Quartz heater tepleko buy in Moscow

Quartz heater TeplEko bought in Moscow

Price: 2400 rubles / piece..

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"TeplEko" Moscow

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Brand store energy saving quartz heaters "TeplEko" Moscow

Heater for the house "TeplEko" Moscow made at the domestic factory "TeplEko" of high-quality quartz sand, having the property of accumulating a heat and radiate it for a long time. Due to this, a quartz heater has the lowest power consumption figures of all current models of heaters, not at all inferior to them in performance. Heater for the house "TeplEko" has a first class fire safety mozhzhet installed both in homes and in offices, industrial premises and warehouses. Low energy consumption makes it possible to use this device as an alternative to central heating. Buy energy-efficient heater "TeplEko" in Moscow can be in the company store at the address: ul. Mounting, d. 9, the shopping center "Mandarin", 1st floor, room V1-18.

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Brand store TeplEko Moscow, driving directions, address, phone number, website

Address: Moscow, Mounting street, 9

Extras: TC Mandarin

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Directions: 3 stops from the underground Shchelkovo

Phone: +7 499 703 01 49

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Mon, Wed: 10: 00-20: 00

Brand store quartz heaters "TeplEko" Moscow has been selling products of domestic electrical appliances plant "TeplEko", the main products which is a quartz heater "TeplEko".

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