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Paintings in the interior of a bedroom - 70 examples

For decor bedroom apartment owners and homes have special requirements. This is a personal private area, which should have a rest and relaxation, helping to forget the daily problems and difficulties to adjust to a sound sleep.

Often, to decorate the walls in the bedroom used by the picture - the easiest and most versatile way to make the interior of the final notes. It can be classic watercolor and oil paintings, pencil sketches or photographs, tapestries, and even murals.

The paintings in the interior of the bedroom: the basic rules

  • Bedroom - a room for relaxation, so it must be present a minimum of distractions. Professional designers recommend the use of one or two paintings to decorate the walls in the room.
  • You need to select the work that are similar in theme, design and writing techniques. It will give the interior a soft and harmonious.
  • Color solution paintings must comply with the general mood of the room. In the bedroom perfectly fit fabric, echoing the color of the textile or the tone of the walls.
  • It is desirable to hang pictures at eye level, otherwise they will distort the space, changing its geometry is not the best.
  • The bedroom optimally look large and medium-sized canvases, but small, alone on the wall and can simply "teryatsya9raquo ;.

The best options for the location of the paintings in the bedroom

  • Over the bed. This is the traditional and the best option. The picture framed in the frame of the same material as the head of the bed, gives the interior of the room integrity and completeness, combines space and makes it cozy.
  • Opposite the bed. It is the second most popular way to waking up and going to sleep, enjoy your favorite piece of art. In this picture, made in a more dynamic striking colors, it contributes to the rapid awakening in neutral - it helps to fall asleep easier.
  • Many paintings on one wall. Different in size, and sometimes the style of the painting hanging in artistic disorder on one of the walls in the bedroom - it's quite fashionable and relevant. This arrangement makes the room dynamics and light imbalance, distracting attention from the main object - the bed. This option is ideal for the interior in the style of the country.
  • On bedside tables. Perfect solution for placement of small paintings. One or two pieces poveschennye vertically above the nightstand or table, not only decorate the room, but also make it visually above.

In the bedroom look good classical landscapes, pastoral countryside measured life, paintings depicting flowers, birds, city streets and attractions. They distract from the negative, mentally transferred to the edge of the ancient forest or a blooming spring garden, reminiscent of traveling and sharing a family vacation. But from the images of aggressive battle scenes, wild animals, natural disasters or asymmetrical bright abstractions should be abandoned. Also, caution is required and portraits - they are able to take away the intimacy and privacy of the room.

Choosing a picture of the bedroom, you can listen to the advice of psychologists and endowing each color specific properties. So, green and blue shades perfectly calm and relaxing, pink, beige and chocolate - allows you to configure a lyrical mood, orange, blue and purple - invigorate and elevate mood. In any case, the purchased item to like you. Then you will feel in the room comfortable, relaxed and peaceful.

Your guide to interior design

Bedroom - a place for ultimate relaxation, rest and recuperation. In addition to providing comfort and sleep amenities, this room should be stylish and attractive to every minute of rest was filled with peace of mind and a positive home residents.

Among the dozens of options for decorating the bedroom owners often stop in the pictures - a simple and harmonious solutions that bring new colors to the typical interior and a special meaning.

Pictures bedroom - stylish room decoration

Selection of pictures - not an easy task. Even an experienced designer is experiencing creative meal in the process of selecting the perfect complement to a particular interior. To help designers has developed a system of classifying all the pictures of the main characters.

  • Stylistic pattern is designed to emphasize the stylistic direction of the room. For example, Shepherd and shepherdess in olive bedroom or geometric abstraction for modern.
  • Accent picture should attract attention, therefore, as these webs are often used bright and vivid image.

  • Picture-rhyme should complement the color scheme of the room. In this case, for the fabric selected the same colors as for the decoration of the room.
  • Thematic image emphasizes the selected theme for the bedroom. The use of such paintings is typical for children's rooms, where the bedroom for a young sailor decorated with posters on the theme of the sea, and in the room a little princess fairytales have stories.

    Council. For a harmonious way of the bedroom only one or two images: too many pictures can ruin even the stylish and original interior.

    Frame painting bedroom - another stumbling block. Quite often, an attractive and spectacular painting lost among artsy furniture or wallpaper from the lack of proper framing.

    Luxury wooden or plastic frame strict - for each style should make your choice. But it is important to remember that the harmony is achieved only in the case of recording all the details - from color and location to the width of the frame and the right of the incident light.

    Kinds of patterns Bedroom

    Selection of paintings for the bedroom - a difficult and responsible moment, so it should not be carried out under the influence of momentary enthusiasm or the author of the plot cloth, and after a thorough analysis of their own preferences, recommendations designers and psychologists.

    Council. When selecting pictures for the bedroom should be considered stylistic features of the room, for example, in a modern interior pastoral landscape would be inappropriate, and futuristic motif decorates a classic bedroom.

    theme paintings - the first item in the strategy right choice. The main requirement for the paintings for bedrooms is their appeal to the landlord, as the sense of placing a picture will only be the case if its contemplation will bring satisfaction and enjoyment. Designers note that the soft and peaceful scenes are the best solution for the bedroom, because they set up on the positive and help to relax. The aggression and brutality, excessive dynamism and mobility of story can repel - these pictures are more suitable for areas that require activity - for example, an office or living room.

    color directions picture bedroom is adjusted for the general solution of the room. But in this aspect should follow certain recommendations: for example, dark and very grim shades are not too fit to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom. In this dull pale or pastel shades are also not necessary to refer to the only true: each bedroom has its own style suitable colors.

    • Modern trends tend to be black-and-white graphic quality images, vivid color accents and geometricity stories.
    • Classic or luxurious historical interiors should be diluted with warm, soft colors - natural and natural.
    • Romantic or Provencal interior can be supplemented by a light watercolor images - semi-transparent and weightless, as well as the style.

    The color paintings are often picked up as opposed to a common decision of the room when the room is decorated in soothing neutral colors, it is appropriate to supplement the more vivid and lively image. But for the rooms with rich interiors to choose contrasting light and airy pattern that will not overload the room, but only make it calm and peaceful.

    Determining the optimal size of the picture for the bedroom depends on the size of the room. If a large room can be decorated large canvases, then you should use a small spalenke compact image that will not look too bulky and monumental in a modest size room.

    How to post a picture of Feng Shui

    A few simple tips and tricks to help you choose the best option placement of the paintings in the bedroom, which will not only hold the owners, but will also send positive energy and create a favorable atmosphere.

    • The family bedroom is not necessary to place a picture with single images: one tree or one person - not very positive sign for the family. But if the picture with the plot came to the liking, then alternatively you can use the two placed near the web.

  • Picture perfect for the bedroom feng shui - a blade with two lovers, two trees or birds. Pair plot is transferred to the real world and facilitates communication between family members.

  • Spring mood, flowering gardens, paintings depicting cherished dream sleep will become not just a stylish decoration for the room, but also a real help in setting up their world view, will encourage the development and improvement of self and relationships with the world.

  • Water, dead people, autumn landscapes or images of the desert - not the best choice for the bedroom. These stories evoke longing and can trigger depression.
  • The much-loved by many wildlife images can attract trouble and disturbance mutual understanding.

  • Natural disasters, catastrophes, accidents and tragedies - this is not an exhaustive list of prohibited for bedroom scenes. Negative emotions combined with the dynamism and exuberant energy can play a cruel joke.

    According to the doctrine, the best place to put a picture in the bedroom is a wall opposite the bed. Traditional place - at the head of the bed - should not be used as located in a place close to the canvas for energy on a sleeping person, thereby depriving him of a full and relaxing holiday.

    Council. The picture in the bedroom should be like the one who dwells in it: a harmonious story will not be a positive influence on a person if he would not like. Psychological Compatibility human and paintings urgently needed.

    No matter how a particular person belongs to the teachings of Feng Shui, following such recommendations will not be superfluous. Impede the flow of energy, or condone its outflow from the family bedroom is not desirable, but well-chosen picture can become a real tool in the normalization of the family atmosphere and the establishment of closer relations.

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    Wardrobe in the bedroom, or how to turn the place into a storage room decoration

    Bedside tables for the bedroom - the furniture, which is hard to overestimate

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    Pictures of bedroom

    Bedroom - a special place, it is a personal space of the person, his place of rest and sleep, and its design special requirements. The bedroom should prevail atmosphere of comfort, tranquility and warmth that helps a person to relax and unwind after a busy day. To create an atmosphere to help the different elements of the decor, including paintings and bedroom.

    Previously, Decoration bedrooms used multilayer heavy crude oil painting on canvas depicting people and events or reproductions of paintings by famous artists, but eventually changed the tastes of modern man, and now is now picked up by the interior, and not vice versa.

    Instead of the massive paintings in gilt-framed people prefer other options:

    • It became very popular Macro. Images of insects, mildew, grass, magnified many times and with blurred background very nice look and comfort;
    • still in demand panels of wall photos depicted with bridges, skyscrapers, cars or favorite places;
    • subtle nature prefer decoration in relief engravings and sketches;
    • Bedroom child will approach mural, made with his own hands, Children's drawing in a beautiful frame and panels depicting the favorite fairy tale characters;
    • bedroom romantic girl would be appropriate to embroidered with beads expanse of green meadows with wild flowers in light translucent frame;
    • doubtless became a bestseller modular composition, when one complete story is divided into several paintings, which can be different in shape and size. The bedroom is preferable to use module of 2-4 parts, because more will look a heap and will resemble, rather, an art gallery than a bedroom;
    • works written pastel, will look in the bedroom, very gently and quietly. The point here is the technique of writing: the canvas is put chalk dust, so these fabrics have soft colors and easily perceived;
    • exquisite watercolor - most difficult of drawing techniques. She is beautiful, but not very durable. Such images are in demand for the style of Provence, but suitable for English and classical;
    • gaining popularity pictures inking. Can be performed both oil and acrylic. Such masterpieces look very lively and dynamic, but at the same time not aggressive, but they are suitable for large bedrooms, as to see that they are drawn, it is possible only at a distance;
    • fashion trend began to weigh on one wall a lot of pictures of different sizes. They are randomly distributed over the entire wall that creates the illusion of lung disorder and is suitable for modern styles;
    • popular compositions with textile lace, silk, velvet or even burlap. This pattern is suitable for both Nouveau and for Provence, exactly like the panels, embroidered stitch in a thin metallic frame.

    Which can be hung, and which can not?

    At installation it is important to pay attention not only on the color scale, correlation with the overall design of the plot, but also on the compatibility of this people, in whose bedroom it will be hanging:

    • couples can choose paintings depicting swans, spouses or newlyweds made in the silhouette technique with fuzzy or persons, in order not to cause a sense of presence in the bedroom someone else;
    • it is not recommended to weigh the portraits of deceased relatives, because they are far from positive energy;
    • lovers in the bedroom can hang red roses, which symbolize love and passion;
    • Suite suitable picture is depicted on them with children, that will come in handy while waiting for the birth of a child;

    The easiest way to pick up the painting - in color, so that it was in one color with the other elements of decor, wallpaper and textiles.

    • it is impossible to make out the bedroom works with single objects. Such a pattern would cause the couple a sense of alienation from each other, and lonely person will once again involuntarily reminded of his position. We need to hang a couple of these images in order to neutralize the negative message of loneliness;
    • should not be confused opposing styles. Painting with massive wooden gold frame, painted with oil and with a historical story will look ridiculous in the bedroom, decorated in a modern style or high-tech.
    • necessary pay attention to the acquisition of oil painting, if the house has allergies. The fact that the primer used, solvents and paints while writing these paintings, which are still for some time after purchase exude toxic odors. Instead of oil paintings in such cases it is better to stay on the images, painted with acrylic paints. They are based on the water and they do not smell;
    • should not hang paintings with an enlarged image of body parts, for example, arms or eyes. Next to him, a person will feel uncomfortable.


    In the practice of Feng Shui is not recommended to hang the picture above the bed. It is believed that it will be unnecessary to concentrate on yourself energy flows, thereby violating their balance. It is better to put it on the wall opposite the bed, where she will always be before your eyes, sending a positive. Above bedside table, on the left and right of it you can hang two pieces of identical size and overlap the plot. If the bedroom, there is a niche, the picture, placed in it will look good. At great depths niche need additional lighting.

    Ideal surface for placing paintings will be monophonic or striped wall. On the background is too patterned wallpaper picture of medium-sized will look foreign and a little lost.

    Recommended pastel calm tones, as well as natural natural: blue, yellow, green, brown. They are easily perceived and do not cause strong emotions. Favorable and white. It is neutral and symbolizes purification and peace. Bright and vibrant colors excite and do not allow to relax, drawing attention to themselves. Although, in some cases, for example, they are quite appropriate in the bedroom newlyweds.

    Bedroom suit pattern of large and medium sizes. Small pieces should not hang, as they are forced to strain your eyes and look into them, and if a lot of them, it creates the illusion of small visual garbage. Optimally will look a the big picture, which, depending on its shape will visually increase the space of a bedroom. Long image make the room much more spacious and higher, especially if they hang on the white walls, significantly raising the ceilings.

    Well look two pictures of medium size, made in the same style. You can hang them both on the bed and on the low tables, dressing table and chest of drawers. If a few paintings, but not more than four, and they are different in size, it is recommended that they align along the bottom edge and hang at eye level. Because hanging low, or too high picture distort the geometry of the bedroom space.

    You can also place different-sized pieces on a shelf, but not much. Three - four paintings is enough. And important form of paintings. If the bedroom semi-circular windows, arched niche, oval mirror, it is safe to hang a picture with rounded shapes with either a painted circle. In another case, this image will not look harmonious as a foreign object.

    It is not recommended to weigh all the pictures on the wall, it is sufficient if one or two of the walls will be involved.

    Chinese sages have devoted much attention to the meaning of the image. It is believed that a particular plot can affect the life and destiny of man, changing energy and even harm your health. Therefore, in choosing fabrics should be very seriously and carefully.

    Here are some interpretations of scenes:

    • positive energy radiate pictures which depicts the precious and semi-precious stones, birthstone person;
    • horses are energiyudlya charge efficiency and achieve goals. Such images are suitable for the bedroom of a young man purposeful;
    • lions, wolves and other wild animals carry the energy of aggression, of these paintings in the bedroom should be abandoned. And the birds with very bright plumage not add warmth and serenity. Such images also do not need to weigh in the bedroom;
    • neutral abstraction suitable thin nature, helping to get rid of bad thoughts and instilling confidence. But paintings with a pronounced asymmetrical abstraction should be avoided, they are not for the bedroom. Such webs bear dynamic message and pushes;
    • favorable stories with natural scenery and beautiful landscapes, they pacify and adjust to the positive;
    • good energy have still lifes with juicy fruits, they are associated with summer and the sun;
    • Love stories, full of tenderness and love will distract from the day's work worries and soothe;
    • philosophical reasons, for example, the angels, the origin of the world or an image with the sakura are conciliatory message, neutralize the negative;
    • red peonies, roses and poppies create an atmosphere of love, life and colors symbolize happiness, but require a repetition of the colors in other decor elements. Fit into the bedroom lovers;
    • pictures with a picture of the dream thoughts help to find material forms. Such pictures are very good for the bedroom;
    • water image, even svokoynoy and transparent hanging in the bedroom is not recommended, and even rushing streams and waterfalls - even more so. Flowing water carries energy volatility and financial problems, and standing symbolizes stagnation and depression;
    • herbaria under glass and dried insects in the bedroom is not the place, because they are extinct life energy;
    • it is not recommended to hang pictures, which depict battles, weapons, ships, airplanes, noisy company, natural cataclysms and natural disasters, deserts and volcanoes. Power failure adversely affects the psyche, causing anxiety and unrest;
    • autumn landscapes, loved by many, just not very good for the person. Energy fading nature is an easy sad and cheerless thoughts;
    • paintings of butterflies, flowers, spring awakening of nature carry a positive impulse and delight the eye with a variety of colors;
    • if in the bedroom a lot of hanging paintings with different subjects, their energy mixes, and may be an imbalance, so it's best to stick to the same storyline. If more than one, the images must be chosen so that between them the sense of not there is a contradiction.

    The picture should you like. If it is annoying, repellent or causes bad memories, then it must be removed.

    We present you with even more interesting solutions pictorial decoration as a finishing touch to a bedroom design.

    The answer to the question, what picture is better to choose the bedroom, check out the following video.

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