of design tips. They can be inlaid with crystals, semi-precious or precious stones, wood inserts add an interesting carvings and a rich palette of colors, painted in any color, add glitter or left in its natural form.

Variety of metal cornices

With a wide range, you can pick up that option, which is ideal for color, material, mounting type, type of pipe, and on the tip.

  1. Material. Any metal is more practical than other materials. For it is easy to look after. In addition, it can withstand a greater load, if you need to hang heavy curtains. For curtain use bronze, aluminum, steel, brass, chrome, nickel or other metal alloy. They are not susceptible to corrosion, temperature changes transferred stably. Aluminum is the most common and affordable.
  2. Mount. Depending on where you prefer to attach the eaves, you can choose the type of wall or ceiling mounting.
  3. Number of Cores. Cornices metallic are single row, double row or three-row. Conventional row consist of one pipe in the two-row two pipes connected bracket. The front pipe is wider than the diameter, rear - are thinner. The set includes a bracket for the rear pipe and a set of rings with clips for curtains. If you want to create a multi-tiered structure, choose a two- or three-row curtain rails.

The pipe depends on how the whole structure will look like. Pick up is under the furniture and textiles. If you have a light tulle, you can put a thin string cornice, but if you need to hang heavy curtains, then you fit the tube. Therefore, when choosing pay special attention to the pipe itself and on lugs which are excellent decoration and decorative frame. Pipes differ on such indicators:

Tube length varies from 1.6 m to 2.4 m. You can choose the length that corresponds to the width of the wall or window. If the room is wider than the proposed length of the dock, you can ask a few metal pipes and thus make one long. It is also possible to attach the ledge above each window. It looks very impressive and visually enhances the space, making the room brighter and wider.

Diameter metal tubes are from 16 mm to 28 mm. If you want to choose just one thing - net curtains or blinds, you can install a beautiful wide-row tube.

The shape of the distinction:

  • smooth tubes (polished or embossed);
  • twisted or twisted (so-called "twister" -truby);
  • square or rectangular ( "quad");
  • strings - they are ideal for weightless tulle.

There are cornices metal profile, which look very solid and reliable. They allow you to make the right and five rows of fastening and moving curtains. Such cornices called the Japanese, they are suitable for curtains different texture and density.

Allocate corner and flexible moldings, they should opt for bay windows, custom or semi-circular windows. Some interior design looks gorgeous moldings, metal baguette, which resemble a baguette, but inside are mounting for tyuley and curtains. Ideal for large areas of the classical style.

If you want to create a Roman style, your attention will be attracted aluminum cornice for Roman blinds. It can withstand even the most heavy curtains large.

In some interiors appropriate to the use of hidden aluminum moldings that will focus on the curtains or ceiling. Fit in rooms with suspended ceilings.

Advantages of metal curtain rods for curtains

You can be absolutely quiet, choosing the cornices of metal, so they really convince in its quality and obvious advantages:

  • They are not afraid of moisture, dust, dirt and other adverse conditions. Most often, they are coated with nickel, chrome plated or special polymer compound that protects against damage and scratches.
  • durable - their life is almost unlimited.
  • You can use any detergents to care.
  • can withstand continuous loads of heavy curtains, without changes or deformities.
  • suitable for different rooms, including kitchen and bathroom.
  • versatile in style and design - you can choose the design that best fits your decor. Numerous accessories will give a special personality.
  • different configuration (rods, brackets, rings, nozzles). If you want to replace the tip and give a completely new style, then you can replace it with a new and, accordingly, to decorate the room other items - interesting pendants for curtains, bright blanket, embroidered pillows, original fittings for furniture and door handles, or forged flower pots . Tip now giving special attention. It gives space for creative inspiration.
  • possibility to choose rings noiseless and high curtains mobile technology.

Thus, it remains only to view photos of all kinds of metal rods and defined with a choice!

Cornice for curtains metal: an overview, types, features and reviews mounting

Beautiful windows always attract attention, making the room special. And the important role played by the choice of the cornice, which will hold the curtains, after all windows are the main eye-catching element in the room. The most reliable and robust cornices - metal, since it is able to withstand heavy loads, perfectly fit into the design of any room and will be durable in use.

Metal structures are popular due to a number of factors:

  1. Cornices harmonious look in the interior in any style and in conjunction with the different furniture.
  2. The ability to use curtains made of any material.
  3. Ability to implement any design ideas.
  4. A wide variety of materials and shapes.

Cornice for curtains metal made of bronze, steel, brass and aluminum, which is specially treated for corrosion protection. In its simplest form it is a hollow tube, on which hung the curtains on rings.

Design features: bus or flexible?

In most cases, the most convenient in use are ceiling cornices. In addition to durability and reliability, they attract attention and diversity. There are bus and flexible metal ceiling cornices. Tire models are flat, so you can only fix them to the ceiling. The advantages of this variety are:

  • the possibility of attachment of three curtain, that is, as a rule, tulle, curtains, for example, drape;
  • simple design emphasizes the ornamental value is curtains;
  • similar metal ledge created from aluminum, thereby providing the flexibility of the entire system.

Flexible cornices metal has only one number, so for mounting several curtains to mount and a few cornices. On the other hand, such a solution is convenient if you want to hang curtains in the bay window or semicircular niche. The varieties of this type of curtain rods are:

  • curtains with lambrequins on the ceiling cornice, which visually increase the ceiling height;
  • flat cornice that hides a baguette.

Cornice for curtains may be metallic and round shape. This is the traditional option when the cornice - a hollow rod with a circular cross-section, which are put on metal, plastic or glass knobs. These structures are characterized by:

  1. Diameter rod: it can be 1-5 cm in size should be selected depending on what weight of the curtains to be hung.. By the way, the bar may be telescopic, that is sliding.
  2. Versatile: can be mounted cornices and ceiling and the wall, so it is important to choose the most aesthetic option that allows you to create a beautiful frame of the window.
  3. Harmony with the interior: a metal cornice for curtains, a double especially, perfectly fit into the room, decorated in different styles, but they are the most authentic in a classical setting.

Particularly impressive in the room looked round the eaves with a knob, which gives the whole design of the completeness and integrity. According to its users, such structures help to transform the interior and place it in style accents.

Of course, the most reliable and unique option among metal curtain rods - forged products. They can transform any room, but especially relevant for the design of rooms in a classic style or in the spirit of retro. But also to the cornices of metal prices, of course, is much higher in comparison with analogues. That price, reviews, repels from the purchase of these structures. The advantages of forged products include the following:

  1. Reliability and ability to withstand all conditions.
  2. Maximum strength which is achieved by the absence of additives and impurities in the metal. As a consequence, this ledge you can hang curtains and drapes of any weight.
  3. Aesthetics. Forged cornices - a gorgeous addition to any interior. Buyers point out that the majority of products are unique, characterized by original design, so you can correctly place accents in the room.

The only drawback forged designs - a significant weight fastening systems. In addition, and brackets for cornices metal should be strong, providing a good fit.

Note that forged cornices perfect look in the windows, which have an unusual shape or large size. Rod itself in them can be smooth, and twisted, and a tip - wrought product of the present art. It is noteworthy that such products are only manually, so their price is very, very expensive. To achieve the aesthetics and protection from the effects of various metal after forging further coated powder composition - it provides reliable protection against corrosion.

Such designs are the most expensive. They are often decorated with forged elements, available in a variety of colors, particularly impressive and aristocratic looks gold-plated or silver plated antique. Among the advantages of shoppers say the structural strength and durability of its service. The very smooth bar and a smooth surface, so eyelets easily slide when extended or closing curtains. Designers are advised to use such moldings for interior decoration in the style of hi-tech, tech or minimalism.

When you want to transform the surrounding space, we aim to focus on the details. One of these parts - eaves design, which is a variety of designs. For example, instead of a long flat rod structure may consist of several circular eaves that harmoniously look at the background of unusual or complicated configuration window wall.

Today's manufacturers offer a lot of interesting options for decorating windows. All cornices differ in the way of fastening and design features. We select the most popular options:

  1. Framing. This is complemented by a cornice trim strip that covers the entire curtain fastening system. Planck is carried out under a variety of materials, so you can select a specific interior design.
  2. String curtain rail is to use thin cable, rather than a circular tube as a structural core. It is on the cable, that is a string, and is performed mounting curtains. Such moldings are good its unobtrusiveness, so they can be used for decoration of any interior.
  3. Cornices - an aluminum square tube, which is bent in different directions, thus forming a most unusual shape. Such designs are well make out the window in the form of arches and multilevel designs.
  4. Rail (bus). Such moldings are ideal for windows with low sills. By design it is plastic or aluminum rail with a groove where the rollers are inserted with special hooks. When opening and closing curtains hooks neatly shifted.

As we can see, there are a variety of cornices metal wall. Price models depends on the materials used. Thus, in its simplest form, the cornices are available in the range of 2000 rubles. According to the reviews, they are reliable and durable, but are suitable for rooms that do not need additional decor. Buyers are advised to choose a stylish cornices, decorated like an antique. The classical interior, you can choose the design with wrought iron elements - their value reaches 3000-4000 per set. Aside from the price, we must also focus on the material from which you are going to hang the curtains. On this depends the weight and the ability to withstand load eaves.

How to choose the cornices

Windows in residential and administrative buildings - one of the most important parts that form the style of the premises. Their appearance is formed curtains and shelves. In this article we will talk about what can be cornices.

Even so uncomplicated design as cornices has many species. It is not about appearance, and the constructive design, installation method. In general, about the technical details.

Curtain rails have different kinds

Primarily, curtain rods characterized by a method of installation. There is a wall and ceiling. The choice depends on your wishes and the type of ceiling. Bearing capacity of the walls is usually sufficient for fixing the eaves even under heavy drapes. Problems may arise only if the walls are made of porous concrete or lined with plasterboard. But in such situations there are standard solutions - the use of mortgages, chemical anchors or special dowels.

The most familiar form of cornices for curtains

On the ceiling there are different situations. The standard is not a problem, but with tension or suspension is necessary to think in advance. In the case of tension typically used ceiling cornice for curtains and for fastening a ceiling web from a block of wood or metal rails construct design with sufficient bearing capacity.

And do not even get all the ceilings set cornice. On the drywall can be attached, but heavy drapes drywall itself can not stand. This is only possible for light curtains type tulle. For heavier fabrics used wall ledges or secure the ceiling, but the most overlap.

For ceilings typically used stringed cornices, which is mounted to overlap

Other types of false ceiling - plastic panels, Armstrong, etc. - are not able to bear any extraneous load. The best way out - even during repairs to the ceiling mount, install the mortgage - the additional profile or a block of wood, well-fixed to the ceiling. To him then mount the cornice for curtains.

Fasteners becoming a reliable and often, on the basis that it will have to constantly load of several kilograms, plus sharp jerks when zadergivanii / opening the curtains. So do not skimp on the hardware.

Also a method of fastening, cornices differ in shape. there are:

  • Tubular. Usually circular in cross section, but there were also square. Traditional style eaves for curtains, known since ancient times. Also called them "the ledge round." Their peculiarity is that they are part of the decor, because when you select should be selected even design. According to a method for fixing wall and ceiling are (rare). There is still such a kind as rotary tubular rails.

Three-row curtain rod tube of metal, plastic, wood - the most common options

String cornice for curtains for light and medium fabrics

Profiled rail or ledge may be a plastic or metal

Baguette cornices - any type of indoor decorative lath

In general, it is all kinds of curtain rods for curtains. With type decide not too difficult - important your preferences and wishes. Next will have to find a model that is suitable for your particular case and the technical characteristics (yeah, there are some), and vernal species.

To say that some type of cornices for curtains better, and some worse than wrong. Each well on its own way, and each has its drawbacks. Select the type of cornice for curtains should be based on several criteria: the design of the premises, type of windows and curtains, the desired effect.

For example, for a concise without pelmet curtains you can use any type of cornice, including a tube or rail. Tubular more suitable for rooms with high ceilings or, at least, where the distance from the top of the window to the ceiling 20 cm or better - 30 cm and more. Otherwise, they look "not very."

Choose a cornice for curtains should be under the interior, but do not forget about the technical details

Tubular not very suitable for curtains with lambrequins, since they too are distinguished, furthermore, this kind of curtain in combination with pipes and rings looks "not very". For swags more suitable rail or a string option. In this case, the cornice itself is hidden, so it does not matter the aesthetic value. For some styles will look better Framing option.

Drapery Rods: defined with parameters

First we need to determine the length of the cornice. The choice depends on whether you want to visually increase or decrease the window opening and the total brightness of the room. If it is not necessary to increase the window, the light in the room with excess, cornices take or equal to the width of the window opening, or a little more. The fact is that if you buy tubular cornices complete, they are standard length: 1.6 m., 2.0 m, 2.4 m, 3.0 m because we have to take the next higher. Exit - to look for stores that sell the pipe on the footage. Such too.

With a length determined based on the eaves your wishes

If the room have to pass as much light, or is required to visually make it wider in the open curtains placed on the adjacent wall to the right, left or both sides. Depending on the density and the number of folds of curtains, it is required to from 30 to 60 cm on one or both sides. Because for the calculation of the length of the eaves for curtains to the window width, 60 or 120 cm (can be more / less dependent on your desire). Then task - to find a predetermined length of the cornice, or close to the found number.

Before you finally choose the cornices, note, for what exactly they are paintings. The description is usually written "for light and medium" or "for light, medium and heavy curtains." The last option - a universal, when properly installed can withstand any load.

See the description for any of curtains designed cornices

If you choose metal cornices, you can even look into the characteristics are not they all survive. But with plastic and wood have to be careful. Quite a lot of models for medium curtains.

Still have to choose for a number of rods / pipes / lines need cornices. It depends on the type of curtains. There they are:

One, two and three-row

Single use only if you hang curtains or tulle. Double - if both components are required. Triple eaves needed for models with lambrequins. With this, perhaps, everything is clear and the problem can only occur if you choose to replace the curtains. If one string / tube will be superfluous - not a problem, but with a lack of generally requires replacement of the cornice.

Tubular cornices: forms, photos

Making them of metal, plastic and wood. Metal tubular rods may be made of aluminum, bronze and steel and other alloys. There circular tubular rods of ferrous metal or aluminum alloy thin film laminated imitating wood. These are the cheapest in this category.

Eaves from tubes - the traditional way window decoration

Cross section: round or square

Basically tubular cornices have a circular cross section. It's a classic. But there is a square cross-section with the corresponding square "ring" for hanging curtains. They look stylish, suitable for interiors decorated in contemporary trends: Art Deco Loft, minimalism.

Square tubular cornices look stylish.

But that's how they are convenient to use, how well will slide these "rings" is - the question. Everything can be good if the surface perfectly polished and adjusted. If there is even the slightest irregularity ... The easiest way in this regard with wooden cornices. They can be varnished. Then the normal slip provided. Although nothing prevents varnish and metal ...

There are two forms of the sale of cornices of the pipes. First - ready to set, wherein the arms are, tubes, rings, nozzles. So usually sell wooden or plastic moldings, some metal.

You can choose any color and pipe diameter, and then pick up tips

The second form - all separately. It is more typical for the metal models. Buy a tube of the desired diameter and mounting brackets. Under curtains usually take thicker tube - 22 mm and more, under tulle - less. To decorate them there are many different tips. Different in price form ... On thin under the tulle, take ordinary caps, but for the first row, you can choose something more pretentious (if such a decoration stylist comes to processing facilities).

Tips many different styles, colors, prices

In this form of sale there are also several kinds of rings and clips for attaching curtains. They also buy separately. It is not always necessary, these rings as there are ways of hanging curtains without additional fastening - on eyelets or loops.

String rods: methods and features mounting selection

Who invented the metal wire used for hanging curtains, no one knows but the idea is relished by many. It is cheap, reliable, it fits into any interior. Only with heavy curtains may have problems: the wire can bend under the weight. Most of the string cornices designed for light to medium. Heavy will have to find another option.

EXAMPLE description string cornice

Stringed cornices can be wall and ceiling mounting. In any case, use brackets, they're just different kinds. When choosing a look for the following parameters:

  1. The distance from the reference plane (ceiling or wall) which will be the string after mounting. There are models for a baguette with a little distance, it is - with a large, in order to be able to lower the lower the curtains.
  2. The length of the cornice. If you need more than three meters, needed three arms - two on the edges and the middle one.
  3. Number of strings. There are one, two and three-row.
  4. The diameter of the strings. For lung tissue of 2 mm is sufficient for the average need more.

Double row string cornice for wall mounting

There are strings eaves flush and surface mounting. They are characterized by decorative brackets. If the entire structure will be hidden behind the baguette, choose the easiest and simple. Most often, this is a common clamp with several holes. It will still be hidden, so it should only worry about its strength.

Stringed cornices for surface mounting have a more sophisticated look. Usually this polished metal white or yellow, can be decorative elements. The principle of selection is familiar: in addition to the technical parameters, selected in accordance with the situation. Although brackets and small, it is better if they do not conflict with the interior.

One of the most interesting and diverse groups. Rail cornices may be made of metal or plastic. Plastic with good quality well-behaved in the operation, but only suitable for light fabrics.

Types of profile rails for flush mounting

Metal are usually made of aluminum and alloys. In terms of reliability, they are good, but if the metal in the rail poorly sanded, or draw the curtains open is problematic. But it goes with the times: the existing irregularities are smoothed. If you want to speed up this process, it is possible to arm sandpaper for metal with a very fine grain and align all the errors. It should help.

There are models of rail moldings for curtains, wall-mounted, there is - the ceiling. Some may only be attached to a wall or ceiling only, some have the opportunity to choose the method of installation.

There is another division criterion in appearance. There are profiles of very simple form, which are intended for flush mounting. It can be mounted on a base ceiling when installed tension or suspended, hiding behind a baguette (for wall or ceiling mount - it does not matter.

Cornices wall mounting

There are models for surface mounting. They are usually decorated with a decorative strap. Wall or ceiling mounted with brackets. The number of brackets is determined by the length of - up to 3 meters only need two on the edges and more - put three.

Corner profile cornices

For large bay windows or corner moldings do not fit tight. If the corner window is still possible to dock the two linear eaves, bay windows that such focus does not pass. Their line is curved smoothly join have a lot of short segments that looks, to put it mildly, "not really." And therefore need flexible moldings.

To get here is the design of the window, you need a flexible cornice

They had a great bend in the horizontal plane. In this case, it is possible to use one or two large canvas for blinds and not a lot of bottlenecks. There are three solutions for these windows:

  • flexible aluminum profile for curtain;
  • flexible plastic profile;
  • collecting plastic.

Approximately looks prefabricated plastic profile ceiling type

When choosing, first look for some curtains designed this profile. Further, it should be appreciated that the modular plastic corner cornice must be installed strictly in one plane, or at the junctions of the runners will get stuck. It is usually mounted on the ceiling, because it is desirable that it be no significant changes.

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