Pictures of cereal with your hands

Amazing pictures from cereals, pasta, coffee, shell

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What not only create modern paintings. For them, using not only colors, leaves, paper, and even coffee beans, pasta, cereals. Craftsmen make beautiful pictures of the eggshell, so that not everyone will understand, from what is created is a work of art. The main thing is to properly prepare materials, and then you can begin to work.

Pictures of cereal with your hands

Yes, these colorful paintings are raised from the usual cereals. You can use any, but most of these paintings are constructed from:

But first you need to prepare the rump. For this purpose it sorted by removing impurities. If it is "clean", it can not do this, and immediately proceed to the second stage. If your panels unusual rump color is used, it needs to be painted. To do this, light is taken cereals, such as rice. She lay in technical pot, add gouache or acrylic paint is thoroughly mixed. Then poured onto the paper in one layer. Allow to dry and use for creativity.

But not all the paintings from cereals grains require painting. So, you can use white rice or semolina, buckwheat brown, yellow Pshenko. In addition, you can take and other bulk materials available in the kitchen: sunflower seeds, peas, pasta.

If you are with your child want to do here is a panel, then start to paint a picture of the future. To do this, use a pencil. Try not to apply pressure on it to the finished work were not visible dash lead.

If the child can draw a picture, then let him do it. And while you prepare the materials.

Start filling blade with a small fragment. It is better if they are closed. Cover the fragment, in this case, a single flower, a brush dipped in glue PVA, sprinkle it grits desired color. details you can add contrast between the grains stick the yellow millet or directly on them dry tea.

The top of the second flower consists of buckwheat, middle part and bottom - also from millet. Tell your child that the plant stem will look good, if you stick to it half dry peas. Can each major element promazyvat PVA glue and then for fixing the small grains is more convenient to apply the adhesive to the base.

Corn beans framing a vase, also better to stick by one, causing the PVA to each. Inside the bowls can be arranged pasta, which also look beautiful, and that you will soon once again be sure. Insert a picture in a frame and hang it on the wall.

For it will need:

  • frame with sturdy plywood or cardboard base;

Draw a pencil one large and 2 small wood, undulating track, mill. Begin to make out from the background. Cover it with PVA, sprinkle a thick layer of semolina so that it covered all of the relevant part of the picture pasta and cereals. Avoid contact with other elements of the panels, but if a few small grains are glued to them - do not worry. Slightly press down semolina sponge for better contact with the web.

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Do not be surprised when you find out what made this beautiful work in the technique of "mosaic". Crushed egg shells became an excellent material for such a great picture.

We begin to make a mosaic of their own hands with the preparation of the material.

But we can take, for example, colored shells, the rest of the painted Easter eggs and jam from simple.

  1. Paint the shell in different colors, spread out individually, allow to dry, then grind and start to stick a piece by piece, picking the desired shades.

Choose the option that suits you best.

After the work is finished, and all the web is filled fragments mosaic allow adhesive to the end to dry, then color shells when used unpainted. When this layer and dried, cover the surface lacquer.

You can use other materials to produce a picture with his own hands, for example, coffee. From it makes an attractive and vkusnopahnuschie wall panels.

Of fragrant grains can be made and the very framework for future panels or for photos, music. Take the finished wood or plastic. Lubricate the flat side of each seed adhesive and closely attach to each other on the border. For such works perfect coffee, whose shelf life left, and throw - a pity.

And are these pictures of coffee beans is quite simple. Apart from this basic material, you need to prepare:

  • frame with a substrate of the desired size;

To coffee picture harbored a touch of mystery, note paper, to dash on it stood out in a different direction. Now glue it to the substrate. Find a fabric center and at this point, draw a pencil heart. Since its outer edge, attach one grain.

Begin to stick it on the left side, then the bottom left and went upstairs picture. Here the excess thread tighten evenly in a spiral, pre inflicting on this circle of glue. At its center fix grains of coffee. Downstairs paste flowers of satin ribbons. As they do, you will learn in a later article. Give coffee painting to dry, attach it to the wall or hang on it.

For a romantic evening, you can decorate a candle here in this way. These articles made of coffee will not be left without attention.

If you want to know how fast coffee made a picture, watch the video. It tells how to distinguish between elements use blush and why athletes useful to sniff these pictures than to drink flavored but a strong drink.

The picture of the cereal with your hands for beginners needlewomen

Interesting crafts you can make absolutely any materials at hand, and the picture of the cereal with your hands clear confirmation. Below is a step by step wizard class for novice needle women, and to co-creation with children.

  • Any cereals (semolina, rice, peas, buckwheat, lentils, beans, can be used as watermelon seeds, pumpkin);
  • Evidence to pattern (thick cardboard 1-2 mm thick or flat plate);
  • PVA glue, or "Moment Crystal";
  • The printed drawing or sketch of the stencil, if necessary;
  • Auxiliary tools: brush, tweezers, scissors, funnel, napkins, etc .;
  • Paints (gouache or acrylic), a transparent varnish, if necessary.

Cereals must first be carefully go, wash and dry.

To create paintings using cereal as a natural color, or painted. And painting can be carried out after adhesion of grains to the surface of the picture, but some small white grains (rice, semolina) logical paint beforehand.

For coloring the required amount of rice grains pour into a small container or bag, add a few drops of alcohol and dye (best to use gouache). The more dye, the more intense the color will turn. Thoroughly mix the rice evenly colored, then dry it in a slightly heated oven for 10-15 minutes, stirring occasionally and turning.

Similarly, it can be dyed and semolina, but it should be dry only on the air, rubbing his fingers a few times sifted through a fine sieve thing.

Substrate Preparation for painting

  1. It should be cut from the cardboard blank of the desired size. If the base of the painting used wooden board, it should be carefully sanded the ends.
  2. Choose picture. The first step is to give preference to the most simple designs with clean lines, without fine detail, fine lines and halftones.
  3. When you need to make out colors pattern background. You can make it a solid color or multicolored. Part of the picture you can paint paint, and some - to lay out using cereals.
  4. Draw pattern on the substrate. This can be done in different ways: a pencil to draw by hand, move through the screen, or print it and stick directly on the basis of the picture.
  5. In outline drawing inflict sufficient amount of PVA glue (or "Moment Crystal"). For registration circuits desirably selected large grains of dark color (e.g., buckwheat, or beans watermelon seeds).

First, using cereals laid basic outline of the picture. For convenience, it is desirable to use a pair of tweezers, and grain affixed tightly to the bottom of the picture. It is not allowed to leave large gaps between the grains. Remove excess adhesive with a napkin. Then, the adhesive should await complete drying.

Filling the free space of the picture

Getting the most interesting part of the paper - filling the space between the contours pattern different cereals. Where you can give free rein to their imagination: Use colored and non-colored grains, play with the shape and texture, to spread the grain in one direction, or create fanciful lines and curls. Optionally, add additional items from cereals, decorating pattern background.

Glue should be applied fairly thick layer to provide sufficient fixation of cereals. Not allowed irregularities, uneven application cereals. Poor stuck or defective grains need to be removed immediately, without allowing the adhesive dries.

Coarse grains can be spread fingers, small - a pair of tweezers or a needle. The hardest thing is the case with semolina. It is best to pour it on the corresponding portion of the painting through a paper funnel with a small hole, and then evenly distribute your fingers or a brush.

To the picture look more professional, you should minimize the distance between the individual grains. To do this, you can first lay out the large grains, the spaces between them are filled with grains of medium size, and fill the remaining space semolina. Rice, oats and other grains flat shape can be laid overlapping.

After drying, the adhesive pattern is necessary to gently shake or knock on the table. Unstick at this rump sticking again.

Complete drying produced paintings is achieved after about a day. It is not necessary to dry the pictures on the battery, it can lead to an undesired warping board.

To extend the life pattern of the grains, it is desirable to cover the transparent varnish. Dried picture if desired can be arranged in a frame and hang on the wall, and can be presented as a pleasant and unusual show.

For those who have already learned the basics of working with grains, are invited to try their hand in the production of more complex patterns of cereals by hand.

The picture of the cereal with your hands: Master Class with photo

Pictures from the seeds and cereals, with his own hands made the children become particularly relevant in the early fall, when most schools and kindergartens conducted various competitions of children's creativity. And if the painting is done professionally enough, it can become not only a showpiece of the exhibition, but also the decoration of the house - such as the kitchen or dining area.

We invite you to see how to make a real picture of the grains. Master Class will fairly simple and short-lived, because the work will not differ special jewelry and complexity.

The picture of the cereal with your hands: Master Class with photo

We will need several kinds of cereals and cereals (buckwheat, peas, millet, rice, and plain popcorn), as well as cardboard and frame. Use for the manufacture of cereal picture photo frame or a normal A4 to the picture turned out quite large.

Materials for crafts

First of all, we outline the inner contour of the frame on the board to indicate the limits of our design. Then just draw a simple pencil silhouette vases and several stylized flowers.

The contour of the frame and flowers

Now cover the bowl with a thick layer of PVAc without departing from the outline of the picture.

Obsyplem this site buckwheat, and when she grabs - Shake off all unnecessary.

The neck and the bottom of a vase overlaid halves peas.

Obkladyvayut halves peas

On the table, where there is our vase, glue draw a grid.

Draw a grid of adhesive

And lay out the grid all the same halves peas.

They try to stick close to each other, leaving no gaps. One of the grid cells inside filled with adhesive.

Fill the cell adhesive

And obsyplem round grain rice.

Thus plastered all net, to get elegant tablecloth, and then cover the glue space above the table.

Obsyplem this space millet, barley or wheat fine ground corn. We get the wallpaper.

Sprinkle with small grains

Flower stalks publish risinkami and head - popcorn.

Risinki and popcorn

Our picture is almost ready.

Flowers of popcorn, rice stalks

Supplement floral bouquet a few polka dots.

And to add a bit of greenery - it can be real dried herbs or painted in green rice grain, semolina, noodles or other pasta.

Together with herbs and add a few leaves - it can be narrow strips of bark, thick paper tape or a real long dried leaves. Beautifully will look a picture, if it add some real dried flowers suitable color.

Complete the picture of birch bark or flowers

It remains only to insert a picture in a frame - and a picture of the cereal is made with their own hands!

The picture of the cereal with your hands

That it has acquired a special shine and chic, you can cover it with a layer of conventional hairspray.

Lovers of handicrafts made of natural materials will love topiary from coffee beans.

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