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How to make flowers out of tissue paper with your hands

Holidays confront us with the task of making the room beautiful. Beautiful decoration for any front room can become flowers from crepe paper with your hands. In appearance, these crafts look complicated to perform, the more so that from a distance they confuse even with fresh flowers. How to make a flower with the help of the corrugations? In fact, a simple technology, the plant can produce one. The main thing - to understand the sequence of manufacture; have patience for the monotonous classes, free time and stock the necessary materials.

How to make flowers out of tissue paper with your hands

There are many different techniques fabrication colors with their hands: quilling, origami, applique, solid modeling, although the most popular handicrafts because of its simplicity and accessibility is the creation of colors with the help of the corrugations. Crafts and flowers created from corrugated paper with their own hands, are considered to be a fascinating hobby, promising kind of activity. Learn to perform original flower can each.

Unusual volume paper flowers - a great decoration for festive occasions. You can make corrugated flowers with his own hands for a few hours. Such products can be hung from the ceiling, attached to the wall, put on the table or to arrange on the edge of the carpet. Driving the creation of improvised major colors is the same as that of the small flowers. The only difference is size.

  • Cut paper corrugation several strips 6 cm. Divide each strip 10-cm segments, then forming pitch. Round out the segments from two angles.
  • The middle of a flower can be formed from the inside foil or put a piece of candy. Fasten the core by means of glue to the end of the wand.
  • Take the cut, stretch in the middle. He must completely envelop the ball of foil - get the first petal.
  • Stick a ball wrapped with thread, at the same time grasping the tab. It is necessary to tightly wrap each petal 3 times to our flower was not scattered.
  • We form the next lobe, anchoring it on the opposite side of the first leaf. Again, fix the thread.
  • Next stretch three middle lobe and mounted in turn on bud at equal distance from each other.
  • We stretch a little further four petals and fasten them to bud.
  • Recent form the petals, like all previous ones, with their edges should be screwed on skewers.
  • Evenly distributed six petals. All our fluffy bud ready. At the end of the thread anchoring adhesive.
  • Optionally, you can supplement the tender corrugated green leaves roses made of paper.

Flowers made of crepe paper with their own hands, are ideal for any holiday decor. So, take a roll of paper. Cut it into 6 parts. And then:

  • Impose one part to another, add them accordion width of 10 cm.
  • Anchoring bottom via thread or stapler.
  • On top of all the accordion making round slices.
  • Expand All pitch circle and separating apart layers Let us give volume flower.
  • Next, we take any trim and wrap them in black paper to eventually get the ball.
  • Winding the base tape - a middle, our poppy.
  • As the stem take a thick wire or a wooden rail green paper wrap them and do, if desired, leaves.
  • For support for flowers take large vases or special platforms.

Cardboard draw pencil sketch pattern: a wavy circular shape resembling a cloud. Further actions:

  • Cut out the pattern on the circuit.
  • Is applied to the corrugated paper template, carefully draw out its outline with a pencil.
  • Cut the resulting preform. We need a flower for at least 10 pieces.
  • Fold the blanks to each other.
  • In the center make two holes. Further, through one hole conducting wire bends and its end is threaded through the adjacent puncture.
  • Capture tip wire eventually obtained preform stalk.
  • Next, take the uppermost blank and bend it to the center. We perform the same action with the other blanks.
  • That will have a lush peony bud.
  • Then we begin to decorate the stem. To do this, take the green stripe crepe paper. Carefully wound onto the wire.
  • Fasten the tip of the strip of stamps.
  • Cut some green leaves. They can be made in any form.
  • Apply the adhesive on the lower edge of the stem and leaf fastened. We fix other leaves.

Simple small flowers made of crepe paper with his own hands, often used in the design of beauty salons. These flowers love the bride, so you can see them in different wedding bouquets. Living room can also be decorated with original artificial paper flowers. The most simple solution - is to use them as a substitute for natural plants in pots and vases.

  • Corrugated paper cut red rectangle of length 32 cm and width 3 cm.
  • Fold in half the resulting cut, then again, and do it for as long as the width does not become 4 cm.
  • Should get a paper fan, whereby the petals come out one form.
  • From folded concertina cut petals - 8 pieces.
  • Mnemonic narrow edge tab and turn several times. They are so convenient to be collected in the bud.
  • Arches wide margin petals, gently stretch the paper.
  • We add together all the petals of a tulip, to form a bud.
  • The tip of the bud is attached to the wire, wrapped a strip of corrugated green paper.
  • Arbitrarily cut leaves for tulip and bend them in half.
  • At the request is easy to make the middle of the flower with sweets, such as Raffaello.

  • Cut stencils. This should be one pointed a small lobe; one in the form of drops and large rounded.
  • Of purple, blue or blue paper cut of 3 petals each form, gently stretch the edges.
  • The petals do not lose shape, glue thin wire to each of them, leaving the tails at the bottom.
  • In the center of the big three petals and glue is applied on top of the down pour, chopped yellow thread.
  • Putting a flower, first connect the little petals together, add medium and large at the bottom fastened between them.
  • Wrap the stem of green paper and combine it with a flower iris.

Flowers made of paper ripple that are made with their own hands will look perfectly collected in a bouquet or panels. You can pleasantly surprise your family, loved ones, friends, giving them an original and beautiful basket of flowers, chocolates. They manufacturing technology is simple: the flowers are made of corrugated paper, and in the middle of a put candy, everything else will depend only on your imagination. Bouquet of paper, corrugated paper crafts - a gift for all occasions!

Basket with tulips is as follows:

  • Take any paper ripple and cut it strips h2,5 15 cm. X 10 cm 3 leaves.
  • Bend the strips in half and turn over so that the front side looking in the same direction.
  • Spreads segments to give a petal shape.
  • Each flower has six petals.
  • We collect all petals around skewers. First one lobe, then the second.
  • We shifted by 90 degrees and apply again facing each other.
  • I received a flower straighten leaves, base densely twirl wire.
  • Cut the leaves oblong shape. They fasten, stretch and straighten.
  • The base of the flower wrapped with colored tape.
  • Take a basket filled (you can choose a special filler) and a circle filled with color. The basket put truffles packaging, and can even be a sweet cake or an ornamental tree.

But a bouquet of roses a little more difficult to create it is necessary to take the bouquet thread; red and white paper from the corrugations; beads, feathers, crystals, etc. So do corrugated paper rose:

  • Cut the flat rectangle of 15 by 40 cm.
  • Fold the edge of the long side of the segment so as to obtain a wave.
  • We turn off the flower end and fix the thread.
  • We do these roses 9, 12 - your choice.
  • Glue buds to skewer or green paper wrapped wire.
  • Make up a bouquet.
  • Optionally, you can manually add a song pearls, doll, beads or feathers.

How to make paper roses, you can learn from the step by step video tutorials and photo.

Video workshops: how to make flowers out of crepe paper

Flowers have long been used to decorate homes, and even as decoration to create hairstyles. But live plants are short-lived, so people began to invent artificial bouquets. There are many craft options, the most popular, easy and fast - is to create a bouquet of flowers corrugated. You can make a sweet bouquet, adding candy, for example, a bouquet of Raffaello. This flower arrangement or wreath can give to a child's birthday, mother, grandmother, there are options for Christmas bouquets. Make and arrange floral gift can even beginners florist, the main thing - to strictly follow a phased scheme for preparing the composition.

From gofrobumagi can make even the most complex colors: lilac, lily, hyacinth, crocus, spring branches of cherry or cherries. On the Internet there are a lot of different photos of creating handicrafts. But it is better to see a video tutorial dedicated to how to make a variety of colors: wildflowers, fine, etc. Paper composition, especially made together with children, can be used as a gift, and even as an original decoration card or boxes. The manufacture of such craft will not take much time, especially if you look at free step by step instructions on manufacturing.

How to make flowers from gofrobumagi (60 photos)

Home decor - the work is constant and does not stop. In the process of mastering new techniques and types of work. This article will talk about how to make flowers out of crepe paper. This paper can be found in flower shops. But in a larger range it is in specialized establishments selling everything for needlework. More work will need wires or thin rods (suit and bamboo skewers), glue and scissors.

Despite the fact that the corrugated paper flowers make different operating principles are the same. Here is a brief general rules that will help to make your own hands, paper flowers, very similar to the real thing.

  • Cut several petals of the same size. To do this, fold the paper in several layers.
  • Petals usually make different sizes. I rose, for example, at least four different, daisies - 2-3. In general, you can follow the rule - the more petals of a flower, the more different sizes.

Lovely flowers from crepe paper can decorate your interior or become a gift

Here, in fact, all the rules. And more: the first prepares the stem. To use it, or wire rods of different thicknesses, which is wrapped a long thin strip of corrugated paper green. The tape can promazyvat glue, and then wind it on the ground. Can be spun dry, and secure the edge of the drop of glue. Another point: if you intend to collect the flowers from the composition, the lower 1/3 of the stem, leave without finishing - will be easier to make a bouquet.

Maki corrugated paper to make very simple. It is important to find the right shade of scarlet. It would take a small piece of black - to the core. But if it does not, you can use any dark, then paint it black.

Mack corrugated paper do so:

  • Of paper towels any color we add a small square. His black wrap corrugated paper. If black is not - take any darker, then paint.

Collect flowers from crepe paper with his own hands

We give shape and make out the stem

Here is a flower of gofrobumagi turned

Mack - one of the easiest color for the independent production of corrugated paper. He looks at it, very good. You can use them in a campaign with other colors, or make a bouquet of poppies only.

Even in such a simple flower can be done in different ways. First of all, you can change the middle. The master class core flower very simple as described above. It can be made more similar to the natural. The same technology we make the middle, but the white paper. A black (paintable) cut strip width of about 1 cm and a length of 4-5 cm. On one side of its incision into thin stripes (few millimeters). The resulting "noodle" twist, yielding thin stamens. Stamens wrap around the core, and then act according to the same algorithm.

How do crocus paper and candy

Unusual gift can be done using candy as a color core. It turns out the original sweet gift. This core can be done in colors with a large hollow in the bud - a tulip and crocus, for example. And crocuses corrugated paper is very simple. All will take 5-10 minutes. Not more.

Bouquet of corrugated paper with candy - a nice surprise

  • Paper cut out a square of side 15 cm.
  • Divide it into three parts, making an incision to a depth of 7.5 cm. Obtained three petals.

First step: cut blank

Second step: forming petals

Step 3: fasten petals on a stalk

Step 4: Making leaves

Step 5: The final design of crocus

That's all, crocus of corrugated paper and candy ready. Making 7-9 pieces of colors, they can be put into the basket. For more variety, you can do what some small flowers.

According to the technology described above can be made of chrysanthemum. The difference is that the petals will be many and they will be narrow. But the principle is the same: the upper part twirl lobe omit down. Only in the case of roses it is necessary and the entire lobe to give a curved shape.

We are doing just such a chrysanthemum from corrugated paper

For these chrysanthemums paper as used as cores of candy. These flowers of crepe paper is best done from a not too vivid material. Tone more gentle, soft. For foliage also muted selected greens. For greater credibility, take the paper two close shades and make the petals of two colors.

So, do your own hands chrysanthemum corrugated paper:

  • For a long bamboo skewer sweet tie (wire bends) To do this, take a piece of foil wrapped candy. Secure can thread or ribbon.

The petals may be the same

Finishing touches - make out the stem

This option chrysanthemum looks good. But for most of plausibility can make the petals of different sizes. We need a minimum of three grades: small, medium and large. They differ more in length than in width. Look like a flower is more magnificent, in a bouquet look richer. Try.

If you need to make a simple but showy flowers of crepe paper, try asters. They are made from corrugated bright and pastel shades. Best of all, they look in the bouquet, the colors may be different.

  • Cut a strip of paper width of 8-12 cm and a length three times or four more.
  • Fold the paper several times.

Simple flowers from corrugated paper - asters

Here's a bouquet can turn

Asters corrugated paper can also be made from the petals of different sizes - shorter closer to the center of the flower (they should be less), and longer on the periphery (there are more). They can bend in one direction, and you can - in opposite. How do you like the most.

Roses corrugated paper: step of manufacturing an algorithm (method 2)

Flowers from corrugated paper and so good that they can do differently. The material is very ductile, easily changes shape because there are several ways. Someone wants to achieve more "natural", and someone speed is important.

For roses from gofrobumagi better to choose the paper two or three very close shades. So kind of flower would be more natural. For example, for the flower in the photo is used and white crepe paper. Number of petals of different colors is arbitrary, as well as their placement in the bud.

This is something that should you get: a very beautiful flowers from gofrobumagi

The order of making such:

  1. Cut 8 small, 10 medium and large and has 8 super-large petals. Number of pure white and crepe - in half.
  2. Of the long cut green paper tape - wrapping the stem, several (4) sheets - long and narrow, which at present are roses flower below.
  3. Use your fingers to attach the petals of a rounded shape. On one side of the straighten, even a little wrapping edge ago. On the other, on the contrary, to curl.

Flowers from corrugated paper with your hands: do the rose

The result is a beautiful rose from corrugated paper. In this version, it looks like a real flower. There are also more simple and fast way (see photo below).

. Cut a strip of paper the width of 7-8 cm is possible to make it rough - on the one hand already on the other - is wider. "Accordion" fold it since the narrow edge. Width "accordion" -. 3.5 -4.5 cm From the resulting pile height cut by 2/3 pitch.

The wire (can not yet green tape wrapping) cheat pitch starting from the narrow edge. As you wrap your fingers give them shape - stretch on the one hand, trampled in the stem. When all the petals, thread fasten them (simply winding a number of turns). Reformats the petals, forming a bud.

Make rose from gofrobumagi can quickly

Of the green paper, folding it accordion, cut long and narrow petals. Note that the ends will have to twist, so that they should not be as too narrow (1 cm noticeable). Carved petals wrap the bottom, under the petals, leaves curl his fingers, and then make out the stem.

Peony corrugated paper (with patterns)

For pions need gofrobumaga yellow - to the core, green - for foliage, pink, cream, raspberry - for most of the flower. To stem suit wire or thin stick. Still need a PVA glue.

These are beautiful flowers from crepe paper can you get

Peony corrugated paper - rather complicated to manufacture flower. He has a lot of different shapes of petals. Without patterns can not do here. But many varieties of peonies, so that multiple patterns. Here are two options. First, you can print, cut out and used as a template - it is given to a full image. The second option you can draw your own hands on the cell.

A step by step process of manufacturing a photo:

  • Of yellow paper cut strip width of 4.5 cm and length 10-12 cm. Fold several times, cut into thin "noodles", leaving about 1 cm uncut edge.
  • The resulting tape is rolled into a tight roll of using the whole edge. It lubricates the glue, and twisting. It turns shaggy yellow cores of around which are attached petals. The middle of a fixed on a stick / the wire, which will stem.

We start doing peony corrugated paper

We do leaves that grow from below the calyx

Pattern sheets peony

What can happen

The assembly process - creative activity

Peony corrugated paper ready. Usually make up a bouquet of them. When you do the following, do not try to make them exactly the same. All flowers are unique in nature. Your must also be different.

This bouquet of peonies paper can be made with your own hands

It is possible to play with the size and number of petals, the petals mixing of different colors that are close in color. You can try to make the paint darker petals at the base. In general, the mass of options.

Flowers from corrugated paper: photo ideas, patterns

Using the techniques described above, it is possible to make any flower. The main difficulty - in the form, number and size of leaves. The most important thing - after all form. It is characteristic of each petal. Sizes - it is arbitrary. Not only that, in the nature of the flowers come in different sizes, has recently become fashionable to decorate the interior of giant flowers with growth. Original decoration, but specific. We have to many times to increase the basic pattern, to work with large scale is difficult. It is better to start to practice on the colors of normal size, and then proceeding to large.

Cornflower done simply and quickly, and it looks great

A little about the pattern. They can not find. If it happens in the summer, take the appropriate flower, disassemble it on the pitch. Of all the heaps select the most typical, to attach a sheet of paper, circle. Then it is necessary to adjust the shape, given that it's still paper flowers. Finally pattern will outline after some trial and error. Several patterns and master classes in the photos are laid out in this section.

The simpler the flower, the more ways to do it. Cornflower corrugated paper can be done in different techniques. Examples - in the photos.

From afar and can not be distinguished

These petals are cut in order to get flowers from crepe paper as in the photo above

Another technique

If you want to do is very similar to this (A - Plans for a blossoming flower, B - to bud)

Production iris paper requires some imagination. Very much an unusual flower. In the photo are a few techniques that can achieve different effects. Some flowers just resemble the original, some very like him.

Very beautiful and they live, and paper

Pattern of iris petals

Cut, give them a curved shape

Can be used as the core of candy

they are more plausible With such core

How to fix them on the stalk

It is difficult, but very beautiful

There is no limit to perfection: Poppy core can be made from yarn

Lily ... Beautiful, but uses several techniques

Option asters of corrugated paper with a big heart

Step by step photos of paper manufacturing clove

Pansies - Plans for the manufacture of gofrobumagi

You can see the shape of the petals in different colors

For "advanced". Very beautiful flower turns

The manufacturing process of this flower pictured above

Lovely daisies - for beginners

Flowers from corrugated paper: how to make your own hands

Sometimes, looking at made by skilled craftsmen corrugated paper flowers, genuinely surprised at how good they are. Sometimes it's hard to believe that they are based on conventional paper blank, because they simply do not distinguish from natural buds of roses, tulips, carnations, narcissus, etc. It seems that to create such beauty only by a real master with golden hands. However, in reality it is not, and to create something like the power of everyone, we need only know a few basic secrets of working with and adhere to the instructions gofrobumagoy design of a flower. You do not believe me, see for yourself by using our detailed master classes, offered to your attention below. Try it, and you need all turn out.

So, how to make flowers out of tissue paper with your hands - exciting workshops.

Flowers from corrugated paper with your hands. crocuses

One of the first on the still snow-covered lawns sometimes appear crocuses, these flowers are very delicate and beautiful, bright purple, lilac, white and yellow. If you want to like primroses please you all year round, fabricate a bunch of crocuses at home with their own hands, in addition to make it quite simple and very exciting.

For work, we need:

- gofrobumaga - purple, yellow and green color;

- adhesive paper;

- little semolina;

- wooden skewers for appetizers.

Krokusy-Flowers from corrugated paper - master class

1. Let us begin with the manufacture of crocus stamens. For this we need a rectangular segment gofrobumagi yellow hue, a width of about 3 cm long and 5-7 cm. According to the principle of fringe incision rectangle with one side in length before reaching the edge of about 1 cm into equal strips, so that each of them has a width 7-10 millimeters.

2. Next, each cut into strips gently twist the fringe between the large index finger in a tight flagellum. You can slightly moisten your fingers with water to make it was easier.

3. After all flagella will be formed the basis of our so-called fringe tight curl into a tube, the edge of which fix the adhesive to keep it unfolded.

4. Next to our stamens more like the real thing, the tip of each smazhem a small amount of adhesive, and dip it in a saucer filled with semolina. We give the glue to dry, after which neat or whisk will blow excess grains. Stamen ready! Lay off them temporarily aside and move on to other parts of the establishment of crocus.

5. Go to the manufacture of petals, to do this we need violet gofrobumaga carved in the form of strips, stabbed length of 12-15 cm and a width of 4-5 cm. Fold the strip in several layers, you can accordion and cut several identical crocus petal . If you make it hard on the eyes, can be pre-paint on the top layer in a simple pencil or felt-tip pen outline petal.

6. Now the edges of each petals on all sides a little tight curl inwards, approximately on the same principle as we twisted stamens.

7. Then take our stamens and form around them from the petals of a crocus bud.

8. In the center of the lower side of stamens insert a wooden skewer for snacks, which lubricates the tip of the previously glue and fix our floret on it by means of thin wires. If you did not have at hand the wire, you can replace it with a strong thread or thin transparent tape.

9. To wooden skewers for appetizers evolved in this stalk, decorate its green paper strip, tightly wrapping the entire surface of the thick coils. To strip does not spill on the edges fix it a few drops of glue.

10. Next, produce leaves, cut them on the basis of the petals, only slightly larger, elongated shape. Out of the corner of each leaf is also a little curl.

11. Glue leaves to the stalk, after which work on a saffron flower, can be considered as over.

Flowers from corrugated paper - Photo:

By the same principle we make a few paper flowers, forming a bunch of them, which you can then put in a bowl and fill the basket.

Such delicate primroses are a great gift to Momo 8 March, and will also create a spring mood in any interior. And yet one can make beautiful jewelry for the hair in the form of pins, headbands or wreaths.

However, this is not the only way, telling how to make flowers from crepe paper crocuses. There is another option of creating these krasivenkih first flowers, unlike the first, such flowers will be not only an aesthetic character, but are free to act as a sweet gift, because the base of each bud is delicious candy.

Flowers of sweets and corrugated paper

In order to make such sweet pervotsvetiki, you need the following materials and tools:

- gofrobumaga white and green;

- chocolates individually wrapped cone-shaped;

- wooden skewers for appetizers;

- Floral Paper Tape Green;

Flowers from corrugated paper master class on the steps

Step 1. In contrast to the first master class in which we started our produce flower with stamens, in this we proceed directly to manufacture petals, for this we need the paper blanks in the form of strips of a length of approximately 10-12 centimeters and a width of 2.5 -3 centimeter. For a single bud need three such preform. Each of them is twisted exactly in the middle of one full turn.

Step 2. Then, the place where we performed coils add up our piece in half, so that its edges coincide and gently stretch them, giving petal form. Because gofrobumaga little stretches, it is quite easy to do and the petals are obtained very similar to the natural ones.

Step 3. The same principle produce two more petals.

Step 4. Then we proceed to the formation of our midway sweet little flowers, for this purpose we take a strip of double-sided tape and paste it around the tip of the wooden skewers for appetizers, so that it covered the 1-1.5 cm skewers.

Step 5. Then remove the upper protective layer and double-sided tape to attach the skewer candy. You can also close it primotat strong thread or any other suitable method.

Step 6. Now around candy, using the previously made petals, forming bud crocus and fix it at the bottom of a skewer by means of thread, tightly wrapping them several times.

Step 7. To have a bud appeared base and skewer looked like a stem of a plant, take the paper the floristic tape and carefully wrapped with it, first the lower part of the flower, and then skewer. If you did not have such a tape, it is always possible to replace conventional paper strip.

Step 8. Further forming leaves, paper is required green shade, cut it into stripes length 20 cm and width 1 cm each and twisting all exactly the same as twisted pitch.

Step 9. Then, as each blank is folded in half and is slightly expanded, giving the shape of a leaf.

Step 10. Attach using floral tape or glue a leaf to stalk and finish work on a flower.

To create a sweet bouquet, we produce a few more of these crocuses, which can be put in a vase or any other suitable decorative jar. By the way, on the same principle you can produce paper snowdrop.

Flowers from corrugated paper with his own hands - Photo:

If you are not very clear of our workshops is made like flowers, you can always fix their knowledge like video tutorials that are easy to find on the World Wide Web (interenete). Make it very easy, simply ask any search service sentence - "How to make Flowers from corrugated paper video » or similar in meaning to it, and your attention will be offered a lot of interesting material.

Another embodiment of how to make sweet flowers from crepe paper with your hands, a master class which is very simple, we want to offer to your attention below. Such paper roses, will make even children as a gift to their loved ones, friends, a teacher, or to decorate the sweet table for the holiday.

Sweet flowers from crepe paper with their own hands - a master class with the photo.

For the manufacture of roses with chocolates, we will need the following tools and materials:

- Any candy individually wrapped;

- wooden skewers for appetizers;

- thin transparent tape;

- ruler, a pencil;

- gofrobumaga pink and green.

Sweet flowers from crepe paper: a step by step description of the work.

Step 1: Let's start with the manufacture midway our roses, we have it will be sweet. To do this, we take a wooden skewers and attach it to the edge with a thin transparent adhesive tape piece of candy.

Step 2. Next is metered to pink hue gofrobumage using a ruler and a pencil stripes, the width of which should be 5.6 cm and length 12-15 cm, and its intended cut lines.

Step 3: Now, on the lower part of the strip in length applied with adhesive strip Melt glue and immediately frozen until the glue, we turn off this very strip around the base of the candy in a tight tube, thus fixing the future bud on the stem.

Step 4. To all well stuck together and attach to the skewer, carefully presses the lower part of roll on all sides and give the glue to harden completely.

Step 5. After that, the most interesting and painstaking process, starting with the top layer of the roll paper is pulled gently, forming from it petals.

Step 6. We perform a similar procedure with all layers of roll twisted and get a beautiful three-dimensional rosettes with delicious candy in the middle.

Notice can be made on the same principle and large flowers of crepe paper, but instead of candy to put in the center, a soft toy, a box with a gift, or even a bouquet of fresh flowers - get a very original and unusual.

And another interesting master class, in which we will tell you how to make colorful paper hyacinths.

This will require:

- wooden skewers for appetizers.

How to make flowers out of tissue paper in stages.

Step 1. In order to produce inflorescence hyacinth take a long strip and densely gofrobumagi nadrezhem its width from one side as the fringe.

Step 2: Next, each notched strip wrapped around a wooden skewer, so that it became like a small flower.

Step 3. Thereafter, proceed to the formation of the inflorescence, this anchoring at the top of a wooden skewer drop of glue beginning our bulk fringe, and then begin to wind it overlapped, thereby forming a flower.

Step 4. End fringe also anchoring adhesive.

Step 5: Next, we need to decorate a skewer stem hyacinth, do it with the help of green paper strips, wind it all the skewer.

Step 6. Now we need to make the leaves, to make them need a green gofrobumaga, they should be narrow, elongated shape.

Step 7. Glue leaves to the stalk.

The same principle also produce 2-4 flowers and collect them in a beautiful spring bouquet which will delight us not only in spring, but the whole year.

We hope you enjoyed our detailed master classes on how to make paper flowers, so that you easily and quickly learn to turn rolls of colored gofrobumagi into beautiful bouquets.

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