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Keys in the kitchen interior design: design examples

yarn curtains fit into any room interiors, but the most popular location for their use has become a kitchen. This is not surprising, since the muslin, despite its lightness and elegance, very practical and easy to care for.

Ideas for decorating and drapery

Curtains of filaments often combined with other types of blinds: blackout curtains, curtains, blinds, or the same muslin, but of a different color. In conjunction with the original drapes are layered curtains look very nice.

In the picture an example of how beautiful drape the muslin in kitchen interior.

Cornice in this case need to double row. On the ground, near the window row, hangs a transparent curtain, and the second - the curtains, performing the role of curtains or decorative drapery.

The combination of filamentary and heavy curtains is especially true for the kitchen, whose windows face south. To better harmony with muslin curtains, it can be decorated with beads or sequins to it in the same tone.

Likewise, you can draw a window to the balcony door, but to combine the dark, in a muslin cuisine tone with light and transparent curtains of tulle or silk. To avoid too obscure room, draping of filaments can be hung only on the window.

Practicality and functionality horizontal blinds are perfect for the kitchen, but they look too formal. Muslin, perhaps, the only kind of curtains, which harmonizes with them. It softens them a strict look and makes the atmosphere in the kitchen more homey and cozy.

Window with access to the loggia does not require dense curtains. But it's not blind, it would look too empty and "naked." The situation will correct translucent colored muslin. It will not be too obscure kitchen and visually combine it with a loggia.

Despite the fact that the curtains thread perfectly combined with curtains of any tissue, the most original solutions are obtained with a combination of one of two types of window gauze, different color or texture.

A particularly elegant and stylish, these double-filament curtains look in the kitchen, decorated in the spirit of minimalism. In this case, a light muslin tulle performs a function, and the darker is posted in front of it and beautiful drape or going into knots.

If the curtains are hung-thread along the wall and beyond the window, the kitchen is visually expands. The ceiling in a small kitchen will seem higher, if the window with access to the balcony to hang muslin alternating colored stripes.

Gauze can be combined not only with the thick curtains, but also with any transparent curtains of tulle, silk, chiffon or organza. On their background looks especially stylish filament curtains in the main tone or dark colors: black, burgundy, purple. They can be in the form of drape pelmet and fix tape or curtain pins.

The ideal kitchen - a room in which the atmosphere of warmth and coziness. Its design is no detail, all the parts are selected not by chance, and complement each other. It is for such dishes as if specifically designed and practical, versatile and incredibly beautiful curtains of muslin.

Benefits muslin at kitchen design

In the photo-thread curtains in the interior of the kitchen opens to a balcony.

Kitchen curtains should first be practical and only secondarily - beautiful and relevant to interior design. Muslin fully meets these requirements. In addition to unlimited decorative possibilities, it has a number of other advantages that make it one of the best options for the design of windows is in the kitchen area.

  1. 1 cotton curtains covered with a special compound, whereby they do not absorb odors and polluted not as fast as other curtains.
  2. 2 They are easy to wash, do not need to be dried and ironed, and after washing, you can immediately hang on the window.
  3. 3 of muslin curtains not only protect the interior space from prying eyes and the scorching sun, but do not delay the air flow, providing natural ventilation in the room.
  4. 4 threads Curtains multifunctional. In addition to the direct purpose, they are often used for zoning room. For example, a translucent textile "wall" can be separated from the working area of ​​the kitchen dining.

In the picture an example of an interesting combination of muslin with Roman blinds.

In addition, the curtains of muslin easily and harmoniously fit into all styles of interior suitable for both large and for small spaces. Therefore, if desired, any hostess will find among them a variant that is suitable for its cuisine.

Cotton curtains in the interior: features, types, an overview of the rooms, 65 photo

Cotton curtains in the interior, despite their general availability today are rare. And all because there is a misconception that the thread will not cope with the function of the curtains. But apart from that muslin decorate the window opening, it is possible to divide the room into two zones, place the door arch and enter as the detail of the interior.

muslin yarn protect from sunlight and the quality of protection depends on the density, which can be increased by laminating the muslin. Fixed the curtains on the ledge with any kind of fasteners (eyelets, hooks, loops). In the market in a wide range of different types and, therefore, suitable to any room.

Muslin of the advantages are:

  • Widely used in the interior of the room (decoration of walls, partitions, beds, windows).
  • Fabrics washed in the washing machine does not require a drying and ironing (when washing their need to tie cord without distracting the free ends or erase them in a sack for laundry).
  • It is better to let the air (than conventional curtains).

Cotton curtains use no more like tulle and how transparent you are viewing the wall that divides the room into functional areas. For example, for the division of space in the studio apartment, in the living room, separating the working space of the bed in the bedroom, etc. This technique has long been used in the interiors of cafes and shopping malls to create a privacy effect.

To create an unusual design, it is possible to make layers of different length with their own hands, for this you need to trim the threads at different levels (they do not bloom and do not fall apart, but it is better to solder the ends).

In the photo the best and economical option zoning. The interior is white muslin separates the bedroom from the living room in a modern apartment-studio.

Plus curtains filaments in the interior that they are combined with a fabric of different density and texture. For example, muslin tulle can play a role and thus be combined with curtains or roller blinds.

You can choose to change the design of filament curtains using stringing beads or pearls, stones, sequins in random order, or to create an ornament. They can braid in braids, tie in a bun, decorate pins and holders.

The advantage of filament curtains that can be combined with each other and strengthen as you wish, showing their imagination.

Color yarn curtains must match the tones of the interior rooms, combined with the color of the flooring, walls or furniture. If the room is done in a neutral color, the emphasis may be placed on the gradient filaments with a gradual or abrupt color transition.

Pictured in the blue and white cotton muslin room combined with textile color and color of the walls, making the interior a harmonious and interesting.

  • Solid. Sold finished filament curtain with beads, glass beads or stones, where each thread is completely covered fittings. If you hang them on the window ledge, then an open window from the wind beads are lightly tapping, so often they are used for internal zoning of the room. Maintenance is simple, enough to wipe with a damp sponge, this type of little polluted and not intended to be laundered.

  • Muslin. Simple filament curtain with tape for fixing. They win against the background of a solid due to the fact that they are easy to wash and they are not twisted. distinguish:

  • Decorative and fabric. Combining decor and filament curtain in a single composition. They washed by hand.

There are several ways of fastening yarn curtains, which we consider in the following table.

Headstock bar cornice

Headstock Curtain tape for hooks

A charge on the tape fasteners (fastener)

Textile curtains in the kitchen in the cooking zone will be appropriate in a shortened version. Most importantly, the material must be synthetic (to avoid the spread of fire and absorption of flavors).

Threads in the kitchen in a small apartment-studio serve as partitions that do not make the space smaller, as do false plasterboard walls. If the kitchen is large in size, they can be separated dining area.

The photo white cotton curtains in the interior of the kitchen, along with a glossy suite creates an air atmosphere and a feeling of cleanliness.

In the living room curtains filament suitable for the separation of the recreation area with a TV viewing area. Well look on the windows with lambrequins contrasting color, with classic drapes curtains in tone. Also, they can drape cornice.

If the interior room is made in the style of hi-tech, it is best to choose a gauze with lurex and silver beads, are suitable for classical living room with yarn fringe, for minimalist fit monochromatic neutral color.

Gauze in the bedroom is recommended to select no additional hardware in the color of textiles. White suit to create a light atmosphere relaxing and bright red underline creativity.

The photo in the interior of the bedroom curtains with beads on the background of the daylight look like raindrops.

Combining light light fabric with cotton awning chocolate color creates a mysterious mood in the bedroom.

For the interior of a child's room is better to choose muslin with feathers and beads delicate color.

With the help of beautiful yarn curtains can experiment with the room design and execute an original window. As proof of this we offer a selection of photos muslin curtains in the interior.

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How nice to hang and drape filament curtains in the kitchen

Decorate the kitchen, where everything is so corny fried, boiled and sprinkles, pretty hard. Constantly having to worry about the practicality of materials, ease of cleaning. This is especially true of textiles. For this reason, a real boon for the kitchen will be the curtain-yarn (muslin). They can hang on their own, combined with tulle curtains complement the duo-tulle. Get inspired luxury photo yarn curtains and look for your decision!

Unostentatious beauty and usability ↑

Curtains yarns in the kitchen - is the ability to subtly demonstrate your sense of style and attention to detail. Externally, they are far from traditional fabrics, which are in the form of paintings framed by the window, but great for the same purposes as a practical decorative element.

A distinctive feature of this "clothing" for the windows is a kind of modesty. Curtains yarns are not striking holistic bright spot or ponderous emphasis, even if they are colored. A plurality of thin ropes give the effect of airiness, lightness. Draping them in some way, you can create a romantic atmosphere, an atmosphere of tranquility and comfort, mischief and celebration.

Keys in the kitchen - not only for windows ↑

Cotton curtains are not only for the design of the window opening, but also for the zoning of the kitchen space, a kitchen-dining room, kitchen-living room. They can be used to separate the cooking space from the place of its reception. Translucent textile wall enough in each of these areas that people can feel comfortable and relatively secluded.

Textile partition between the kitchen and living room

It is important! Inspired by the zoning of the space, do not forget about safety. Keys should not be located in the vicinity of the cooker.

Blind-partition of filaments

If successful, the choice of such a partition will be a real decoration of the interior, emphasizing his style. No less pleasant moment - the democratic price for this decision.

Advantages and disadvantages of filament curtains ↑

In the you can find pluses and minuses. Keys can boast an impressive list of first, and quite small - second.

Filament curtains for the kitchen have the following advantages:

  • Practically do not accumulate dust and other contaminants, as in most cases, are impregnated with a special compound.
  • They have a simple design, easy to install. All the curtain - a dense fabric base from which hang many threads. It can be tucked and sewn on the sleeve style, equipped with eyelets, loops for hook - you choose the method of attachment.
  • They do not require special care. If necessary, they can be put into dry-cleaned or washed properly at home. More on that below.
  • As the walls - useful when moving around the room, even with busy hands, no need to open / close the door.
  • Do not interfere with air exchange.
  • Allow you to adjust the level of natural light on sunny days, creating a protection against burning rays. The more layers of muslin is, the higher the quality of shading and protection from prying eyes.
  • No need to carry the curtains in the studio, to shorten. They simply cut! Synthetic fibers not showering and not dissolve.

Cotton curtains on the eyelets

As for the drawbacks, the rope curtains:

  • Often confused. It is fair to say that it's more important for options strung with beads. Artificial filament without decor is quite slippery, so they are easy to untangle.
  • Will be the object of attention of pets and small children. It is not safe.

Evaluate the operating conditions of yarn curtains in advance to avoid unpleasant residue on their purchase.

If your dirt-resistant cotton curtain still soiled and lost the appeal, it can give to the dry cleaners. This is the best option. You want to save money? Take care of your own laundry, the following rules and sequence of actions.

  • Spread the curtains.
  • Tightly tie them across the length of the synthetic cords, ropes. Bandages yarn through every 12-15 cm. The blinds of the beads is reduced to a distance of 8-10 cm.
  • Remove the curtains from the eaves.

Note! You can change the items 2 and 3 places, but then a high risk of entanglement of threads before washing.

Fixing the threads before washing

  • Lay the muslin into a special bag and place on the washing machine delicate cycle. If contamination is minimal and decorative curtains too, in bound form they can be lightly rinsed by hand in warm soapy water. The optimal water temperature for washing - 40˚C.
  • Hang gauze in place, carefully smoothing out the thread. It should not be ironed!

Rope curtains washed in a special bag

Typically, when the rope purchase window framing the apartment with a ceiling height less than 2.8 m requires trimming it in a standard length of 3 meters. Before you do this, you need to wash the curtains also. Some materials may shrink, and laundry will allow threads to take its final appearance. Cutting is performed by means of conventional scissors.

Decorative opportunities yarn curtains in the kitchen interior ↑

Synthetic materials - usually viscose, polyester, lurex - can get the thread of any thickness, color and texture.

Cotton curtains in different styles of interior ↑

Among the commercially available options there are strands:

  • beads with different shapes (flat, round, square);
  • decorated with sequins, feathers, pompoms;
  • various colors collected in a gradient pattern (muslin-panel);
  • freely hanging from the base fabric or already bound;
  • metallized;
  • in the form of thin ropes or strips 3-10 mm wide (muslin noodle, muslin-blade);
  • twisted into a spiral.

At the same time the variety of the right kind muslin fit into any interior - from the east to country, classical and pop art.

Thinking how nice to hang curtain, muslin? Focus on your chosen color scheme and style of the room. For classical interiors actual use of muslin with straight matte yarns. They form vertical doing kitchen ceiling above, it is important for this style.

The sun's rays are refracted in glass beads, animate and literally paint the interior of the kitchen. This solution is suitable for the eastern and ethnic style.

Cotton curtains with beads along the entire length

Metallized or threads with beads "under the metal" fit perfectly in the kitchen interior, full of chrome and glass surfaces. Kitchen in the Mediterranean style of Provence, or you can buy the curtains with threads, ropes.

Rope curtains in a nautical theme with seashells and a network

Filament curtains in conjunction with tulle ↑

If muslin drapes are intended to supplement, they must match their colors. Derogate 1-2 tones. In the absence of curtains you may want to consider a few options.

  1. The yarns are identical in color with tulle. If muslin will have a few rows, then no curtains you get quality darkened room, good protection from prying eyes.
  2. Curtains-thread contrasted with tulle and combined with the rest of the kitchen textiles or furniture fronts.
  3. Textile decor contrasts with tulle, but combined with the colors of finishing materials.

Multicolored filament curtains the color of the curtains

Keys under the colors of textiles and furniture

United colors of the walls and muslin

Of course, an experienced designer can move away from the standard solutions, but if you are doing your own kitchen design, stay on them.

How beautiful drape and complement gauze ↑

Ways of draping curtains yarn great variety - you can adopt one of them or come up with an ingenious new answer. Strong thread easily braided in intricate patterns, and in case of failure, they are dismissed without loss of a decorative kind of curtains.

Original drape via pins bouquets

One option drapery

For an interesting window decoration, you can use the technique of weaving macrame knots. Just keep in mind that they conceal the curtain height. It does not matter if a turnkey solution you want to keep for a long time, and it involves some variation. Then using scissors, you can adjust the composition.

Flat macrame knot for rope curtains

Instantly change and beautify the look of the kitchen window allows various decorations - Special tiebacks, pins. Made in the form of flowers, brilliant geometric shapes, cute animals, they look pretty original. Drape curtain textile, and can be a wide ribbon, tied a nice bow. Most modest muslin decorate hanging decoration in the form of a brush, fur pompom or decorative ball.

Rope curtains from the ceiling decorations

Flying for yarns with a brush

Variants of decoration and draperies of muslin

Cotton curtains in the interior of the kitchen - it's endless possibilities for the design of the window opening. Its appearance can change with your mood. Add to this practicality, aesthetics and democratic price, and you will not be able to cancel the purchase. However, if your kitchen area is large, the windows have custom shape and style of the interior involves strange passages and pieces of furniture, it is best to consult an experienced designer.

Roman blinds in the kitchen look beautiful and original. Design, saving more since Roman times, has not lost its popularity in our time. .

How to Hang a Roman Blinds: Mounting "rimok" Window

According to legend, the design Roman blinds designers have borrowed from ancient mariners. After all, a woven fabric, driven ropes, as well as a sail.

How beautiful fit Roman blinds in the interior of the kitchen: piggy stylish solutions

As for any material that is used to decorate windows for Roman blinds need care. Before erasing roman shades, read the information.

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