High quality kitchen knives

High quality kitchen knives

None kitchen can not do without knives. Even the most modern. And even with a dozen of the best food processors. But the blades were long, their choice should be approached carefully and with knowledge.

Choosing kitchen knives correctly and buy them profitable in online hypermarket of kitchen knives vposude.ru

Kinds of kitchen knives, which are always needed

One kitchen knife a little. This campaign can do a penknife, and in the kitchen for everyone "ritual" of action - his knife. We understand their purpose - which knives come in handy in the kitchen?

  • Bread knife / loaves: long blade (toothed, wavy), equal to the width along its entire length, a large handle.
  • Kitchen Trio: long knives (25 to 45 cm) wide blade sharp tip is always rounded cutting surface. Purpose - cutting products with a strong structure.
  • Knife for cleaning vegetables / fruits: shortened blade, sharp tip, only a flat cutting surface, a large comfortable handle. Alternatively, the knife blade between the 2 arms to the presence of holes in the "body" (for potatoes, carrots, etc.).

  • Knife for cutting meat with bones: narrow, medium length blade in a curve towards the tip, at the base of the extended, the cutting surface has no chipping - smooth.
  • Knife for slicing sausage and cheese: long blade (wide enough), the cutting surface without bending.
  • Knife for fish: flexible blade width equal at all sites is long, a burr.

  • Table knives (butter, paste): medium length blade, broad, rounded tip.
  • Knife for mushrooms: shortened, plastic, stiff brush on the handle to clean the hats.
  • Knife-ax: butcher, cutting bones. The wide blade, powerful grip.

Metal or ceramic knives?

Ceramic and metal blades are not interchangeable. Despite the utility, the difference is significant at loggerheads. About the pros / cons of metal knives know everything, so we understand the features in ceramic ...

  • The composition of the ceramic blade - zirconia (very hard material). If the severity of the metal blade after sharpening enough for a month, then the term ceramic can be easily multiplied by 10. Although properly operated knife sharpening is not needed at all.
  • The ceramic material is non-porous. Accordingly, the taste of the product is not transmitted to another. After cutting, for example, hot peppers and garlic, you just rinse the blade and you can continue working.
  • The density of the ceramic cutter structure and minimal porosity provides the instrument hygiene and facilitates cleaning.
  • Ceramic Knife lighter metal. Accordingly, the lower the load on the arm and shoulder.
  • Ceramic knife does not rust, not oxidized, is not magnetized, and is resistant to scratches.

  • Fragility. Ceramic knife cut bone and frozen meat, you can not - it is for such purposes is simply not designed. When falling to the floor metallic blade may bend, break off in the ceramic tip.
  • Ceramic knife is not universal (It is suitable only for certain actions in the kitchen).
  • ceramic knife cost of higher priceson metal.
  • Sharpening ceramic knives alone is not recommended.

10 rules for selecting kitchen knives

Choosing the knives in the kitchen, pay attention to the following points:

  • blade quality. Best Cooking knives produce stainless steel by adding chromium to hardness. Or use chromium alloyed with vanadium and molybdenum - to reduce brittleness. Forged blades - the best and most durable.

  • Sharpening (efficiency knife edge). If you look at the side of the knife you notice that its cutting surface resembles a traveling wave (exception - a bread knife) and just expanded to the tip, you can safely return the unit to the store shelf. No dents / chips on the cutting surface should not be. The best option - a brilliant unbroken line from the handle and to the tip. Ideally, if the cutting part is impossible to discern. And one more thing: the cutting surface at the highest quality knife will always be two-way.
  • Lever. Wood: comfortable for hands, not heated, but eventually loses its appearance - wears and "acquires" the cracks, which, in turn, become clogged with fat. The habit to leave a knife in the sink also prolongs its life. Plastic handle: sturdy and durable material that does not deteriorate during prolonged contact with water, but hidden determine the length of the steel blade, alas, not possible. A fabric (in the note) shall extend until the end of the handle, otherwise it will get loose and just fall over time. Metal handle - ideal: strong, no permission or excuse, will not break and will not crack.

  • The surface of the blade. It should be no scratches, stains, various roughness and indent. That is, the composition of the material should be uniform.
  • blade sharpening method. Laser sharpening (matte risk-notch - the hallmark) - the best option. More expensive, but does not require sharpening and durable. The blade of the knife is a metal with a conventional hardened inside a metal (for SEWING quenched portions exposed base metal, and a self-sharpening effect can be observed).
  • Fixing blades. Knife blade must necessarily pass through the entire length of the handle - not half or 2/3 of the handle. Polished rivets on the handle should firmly adhere to the substrate and does not stick out from the slots. Molded plastic handle without rivets - a bad option.
  • Cost. Price-quality knife can not be low. It would be naive to hope for longevity and super-properties knife, purchased at the price of a loaf of bread.

  • Access to the knife. Quality knife is always possible to get out of the package, to twist in his hands and to evaluate its "touch." Acquire a knife in a package that can not reveal, it is not recommended.
  • Convenience. Check the knife weight and ease of hand - if the blade lever itself outweighs the not too heavy knife, how convenient to Palm thickness of the handle.
  • The sharpness of the blade. If you are told that this wonderful knife can be sharpened at home for yourself, feel free to look for another device. Cutting properties will depend on the angle of sharpening. Proprietary high-quality knives are sharpened on professional equipment, and at home to do it is simply impossible.

Ranking of the best manufacturers of knives

It is clear that a knife, for example, "Solingen" will always be better than any knife unknown firm local bottling purchased on the street around the corner. Therefore, the focus - on the manufacturer. And we'll show you knives which companies are recognized as the best.

  • Wusthof Dreizack, Solingen, Germany. Super hardened carbon steel, manually sharpened lower edge, to metal corrosion.

  • Zwilling J.A.Henckels, Solingen, Germany. High strength blade sharpening hand, absolute resistance to corrosion, the blade from a single piece of steel.

  • Victorinox, Schwyz, Switzerland. Steel with carbon, silicon, chromium, manganese and molybdenum, does not corrode, hardness 56 RC.
  • Sabatier, Thiers, France. Stainless steel, thin pen circular base.

  • Dick, deizisau, Germany. high quality stainless steel.
  • GLOBAL, Japan. Molybdenum-vanadium steel CROMOVA. Cold hardening. Resistance to corrosion. Long service life.
  • Arcos, Spain. High quality, long life, beautiful appearance.
  • Del Ben, Italy. High quality stainless steel, manual processing to "finish" the handle of valuable tree species, chic design.

  • Evercut, France. Sophisticated design, high quality, strength and durability, style.

How to store knives in the kitchen right?

Experience - the son of errors difficult. Not all housewives know that compliance with the rules for knives storage can significantly extend the expected lifetime of their life and cutting properties. Remember ...

  • Keep knives on a magnetic carrier or on a footrest.
  • Protect the blade by friction / shock each other, and other metal objects.
  • Do not use cutting boards of glass and stone, the ideal option - made of wood and plastic boards.
  • Ceramic knives hold only in boxes of paper and hide from the sun.
  • Never leave knives in the water - wipe dry immediately after washing. Especially after cutting lemon and onion.
  • Wash professional knives by hand, kitchen knives tupyatsya multiply faster when using the dishwasher.
  • Do not use hot water for the washing of carbon steel blades.
  • Do not heat the knives.
  • Edit the regular soft blades Musatov.
  • Use the knife for any other purpose.

One last tip - do not skimp on the knife. A good knife - is not only fast work in the kitchen, but also the fun of the job.

What kind of knives in the kitchen do you use?

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Brad kakoyto written! Either an article he wrote a copywriter or a person Nesvedov at loggerheads at all! It is written that the quality of the knife sharpening should always be a two-way! Stunned easy! And what about the Japanese top quality knives honiyaki of stainless steel shirogami or Aogami with unilateral sharpening standing by 500 dollars apiece? They are not quality or what? And still a gem in the article that some metal knife in the home can not be sharpened at the factory! I've sharpen Japanese knife yanagiba with unilateral sharpening steel shirogami home mountain to better than the factory 30 minut.Nozh on hair weight rezhet.Vidno site owners strongly sekonomili on kopitraytere pishushih nonsense.

I agree about sharpening. Andrew, and what you're sharpening a knife that as many as half an hour? dolgovato somehow! I took an electric meat grinder very cheap, prisobachil drive and now stupidly grind the meat grinder in the kitchen! 2 minutes and a knife perfectly sharp!

Someone is sharpening grinder 2 minutes? Yes, you're just wasting your time in vain! I for this time Dremel 30 thousand turns three (3.) Have time to sharpen a knife.

CAUTION! This commentary is not recommended reading for people with weak mentality, pregnant women as well as children

ahaha stupidity I would write synullka pants navaalil procheitav is it me tochet knives sharpener kotioruyu I bought in the transition and podzemmnom poluchaaetsya great and only cost 500 dolzharov apiece. you're out of your mind. nonsense is not peshite boshe

I agree with Andrew! Hirogami knives and similar fine rust. Only if they are stored in the warehouse. If they are at all times in the work - this will not happen. A sharpening - a private matter of each, someone knows the correct way, who does not know.

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Rating kitchen knives - Top 10 best

that opens this beauty. Thank you for the inspiration and chills.

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Every housewife knows how to argue the case, when the kitchen good knives. Balanced, sharp and comfortable in the hand - such a pleasure to work. Our rating of talk about brands, offering the most reliable and profitable to buy them in the store can be kitchen knives Vposude.ru

Knife kitchen Hattori KD Santoku

  • These Japanese forged knives are a real work of art, which, however, it is possible to get himself into the kitchen. Most of the work is done by hand, as evidenced by the engraving on the blade. Knives can be seen in the hands of actors movie "Terminator" and "Rambo".
  • Any chef will tell you what is best forged products mankind has not invented anything, so these are the blades are in the first places in these rankings.
  • Hattori kitchen knives line consists of several series. The collection KD blades in composite blades, a core of steel Cowry X and lining of the 63 layers of Damascus. This is the most expensive knives in the collection and the rating - the price starts from $ 800 per blade is 10.5 cm long.
  • A very thin blade of the blade base has excellent cutting properties, but not capable of rough work. The handle is made of a composite material stabilized (mikarty) which does not swell and does not shrink.
  • HD Series is more democratic in price. The blades 62 of the nickel layer and the core of Damascus steel VG - 10. The handle is made of pakka wood technology (laminate of valuable wood).

kitchen knives Lion Sabatier Glasgow

  • Still other knives premium forged alloy steel and German manufacturer Thyssen Krupp. Virtually the entire design Sabatier knives classic - with brass or steel studs and a small series manufactured with cast steel handles.
  • There Sabatier knives with mirror polished. The quality of the cutting edge has a hardness of 48-52 HRC and a knife is quite capable to serve for 20 years without frequent sharpening.
  • Balanced and not heavy handle of the timber and stabilized polyoxymethylene (scratch-resistant material).
  • The price for the cheapest steel knife is 7700 rubles per 10 centimeter blade. Forged start at 10 thousand. At a lower price, you can easily find a replica made in China (Sabatier international).

Kitchen Knives Global

The Japanese company has invented Yoshikin producing kitchen knives made of solid stainless steel blade. A blade itself is an inner layer 18 and the stamp Cromova softer steel Sus 414 protects the knife from chipping and corrosion.

With intensive use of knives need sharpening at least once every 8-10 months. Handles in Global knives are perfectly balanced with sand, so they easy to work as a dry or wet hands.

Price starts from 3660 rubles.

Kitchen knives Tramontina Centuri

These knives are of Brazilian origin. The company more than 100 years and today the products are represented in over 120 countries. In addition to all kinds of utensils for the house, the brand has a very large selection of all kinds of knives: for fishing and hunting, professional and hatchets.

Century Series - a professional knife sets with forged blades (providing the thinnest grinding) and quenching to 56 units. Handles made of glass and polycarbonate. The manufacturer guarantees that the steel does not tarnish and darken over time.

Knives that are sold by the piece, remarkable rubber strips on the handle of polypropylene (Multicolor series, the price of 350 rubles and AMALFI, the price of 100 rubles). General range of kitchen knives big and can be found as a highly specialized knife (for steak, tomatoes, meat and vegetables), and universal (more than 22 items), the price of 400 rubles per a wooden handle.

Kitchen knives damask Samura

As the name implies, these samurai knives can be born only from Japan. Harakiri, Bamboo, Shadow - collections of so many, there is zirconia ceramic, keramotitana and 67-layer damask steel. The last most expensive but also the most impressive. Steel can be both single-layer and multi-layer, also has a highly specialized and flexible knives.

Handles also involve a great variety - from fiberglass, artificial stone and steel. Buy knives of the company on the official site of knives Samura Vposude.ru

Sets start from 3 thousand rubles, frutonozhik - 530, a little more - from 720 rubles.

Kitchen knives Zwilling J.A.Henckels, Solingen

The German company Zwilling J.A.Henckels of German Solingen has long been implementing in the Russian market of kitchen knives. Only the price is biting - starting from 11 euros for a small blade. On sale in the markets you can often find Chinese fakes, which are fully replicate the form zolingerovskih knives. Of course, fake quality steel sheet and a non-consumable plastic they fail.

Knives are very much: kitchen, for ham, steak, steak, bread, for bone and separating the meat from the bones, vegetable (separately for the tomatoes) and cheese. Only bread knife 8 species and vegetable - 5.

Have forged professional knife with a very wide blade (70 euros). Its ergonomic handle of fire-retardant plastic designed to trifles and perfectly fits in your hand.

The warranty on manufacturing defects free replacement assumes, however after the examination.

Kitchen knives BergHOFF

  • The largest manufacturer of cookware, which produces a large range of kitchen knives from high-quality stainless steel x30Cr14 brand.
  • Steel blades sharpened by hand and have a special character. There are ceramic blade (from satin-polished) and Teflon coated.
  • Plastic handles balanced, have forged and made of synthetic materials, with special recess for better retention. To many models are polypropylene covers, further preserving the sharpness of the knife.

Price per unit starting at 300 rubles per set - from 800 rubles.

Kitchen knives Bekker

The German company, which sells kits and blades separately. Collections as much as 3: de luxe, premium, classic. The latter two are composed only of the sets of classic design.

The first series, De luxe, different contrast decor - white stripe on black or red plastic handle with rubber coating. Some blades with ceramic Nano Resin coated, which does not cleave any products.

Sets of this series differ a great design, with a color coating Xynflon - bright, colorful, patterned. It is these knives will attract the attention of the kitchen first thing. The same with them, and stand - futuristic and hi-tech.

Knife Set Peterhof PH-22341 4

Another global manufacturer of cookware, the Austrian, who have factories in China. At Peterhof most striking design of kitchen knives. The only thing a little brand products are sold separately (price - from 470 rubles). But when choosing a set of simple eyes run.

Blades with Teflon or non-stick coating, stainless steel, zirconia ceramics. It looks wonderful titanium coating blade with a smooth transition from light to dark (Peterhof PH - 22348/49/50).

Handles: the combination of stainless steel and bakelite, colored silicone, antibacterial coating. There's even a soft handle (Peterhof PH-22424), ergonomic and very comfortable. Sets price starts from 500 rubles, but the quality of the steel is still at a height of (18 \ 10).

Kitchen knives Fissman

This Danish company sells a large range of products for the house, but the knives have not very much. Handles made of non-slip material and Bakelite. Stand - made of wood and acrylic.

Blades - from multi-colored ceramic and stainless steel. On some models, has a Teflon coating that protect the product against oxidation.

The price starts from 180 rubles.

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    7 best knives for the kitchen

    However, we have to admit - with a knife awkwardly shaped, with soft steel blade, cut something beautiful portions will not even Gordon Ramsay. Do you want to enjoy not only delicious, but also beautiful food? Consider replacing the kitchen knives.

    Best knives for the kitchen and the rating will help you make the right choice and surprise family unsurpassed cooking!

    What knives are needed in the home kitchen?

    Those interested in high-quality knives, of course, went to the store site for professional chefs ... and, in most cases, were lost on the variety. This is not surprising - more than a hundred species of main cooking tool confuse everyone.

    So whether you need a variety of knives in a conventional kitchen?

    Note: Many cooks believe that even the standard set, which is often sold in stores (six knives with scissors) can be a bit much. Think about how often you use each of them? Probably, in order to optimize working space, you stop for a smaller amount.

    What knives recognized chef as the key? Professionals distinguish "Povarskaya three" - a mandatory set of knives, which should be in every cook:

    • Chef knife - the main working tool, which is convenient to both carve meat and poultry, and to chop vegetables. An indispensable tool in reaching the skill with which you will no longer need the other knives. Choose it solely on the arm - heavy knife square, so often in the movies, it may be too heavy for the girls. In this case it is better to choose an analogue, for example, a European round chef knife.
    • Toothed serrated blade - a knife for cutting bread, vegetables and fruit. Knife in the twenty to twenty-six centimeters in length outwardly looks like on the saw, but it works very delicately, without bending soft foods.
    • Small knife in the six to eight centimeters for cleaning fruits and vegetables.

    This set will be enough and experienced cooks, and the beginner who only knows the basics of craftsmanship.

    Steel or ceramic? Let's compare!

    If you do not focus on the rare glass and plastic knives, which are used by professionals of haute cuisine in special situations, will remain the two main material for the manufacture of kitchen knives - steel or ceramic.

    Functionality them altogether similar, but the materials to make a significant difference in the use of knives. Consider for the beginning of the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic knives.

    Ceramic kitchen knives are more ergonomic - a material lighter than steel, but because his hands in the process is much less tired. You should not ignore the fact that a knife does not need sharpening - it can serve you for decades if properly handled.

    Ceramic is much more hygienic - due to lack of long in the blade, it does not absorb odors and product molecules. Therefore, after using a knife simply rinse.

    However, the brittleness of the material imposes its own limits - you will not be able to cut frozen meat, although part of the recipe so require. In this case it is necessary to acquire additional steel knife. In addition, the knife made of ceramic is very easy to break - just drop it on the floor.

    Blades of steel are much more durable, and the laser sharpening makes them no less acute than ceramic. In addition, the range is much wider. However, they require special attention to health and are a fraction of ceramic counterparts.

    Every year on the market there are new kitchen accessories knives. Select a newcomer not only from such a variety. Even experienced professionals sometimes get lost.

    Especially for you we have compiled a Top 7 best kitchen knives that will be comfortable to work with and you will be pleasantly surprised not only the quality but also the appearance. The ranking considered exclusively chef knives as the most "telling" the representatives of brands.

    Knife kitchen Hattori KD Santoku 180mm KD-31

    The right to lead the rating rightly departed Japanese knife Hattori KD Santoku. Japanese brand Hattori - the world's leading professional production of knives. Chef's Knife Series KD - choice for those who appreciate the truly iconic thing.

    Each knife is made by hand-forged, ensuring the uniqueness of the product. Fine engraving is practically not repeated on the blade and handle design.

    High strength chef knife Hattori KD Santoku provide sixty-three layer Damascus steel. Recall that in the Middle Ages, the sword of the material paid in gold, many times greater than the weight of the blade. The core is made of steel Cowry X, adds a blade balancer.

    This chef's knife is ideally suited for the most delicate work. Its blade is on the edge of a little thicker than a human hair. You can easily find the video when with the help of Chef decorate dishes by carving - figured cutting vegetables and fruits.

    However, and it is ideal for easy operation. Thanks to its quality this knife will last for many years. In addition to strong and sharp blade it is equipped with a handle made of mikarty - a material that does not shrink or swell by water.

    Price it appropriate - from 200 thousand rubles.

    Do not lag behind Japanese and European knives. Sabatier Lion Edonist - a masterpiece of the German-French manufacturer Thyssen Krupp. Properties allow for sharpening cutting edge having a degree of hardness of 48-52 HRC - sufficient to cut the sheet on the weight of the paper.

    Forged steel processed in a special way, which the manufacturer keeps a secret. This ensures long service life of the knife - to twenty years without frequent sharpening. At the same time balancing the knife can only envy.

    Needless blade is subjected to mirror polishing - is a reliable way to avoid micro-cracks and scratches, which not only spoil the appearance of the knife, but also adversely affect its hygienic properties.

    POM, which is used in the manufacture of the handle, it is nice enough to go to the hand and does not slip. He is not affected by moisture and is not deformed by high temperatures - good property for those who like to forget the knife at the stove.

    The handle is ergonomic, so hand fatigue and wrist stiff excluded even if in front of you a big edge culinary works. This knife is pleasant to use, and its minimalist design will allow adequately fit into any kitchen interior.

    Price - 9000 rubles.

    Chef knife 240 mm Tamahagane SNM-1104

    For the manufacture of cooking knife used technology similar to that used for the production of a drive. By adding nickel and vanadium in the steel, chef knife Tamahagane SNM-1104 may even cut iron. However, in the kitchen of this need not arise.

    On the surface of steel from thirty-three layers is shown a special design - a sign of quality and originality of the knife. Thin edge easy to cope with both the frozen meat and a delicate soft products. blade sharpening bilateral, symmetrical.

    The ergonomic handle facilitates work and helps to make a minimum of physical effort when cooking.

    The cost of such a knife starts from 10 thousand. In this case, you can contact directly with the manufacturer and order a unique knife.

    Combining Lovers luxury and minimalist appreciate German company known knives of Gude. Monolithic knife configured single unit - and plated handle and blade are integral part.

    Wrought iron, molybdenum, vanadium has high strength. You do not need to frequently sharpen the knife - enough to comply with its rules of operation.

    High strength allows to perform any manipulation Cooking - from cleaning vegetables before chopping. Despite the unusual material, steel handle is easy to go to the hand and does not cause discomfort.

    Price starts from 10 thousand rubles.

    Knife kitchen "Chief" 25.5 cm Series Ran, YAXELL

    The advantage of Japanese cooking knife from Yaxell - uncharacteristic for other knives resistance to bending. This knife is ideal for cutting meat. Despite the high strength, the blade is sufficiently elastic and can be bent a little, adjusting to the product.

    Damascus steel in sixty-nine layers provides high strength and long service life. Like other kitchen knives for the premium segment, Chef Knife Series Ran does not need a special sharpening.

    Expressive design tells a person who knows everything about this knife - perfect for cooks of all manipulations knife looks old weapons.

    Ergonomic handle made of karmasu mikarta not slip even in sweaty hand - it eliminates the trauma to the cooking process.

    The price for such a knife is quite low - from ten thousand rubles.

    Knife Kyocera ceramic Santoku 14.0 cm. KT-140-HIP-D

    The representative of ceramics in our ranking - chef knife from Japanese manufacturer Kyocera KT-140-HIP-D. Easy, convenient and extremely sharp - it will be appreciated by every fan of cooking.

    In the manufacture of the knife blades used double tempering degree ceramics - from the lower to the maximum allowable temperature. This allows the knives from Kyocera to get rid of the main drawbacks inherent in ceramics - increased fragility.

    Durable knife retained all the advantages of less sophisticated predecessors - he does not need sharpening, easy to clean and does not retain odors already cut food.

    Black ceramic blade is decorated with distinctive wave-like stains - a sign of the quality of Kyocera brand.

    Price ceramic chef knife - from 21444 rubles.

    Chef knife chef 21.0 cm. Santa Fe Stoneworks SF / DJS37

    On the final position in the ranking suddenly got a knife from the Santa Fe Stoneworks Mexican company. Despite the fact that in Russia virtually unknown brand, worldwide experts appreciated knives from this manufacturer.

    VG-10 steel plates in Damascus (sixty one layer) provides high strength knife. This copes with knife chopping, slicing vegetables. A symmetric two-way sharpening provides a comfortable work with any products.

    Know-how trademark - recesses imitating blacksmith's hammer blows. In addition to the aesthetic function, they carry with them and applied. Since the product of the knife contact area is significantly reduced, the cook has to make less efforts.

    Furthermore, such recesses prevent buildup on the blade, which greatly facilitates the work and increases its velocity.

    The handle is usually made of black wood, treated against moisture and corrosion. Ergonomic and pleasant to the touch, it will make the cooking process more comfortable.

    The price of this knife starts at twenty thousand.

    Note: These knives in our ranking is considered the standard, but if you want you can find much more affordable counterparts, not much inferior to them in quality.

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