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Interior beauty: picture ideas. The interiors of the world of beauty salons

Beauty Shop - a special place, before going to the women who are setting yourself up for positive change in appearance, expect a magical transformation. Logically, as the interior of a beauty salon is obliged not to disappoint the beautiful ladies, it must meet their expectations, give attenders unique atmosphere, plunged into which they will be sure that will come out on the street, happy with the result. Professional designers take into account these requirements, over many years, they brought certain design rules, according to which should shape the interior of a beauty salon.

In developing the interior of a beauty salon, decorators and designers follow certain rules of space planning, combining them with unprecedented developments. Always worth remembering that, no matter what ideas you have visited for salon owner - it is primarily the enterprise, which in any case does not pass by the requirements of the relevant supervisory authorities. Light level rooms for procedures, finishing materials, filling the room - every detail must be considered, creating the interior of a beauty salon.

Before opening the shop, the future owner must understand what audience he expects to see: women with high incomes will feel comfortable in the environment of luxury, but the less well give this interior can push, get to feel out of place.

Special restrictions on the choice of materials for the decoration of the room is not set, its size also does not matter whether you are designing the interior of a small beauty salon or thinking about the larger object.

For the flooring to choose a safe and resistant to abrasion material should also be understood that the surface should not have seams or irregularities, otherwise the whole aesthetics eventually spoil zabivshayasya dirt or clients hair. Fashion designers look to make carpeted flooring that will look good in the waiting room, but not in the offices, where the material is quickly soiled and come into disrepair.

The design of the walls, you can use anything fancy, taking into account the financial possibilities. The only thing we should not forget: beauty salon - restaurant, designed for large flow of customers, that is, have to constantly wet cleaning. The material must be washed well, and also be resistant to water.

If we consider the interior world of beauty salons, such as The Lounge Hair Salon in Bangkok or Maria Dowling in Dubai, we can conclude that the color - one of the main components of success. Playing the color palette, the designer defines the unique atmosphere, which institution will be remembered for the visitors. The widest range of colors formed the basis for the design, because it determines the names of the emotional, physical and even mental attitude of customers and people who are to work in this environment.

The basis of the color scheme should be based on three main color, complemented by furniture and bright accessories. The diversity and fragmentation never look a winner and only provide such facilities are in people a sense of discomfort. If the distribution of the colors come from a mathematical point of view, it is necessary to highlight the root and take it 75% of the design, one-fifth will take the furniture and the only remaining percentage - bright accessories. Coming in a beauty salon, a woman wants to feel the relaxing mood and at peace, which is easy to achieve with the help of neutral, pastel colors. With due skill designer can resort to the help of bright colors, awarding room extravagance and glamor.

It is not less important parameter that directly affects the right during the working process on the competent zoning area, on how the customer perceives the whole interior of a beauty salon. Photo on the theme sites help identify that lamps conventionally divided into upper and point: the first use in the hall and reception, the second is mounted directly in the workplace.

The lamp should be adjusted so that it does not distort colors. Wizard beauty work with paint to color the hair, pick the nail polish, make-up - all this is done individually, are taken into account the wishes of the customer and features. In this case, the error can have unfortunate consequences. It should also be remembered that the lighting in any case should not heat the air around him.

Special care should be taken to covering the development of a small beauty salon. Competent play of light can visually enlarge the space, give it lightness and freedom.

Over time, we formed the general rules, which should be the designer, designing the interior of a beauty salon. Photo leading salons allow us to understand that it's cozy, pleasant mood and no shortness of movement throughout the room. Workload equipment, small passages, a plurality of partitions - all this should be forgotten, and create a comfortable atmosphere that helps to relax to clients.

Whatever style or selected host salon, room layout principle remains united. The room in which a woman (or not only) waiting for their turn, should be as spacious and comfortable, the furniture - soft, and coffee tables - supplemented by useful thing, for example corresponding to the status institution fashion magazines. Reception acts as a border between the waiting area and office.

The first popular style was and remains a classic, configure clients to receive a guaranteed subtle and elegant way. Stopping the choice on ethnic grounds, the owner of the salon as it invites the visitors to plunge into the world of the mysterious and the unknown, to become a part of it. In a small room will look favorably hi-tech or minimalism.

The main thing - keep in mind that regardless of the selected style beauty salon must retain its original purpose - to give to clients the opportunity to get a new, unusual way.

Photos of beauty salons

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    Design of beauty salons (44 photos): a particular style of working at the salon image

    Fresh flowers on your table will delight your clients

    Beauty Shop - a place where women come with hopes for positive improvements and miraculous transformation. Obviously, the interior of a modern temple of beauty must comply with such desires, carry a special energy, adjusts to a positive result. What advise designers and which trends in the design of beauty salons have developed today?

    Modern mobile beauty salon - without walls and partitions

    The cabin has a soft sofa to wait for their turn customers

    The design of a beauty salon: design principles

    Creating an interior beauty salons, designers adhere to certain rules of spatial planning and, at the same time, use non-trivial methods of decoration. We should not forget that for the owners is first of all an enterprise that meets the stringent requirements on the part of supervisors. The degree of illumination treatment rooms, material finishes, standard indicators sizes, the total content - all this must take into account in creating the interior.

    Let's talk about what you need to know when planning the opening of a beauty salon. Based on the financial capacity, determine the target audience, which will be designed for your services. Luxury classic for women with high income and position in society, mundane ethics or cheerful young modernist and democratic personages.

    Bright, cheerful, catchy interior beauty

    Cornerstones, who are required to form the basis of your interior - it's comfort, functionality and practicality. Whatever style you choose, every detail should be directed to the execution of these three key parameters. Consider what and how they can be expressed.

    Reception desk - the person and the business card of a beauty salon

    Spacious, functional room beauty salon

    Strict minimalism emphasizes cleanliness and sterility

    Significant restrictions on the use of materials for finishing the interior do not have, but in their selection should pay attention to several factors.

    For flooring it is important that it be durable and safe. In addition, the floor surface should be smooth, without joints and seams, so they do not become clogged with dirt and cropped hair. Dental select laminate parquet, or linoleum polymeric coating. Fashion today carpets are suitable for the decoration of the reception and waiting room. Well, if the material for the flooring gives the reflective effect of allowing visually expand the space.

    Glazed floor tiles visually expands the space boundaries

    The decoration of the walls using wood, plastic, ceramic, artificial or natural stone, glass. The choice depends on the style and budget.

    Important! Please note that the beauty salon - a place with high traffic, which means that a regular wet cleaning can not be avoided. Choose a water-resistant finish for paint and washable wallpaper, wood and stone with a special impregnation.

    Add in the interior eco-touch interior, you can use furniture made of natural wood

    Choosing laminate for interior trim - give preference to the most wear-resistant

    The original design of the working walls with boards made of natural wood

    Color - this mood, and drawing space and originality, and the awareness of your salon. He is able to create the necessary atmosphere of tranquility and well-being. In fact, it is the basis of design, leading to physical, emotional and psychological mood and employees, and customers.

    In digital color ratio scheme is as follows: 75% - basic tone, 20% - furniture and accessories, 5% - contrasting decoration items. Preference is given to warm, pastel shades, warming and relaxing. However, the bright, saturated colors can be successfully beat, giving the room a special glamor.

    Functionality and decor - succulent salmon curtains are used for zoning premises and act as color contrast

    Bright pink ceiling dilutes the dull white and gray interior scale

    A win-win combination of white and black elements completed gold

    A passionate red color in the decoration of beauty

    The parameter that affects the right workflow, and the visual perception of space, and zoning space. To do this, lamps are divided into groups: overhead lighting for the hall and reception area, the spot in the workplace masters.

    Important! Note that the lamp light must not distort colors. Inside, working with hair dye, nail lacquers, cosmetics, which are selected individually for each client. One mistake can spoil the mood of everyone.

    Ideally, if there is a window in the interior work area

    An important requirement for lighting equipment - they do not heat the space around them. Let the light will be bright or soft, but not hot.

    Proper lighting is especially important when the design is compiled beauty studio with a small size. With it, you can visually add space airiness and freedom.

    Regardless of the general interior lighting, each workplace should be well lit.

    If necessary, the cabin can include additional light sources

    The general trend in interior design for beauty salons - a cozy environment, freedom of movement and a pleasant attitude. No piling equipment, narrow passages and cold walls. Every detail of the conditions required to work on the positive emotions of your clients.

    zoning principle is roughly the same for any style. The waiting room should be spacious enough, with comfortable furnishings and useful additions in the form of a coffee table with fashion magazines. Reception zone is a separating element between the sitting area and the working space. Here you meet clients, and from here they are sent to the procedure.

    Reception desk - a kind of "island" in the beauty salon, which is located around the treatment areas

    It is necessary to ensure a comfortable approach to hairdressing hall and offices. In a small room, two or three jobs, we can restrict common room. To expensive salons desirable spacious hallway and cabinets with doors. It is important to elevate them so that visitors do not get bored.

    Do not try to fill in all kinds of interior equipment, turning it into a factory assembly line. If you are just starting a business, lay some proposals for the future plan to expand the company, and now give their customers more services, but high quality.

    Original design decoration beauty - with differences of levels and stages

    Extravagant sculpture at the entrance to the interior visually displays the process of "sculpting" and create a beautiful

    Comfortable area for a pedicure - with cushions on the chairs and magazines to read

    Consider the design ideas of beauty salons that have already found practical application. Leader in interior picture is classic. Many owners of reasonably believe that the fine wood, elegant lighting and discreet shades of the walls run on placid mood of customers. High style supports the conceptual focus on institution giving the same gloss and charm their attenders.

    Barber's chair at the beauty salon is made in the classic style

    Choosing ethnics, designers offer exotic world for urban residents. Natural materials such as bamboo, wood, leather, bark attached environment of natural beauty, which is the ultimate and your client. This decision reinforces the impression and the beautiful transformation. The ethnics can be implemented and mysterious India with its mystical Ayurveda and hot Africa with chocolate tan, and refinement of lines beauties of ancient Greece. Style presents a variety of associations, has beneficial effects on women's consciousness.

    beauty salon is decorated with elements of ethnics

    Hi-Tech is relevant to a small room when you want to give the interior a practical and concise minimalism, claiming the business mood. However, because the interior will have to remove the inherent style industrial facilities, such as the open view of the duct pipes, complex reinforcing structures. Metal furniture in gloss, transparency of the glass and a soft matte plastic - these are signs of the high-tech beauty salon.

    Modern and cool high-tech design in a beauty salon

    Important! Whatever style was not close to you, your job is to give to clients a new, harmonious way. your salon - This guide to the world of beauty, and therefore he must show an aesthetic spectacle.

    beauty parlor is filled with vintage elements - Bird Cage, statues, inscriptions on the walls

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