Pictures of the kitchen interior photo

Modular photo of the painting: an interesting kitchen interior decor

One of the main areas of the house is the kitchen. Here we spend most of their time, family members gather for breakfast or dinner. Therefore, the design of the kitchen should be approached very carefully to its design combined with practicality and ergonomic design it was.

Modular interior painting in the kitchen

Modular paintings look very impressive.

This new trend in decorating the interior living spaces is rapidly gaining momentum. They allow you to make any photo worthy piece of furniture.

Structural or modular pattern (polyptychs) are created by transferring photographs on photographic paper or canvas and wall decoration in the form of individual parts that form a single image.

Decoration of premises paintings comes from the ancient times, when it was prestigious to have in the house canvas works of famous artists. Photo pictures are legacy this trend in more economical embodiment. Their advantage is that you can choose the image that will decorate the wall. Or even take a picture of yourself and then process it with the help of computer programs.

This photo is enclosed in a frame and placed in the right place at the premises, will correct accents and even reverse the general stylistic direction.

Placed correctly, modular pattern help visually push the small space of a small kitchen with the help of the panorama. And if you get bored, you can always change the picture of the new, it will be easy to do because of its low cost.

These paintings will be a beautiful addition to kitchen design.

  • The most popular option - Printing the selected picture on photo paper;
  • image transfer to the canvas, decoration baguette and subframe and giving it features oil paintings;
  • drawing on glass, It is used less often because of the fragility of the work.

Besides, modular patterns can "wear out", using special gels, crackles, as well as to create the effect of brush strokes.

Very stylish and impressive and beautiful decoration for the walls.

Modular image can be done independently, referring to a specialist for printing out photos of the desired size. Using photo pictures provide unlimited scope for creativity, make your room unique individual style.

Modular picture perfect for modern interiors.

What are the advantages of modular accommodation photo pictures?

  • A variety of images for every taste and color;
  • Low cost as compared with that obtained impressive result;
  • Long service life, fading resistance, the ability to remove dust from the surface due to the coating laminate.

How to combine the style and plot

  • modular paintings for your kitchen must be in neutral colors, dominant green color and depict vegetation, fruits, and still lifes.
  • They should help calm the nerves after a working day, to create a calm, relaxing atmosphere and cause appetite. To do this, recommended image appetizing looking food and set table or creating an atmosphere of street cafes where you can sit with a cup of coffee.
  • modular picture should be in accordance with the size of the room, small kitchen suitable for panoramic view options, and for the spacious rooms - a combination of different patterns.
  • Do not choose for the kitchen dark shades and voluminous, heavy frames.
  • It is interesting to look non-standard image formats, for example in the form of a circle symbolizing harmony and balance.

Many designers adhere to the principles of feng shui, according to which the positive should be depicted in the paintings, cheerful stories, present green and red (and symbolizing fertility and home).

Provence interesting complement modular paintings.

Provence style has come to us from France and symbolizes the provincial flavor, animal figures, landscapes, scenes of rural life and seascapes. The general atmosphere should resemble the rest in the bosom of nature. The colors of the paintings at the same time will neyarkimi, though faded, are widely used floral designs. Ease of kitchen units should be reflected in the modular paintings of baguettes can be heavy, gold-plated.

Likewise conducted stylization kitchen facilities under country style, featuring the image of the cozy rural houses. Frames are made of wood.

Beautiful picture of model can be entered in an interesting interior

Ethnic motives are beneficial to emphasize the uniqueness of the situation and kitchen interior. Expanding the boundaries of design aside from the usual kitchen design allows maximum embody any flight of your fantasy of Indian or African style. He will be reflected in the photo pictures depicting elephants or tigers in the lap of nature.

Black-and-white pictures in the Art Deco style bring charm and elegance.

These Modern trends imply a black-and-white pictures or scenes from the life of the 20's s in the style of those times. Very fashionable bars, as well as the central element, "highlight" cuisine.

Modern and vintage interesting complement modular photo paintings.

These subtle direction, reminding high jitteriness and style of the past centuries and their peculiar charm, reflected in the paintings of retro style.

In a modern style model picture looks very organic.

High-tech style, loft, pop art has only recently come to the fore and steadily gaining popularity. Minimalist design, ergonomics, functionality cuisine emphasizes appropriate photo pictures.

Create a picture of his own is not difficult, much more difficult to choose an image for it, so it logically continued the style of the room and not out of the general color scheme.

When this choice is made, you need to order a photo studio to print it in the right amount, or share your own picture into fragments using a computer and print each one separately. Divide the figure can be as the squares of the same size, and the "pieces" of different shapes. Each of them is attached to a substrate thickness of at least 1.5 cm, it can be processed by special means and is attached to the wall at a distance from each other in strict compliance with the general concept of placing pictures.

Segmenting may be performed in a plurality of small pieces, so-called "quilt effect".

Photo printing can be ordered on the canvas, you will need to take into account that the fragments must have a "reserve" for exposing and attaching the sub-frame and the frame.

The canvas is mounted on the frame and secured with the help of construction stapler. Finished pieces of the picture can be treated with a special gel to give it the properties of this work carried out by oil-based paints.

Modular pattern may be made of bright fabric with various patterns, such implementation would be similar to the direction of avant-garde.

These are modular photo will adorn.

Pale bright kitchen with modular picture looks juicy

Beautiful picture can be interesting to complement the interior

You can find a suitable image on the Internet.

Beautiful design modular pattern:

Using photo pictures to create a unique interior of your kitchen opens up unlimited possibilities for the realization of the most daring and original ideas. Putting your kitchen will get new paint, and you get a good emotional state of a visit to this cozy corner of your home.

Also recently ordered the modular paintings into the kitchen, made repairs, but still something was lacking, they are not just perfectly complement the interior, they did dramatically change and transform. Now we have a picture to match the kitchen furniture with huge white lilies in a beautiful stretcher, look very stylish and modern, and now we eat only in the kitchen, although I loved to sit in the hall)

Just finished the repairs in the kitchen, only to interior decoration left. I do not want to go through on the way Toren and hang on the wall of artificial fruit or something similar, modular photo picture just what I need, a very original look. Of course, I used to see panoramic picture, modular and they always liked me, but I never thought that they can be used in design of the kitchen.

Beautifully in the kitchen when there are pictures, and in particular Modular. They really complement and decorate the kitchen at the same time making it a pleasant location for a meal, and not some canteen! And most importantly just right to make the choice, what would he have brought you simply tremendous fun! I really like when people use them in your kitchen interior!

Paintings in the interior of the kitchen

You want cheap, but tasteful transform your kitchen, add to its interior greater exclusivity and eccentricity? How do you like the idea to decorate the wall paintings?

If this proposal had to your liking, it remains only to learn more about how to choose and create compositions, perfectly fit into the overall design solution of the premises.

Paintings in the interior of the kitchen, as you can see in the photo, will be a bright decorative ornament. Our tips will help you to make your home special.

Choosing a pattern for his mural compositions, first of all start from the principle of balance.

In particular, if you put some bright canvas top the group, pick another one or more images in the same colors to arrange them at the bottom.

This decision will make the composition of a harmonious and complete.

Stories and interior color palette

The plot for the kitchen can be very different, ranging from still lifes and ending with abstraction. Should come from the interior style of your room.

Kitchen Provence favorably complement the floral prints.

Classic versions can be easily supplemented with landscapes and portraits painted in oil.

Modern rooms in style hi-tech, modern and minimalism can be revived with the help of abstract paintings, black and white photos or paintings in the style of pop art.

Follow the interior style is worth even if you decide to choose for themselves in the culinary theme of the image.

Kitchen in the style of Provence can be decorated, for example, a poster on the theme of retro advertising French bakery. At the same time as the classical ideal solution may be a still life.

Color scheme should pick up in strict accordance with the general tone of the walls, the color of the working apron, furniture items, modern curtains.

Nobody can abolish the key rules of compatibility of colors.

If you are looking for is not one picture of himself and a few, it is important to achieve the unity of the composition.

It does not matter in what order will be hung cloth, the main thing - the presence of a certain similarity between them.

It is the latter method is the easiest in the creation of the unity of the decor.

Paintings in the interior of the kitchen, according to the given picture, it is very often a way to simulate a fragment of the wall on which they hang.

This decision will be the most advantageous to look in the strict, respectable or the minimalist interiors.

The pictures do not necessarily have to be the same size, you just need to make the correct layout (rectangle or square).

If the idea is to design something, to create an atmosphere of lightness and ease, place the blade in a chaotic manner.

Particularly spectacular is the decision will be in the kitchens, in the style of a country or Shabby-chic.

It is not necessary initially to mount the pictures on the wall. Play with their layout on the floor.

It is worth to cut around the outlines on paper, cut out and put on the wall. With this approach, you will be able to visualize the end result.

The small picture on a large wall will look as out of place, like much in a little, that is, the proportion should be observed.

It is important to take into account the height of the ceilings.

If your kitchen is not high, but the long and the position on the free wall of an elongated group of paintings.

While at high effectively be looked broadly located composition or one large image.

Horizontal and vertical placement of paintings

The simplest arrangement of the pictures realized by following the vertical or horizontal axis. Just look for the center of each leaf and place them in rows.

It is a universal solution for kitchens made in any interior design solutions.

Positioning pictures better in well-lit areas kitchen, but not in direct sunlight, because in the shadow of drawings details are fuzzy, so can not be seen properly.

If your room is located on the north side, try to trim the canvas with a large and well-discernible image. Also, the output of this situation could be the ceiling lights or patterns.

The height at which the picture should be placed

The best thing will be perceived pattern, located at eye level.

If you do not hang paintings on one wall, be sure to make sure that their bottom edges are flush.

Small paintings can be slightly raised or lowered below eye level, while large should hang so that the bottom does not fall below the middle of the wall.

Taking into account all these details, you can create a holistic, harmonious way with a bright personality and originality.

Pictures for the kitchen: complements the interior

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Pictures play an important role in creating kitchen interior. They can act as a supplement to the unobtrusive design or become its central element. A well-chosen picture elevate mood, stimulate appetite and create a room warm and cozy atmosphere.

Which picture most harmoniously fit into the kitchen interior?

There does not exist any restrictions for the designer fantasies, as it all depends on stylistic solutions in which it is made. It can be engravings, prints, reproductions, photographs or posters, that can completely transform the space, giving it a unique and unmistakable appearance.

When choosing the size of patterns to be take into account the kitchen area. If the room is small, the large image will look out of place in them. In this case, the best solution would be placing on the walls of several miniature paintings, which share a common theme. The spacious kitchen, on the contrary, it is not recommended to decorate the small picture, so they can "get lost" in them. Here, it is desirable to hang a large painting that visually make the room more spacious.

vertical image They have the ability to visually stretch the room, so they should be hung on a low ceiling kitchens, and the horizontal pattern should be placed on the wide walls.

Scenes depicted in the paintings, have a strong influence on the mood of all households, so their choice should be approached very carefully. One of the most traditional solutions for kitchens - a painting made in the genre of still life. Walls can be decorated with images appetizing juicy ripe fruit, fresh pastries, glasses of wine or tasty dishes prepared venison. Such paintings create in the kitchen a comfortable and friendly atmosphere, and if the figures with vegetables and fruits red tones predominate, the whole family is guaranteed an excellent appetite, as this color stimulates him well and has a long feast.

The dining area also will look beautiful Mediterranean landscapes, made in warm and cheerful colors. A positive atmosphere in the region will create a picture in which there are yellow, green and orange tints.

To give the kitchen a fresh and beautiful appearance can decorate her still lifes, in which different colors are shown. It may be a modest field flowers - cornflowers, daisies poppies, which create a sense of closeness with nature. Beautiful garden plants, such as roses or peonies, will look great in classic interiors.

What pictures to choose based on the style of the room?

The kitchens are decorated in the style of hi-tech or minimalism, effectively will look futuristic image and various abstractions. On classic cuisine is recommended to place expensive paintings luxurious gilded frames, which are made in the best traditions of the Baroque, Romanism, impressionism or realism. If you prefer interiors English style, then you can place in the room of hunting scenes on the topic, as well as animalistic images of dogs or horses.

  • Kitchen country style decorate the picturesque rural landscapes, bouquets of wildflowers and fruit image, such as a juicy ripe grapes and quinces.
  • Provencal interiors harmoniously blend classical still lifes of Flemish painters, with calm and muted shades.
  • Well, at the fashionable and spectacular cuisine in the style of pop art will look stylish, brightly colored posters and collages created from photographs.

Currently, the fashion trend is the interior decoration personal photos home owners. Make it easy enough with today's technology, using large-format printing. With these paintings the room gets a special individuality and unique style.

It should be borne in mind that in the kitchen is recommended to place the picture with only positive and cheerful scenes. These images do not have to be painted in dark tones and carry the aggression.

Emphasize the elegance and beauty of pictures can be using the corresponding frame. Important is not only the material from which made frames and moldings, but also their width. For small paintings, photographs or prints is recommended to use narrow frames, and for large and vivid images to be selected wide moldings. By the way, the designers believe that all the pictures that are in the kitchen should have one and the same frame format.

frame configuration depends on the shape of the picture itself. It can be round, rectangular or hexagonal. The most expensive are considered baguettes made of natural wood. These products have a wealth of decorative features, so they can go to any interior style. They can give the effect of aged, cover bronze or gold.

Plastic frames are more than affordable price. They are universal, easy, and a variety of patterns and designs. In addition, they are resistant to moisture, so great for kitchens. However, it should be borne in mind that they are not recommended to frame the big picture, as such moldings may eventually become deformed.

Aluminum moldings are different variety of colors, shapes and sizes. They have a modern design and are perfect for interiors, which are decorated in high-tech or modern styles.

There are also more original design decisions, such as in the kitchen country style You can use frames made of coffee beans, nuts, cones and cinnamon pieces. Image with marine issues may have a box, decorated with pieces of coral, beautiful shells and other seafood.

Choosing paintings for home, should consider not only the interior of the premises, but also their taste preferences, because this makes your kitchen decor energy and affects the mood of all family members.

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