Quartz for home use

How to use a home quartz lamp

long ago strengthened the title of an excellent disinfectant for quartz light. his use of the procedure is familiar to almost every one of us. However, the scope of the device spread out beyond the boundaries of medical institutions - quartz lamp for the home today is very popular. But here it is chosen a special type of device for each room - this review will help you understand what kind of bulb must be purchased.

Quartz lamps for home use are outwardly electric lamp which has a bulb made of quartz glass. Unlike their "serious" medical fellow, such a device is small in size, it can be used for disinfection of a separate room, and the man himself. Therefore, most of these devices - portable.

All the matter in principle - it radiated ultraviolet. His DNA waves kills germs, fungi, viruses and bacteria by disrupting their intracellular synthesis. However, there is a downside - ozone, which in large quantities already dangerous to humans. This indicates that the use of a quartz lamp should be very careful.

The future owner should know that there are several types of such devices:

  • standard bulb-kvartsevatel;
  • bactericidal character;
  • bezozonovy apparatus.

What is the simplest device? This device is the classic version just released into the air, ozone, which disinfects it. It is necessary to comply with such safety measures - to leave the premises at the time of the action, and after its airing. Taboo imposed on the lamp without viewing specially designed glasses - they usually go with the device in the kit, or such radiation would be dangerous to the eye.

Quartz lamp open

A quartz bactericidal lamp It made of special glass - uviol species. This helps to isolate the environment less ozone component, but also a deadly impact on organisms of foreign origin. In fact, this option is not even a quartz crystal, but erroneous name has firmly entered into the everyday life.

coated with amalgam lamps Germicidal

Finally, bezozonovy analogue and all made of quartz, but treated with a special glass composition. We are talking about the titanium dioxide - it does not stand out ozone into the environment in large quantities.

Home model quartz lamp - preferably the latter two options. This choice is due to security issues. But a separate issue in this topic are also wall irradiators, which are analogous to the usual quartz apparatus.

Constructive devices for quartz lamp divides it into two types - open and shielded models. The ban on the finding while the lamp is in the same room it is distributed to the first with her. A shielded during exposure models can be present with them in the same room - such devices already referred to household appliances.

Shielded model - a quartz lamp gated. Another name - recirculator (due to the fact that the rays are within the housing and not go outside). There's also cleaned and the air is forced through the device.

Quartz lamp closed type

Different models will have a different capacity - some are able to get rid of an hour up to one hundred cubic meters of air. In this case, the bactericidal unit efficiency reaches 99%.

Just here, these lamps can operate in continuously - they can not switch off up to 7 days.

Who and why do we need such a device? The urgency of acquiring a particularly increased in families, where he lives permanently ill child, an elderly person or someone who is suffering from chronic diseases. Use quartz lamps designed for disinfection of premises, and in the high season of airborne infections.

In addition to combat viruses silica exposure is capable to treat the disease:

  • joints (including, and arthritis);
  • respiratory organs (e.g., bronchitis state);
  • sore throat;
  • skin lesions (including, wounds, ulcers and burns);
  • other skin diseases.

However, it should before each use consult a doctor (More so that each organism in a similar irradiation individual reaction). And there are serious contraindications that make it impossible to use:

  • gastric ulcer;
  • blood diseases;
  • renal failure;
  • oncological diseases;
  • tuberculosis.

The presence of any of these problems makes it impossible to use the device. In any case, even where permitted use and dosage of such a device is strictly regulated by the doctor.

Treatment of psoriasis quartz lamp

During kvartsevaniya open process instruments is forbidden to be in the same room with him, not only people - instruction manual instructs display of animals and plants bear. There are other specific rules to be followed. After turning on the unit it is necessary to leave the room, firmly closing the door. Make sure that no one came into the room to be treated - a violation can lead to negative effects on the skin and eye tissue. In addition, due to the constant exposure to UV rays over time vytsvetut some home furnishings.

Manufacturers offer the following device location:

It does not matter where the device - the impact would be equally as effective as possible.

A little more information about how to use different types of lamps.

  1. UV rays will exhibit their properties only open areas. This means that objects in the shadows, do not fall into the target area.
  2. It is also important to dust because the germs will die only in the top layer - the rays can not penetrate deep inside.
  3. Home quartz outdoor lamp should not work all the time, and on a specific schedule.
  4. The power unit is selected depending on the size of the room.
  5. Recycling, in view of working inside the fans can be a source of noise. Another shortcoming of such devices - they are rarely made in mobile versions.
  6. For ease of handling different premises can be purchased double action device - it will switch from mode to open kvartsevaniya recirculation.
  7. Bactericidal quartz lamps directional aim to provide therapeutic effects. Their low power is not harmful to health - it tells the indication for use, even in infants. For example, a compact and mobile device "Sun" allows for wellness treatments.

Self-production of lamps

Quartz lamp with his hands - this is quite achievable result. The only requirement - to have ideas about the diagram. For independent manufacturing unit as the materials needed DRL lamp and table lamp, and a tool - a hammer and a choke (can be replaced with a pair of pliers). Further, the act so.

  1. Work carried out on the street: a hammer gently broken outer bulb placed in cellophane DRL-lamps. Shards will have to throw in a tank with debris. Remain sealed tube - it will be crystal emitter.
  2. For the remainder of the lamp DRL using the throttle is connected incandescent (suitable power of 500 W).

  • Result is mounted in any convenient table lamp (preferably one in which the radiative flux can be directed in the right direction).
  • Quartz radiator is ready, but the ultraviolet light from a "homemade" is very dangerous. Therefore, it should be used for disinfection, making sure that no living organisms in the room. There are certain Safety requirements.

    1. The product is connected to the power strip, which wire is pulled tight under the closed door.
    2. The plug socket is included in the next room.
    3. device operation period should not exceed half an hour.
    4. Go into the room can only be an hour and open a window for ventilation.
    5. Location can be used only when the smell will disappear.

    Quartz tube devices will be a useful acquisition, without causing any harm if used properly. From his work in terms of health benefit all family members.

    Why you need kvartsevanie nose and throat?

    Kvartsevanie - Physical therapy procedures, based on the decontamination effects of ultraviolet radiation. It is performed using a special quartz lamp. You can use it to disinfect the premises and to carry out human therapy.

    In the latter case, you must carefully follow the instructions as improper use of the device may cause damage to the body.

    The main useful property kvartsevaniya - the destruction of pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms provoking the development of various diseases. To perform this procedure, you must have a quartz lamp. Therapy usually takes place within the walls of hospitals, clinics, sanatoriums.

    Reference! Such devices are present in the free market, so buy a quartz lamp and use it at home can be anyone.

    The principle of operation of such devices is quite simple:

    1. The lamp bulb is located, in the manufacture of a quartz glass is used.
    2. After switching on the bulb begins to heat up.
    3. Because heat is radiated ultraviolet.
    4. Radiation kills harmful microorganisms.

    Kvartsevanie can apply for the treatment of patients of all age groups. You can use quartz lamps as a way to treat young children.

    Kvartsevanie nose during breastfeeding and during pregnancy is also not prohibited. However, to use this method only after consulting your doctor. Of great importance is the duration and frequency of sessions.

    Usage: allowable duration and frequency

    The duration of the first treatment has to be small (from thirty seconds to one minute).

    The duration of the second and subsequent sessions need to increase by thirty or sixty seconds, depending on the purpose of the doctor.

    The latter procedure, as a result, will continue for three to five minutes, depending on the step of increasing the duration.

    Of great importance is the total number of sessions. Kvartsevanie can not be used for irradiating a skin area more than once during the day (usually also relates to a nose / throat area). The maximum number of sessions held at one site should be limited to five treatments.

    Thus, the course of therapy with a quartz lamp in the case of its use in one area of ​​the skin - five or six days (one procedure per day). How often can make the nose kvartsevanie child, so as not to hurt his body? The maximum duration of therapy for children should not exceed seven days, and the duration of the session you want to limit (not more than one minute).

    Contraindications for the procedure

    Kvartsevanie living rooms has virtually no contraindications. In human therapeutics, actually, things are different. In some cases, use this kind of physiotherapy is strictly prohibited. So, kvartsevanie contraindicated in the case of a patient:

    • acute inflammatory processes;
    • hypertrichosis;
    • neoplasms;
    • tendency to bleeding;
    • violations of the endocrine system;
    • cardiovascular disease;
    • active form of tuberculosis;
    • hyperthyroidism;
    • hypertensive disease (second and third steps);
    • ulcers of the stomach / duodenum;
    • systemic blood diseases;
    • hypersensitivity to ultraviolet radiation;
    • dilated surface blood vessels;
    • renal insufficiency.

    Important! It is not recommended to carry out the procedure as in the case of an elevated body temperature.

    If a patient has recently experienced serious illness and his body just started to recover from kvartsevaniya it is also desirable to give. Carry out the procedure only after complete recovery and restoration of the organism.

    There are many diseases, the development of which can be used kvartsevanie. However, resorting to the use of the medical procedure should only be in case of the prescribing physician. Today experts advise their patients to use quartz lamps in the event of:

    1. Flu. Kvartsevanie performed only after the peak of the disease. The purpose of the method - to prevent the development of complications associated with the disease.
    2. Ostrogorinita. Appointed, as in the previous case, for the prevention of complications. But carry out the procedure at green snot is strictly forbidden (exception - the appointment of a specialist).
    3. Acute inflammation of the maxillary sinus. UVI carried nasal mucosa.
    4. Chronic tonsillitis. For the procedure using a tube with an oblique cut. Radiation fall on the tonsils.
    5. Sinusitis. Kvartsevanie in the sinus reduces pain symptoms, facilitates the patient's general condition. It applies only in the absence of purulent discharge, that is, in the initial and later stages of therapy.
    6. Laryngitis / pharyngitis. It can be used as the development of acute forms of these diseases and for the treatment of chronic disease.
    7. Otitis. It reduces pain, applied in the absence of purulent secretions.
    8. Tonsillitis. Kvartsevanie allows to localize and reduce inflammation, reduce pain.
    9. Adenoids. nose Kvartsevanie in adenoids is often used in children's therapy. The procedure is not painful, so the child is not afraid and does not oppose its implementation.

    The procedure is also assigned in bronchitis, asthma, faringotraheite and other respiratory tract diseases, but in this case the radiation susceptible thorax of the patient. Furthermore, it is expedient to use a quartz lamp for prevention of upper respiratory tract illness during seasonal exacerbations.

    How to use your own quartz lamp

    As mentioned above, the device can buy anyone (in the market, you can easily find the device "Sun", designed for both adults and children). This will prevent the patient from having to visit the hospital once again. In the case of home use quartz lamps, you must carefully follow the doctor's prescription and the instructions supplied with the instrument.

    An algorithm using a quartz lamp is as follows:

    1. First, you need to take care of security. A person who will undergo the procedure must wear special protective glasses (included with machine) and close all the unprotected areas of the body.
    2. Next, turn the unit on, and leave it for five minutes. During this time the device is adjusted to the optimal mode.
    3. After five minutes pass, you can start the procedure. Duration of treatment depends on the specific doctor's appointments and procedures carried out previously. The first procedure will be sufficient to thirty - sixty seconds. Further, as previously indicated, it is necessary to increase the duration of subsequent sessions at the thirty seconds or one minute.
    4. After completion of the session the device must be shut down. Use quartz lamp can be twenty minutes (only if you want to apply it in respect of the other person).

    Attention! You can not spend more than one session kvartsevaniya during the day. Violation of this rule may result in burns of mucous and other unpleasant consequences.

    It is also necessary to monitor the fire safety. It is forbidden to use the appliance for tanning. These devices are not designed to achieve these results and do not affect the darkening of the skin. Failure to do so can lead to serious diseases. In addition, during the procedure should not be close to animals and plants.

    Thus, kvartsevanie nose and throat is widely used in modern medicine. It can be used to accelerate the treatment of many diseases of the upper respiratory tract (sinusitis, influenza, rhinitis, angina etc.). However, certain categories of citizens, this procedure is contraindicated.

    Anyone can purchase a quartz lamp for home use. In any case, you must carefully follow the doctor's appointment. To use the device without consultation only for the prevention of and in accordance with the instructions described in the user guide.

    In the treatment of diseases kvartsevanie used as an additional treatment, so treatment should be accompanied by intake of medicines.

    Reference main ENT diseases and their treatment

    All information on the website is popular, the study does not claim to absolute accuracy from a medical point of view. Treatment must necessarily be carried out by a qualified physician. Engaging in self, you can hurt yourself!

    Quartz lamps for the house - reviews. Pets quartz lamps

    Germicidal devices - simply perfect disinfection of air in the room. Especially relevant application emitters in kindergartens, hospitals, and in homes where there are children. Today we learn that are quartz lamps for the home, reviews of them, and find out how to pick up the unit at the kindergarten for the room and the group that ultimately did not harm the health of the child.

    Depending on your destination quartz lamps are divided into 3 groups:

    1. Open the radiator.

    2. Indoor unit.

    3. Quartz lamps for special applications.

    Open device is mainly used in hospitals and kindergartens. UV emitters of this type eliminate bacteria and viruses on all possible surfaces and in the air. But there is an important point: at the time the unit is activated it is necessary to bring all the people, and if it is bedridden patients, they should be covered with a blanket.

    Quartz lamp is placed in a closed type of health, as well as in preschool. A special feature of this type of device is the fact that at the time of his work people can not withdraw from the room, which is quartz.

    The most popular type of the device in question are blue lamps for special purposes. They are most often used by the population, as well as medical professionals. People using such a device to remove various infectious diseases or bacterial origin. In hospitals, this unit is always used in dentistry to quickly solidified polymer seal teeth, and in the hospital being treated by means of the radiator of ENT organs.

    Diseases in which recommend the use of said device

    There are specific diseases for which can significantly facilitate using a quartz lamp. Among such diseases are the following:

    - runny nose of allergic origin;

    - various diseases of the respiratory organs;

    - tonsillitis and pharyngitis;

    - various women's diseases;

    - TB bone loss;

    - bone fracture.

    This is an incomplete list of the problems that can handle quartz lamp closed. If there is an impairment, be sure to tell the attending doctor that you have at home there is such a device. Perhaps a specialist will appoint additional procedures with the use of the reporting unit.

    Selection of feed for preschool

    open-type irradiator is necessarily accompanied by documents for the sanitary and epidemiological stations. The passport should be its date of manufacture, which is sure to seal and identifies the clear terms of operation. Quartz lamp for kindergarten used in such capacity: 15 or 30 watts. The calculation must be carried out by the volume of air:

    - OPL-35M unit: 15 W - 124 cubic meters. m, at 0.5 hour exposure;

    - OPL-75M lamp: 30 W - 248 cubic meters. m for half an hour.

    Consider the examples of the above recommendations:

    1. Game room group has a ceiling height of 3.5 m and an area of ​​70 sq. M. The calculation: 70 x 3.5 = 245 cc. m. Hence, for such space is needed illuminator with 30 Watts.

    2. Dressing has a height of 3.5 m and an area of ​​20 sq. M. Calculation: 3.5 x 20 = 70 cc. m. This means that fit 15-watt device for this room.

    The irradiator may be mounted on a wall or on the ceiling, and it is better to put it on the premises during the processing.

    Quartz lamp for kindergarten must be selected by the above procedure. For these institutions have proven themselves instruments OPL and OPL-35M-75M.

    Opinions about emitters for preschools

    Most parents whose children go to kindergarten, where held kvartsevanie the above lamps, happy with the result. They believe that because of these partings kids become less sick. Also, parents are satisfied with the low price of these units. We educators on this opinion. With regard to the effect that they are uniquely for ensuring that such devices were operated in the band, but about the functionality of any comments. Thus, the paint on the devices over time to exfoliate, and the most significant drawback - the producers have not thought for such models the sleep timer. So you need to constantly keep track of time and do not miss the moment when the lamp should be turned off.

    Suitable for home use devices with capacity of 8 and 15 watts. It is very important each time before use to wipe the device with a dry cloth, or in dusty lamp abruptly come to naught bactericidal levels of radiation.

    For rooms to 10 sq. m suitable light OPL-20 8W, to use it you need no more than 20 minutes.

    To place from 10 to 30 sq. m is recommended to buy OBN20 15-watt device. Use the time - no more than 15 minutes.

    Some acquire housing for their lamps are: "Quartz-1259raquo; and "Quartz-2409raquo ;. The first device is designed for area to 40 square meters. m, and the second - 80 sq. m.

    Opinions about emitters for apartment

    Quartz lamps for home reviews are mostly positive. Users report a significant improvement in health status after applying emitters "Quartz-1259raquo ;,« Quartz-2409raquo ;, «OPL-209raquo ;. Also, users are satisfied with the democratic value of these instruments.

    But there are negative reviews, which can be expressed as follows: some people have acquired their inexperience devices above models, but in the end did not receive the original and the fake. So before you buy an irradiator, it is necessary to check the documents, certificates of compliance, as well as the timing of its operation. Other users have not considered the fact that you must use no more than 20 minutes, instrument, and as a result suffered burns. Refer to the quartz lamps need to seriously and carefully, otherwise you can make yourself and family only gets worse.

    Quartz lamp "Solnyshko9raquo; OUFK. consumer reviews

    Treatment of such a device strengthens immunity excellent results in the body to normal, normalizes metabolism. Lamp "Solnyshko9raquo; It will be relevant in the autumn and winter, when there is a lack of vitamin D. It syavlyaetsya kind of alternative to the sun. Irradiation of this device is recommended for adolescents at puberty, when the enhanced activity of the sebaceous glands.

    Indications and contraindications to the use of the instrument:

    - It can be used for children from the age of 5;

    - can not be irradiated with a quartz lamp for people who have dry skin;

    - begin to be treated by means of such a device is necessary with 1 minute, gradually increasing the time of up to 5 minutes, no more;

    - quartz lamp OUFK 01 "Solnyshko9raquo; It should only be used after prior consultation with the doctor.

    Lamp "Solnyshko9raquo; It has a lot of positive feedback. Many, having tried it on themselves and their households, report a significant improvement in the health, increase immunity, so that children and the elderly are no longer sick and mope a lot less.

    There are cases when the children for a long time did not stop a runny nose. Parents have tried many vasoconstrictor, but nothing helped. However, it turned out quite the five treatment sessions lamp "Solnyshko9raquo ;, to a runny nose disappeared and the children began to breathe through the nose well.

    Consumers are delighted with the reporting instrument, because it's great for the whole family helps fight upper respiratory tract diseases. Also, a lot of positive feedback gathered children's quartz lamp "Solnyshko9raquo ;, used for teenagers. She - a real panacea in the fight against acne and pimples because the skin dries, resulting in an abscess dries up and no longer appears.

    Lamp "Kristall9raquo; in a domestic environment

    This open-type device, so it needs to be used in the absence of people in the room. Quartz lamp "Kristall9raquo; capable of destroying viruses, bacteria, mold, fungus. Such irradiation means can be operated in residential and non-residential premises at a temperature of from +4 to +35 degrees Celsius and humidity 80%.

    The device "Kristall9raquo; perfectly transported from one room to another, it can be placed on any horizontal surface. The main feed element - a lamp, which upon activation emits ultraviolet rays.

    Features of use of the instrument:

    1. Since it is an open unit, in action it can cause harm to human eyes, so the switch on and off the lamp "Kristall9raquo; only need for special glasses.
    2. When will be made disinfection premises, ventilate the room for 10-15 minutes.
    3. Follow the instructions for use: Carefully remove the irradiator and the lamp out of the box. Then wipe the instrument with a soft dry cloth. Carefully insert the lamp into the socket. Get it after use should be careful. To avoid damaging the holding cap.

    "Kristall9raquo; (Quartz lamps for the house) has only positive reviews. Firstly, people celebrate the compactness of such devices, ease of use. Secondly, a definite positive impact made on the patients: they will come back to normal, rarely get sick. But if you do not read the instructions and do not adhere to its recommendations, the harm caused by the device still can be. This applies to long-term presence of included apparatus in a closed room, so that the flowers and plants may die.

    Pets quartz lamps with incorrect use may cause serious harm to the body. So before you buy a unit and they begin treatment, you must be sure to go to the doctor, that he gave the green light to carry out such procedures.

    General rules of the lamp are as follows:

    1. Remove the protective glasses that are included with the unit, and be sure to put them on before turning on the radiator.

    2. Start spending kvartsevanie need 5 minutes after the activation of the unit. During this time, the lamp will go into normal operation.

    3. We can not of attaching the device close to the skin. The distance between the lamp and the problem areas should be at least 50 cm.

    4. Always use special sunscreen before kvartsevatsya.

    5. Increase the time of the procedure should be gradual, starting with thirty seconds.

    6. In no case can not use the lamp for longer allotted time, as this will lead to overdrying of the skin and in the future dark spots may appear on the cover.

    7. At the end of the session to shut down the unit, and turn it on again, it will be possible only after half an hour, when the lamp is cooled down completely independently.

    Today you learned about the devices, which help get rid of harmful bacteria and germs in the room. This quartz lamps for the home. Reviews of the above emitters positive, so you can safely go to a specialty store and buy a device like "Kristall9raquo ;," Solnyshko9raquo ;, "Quartz-1259raquo ;,« Quartz-2409raquo ;, «OPL-209raquo ;. The main thing - check before buying the product quality certificates, as well as the shelf life of the product. And be sure to read the instructions on how to use the lamp. Be healthy!

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