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Baby Swings home

Brighten up rainy days, when the street is not particularly frolic help home Swings. They child can and go and play, and my mother did not have to break away from their household chores on the farm, in order to prevent future child. Baby Swings home as much as possible should be chosen carefully.

Big and obvious plus home swing is that they are highly mobile. They can be moved from one room to another, stand on the street, as well as take a trip out of town, on nature, to his grandmother.

They do not take up much space, if necessary, easy to fold, and removed just as easily assembled back. Modern manufacturers concerned about the safety of children, and therefore almost all models are equipped with durable kapron ropes, good reliable fasteners, elements of the protective function.

Most of the attractions can be resized. While the child is small, it will swing with the attached table, protective bumper and back, then these elements can be removed, thereby making the toy a more "adult". Therefore, well chosen model for a child 2-3 years is able to serve it up to 10-12 years.

Among the shortcomings can be noted only a negligent attitude of specific manufacturers. This is especially true of cheap swings, which can not boast of reliable fasteners or high-quality seats. can often be seen in the sale of laminated toys, they are not safe.

Swing for the house divided into several types (in their design and safety):

  1. simple, rope;
  2. rope with a solid-seat bench;
  3. with anatomic hard seat-chair;
  4. a-seat chair with a high back and the separator feet;
  5. with the back, splitter, protective bumper, armrests;
  6. with upholstered seat;
  7. textile models of the type "hammock".

In most designs with anatomical seats provided seatbelts.

They can be three-point and five-point. By type of fastening of the model is quite versatile - they can be mounted in the door arches and openings on the bar, on the branches of trees, some of the swings are attached to the ceiling on a hook. On the aesthetic perception of the ceilings and doorways can be not to worry, because you can make use of decorative overlays, place masking unit built attachment.

Newborns Swings recommended only if they are made in the form of a cradle or hammock. So the baby can lie quietly in them. Starting from 3 months, when the crumb starts to roll, it is necessary to fasten the child seat belts if they are provided in a particular product. If not, it is better to give up the pendant swings for a while. As long as the kid does not get stronger, you can use the electronic swing - more reliable in terms of security grudnichka.

Many are swing floor, with its own base, which carries the suspended portion.

If you want a pure suspension model, will have to try, the choice is quite limited. For a newborn baby, you can choose such a cradle, the cradle, which are attached to the ceiling and have a fairly high boards. Here are some models:

  1. Cradle "Patterns" - it has a considerable length of the straps, which makes it possible to hang it on a different height. Recommended for children up to 4-6 months. As soon as the baby starts to sit, the cradle becomes dangerous, because children often fall. The cost of such products - from 8500 rubles.
  2. Cradle Leander - very high-quality cradle, made of natural materials with excellent fixtures. It is quite expensive - from 20000 rubles. Designed for children up to 6 months.
  3. Swing Haba «Fairy Meadow" - bright, oval, with lots of toys, rattles and tweeters. This is not only a place to sleep, but also a great gift develops. The cost - about 20,000 rubles.

For the production of children's swings manufacturers try to use safe environmentally friendly plastic, durable textiles, and nylon ropes in suspension. The models with seats are often made of wood. Wooden plank rope products are quite popular. Metallic elements in the models used are not very common for the house, as they are much heavier construction.

Plastic cleans well, easier to follow him, so that such a swing is quite practical, but not so on wooden. If the apartment is high humidity, the wood product may swell, and if low - crack. Textile swing definitely need zastiryvat, washed out and disinfected vertical steamer or iron.

When selecting necessarily ask which of the models have removable elements of the material from which they are made, so you do not have difficulty with the departure.

When choosing a need to build on the child's age. Many manufacturers (both Russian and foreign) recommend their products to children from 1 year. However, there are models that are approved for use from 6 months - if the child has already learned to sit.

Pay attention to the quality of parts, fasteners, ropes. The plastic should not abruptly smell and wooden elements should not be damaged (broken away varnish, cracks). Be sure to ask the seller to show two certificates for a specific model of your choice - a quality certificate and a certificate of conformity.

If you are planning to buy cheap swings, which cost starts from 500 rubles, then be prepared for the fact that they will not be transformed - the seat they have certain dimensions that can not be increased when the child grows up. The models, which cost starts from 1200 rubles, already have a design that allows you to extend the seat, put on and take off and back bumper.

Be sure to look at the manufacturer-recommended weight load. It is better to opt for a swing with a capacity of up to 30-35 kg, because it significantly prolong their use. Growing and tyazheleyuschy child will use a toy for a long time.

Small children is best to take a swing, which are ahead of the table, acting as a bumper-limiter. Some of these products have a music bar, where the baby will be able to include pre-programmed melodies. So pipsqueak is longer busy playing, and my mother did not have all the time to stand next to him, to constantly engage them.

Interesting interior solutions

Hanging textile swings for children from 3 years, take up more space than a rope options that are conveniently placed in the doorway. Such swings are generally quite bright, they can become a central element of a child's room design, if mounted on the ceiling in the middle of the room.

Rope model not burdened backs and limiters are classic embodiment, and therefore easy to fit in any room. And they can not be placed in the doorway. The brightly decorated nursery, they will look great and center of the room.

Swings in the doorway will not interfere with walking an adult if they are simple and removable seat. Even in a small apartment they can easily find their way and will bring pleasure to children.

For more information about how to set a children's swing in the house, you will learn from the following video.

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How to choose a suspended swing for the baby?

Baby Swings homes are very comfortable, they make life fun and let the kid have a great time without leaving the premises. It is very practical in wet and rainy days. Swings are suitable for children of all ages.

In children Swings have a special fastening system. Thanks to her, made a strong fixation to the support. Before buying this product, you should consider all the options and give preference to the most comfortable and functional instance.

the purchase price varies greatly, due to the ease of use and functionality. Different models can be attached to certain surfaces. Some designs can not be reinstalled repeatedly.

When you select should pay attention to this parameter. Removable and non-removable Swings require different approaches to be installed. So you do not have problems, you need to learn how to quickly and easily without help remove and hung specific models.

Manufacturers use not only metal, plastic or textiles, but also different combinations of these materials can vary. Mobility and full safety of structures supported by the envisaged height adjustment.

Handles as chains have a special protective coating made of elastic material. This prevents the ingress of baby clothes between individual units, protected, minimizing the possibility of injury.

Children swings (street and enclosed space) can be single or intended for use by several babies. It is very convenient, especially when the house is more than one child. Kid can have fun swinging on a multi-model with their friends that they take even greater pleasure. But this option has 2 disadvantages: higher cost, Multi model takes up more space.

Range model and in line with the age of the kids, who will be swinging on a swing. If this very young children, the manufacturer provides a special footrest. There are also straps with adjustable buckle, be sure to have a back wall for the back.

Older children fit flexible swing with chains or ropes as handles. With these models, girls and boys not only play and develop their coordination, which is very important for a growing body. Security design significantly increases if the seat is light in weight.

Children's swing for the house is divided into 2 types: suspension and floor. Anyone can purchase the product for your baby, made of a lightweight, flexible material that can be used in the apartment or house. From a lot of different options to find just the design of plastic with handles in the form of ropes, the most suitable for a particular exclusive interior nursery.

Plastic swing transportable, they can move from place to place even a child without the help of parents.

Plus they are also in the fact that does not need special care for them. If we compare metal construction with plastic swing, the recent warmer. They allowed children to skate even the smallest age. An important advantage of plastic products is their ease.

Swings are sometimes equipped with textile interior. This element is not only comfort but also safety for the baby. The seat is easy to remove, if contaminated it can be washed.

The equipment may contain small table, it is very convenient for both the child and parents. It can be decomposed into some educational toys and slowly swaying, and a table can be easily removed if necessary.

As the basis of the swing can be applied to natural wood. Such products are highly popular with consumers because the wood is a versatile, environmentally friendly material.

Suspended swing for children - this is a great option, as they do not occupy much space. In a small apartment to put nowhere floor structure, which gives the advantage of the suspension product. If necessary, if the baby is not often used in the design of games, it can be temporarily removed to make space. The most compact models are rope suspended structures copies. They are convenient for both carry and store.

Modern swings for infants acquired for rocking the baby. This is their main function, so the design looks like a cradle. It is equipped with a switch that allows to adjust the swing speed. In some embodiments, there are 3 speeds, in others - 4.

Thanks to the electronic mechanism the product is programmed for motion sickness through various melodic sounds and slight vibrations. Some options include the presence of mobile and canopy.

The backrest can be adjusted to different positions. Chair design is used as a means of carrying a baby. If a boy or girl has their own sitting, they can accidentally fall, leaning forward. To ride was safe, it is necessary to use a seat belt, which fastens to the seat body. The younger the baby will be very comfortable on the soft seat. For the development of a young child on a swing arc can be attached or fastened with toys soft toys separately.

However, swing for newborn have certain disadvantages. There is a chance that the baby will breach waking and sleep mode. This is due to the fact that during rocking the baby falls asleep quickly, and this leads to disturbances in the schedule of his day. In modern cradles centers allowed to place the crumbs for a short time, for example, no more than 30 minutes. To pump it can not, and after a hearty meal.

Experts do not recommend the use of a device for naughty boys, because rocked function may cause more severe irritation body.

Electronic swing easy, but it is hidden and disadvantage. When the output of the electronic system fails the main task of the whole construction will be performed. If you do not turn to professionals and not to repair, the seat can be used solely for the purpose of feeding or moving the kids at home.

Among the members there are different opinions about the product. Sometimes it is necessary to ventilate the structure before you enter her apartment and start to operate, since it comes from a fairly strong smell of plastic. A short time later operation of the swing start to make creaking. Negative and that rapid growth does not allow the child to stay long in the cradle.

Suspended swing for children are the most unreliable of all presented children's products. However, they have a number of advantages. Undeniable their high mobility. They are no sharp corners, they are securely holding baby body, not allowing him to fall. Interestingly, some options are easy to adapt to the characteristics of the growing organism, for example, the product of Pilsan «Do-Re-Mi».

All the kids really like accessories. On the rear bumper are often located Tweeters, rattles and so on. If there is no swing seat belts or barrier bumpers, it is best not to allow a child to ride alone. In this case, you need to look after him, to be around while riding. A safer option to choose from the belts. Available with 3 or 5 point straps. When attaching the suspension design can not be done screwing in the doorway at the top. It is not safe:

  1. Swaying crumb may accidentally hit the door jamb.
  2. It is not known what kind of load can withstand the door frame, there is a risk that it will fall off and injure children.
  3. The danger may lurk in the nodes, retaining the seat. If they are not firmly tied, then rolling around fall.
  4. When the product is not fastened the rope near the rings and no other fixers and not credible seat fastenings, you should not make a purchase.

During operation, be aware that it is necessary to align the swing. Sale items hanging slightly skewed, so the pope should try to align swings.

Keep in mind that kids up to 4 years of insurance is necessary that they should not have slipped out of a special attachment. It is important to try to swing on the child was comfortable to sit, rest sometimes creates discomfort, pushing back.

Many variants are characterized by the large amplitude swing. Construction should be placed so that a radius of rocking the baby no different obstacles to free movement.

Swings at home with their own hands to do is not difficult. First you have to determine the place of their location. When you select should be guided by the conditions: to not interfere with the swing, the child has a place to swing, under any circumstances to anything not touched during the "flight".

The optimum basis for fixing the metal pipe protrudes a small diameter and hooks, which are located in the doorway arches or wide doors. Very well, if the child has a large private bathroom, which is equipped with a sports area. Then, the swing can be attached to the horizontal bar. If you have selected the hooks, their safest to drive at the ceiling. Having defined the mounting location, you can perform the installation. Necessary materials:

  • wooden board or a piece of high-strength plywood, which is made from the seat;
  • barriers for 5 pcs. Straps (back and side elements);
  • beta length of 6 m;
  • copper tubes 4 pcs., a diameter of 20 mm, of which 2 pieces. in length and 6.5 cm 2 pieces. - 12.5 cm.

Applying a wooden board for a seat manufacturing, pre-walk on her plane. You need to handle and strap, and ensure that all the protruding elements have been rounded.

The seat 4 corners need to do a hole diameter of 0.6 cm -1 by using drill. The distance from the edges of the board must be at least 4 cm. At this distance, the holes are made in the strips extending in the swing as delimiters. 2 straps are attached at the sides, 2 - rear and 1 in front.

Prepared parts are assembled together. To this end, threaded holes directly through the rope. Fixation is accomplished by tying the trusted sites. Assembled structure need to hang and paint. The tree can not paint paint, and cover several layers of lacquer. When the child grows up, the bar attached in front, must be removed. The structure may be assembled from individual elements together are inserted into specially Realized grooves.

Swings for children are not spared from the disadvantages, however, have a number of advantages. By purchasing them in a store, it is better to give preference to a reliable, credible designs. The seller must have a certificate of quality products. If you want to please the boys, the pope can do with it swing. He would like to participate in the process of its creation, and even more enjoyable to ride on it.

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Swing pendant for your crumbs

Probably every parent remembers the happy moments of his childhood, which took place on a swing. Soaring in the clouds, you are dreaming to get a cloud or a ray of sunshine to catch. And these feelings and impressions you have carried all through childhood and adolescence into adulthood. And now, as an adult aunt, sometimes you want to relax and rise high above all earthly problems, swaying and laughing loudly on the swing as a child. But the golden age is over, you have your own baby that is growing and happy with his love.

Give your child those unforgettable moments that you experienced in childhood. Purchase a swing suspended in the kid's room, and you will feel its warmth and unconditional love to her. Rejoice with him every moment of its development, formation, mark them with his joy and empathy failures. Live your senses crumbs, and the world will become much easier, trouble will be left behind or quickly resolved.

Of course, now on every playground has swings, and even a few. You can shake your child outdoors, but often, especially the smallest, can not take a swing, because a lot of children, and they all want to get them. There is a solution: install compact swing hanging in his apartment. Believe me, they will not take you a lot of space, and you can remove them at any time when the child they have a good laugh.

Benefits for children Swings

If you are still in doubt, put homemade swing for crumbs or to entertain her in the yard, it is, of course, it's up, but the advantages of the first version are significant. Today, children's swing hanging - fashionable novelty in the interior of a child's room. This is not a whim but a necessity really.

What are the advantages of home swing:

  1. If you have a lot of work, household chores, and the child is naughty, he does not know himself what he wants, it's time to get him on the swing. And you still, and a child happy.
  2. Swing suspension will secure a stay of the child to them because of manufacturing technology thought out, and the baby is protected from falling. Of course, you must look after the crumbs.
  3. If the child does not want or difficulty falling asleep after dinner, sat him on a swing for children hanging, and you will be surprised how fast and easy it will sink in pink dreams.
  4. Household seesaw you can hang in a doorway or arch: they occupy a few square meters, but will decorate your interior and will be the baby's favorite toy.

Buying swing, you need to pay attention to what they are made of any material. For example, plastic swing uncomfortable, the best choice - wood. Buy a swing hanging in specialized toy shops, demanding a quality certificate.

Attach the swing can be the door frame, ordering metal tube especially for the children's accessory. You can adapt them to the sports corner, if there is one in your apartment, and allows the area. On the horizontal bar, you can attach a children's swing. The child will be happy.

Swing pendant buy as the youngest - babies - to sleep and active pastime, as well as older children - from 3 to 5 years. Buying such a thing, you need to watch the instruction: for a weight class needs a means for recreation.

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