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Learn how to cut the line

From the age of three preschoolers begin to cut special safety scissors.

It is important to teach the child how to hold a pair of scissors, cut the correct conduct and certainly not to cut yourself.

Should begin to cut with conventional lines, in the future, with a complex pattern in this case will be easier.

So, today's lesson is from 9 entertaining lessons. It indicates the direction of the cut.

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Learn how to cut with scissors. Free templates

Cutting - an important skill for the development of fine motor skills and coordination of movements of the child. Today we bring you a template to cut the lines.

Link to download the templates in one archive you will find at the end of the publication.

Application of paper for children. Geometric shapes picture.

Many kids enjoy making application of geometric shapes on paper to create his own hands unusual pictures.Tipper: Locomotive: Ship in the sea: Cockerel: Caterpillar:The Fox and the Gingerbread Man: Clown with balloons: Free pictures to print (diamond, square, pentagon, circle, oval, triangle, semicircle, a rectangle, an asterisk): We suggest that you consider interesting stories to create applications. kitty: Squirrel: Horse of geometric shapes: Chanterelle: Gray wolf: Ladybug: Elephant: Boy and girl: In the woods: Herringbone, house, snowman, refrigerator, bunny: Rocket and space robots: Hen and chicken: coloring with ready-made templates for children: To invent stories for the application can be independently drawing figures. Spacecraft and tipster: Prepared colored paper, scissors, PVA glue, cutter and corrugated cardboard. Print out for the children: Glue on a cardboard: Wait until dry up and begin to make their own hands the most original image: It uses the blank with tasks where the child should he finish on the points of the figure, then paint and cut:

These are amazing application of geometric shapes It can be done for children, and some pictures on paper do you?

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