Quaryl bath - features and benefits

A few years ago, choosing a new bathroom, we did not have to consider a lot of options. Baths of cast iron, steel, and a little later, and acrylic - that's all that he offered us the plumbing market. Today the situation is completely changed. Modern production technology combined with human imagination offer us a lot of new solutions. Under appropriate financial opportunities we can choose from dozens of options. Prefer plumbing, made from all-natural materials? Buy a marble or wooden tub. Like artificial modern materials? Stop your choice on one of the synthetic compounds - starilane, cast marble or kvarile. On one of these innovative materials - Quaryl bath and will be discussed in our article.

KVAR - is the newest material that is used for the production of bathtubs and shower trays. It is a synthetic compound of acrylic and quartz. The structure of the compound is as follows: a piece of quartz is contained in circular acrylic shell, and the space between the granules filled acrylic and additional impurities. Quartz is a part of the connection is necessary in order to provide greater rigidity and durability of the end product, acrylic adds elasticity, and additional impurities are responsible for the color and texture of the product.

KVAR production technology was invented and patented in Europe, the German company VilleroyBoch, a few years ago. Initially KVAR used for the restoration of old who have lost their form, acrylic bathtubs. Some time later, the producers saw him as a full replacement for acrylic and focused on the production of sanitary ware KVAR. Later it turned out that in many ways it is superior to acrylic. Quaryl bath cast in special forms. The product obtained is so rigid that it does not require additional reinforcement. At the final stage of production bath surface is coated with a special varnish.

The main advantages and features

Quaryl bath not only adopt all the advantages of its predecessor - acrylic baths, but also got rid of many of its shortcomings.

  • Kavarilovye baths, as well as acrylic, primarily attracted by its beautiful appearance. Shining white surface such baths are their advantages over cast-iron and steel products.
  • they are much lighter than steel, but a little heavier than acrylic. The difference in weight between Quaryl and acrylic baths due to the fact that Quaryl bath wall slightly thicker. This implies a further advantage KVAR.
  • they are thicker, and therefore stronger than acrylic. They do not require further enhancing structural rigidity.
  • Greater thickness and strength Quaryl baths affect their durability. The service life of such baths, even more than the acrylic. Also, if provide it with at least minimal care, in the course of operation Quaryl bath will lose its original appearance.
  • Another acrylic property that has kept Quaryl bath - excellent sound insulation. The surface of the bath absorbs the sound of running water. If you have thin walls at home or too sensitive neighbors then you will appreciate this advantage.
  • Surface Quaryl baths absolutely smooth, homogeneous, without any rough edges, but at the same time, it is non-slip.
  • KVAR is characterized by excellent thermal conductivity. The water in this bath cools slowly, and she bath while maintaining a pleasant body temperature.
  • Take care of them very easily, due to smooth, nonporous surface on which the dirt does not accumulate.
  • acrylic bathtubs production technology makes it possible to produce only a bath with rounded edges. This disadvantage is completely eliminated in a generation Quaryl baths. They are made, including in a rectangular shape. Rectangular bath helps to save a bit of space, just to fit into the allotted space for it. Also, if you decide to sheathe the bath tiles, make it a lot easier if you work with smooth straight lines.
  • Set Quaryl bath can be quickly and easily without the help of professionals.

Of course, not Quaryl bath consists entirely of some merit.

There she and disadvantages, which however, is much smaller than the pros:

  • The first and most significant drawback of such baths - a high price. Quaryl bath will be much cheaper than, for example, bath of natural stone, but it is on average it costs several times more expensive than iron, steel and acrylic baths.
  • Despite the fact that Quaryl bath can boast a wide variety of shapes and sizes than their predecessors, they are still made by casting an in finished forms. Therefore, the choice of forms is still limited.
  • KVAR of today produce only a bath and shower trays, so Quaryl bath is a kind of a unique product. To pick up for her in the ensemble corresponding to the style and color of the sink and the toilet sometimes is not easy.
  • KVAR strength higher than that of acrylic, but less high than that of steel and cast iron. Therefore, the probability of scratching the surface of the bath Quaryl still exists. The disadvantage of this is not particularly significant, since the surface of the bath of the KVAR can be easily restored in the home using a special paste.
  • Despite the fact that the care Quaryl bath unpretentious, should avoid the use of aggressive cleaning agents, which is composed of abrasives as they can damage the surface.
  • KVAR is afraid of exposure to high temperatures, however if often long and poured into Quaryl very hot water bath, it can deform.

Installation baths KVAR at some point will be slightly different from the installation of other types of baths. At the beginning of this article we mentioned that Quaryl bath rather rigid and therefore does not require additional support during installation. The frame in this case has only a decorative function. For example, the space under the bath, you can hide a nice sliding screen and store them for the different useful things. A frame can be clad with the same tiles as the bathroom wall, thus creating a stylistic unity of color and space.

Usually Quaryl bath mounted on adjustable support legs. They allow you to change the height of the bath, if necessary, and give the bath a strictly horizontal position.

Feature Quaryl baths is that they do not overflow hole, and in some models, there is no drain. Manufacturers do not make them so that you can choose the most optimal location in the bath room.

In order to drill a drain and overflow holes, you have to hire the services of professionals.

Installation Quaryl bath is made in several stages:

  • If the frame is provided under the bath, then to start to compile and install it, so as to bath, mounted on it, lying exactly horizontal. For true measurements use the building level.
  • Then, on the frame or on the feet, set the bath and fix it on the anvil.
  • Replace the bath drain and overflow device and connect it to the sewer.
  • Install the faucet and valves. Ease Quaryl bath that is set sanitary equipment can be directly on its rim.
  • Now you need to check the tightness of the resulting structure. Fill the water bath and leave it for several hours. Look, if there were a leak. To eliminate them, you may need gaskets, sealants for plumbing and so on.

We have already talked about the fact that the cost is much higher Quaryl baths steel, cast iron or acrylic. This is due to the fact that the production technology is relatively new, few companies managed to master it, so the competition in the market is low. In addition, manufacturing Quaryl baths are predominantly German companies, which are famous not only excellent quality, but far lower price of their products.

Prices for Quaryl baths range from 50 to 100 thousand rubles. The amount really is not small, but because of its superior performance, gaining Quaryl bath, you are unlikely to regret the money spent.

Maintain Quaryl bath clean is not difficult even for the lazy housewife. Once or twice a week is enough to wash it by any suitable cleaning agent, but never abrasive or just soap and a soft cloth.

The surface of such a bath is not prone to cracking, so there is no need to rub it with a stiff brush in order to get rid of accumulated dirt there. Of course, as a result of strong physical impact, cracks or chips can still appear, but do not worry. Just buy a special tool for the restoration Quaryl baths and self-treat damaged areas according to the instructions for use.

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What to look for when choosing a bath of KVAR

When buying, you can not always tell what constitutes Quaryl bath and its differences and disadvantages. Consultants in stores often hide weaknesses plumbing space and colorfully describe dignity. But most people are interested in the product outs due to know how to take care of the costs of the bathroom KVAR.

The material from which these baths are made, is a synthetic compound with acrylic sand. This synthesis has improved the characteristics of the products, because the fragility inherent in acrylic plumbing disappeared. Silica sand has given material strength and durability, but from the second component got ductility and external aesthetics.

In the production of sanitary products KVAR casting method is used with special shapes. By this method gets ready bath surface coated glossy lacquer which simultaneously turns slip.

By weight acrylic Quaryl bath harder due to the special additives that enhance product strength. The thickness of the finished bath can reach 10 cm, which makes it available for installation without a supporting frame.

Positive aspects of plumbing Quaryl

Compared to the already known types of containers, tubs Quaryl win on many points. This is evidenced by the major differences Quaryl baths, or rather their benefits:

  1. Plumbing is lightweight. Simple adult under the force to lift it and move it. Quaryl acrylic bathtub harder, but lighter than steel and cast iron.
  2. The product has a low thermal conductivity. In other words, it keeps sanitary water temperature. Previously, the leader was a cast-iron bath, but now Quaryl out with her on the same level.
  3. Sanitary not exposed to acid, chlorine and other chemicals, which are used in everyday life. For cleaning you can use any detergents and cleaning products, as the KVAR they did not react.
  4. Products are resistant to UV light.
  5. Tanks are resistant to mechanical damage. Strength and a special way to help the casting bath Quaryl transfer any impact. It is difficult to break and scratch.
  6. Ease of cleaning and maintenance products from KVAR. The surface of the bath is such that no dirt on it is not delayed, even fat-containing particles are washed off without any problems.
  7. Available installation and connection. No supporting frames and other devices for Quaryl capacity is required. Enough to put a bath on legs, to perform competent connect the water supply and sewage.
  8. The variety of colors. If necessary, you can find a container of the desired shade.
  9. Multi-functional containers. In Quaryl plumber can easily connect the latest innovative technology, designed for a comfortable receiving water treatments, as well as options, performing hydro and air massage, and other chips such as headrests and original stands.
  10. Quaryl durable bath. In its structure, this material is an artificial stone. Long service life is caused by resistance.

Quaryl baths also have disadvantages. They are much smaller than that of the once popular acrylic and steel, but ignored a similar aspect is not worth it. Typical disadvantages Quaryl baths - is:

  1. The high cost of plumbing. costly new technologies are used for manufacturing products that affect the cost of production.
  2. A method of manufacturing a bit limited diversity. However, modern industry is already offering versions with standard designs and dimensions.
  3. Restrictions on the types of plumbing. Today, commercial production of KVAR only bathtubs and shower trays for showers, so pick up a harmoniously matching the sink or the toilet will be difficult.
  4. Possible deformation of the surface under the influence of a very high temperature.
  5. The probability of damage of the surface layer when applying abrasive cleansers with large particles and metal sponges.
  6. Most tanks models have holes for overflow.

There are companies that manufacture bath of KVAR to order for a particular sample. But the cost of such a container would be sky-high.

Subtleties choice plumbing for the bathroom

Making a decision about buying a bath, everyone already knows what size and what form should be capacity. Stopping your choice on a product of the KVAR, buyers seek to know more of the existing classification and existing decisions on the type and form.

Modern industry offers consumers two types Quaryl containers:

First Quaryl bath installed simply on foot. Such designs are inherent for country cottages and houses a large room for the reception of water treatments. There are options for the selection of the original legs, or the original stands. However, there are cup-shaped version, which is not provided by the presence of any "supports".

Embedded containers are most often used in apartment buildings. They are placed on a special basis, which act as bricks legs or stand, is maintained by the frame. Then, the resultant structure is closed trim screen or moisture resistant decor.

There is also a classification of products by KVAR forms:

  • traditional rectangular;
  • symmetrical angular or triangular;
  • angular asymmetric;
  • cup-shaped or oval;
  • trays for showers;
  • rare round.

A few tips on how to choose Quaryl Baths:

  1. It is necessary to take into account the size of the room, where it will be installed capacity, the ratio of the size of sanitary ware to the area of ​​the room was comfortable.
  2. Pre should determine the type of container and one for its placement. If the dwelling is located in a standard apartment building, apart from the wall installation of the usual rectangular bath did not fit. If the project is an individual room and a bathroom spacious enough, then you can focus on the angular and island accommodation.
  3. Should pay attention to how and where the product has holes for overflow, sink and faucet. whether they are suitable liner available under water and sewer pipes. As already mentioned, there are models without overflow, but it can be done independently.
  4. It is recommended to carefully inspect the tank itself. If there are scratches or perhaps even chipping and dents from such purchases should be abandoned, because it is a direct proof of violations of rules of transportation or movement of goods in warehouses.

you can not pay attention when choosing a container in the room for water procedures:

  • uniformity of color tone;
  • wall thickness.

Is there a difference in the installation Quaryl bath?

On sale there are several models of tanks KVAR, who do not have special holes for overflow and drain. On the one hand it facilitates the plumbing installation process, because you can cut it out under their own ready-made eyeliner water and sewage. And on the other hand have to spend time on the measurement and adjustment holes.

Quaryl products, though strong, but to do a few holes in them is quite possible with conventional power tools. This enables an additional handrail installation, equipment for hydro and other devices.

Installation of plumbing KVAR not differ from similar procedure steel, cast iron and acrylic baths. All the actions are the same:

  1. Pre-clean the surface of a container of debris and dirt.
  2. The upper line of products are aligned on a horizontal line by adjusting the legs or base level height.
  3. Mounted water fittings (mixers) and drain into the prepared hole. At the same time we should not forget about the special adapters.
  4. Checked the tightness of connections. It is necessary to fill the container with water, leave for a while and then check whether there is leakage. When the leak should resolve it.
  5. Performed decorating installed bath, if it was provided in advance.

Installation baths KVAR does not require special knowledge and skills and is available to everyone. But it is recommended for at least the connection of water and sanitation to invite a specialist.

Not much different, and care Quaryl capacity. It is enough to:

  • Clearing bath immediately after washing, which will prevent settling on the surface of salt precipitation and dirt, and lightly rinsed;
  • Use special cleaning gels or other soft KVAR means;
  • Provide drying capacity due to ventilation.

Quaryl bath considered a novelty in plumbing. If you do not take into account the high cost of products, it has virtually no drawbacks. The possibility of damaging the abrasive particles can be avoided by the use of soft detergents. It is also possible to prevent deformation by a high temperature, filling the first tank with cool water. But at the same buyers receive strong and durable plumbing whose surface minimizes the likelihood of falling.

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What is the KVAR?

KVAR or Quaryl - is a relatively new material in the sanitary ware market. It is used in the manufacture of shower trays and baths. And to understand what KVAR different from the traditional materials used for the production of plumbing, you need to get acquainted with its features and specifications.

This composite material, designed and patented by the German manufacturer Villeroy&Boch, obtainable from acrylic, quartz, polymeric cleaner additives. Experts of the company did not set a goal to create the raw material for the manufacture of sanitary ware. Initially KVAR used solely as a means for the restoration and repair of various models of bath.

Quaryl demonstrated superior performance. Promising potential of the composite has been thoroughly studied and worked. This led to the fact that previously used only for repair and renovation of plumbing materials has become a completely independent material from which produced bath and shower trays for shower cabins and corners. Today KVAR is positioned as a unique composite that is different from other peers.

Quaryl represents a new stage in the development of composite materials for the production of sanitary equipment. This is due to the composition of influencing the final product quality. The main components are the KVAR:

Acrylic resins. They constitute about 60% of the total weight. Impart flexibility and ductility of the composite at the processing stage. This does not mean that the final product retains the quality of the data. Discharged from the KVAR trays and tubs gain strength and rigidity.

Proprietary additives. They reinforce all the positive properties possessed by acrylic, a part of the composite. This gives KVAR gloss, elasticity, excellent sound insulation, saturated color uniform, smooth and slippery surface.

Quaryl successfully tested for durability, resistance to sliding, heat insulation and sound insulation parameters. It is fully in line with European environmental and safety standards, has been tested technical council Tech Süd, confirming that it is suitable for home use.

Manufacture of kVAR

The composite material is poured into a matrix special form. The technology of the cast is different absolute precision. Any differences or irregularities are eliminated. The wall thickness, depending on the initial parameters, ranges from 0.8 cm to 1.8 cm, bottom - up to 2.5 cm.

Ductility and flexibility allow you to attach the end-products of various shapes. It is not only strict geometry, but also the smooth lines. Quaryl structure itself such that the surface formed by seams and has no pores. Due to this, the composite does not absorb dirt does not accumulate different kinds of waste, as devoid of joints, easily and quickly cleaned.

What advantages does Quaryl?

The unique composite material from Villeroy&Boch has many positive qualities that are appreciated by consumers who use Quaryl fixtures for bathrooms:

  • higher strength and shock resistance than those of acrylic;
  • the absence of the possibility of accidental damage during installation and further exploitation;
  • any difficulties during the use and care, which is made possible thanks to the long absence;
  • exclusive design and original forms, fits perfectly into any interior;
  • streamlining internal lines, due to which the product in more than it seems from the outside;
  • full compliance with sizes that does not cause problems in the installation Quaryl products;
  • resistance to abrasion, making plumbing retains its attractive appearance;
  • absolute Traumatic ensuring the absence of grazing effect on Quaryl surface.

KVAR of producing bathtubs and shower trays. The first are of the greatest interest to the buyer, are available in various collections.

Quaryl bathtubs and shower trays

It has a characteristic luster, which dramatically distinguishes this group of sanitary equipment from any other. They may be produced as in the classic version as well as staffed nozzles and other elements for a comfortable taking bath procedures. High-precision molding makes any present in the design of imperceptible details. They merge with the material, which affects the usability trays and tubs of Quaryl.

Particularly noteworthy are the bath. They can be round, oval, rectangular, angled, beveled sides, hexagonal, have smooth or slightly "wavy" edge. And if the product Acrylic require pre-assembly of the power frame of KVAR installed directly on the subfloor. Design features Quaryl baths allow installation of the side of the mixer, which fully meets the modern aesthetic concepts of interior bathrooms.

What disadvantages have composite Quaryl?

The material demonstrates many positive characteristics, but it is not without some disadvantages:

  1. High price. Novelty KVAR, the almost complete absence of competition, quite expensive process of production and the presence of the superior characteristics of the traditional materials were reflected in the final price.
  2. Relative strength. Composite acrylic stronger but more brittle than the steel and cast iron. The product of the KVAR possibly damage only a heavy blow heavy object. Make it a way of life can only maliciously.
  3. Non-resistant to extremely high temperatures. Quaryl, as well as acrylic, it can be deformed under the influence of boiling water. It occurs after prolonged and repeated use very hot water.
  4. The limitations of products. Sales can be found only Quaryl trays and baths. To pick up a full set of conditions for the bathroom, made of the same material, it is impossible.

There are models of acrylic baths without overflow and drain holes in the set which goes head-cutter with drilling template. This extends the capability of planning bathrooms, but complicates the installation.

KVAR - innovative German engineering that allows you to translate almost any design solution in the creation of baths and shower trays without loss of quality and performance. It is an excellent combination of the best qualities of acrylic and increased strength quartz added as an additive component of this composite.

It should be such innovation is not cheap, is represented exclusively by European manufacturers, ensuring high reliability of its products. Confirmation of the presence of the latter is the warranty period is ten years. The main thing is stopping the choice on kvarilom product, weigh the "pros" and "cons" of such acquisition for the bathroom.

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